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Silvia Saige

Sweet Sinner - Silvia Saige - The Mistress 04

File: nsenanaswsisilsaii7ehlroo2y.mp4
Size: 303.31 MB
Duration: 25:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige and Ryan Mclane, Silvia's attraction to her boss, Ryan has grown over the last few months. It doesn't help that sex with her husband Todd is boring at best. When opportunity strikes, Silvia unleashes a seduction on Ryan that he cannot resist. She swallows his cock with her mouth and cunt and although he's already provided her with more orgasms than her husband ever has over the last year, the fuck-fest can't go on forever. Unfortunately, Ryan's body has another plan in mind as he spews his hot load all over her bouncing white tits.

Fantasy Massage - Silvia Saige - Seducing Dad's Wife

File: g1qy6nafamasilsaicatwwznhuo.mp4
Size: 368.52 MB
Duration: 40:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Dick Chibbles is about to head out for a weekend trip while his son, Seth Gamble, and wife, Silvia Saige, see him off. Dick tells Seth to take good care of Silvia while he's away, which Seth promises to do, then takes his leave. However, little does he know, Seth's idea of taking good care of Silvia differs SLIGHTLY from his own...

As soon as they're alone, Seth retreats to the master bedroom and creates a romantic oasis, complete with candles and music. He's always had a thing for his step-mom and now that his dad is away, it's his chance to finally have her. However, he has to warm Silvia up first, starting with a relaxing massage. Although Silvia's suspicious that he wants something from her, he smooth talks her into accepting.

As Seth massages Silvia, the tension between them gradually builds until Seth admits that he wants more. He wants to give Silvia the attention that his dad doesn't -- she deserves it! Although Silvia's hesitant, Seth is so sincere and attentive that she can't deny him for long. When Seth tries to seal the deal with a tender kiss, Silvia gives in and lets loose.

Silvia readily goes down on Seth's cock, eager to take it inside her mouth and pussy, taking advantage of this rare opportunity. Although Seth is over the moon, their passion is short-lived when Dick unexpectedly returns home early after his trip was cancelled! Although Silvia tries to get Seth to hide, he seems to have other ideas... It seems like Seth WANTS them to get caught, but why??

Mylf Boss - Silvia Saige - Bitter Mylf Finds Happiness In Sweet Interns Cock

File: flbgtnamybosilsaiuzil93leob.mp4
Size: 409.07 MB
Duration: 29:39
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige is the wife of a very wealthy businessman. Yes he may give her all the money in the world, but when it comes to the loving that she craves and desires he tends to fall short. One of the husbands interns was given the task of preparing the house for her since she will be getting back from an overseas trip. Everything had to be perfect. He scrambled to clean, dust, and organize everything he could. Just as he finished, Silvia arrived, looking absolutely fabulous and sophisticated as usual. The intern attempted to be friendly, but Silvia became bitter. He was told to get her a cup of coffee and set up her laptop in the living room. By the end of the night Silvia became tired and was longing for her husband who disappointed her yet again. The intern was ready to do anything to get on SIlvias good side, even if that meant offering her his cock. The intern dropped his pants and within moments Silvia was on her knees sucking his hard dick. All she ever wanted was a man to please. Today Silvia finally got what she so truly needed. Sometimes the best things in life are free!

Girls Way - Serene Siren & Silvia Saige - Holy Matri-moly Mothers Of The Bride

File: y5fmdnagiwasersiluklr7iv8fv.mp4
Size: 282.69 MB
Duration: 35:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige and Serene Siren, a married couple, are excitedly putting on the finishing touches for their daughter's wedding day. They look at each other affectionately, each complimenting the other on how beautiful they look. Silvia mentions that she HOPES she looks good, she has to look her best when she walks their daughter down the aisle and gives her away. This statement causes Serene to raise her eyebrows, puzzled.

Wait a minute...she thought SHE was giving their daughter away? Serene says. Silvia says the same thing. They have a polite back and forth for a moment, each insisting that it was an unspoken understanding that SHE would be the one.

This back and forth leads to a heated argument between them as they try to establish who was more involved in their daughter's life growing up. Things get SO heated, in fact, that it turns into an all out catfight!

Silvia and Serene are consumed by jealousy as they tear each other's dresses off. It'd be hard to walk someone down the aisle naked, right? But this backfires on them. Overcome with the adrenaline and energy of the moment, they embrace, kissing passionately, their hands caressing every inch of their supple bodies.

Sweet Sinner - Silvia Saige - What We Do For Money

File: oqssmnaswsisilsaijoe5xgohi3.mp4
Size: 377.82 MB
Duration: 32:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tommy Gunn shows up at Silvia Saige's house to discuss a case they are both trying to solve, and to trade theories on where they think a big bag of stolen money disappeared to. Tommy has a way of bringing a wild side out of her, and she likes it. The pair quickly dispense with their uptight outfits so they can get down to business. Tommy licks and fingers her little pussy to prepare her for his wide load. From the moment he enters her, he does not relent. He keeps hammering her hole without mercy as she begs for more.

All Girl Massage - Silvia Saige & Ivy Lebelle - Mia Masseuse

File: yeusznaalgimasilivyj7bexrzxti.mp4
Size: 385.82 MB
Duration: 33:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige is annoyed as she waits in the lobby of a massage parlor. When a second client, Ivy Lebelle, enters, Silvia informs her that the masseuse seems to be running late. They're both confused and a bit annoyed, though Ivy doesn't seem to be too bothered and Silvia is too polite to complain. However, Ivy's a regular there and knows the place well, so she suggests that they at least wait outside. When it's nice out, it's not uncommon to get massaged in the garden!

Once they're outside, the masseuse is still nowhere to be seen. Ivy sheepishly admits that the masseuse has flaked on her once or twice, probably because she's so busy... Silvia is disappointed by the news, fearing that the masseuse really isn't coming after all! However, Ivy insists that the masseuse has been mentoring her, so she's happy to give Silvia a massage. Although Silvia's surprised, she really does want a massage, so she agrees.

As Silvia strips down, she reveals that she isn't wearing panties, which intrigues and arouses Ivy. As Ivy massages Silvia, the heat building between them, she casually throws out there that there's a new technique where the masseuse straddles the client. It's supposed to REALLY help with getting deep in the tissue to relieve tension... Silvia is wise to Ivy's game as she grins to herself. Since Ivy's the one who trained under a professional, she knows best, right?

Of course, as soon as Silvia rolls over and Ivy straddles her, their lust is revealed as they dive in for a kiss. Surrounded by trees in the privacy of the garden, they're not shy as they explore each other's bodies and sink their tongues and fingers into each other's pussies. It looks like they both should be thankful that the masseuse bailed on them!

Reality Junkies - Silvia Saige - Dorm Life

File: gaeqnnarejusilsaiemqwjrpedt.mp4
Size: 324.53 MB
Duration: 32:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty Kiara Cole loves it when her study buddy, Logan Long, gives her his massive cock! Smoking hot MILF Silvia Sage is about to teach her step son a thing or two! Cutie Mackenzie Moss finds a way to pay for her tuition... with her tight teen pussy! Gorgeous Gianna Gem loves to break the rules and will fuck her way out of paying the consequences!

Fantasy Massage - Sarah Vandella & Silvia Saige - Parent Teacher Tag-team

File: 89jmonafamasarsilea8jgtimhl.mp4
Size: 367.15 MB
Duration: 39:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Zac Wild sneaks in through the front door of his home only to be caught by his step-mother, Sarah Vandella, and teacher, Silvia Saige. The women are NOT pleased that he's been skipping his Health Wellness class lately. Zac argues that he doesn't see the point of it, though Sarah reminds him that if he doesn't pass this class, he won't graduate!

Fortunately, Silvia is kind enough to give Zac a make up lesson in professional massage. Sarah is intrigued and engaged in the conversation, offering her body for the lesson! Although Zac is unsure about all of this, he has to go along with it or risk staying behind another year in high school.

The trio soon move to a bed and Silvia begins massaging Sarah, giving Zac tips while pressing his hands into Sarah's shoulders. While Zac is uncomfortable, Sarah isn't, and it isn't long before she's topless in front of him as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Gradually, Zac is less uncomfortable and more aroused, easily getting distracted by his hot step-mom. When Sarah is soon completely naked, he's stunned as Silvia massages Sarah's pussy and encourages him to do the same. It's an excellent form of relaxation! By now, Zac is onboard as he takes over, finding himself plunging his cock deep inside both Sarah AND Silvia. The threesome is fiery as the women teach him a lesson he'll never forget!

Sweet Sinner - Silvia Saige - Different Wives, Different Lives

File: ek9h2naswsisilsai5gbt9hwghj.mp4
Size: 342.13 MB
Duration: 31:09
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige Tommy Gunn Silvia crawls into bed late after a difficult day trying to sell houses in a recession, and after a long night taking her boss's wife out for drinks. At home she feels Tommy is nagging her about never being home when she is the one slaving to pay their mortgage. Tommy has a solution to all of their problems. They can sell their house and buy a rental property in the Caribbean for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to live in LA. Silvia falls in love with the idea, and with him. She throws his computer aside and pounces on her husband like they are newlyweds. He takes out Silvia's huge, money making tits and starts kissing his way down her body, from her nipples to her pussy. He then slips his huge cock in her sopping pussy and starts pounding her with such vigor that she remembers why she married. She repeatedly cums on his rock-solid cock, her pussy quivering and dripping all over him.

Cherry Pimps - Silvia Saige & Reagan Foxx - Gorgeous Milfs Reagan Foxx And Silvia Saige

File: tmuaenachpisilrea12rpabg8kb.mp4
Size: 686.12 MB
Duration: 58:42
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: It just may not get hotter than this with Silvia Saide and Reagan Foxx looking sexy as fuck in their black and white lingerie! It's hard to know where to look with Reagan giving you some jerk of instructions and Silvia moaning louder and louder as she uses her own vibrator making herself cum! You beg for those legs to be set free from their nylons and don't worry by the end of the show you just might be seeing those bare toes! Silvia oils up those massive tits on Reagan using her dildo to fuck them just like you would if it was your hard cock! These hot MILFs just can not stop having fun and masturbating for you!

Girls Way - India Summer & Silvia Saige - Showcase: India Summer

File: fjxlanagiwaindsilgc7z6jwvh3.mp4
Size: 383.96 MB
Duration: 33:42
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: India Summer is a concerned teacher checking up on one of her students. She sent said student to the school nurse's office for a headache but has not seen the student since. In fact, a lot of students seem to be visiting the nurse lately and India wants to get to the bottom of it.

When India checks up on Nurse Silvia Saige, she's immediately suspicious upon finding a teen girl's pair of panties tucked in her coat pocket. Although Silvia tries to talk her way out of it, mentioning how she cares about the girls' mental and physical well-being above all else, India's suspicions grow. When India threatens to tell the Dean that something fishy is happening, Silvia turns up the heat while coming clean.

As Silvia pulls herself close and glides her hand slowly along India's leg, she admits that the girls come to her for sexual relief as well. In fact, the student in question was sent home to recover after a particularly rousing session. Although India's shocked, she falls under Silvia's spell, and it quickly becomes obvious that SHE'S in need of relief as well!

Silvia is eager to please as she starts off by rubbing and eating out India's pussy. Consumed by lust, India returns the favor, delighting in experiencing Silvia the same way her students do. As she's brought to a climax, India has a feeling she'll be making more trips to the nurse's office herself!

Mommy Blows Best - Silvia Saige - Help Mom Out

File: cuv91namoblbesilsaiofu36az3zs.mp4
Size: 320.89 MB
Duration: 14:51
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Busty MILF Silvia Saige dropped her wedding ring in the sink and while trying to retrieve it her hand got stuck. Luckily for her Brad Knight, her stepson, is there to help her. After being freed from the sink she helps her stepson by sucking his dick dry as only an experienced woman knows.

Spizoo - Briana Banks, Silvia Saige & Sophia Grace - The Lesbians Show

File: 7hmkcnaspibrisilsopjgjn8xaj9w.mp4
Size: 201.57 MB
Duration: 24:08
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The ultimate stripper experience is here!!! Enjoy all the pleasures of an incredible strip show...but MUCH MORE. The legendary Briana Banks brings her two slutty friends, Silvia Saige and Sophia Grace on stage and things get absolutely wild. The clothes coming off is just the beginning of this hot show. Watch them lick, finger and ride each others faces while working the stripper pole like the professional sluts that they are. They moan and climax as these sexy slut worship one another. This mix of blonde, brunette and busty will drive you crazy...you'll be throwing money at the screen.

Mommy's Girl - Alina Lopez & Silvia Saige - My Daughter's Engaged

File: enj5qnamogialisilry4tjspils.mp4
Size: 333.99 MB
Duration: 27:43
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige has a thing for her teenage step-daughter, Alina Lopez, but has never acted on it before. She's thought about it, but always put it off, waiting for the perfect opportunity. Although the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet, she's sure it will soon!

Then one morning, Silvia notices that Alina looks especially tired, but also glowing. When she questions her step-daughter why she's been up all night, Alina is elusive. After some prodding, Alina finally admits that her boyfriend proposed to her!

Silvia is shocked. She wants to be supportive but she's also a bit greedy, seeing the window of opportunity for having fun with Alina quickly closing. She doubles down and questions Alina about how she KNOWS that her boyfriend it 'the one'? Has she been with other people yet? What about women? How could she know he's the one if she's never even been with a woman before??

Alina is thrown off by Silvia's odd line of questioning, though it soon dawns on her that her step-mom has the hots for her! Although she's hesitant at first, she soon falls under Silvia's seductive spell, her curiosity getting the best of her. Before she ties the knot, it WOULD be good to at least have a bi-curious experience, right? And with Silvia being so willing, how can she resist??

Silva finally gets to live out her fantasy with Alina as she gives her the best first-time lesbian experience she can. She caresses and licks Alina's breasts, then makes her way down to Alina's delicious pussy. As Alina writhes with delight, maybe she just might have to rethink her engagement to a boy!

Spizoo - Kat Monroe & Silvia Saige - Silvia Loves Kat Obsession

File: ebngznaspikatsilargxotnwkn.mp4
Size: 202.98 MB
Duration: 24:47
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige and Kat Monroe are pussy hungry babes who can't keep their hands to themselves. These brunette bombshells seduce, tease and devour one another in a passionate lesbian experience. Silvia's voluptuous breasts and Kats thick, juicy ass make for a wonderful combination!! They lick each others holes in a sensual yet aggressive way that brings them both over the edge. Enjoy watching these two wonderful women worship their bodies.

Spizoo - Silvia Saige - Silvia Saige Loves Clubbing

File: ykafcnaspisilsaimn1crdjq7d.mp4
Size: 426.13 MB
Duration: 22:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a rough day Silvia stops by a bar for a drink to unwind. Little does she know this bar is about to close and on top of that its a male strip club!!! She absolutely taken back by the whole thing and her interest is sparked. Mike, the bar tender, offers to give her a tour after hours. She gets the drink she was looking for and a bit extra. Watch Silvia open up after closing hours.

Pure Taboo - Gia Paige, Avi Love & Silvia Saige - Family Vacation

File: gccennaputagiaavisilprfdklidwa.mp4
Size: 496.86 MB
Duration: 01:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Two teenage girls, Allie Gia Paige and Beth Avi Love, are sharing a tearful goodbye. They'd been in the foster system together for years -- it's like they're sisters -- but now Beth is moving in with a different foster family. For the first time, they're going to be separated, and Allie is worried that Beth is going to forget all about her once she has a taste of her new life. Although Beth assures her that that's never going to happen, when they hug then part ways, Allie's sure she's never going to see her best friend ever again.

Her hopes are lifted when she receives a phone call from Beth weeks later, inviting her to visit her at the family's vacation home. Although Allie is hurt that Beth didn't contact her sooner, she jumps at the chance to see her again.

When she later arrives at Beth's new home, which is more luxurious than anything she's ever seen in her life, Allie feels out of place. She feels even MORE out of place once she reunites with Beth and meets her new foster parents, Maria Silvia Saige and Shane Steve Holmes. Beth is... different... somehow, and Maria and Shane give off creepy vibes with how intimate they are with Beth.

It doesn't feel right. Concerned for Beth, Allie tries to privately ask her if she's safe. Allie's world comes crashing down when she learns that Beth has been having sex with Maria and Shane in exchange for stability! Although she's horrified at the thought, when the family offers the same deal to Allie, it's the hardest decision she'll ever have to make.

Love Her Feet - Silvia Saige - The Ex Babysitter

File: plwaenalohefesilsai7qwphrzkkv.mp4
Size: 714.79 MB
Duration: 31:54
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: On the way home from a nail salon, while walking on Hollywood boulevard, I ran into a guy I used to babysit about 10 years ago. It was such a random surprise! He had grown into a handsome young man. Since we hadnt seen each other for a long while, he invited me to his house for coffee. It was the same house I baby sat him in and apparently it was given to him by his parents. It brought back memories. We sat down on the couch and started to chat but I noticed he began to get fidgety while struggling to say something. Finally he confessed that he is, and always was, obsessed with my feet...and that even til now hes never seen any hotter than mine. I was shocked hearing this at first but then I realized its a nice compliment from a good looking young man. That was the moment when I first thought about fucking him. So I decided to flirt with him a little to see how far it would go. I put my open-toed heels, with my fresh pedicure, up on his thigh and just watched him almost drool over them. I got so turned on from him finding my feet so sexy that I removed my shoes and let him lick my soles and suck on my toes. I couldn't wait to just take his young cock out and put my lips around it. I gave him a slutty footjob and he fucked me so good I couldn't stop cumming. He busted all over my sexy feet and I licked off all his cum from my toes. So now Ive been wondering who else I babysat back then that couldve grown into a handsome young man...

Sweetheart Video - Silvia Saige & Danni Rivers - Time To Make Up...

File: wcm12naswvisildan2c5wq2j9vw.mp4
Size: 230.46 MB
Duration: 27:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After meeting Alice, Jill decides to go home and talk with her girlfriend Olivia. When she enters her room she sees Olivia between the legs of another women. Jill is in shock, and cannot find the words to confront Olivia. She leaves totally speechless. Alice on the other side thinks that she scared Jill way by being too upfront. Her friend Sam, thinks otherwise and offer her to share Chloe with her. Alice not impress by her best friend's offer and refuses by hanging up the phone. The doorbell rings and at the door is Jill, Alice is surprised to see Jill crying. She invites her inside and they talk about their relationship and slowly they learn to understand each other better. It's time they get closer to each other and engage in stunning make up sex!

Sweetheart Video - Silvia Saige & Gianna Dior - The Last Night

File: v8sohnaswvisilgia18iobobpkc.mp4
Size: 240.16 MB
Duration: 28:54
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alice Sylvia Saige is nervous, it's her last day with her babysitter and lover Karen Gianna Dior. She wants to have a special night with her. She wants to thanks her for all the positive she brings to her life after the divorce. For one, before Karen leaves for college they will have sex. And Karen wants to make sure the night is unforgettable.

Sweet Sinner - Silvia Saige - The Stepmother 16

File: yqiemnaswsisilsaikdswcktwew.mp4
Size: 403.65 MB
Duration: 28:26
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marie and Robert SILVIA SAIGE AND MARCUS LONDON- After a fight over their biological son, Zack's irresponsibility, Marie feels a tinge of guilt over being the reason for her child's mistakes. After all, their divorce was her fault, when she stopped being sexual with her husband to raise a child. But now, wanting to make up for lost time and prove to her ex-husband that she is the incredibly sexy lover she's always been and that desire is bubbling just beneath the surface. The two tear off each other's clothing and embark on the best sex of their lives, her swallowing his rock hard cock and he lapping at her wet and eager cunt.