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Description: One Saturday evening, I was babysitting at one of my client's house while all I could think about was how to make it to the weekend party that I couldnt exactly afford at the moment. I knew that Mr. Jones is well-off, so I figured maybe he has some cash hidden somewhere in the house that I can borrow for a hot minute... just borrow. Sure enough, I found a decent pile of cash in the dresser! Unfortunately, he came home earlier than expected and caught me red handed! It was sooo embarrassing! He threatened to call the cops which I absolutely couldn't afford, so I had to get creative quickly. I gently grabbed his crotch and offered to blow him right there, which he first refused, but soon eased up and let me put his big dick in my slutty babysitting mouth. I was squatting with my sexy feet and high arch in full view, which he seemed to enjoying looking at. After a few minutes of sucking, gagging, and drooling all over his cock, I thought we were even, so I stood up and was about to leave. He pulled me back and told me not to think I'll get away with so little. He sat down on the bed and told me to sit on the edge and cross my legs in front of him. I was wearing sexy black high heels that showed off my hot legs and feet. He instructed me to slowly remove my heels and dangle them. He was jerking his cock and all the while I knew what was coming. I slid my feet down on his body to touch his big throbbing dick with my long Latina toes. I gave him a slutty footjob and put my sexy Latina feet in his mouth to have him suck on my toes and lick my wrinkled soles. He fucked me with that rock hard cock so good that I came too many times to count. At the end he came all over my slutty black pedicured Latina feet. Cum on feet feels so good..like a sauna for my exhausted slutty feet. Of course, he said were even, and hell help me to make it to that party. Yay!

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Description: My First Time Squirting, Kenzie Reeves squirts for the first time and has no idea what it is so she calls her best friend Cadence over to talk about it. Cadence explains that she squirts too, then shows Kenzie how to control her squirting.

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Description: I met Logan on a dating app. After a few texts back and forth we set up a date to meet in Hollywood at a nice lounge. We were very attracted to each other from first sight, that's for sure. We sat down at a quiet table and ordered some drinks. I was wearing a short sexy dress with sexy gold high heels that made my feet and toes look delicious. Logan noticed them almost right away and, being as excited as I was, I started to play footsie with him. He liked it very much and constantly complimented my beautiful red pedicure. That's when I knew that he has a foot fetish just like me. I got so horny because I love when a guy knows how to properly lick and suck my beautiful feet. A couple tables down was a hot blond girl sitting by herself and vigorously texting. She had beautiful long legs and very sexy feet in stunning black open toe high heels. Suddenly she picked up her phone and started arguing presumably with her boyfriend who just delivered the bad news that hes canceling on their date. She hung up on him and ordered a drink. In the meantime, my feet were already in Logan's lap, getting a seductive foot massage. He then made a bold move by passionately kissing and licking my pretty toes and arched soles. My panties became soaking wet. When I glanced at the sexy blond next to us, I noticed she was watching us. Logan just kept worshiping my gorgeous feet like she wasnt even there. The way she looked at us made the already exciting situation even hotter. After watching us for a few minutes she stood up and sat right next to us so she can have a great view of the show. It was so hot being watched shamelessly like that by a sexy stranger. She started touching herself and when I gave her the go she lifted my leg and started sucking on my toes. My juicy pussy was soaking wet and all I wanted was to get fucked by these two. They were both sucking on my toes and licking my soles at the same time while making out with each other with my feet in their mouths. Then she took out his big hard cock and put my slutty feet on it to give him a sexy footjob. As I was giving him a sensually sexy footjob, the hot blond started to suck his cock while licking my toes. He fucked us both really good while we were eating each others pussy and playing with each other's feet. After numerous double footjobs and riding his cock with my soles up, he busted his thick warm load all over our sexy feet. His cum on our feet looked so hot as it dripped down from our sexy toes. Wasn't bad for a first date. I'll keep both of them on a rotation for sure.

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Description: Adriana's Squirt Lessons, Chloe Temple and her girlfriend Kenzie entered a contest to have Adriana Chechik come to their house and teach them how to squirt. When they end up winning, Adriana comes over and covers everyone in squirt.

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Description: My fianc's son, Jake, lives with us in our house. He obviously finds me attractive and he doesn't even bother hiding it hes checking me out all the time with special attention to my long legs and sexy feet. I think hes a little freak and he doesn't even bother hiding that he has a serious foot fetish. Well I admit that I have very beautiful and sexy feet that's for sure. Hes always trying to get his hands on my pretty tattooed feet. I would be lying if I said it isn't flattering. One day it got to the point where I told him that I'd let him suck on my toes and lick my soles but only if and when he tries harder. So the next day he showed up with a bouquet of roses which was very cute but I told him that I like to fuck guys who can make me laugh. So the next day when I came home from the mall I sat down on the sofa and was browsing my phone when Jake jumped out from behind the curtain dressed like the devil in a red suit and a mask. I'm here to take your soles he said. I couldn't help but laugh so hard. He looked so funny plus the fact that it was pretty creative, it turned me on. I told him that he can take my heels off and smell my feet if he likes. Of course he did. I let him suck on my sexy toes and lick my soft soles. He was so into my feet it was such a turn on. I told him to take his cock out because I want to suck and gag on it and give him a sloppy blowjob. My cute red pedicured toes looked so pretty wrapped around his big hard cock as my feet slid up and down giving him a very soft and slippery footjob. It was so hot, my pussy was soaking wet and I couldn't wait to ride that big cock and feel it inside me. Afterward, he bent me over and fucked me so hard then pulled his dick out to fuck my sexy feet. I came all over his cock when he fucked me while sucking on my toes. He couldn't hold it any longer and busted his huge warm load all over my soles. Cum on soles looks so hot and sexy. I think it wont be the last time I let him play with my feet.

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Description: Sportive accomplished, Marie, 26 years old, has the reputation of being a relatively wise young woman in the eyes of her neighbors. If they knew ... Indeed, the beautiful black girl began to discover the joys of non-standard practices, like the exhibition, which she tamed as she went out on camera. But that's not all the girl also dreamed of taking care of two lads, something we offer him in a mixture of joy and perversity!

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Description: Our parents have no idea that my stepbrother, Logan, and I occasionally hook up. One afternoon, I came home from seeing friends, wearing some tiny shorts that really showcased my sexy legs and feet. I got my nails done that day so my french pedicure looked very sexy in my high heels. Soon after, Logan came home and just couldn't take his eyes off me. Knowing that our parents were away for the evening, he approached me and started complimenting me on how pretty I am and how my legs and asian feet are just to die for. He said would love to suck on my sexy feet and toes. It was very flattering and soon I found myself utterly turned on and all I wanted was for him to lick my soles and suck on my sexy toes. So I pulled him closer and started to make out with him. He was licking and sucking my sexy feet and toes just how I wanted. Than he pulled out a white see-through one piece lingerie and told me to put it on and wait for him in the bedroom. He came in and started to pour oil all over my sexy outfit, body, and pretty Asian legs and feet. I got so turned on that I took out his big cock and gave him a very sloppy blow job. I wrapped my toes around his big cock and poured some oil on my legs and feet holding his cock and gave him a slutty oily footjob. He was so turned on by my slutty and oily footjob that he couldn't wait any longer to fuck my juicy pussy. I came all over his cock multiple times. The best ones was when he sucked and licked my toes while pounding me with his big hard cock. At the end, I gave him an amazing oily footjob that made him cum all over my pretty feet and toes. Cum on Asian feet is so sexy and special. The best kind of happy ending!

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Description: I was studying when my stepbrother Jake got home. He sat down in the living room and asked if it would bother me if he watched tv. I told him no. A few minutes later his phone rang it was one of his buddies. I couldn't help but listen to their conversation. Apparently they were organizing an out-of-town party at their friends parents cabin. They were talking about taking booze and weed. So as soon as he hung up I asked him if I could join them for the weekend. He straight said no, saying it's a dudes only party. I wanted to go so bad that I offered to clean the house and cook for them. And when that didnt work, I realized I had to be more creative and offer something he really wants. Since weve been living in the same house for a few years by now Ive known very well that he has a serious foot fetish. He's always checking out my feet and comments on my pedicure. So I straight out told him, if he wants I can be his little foot slut for the weekend. He went silent and his jaw dropped, exclaiming What did you just say?! I replied, You heard me, Ill be your little feet slut. He said in this case I can go with them to the party, but first, he'd like to get a taste of my feet. At that point I was so turned on by the fact that he wants to suck on my toes and worship my sexy red pedicured feet that I let him make out with my pretty toes. Soon enough I found him between my legs eating my juicy pussy. It wasnt long before he stood up and took out his big dick and shoved it in my mouth. I was choking on his huge throbbing cock that I could barely breathe it made my pussy even juicier. I wrapped my pretty red polished toes around his beautiful cock and gave him a slutty footjob. Then he made me sit on it and fucked me while my feet were curled up on his lap. He was sucking on my sexy feet and toes while he fucked me on my back which made me cum so hard. He busted his load all over my smooth slutty feet. Cum on feet is so hot! Especially when it earns you a weekend with a bunch of hot boys!

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