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Julia Roca

Frolic Me - Julia Rocca - Take A Breath

File: 7et6cnafrmejulroctpniq4r15g.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 27:36
Resolution: 1920x816
Format: mp4
Description: Yes, it can happen, and we love it when it does. Those heated arguments that quickly turn into passionate lovemaking, as we see in this erotic pool sex film, can lead to some earth-shattering orgasms.

Standing beside a beautifully lit pool, Nick and Julias bodies are reflected in its glassy surface, the tranquillity of the evening disturbed as they are locked in a fervent disagreement. Julia gesticulates, waving her arms in fury towards Nick and their Spanish tempers flare, igniting the atmosphere while her elegant pale blue dress sways with the expressive movements of her body...

Their heated energy is a stark contrast to the charming still night, and as Nick steps towards Julia, attempting to calm her burning rage by grabbing her shoulders, the pair tumble into the aqua-blue pool behind. They resurface, breaking the water tension and flipping it to sexual tension, and the mood turns with the shock of the unexpected dip. Nick and Julia burst into peals of laughter, racing each other to the waters edge as their fury dissolves into a raw, needy desire for hot pool sex.

Nick easily pulls himself onto the side, and Julia grabs his thighs as she glides onto his legs, her hands running over his transparent, wet clothing. Reaching for his shorts, she unzips his trousers, teasing him with her fingertips and mouth, pulling his hard length between her wet lips.

These two definitely prove the best way to resolve an argument is to give over to their animal instincts and fuck their way back into each others good books.

The intensity of their lust builds, and they make their way into the apartment, tripping and scrambling to get their bodies entwined. Dragging off their wet things and clambering to fuck, this is a feisty display of raw emotion at its best. Theres nothing like a long, hard orgasm to pull you out of a negative headspace.

An exciting, passionate wet porn film of electric lovers with great chemistry. We hope you enjoy this pool sex scene with the wonderful Nick Moreno and Julia Rocca.

Frolic Me - Julia Rocca & Milena Ray - Cool Times

File: 9lynknafrmejulmilfrhviqpcdi.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 18:20
Resolution: 1920x816
Format: mp4
Description: This pool porn video opens with a beautiful artistic aerial shot of Julia swimming gracefully through the cool water which glimmers in aqua blue, highlighting her tanned nude figure as she glides. Theres nothing quite like a delicious skinny dip in your private villa to get you in the mood for a frisky frolic with your holiday fling...

As she steps out, Julia allows the stray water droplets to shimmer and fall from her toned, glistening skin, knowing exactly how to catch her girlfriends attention. Leaving wet footprints in her shadow, she walks towards Milena, who watches from her languid position on the double sunbed.

Julia catches her gaze and smiles as she leans over Milenas body and reaches for the sun cream. Applying it seductively onto her lovers beautiful pale skin, Julias hands wander down Milenas body, the massage growing more sexual as her touch grazes and kneads her curves. A crackling energy ignites between the two girls as their eyes light up with erotic intentions. A gorgeous pool porn scene ensues with Julia enjoying riding Milenas face good and hard, grinding her way to orgasm as her lover feasts on her hot hungry pussy.

Satisfied yet ready for more, Julia brings out a glass dildo to pleasure Milena, wasting no time in sliding the smooth phallus deep inside. We get to witness the clench of Milenas pussy pulsing around the toy as Julia frigs her clit hard and fast finger fucking to orgasm with her clever fingers.

Hot, deep, wet and writhing, these girls sharing their lesbian lust is the perfect poolside fuck in the sun. Giving themselves over to the indulgence of late afternoon alfresco sex, we can feel the heat and need driving them to take their pleasures in each others glorious bodies.

A beautiful artistic summertime pool porn video. We hope you enjoy watching this sensual lesbian sex video. Full of erotic girl-on-girl fun, this is the perfect summer addition to our lesbian porn category.

Hands On Hardcore - Julia Roca - Morning Walk Turns Into Intense Tryst For Spanish Seductress Julia Roca

File: ratsbnahaonhajulrochi8qdgzs8j.mp4
Size: 2.35 GB
Duration: 49:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This scene opens with a brief panorama of a beautiful Spanish forest as manly Miguel Zayas is going for a run. When he stops to rest, the svelte artist Julia Roca happens to be passing by and tries to discretely snap a photo of him with her phone. Miguel sees her, however, and invites the embarrassed young fox to meet him, and they connect on social media. Julia tells him the photo is for a photography class, but in reality she took it so she could flick the bean to Miguel's muscular build later on! No sooner does Julia get home than the two masturbate for each other on their phones -- until Julia's battery dies, just as her hairy snatch is about to explode! Miguel wastes no time in coming over to Julia's place to give this lovely Mediterranean brunette what they both want. He starts by fingering her pussy and she sucks his magnificent cock before they settle into some romantic deep dicking in a variety of positions of the sort that only a real athlete can accomplish. If you like your hardcore sex mixed with just the right amount of sensuality and romance, this scene is for you.

Cumlouder - Julia Roca - Greedy Bitch

File: ffoqynacumjulrocru2djbaqoq.mp4
Size: 840.11 MB
Duration: 43:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We have been pleasantly surprised by Julia Roca. There is a greedy bitch behind that cute face and tempting shyness. She loves being naughty, she's bisexual and transvestites turn her on. She's always looking for new experiences to satisfy her endless sexual fantasies. She still has many to fulfill, but Juan-Z will satisfy her nympho instincts today by fucking her hard until she cums.

Team Skeet X - Julia Roca - Touchy-feely

File: kdeu6natexjulrocd5mgnjwjlg.mp4
Size: 170.13 MB
Duration: 20:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alone in her bedroom, Nora hears her neighbours fucking next door and its seriously hot. Pressing her ear to the wall, she begins to touch herself, timing her orgasm with theirs. Its clear the sounds are turning Nora on, and so her boyfriend Lee decides to create a bespoke aural experience just for her. Hairs standing on end, Nora moans as Lee slips on a blindfold and headphones, through which he plays the sounds of anonymous couples having sex. Lost in the soundwaves of pleasure, Noras senses are on overdrive and every miniscule touch explodes upon her skin until she climaxes along with the soundtrack. Seeing Noras in the throes of orgasm, Lee loses control and comes hard with her. Now its the neighbours turn to be jealousBy www.joybear.com.