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Missy Luv

TeamSkeet X Young Busty - Angel Wicky & Missy Luv - A Busty Threeway

File: 12kjbnatexyobuangmis5u9nu1cyc7.mp4
Size: 2.39 GB
Duration: 55:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Angel Wicky, Missy Luv, and Kristof Cale all have some fun together in an intimate setting. Angel Wicky cant wait to show off her beautiful busty tits to the young couple, try her luck, and get in on their action. Brought to you by Big Tits Seventeen

Rim 4K - Missy Luv - VIP service

File: rwrsunari4kmisluvkivanrkbqw.mp4
Size: 2.95 GB
Duration: 34:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This is a special spa for men, and it provides high service to all customers. While Kevin was swimming in the pool, a bottle of chilled champagne, a warm towel and a luxurious blonde, ready to fulfill his every desire, were waiting for him beside a deck chair. The girl was yearning with desire to please this guy, because he was always very generous and left a good tip. She knew how to lure him into her arms as soon as possible, so she poured champagne into the glass and handed it to Kevin...

When he emerged from the water, the hot blonde began to carefully wipe his body with a warm towel, gradually flexing his sturdy muscles. She was very gentle getting lower and lower, but the most interesting thing began when she got to his butt. The girl carefully spread his buns and plunged her tongue deep into his anus, this was a real VIP service.

Hands On Hardcore - Kira Queen & Missy Luv - Babes Sucking Cock And Sharing Juices

File: lwfdqnahaonhakirmisehedggiifm.mp4
Size: 805.78 MB
Duration: 56:27
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Horny Russian cooking show host, Kira Queen, and her assistant, blonde babe Missy Luv, can't help but want to fuck Kira's co-host, Frenchman, David Perry, in this sizzling Hands On Hardcore 4K premium glamour porn scene. These girls already have a tendency to get all worked up over certain vegetables, and when Mr. Perry excuses himself from the set he returns to find the girls pussy eating and probing each other on the kitchen counter and of course, he wants to get involved. Tune in for the orgasmic FFM action and see these beauties enjoying a righteous pummeling and take his shaft straight from pussy to mouth to suck his jizzy cock and share his juices.

Club Seventeen - Selvaggia Babe & Missy Luv - Lesbians Love The Soaking Wet Pussy Look

File: b6ivlnaclseselmis4gzhzgitea.mp4
Size: 174.15 MB
Duration: 21:51
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I don't know what has come over me lately, I seem to forget everything! Missy Luv confessed earlier I'm at a point in my life where I need some kind of distraction, something to make me reconnect with myself! That's when Selvaggia comes in and joins her in the pool You just leave it all in my hands, sweety, I'll help you remember and forget everything you know in 2 seconds! In a matter of minutes, their pussies exploded as they were reaching the stage of ultimate satisfaction...

Euro Teen Erotica - Nata Ocean & Missy Luv - Hot Teen Threesome In Dorm Room

File: hz843naeuteernatmisphh5y4lmeh.mp4
Size: 388.60 MB
Duration: 27:18
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Euro Teen Erotica has got your teen sex cravings handled in this thrilling threeway featuring sexy brunette Latvian Nata Ocean and her hot blonde Hungarian girlfriend Miss Luv. Nata has broken girl code and fucked her friend's boyfriend, Sam Bourne, but Missy is ok with that. In fact, the green-eyed beauty has been secretly wanting to fuck the two in tandem for a while anyway. The babes are both properly pussy fucked and they get to trade flavors for the first time in 69. Be sure to check out the full feature all the way to the end when the hotties cum swap his load between their dirty little mouths.

Nubile Films - Missy Luv - Home To You

File: yc8xznanufimisluv5cdjyn77yu.mp4
Size: 355.85 MB
Duration: 25:48
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Missy Luv is waiting on Sam Bourne to come home while dressed in nothing but a lingerie bra and thong. When Sam arrives, he is greeted with quite a sight for sore eyes. Beckoning Sam closer, Missy gets on her knees and waggles her bottom in a blatant invitation that Sam isn't foolish enough to refuse.

Relieving Missy of her bra, Sam fills his palms and then his mouth with the sweetness of her tits. He feasts on Missy's tender nipples, then works his way up Missy's neck to feed at her lips again. Not about to be left out, Missy pushes Sam back and undoes his jeans to spring his hardon free. Taking him in hand, she takes her time stroking him to absolute hardness.

Sam pushes Missy onto her back, pulling her thong aside as he knees between her thighs. Sweeping his tongue up the lips of her twat, he settles in for a feast. When Missy is nice and dripping wet, Sam curls up behind her for some spooning sex that leaves them both moaning and ready for more.

Wanting to go deeper, Sam rolls Missy onto her hands and knees. He plunges into her from behind, filling Missy to the brim. The room is soon filled with soft moans as Sam drives Missy to a big O. Moments later, he flips her onto her back so he can continue to overflow her with the deepest pleasure.

Missy draws Sam close and locks her ankles behind his back, anchoring herself for her next trick. Sam gets the hint, flipping over so she's on top. Missy doesn't need any more urging to start rocking her hips in a rough and wild ride. Turning around on Sam's dick, Missy lifts her legs so that Sam can set the pace he needs. She briefly hops off to stroke his cock, then gets back on to finish the deed at her own pace. Sam can't help but give Missy the creampie she's been longing for from the start.

Joymii - Missy Luv - Give It A Shot

File: ic6jsnajoymisluvyvdgcrgoqu.mp4
Size: 313.51 MB
Duration: 26:19
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: What is my roomie Nick up to now? A photo shoot? Nuh-uh. Well, I guess if its for his university I better help him out. Nicks been working very very hard. I think he deserves a close-up shot for all of his hard work. Its time for Nick to stop hiding behind that camera

Dorcel Club - Alyssia Kent & Missy Luv - Anal Virtues

File: mflqvnadoclalymisny7hapmaze.mp4
Size: 123.40 MB
Duration: 15:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alyssia Kent takes some time for herself in the expert hands of Missy Love, a sensual masseuse adept at lesbian pleasures. Using her fingers and a strap-on dildo, she will apply herself to an intense anal stimulation, leaving Alyssia relaxed beyond her expectations.

Only 3X Lost - Missy Luv - Sexy, slim blonde Missy Luv hardcore fucking with Erik Everhard

File: exvgxnaon3xlomisluvmzkrxjmfpo.mp4
Size: 453.83 MB
Duration: 33:55
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Slim, sexy blonde Missy Luv was preparing for her the hardcore action later on and she is excited. You can see on her face the excitement it brings having a scene with the one and only Erik Everhard. Watch as she sports a double ponytail hairstyle, fits right into what she looks like, a horny teen. The gorgeous brunette Amirah Adara is around to support her and discuss her preparations later on. But voila! Missy Luv looks fantastic on her skimpy pink outfit. This blonde is also wearing sunglasses with a Bitch label on it. She is sporting short shorts and a full-body fishnets, highlighting her slim figure...

Only 3X Girls - Missy Luv & Zazie Skymm - Missy Luv spends her weekend with massage and lesbian sex with Zazie Skymm

File: npqvenaon3xgimiszazwnljkb7lat.mp4
Size: 349.02 MB
Duration: 42:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Massages are very nice, especially when you are stressed all week about work. That is what the sexy, slim blonde Missy Luv prefers to do and she has a special request. She asked the receptionist if she can avail of the very pretty masseuse available. Being a frequent customer of course Missy Luv will get what she wants. In fact, she got one of the prettiest masseuses in town and her name is Zazie Skymm.
Both these women will be having a great time as both got hot on each other. Missy knew who Zazie is and she knows what she is getting from this hot masseuse. That is why she decides to get naked all the way with only a towel covering her body. Zazie comes in and she is wearing a white tank top and a skimpy short. She starts to give service by focusing on her upper body, applying oil and massaging her back.

Zazie moves on her feet and up into her Missys naked butt. You can see Missy Luv loving every second she gets from Zazie Skymms smooth hands. While the pretty masseuse were biting her lips which indicates she love what she seeing. It is a naked, sexy body and Zazie is actually craving for that. Seems like these two are in the right place, in the right time. After removing her towel, she moves her fingers into Missys oily clit and the latter didnt back down. In fact, she emits soft moans which indicates a signal for Zazie to continue.

Watch her fingers stroking her pussylips and her clit with her fingertips. It didnt take too long before the masseuse inserts her fingers straight through her pussyhole making her moan louder. Missy Luv was too careful getting loud but Zazie didnt mind and starts getting aggressive on that dripping wet gash. Zazie wants to level up the action and soon starts showing to Missy Luv her sexy body and her perky boobs and her pink nipples. She also flaunts her snatch and that is just a lick and finger away later on.

Zazie isnt finished on what she started and both start rubbing each others precious bodies. You will enjoy Zazie Skymm getting oily as well and soon she resumes licking Missys dripping wet cunt. Missy is still bending over her body and gives her masseuse the freedom to enjoy eating her. The blonde masseuse spent minutes staying on that clit before Missy gives back as she wanted to taste the pussy of the most in-demand masseuse in town.

Pure joy is what you can see on both these two after they start the 69 position. It is such a surreal moment seeing these two beauties licking each others cunts for minutes and both stop when they get their orgasms respectively. You can see both of them are exhausted especially Missy Luv. They seal each other with a romantic kiss as a thank you for the pleasure.