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Family Swap

Family Swap - Braylin Bailey & Jenna Noelle - Moms Lingerie

File: gow89nafaswbrajenxwxvzthwk1.mp4
Size: 1.69 GB
Duration: 30:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if three families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Braylin Bailey wants to feel pretty so she sneaks into her swap parents' room. Going into Jenna Noelle's drawers, Braylin takes her swap mom's lingerie and tries it on. When Jenna sees Braylin in the act, she instructs her swap daughter to take it off. Will Pounder walks in on Braylin as she's changing, which prompts Braylin to grab her clothes and run away, naked.

Will feels badly for his swap daughter, so he goes out to buy Braylin some lingerie of her own. Calling her in, he gives it to her and then turns his back as Braylin changes into it right then and there. Of course Will peeks, which is just what Braylin is hoping he'll do. When she's ready, she waits for Will to tell her she's pretty. Before anything else can happen, Ricky Spanish, Braylin's swap brother, wanders in, declares that this is where the party's at, drops his pants, and climbs into bed. Braylin is game to fuck, so she joins Ricky and begins sucking his dick. Will is standing there, embarrassed, when Jenna walks in on them. Will says he thinks the swap kids are going to fuck, and Jenna decides to watch. She finds it pretty hot since she's never seen someone fuck in front of her before.

When Jenna slides down onto Ricky's dick in reverse cowgirl, Jenna can't hold back another moment. Will can tell his swap wife is in the mood, so he bends her down on her hands and knees and fucks her from behind on the bed. The girls swap partners so Will can give it to Braylin on her back while Jenna rides Ricky in reverse cowgirl. Eventually Jenna gets on her back for Ricky while Braylin rolls onto her hands and knees for some doggy style fun courtesy of will. The boys can't hold back any longer as Will gluts Braylin with a creampie and Ricky gives Jenna the same treatment. There's finally harmony in the swap family as Jenna offers Braylin her lingerie whenever Braylin wants, and Braylin gets permission to use her swap dad's dick any time to boot.

Family Swap - Bunny Madison & Haley Spades - Swapdad Was My Bull

File: nkeconafaswbunhalmr9mnbu9is.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 17:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if three families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Haley Spades doesn't know that Bunny Madison and Charles Dera, her swap parents, are pranking her. Bunny and Charles tell Haley that Charles is there to impregnate Bunny thanks to his super sperm. They then tell her that Charles is also supposed to impregnate Haley. Haley believes them, but she says she has to think about it.

Later, Haley decides that she's ready to be impregnated. She gets naked and puts herself on display on the kitchen table. Charles and Bunny decide they need to tell Haley the truth. Charles goes in to do it, but he finds that he can't resist the opportunity to have his swap daughter suck him off. Soon enough he's throat fucking Haley on the table. The commotion brings Bunny and Juan Loco, Haley's swap brother, to see what's going on. Bunny knows this wasn't the plan but watching Charles getting his dick wet in Haley's mouth is so hot that she wants to play, too. Fortunately for her, Juan is hard and eager to have his swap mommy suck him off.

When Haley turns around and spreads her thighs so Charles can slide on home into her tight pussy, Bunny gets to her feet and leans over the table so Juan can do her from behind. That kicks off a true family swap! Charles and Juan sit in chairs side by side so Bunny can ride Charles in reverse cowgirl and Bunny can do the same with Juan. Then Charles takes Haley's cooch from behind as she kneels on a chair while Juan slides into Bunny as she sits back with her thighs spread nice and wide. That's too much for the guys to bear as Charles and Juan each glut their partner with a creampie of hot cum.

Family Swap - Bailey Brooke & Spencer Scott - Fucking At The Swap Family Bbq

File: bbqt5nafaswbaispeb6biwounw4.mp4
Size: 2.13 GB
Duration: 36:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if three families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Spencer Scot and Bailey Brooke are waiting on swap dad Quinton James to get done barbecuing. To pass the time, they lift their shirts to flash their titties and flirt nonstop with swap son Ricky Spanish. When the girls come on even hotter by grabbing a hot dog bun and putting it over Ricky's hardon, Ricky freaks out. He's terrified of Quinton, so he doesn't want to do anything that might upset his swap dad. They almost get caught when Quinton comes in to tell them the food's almost ready, at which point Ricky retreats to the couch.

The second Quinton is gone, Bailey and Spencer follow Ricky. Their whole reason for joining the swap was to get some fresh dick, and they're not about to pass up the opportunity to do just that. Ricky tries to get them to cut it out, but as soon as he's on the receiving end of a double BJ with Spencer guiding Baily in better form, he can't help- but agree that this is the best call. The busty girls even deliver titty fucks just for Ricky. Spencer is the first to climb into Ricky's lap and bounce away in reverse cowgirl as Bailey helps her out.

Bailey is just getting her ride on with Ricky's stiffie in reverse cowgirl when Quinton walks in with the hot dogs. He flips out, but Spencer thinks fast and pulls his pants down to give him a BJ. Eventually Spencer's efforts pay off and her quick thinking makes Quinton relent. He decides that it's not so bad and that watching can indeed be pretty hot. As Ricky gets Bailey on her knees to fuck her in doggy, Spencer eases Quinton to the couch so she can really eat him all up. Quinton gives Spencer a nice pussy feast as Bailey blows Ricky. Then Quinton sinks balls deep into Spencer's juicy twat as Bailey gets on her hands and knees for Ricky to do her in doggy while Quinton comes over for a double BJ. Next, Quinton lets Bailey climb on to ride his fuck stick while Spencer does the same with Ricky. Spencer rolls onto her back so Ricky can watch her big boobies jiggle as he fucks her. Meanwhile, Quinton bangs Bailey from behind as she uses the couch for support. The girls swap partners so Bailey can ride Ricky and Spencer can ride Quinton, and then each of them gets on their knees so the guys can switch it up and then give it their new partners in doggy. That's what it takes for Quinton to glut Bailey with a creampie, and for Ricky to od the same for Spencer in a swap family orgy.

Family Swap - Eve Marlowe & Haley Spades - My Swap Mom Has Blue Pubes

File: tjhgznafaswevehalsm3qdklwxq.mp4
Size: 2.05 GB
Duration: 30:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if three families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Haley Spades has a bad dream so she gets out of bed in her PJs and goes to sleep with her swap parents, Eve Marlowe and Charles Dera. Spooning against Charles, Haley is just starting to get comfy when Eve wakes up and kicks Haley out. Haley tries to sneak back into the bedroom and get a peek at her swap dad's dick, but when she pulls the covers up she sees that Eve's pubes are blue. When Eve calls Haley out on being back in the room, Haley expresses her surprise. That softens Eve almost immediately.

Pulling Haley into the bed, Eve lets her swap daughter express her curiosity by touching the blue pubes. Eve goes on to suggest that maybe Haley would like to touch her swap dad's dick, too. Of course Haley wants. She reaches out to touch Charles's cock, which is already nice and hard. It's not a big stretch from there for Eve to offer her big tits for Haley to suckle and explore. There's no stopping this swap family now, especially not once Eve and Haley decide to share Charles's dick in a blowjob that only whets all of their appetites for something more hardcore.

Easing Haley onto her knees, Eve helps her out of her PJs. Then she makes sure Haley's cooch is nice and wet before getting Haley to straddle Charles's cock and sink down in reverse cowgirl. Rubbing Haley's clit and tonguing Haley's nipples, Eve does whatever she can to double down on Haley's pleasure. The girls swap spots so that Eve can ride while Haley puts everything she's learned so far to work. Then Eve gets on her hands and knees to demonstrate a proper pussy feast technique on Haley even as Charles fucks Eve from behind. Haley gets to enjoy another round with swap daddy as Eve cradles her head in her lap and Charles kneels between her thighs to bang her. Charles even rewards Haley with a big creampie that drips down her bare cooter to leave her replete and filled with cum.

Family Swap - Chloe Temple & Jennifer White - Free Use Family

File: ebllknafaswchljen8srxo6ievu.mp4
Size: 2.34 GB
Duration: 26:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Charles Dera has a photo scavenger hunt for the swap family. He assigns Codey Steele and his swap mom Jennifer White to one team, and himself and swap daughter Chloe Temple to another. He tells the swap family that the scavenger hunt is free use. When Charles says it, he means that they can use photos from the Internet aren't copyrighted, but the other three members of his swap family think that it means they can do whatever they want to each other, whenever they want...

Charles learns his mistake when he and Chloe walk in on Codey trying to massage milk from Jennifer's tits for the last part of the scavenger hunt. Charles pushes back, but Chloe is of the same opinion as her swap mom and swap brother. She tells Charles that since they also need milk to finish their scavenger hunt she'll just get some from his dick. Charles puts up a token resistance, but soon enough his swap daughter is gobbling that cock. Jennifer is right behind her in blowing Codey's cock.

Free use is for more than just oral sex. Jennifer escalates the situation when she gets Codey to take a seat so she can mount him in reverse cowgirl. Charles tries to object, but Chloe wants a ride of her own and she's not about to wait her turn for Codey. Soon enough, she's bouncing alongside her swap mommy! Switching partners, the girls get on their hands and knees for some doggy style fun. Jennifer returns to Codey and Chloe returns to Charles so they can get on their backs and spread their thighs for swap son and swap daddy to bring it all home. Codey and Charles deliver, each of them glutting their girl with a creampie.

Family Swap - Caitlin Bell & Scarlet Skies - The Easter Swap

File: lhgwvnafaswcaiscapedcyeqhwd.mp4
Size: 1.19 GB
Duration: 20:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, swap mom Caitlin Bell and her swap daughter Scarlet Skies want to have a swap family Easter. Upsettingly, Juan Loco and his swap dad Clark Kent refuse to take it seriously. The girls have to rescue their Easter eggs from becoming impromptu footballs as the guys screw around. Caitlin tries to get the boys to cut it out, but they refuse. Eventually, Scarlet tells her swap mom that she has an idea and to come with her...

When the girls return, they're both decked out in hot little Easter getups complete with super short skirts that show plenty of pussy. Now that the girls are assured she has the attention of Juan and Clark, they try once again to get them to get into the Easter spirit. Clark stands strong, saying the girls can't bribe him with sex, but Juan isn't about to say no to a chance to tap that. Scarlet and Caitlin sweeten the pot by indulging in a lesbian makeout session in front of the boys, then getting on their knees so they can work together to blow Juan's hardon. Caitlin even shoves those boobs together for a titty fuck! When Clark sees how hot that threesome is, he can't help but want to get in on the action.

Caitlin is already on her hands and knees fucking Juan, so Clark takes the opportunity to just shove his cock right in to bang her in doggy. That looks fun, so Scarlet gets on her knees so Juan can give her the same treatment! Flipping onto her back, Scarlet spreads herself wide open for her swap brother to keep doing her. Caitlin turns around on her knees to suck Clark off, which puts her pussy right in the perfect position for Scarlet to feast upon as Juan continues to give it to her. The girls swap partners so Caitlin can ride Juan in reverse cowgirl while Scarlet gives Clark a cowgirl stiffie ride. Juan is the first to pop, glutting his swap mama with a creampie. A moment later, Clark gives Scarlet a creampie of her very own. Caitlin dredges her fingers through the cum dripping from her own pussy and then licks Clark's cock clean to share a double jizz flavored kiss with Scarlet.

Family Swap - Ashley Wolf & Destiny Cruz - Fighting Over The Bed

File: qiix5nafaswashdesh4dlmdftlq.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 25:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Destiny Crus and her new swap brother Joshua Lewis are supposed to learn how to be a family. They haven't even spent a night in the house and they're already fighting, though. They both want the same bedroom, and Destiny is prepared to do whatever it takes to get her way. She crawls into bed fully clothed to try to stake her claim, but Joshua climbs in right after her. Destiny isn't about to let that stop her. She keeps on peeling her clothes off, although Joshua does the same right back. Eventually Destiny is down to her thong and Joshua is totally naked. Mocking Joshua's dick is Destiny's next tactic, which only prompts Joshua to start stroking himself to make it nice and big.

Another tussle beneath the covers leads to Joshua spooning behind Destiny as she tries to use her booty to shove him out of bed. In return, Joshua tells Destiny she's making him hard and that he's going to stick it in if she keeps it up. Why would Destiny back down now? She tells Joshua to do it, then acts surprised when he does. Even now that she's getting dicked down, Destiny is a real bitch. She rolls on top of Joshua and tries to show him how he's done while also making it clear that she can't stand her swap brother. The commotion attracts Ashley Wolf and Steve Holmes, who come in to see what's going on. They take one look and rush in to separate the swap siblings.

While Steve hauls Destiny off Joshua, Ashley rushes in and pops her titties out to give Joshua something to suck so he can calm down. Joshua eventually claims he'll calm down even better if Ashley sucks his dick, which his swap mommy is happy enough to do. Destiny and Steve watch the whole exchange in shock, but at that point Steve tries to leave. Destiny isn't having any of that, though she can see his hardon so she takes that stiffie out for a BJ of her own. That's the premise of a swap family fuck as Ashley climbs onto Joshua's fuck stick for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Destiny pushes Steve onto the bed for a ride of her own. Ashely wants to try her swap hubby's D out so she gets on her hands and knees for Steve to give it to her in doggy while Destiny does the same for Joshua to bone her. Swapping partners one last time, Destiny spreads her thighs for Steve to fuck her until he gives her a big creampie, while Ashley urges Joshua to give her the same treatment. Sated, Destiny offers to share a room with Joshua for the rest of the swap.

Family Swap - Jessica Ryan & Liz Jordan - Why Is There A Shamrock On My Dick

File: r5euunafaswjeslizzrbnbrla5t.mp4
Size: 3.03 GB
Duration: 34:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Liz Jordan and her swap mom Jessica Ryan have played a St. Patrick's joke on the swap guys. Oliver Flynn is the first to discover the shamrock stamp on his dick as he drops his towel to take a shower. Steve Holmes isn't far behind his swap son in discovering the same thing. The girls are in the living room laughing as the guys storm in to confront them. Steve points out that Jessica isn't supposed to touch her swap son's dick and that he's concerned about how much Liz seems to like her swap brother. The girls double down, claiming neither of them feels that they're getting enough attention and that they're going to keep being bad until they feel otherwise.

Later, the girls are back in the living room dressed to impress for a St. Patrick's party. The boys arrive together, but they don't look like they're ready for the party. Steve announces that he and Oliver have been talking, and they're not going anywhere with those shamrocks still on their cocks. He orders the girls onto their knees so they can use their mouths to clean up the mess they made. Now that's the kind of attention both Jessica and Liz have been waiting for! They're both game to get down on their knees and open wide so they can take care of business. Things begin slow with gentle hand strokes, but it's not long before Liz and Jessica are each deep throating their respective cock.

There's no way these four are stopping now. The girls get on the couch on their hands and knees to invite the guys to take things a step further. Steve goes to work on Jessica's snatch, while Oliver slams into Liz's. When the girls swap positions, they also switch partners so that Liz is taking Steve for a stiffie ride and Jessica is doing the same for Oliver. Swapping partners again, Liz and Jessica enjoy some reverse cowgirl riding. They wind up on their backs, with Liz spreading her thighs for Steve and Jessica opening wide for Oliver. The guys can't wait another moment to take their own pleasure! Oliver cums first, giving Jessica a big creampie. A minute later, Steve gives Liz the same treatment. That's just the kind of treatment the girls are wanting in their swap family.

Family Swap - Lexi Luna & Sera Ryder - Bad Dad Jokes Lead To Swap Family Sex

File: uxoy5nafaswlexserfb58qcrtyn.mp4
Size: 2.51 GB
Duration: 34:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Lexi Luna is determined to be the perfect swap mom. She tries to get everyone's input on what they should get from the store, but Alex Mack and his swap dad Damon Dice refuse to take Lexi seriously. Instead, they give her answers full of innuendo and crack sexual jokes. Alex even goes so far as to say he wants to fuck his swap mom and his swap sister, Sera Ryder. Lexi claps back at Alex and Damon that that's not what swap family is about.

She and Sera put out there that they both just want a normal swap family with no sex. The boys have already made up their minds that they're going to get into the girls' pants, though. Lexi tells them that they can try, but maybe it'd be easier if they did some nice things for herself and Sera.

The next day, Alex and Damon go out of their way to be nice to the girls. Alex is even kind to Damon by agreeing to get his swap dad's slippers. When Alex goes to Damon's bedroom, he finds the girls sitting together and giggling. Lexi admits they were just talking about Alex and about how well he and Damon have been doing. Alex says he still wants to fuck both girls, and Lexi replies that the only thing holding herself and Sera back has been the big deal they made earlier about not being sluts. Sera doesn't believe her swap brother, but Alex has an opportunity and he's not about to pass it up. He tells them that Damon sent him to the room to fuck them both. He even proves it by calling back to ask if Damon meant both of them. Thinking Alex is talking about the slippers, Damon yells there's no point in just fucking one. That's enough to convince Sera and Lexi. Dropping to their knees on the ground, they kick off a double BJ.

The girls take turns deep throating Alex, and then they relocate to the bed with Lexi on her knees and Sera on her back beside her swap mommy. Sera begins masturbating as she watches Alex fuck Lexi in doggy. They're just getting into their threesome when Damon walks in to see what's taking so long. When she lays eyes on her swap dad, Sera takes good care of him with a BJ to get him started and then turning around so he can fuck her in doggy just like Alex is doing for Lexi. Swapping partners, Lexi hops onto Damon's dick for reverse cowgirl action while Sera gets on Alex for a cowgirl ride. The girls switch it up again, with Sera riding reverse cowgirl on Damon and Lexi taking a cowgirl ride on Alex. On their backs, Lexi and Sera lay shoulder to shoulder as Lexi opens her thighs for Alex and Sera does the same for swap daddy Damon. Satisfied they've gotten both girls off, the guys both glut their partners with a creampie, finishing their swap family fuck fest with a bang.

Family Swap - Haley Spades & Jamie Michelle - We Arent The Millers

File: 2v2f5nafaswhaljamt5dvtqcrkp.mp4
Size: 1.87 GB
Duration: 27:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Rico Hernandez is looking like hell. His swap sister Haley Spades asks him what the matter is, and Rico eventually admits he's never kissed a girl before. They're still working on their technique when their swap parents Jamie Michelle and Charles Dera walk in on them. Jamie is quick to get in on the action with her swap son while Charles watches and films the sweet swap family moment. That's when Rico's date, Kimora Quin walks in on them.

Charles takes off to go try to get Kimora back while Haley and Jamie make it clear through stroking Rico all over that they're enjoying themselves. Before Rico knows what's up, he's got two sets of lady tits to play with and a massive hardon for the girls to stroke off and suck. Charles returns without Kimora, but Rico isn't feeling so bad since he's got his swap mommy's mouth deep throating him. Since things are already getting nice and hot, Haley turns to her swap daddy to suck him off, too. That kick starts a swap family orgy as Jamie gets on her knees for Rico to fuck her in doggy and Haley mirrors the position with Charles.

The girls swap partners so that Jamie can take on Charles in reverse cowgirl while Haley rides Rico in cowgirl. Their stiffie rides only come to an end when they switch it up yet again. On their backs so they are shoulder to shoulder, the girls open themselves up nice and wide for the guys to keep on pounding away at their cum loving fuck holes. Charles once again gets to bang his swap daughter, while Rico gets to go to town fucking his swap mom. Charles nuts first, filling Haley up with a big fat creampie. A hot minute later, Rico gives Jamie the same treatment. Dipping their fingers into the jizz, Jamie and Haley sample their treat then share cum swapping kisses.

Family Swap - Jordan Maxx & Madison Summers - Guess Whose Pussy This Is

File: nk8xpnafaswjormadr22qy7mda4.mp4
Size: 3.23 GB
Duration: 36:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Madison Summers and her swap mom Jordan Maxx want to play a game with their swap fam. They bring a box of sensory toys in and turn the TV off. Madison blindfolds her swap brother Ricky Spanish, and Jordan does the same for her swap husband Clark Kent. They tell the boys to guess what toy they have based on touch alone. It's such a fun game that Ricky wants to play again...

A few days later, he brings the blindfolds back to the living room. Jordan is confused since she's already put the toys away, but Ricky wants to play guess the boobs. Jordan balks, but Madison claims it's fine as long as their clothes are on. That's good enough for Jordan, so the guys blindfold themselves and the girls shuffle around. Clark and Ricky can't guess whose boobs are whose, so they try it without the shirt. The guys are still stumped, so Clark requests a chance to feel the pussies. Madison insists that if it's over the clothes it's fine, so up go those skirts. A hot moment later, both girls agree to tug their thongs to the side for an added bit of sensory touch.

Madison can't take it anymore. She tells Madison the guys should try next to guess their mouths, then drops to her knees so she can blow Clark while Jordan sucks Ricky's dick. It's only natural to take things another step further when the blindfolds come off and the girls get on their knees on the couches so that Ricky can bang Jordan and Clark can dive balls deep into Madison. The girls swap partners so Jordan can ride Clark in reverse cowgirl while Madison does the same for Ricky. Swapping one last time, Jordan and Madison each lie down and spread their legs nice and wide. Ricky and Clark go to town on those creamy pussies until they each deliver a big creampie. They all agree that this is the best kind of family bonding.

Family Swap - Aila Donovan & Lulu Chu - My Swap Sister Gives A Handjob To A Candy Cane

File: utn8dnafaswaillulxettfohk7q.mp4
Size: 1.80 GB
Duration: 24:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Lulu Chu and her swap brother Diego Perez are decorating the Christmas tree while their swap parents, Aila Donovan and Damon Dice, watch. Aila and Damon can't stop Lulu from taunting her swap brother. Eventually, Lulu grabs a candy cane and pretends it's a dick with the way she strokes it. As Lulu gets increasingly dirty with the candy cane, Aila eggs her on while Damon tells her to cut it out because it's making poor Diego uncomfortable...

Later that night, Diego is sitting beneath the Christmas tree beating the meat when Lulu comes back out to check out the gifts beneath the tree. Diego tries to hide what he's been up to, but his swap sister knows as soon as she spies him. Instead of being grossed out, Lulu is into it. She struts over to Diego and taunts him as she tugs his stiffie out so she can open wide for a Christmas handie and BJ. Diego capitulates easily, and both swapsibs get super into the moment. Neither of them know that Aila has come out from the bedroom to see what the commotion is. When Aila sees what Lulu and Diego are doing, she finds it hot as hell. Eventually, touching her own tits and cupping her own pussy aren't enough for Aila. She makes herself known to Lulu and Diego so she can join Lulu in sucking that D.

Everyone is enjoying themselves until Damon comes out and spoils the mood by freaking out. Aila isn't about to let that happen. She stops his tirade with a kiss, then gets down on her hands and knees to offer her pussy to her swap husband. Lulu follows suit, peeling her thong off so Diego can take whatever he wants. Presented with such a glorious sight, Damon can't imagine not sticking it in, and neither can Diego. The guys take a seat on the couch so the girls can swap partners and sink down on those fuck sticks. Lulu loves Damon's dick, and Aila enjoys dominating Diego. When the girls have tired of their reverse cowgirl stiffie rides, they switch back to their original partners to keep the party going in cowgirl. A final partner swap leaves the girls on their backs with Damon banging Lulu and Diego going to town on Aila until both men fill their partner with the gift of a big fat creampie.

Family Swap - Andi Rose & Caitlin Bell - Arranged Swap Family Marriage

File: eikpwnafaswandcaiwgn9r5ejdt.mp4
Size: 2.40 GB
Duration: 33:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Caitlin Bell and Steve Holmes walk in on their swap daughter Andi Rose in the bathroom with their swap son Alex Mack. The swap kids have their pants down so they can explore each other's private parts. Just as Andi is really getting into a handie for Alex, their swap parents stop them. As punishment, Caitlin and Steve tell their swap kids that they can play at being the adults to see how difficult it really is.

Parking themselves on the couch, the swap parents have their swap kids do all the chores. When Andi and Alex complain, their swap parents instruct them to go to their room and get changed into wedding clothes that were purchased at the secondhand store. That type of vibe just encourages Andi and Alex to make out on the couch. When Caitlin and Steve find them, they try to tell the swap kids that they can't be kissing like that until after the fake wedding ceremony. Andi and Alex are having none of it. They try to weird Alex and Andi out by standing there and watching, but once Alex has finished eating Andi's pussy out and has whipped out his dick to start fucking her, Steve and Caitlin are way too horny to just watch. Steve starts by fondling Caitlin's magnificent boobs. Then he bends her over the couch to start banging his swap wife as his swap kids fuck just beneath them.

With everyone feeling randy now, there's nothing stopping the swap family from going full partner swap. Andi gets a taste of dad dick when Steve sits on the couch to let her blow him, and Caitlin deep throats Alex's hardon. The men take a seat next to each other, which lets Andi mount Steve while Caitlin gives Alex the same treatment. The girls go on a titty bouncing stiffie ride before they swap partners and get on their hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. Andi and Caitlin switch it up again, then get on their backs so Steve can fill Andi with cock and Alex can do the same for Caitlin. The guys have given the girls everything they have, so Alex gluts Caitlin with a creampie moments before Steve does the same for Andi. As they all bask in the afterglow, Andi admits she loves playing swap mommy and daddy.

Family Swap - Jamie Michelle & Kyler Quinn - Everything Goes Wrong For Thanksgiving

File: qpejmnafaswjamkylpsgthivqmq.mp4
Size: 1.26 GB
Duration: 20:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Kyler Quinn and her swap mom Jamie Michelle are cooking Thanksgiving together. Charles Dera and his swap son, Alex Mack, are helping out by doing the dishes together. Everything is going great until Charles comes up and starts feeling up Jamie in front of everyone. Jamie rebuffs Charles by saying that they're supposed to be paying respect to the pilgrims and exhibiting good family values. Later, when they're all seated around the table, the swap family starts exchanging raunchy jokes. Everyone finds it funny except Jamie, who gets increasingly upset...

When Kyler starts making comments about moist meat, Jamie has had enough. Getting to her feet, she hikes up her miniskirt and shoves Charles's face into her pussy so he can experience something really moist. Alex tries to deescalate the situation and in response, Jamie whips out her tits and tells him to get over here for some breast meat. When Kyler speaks up next, she gets her face shoved to the other breast. Then Jamie orders everyone to the living room so she can whip Charles's hardon out and sink down onto it for a stiffie ride. She announced that they all wanted to ruin Thanksgiving as she starts riding. It turns out that watching their swap parents fuck is a total turn on for Kyler and Alex, so soon enough Kyler has popped Alex's cock out to start sucking him off right there in the living room. That only encourages Jamie to climb off of Charles and slurp her own juices off of him even as Kyler pushes Alex down to enjoy him in a reverse cowgirl ride of her own.

Since they've all found some common ground together, the swap family goes for a partner swap where Kyler gets to try out Charles's cock and Jamie gets to try out Alex's. Laying back to back on the couch, the girls spread themselves wide open so their partners can dive balls deep into their tight cooches. Then they swap back so that Charles can fuck Jamie from behind and Alex can give to Kyler in doggy. The men rise to the occasion, pumping harder and faster as the girls keep begging for more. Alex is the first to lose it, filling his swap sister up with a big creampie. Charles follows Alex's example a moment later as he gluts Jamie's pussy with his own pop. The girls begin talking about having cream pies for dessert, but the guys are more interested in football now that they've both been able to bust a nut.

Family Swap - Aiden Ashley & Hime Marie - Would You Do It For A Swap Snack

File: 6jfeunafaswaidhimu596m383sv.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 20:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, the whole gang has been invited to a costume party. They brainstorm about what they can do for a family getup and decide on an old cartoon. Hime Marie wants to be the crime fighting puppy and she thinks her swap brother, Kyle Mason, will look great as her scruffy handler. That leaves the preppy chick for swap mom Aiden Ashley and the preppy guy for swap dad Mike Mancini. While Hime is getting flirty with her swap brother, her swap parents lecture them about boundaries. Despite the admonition from Aiden and Mike, the family is otherwise thrilled with the idea of going ahead with their group costume...

When everyone reconvenes in the living room, they look fabulous. Kyle resumes flirting with Hime, asking what she'd do for a snack. She tells Kyle he could do her in doggy. Aiden and Mike are still unimpressed, but eventually Mike distracts his swap wife by asking for help with his tie. The second their swap parents aren't paying attention, Kyle and HIme go nuts taking suggestive selfies in their costumes. When Hime's costume rips at the bottom, Kyle whips it out and slides his dick in to truly do his swap sis in doggy. Although Mike and Aiden are initially ticked, it is kind of a turn on to see their swap kids fucking. Aiden spies Mikes hardon and decides that maybe a bit of group sex isn't so bad after all. Sinking to her knees, Aiden pops out Mike's fuck stick and starts sucking him off in a blowjob that Kyle and Hime can't wait to mirror.

Kyle and Hime escalate things next, with Kyle taking a seat on the couch and Hime climbing on top of him to straddle him for a stiffie ride. Mike and Aiden are quick to follow suit, and soon both girls are bouncing away in time together. The girls aren't satisfied to settle for one dick now. They swap cocks so that Hime can climb onto Mike's dick and Aiden can climb onto Kyle's with each of them in cowgirl. Switching back, the girls roll onto their backs together with Kyle and Mike pumping them full of a healthy dose of Vitamin D. When the girls switch partners one last time and get into doggy, there's no stopping the guys from cumming hard. First Kyle nuts all over Aiden's ass, and then Mike follows suit by giving Hime a big creampie.

Family Swap - Fiona Frost & Lulu Chu - My Swap Dad And Brother Are Real Cocks

File: w7dkxnafaswfiolulvxrp1v7lhb.mp4
Size: 1.67 GB
Duration: 24:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Lulu Chu and her swap mom Fiona Frost want to do something good, so they try to get swap dad Will Pounder and swap son Oliver Flynn to dress in chicken costumes for a charity event. Will and Oliver inspect the costumes and declare that it's just not happening. Fiona and Lulu put their heads together and decide to try flirting instead of demanding. Fiona goes for subtlety, but Lulu comes right out and says that the girls will suck the guys' dicks if they put the costumes on. The boys grab the costumes and run to get changed!

When the men come out dressed as cocks, they complain that the costumes are too tight in the nether area and that their balls are being squished. Fiona offers to cut little holes in the crotches so their man parts can breathe and the boys agree. Once that's done, the girls start posing with Oliver for social media photos. With two hot girls rubbing all over him, Oliver can't help but pop a boner that peeks out through the hole in the costume. Fiona feigns outrage, but Lulu is instantly into the idea of sucking her cock of a swap brother off. She did promise, after all. Dropping to her knees, she encourages Fiona to do the same when it becomes clear that Will is also nice and hard. Fiona may be uncertain at first, but it's not long before both girls are delivering deep throat sloppy BJs that get the guys nice and horny for a group fuck.

Relocating to the couch, the girls get on their hands and knees with the guys coming up behind them to bang them each in doggy. Will stays with Fiona for the moment while Oliver fucks Lulu. The girls swap partners when the guys get on their backs, their hardons ready and waiting for the girls to climb aboard for dual stiffie rides. Riding the D in reverse cowgirl gets both girls moaning nice and loud, and the gasps of delight continue even after they swap partners once again so that Fiona can give Will a try in cowgirl while Lulu does the same for Oliver. When the girls find themselves on their backs again with Will pounding away at Lulu's snatch and Oliver delivering the same treatment to Fiona, they beg the boys to give them the cum. Will delivers a creampie first, followed closely by Oliver. As they bask in the afterglow, they realize they're going to be late for the charity event.

Family Swap - Aila Donovan & Andi Rose - Swap Dad Knows Best

File: p5wfmnafaswailandu5na9ghlm7.mp4
Size: 2.15 GB
Duration: 35:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, the found family is supposed to go camping! Andi Rose can't help making eyes at her swap dad, Charles Dera, as they hand camping supplies back and forth. Meanwhile, Andi's swap brother, Alex Mack, stares at Andi's ass any chance he gets. Everyone is enjoying themselves in anticipation of a camping adventure until swap mom Aila Donovan gets a text message that their campground has been closed due to nearby forest fires. Everyone is disappointed until Charles comes up with a great backup plan to set up the tent right there in the living room...

Once the swap kids are safely in the tent, Aila lays outside on the couch in Charles's arms. They assume that the swap kids are asleep and can't hear them as they slowly get increasingly frisky. Unfortunately, Alex and Andi can hear everything. As Charles and Aila move on from swapping spit to Charles eating Aila out, the discontent inside the tent grows. Andi and Alex haven't been able to get off in weeks, but all that is about to change as Andi turns over and gives Alex a big smooch. By the time Charles and Aila are fucking on the couch, Andi assumes they're making so much noise that they won't hear if she starts sucking Alex off. Andi assumed wrong, and a second later their swap parents have pulled the tent open to see what's going on. Aila is outraged and kicks Andi out of the tent to sleep with Charles while Aila sleeps with Alex.

When Aila was doling out her punishment, she wasn't counting on both boys still being too horny to sleep. Aila reluctantly agrees to help Alex out, while Andi is much more enthusiastic about getting her lips around Charles's dick. Aila doesn't know that what she's doing for Alex in the tent is being mirrored by Andi and Charles outside! Once she's done sucking Alex off, Aila gets on her back so that Alex can lap up her juices and then sink balls deep into her creamy center. Charles is already there, giving Andi the D as they spoon on the couch. Unable to hold the moan, Aila slips up and lets Andi and Charles know that there are shenanigans afoot inside the tent. They take that as an invitation for a swap family fuck fest. The guys get on their backs with Andi riding Alex's dick in reverse cowgirl and Aila riding Charles. Then the girls swap partners so that Charles can fuck Andi in doggy while Alex gives Aila the same treatment. That position lets both guys drop fat creampies into their partners' pussies. The swap family is all in agreement that this is way more fun than camping.

Family Swap - Andi Rose & Reagan Foxx - Whose Dick Is Biggest

File: ltd6gnafaswandrea1g9cc63mbj.mp4
Size: 1.97 GB
Duration: 30:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Andi Rose wants to know whose dick is bigger Her swap brother, Codey Steele, or her swap dad, Brock Cooper. She gets the party started during a family meal by talking about wanting big juicy sausages for dinner. Everyone, including her swap mom, Reagan Foxx, knows what Andi is doing. Reagan shuts it down, but Andi isn't dissuaded...

She waits until Brock and Codey are sitting on the couch together and then plops herself between them. After scolding the boys that Reagan is totally doing their laundry, Andi tells them they should strip down and do their own. She also throws in that she wants to measure to see which of their dicks is bigger, both soft and hard. Brock attempts to tell Andi no, but Andi just tugs her shirt up and takes one hand from each guy to put it on her boob. What's a hotblooded man supposed to do but enjoy that?

Family Swap - Chloe Temple & Cory Chase - Masturbation Month

File: bwktmnafaswchlcorkt8jidbaep.mp4
Size: 2.21 GB
Duration: 36:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Cory Chase is feeling way too horny to join her swap family for ice cream. She sends her swap hubby, Quinton James, and their swap kids, Chloe Temple and Tyler Nixon, off without her. As soon as Cory is alone, she heels off her outer clothes until she's down to just her demi bra and thong. Squeezing those big boobs and finger banging her greedy snatch isn't enough for Cory. She winds up grabbing a dildo and going to town on her cock craving fuck hole. Cory is having the time of her life when her swap family arrives home! Embarrassed, she jumps behind the couch to hide.

Family Swap - Jane Rogers & Lexi Luna - Swap Mom Pulled Down My Pants In Front Of Dad

File: 2t7c2nafaswjanlexodraxse71f.mp4
Size: 1.97 GB
Duration: 29:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jane Rogers can't understand why her swap brother won't come out of his bedroom. Her swap mom and dad, Lexi Luna and Will Pounder, come to find out what the commotion is. Jane admits that her swap bro is pissed at her because she pants him and then goes on to share that she also tried to jerk him off to make his dick bigger because it was just so small. Jane can't understand why her swap parents are pissed at her and send her to her room!

Later, Jane goes to her swap parents' room to apologize. She finds Will there alone, so she decides to start saying sorry to him. Will winds up making Jane's crush on him even stronger as he tells her that he didn't think it was that big a deal that she embarrassed her swap bro. While Jane is talking, Lexi sneaks up behind her and pantses her right in front of her swap daddy crush. Pissed, Jane turns around and gives her swap mom the same treatment. The girls grab at each other's shirts next. Will tries to deescalate the situation, but Lexi says she heard what Will said to Jane and goes ahead to pants him, too. The swap parents are mid-argument when Jane decides to make Will's exposed cock big by touching it. Shoving Jane out of the way, Lexi tells Jane that that's not how you do it at all. She pushes Will onto the bed and demonstrates a deep throat BJ and ball sucking to Jane, who comes up to try her new skills on Will's cock next.

With such a nice hardon there for the taking, the girls aren't about to stop at just sucking it off. Lexi hops aboard for a reverse cowgirl ride, then instructs Jane in how to properly suck her tits. The girls swap spots so that Lexi can let Jane enjoy the same treatment. Next, Lexi gets on her knees so she can show Jane how to get fucked in doggy while eating out a lady's pussy. Jane takes her turn with her swap dad's dick buried inside her landing strip twat next, with her swap mom riding her face. As Will gets closer to blowing his load, Lexi cradle's Jane's upper body. Will delivers, filling his swap daughter's fuck hole with a big creampie that Lexi eagerly laps up to share in a snowball kiss with Jane.

Family Swap - Charly Summer & Katie Monroe - Taking Care Of Swap Dad On Fathers Day

File: xaxeunafaswchakatnci6ovooq9.mp4
Size: 1.49 GB
Duration: 23:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Katie Monroe makes coffee for her swap hubby Dick Chibbles for Father's Day, while Charly Summer makes a card for her swap dad. The girls announce that Dick is such a good swap dad that they're going to take great care of him today. Katie cleans the room, while Charly gives a nice massage. The girls aren't blind they know that Charles has been checking them out and now is no exception. Since it's Father's Day, they've decided to let him have everything he's been lusting over.

Family Swap - Lauren Phillips & Lulu Chu - Swap Family Settles In

File: puh8fnafaswlaululiidljvbeyn.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 24:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jay Romero is taking advantage of what he thinks is some alone time to jerk off. He doesn't know that the rest of his swap fam has come home from the grocery store. Lauren Phillips sees her swap husband Charles Dera checking out their swap daughter Lulu Chu, so she sends Lulu upstairs to deliver some shower products to Jay.

Family Swap - Emma Starletto & Katie Morgan - The Dominate One

File: melnhnafaswemmkatwpbjbj5x9l.mp4
Size: 2.63 GB
Duration: 30:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Katie Morgan and her swap hubby Will Pounder are thinking of taking their swap kids Emma Starletto and Nathan Bronson on vacation. While they're discussing the possibilities as a swap family, Emma's ideas get more and more sexual. When Emma eventually leaves to go to her room, Katie puts out there that Emma is a total sexual deviant and will probably be trouble.

Family Swap - Hime Marie & Sophia West - When My Swap Family Does A Super Hero Event

File: yqyeanafaswhimsop1skrcohisr.mp4
Size: 1.59 GB
Duration: 22:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Hime Marie and her swap brother Kyle Mason have joined their swap parents Sophia West and Charles Dera in a costumed marathon. They're eager to get home and shower, but there's a problem they can't get their skintight body suits off. Soon enough, both girls are on their knees trying to help the boys out of their suits. When the suits both rip to let the dicks dangle free, the girls are both shocked and aroused...

Hime is the first to start sucking as she opens wide to take swap daddy's fuck stick in her mouth. Sophia isn't far behind. The boys want more than just a BJ, and the girls are more than willing. Hopping onto the couch, Sophia and Hime get on their knees. Kyle slides home into Sophia's twat, while Charles fills Hime's cooch right up in doggy. The boys take a seat on the couch while the girls swap partners. When they resume fucking, Sophia rides Charles's fuck stick while Hime rides Kyle's.

After a brief interlude where the ladies suck their own juices off their respective dicks, they get on their backs so they can get their pussies pounded. Charles takes on Hime's pussy, while Kyle goes back to his swap mommy Sophia. As Charles reaches his big finish, he shoves deep to give Hime a big creampie. Kyle pops a moment later to give Sophia a matching pussy full of cum that dribbles from her greedy snatch.

Family Swap - Artemisia Love & Indica Monroe - Swap Mom Keeps Touching My Penis

File: 2juyznafaswartind7nanvwewyv.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 19:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Artemisia Love is really into her swap son, Tyler Nixon. Tyler wakes up one morning to what Artemisia calls a penis inspection so that she can make sure Tyler isn't fucking his swap sister, Indica Monroe. On her knees, Artemisia pops Tyler's morning wood out and smells it before flicking her tongue out for a taste. Tyler is only human, so the touch of his hot swap mommy's tongue leaves him on the edge of cumming. He tries to warn Artemisia, but she's intent on finishing the job...

Artemisia may have gotten her way if not for Ryan McLane coming in and stopping his swap wife in her tracks. He scolds her for her obsession with whether Tyler and Indica are doing it, then leans her over and whips it out so he can fuck the naughty out of her. Ryan thinks that he has solved Artemisia's problems, but later he walks in on his swap wife outright fucking her swap son. When Ryan tries to determine why she's doing this, she claims it's the only way to keep Tyler and Indica from getting together. Indica comes in to see what the commotion is, and when she sees what Artemisia and Tyler are getting up to, she decides to make a move on her swap dad. Claiming that she should have been the swap wife instead of Artemisia, Indica whips out Ryan's cock and strokes it to hardness before peeling off her shorts and getting on the bed on her hands and knees.

Ryan is only human. He unsnaps Indica's body suit and sinks into her pussy until he's balls deep. Tyler and Artemisia mirror that position. The boys lay down and the girls swap partners so Indica can ride Tyler's cock while Artemisia bounces away on Ryan's dick. Climbing off their men, the girls suck their juices off of the boys' hardons. Then they get on their backs with one leg each in the air so that Tyler can bang Indica while Ryan gives it to Artemisia. It's not too long before Tyler blows his load and delivers a hot creampie just for Indica. Ryan follows suit, filling Artemisia up to overflowing with a big load of cum.

Family Swap - Christie Stevens & Kenzie Reeves - April Fools Prank Gets Swapdad In Bed With Swapdaughter

File: zazqxnafaswchrkenbiitagdnch.mp4
Size: 2.40 GB
Duration: 30:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Christie Stevens decides to prank her swap hubby and swap kids by bringing them big bowls of broccoli for breakfast. Since they're doing April Fools pranks, swap siblings Kenzie Reeves and Nathan Bronson decide to do a prank of their own. They know their swap mom Christie takes a nap every day and they suspect that during that time she's fucking their swap dad, Calvin Hardy. Wouldn't it be funny for Calvin to find Kenzie in bed instead of Christie? They tell Calvin that Kenzie and Christie are swapping beds, even though Christie doesn't know anything about it.

Kenzie gets into bed during Christie's normal naptime, and sure enough, Calvin comes on in and spoons behind her. Kenzie decides she likes the way her swap daddy's dick feels so she stays quiet as Calvin starts fucking her tight twat. Eventually Calvin notices and flips out. At the same time, Nathan spies on Christie as she's getting ready to nap. When Christie gets into bed naked, Nathan creeps in behind her and starts getting busy with his bigtit swap mommy. Christie thinks it's Calvin behind her as she grinds her ass against Nathan's hardon. By the time she's gotten into doggy and realizes it's not Calvin, Christie has been really enjoying Nathan's dick inside her. She starts yelling, which brings Calvin and Kenzie in to see what the ruckus is.

When Calvin and Kenzie arrive, Kenzie crawls into bed with Nathan while Calvin pushes Christie onto her knees to give it to her in doggy. That just turns the swap siblings on, so Kenzie mirrors Christie's position with Nathan behind her. Next, Calvin gets on his back so spinner Kenzie can enjoy a bouncing ride while Nathan plows into Christie. The girls swap partners, where Nathan bangs his swap sis until he delivers a nice big creampie. Calvin isn't about to be outdone as he gluts Christie with a creampie of his own. Christie and Kenzie happily suck their own pussy juices off the boys' cocks, leaving everyone a smiling and satisfied swap

Family Swap - Angel Youngs & Katie Monroe - St Patricks Day With My Swap Family Gets Sexual

File: 8bs6ynafaswangkatbfevxfs6ke.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 26:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Katie Monroe finds herself disappointed in her swap husband, Steve Holmes. Katie was hoping for a swap family that would be into swinging, but Steve is only interested in playing things straight. Katie's swap daughter and swap son, Angel Youngs and Kyle Mason, are at least on her side. The trio finally get their chance to go at it as a swap family on St. Patrick's Day when they decide to throw a party...

Steve comes out of his room dressed in conservative clothing, only to be greeted by Angel and Katie decked out in shamrock pasties and green thongs. Steve tries to lay down the law, but the girls are having none of it. They tell Steve to go get dressed in something fun or they'll just undress him themselves. Making good on their sexy promise, the girls cluster around Steve to relieve him of his clothes. He tries to argue at first, but when Angel opens wide and starts sucking her swap daddy off with Katie's help, his objections gradually die. With the girls both on their knees, it's a simple thing for Kyle to whip out his hardon and finally slide his dick into his swap sister's pussy the way he's been dreaming of doing.

Steve can tell when he's outvoted, and he finally relents and gives Katie what she needs. He pulls her into his lap, while Kyle sits down so that Angel can mirror the position. Rocking their hips together, the girls each ride a hardon facing frontwards and then with their tits pushed into their respective lover's faces. Next, Katie gets on her knees and Angel lays on her back so that their partners can go to town on their dripping twats as they exchange hot kisses. Next, Katie gets to sample Kyle's fuck stick while Steve enjoys some certified nubile teen pussy. The girls wind up on their backs as Steve pops, giving Angel a full load of cum. A moment later, Kyle blows his load as well, filling his swap mommy's pussy with the jizz she's been wishing for.

Family Swap - Jane Rogers & Kylie Le Beau - Swap Family Values

File: jum5lnafaswjankylqrqkggomki.mp4
Size: 1.79 GB
Duration: 25:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jane Rogers enjoys acting up. She wears short skirts and lets them hike up to reveal her panties. She eats provocative foods. She dresses in skanky clothes. She goes out of her way to tease her swap brother, Rion King. Eventually, Jane's swap parents, Steve Holmes and Kylie Le Beau, try to sit Jane down for a swap family discussion about her behavior...

Jane reacts by stroking Rion's cock through his pants until he's hard and then popping his dick out to suck it right in front of their swap parents. When Steve tries to talk to her, Jane flashes her titties with their hard nipples and then tugs her panties aside so Steve can feel how wet her twat is. Kylie has had enough of watching her swap daughter try to be the queen bitch. She tells Jane to move aside so she can show Jane how a real woman satisfies her men. Then she sits between Steve and Rion and gives them both a handie at the same time. Getting on her knees, Kylie invites Steve to stick it in and show the swap kids how it's done.

Jane and Rion aren't about to be outperformed, so Rion starts banging Jane from behind. Now that the family has decided to taste each other, they hold nothing back. Kylie and Steve enjoy some spooning sex as Jane rides Rion's fuck stick. Then the girls swap partners so Jane can enjoy Steve's charms while Kyle moans her way through a climax courtesy of Rion's dick. Rion can't help but pull out and cum on his swap mommy's belly. Moments later, Steve gluts Jane with a creampie that Jane licks clean from her swap daughter's juicy snatch.

Family Swap - Artemisia Love & Harlow West - Ill Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

File: 4fukenafaswarthar8fpeu4zhz1.mp4
Size: 1.54 GB
Duration: 26:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, swap siblings AJ and Harlow West are playing a little game of I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Harlow has popped her tits out of her shirt and hiked her miniskirt up, and AJ has sunk his finger into her pussy when their swap parents, Sam Shock and Artemisia Love, walk in on them. The kids have just enough time to cover up, so while the parents have their suspicions they don't know anything for certain. Instead of confronting Harlow and AJ, the adults tell them to clean up their mess and then leave...

Harlow does start cleaning up, but when AJ comes up behind her she can't help the temptation to rub her twat against his hardon. That's all the invitation AJ needs to slide on into Harlow to bang her in doggy. Artemisia and Sam do catch the kids in the act this time, but they're not about to let AJ stop fucking Harlow because they're embarrassed. Instead, the punishment is that AJ must keep fucking Harlow, which he does until he pops in her pussy for a creampie. Artemisia is a little taken aback, but the swap siblings think that's the end of it. Little do they know that Sam and Artemisia have more in store. A few days later, the adults get busy on the couch right in front of the kids! By the time Sam is finger banging Artemisia and she is giving him a handie, the kids want to know what's up. The adults claim that since they had to watch AJ and Harlow, the kids can watch the older folks fucking in return.

When Artemisia hops onto Sam's schlong and starts riding, she instructs Harlow to start sucking AJ off. Harlow is obedient enough, and soon enough she is astride her swap brother. When Artemisia hops off to blow Sam's cock, AJ puts Harlow on her back so he can eat her pussy. Then the girls swap partners so AJ can enjoy milf sex with his swap mommy and Harlow can get that bald pussy pounded by her swap daddy. AJ finishes with another creampie, this one deep inside Artemesia. Harlow also gets to enjoy a creampie from Sam that makes her so horny she squirts in delight.

Family Swap - Aila Donovan & Lulu Chu - Super Sunday With My Swap Family

File: mdjf2nafaswaillulzhr5duf6db.mp4
Size: 1.61 GB
Duration: 25:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, it's time for the Big Game and the swap family has decided to watch together. Lulu Chu and her swap mom Aila Donovan are cheering for one team, while Robby Echo and his swap dad Dick Chibbles are cheering for the other. The girls are confident in their team's superiority, to the point where they decide to bet on it. Lulu and Aila claim they'll flash their tits if their team loses. Lulu even goes a step further and offers to add her pussy into the mix.

Imagine the girls' surprise when their team winds up losing. It turns out that Lulu doesn't want to show her twat to her swap family, and Dick is on his swap daughter's side. On the other hand Aila is used to getting sex daily from her normal family and she's really missing the D. She wants her swap family to get more sexual, so she insists that they keep up their end of the bet. As she flashes those nice jugs, she sees that Robby is nice and hard. Reaching over, she helps herself to a handie. It's hard for Dick and Lulu to deny how hot that sight is, so before long Lulu finds herself sucking her swap daddy off. Aila is quick to follow suit with Robbie.

Now that Aila has coaxed her swap family into the mood, all that's left is to dive deep into pleasure. Lulu and Aila each hop onto their partner's dicks to enjoy simultaneous stiffie rides. They each start in cowgirl and then move to reverse cowgirl. The boys swap partners as the girls get on their backs and each lift a leg, so that Dick can dive deep into Aila's pussy and Robbie can enjoy Lulu's twat. On their hands and knees, still with the same partners, the girls exchange sloppy kisses as they take mutual doggy style pussy poundings. As the boys high five above the backs of the girls they're fucking, they each nut inside their partner for double family-style creampies.

Family Swap - Macey Jade & MJ Fresh - Rate My Swap Family

File: 9rc22nafaswmacmjgcrqqmtvkb.mp4
Size: 2.58 GB
Duration: 30:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, there's lots of tension between the four family members. Swap daughter MJ Fresh is working on a career in fashion, so she convinces her swap dad and swap brother, Dan Ferrari and Tyler Nixon, to do some modeling for her. The show is just getting started when swap mom Macey Jade comes in. Macey wants to help judge, and MJ is down with it. When Dan and Tyler come out, MJ and Macey rate them. Then MJ suggests that the guys need to strip down to just their boxers. Macey is hesitant, but the guys seem to be game...

Now that the boys are down to their underwear, it's clear that Tyler has a hardon. That encourages MJ to insist that her male models get naked so she can rate them properly. She receives some pushback from all three of her swap family members, but MJ offers to show the guys her boobs if they show her their dicks. That gets them to play along. Meanwhile, Macey sees how far she can push it. Once the guys have whipped it out, she claims she needs a closer view to do a good job of rating them. Upon inspection with a little bit of sucking and stroking, Macey decides she likes both dicks very much and gets MJ to come have a look of her own. Watching Macey in action has already had MJ rubbing her own pussy, so she's eager to join in on the fun with her swap mom. Taking on Dan's cock full time for the moment, Macey leaves Tyler's for MJ to explore until they swap partners.

It seems a swap family orgy is inevitably as they all relocate to the couch for a more comfortable experience. MJ takes a spin on Dan's dick first as Macey rides Tyler's, with both girls in reverse cowgirl, both sets of big boobs jiggling. Swapping partners again, the girls get on their hands and knees so that Dan can pound Macey and Tyler can do the same for MJ. Rolling onto their backs, the girls spread their thighs for their original partners to give it to them. That position is all the boys need to each reach their finish line. Shoving deep, Tyler gluts Macey with a creampie, followed closely by Dan doing the same with MJ. Sated, the swap family is all in agreement that the fashion show was a huge success.

Family Swap - Aaliyah Love & Alexis Tae - A Family Swap Christmas

File: 26lpfnafaswaalale4x7jemu7qe.mp4
Size: 2.00 GB
Duration: 34:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, swap siblings Alexis Tae and Ricky Spanish have joined their swap parents Aaliyah Love and Charles Dera for a white elephant gift exchange. All the gifts are sexual in nature, like a dildo or a massager. Things get a bit heated when Aaliyah tries to snag the massager from Alexis. Alexis suggests that Aaliyah wouldn't even know how to use it. She might even hurt herself it she tried. Charles pipes up to suggest that maybe Alexis should show Aaliyah what to do...

Aaliyah initially uses the vibe over her shorts, but Charles tries to encourage her to take those off. There's a bit of resistance from Aaliyah since she thinks that's inappropriate behavior in front of the swap children, but eventually she does agree. Seeing Aaliyah naked from the bottom down and using a vibrator to masturbate encourages Charles to pop Aaliya's titties out so he can suck them. Now that both adults are going at it, the kids can't help but masturbate. One thing leads to another, and before long Aaliyah is sucking Charles off while Alexis wraps her lips around Ricky's dick. That's just the prelude to a family fuck fest.

When Charles takes a seat on the fireplace, Aaliyah slides down onto his fuck stick to go for a ride. On her hands and knees, Alexis takes Ricky's fuck stick in doggy. The position lets her hold the vibrator against her swap mama's clit as they both get fucked. The girls swap partners so that Alexis gets a taste of daddy's peen while Aaliyah gets to experience Ricky. Alexis gets to enjoy the vibrator this time as Charles goes to town on her slippery snatch. Meanwhile, Ricky lifts Aaliya's leg high to pile drive her snatch. Alexis gets on top of Charles and rides him as Ricky keeps giving it to Aaliyah. The girls swap back to their original partners so that Charles can glut Aaliyah with a creampie while Ricky pulls out to nut on Alexis's muff. Crawling over to where the cum is dripping from Aaliyah's snatch, Alexis laps it up to snowball Charles's seed with her swapmom.

Family Swap - Lily Larimar & Silvia Saige - When The Swap Goes Wrong

File: hg9atnafaswlilsilqfs5rrccof.mp4
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Duration: 24:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, swap siblings Lily Larimar and Nathan Bronson have been hooking up at night. They think they're being quite sneaky about it, but their swap parents, Silvia Saige and Jack Vegas, know what they're up to. After family board game night, Silvia tries to talk to the kids about it. Lily doesn't really care what her swap mom thinks. She's so annoyed at Silvia trying to tell her what to do that she pulls her boobs out right there in the living room and starts flirting with her swap dad just to prove she's in charge. That prompts Silvia to flash her tits and then drag Jack off to the bedroom to fuck him...

Pushing Jack down onto the bed, Silvia starts blowing her swap hubby. Eventually she hops onto Jack's fuck stick to ride him in reverse cowgirl as her big jugs bounce. They don't realize at first that the kids are watching, but as soon as Silvia sees them they barge in. Lily bends over the bed for Nathan to fuck her right here, right now. The guys may be enjoying themselves, but the girls know that this is a competition. Silvia doesn't like that Jack is looking at Lily, so eventually she suggests that if he wants to fuck Lily so bad he should just fuck her. She's all kinds of pissed when Jack does exactly that.

Nathan tries to comfort his swap mommy, but Silvia resists him. She's too busy being pissed that Jack is fucking Lily. Nathan eventually gets Silvia to come around, which ultimately leads to him getting his dick wet in that mom puss. The girls mirror one another's positions, first on their backs and then on their knees facing each other. Jack finishes first as he pulls out to nut all over Lily's back. Moments later, Nathan pulls out to give Silvia the same treatment. The girls dredge their fingers through the cum and lick them clean, then exchange a kiss that demonstrates they're on much better terms now.

Family Swap - Aaliyah Love & Vanna Bardot - Mom Goes Nude

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Duration: 22:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Ricky Spanish and Vanna Bardot are swap bro and sis, while Aaliyah Love and Rusty Nails are swap spouses. Everything seems normal enough when the family arrives in their new home, but imagine the surprise of everyone else when Aaliyah walks into the kitchen buck naked. It turns out that she's a nudist. She even listed it in her bio, but none of her swap family members read it. Aaliyah encourages the fam to join her in the freedom of nudity while simultaneously claiming that there's nothing sexual about it. No one else seems willing, so Aaliyah pours herself some coffee and ducks out...

Later, Ricky walks in on Aaliyah doing naked yoga in the living room. He hides so he can perv on his hot swap mommy, but Vanna and Rusty catch him in the act. They call a family meeting, where Aaliyah once again encourages everyone to get nude. Ricky is game now, but Vanna will only do it if her swap daddy Rusty gets naked. With Aaliyah egging him on, Ricky starts stripping. Vanna eventually decides to try it out, too. That gives her the opportunity to point out that Rusty is hard. As Vanna drops to her knees to take care of her swap dad's hardon, Aaliyah leans forward and Ricky takes a chance by shoving it in. Aaliyah likes it!

Since the whole family is now in on the sexy times, Rusty peels off the last of his clothes and then takes a seat on the couch. As the swap kids watch, Aaliyah slides down onto Rusty's hardon and starts riding him in reverse cowgirl. Ricky and Vanna find it super hot as they engage in some mutual masturbation, and eventually they decide to get in on the action themselves. On her hands and knees, Vanna kisses Aaliyah as Ricky pounds her in doggy. Then the girls swap partners so that Vanna can enjoy the dad dick she's been admiring while Aaliyah lays on her side and lifts one leg high so Ricky and stick it in. Ricky can't help but creampie his hot swap mom, and Rusty follows suit with his cum craving swap daughter. As they all bask in the afterglow, the family has to admit that nudism is fun.

Family Swap - Kenzie Taylor & Kylie Rocket - Swap Dad Came Into My Room Last Night

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Duration: 29:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Kylie Rocket comes to tell her swap mom, Kenzie Taylor, that she has a secret Her swap dad, Charles Dera, came into her room last night and touched her! Although she knows it was wrong, Kylie shares that she liked it. Kenzie is still upset, but she bides her time until Charles gets home. When he does, he finds the girls in the living room with Kenzie dressed up nice and sexy. Swap daddy is liking what he sees until he realizes that Kenzie is confronting him about his bad behavior...

As soon as Kylie is done describing what happened, Kenzie insists that Charles whip his cock out. It's time for mommy to show her swap daughter some new tricks. After guiding Kylie through a nice deep throat BJ, Kenzie takes a turn of her own. Kenzie instructs Kylie to peel off her shorts and panties and hand them to Charles. Charles sniffs them, then captures Kylie's lips in a kiss as his hands explore his swap daughter's tender titties. While Charles is working Kylie's upper half, Kenzie is busy eating her swap daughter out.

Next, Kenzie helps Kylie up onto Charles's hardon so that she can ride his man meat. Kenzie isn't about to let Kylie have all the fun. She keeps up her pussy buffet, but she does it on her hands and knees while Charles bangs her from behind. Next, Kenzie instructs Kylie to lay on her back with her knees on her shoulders so that her pussy is wide open for Charles to get acrobatic with as they fuck. Kylie's reward for her flexibility is a ride on daddy's ding dong. When Kylie switches her ride to mama's mouth and then eventually to her own fingers, Charles is happy to wet his dick in Kenzie's pussy. As soon as Kylie has brought herself off, she leans forward to help Kenzie cum. Then the girls encourage Charles to cum, which he pulls out to do. Blowing his load all over Kenzie's hairy muff, Charles lets Kylie suck him dry and then snowball the treat with mom. They agree to make it a regular family event.

Family Swap - Jewelz Blu & Kit Mercer - Daddy Gives Gold Stars

File: lhybinafaswjewkitwjqh5jxafy.mp4
Size: 1002.84 MB
Duration: 25:35
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, swap siblings Jewelz Blu and Tyler Nixon debate why Jewelz gets so many gold stars on the family chore sheet. Jewelz claims that it's because she does all the chores, but it's pretty obvious that their swap dad, Charles Dera, has an unusually close relationship with his swap daughter. Jewelz is into her dad, showing off her hot bod with the utmost pleasure. It's pretty obvious to Tyler and their swap mom, Kit Mercer, that something is up with daddy and daughter...

Kit tries to send Jewelz away for some adult time with Charles, but he rebuffs her. Later, when they're doing family movie time, Jewelz doesn't even try to hide it as she starts feeling Charles up with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. Kit has had enough, so she begins emulating everything Jewelz is doing to Tyler. When Jewelz starts sucking Charles of and deep throating him, Kit gives Tyler the same treatment. Eventually, Kit can't take it anymore. It's Charles she wants, not Tyler. She pulls Jewelz off Charles by her hair and tells her swap daughter that she's free to watch but that dick belongs to her. Making good on her declaration, Kit hops onto Charles's fuck stick and starts riding. Charles is happy enough with that arrangement since Jewelz's big boobies are right in his face.

Watching their mom and dad fuck is a pretty big turnon for the swap siblings, so Jewelz gets on her knees and lets Tyler come into her from behind. When she leans forward just a bit, Jewelz can lick and fondle Kit's clit. When both girls have popped off, Jewelz asks nicely if she can have her daddy's dick and Kit agrees. Now it's Jewelz's turn to ride daddy's hardon with her big boobs in Charels's face and her ass in his hands. Meanwhile, Kit gets on her back and lets Tyler pound away at her greedy twat. Kit and Tyler move to doggy while Charles spoons with Jewelz. The boys can't hold on much longer, leaving Tyler to creampie Kit and Charles to pull out and cover Jewelz's bare twat in jizz. The swap family agrees that it's gold stars all around for an orgy well fucked.

Family Swap - Adira Allure & Jessie Saint - Swap Sis Gets Her Kicks

File: cjweunafaswadijesylt9lsa3na.mp4
Size: 1.01 GB
Duration: 32:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jessie Saint and her swap brother Jay Romero are sitting in the dining room when Jessie decides to confess that she's bored. Her solution is to fuck their swap dad, Marcus London. Jay points out that their swap mom, Adira Allure, won't like that, but Jessie isn't about to let something as silly as her swap mom get in her way. She barges into her parents' bedroom while Adira is deep throating Marcus's dick. She claims she needs to do a school project about intimacy and she needs their help. Adira tries to call Jessie out on it, but she climbs into bed with Marcus. Moments later, Jay joins them...

Jessie takes advantage of her position under the covers to start giving daddy Marcus a handie. In retribution, Adira starts stroking Jay off. Jessie turns onto her side so that Marcus can spoon with her and slide it in. Adira sees what's up and slithers under the covers to open her mouth and start sucking her swap son's cock. Jessie tries to hold the moan with daddy banging her, but eventually Adira turns it into an outright competition. With no more reason to hide, the covers are thrown off so that Adira can mount Jay's dick and ride him in reverse cowgirl as Marcus and Jessie continue to do their thing.

The girls swap partners, with Jessie taking over riding Jay's dick while Adira gets bent over the bed and fucked from behind by Marcus. The girls wind up on their backs, side by side, each with a cock buried between their thighs. Jessie gets her creampie from Marcus, while Jay gluts Adira with his cum shot. Now that the girls are fully satisfied, they find that their entire family unit is much happier. The kids even agree to leave their swap parents alone.