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Description: Emotional and frustrated, Bachelorette Charlotte Stokely can't get the events of the last few days out of her head. Her mind racing with the memories of cheating on her husband-to-be at her bachelorette party, she's been desperately trying to reach her best friend Kira Noir to convince her to erase the video proof so she can move on with her life and her wedding. But Kira's not answering her texts and none of their friends have heard from her. Finally, Charlotte decides to go to Kira's house to see if she's there. When she arrives at the house, she knocks on the door, no answer. She lets in and out a deep, desperate sigh and starts banging on the door pleading for her best friend to answer. Finally, Kira answers the door, and Charlotte tells her she's been trying to reach her all day. Kira lies and says sorry, she hasn't been checking her phone. She invites Charlotte into the house and they go up to Kira's bedroom to talk. Charlotte confronts her, saying that she KNOWS Kira took a video of her having sex with the stripper at the party. She begs her best friend to delete it.

Kira says she's not going to delete the video. Charlotte tries to lighten her tone and reason with her friend, by saying it was just a silly bit of joking around that went too far, she was just playing up the whole 'last night of being single' theme of the party and just took it too far. Kira argues it was way more than that, and even if she won't admit it, something else is going on. Even before the party she's been acting weird, wild mood swings, dragging her feet about even the smallest reception details, getting more and more nervous as the wedding date nears even though she should be excited...

Charlotte tries to lie saying that's just normal bride stuff, but Kira insists she knows her well enough to know when something is wrong. It's not just normal bride stuff, she's acting like she doesn't even want to get married. She pleads with the bachelorette to tell her what's really going on.

Seeing her friend open up and plead honestly with her, the bachelorette breaks down. It's true, she says, she's right, Charlotte HAS been having second thoughts about the wedding. She knows that she loves her fianc, but she's not...IN LOVE with him, Charlotte admits emotionally. Well, does she guys?, Kira asks. Charlotte isn't sure what Kira is getting at. Her best friend tells her that every time she's seen Charlotte with her fianc, it's been...lukewarm. But when she saw Charlotte with that stripper the other night...she's NEVER seen passion like that from Charlotte. So does Charlotte girls?, Kira asks.

Charlotte hesitates to answer, but Kira tells her she can be real with her. It takes Charlotte a moment to admit it, not only to her best friend to herself as well, but... yeah, she...likes girls, Charlotte answers slowly. Her eyes widen as the realization fully sinks in. 'I like...GIRLS,' Charlotte repeats, visibly relieved.

Kira has used the video to finally get Charlotte to admit the truth about herself, which might just save the reluctant bride from making a mistake and marrying a man she doesn't love. But was that all that Kira was after all along? Or does she have other, more...PERSONAL reasons for outing her friend?

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