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Karups - Nesty - Cock Squat

File: ffwr2nakarnest9oe6suso9o.mp4
Size: 802.31 MB
Duration: 35:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: There are some women who want to be romantic and make love. Horny, sexy MILF Nesty is the kind of woman who loves to fuck! When her personal trainer showed up to help her work out, he helped her stretch out, letting his hands wander all over her fine, fit body. While she was bent over in her yoga pants, he couldnt take it any longer and he pressed his face into her sweet ass and took a bite. The hottie spun around, took her sports bra off, and started sucking his cock. The trainer then took over, pulling her yoga pants down, bending her over, and fucking her tight, pink pussy from behind. The two got in a workout, but instead of pushups and crunches, she rode his cock then laid back so he could eat then fuck her trimmed pussy. This MILF worked up a sweat and got plenty of exercise cumming on his cock and milking him dry with her skilled hands!

Nubile Films - Nesty - The Climax

File: w2kxvnanufinestxwlumapr37.mp4
Size: 360.13 MB
Duration: 34:43
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning in lingerie that highlights all of her sumptuous curves, Nesty struts in to where Raul Costa is relaxing after a hard day's work. Once she knows she has Raul's attention, Nesty seats herself on the couch, spreads her thighs, and starts masturbating while Raul watches. Raul can't keep his hands off Nesty for long. Soon enough he has joined in on her fun, finger banging her creamy pussy and leaning in to lap at her tight clit.

Nesty isn't shy about giving as much pleasure as she has received. Her mouth is warm and wet as it slides down over Raul's fuck stick. She's and expert at deep throating her lover's dick, leaving him nice and hard as she crawls forward on her hands and knees until she's in the perfect position for a doggy style pussy pounding.

Raul gives Nesty exactly the rough treatment she's been craving as he takes her from behind. Pulling her upright so her back hits his chest, he changes up the angle of penetration for the better. Then he seats himself on the couch and pulls Nesty down on top of him so she can ride his stiffie while her full tits bounce above her lingerie corset.

Hopping off Raul's dick, Nesty takes a hot minute to resume sucking him off. When Raul's hardon has been lapped clean of her juices, Nesty lays on her back and pulls her knees up to her chest to open herself up for her lover to plow back inside. After giving Nesty the deep strokes that leave her cumming, Raul spoons behind her to give her one more swift climax. Climbing back into Raul's lap to ride him slow and sure, Nesty keeps up the grinding pace until he fills her with a creampie of love.

21 Naturals - Nesty - Simply Aroused

File: 3pvcana21nanestmeu3bb65wm.mp4
Size: 242.21 MB
Duration: 26:29
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Nesty is walking outside when she meets with Vince Carter who is following her. She finds him very sexy and they kiss. Vince rubs her panties and finds that she is wet. Deciding to bring him home to her place, Nesty sucks his cock and spreads her pussy open for his cock. He pounds her tight pussy making her moan with every thrust. before spraying her with hot cum in her mouth.

Nubile Films - Darcia Lee & Nesty - Lovers And Friends

File: kcnumnanufidarnes7j2ysdxxcs.mp4
Size: 372.49 MB
Duration: 38:26
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Renato and Darcia Lee are friends and lovers. They start out fun and flirty with a passionate embrace, but Darcia is interested in one thing only. With her dress showing off her bra and her miniskirt hiked up around her waist to reveal her thong, Darcia leads Renato to bed. Once he's seated, she climbs into his lap to rub her snatch against his hardon through all their clothes.

After she distracts Renato by peeling off her dress, Darcia pulls a blindfold from beneath the pillow. When she's certain Renato can't see, she beckons her friend Nesty over from where she's been hidden the whole time. The girls try to keep their mirth to themselves as Nesty secretly takes Darcia's place by pulling Renato's fuck stick out of his pants to start sucking. Watching her friend give her boyfriend a BJ is the perfect tableau for Darcia to reach into her underwear and start masturbating.

When Darcia finally relieves Renato of his blindfold, he can't hide his surprise. That's not to say he's not into it. Now that the gig is up, the girls can work together to keep stroking Renato off while putting their mouths to work. The double BJ only ends when Renato puts Darcia on her back so he can assert himself by leaning in to feast on her bare pussy. Nesty is cool with that since it gives her the chance to lean in and press her breasts to Darcia's mouth for a lusty titty sucking.

When Renato urges Nesty on to her hands and knees so he can sample her pussy juices, the girls rearrange themselves accordingly. Darcia takes the opportunity to lay down in front of Nesty with her thighs parted. That's the perfect position for Nesty to lean forward and lap away at her friend's slippery snatch. Even when Renato starts fucking her dogguy style, Nesty keeps up the slow and steady good work with her magical tongue.

Pulling Darcia forward into the spot that Nesty has just vacated, Renato wastes no time in filling his girlfriend with the D. Nesty leans forward to rub Darcia's clit, doubling down on her friend's deep pleasure. Then she moves higher on the bed to cradle Darcia's head as the brunette comes apart in her arms.

Renato is quick to move so that he's spooning with Nesty as Darcia recovers from her climax. Holding one thigh high, Nesty welcomes Renato back inside. Darcia gets right up into the action, sucking Renato's balls and tantalizing Nesty's fuck hole. Each time Renato's dick pops out, Darcia is there to lick it clean before he pushes back into Nesty.

The girls have each had aa climax, but they're not done with their mutual stud quite yet. When Renato lays down on the bed, Darcia climbs aboard his fuck stick while Nesty plants her pussy on his mouth. They ride him together while exchanging kisses over his prone body. Then Darcia gets off so Nesty can enjoy a reverse cowgirl ride to her final orgasm. Renato follows Nesty down the path of pleasure, fucking her to the end as he fills her snatch with a big creampie.

Dorcel Club - Nesty & Amirah Adara - Workshop Sex Toys At The Office

File: pe5jhnadoclnesamiadapn5ih2r.mp4
Size: 571.53 MB
Duration: 25:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When the three of them find a suitcase full of sextoys in one of the offices, they quickly agree to try them on the spot to cool things down. Although they also love men, they decide to play some very intense lesbian games in a threesome theyll remember for a long time, and so will you.

POV Bitch - Wendy Moon & Nesty - Made In Heaven

File: zgjubnapobiwennesyanexnl1vb.mp4
Size: 145.20 MB
Duration: 18:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Two horny and stunningly beautiful girls want to fuck me. An amazing blonde, Nesty, and a brunette treasure, Wendy. Two tight pussies that need pounding and just one me. What do I do? Of course, I will fuck them both, side by side. They started with teaming up on my cock, blowing me into space in seconds. It showed that Nesty was the hornier one when she carelessly took priviledge of my dick first and started riding it. She is a good girl though, as she cleaned my dick with blowjob afterwards to get it ready for Wendy. Girls then went on all four and pointed those beautiful asses at me. It was one of the most amazing fucks my cock has experienced, fucking those two pussies side by side, one by one. But there is obviously a problem, two girls and only one dose of that good old cum. Which one got it? See for yourself and find out!