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Nick Marxx - Seelatinbeauty - Businessman Wife Cheats On Husband

File: ffktvnanimaseelygehvu4ahs.mp4
Size: 1.61 GB
Duration: 43:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Flew out to Mexico to visit Playa del Carmen for the club scene because on the weekend it gets very crazy. Its cheap sections, hot women everywhere just waiting on you to say hi. So I went to a club and got the best section money can buy with some random people I previously saw at a bar I was pregaming at. My bottles came to my table and they put on a show with the waitress and stopped the club music and shouted me out on the mic.

Little did I know next to me some Businessman and his wife was in the section next to me seelatinbeauty all of a sudden Im having a bottle with a Businessman and the tab got super high. His wife noticed that and was eyeing me the entire night. Remember I came here by myself even the people in my section I dont know. His wife tells her friend to get my number, I thought it was for her friend not the actual wife. Club closed at 2 am but because I spent thousands of dollars they let me stay in the club for an extra 45 minutes and security walked me out. I get home and my phone rings its the wife and she is asking to see me. Denied because Im American in a foreign country, Mexico at that so I was skeptical. Next day she wants to have breakfast which is cool, so we hangout and eat, then she ask to come back with me. We got in my rooftop pool and things got spicy from there, when I say this woman is talented I mean talented. She suck my dick upside-down, she fucked me for 2 hours straight and gave me my first rim job yeah She ate my asss ok This video is 40 minutes plus long and a Creampie up close and personal.