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Christie Stevens

Mommy's Girl - Christie Stevens & Aften Opal - My Girl's No Quitter!

File: 3n1vsnamogichraftav5gjorfkx.mp4
Size: 1.27 GB
Duration: 40:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aften Opal and her classmates on the school prom committee had been working hard to make sure their prom was going to be amazing. But now Aften has to tell her stepmom, Christie Stevens, some bad news their prom committee was disbanded because the school didn't approve of them trying to make the prom all-inclusive.

Christie is proud of Aften for having tried to do the right thing. Christie is a wedding planner who has a lot of connections for organizing big events, so she encourages Aften to host an alternative prom and offers examples of how they can be resourceful. Aften is in awe of Christie's go-getter attitude, but also disappointed she couldn't come up with the plan herself. Christie assures Aften it's okay to ask for and accept help, and she's ALWAYS happy to help her darling stepdaughter... even though Aften is growing up so fast that she's sure Aften won't need her anymore.

Aften says that she will always need Christie and hugs her, leading to hints of attraction between them. Aften shares how much she cares about Christie, and more sparks fly as they come onto each other. Caught up in the heat of the moment, they kiss and then have loving sex.

Moms Bang Teens - Christie Stevens & Kendall Kayden - Uncool Stepmom Gets A Threesome

File: sj6ponamobatechrkencc2etdylxw.mp4
Size: 1.26 GB
Duration: 34:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kendall Kayden thinks her new stepmom is very uncool, but her boyfriend, Spikey Dee, thinks she's pretty hot! After Christie Stevens walks in on them during a blowjob, Spikey goes to find the blonde MILF in the kitchen so he can finally grab her booty, then ends up fucking her doggystyle! Spikey's pulled in two directions at once when Kendall takes him to her room for more sex, but Christie follows and joins in. It looks like Kendall does have something in common with her stepmom after all!

Brazzers Exxtra - Alina Lopez & Christie Stevens - Condom Suckin' Tongue Lickin' Dirty Milf Threesome

File: ikrucnabrexalichr9r1j2rlle2.mp4
Size: 1.51 GB
Duration: 43:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Damion Dayski is horny AF and wants a piece of his girlfriend, Alina Lopezs, ass. But shes too busy studying to give a shit about his erection. Good thing for him, her MILF of a stepmom, Christie Stevens, is there. Damion gets busted by Christie as he jerks off watching her clean. Shes into his big thick dick, but not the mess it makes. So, she puts a condom on his dick right before he cums. When Alina comes looking, she's pissed that Christie stole her boyfriends semen and steals the fully loaded condom back for her own cum-suption. Christie follows Alina and wrestles her down for Damions cum. Within a few minutes, the wrestling turns into a scissoring fuckfest. Damion watches and soon realizes that has more cum and hes happy to share.

Brazzers Exxtra - Christie Stevens & Laney Grey - Boutique Booty Call

File: bfyj5nabrexchrlanqprfajvuoj.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 37:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Christie Stevens catches shopper Apollo Banks sniffing panties in her boutique, she strips down and gives him a juicy wet pussy to fuck instead! Meanwhile Apollos girlfriend, Laney Grey, is changing into some new panties of her own and beckons him inside the stall to come join her and cum on them! The fun doesnt end there, however, as Apollo exits the changing room and continues where he left off with Christieuntil Laney catches the sneaky cheating perv! But Laneys so riled up and still horny that she joins in for a wild threesome right there in the store! Talk about a shoppers delight!

Mommy's Girl - Christie Stevens & Haley Spades - Too Chicken?

File: vqgrknamogichrhalcjpdrwgazt.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 27:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Spades is surprised when her stepmom, Christie Stevens, comes home early from her date. Christie complains that her girlfriend dumped her because Haley is too flirty. According to Christie, the girlfriend's exact words were 'I just wanted to date you, not you AND your stepdaughter. That's NOT what I signed up for!' In fact, Christie says that all of her previous girlfriends dumped her for the exact same reason. She insists that Haley needs to learn boundaries.

Confused and angry at the accusation, Haley says she's not being 'too flirty'. She claims that she's just being affectionate, the same way that Christie is to her. So if Christie raised Haley to be this way, then it's HER fault. But Christie insists that the way she acts affectionate towards Haley is completely different from the flirty stuff Haley is doing. She offers to provide a demonstration... If Haley's not too chicken, that is. Haley tells Christie to go ahead. Christie claims that 'When I hug you, it's like THIS' and gives Haley a quick hug. She then adds, 'But when YOU hug any of my girlfriends, it's like THIS!' and hugs Haley while running her hand down Haley's back, then giving her butt a quick squeeze.

Haley denies this, saying that Christie is the one who goes overboard. Haley explains 'When I kiss you goodnight, it's like THIS' and gives Christie a quick kiss on the cheek. She then adds, 'But when YOU come to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight, it's like THIS!' and gives Christie a long, passionate kiss on the mouth.

The two of them continue with their over-the-top argument, comparing their styles of touching in increasingly sexual ways until they're both undressed and eating out each other's pussies. It's pretty clear that they're BOTH too flirty, but will either of them ever admit it?

Mommy's Girl - Christie Stevens & Emma Starletto - Sex Sells!

File: qhgovnamogichremmh7daywelha.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 29:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christie Stevens and her stepdaughter Emma Starletto are standing in a driveway, doing a car wash for charity outside their house. But they are not having any success and are both discouraged and frustrated. Christie grows thoughtful for a moment. Finally, she gets an idea. She mentions that the signs they are holding up probably aren't enough...people need to see them 'in action' actually washing a car. Christie then suggests that they wash her car to really show off their car-washing skills to prospective customers. Emma agrees, telling Christie that that sounds like a good idea.

Emma and Christie begin to wash the car. When there are still no takers, Christie suggests that they make the car wash sexy. They decide to run into the house to change into sexier attire.

A few minutes later, Christie and Emma have changed into skimpy outfits. They obviously each like how the other looks.

Christie and Emma sexily wash their car, showing off for any potential customers, the ladies deliberately playing up their sexiness and flaunting their bodies. They frequently bend over, poking out their asses as they wash, rubbing their breasts and asses on the windows of the car, giggling playfully all the while.

As the car wash progresses, they are obviously having more and more fun with each other and the sexual tension between them is only mounting.

Eventually, it seems like their plan is working, because a car finally approaches.

Later that day, Emma and Christie walk into the house. The car wash ended up being a huge success, and they raised lots of money. Excited and aroused by the sexy fun of the day, Christie and Emma get caught up in the moment and share a passionate kiss.

The car wash got wet and wild...and the ladies are about to get even WETTER!

My Friend's Hot Mom - Christie Stevens - Sexy Milf fucks her son's friend in his dorm room

File: e1tn5namyfrhomochrstevyi8vimymd.mp4
Size: 2.75 GB
Duration: 32:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christie Stevens is on campus to surprise her son. Come to find out from Ricky, her son's friend, he's left for the weekend. Since she made the long drive, Ricky invites her back to his dorm to rest up a bit. She agrees and begins to reminisce on the good ol days and how much cock she took back then. Ricky is completely turned on and wants to indulge in the milf fantasy and have Christie for himself.

Mommy's Girl - Christie Stevens, Jessie Saint, Daya Knight & Ebony Goddess Mystique - Our Overbearing Parents

File: ccnpenamogichrjesdayeboryajsxpud9.mp4
Size: 1.37 GB
Duration: 39:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two friends, Jessie Saint and Daya Knight, are chatting about their lesbian stepmoms, Christie Stevens and Ebony Goddess Mystique who are also friends. Christie and Ebony have always been disappointed that their stepdaughters turned out straight, and Jessie and Daya are sick of the pressure. Since they'll all be having dinner together later, Jessie suggests to Daya that they can pretend that they've started dating each other, so their stepmoms will finally back off.

However, Daya says that afterwards they should take things even further by getting flirty with their own stepmoms, to teach them a lesson. Jessie is taken aback at first, but after thinking it over she agrees that it would be funny for the stepmoms to realize that pressuring their stepdaughters to be lesbians has blown up in their faces, and that would make them finally back off for sure.

Later that evening, at dinner, Jessie and Daya pretend that they have finally realized that they are lesbians, and are a couple now. Christie and Ebony are delighted, and Christie says she'll go get a special dessert from the kitchen to celebrate. Seeing an opportunity for the next step of the plan, Jessie leaves the room with Christie. Now that Daya and Ebony are alone in the dining room, Daya pretends that she has a thing for Ebony. However, Daya is shocked when Ebony says that she feels the same way about her!

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Jessie does the same thing by pretending that she's into Christie, but Christie also reciprocates! Jessie cuts things short by saying they should give the dessert to Daya and Ebony. However, when Christie and Jessie bring the dessert out, they discover Ebony and Daya kissing. Christie tries to kiss Jessie as well, so Jessie and Daya confess their lies to the stepmoms, admitting they did this to get the stepmoms to back off. Christie and Ebony apologize, saying that lesbian love has made them so happy that they just wanted their stepdaughters to have that kind of happiness too. But the stepmoms also point out that if the stepdaughters have never even HAD lesbian sex, how do they know they don't like it?

Realizing that it's the only way to get the stepmoms off their cases, the girls agree to try lesbian sex this one time. They have a sexy foursome, with the stepmoms showing the girls the pleasures of clit rubbing, pussy eating, and more. But will it be enough to convince the girls to be lesbians?

Devil's Film - Christie Stevens - Mommys Boy 3

File: vzsianadefichrstenhpsw6m7k4.mp4
Size: 1.57 GB
Duration: 36:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: She watched him become a handsome young man and lately, her curiosity about what's growing between his lets has cominated her thoughts. She hugs him just a little too long, driving herself wild dreaming of him sliding in and out of her. So when the moment comes to get even closer, she knows she won't deny it!

Cherry Pimps - Christie Stevens - Giving That Sexy MILF Christie Stevens A Wet Pussy

File: 1jzrvnachpichrstemei4v12fxd.mp4
Size: 1.78 GB
Duration: 24:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Voluptuous blonde MILF Christie Stevens is looking for some cock to fuck and will do anything to get it! She loves to be a tease in her lingerie showing off her large tits and juicy ass while she dances around. She knows how to get that cock of yours rock hard! She does just that to Donnie Rock and he is ready to get his face buried in Christies wet snatch! Suck that clit and make her lust for that cock before fucking her deep. That is just what this horny MILF wants before feeling all that hot cum drizzle down her tits!

Porn World - Christie Stevens - Cock-craving Cheating Wife Dpd By Fuckbuddies

File: gmjtdnapowochrsteztb6tixf6m.mp4
Size: 1.80 GB
Duration: 54:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Its the middle of the workweek, her husband is out of town, and Christie Stevens is craving hard dick. To satisfy her burning desire, she starts texting various men shes had affairs with in the past, asking them to come over and stick their cocks in her. In this case, it turns out that the second guy she messages is keen. Before he comes over though, Christie warms her pink pussy up with her fingers as she lies back in her office chair. When John shows up some minutes later, Christies legs are spread across her desk, her tits are out, and shes got her fingers knuckle-deep in her box. John and Christie waste no time in getting straight to business. After the first round, John goes to the bathroom, and when he returns to the room he finds Christie riding another guys cock. John doesnt care though, and jumps right back in, sticking his cock in Christies ass while the other guy fucks her pussy. The fuck session ends when both men shoot their loads in Christies dirty little mouth.

Girls Way - Christie Stevens & Evelyn Claire - Quit Slacking Off

File: hk58snagiwachrevezgstdhvbup.mp4
Size: 1001.58 MB
Duration: 31:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christie Stevens' business is growing and in need of more workers to help carry the load, which is when she hires Evelyn Claire from a temp agency. Evelyn comes with GLOWING reviews from past employers and seems to be just the person for the job. Unfortunately, it seems like those reviews are filled with nothing but LIES because it quickly becomes apparent that Evelyn is nothing but a slacker!

Family Swap - Christie Stevens & Kenzie Reeves - April Fools Prank Gets Swapdad In Bed With Swapdaughter

File: zazqxnafaswchrkenbiitagdnch.mp4
Size: 2.40 GB
Duration: 30:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Christie Stevens decides to prank her swap hubby and swap kids by bringing them big bowls of broccoli for breakfast. Since they're doing April Fools pranks, swap siblings Kenzie Reeves and Nathan Bronson decide to do a prank of their own. They know their swap mom Christie takes a nap every day and they suspect that during that time she's fucking their swap dad, Calvin Hardy. Wouldn't it be funny for Calvin to find Kenzie in bed instead of Christie? They tell Calvin that Kenzie and Christie are swapping beds, even though Christie doesn't know anything about it.

Kenzie gets into bed during Christie's normal naptime, and sure enough, Calvin comes on in and spoons behind her. Kenzie decides she likes the way her swap daddy's dick feels so she stays quiet as Calvin starts fucking her tight twat. Eventually Calvin notices and flips out. At the same time, Nathan spies on Christie as she's getting ready to nap. When Christie gets into bed naked, Nathan creeps in behind her and starts getting busy with his bigtit swap mommy. Christie thinks it's Calvin behind her as she grinds her ass against Nathan's hardon. By the time she's gotten into doggy and realizes it's not Calvin, Christie has been really enjoying Nathan's dick inside her. She starts yelling, which brings Calvin and Kenzie in to see what the ruckus is.

When Calvin and Kenzie arrive, Kenzie crawls into bed with Nathan while Calvin pushes Christie onto her knees to give it to her in doggy. That just turns the swap siblings on, so Kenzie mirrors Christie's position with Nathan behind her. Next, Calvin gets on his back so spinner Kenzie can enjoy a bouncing ride while Nathan plows into Christie. The girls swap partners, where Nathan bangs his swap sis until he delivers a nice big creampie. Calvin isn't about to be outdone as he gluts Christie with a creampie of his own. Christie and Kenzie happily suck their own pussy juices off the boys' cocks, leaving everyone a smiling and satisfied swap

Devil's Film - Christie Stevens & Indica Monroe - Mom's Precious Little Girl 2

File: teqzonadefichrind13rsqf9esc.mp4
Size: 1.07 GB
Duration: 27:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christie Stevens is busy baking some sweets with her sweet stepdaughter, Indica Monroe. As they work together, they share fond memories of their time in the kitchen. It's all bittersweet since Indica will be going away to college soon and Christie is already feeling empty nest syndrome taking hold. But when Indica accidentally gets icing on her shirt and removes it, showing off her sexy bra and perky breasts, LUST takes hold of Christie instead!

Mylf X Elegant Raw - Christie Stevens & Anissa Kate - Surprise Guest

File: mcdcanamyxelrachranidcb1cfh5uc.mp4
Size: 1.53 GB
Duration: 35:55
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When Christie Stevens boyfriend gets home from work, shes ready to welcome him with quite the treat. Suddenly, they get interrupted by Anisa Kate knocking on their door. Christies boyfriend says he forgot that he promised to have her as a guest, so Christie decides to welcome Anisa with a treat of her own.

Mommy's Girl - Christie Stevens & Gia Derza - Catching Mommy Sneaking

File: 4e8lcnamogichrgiamm3kkioit3.mp4
Size: 1.29 GB
Duration: 26:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza is impatiently waiting in the living room, not looking very pleased at all. Suddenly, her step-mom, Christie Stevens, all dressed up for a night out, sneaks in through the front door. With her shoes off, she tries to quietly tip-toe through the living room but Gia catches and confronts her. What was her step-mom doing out past curfew??...

Christie is sheepish as she makes up lie after lie, but Gia isn't impressed. Finally, Gia gets Christie to admit that she was out clubbing with friends. Although Gia's dad treats her well, there's just some things that he CAN'T give Christie, so that's why she was on the prowl!

Gia is shocked but then quickly becomes mischievous as she realizes that she can use this to her advantage... She asks Christie what she's willing to give her in exchange for her silence. Christie tries offering a bigger allowance, permission to borrow the car whenever she wants, a shopping spree... but it's not enough. No, it seems Gia wants HER! Although Christie's surprised, she easily gives in when Gia playfully promises that she can give Christie EVERYTHING her dad can't!

The night gets steamy as they come together for a hot kiss. Christie can't hold back any longer as she takes off her step-daughter's shorts and dives into her pussy. Maybe Christie will have to get caught by Gia more often!

Jules Jordan - Christie Stevens - Milf Superslut Christie Stevens Asks Manuel To Pound Her Horny Asshole

File: ckdvcnajujochrsteq6qlktgqr8.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 28:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Horny MILF Christie Stevens gets ANAL attention from Manuel! Christie is looking like a sexy angel from heaven as shes standing in front of the bright white curtains with a glowing halo around her. Shes wearing black lace lingerie with pink bows on it with sheer stockings and high heels as Christie teases you with her curvy body. It doesnt take long for her top to come off, giving you an amazing view of her perfectly soft tits while she squeezes and plays with them. Christie makes her way upstairs to the bedroom where she gets comfy on the bed and finishes getting undressed before Manuel arrives. Already completely naked himself, Manuel joins Christie in the bedroom and she immediately starts giving him head. Her hands work the shaft while Christies luscious lips stretch around Manuels massive dick as she shoves it deeper down her tiny throat. Manuel lays Christie back on the bed and makes his way between her legs to taste her pussy juices and service her clit with his tongue before shoving his cock inside. He plays with her giant jugs while hammering away at her tight pussy, making Christie moan for more as his massive dick bores deeper in her hungry hole. Christie has Manuel lay on the bed so she can make her way on top and grand her snatch on his thick cock as she takes control. She slams her slit down on his dick as Manuel slides his fingers into Christies asshole, prepping it for larger things to come. Being the good girl that she is Christie completely cleans Manuels cock of her pussy juices then gives him a rimjob before spinning into spoon. Manuel manhandles her muff as he flicks her clit with his fingers and plays with her nipples. Feeling that shes primed and ready, Manuel guides his bulging boner into Christies tight backdoor as he stretches her sphincter wide open. Christie holds her cheeks apart allowing Manuel to deep-drill her asshole until they roll over so shes in top. She bounces her booty on his balls while Manuel DPs her with his fingers before flipping into doggy so he can rail her butthole from behind. Christie shows off her ass amazing GAPE-ability until Manuel covers her face with his huge load.