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Christy Love

Yummy Girl - Sofie Marie & Christy Love - Unconventional Marriage Therapy

File: gzbtwnayugisofchrek2gskably.mp4
Size: 809.74 MB
Duration: 27:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christy Love and her partner Spike Irons need a bit of spice in their sex life, so they signed up for Marriage Therapy at House of Black, where Sofie Marie is holding court. Sofie greets the couple and tests their listening skills by making them lick her black boots, then she makes Christy show her...

Mom Wants To Breed - Christy Love - My Stepson Helps Me With My New Years Resolution

File: ykgk3namowatobrchrlovh5auawhznq.mp4
Size: 1.94 GB
Duration: 27:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christy Love really wants a baby, but she's having trouble conceiving with her husband. When she realizes that her stepson, Jay Romero, looks just like his dad, she gets the idea that she can get Jay to knock her up and no one will ever know the difference. She proposes the idea to Jay and he tentatively agrees, which finds them chatting baby names at the table. Thinking about names makes it all too real and Jay tells Christy he's backing out of the deal.

Later, Christy goes to the living room dressed in some sexy lingerie that really shows off her body. When Jay finds her, he tries to pretend it's all normal and fine, but Christy isn't having it. Her new year's resolution is to breed with Jay, and she's here to make sure he's got a similar resolution. Jay is reluctant since his dad is home, but Christy assures him that his dad is already asleep and won't be up for the new year. What else can he do but eat that pussy and let his hot stepmommy suck his dick?

Sucking Jay off just leads Christy to be even more certain she wants to fuck him. She climbs onto him to ride his hardon in cowgirl, eventually leaning back to really enjoy her stepson's nice cock. Turning around, she lets Jay get nice and handsy on her big ass as she keeps the ride going in reverse cowgirl. When Christy gets on her knees in cowgirl, it really shows off her huge booty and tiny waist, which just makes Jay tap that even harder. She finishes their liaison on her back with Jay buried between her thighs until he gives her a New Years creampie that she hopes will turn into a baby.

Adult Time - Christy Love, Candice Dare, Kenna James & Mocha Menage - Women’s World Part 1

File: udxmxnaadtichrcankenmocwimfymjyyg.mp4
Size: 1.98 GB
Duration: 01:11:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This Adult Time Lesbian Feature Film, is inspired by mainstream movies like Love Actually and Crazy Stupid Love where all of the men in the world suddenly change into women overnight, and only a handful of people seem to realize or remember. Everyone else thinks the world has always been this way, a Woman's World. We follow along with several loosely connected protagonists as they explore how this new world has changed their lives, for the sexier! Don't miss this lesbian porn film!

Mommy's Girl - Christy Love & Eliza Eves - She's Got Her Mama's Talent

File: l86gjnamogichrelirzgwdnvrdz.mp4
Size: 1.02 GB
Duration: 31:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christy Love is sorting through some laundry when she stumbles upon her stepdaughter's panties. She's about to put them in a pile when she stops, noticing something peculiar. Upon closer inspection, she realizes that they are wet, though doesn't seem annoyed or disgusted by it at all. On the contrary, she appears... overjoyed? With a glimmer of excitement in her eye and a pep in her step, she scurries out of the room with the panties in hand.

A few moments later, Christy finds her stepdaughter, Eliza Eves, hanging out in her room. Christy bursts in, a knowing grin on her face as she proudly holds up Eliza's wet panties. Eliza is shocked and confused- why is Christy making such a big deal out of this? Plus, it's SUPER embarrassing. But Christy reveals that Eliza shouldn't be embarrassed at all. In fact, these wet panties are proof that Eliza has THE GIFT. Christy explains that she comes from a long line of squirters in her family. She was worried that since Eliza was her stepdaughter, the 'squirting talent' wouldn't have passed on to her, but she's overjoyed to have discovered that Eliza has the talent anyway. Now Eliza will be able to proudly carry the torch and continue the family tradition.

Eliza is intrigued, but still quite shy about the whole thing. Christy encourages her, suggesting that Eliza should squirt in front of her so Christy can see what they're working with. With a bit of guidance from her stepmom, Eliza works herself up to a magnificent squirt, proving that she indeed has what it takes. Christy is in awe and offers to show Eliza a few tricks she's learned over the years. They have energetic, playful lesbian sex, with tons of squirting. Christy's a good teacher, and it's clear that she's proud to have discovered that indeed, Eliza's got her mama's talent!

BBC Titans - Christy Love - Asian Big Black Cock Gangbang

File: hn8ranabbtichrlovbelyrtbkkb.mp4
Size: 903.16 MB
Duration: 37:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christy Love reached out to the BBC Titans as she heard they could give her the gangbang she yearned for. Good Lord this Asian goddess is beautiful. She linked up with the Titans to get railed. This is one nasty Christy Love interracial gangbang. She took about a mile of BBC in her cunt before she was squirting everywhere. Beautiful.

Nuru Massage - Christy Love - Corporate Mandated Massage

File: xngqnnanumachrlov5behdpeqcy.mp4
Size: 660.98 MB
Duration: 37:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ryan Mclane has arrived for a massage appointment, but he seems annoyed. He is greeted by the masseuse, Christy Love, who asks him why he's irritated. Ryan complains that he's only there because his company instituted corporate mandated massages for wellness. He thinks it's baloney and feels he's behind in work. Christy assures him that it's only for an hour, and leads him to a private room...

Ryan keeps trying to do work on his cellphone instead of preparing for the massage, so Christy gently but firmly takes the phone out of his hand and puts it on a shelf, saying that work can wait. As they get undressed for the massage, Ryan then starts trying to do work on his smartwatch, so Christy has to take that device away from him as well. Ryan begrudgingly agrees to behave and be in the moment.

Christy uses some NURU gel to massage Ryan with her hands, then applies more gel and slides her nude body up and down his back. As the sensual massage continues, Ryan finally starts to relax, enjoying himself. When he turns over so Christy can massage his front, he pops a boner. She offers to have sex with him, so his mind and body can finally have a total break from work. Ryan is surprised, but likes the idea very much. She strokes his cock and kisses him, and then rides his cock as well. It looks like Ryan's company was right about this being great stress relief!

BBC Paradise - Avery Black & Christy Love - Sharing My Boyfriend

File: 1hsmnnabbpaavechrwso1ntzrwl.mp4
Size: 1.28 GB
Duration: 45:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Christy Love learns about her stepdaughters, Avery Black, new relationship, she isnt sure she trusts it and wants to meet the boyfriend. Will Tile comes over for lunch with Christy and Avery, and Avery shares that their relationship status is open. Hearing this, Christy takes an immediate interest in Will, and Avery is surprisingly into it as well. The three bond and get close very quickly.

Mom Swap - Christy Love & Lilly James - No Tramps Allowed

File: kzu71namoswchrlilxlt5lqqtkv.mp4
Size: 1.87 GB
Duration: 43:46
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When stepmoms Christy Love and Lilly James find some naughty things in their stepsons bedrooms, they decide to put up cameras to catch them in the act. Later that day, David Lee and Alex Jett bring home their friend Alona Bloom and start both making out with her. Christy and Lilly catch them with their dicks out, so they decide to do a little swap and show them that they can have safe sex right at home!

Pure Taboo - Christy Love - Intro To Impregnation

File: ebea6naputachrlovza6njzzqbi.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 42:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Determined Lesbian Teacher Makes Male Teen Student Impregnate Her

Lillian Christy Love is at home on the phone with a fertility clinic. She is upset that they haven't been able to get her pregnant and that her options are dwindling. The clinic suggests that she considers being impregnated by a trusted man in her life, which outrages her.

'Y-you... How DARE you?! No, I HAVEN'T 'considered insemination by any man I know personally' -- I'm a LESBIAN, you homophobic PRICK! FUCK you, I'm done with you AND your SCAM of a clinic...!' Lillian says angrily. Hanging up the phone in disgust, Lillian collapses, breaking down and sobbing.

Lillian is a teacher, so the next day, she goes into school. Sitting at her desk, wracked with uncertainty about her situation, she finally spots a yearbook and gets an idea. Lillian looks through the yearbook, considering seducing a male faculty member, but the options disgust her. She then decides on seducing a male student, Codey.

Lillian calls Codey. Claiming that there was a problem with the last test he took, she asks him to come to see her the next day. He agrees.


The next day, Codey Codey Steele arrives at Lillian's classroom as per her request. Lillian tells him that, due to an unfortunate glitch, he needs to take the test again.

As they chat, Lillian starts assessing Codey in person, praising him. Codey is flattered but also weirded out, unsure of what is happening. Finally, he sits down at a nearby desk to retake the test.

As he takes the test, Lillian starts seducing Codey, who is surprised.

Lillian comes on even more to Codey, who seems tempted. However, Codey is afraid that having an affair with his teacher will ruin his future.

Lillian insists that she's not looking for a relationship -- she just wants him to get her pregnant.

Codey is shocked and tries to deny Lillian, not wanting to be a father. Lillian assures him he won't have any further involvement --- she WANTS to be a single mom.

Codey still hesitates and is about to leave but Lillian, desperate, threatens to ruin his future by sabotaging his chances of getting into college. Codey finally reluctantly agrees to impregnate Lillian.

Lillian will go to any lengths to get what she wants...

Shoplyfter Mylf - Christy Love & Kimberly Chi - Case No. 3192018

File: nl8xknashmychrkim6u4vtdlafp.mp4
Size: 584.88 MB
Duration: 42:56
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Case 3192018 June 20th, 721 PM. Suspect is an adolescent Asian female with red-dyed hair. She identifies herself as Kimberly Chi. She calls her mother, Christy Love, to pick her up from the Loss Prevention Office after being detained for theft. To make sure her daughter doesnt go to jail, Christy agrees to follow through with proper protocol while her daughter watches. The rest of this case is classified.

Devil's Film - Christy Love - Cheat Day

File: fx5cmnadefichrlovzqabeejg4y.mp4
Size: 422.01 MB
Duration: 31:22
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Christy Love is in her kitchen baking. Just as she pulls a tray of baked goods out of the oven, she hears her doorbell ring. She sets the tray down, removes her oven mitts and goes to answer the front door. She opens the door to reveal Nathan Bronson standing there. He announces that he has finished mowing her lawn. As she's thanking him, he catches a whiff of her baked goods. Remarking about how great it smells, he invites himself in and just walks right past Christy into the house, following his nose...

Gangbang Creampie - Christy Love - Gangbang Creampie 260

File: tttywnagacrchrlovbwrlfw9dvp.mp4
Size: 726.61 MB
Duration: 48:10
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Up on the pedestal for the second time, Christy is already turned on. As if she weren't already wet, Chris helps her by lifting up her dress and going down on her to play GREET THE PLEATS with his tongue. Before the first minute has passed, experienced Christy has a cock in each hand, another in her mouth, and another BETWEEN HER FEET. Wow! This woman knows how to gangbang. Cocksman Will takes his first spin inside Christy since he was not present for her first session last year on the pedestal. By her moans of pleasure, she seems to like him. Eddie sinks his big dipper into Christy's milky way and gets the FIRST SQUIRT out of her. Cocksman Billy dives to douce his face in it. Don't worry, Billy, you'll have plenty of opportunities with Christy. He goes the extra mile with the excess squirt and kisses it back into her mouth! Usually the feeding is cum on a dick-spoon, but this week is a little different. As you'll also see in her segment of GREET THE MEAT, Christy has a black belt in deep-throating. Watch her neck extend and tongue stick out as she throats the Cocksmen, all while keeping her hands and holes full too. She even directs the Cocksmen and points to who she wants in her pussy and who she wants in her mouth. Simply amazing. Next Chris straddles her across the bench on her side to see if he can get her to squirt in that position too. Surprise it works! After that, it's time for the return of one of GangbangCreampie's favorite games the Dick Slide! Two Cocksmen push Christy up and down the length of the pedestal and try to perfectly impale her pussy on the dick at the end. Eddie Jaye wins on the first try. Christy paints the whole room in squirt before the Mr. Jaye drops the first creampie in her on her back. He fucks the creampie back into her as it mixes with the seemingly-endless supply of squirt in her pussy. Billy makes it a double-decker as he puts creampie 2 in Christy right on top of Eddie's. But wait, there's more! Jason dives in to make it a rare triple-decker! Christy now has three gooey creampies mixed inside her tight vagina. They finally come oozing out and get fed to her on a dick-spoon. After some ass-upface-down fucking on the floor with Christy's face in a puddle of her own squirt, Will deposits a healthy load on her face as she continues to get FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED. Next Christy gets some pile-drivers up against the chair for some raining squirts before Eddie drops a second load in her for creampie 4. The final creampie 5 gets dumped in Christy over the bench by Chris, then she squats up against the pedestal to let all the creampies drip out in a pool on the floor. What better way to end an outstanding return to the Gangbang Station by one of this site's most popular ladies? Will Christy tie Candice and come back for a three-peat? It's in your hands, members. Tell us and we'll make it happen. Even though we'll probably still be mopping up the squirt as next week's Gangbang Queen walks in, we'll be keeping track of your votes too. Send towels to GangbangCreampie.com, care of the Gangbang Station, Las Vegas, U.S.A. and we'll see you next week on THE WORLD'S BEST FIRST GANGBANG!

That Sitcom Show - Christy Love - The Exchange Student Catch Me If You Can

File: ynkvdnathsishchrlovoh92tgnavo.mp4
Size: 313.16 MB
Duration: 21:43
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Reagan Foxx has hired her friend Christy Love to come over and watch over exchange student Juan Loco to ensure that Juan doesn't corrupt Reagan's daughters or, even worse, fuck them. Christy also needs to tell Juan that he's missing one of his vaccinations and he needs to go get it or he'll have to leave the country. Juan agrees to let Christy take him to the clinic, but before they go Christy needs to make sure Juan has on clean underwear. Juan doesn't want Christy in his pants, but eventually she pulls them down and Juan's big dick springs free because he's not wearing any undies.

Christy knows that Juan can't go to the clinic sporting such a big stiffie. He might accidentally bust a nut in the nurse's face or something! She decides to help Juan get the cum out. She tries jerking him off, but that doesn't work. Christy decides the only solution is for Juan to fuck her. Peeling off her pants and pulling her panties aside, Christy shows off her greedy twat for Juan to admire. This frightens Juan, who leads Christy on a chase through the house. When she finally catches him, she peels off the rest of her clothes and drags Juan down so he can eat her out and get her nice and wet and ready to fuck.

Christy gets Juan hard as a rock by sucking his dick, then climbs onto him so she can ride his hardon. Loving the way that big dick fills her up, Christy rubs her clit until she's moaning, then turns around to change up the angle. She convinces Juan to take her from behind, and then she lays on the couch with her thighs all the way apart so he can bang her until he feels a climax brewing. Pulling out, Juan lets Christy stroke him off until he covers her stomach in jizz. Finally Christy feels she can take Juan to the clinic for his shot.

Gloryhole Secrets - Christy Love - Christi's First Gloryhole Video

File: puq79naglsechrlovj1ynxymbdb.mp4
Size: 562.97 MB
Duration: 01:08:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Asian stunner Christy Love has never been in a traditional gloryhole before, but we have the feeling she is going to LOVE it. See what I did there? You're going to love it too. This woman sucks dick with a passion! We almost always ask the girls where they rate themselves on their cocksucking skills on a scale from one to ten Christy gives herself a ten with no hesitation. She's not being cocky pun definitely intended she delivers! Watch for yourself to see if you agree. We learn half-Korean Christy is a P.K. Pastor's kid, an unlikely start for a girl in her field, but is it really? Christy got her start webcamming, which evolved slowly into blowing and swallowing THIRTEEN STRANGERS' LOADS through a gloryhole today. Her old swallowing record was less than half that, a mere five, so we're going to crush that today. The action starts as Christy gets fondled by anonymous hands through the holes, then it's off to the gloryhole races as she sucks off her THIRTEEN COCKS to completion in the time it takes most girls to do the standard ten. Watch her throat and tongue muscles when she deep-throats. It's poetry. She's a squirter too, as you'll soon be able to see over on GangbangCreampie.com. We definitely want to have Christy back to go for a new GloryholeSecrets record, squirting included. Come back often to see when Christy returns here on GloryholeSecrets.com!

Brutal Sessions - Christy Love - Self-avowed Slut Christy Love Takes Relentless Brutal Anal

File: xrioanabrsechrlovbfc3gznhhs.mp4
Size: 564.91 MB
Duration: 01:10:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Christy Love is a cock loving whore, and she's willing to do anything to get it. Basically, she's been an easy whore. But Tommy Pistol flogs her and fucks her into shape, drilling into her holes and mind that she needs to be a respectable whore, not just an easy one. He utterly pounds her asshole, position after position, until she learns that being a self avowed whore isn't her problem, but giving it out to just anyone is. She starts in a crouch, with her arms out, subject to some classic obedience training. Tommy flogs her and crops her, all while demanding that she keep her arms up. She's gagged, and yet challenged to lick Tommy's dick around the gag. Christy is then face fucked deep and fast, and this good whore chokes down that cock without complaining. In fact she emphatically says she wants more. Tommy then teases her asshole to loosen her up. Because for a whore she's awfully tight. But Christy's bouncing on Tommy's wet cock in no time, screaming and squirting like a desperate slut who can't get enough. And she hasn't had enough. Tommy is relentless with fucking her ass. He makes her tell him a story about how she once got fucked. Then he puts her on her back and DPs her with a dick-on-a-stick in her pussy, and his own hard cock in her ass. Finally, after Christy's been fully fucked in every hole, Tommy shoots his huge load on her ass.

Spizoo - Christy Love - Christy Love Up And Personal

File: 5toq1naspichrlovdz8wsbf4yc.mp4
Size: 472.68 MB
Duration: 25:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Get to know Christie Love in a whole new way. We sit down in this new installment of our docu-style series to look into the minds, and bodies, of the beautiful XXX ladies we all love. Dressed in a super sexy, tight, red dress, we find out what Christie is all about. She is excited for the days scene with the huge cock of Logan Long. Watch her get her pussy absolutely pounded and pumped while moaning with pure ecstasy. She rides and sucks like a true whore and loves that men all across the world watch and enjoy. She receives a big, hot load all over her tight tan body with a big smile on her pretty face.