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Natalie Grace

Love Her Feet - Natalie Grace - Barefoot Adventure

File: zifxsnalohefenatgrax4gejmewn1.mp4
Size: 707.22 MB
Duration: 42:00
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: When things are becoming too much to handle and stress is finally clouding the mind, walking for a while will surely help. Natalie Grace decides to take a walk after working for hours. The beautiful hottie in a sexy white floral dress casually strolls outside barefooted. Natalie enjoys feeling the sand, concrete, gravel, and grass on her feet as she leisurely walks in the neighborhood. When the stunning MILF is on her way back home, Renato catches her. The man in a formal suit can't help but admire Natalie's dirty feet. Without any hesitation, Renato drops on the curb and starts adoring the gorgeous brunettes feet. For Renato, the dirt only makes Natalie's feet more appealing...

Unable to contain his lust, Renato leads Natalie to their house. He immediately grabs her sexy feet and presses them against his face. The scent of Natalie's feet alone is enough to make Renato hornier. He licks Natalie's soles and sucks her toes before letting her give his cock a footjob-blowjob combo. Natalie sucks her toes while Renato enjoys the taste of her shaved pussy. The peach toenail polish looks stunning against the light red lips of the beautiful hottie. Natalie's soft moans fill the room as she revels in delight at the intense sensation of Renato's warm tongue rubbing against her sensitive clit. Without wasting any time, Natalie rides Renato in reverse cowgirl. She firmly holds Renato's balls between her soles as she slides up and down on his dick. Natalie can't help but moan in delight as she enjoys riding on top of Renato in the soles-up cowgirl. Natalie's sexy reaction motivates Renato to fuck her harder. He tirelessly slides his cock in and out of the skinny MILF until he feels like cumming. Renato pulls his cock out of Natalie's vagina and dumps his warm and sticky load all over her sexy soles.

She Loves Black - Natalie Grace - A Special Friend!

File: q4bnynashloblnatgra4hn6vrcmqt.mp4
Size: 1.59 GB
Duration: 28:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In the middle of walking home from a hard day at work, Natalie Grace receives a phone call from her boss asking her to return for another shift. Despite her day off being ruined at the request, the busty babe reluctantly agrees and continues her trudge towards her house. Natalie hops into the shower to clean off her sweat, unknowingly leaving the bathroom door open for you to have a peek inside and steal her underwear. She takes her time cleaning her slim body, caressing her curves and soaping every inch, before shutting off the water and noticing that her clothes are missing...

In the bedroom, you hide the thongs you picked up behind a book as you lay on the bed. Natalie questions you about her missing garments and catches you in the act. Instead of getting mad, the enchanting belle removes the towel hiding her body and caresses your stiffening cock. She forgets all about her bad day and works in favor of unzipping your shorts and sliding your big black cock out. The brunette does not hesitate to lick the length and take the tip into her mouth, fitting as much as she can handle while bobbing her head up and down. Natalie takes her time worshipping your cock, giving you a messy blowjob before sliding it into her tight, wet pussy. She rides your dick hard in cowgirl, but you eventually take charge by fucking her upwards, hitting the right spots inside her, and making her moan in pleasure. The two of you switch to reverse cowgirl after the Hungarian vixen tastes her juices on your cock, her hole gripping at your length as she strokes up. Finally, Natalie gets on her knees to get fucked in doggystyle, then deepthroats your BBC until you cover her tongue with your fresh hot cum.

The White Boxxx - Zaawaadi & Natalie Grace - Serving Both

File: ggxh9nathwhbozaanateetd7xdpiq.mp4
Size: 682.83 MB
Duration: 29:42
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Natalie Grace is the mistress in command of blindfolded Tommy Cabrio and the stunning lingerie-clad Zaawaadi. Natalie makes sure to provoke Tommy by playing with Zaawaadi, making her moan within earshot as she brings her to orgasm. She eventually removes Tommys blindfold but only so that he can serve the ladies a selection of their favorite sex toys. His subservience is eventually rewarded as Natalie brings him to full arousal before granting him permission to fully participate with them in the erotic fun and games.

The White Boxxx - Natalie Grace - Elegant Erotica

File: suntbnathwhbonatgrafx7xbodjxq.mp4
Size: 591.85 MB
Duration: 22:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Tommy tries to keep his eyes focused on work, but the stunningly beautiful lover by his bedside has other plans. As the diligent young man taps away on his laptop the slim, elegant beauty nearby has an allure that he just cannot resist. Natalie seems to pay no attention to him but the lingerie-clad goddess knows exactly what she's doing. There's only so long Tommy can hold out before the two give in to their desire for each other and turn the White Boxxx into a love getaway for two.

Mom Wants To Breed - Natalie Grace - After I Caught Him Sniffing Panties

File: a1fzknamowatobrnatgra2usf2uadb6.mp4
Size: 2.32 GB
Duration: 30:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nikki Nutz is so into his new stepmom Natalie Grace. He knows it's wrong, but he can't get enough of perving on her. Whenever he gets the chance, Nikki takes his stepmommy's panties and sniffs them. Today, Nikki gets trapped in Natalie's bedroom as she's changing. She has peeled off her shirt and miniskirt so that she's down to just her bra and panties when she accidentally hits Nikki in the dick with the door he's hiding behind...

Nikki claims that he found his stepmom's thong in the living room and that he's fine, but Natalie insists that he show her the injury. Nikki's hardon is obvious and so is his reluctance, but Natalie insists. When she lays eyes on Nikki's dick, she knows she has to have it. She tells Nikki that his balls are full and that he knows she wants a baby. Maybe they can help each other out. Getting on the bed, Natalie peels off her lingerie so Nikki can eat her out and then work on giving her the baby she craves.

When Nikki slides his dick home, Natalie can't help rocking her hips to meet his every stroke. Her big boobs jiggle as she moves, and Nikki can't get enough of it. Lifting one of Natalie's feet to his mouth, he kisses the erogenous area for even louder moans of delight. Natalie gets her stepson on his back so she can suck her own juices off of him and then sink down onto his fuck stick for a stiffie ride in reverse cowgirl. They spend some time spooning together as Nikki keeps their party going, and then Natalie finishes her stepson off as she rides him in cowgirl. Leaning forward, she thanks him for his cum with a deep kiss.