Freeze - Melody Marks - Domestic Dynamics

File: 6deo5nafremelmar2y168ewt5q.mp4
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Duration: 25:49
Resolution: 2048x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tommy is enjoying his afternoon by playing games, until his girlfriend gets home. Melodys not pleased all hes doing is playing games and she even claims that theyre the reason they dont fuck anymore. A big fight breaks out, Tommy feels as if shes the problem and doesnt deserve him, and Melody says that shell find what shes missing from him by going over to an old fling.

In a fit of rage, Tommy points the remote at Melody and presses the pause button to show off his frustration with her lack of care and decency. That same pause button truly does work, Melody is completely frozen in time. Tommy starts playing a game by taking off her clothes, touching her, or sucking Melodys tits and then unfreezing her. Clearly, Melody is confused but every next time shes growing hornier.

Tommy fucks Melody while she is frozen in time, and then unfreezes her so her whole body is trembling from the orgasmic fucking. She lets her guard down, and instead of arguing, begins to crave his cock on the spot. Melody straddles Tommy and starts riding him relentlessly, going in and out of time freeze during the act so he can be fully immersed.