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Lena Reif

Rocco Siffredi - Monica Brown & Lena Reif - Rocco's Time Master Sex Witches Sc.4

File: tcroqnarosimonlenwywd7rlq2u.mp4
Size: 417.54 MB
Duration: 48:35
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Across a chessboard, rival wizards battle for control of raven-haired Monica Brown and bespectacled, brown-haired beauty Lena Reif. The lesbian witches kiss passionately and rim each other's asshole. When the winning magician is revealed to be heavily hung stud Rocco Siffredi, he joins the girls for a nasty threesome of double blowjobs, fucking, pussy eating, hard anal sodomy and foot worship fetish. Rocco cums in Lena's mouth, and the hot young witches orally swap his spunky load.

Only Blowjob - Lena Reif - Daily Deepthroat Fill

File: swsv1naddbulenreizw8wll4m5e.mp4
Size: 530.68 MB
Duration: 15:49
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Young Ukrainian babe Lena Reif gets her daily deepthroat fill in DDF Network's premium porn video shot for Only Blowjob today. She wants to surprise her man Mugur with breakfast, but when he walks in on her in the kitchen barefeet, clad only in sexy black lingerie underneath her apron, he gives her his hard cock to take down her throat to start his morning off instead.

See Lena's big blue eyes in crystal clear 4K detail as she looks up into the camera while giving Mugur a handjob and when taking his thick dick in her pretty mouth whole. It's almost like POV that you can easily imagine it's your cock that she's sucking on and handling instead.

Watch as Mugur fucks the barely legal brunette's mouth with his man meat until she chokes on it. She takes every inch like the amazing girlfriend that she is until the messy facial ending.

Tushy - Lena Reif - On Tour

File: h6ux5natuslenreidp4mt2nv84.mp4
Size: 676.35 MB
Duration: 44:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lena is a tourist in an exotic country and meets Alberto, a famous DJ, on a tour. She dreams about him after and plays with herself at her place in headphones. The next day they meet walking on the beach, he invites her to his villa nearby and things escalate quickly.

Viv Thomas - Angelika Greys & Lena Reif - Reflections Episode 3 Pole Dance

File: cqndznavithanglen6kgy6cqrzn.mp4
Size: 247.83 MB
Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde Angelika Greys practises her pole dancing routine, her gorgeous body captured from all angles in the mirrors, as episode three of Sandra Shines erotic series Reflections begins. She is watched by beautiful brunette Lena Reif, who is clearly impressed by her skill, and takes up the offer of learning a few moves. But adorable Lena has some moves of her own, and when Angelika seduces her in front of the mirror, she responds with a hunger that suggests shes not as innocent as she looks. As they kiss, Angelika pulls up Lenas top to caress her lovely breasts, then kneels and tugs down her tight yoga pants. She laps at the slit of Lenas shaved pussy and sucks her clit, making her gasp and rock her hips. Lena turns around and leans against the mirror so Angelika can eat and finger her from behind, driving her to an intense orgasm. With a naughty smile, Lena licks Angelikas nipples, pulls down her panties and feasts on her shaved pussy, tongue moving rapidly over her clit to make her go wild.

Viv Thomas - Lena Reif & Olivia Sin - Loving Couples Episode 4 Game Over

File: ruhn2navithlenolitiu6v5i41l.mp4
Size: 237.17 MB
Duration: 29:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Lena Reif and Olivia Sin are playing cards, as episode four of Sandra Shines erotic series Loving Couples begins. When sexy Lena loses, sweet blonde Olivia consoles her in the most adorable way, tugging on her long braid as she kisses her tenderly. She undresses Lena, lapping at her stiffening nipples, pulling off her panties and licking her shaved pussy skilfully. Lenas gorgeous face is a picture of bliss as Olivias tongue works its magic. Now Olivia sits astride Lenas face as the hot brunette eats her shaved pussy, licking her clit rapidly. Olivia turns around into a sixty-nine, perfect ass up as she spreads Lenas hot pink slit open, thrusts a couple of fingers inside and drives her to a powerful orgasm.

Sex Art - Lena Reif - Welcome

File: ey8s2nasearlenreiohyi8mkik1.mp4
Size: 151.41 MB
Duration: 18:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Lena Reif gives Michael Fly the passionate Welcome of his dreams, in Andrej Lupins sizzling erotic movie. The slender brunette greets her man with a kiss, sitting him in a chair to massage his shoulders. She makes him smile by slipping off her panties and perching on the table in front of him with her dress hiked up to reveal her pussy. Michael is eager for a taste, lapping at her smooth shaved slit, making her arch her back as pleasure sweeps through her sexy body. He stands, feeding his thick cock into Lenas tight pussy, thrusting into her steadily as she rubs her clit until she orgasms noisily. Michael slams in faster, her legs up over his shoulders, turning her into a standing spoons position to drive her wild. Lena bends over the table to get drilled in doggy, her perfect ass rocking back against her lover with each hard stroke as they climax simultaneously and he fills her with his hot cum.

DDF Exxxtra - Lena Reif - Romp With The French Maid

File: qpegjnaddexlenreiyjbpsz6ik1.mp4
Size: 168.01 MB
Duration: 16:50
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Today's DDF Network VR and Hands on Hardcore double video release includes a 5K 3D Virtual Reality version where you are the boss to young French Maid Lena Reif, and a standard 2D premium porn version where you can watch Mugur take on the lucky role as the boss and have a little romp with the Ukrainian pornstar instead. The POV VR Porn is an immersive experience complete with Binaural Sound, so you will feel like you are the one sticking your stiff dick into the barely legal babe's pouty mouth or in her tight shaved pussy, and listen to her moans as if she's right in the room with you.

Dressed in her French Maid uniform, you know that Lena is more into the service of the XXX kind, with her bare ass peeking out from underneath the micro mini skirt, thigh high fishnet stockings, and red high heels. She barely needs to bend over for you can see that she has no panties on underneath, just a string of pearls that comes down her flat stomach and in between her legs, neatly lined up between her pussy lips.

Then it's time for her to give her daily blowjob and offer up her juicy pussy to be fucked until she gets a nice load of jizz on her curvy ass.

Hot Legs and Feet - Lena Reif & Amaris - Footjob The Double Dong

File: 5mef2naholeanfelenamatm39elxyui.mp4
Size: 267.21 MB
Duration: 32:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian babes Amaris and Lena Reif are hot and sweaty after a tennis match, and seeing each other's tight athletic bodies naked in the shower makes them just as hot and horny for one another in this Hot Legs Feet premium porn video. These glamour pornstars aren't just your regular horny lesbians though. These kinky Ukrainian chicks are foot fetish and double dong lovers, as well, and they really know how to heat up the screen demonstrating both.

This kinky scene showcases plenty of foot play and lesbian sex in 4K close-ups, courtesy of DDF Network, so if you're a fan of either be sure to check it out!

Sex Art - Arian, Lena Reif & Olivia Sin - Pool Girls 2

File: ie8egnaseararilenolirlidfnmxpl.mp4
Size: 212.57 MB
Duration: 25:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy bikini babes Lena Reif and Olivia Sin are basking in the sun, topless, as Andrej Lupins playfully erotic movie Pool Girls 2 begins. In the first instalment we saw their friends Arian and Rebecca Volpetti get it on, and now we see what happens when these two busty cuties are left alone poolside. They massage tanning lotion all over each others silky skin, kissing and caressing, skin glistening in the sun. They move to the bedroom, embracing even more avidly, platinum blonde Olivia squeezing her sweethearts big breasts with a naughty smile. She pushes gorgeous Lena backwards over the couch, peeling off her panties and sliding her tongue along the groove between her plump pussy lips. She spreads Lenas juicy pink folds open and licks her clit, thrusting a finger inside her, driving her wild. Now Lena is eager to taste Olivias shaved pussy, looking up at her seductively. Olivia turns onto her knees, rubbing her clit as Lena finger-bangs her to orgasm from behind. The girls join their friends in the pool, all four of them glowing with sexual satisfaction

Sex Art - Arian, Lena Reif & Olivia Sin - Pool Girls 1

File: ktlevnaseararilenolid3w3sumphs.mp4
Size: 215.08 MB
Duration: 25:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hanging out with their girlfriends on vacation, cute brunette Arian and sexy blonde Rebecca Volpetti are chilling out on the terrace as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Pool Girls 1 begins. When their friends start to kiss they decide to go indoors and leave them to it but once in the bedroom they cant keep their hands off each other. Arian pulls off Rebeccas bikini top and sucks her stiff nipples, and Rebecca reciprocates eagerly, then pushes her sweetheart onto her back and slides a hand inside her bikini panties to rub her clit. Stripping her lover naked, Rebecca kisses her way down to her shaved pussy, licking and sucking hungrily, then slides two wet fingers deep inside her hot pink folds and frigs her to an intense orgasm. The stunning blonde lies back as Arian showers kisses all over her body, spreading her smooth pussy open with her tongue and lapping at her clit, then finger-banging her until she cums with a great shudder of release. With a naughty smile, Rebecca goes face down, ass up, strumming her own clit as Arian fingers her frantically from behind, then eats her drenched pussy until shes going wild. Arian straddles Rebeccas pretty face to get her puffy clit licked, rocking her hips as she grinds insatiably. Rebeccas not done though, pushing Arian onto her back and eating her to another, even more intense orgasm. The two beauties head out to the pool to rejoin their friends Lena Reif and Olivia Sin, who also have that just-fucked glow

21 Foot Art - Lena Reif - Roadmap To Pleasure

File: lqd4ona21foarlenreiqcmxmblfgt.mp4
Size: 422.13 MB
Duration: 28:20
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Lena Reif draws hearts with arrows on the fridge and patio door, waiting for her man Charlie Dean to get home. Charlie sees the drawn hearts and follows to where the arrows lead. Outside, he sees Lena, waiting for him in sexy lingerie and beige stockings. Their roadmap to pleasure is about to begin!