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Description: Hey guys, Tyler here. I'm being 100 honest when i say Riley Nixon is a girl I've been wanting to fuck for years. When we scheduled to shoot her I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. So of course after the scene was finished I Had camera in hand ready to keep rolling and see what happened.After chatting for a bit she gave me the go ahead to touch her a bit. The first time squeezing her perfect massive breasts was fucking amazing. She could clearly see my interest in her and was totally down to have some fun. And thats exactly what happened. Pretty sure thats the first time I've ever cum 3 times in a row!! and its all on camera. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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Description: Sexy blonde Blue Angel stands motionless as a leather collar is placed around her neck, in Nik Foxs stunning erotic movie Dark Desires. She is blindfolded and a hand smears her lipstick and caresses her gorgeous body through her lace lingerie. Dressed in black stockings and strappy underwear, hot brunette Vicky Love is the one tormenting her with pleasure. She rubs Blue Angels pussy until the blondes knees buckle and she sinks to the floor. Vicky straddles her face, grinding her pussy against her submissives mouth, gasping as Blue Angels tongue works its magic. She pulls Blue Angel to her feet for a passionate kiss, removing her blindfold so they can gaze into each others eyes. Blue lies across Vickys lap for a spanking, her bare ass jiggling with each slap. Vicky fingers her juicy pussy deep and hard, driving her to an overwhelming orgasm. Now Blue is eager for another taste of Vickys wet pussy, eating her to a powerful climax.

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Description: Marilyn visits Dr. Carrera for her annual checkup and lucky for her, he gives her a clean bill of health. But Marilyn has a concern her tits won't stop growing! Dr. Carrera goes in for a closer look and concludes there's only one thing that can be done with titties like Marilyn's... After she gave him a mouthful of her huge melons, she sucks and fucks the shit out of the good doctor. Marilyns tits were bouncing all over the place as she rode him hard in every position. After some pretty rough fucking, Marilyn was ready to take one of his surprises in her mouth and tits. In the end, all we can say is that Marilyn is very happy she got her physical this year.

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Description: In the hollow of one of the calm streets of Paris, we find the beautiful Valentine, 35 years old. Preparator in pharmacy on the side of Dinan 22, this pretty young lady comes regularly to a conference in the capital, to train in her profession. Only this divorced finds the long time in the evening, because she does not know many people! But she decided to take the bull by the horns to finally quench her thirst for

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Description: Dani Lynn has just broken up with her boyfriend by fleeing from his car, and now she needs help. She runs into a kind stranger as shes wandering through the neighborhood, and fortunately for her the stranger agrees to help her hide. Her gratitude knows no bounds, especially when she realizes how hot the stranger is. She offers to show her appreciation with her tight little body, especially if the stranger can make her cum like her ex never could.

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Description: Vince Karter is sunbathing outside the Fake Hostel when thick brunette Valentina Ricci comes out to stretch wearing booty shorts. Valentina asks Vince for a cigarette, but since he doesn't smoke, he offers to walk her to the shop nearby. Valentina rejects the offer and tells Vince she has a boyfriend, so Vince moves on. Later, Valentina spies Vince in the shower, and the sight of his huge cock makes her horny. Back in their room, Valentina acts like a brat long enough to convince Vince to get into her bed, but then seduces him with her big ass and tight pussy. After a hot fuck in their bunk-bed, Valentina takes a facial and worships Vince cock...then tells him to go back to his own bed, because she has a boyfriend!

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Description: Alina Lopez is having a rough time with school, but that's okay because this hot chick has a plan to get on to easy street. She's hanging out on the couch texting with her friends when her mom, Kit Mercer, and her step brother, Rion King, arrive home. Kit tries to figure out why Alina isn't studying. When her stepdaughter is a total bitch, Kit suggests that Rion help Alina out. This plays right into Alina's plan.

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