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Kenzie Taylor

Pure Taboo - Kenzie Taylor - Inconceivable: A Kenzie Taylor Story

File: qmoacnaputakentaym5kl5lnhba.mp4
Size: 668.80 MB
Duration: 55:03
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Olivia Kenzie Taylor and Jacob Eric Masterson, a nervous couple, wait anxiously in an office. Jacob is quietly assuring Olivia that everything will be okay. The door opens and Dr. Cross Tommy Pistol, a fertility doctor, enters with test result papers in hand on two identical clipboards. With his back turned to the couple as he closes the door behind him, he grins darkly to himself.


Dr. Cross sits down and thanks them for coming in. The couple looks anxious but excited until he puts on a solemn face and tells them that he has bad news Jacob is infertile. They are shocked, with Jacob especially feeling terrible. They tearfully ask what they can do. Dr. Cross kindly and resolutely tells them that there are some options and that he will do everything he can to help them.

Dr. Cross suggests traditional fertility treatments but Olivia and Jacob can't afford any of them. As the couple fret, trying to comfort each other, Dr. Cross is slightly grinning to himself, unnoticed, feeding off their misery. As Olivia clutches Jacob, burying her face into him and letting out a choked sob, Dr. Cross says that there is ONE solution he can propose. Olivia lifts her head, the doctor having their full attention.

Dr. Cross takes a deep breath and levelly says that he can have sex with Olivia to impregnate her on their behalf. Olivia is stunned but Jacob is outraged, coming at Dr. Cross. Kenzie holds Jacob back as he cools down and the couple discusses their options, with Dr. Cross silently revelling in their misery. They are still heavily conflicted and seem about to say no, but Dr. Cross continues his scare tactics. Finally the anguished couple agree.

What Dr. Cross is about to do may have seemed inconceivable to Olivia and Jacob earlier that day, but now they're all out of options...

Manuelferrara - Kenzie Taylor - Blonde Bombshell Kenzie Taylor Takes Manuel's Thick Cock In Her Tight Asshole

File: wfc1dnamankentay5mlicyctwv.mp4
Size: 299.04 MB
Duration: 37:03
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Platinum blonde Kenzie Taylor is loud and proud in this scene from Manuel's Big Ass Tits. Decked out in black fishnets as all stacked blondes should be, Kenzie teases the camera with her humongous headlights. She heads for the stairs and her ass becomes the star as she takes it step by step allowing us to savor the view. Once on the slab Manuel dives down to get her motor running. When he gets it started Kenzie starts cussing up a storm. She hops on Ferrara's cock and bounces on it like a trampoline. After pounding her pussy, Manuel penetrates her asshole. He gets Kenzie in doggie and reams her hole until it gapes. He stands Kenzie up and grabs her arms behind her, furiously pounding her cheeks. Taylor yells that she's going to cum then two hands Ferrara's cock. She drops to her knees and is cum blasted with Manuel's load.

Sweetheart Video - Avi Love & Kenzie Taylor - You Need To Relax

File: ngkzinaswviaviken6ubvtyseor.mp4
Size: 323.57 MB
Duration: 40:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Phoebe Avi Love is waiting in her advisor office, Ms. Dalton Kenzie Taylor. For the last couple of months, Phoebe put a lot of pressure on her shoulder and she needs help. Ms. Dalton is surprised to see one of her best students in her office, she's in shock to learn about Phoebe recent issues with her thesis. Maybe if Phoebe tries to relax a bit and take some time to enjoy life, she will feel better. Ms. Dalton grabs Phoebe's hands and practice some breathing exercises with her, but she needs something stronger to let it go and Ms. Dalton knows exactly what she needs.

Deviant Hardcore - Kenzie Taylor - Filthy milf Kenzie Taylor gets dominated and freaky with Tommy Pistol

File: lih1pnadehakentaye5lcpjpyog.mp4
Size: 241.16 MB
Duration: 29:47
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor has to be one of the nastiest milfs around, shes a good submissive and lets Tommy Pistol do whatever he wants to her. Tie her up and blindfold her? Loves it. Strong vibrator right on her clit? Of course. Shes practically begging for him to ram his cock down her throat so she can spit all over it. She wont be satisfied until she can taste his hot cum!

The Dick Suckers - Kenzie Taylor - The Swallowing Slut

File: ajrgknathdisukentayfh6vmv4zce.mp4
Size: 178.75 MB
Duration: 21:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Everyone welcome the swallowing slut -- Kenzie Taylor -- to the network! Kenzie's a busty MILF who loves to use her mouth as she would her cunt to make men cum. She's decked out in some of her favorite lingerie, and if she's not sucking, she's showing off her tongue, and if she's not showing off her tongue, she's looking you right in the eye to deliver some of the strongest JOE you've heard! Open wide, Slutty...time for lunch!

Nuru Massage - Kenzie Taylor - My Wife's Cool With It

File: iqcvwnanumakentayt9givauhha.mp4
Size: 438.35 MB
Duration: 35:25
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Stirling Cooper walks into a massage parlor and is met by Kenzie Taylor, who is a little too sexily dressed to be an ordinary masseuse -- not that Stirling's complaining! He is immediately taken by her beauty, hoping that she has a slot free so that he can squeeze in a sensual massage. When he starts getting flirty, Kenzie is amused as she points out that he shouldn't be hitting on women when he's a married man! However, Stirling insists that his wonderful wife is cool with it, which seems to be enough for Kenzie to take him into her parlor.

When Kenzie orders Stirling to strip down, he is quick to obey. He's unable to keep his eyes off Kenzie as she strips down to join him, putting on a bit of a show for him. Once Stirling lays down on the mattress, Kenzie climbs on top of him, rubbing oil all over them and pressing their naked bodies close. As the heat builds between them, they fall into banter that seems to suggest that not all is as it seems...

Once Stirling asks for a happy ending, their lust completely consumes them. Kenzie eagerly lavishes his cock with her mouth, then sits atop him, sliding his cock into her pussy. As they slip and slide together, bringing each other some much needed relief, will Stirling's wife REALLY be cool with all of this?

Wives on Vacation - Kenzie Taylor & Olivia Austin - Brenda And Nicole Kenzie Taylor Olivia Austin Get One Big Cock

File: hwlzwnawionvakenolidrfhu7s6pa.mp4
Size: 359.23 MB
Duration: 29:08
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisBrenda and Nicole Kenzie Taylor Olivia Austin are away on a vacation resort and its time for a VIP massage. Nicole is a bit shy, being married and all, but Brenda on the other hand is about to live it up. What her husband doesn't know won't hurt him. Nicole opens up after some persuasion and they both enjoy their massage and happy ending.

Dirty Masseur - Kenzie Taylor - Attend To My Ass

File: xcrwfnadimakentayb13ojhbyg5.mp4
Size: 423.33 MB
Duration: 37:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor knows how to treat herself to a luxurious evening, and so after a lavish dinner and decadent dessert, she shifts over to her massage table, where her hired private masseur, Michael Vegas, is ready and willing to fulfill all her needs. Kenzie, though, has stuck an unmistakable signal up her ass in the form of a butt plug, which tells Michael exactly where he should be directing his attention.

Girls Way - Kenzie Taylor, Giselle Palmer & Serene Siren - Teen Witch: A Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Parody

File: a9ldinagiwakengissercnmbveupld.mp4
Size: 322.41 MB
Duration: 37:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A teenage witch, Selena Giselle Palmer, is ready to try a new spell. She is secretive as she collects strands of hair from a couple of hairbrushes, then returns to a table covered with flowers and candles. She adds the hair to the mixing bowl, along with other choice ingredients, and begins the ritual. It's a powerful spell that she has no business attempting, but she has a deep desire that can't be ignored any longer...

Meanwhile, Hildie Serene Siren is elsewhere in the house when she is inexplicably consumed with lust, unable to keep erotic thoughts of both her step-sister Zeldie Kenzie Taylor and Selena, who they jointly took in and raised together, out of her mind. She NEEDS them right now!

Hildie finds Zeldie first, coming onto her strong. Zeldie is baffled and annoyed as Hildie tries to get it on, though quickly realizes that a powerful spell is at work. There's only ONE other witch in the household that could've done this... With Hildie clinging onto and drooling all over her, Zeldie hunts Selena down and confronts her.

Selena admits that she's envious of Hildie and Zeldie's love for each other and just wants a bit for herself, too. She never meant any harm with the spell she cast since it was only meant to heightened feelings that already existed. Zeldie insists that the spell worked but Selena accidentally got TWICE as much of Hildie's hair and none of her own, making the spell even more powerful for Hildie. So, it looks like Selena's about to get her wish because, as far as Zeldie can tell, the only way to break the spell is to have an old-fashioned threesome!

Hildie is all too happy to bend over for Zeldie and Selena, eager to give herself to them. After they taste Hildie's pussy, it's a free-for-all as they take turns ravishing each other. It's going to take a lot of sex to break the powerful spell, but it has to be done!

Wicked - Kenzie Taylor - Sexual Fidelity

File: xfshynawickentayfu62htttpo.mp4
Size: 312.91 MB
Duration: 31:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sex Talk with Greg Bridget is the one of the leading sex podcasts in the industry, where the smart and sexy husband and wife duo dish out the best sex and relationship advice around. But chaos ensues when Greg asks for a divorce, leaving Bridget lost and terrified to run the podcast without her cohost and life-partner. When Shawn Firestone, a devilishly handsome sex-educator joins an emotionally vulnerable Bridget on the podcast as a guest, her fondness for him quickly shifts from professional to sexual. But can she commit to the life of independence and success she's always dreamed of, or will she fall into the trap of needing another man to save her...

Evil Angel - Kenzie Taylor - Kenzie: Interracial Anal & Cum Swallow

File: bvidbnaevankentayqdpqzbjmy4.mp4
Size: 345.85 MB
Duration: 32:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Busty blonde Kenzie Taylor looks glamorous in fur, flashy lingerie and heels. She flaunts her round breasts and plump booty. Prince Yahshua pulls out his big black cock, and Kenzie crawls to him for a sloppy blowjob. He clutches Kenzie's head as he fucks her throat, and the sassy strumpet hops on his dick for a nasty pussy fuck. Kenzie moans through as he fucks her tight sphincter she shouts for him to pound it harder! Interracial anal reaming features nasty, ass-to-mouth cocksucking, crude dirty talk and a spit-soaked titty fuck. In the finale, Prince drains his thick prick into Kenzie's mouth, and the insatiable girl swallows cum.

Pure Taboo - Kenzie Taylor & Carolina Sweets - The Daddy Interview

File: s3nipnaputakencarcumicxxdhg.mp4
Size: 367.76 MB
Duration: 45:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Roxy Kenzie Taylor is relaxing on the couch, lovingly cuddled up to her step-daughter, Chelsea Carolina Sweets. As she glides her fingers affectionately through Chelsea's hair, she admits that it's time to start dating again. It's been awhile since she divorced Chelsea's dad... Roxy can only give Chelsea so much, needing a man to do the rest for her dear, sweet daughter... Chelsea needs a daddy.

Although Chelsea is worried at first, she soon eagerly helps Roxy set up an online date with a doctor named Marc Tommy Gunn. If all goes well, their little family will be complete, and Chelsea will have the daddy she sorely craves...

When Marc arrives, he is entranced by Roxy, yet unnerved when she introduces him to Chelsea. While Marc thinks it's unusual to introduce Chelsea so soon, Roxy argues that getting formalities out of the way will just make things easier for them. They need a family man in their life, and he's a family man, right?

As they settle for dinner, Marc begins to suspect that something is amiss with the women. Roxy is exuding raw sexual energy in front of Chelsea and Chelsea herself doesn't look so innocent either. Things only get more unsettling as Roxy heavily comes onto him by groping him under the table.

Or at least he THINKS it's Roxy feeling him up until he sees that it's Chelsea! When Roxy coyly asks how he'd punish Chelsea if she were his own daughter, the date only becomes more twisted. Roxy declares that Chelsea needs a new daddy and they think Marc could be the one. Although Marc is hesitant, his resolve crumbles under the sultry gaze of the mother-daughter duo...

Aussie Fellatio Queens - Kenzie Taylor - Goodbye Blowjob

File: f6elvnaaufequkentaykhxnfmsznq.mp4
Size: 427.44 MB
Duration: 11:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end, it was time for US porn star Kenzie Taylor's 2nd visit to Oz to shoot with us to come to an end and for her to travel back to the United States, but there was just enough time for this hot babe to get a little more Aussie dick before she departed. Watch Kenzie sneak into our directors room and give him a hot surprise blowjob and swallow yet another one of his loads before she departed, i think she needs a 3rd visit down under!

Wicked - Kenzie Taylor - He Loves Me In Plaid Skirts And Panties

File: ly5zdnawickentay3eprqse98s.mp4
Size: 270.45 MB
Duration: 26:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Maybe its a kink or a fetish but a beautiful woman dressing up for him in her sexy schoolgirl outfit is what really gets him off. The barely-there skirt, the almost see-through top and dripping wet panties are what he dreams of and shes happy to indulge him because its just as hot for her. He Loves Me In Plaid Skirts and Panties.

Everything Butt - Kenzie Taylor, Penny Pax & Jane Wilde - Anal Academy

File: bjanynaevbukenpenjanqzfqvvcqnf.mp4
Size: 681.08 MB
Duration: 01:23:49
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Pax and Jane Wilde are attending Kenzie Taylor's Anal Academy. They sit at their desks in class, ready for their final anal exam. Before Professor Taylor shows up, the two have some nasty words with each other about who is the bigger slut on campus. Kenzie enters the room and yells at the girls to stop bickering at each other. The exam begins and Kenzie tells them to get on their knees in front of her and take her panties down only using their mouths...

My First Sex Teacher - Kenzie Taylor - Professor Mckenna Fucks Student After Class

File: qeyynnamyfisetekentayjqegqvkoit.mp4
Size: 566.60 MB
Duration: 45:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisProfessor McKenna and her student's know it! She actually finds one of her students attractive as well so she keeps him after class to talk with him. After a little chat, Professor McKenna shows her student that he's her favorite.

Wicked - Kenzie Taylor - Upon Further Reflection

File: donusnawickentayknyshlj8fy.mp4
Size: 266.04 MB
Duration: 26:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Fiction writer, James Wharton Ryan Mclane, is suffering from writers block and a drinking problem. His ex-wife is making his life a living hell and his agent is putting the pressure on him to finish his new novel. A chance meeting with a beautiful young girl Avi Love,who is a fan of his work, begins to lead him out of the darkness and into inspiration once again until he discovers that she is harboring a dark secret. Romance, regret and redemption collide in Upon Further Reflection..

Cherry Pimps - Karma Rx & Kenzie Taylor - Getting Each Other So Wet

File: kuuusnachpikarkenf9obrz2u4f.mp4
Size: 213.28 MB
Duration: 26:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: May's Cherry of the Month Karma Rx so badly wanted to fuck Kenzie Taylor so who were we to say no to such a sexy request?!? Kenzie loves pinching on Karma's nipples making them so hard and perfect to suck on. Karma can not take all the attention and needs to bury her face deep in Kenzie's wet snatch! The fucking fun has only begun as Karma's pulls out her assortment of toys and fucks Kenzie until she screams and stuffs her dildo down her throat to taste all those sweet juices. Karma sits on Kenzie's face and really gets the royal treatment as she cums over and over while she sucks on her own tits! Kenzie really knows how to work her tongue on that wet pussy!

Aussie Fellatio Queens - Kenzie Taylor - Sloppy Head

File: qjwhknaaufequkentayoanbrgxvw5.mp4
Size: 126.42 MB
Duration: 15:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: US porn star and blonde bombshell Kenzie Taylor is back, and she wants to show you just how she loves giving deep, wet, sloppy blowjobs! The sight of this blonde babe in a hot bikini, getting her perfect tits out and slobbering all over a hard cock will be way too much for some, and who would blame them! Watch as Kenzie show off her talent and she just loves taking the cock down the back of her throat, and the finish where she gives you amazing eye contact while swallowing all your sperm is simply to die for!

Porn Fidelity - Kenzie Taylor - Secret Luvrz

File: 2hlnjnapofikentayqvll4ajr4v.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 45:36
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie waits in a hotel room booked under her friend's name, her husband will never know that she's meeting with Ryan Mclane to get that good dick. She puts on her little black dress and fuck-me pumps before he arrives. She's impatient, she's been waiting for days to feel his cock inside her. No words are said as he arrives, it's straight to the business of pleasure.

Devil's Film - Kenzie Taylor - Cuck em All 4

File: xhj17nadefikentaythldbue3fw.mp4
Size: 265.79 MB
Duration: 32:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: A couple of weeks ago, Marcelo's wife let him know she was taking off to London for a bit of relaxation at a spa and she did not want him to come with her. He understood. She needed alone time. Well the poor sap is shaken to the core when she returns home with a football hooligan that she apparently had been shagging all over London as they ran up his credit card. To top matters off she brings him back to stay with them and has the musclebound bully fuck the hell out of her in front of him and he is made to watch. How much can one man take? He is made fun of for not being into sports and inadequate in bed. Why is this woman always so mean to him? Why? Because she can.

Wicked - Kenzie Taylor & Ana Foxxx - Axel Brauns Girlfest 2

File: np7u6nawickenanavruiixmgcs.mp4
Size: 235.74 MB
Duration: 23:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The most awarded adult director in history dives back into the world of sapphic pleasures with another sensual journey to the realm of girl-on-girl sex, and it's a scorcher! Axel Braun's Girlfest 2 is a classy erotic masterpiece featuring 10 of the sexiest, most intense performers on the planet.

Big Butts Like It Big - Kenzie Taylor - Ass In Heat 2

File: unqrpnabibuliitbikentayvnkoysh4qd.mp4
Size: 396.46 MB
Duration: 33:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a long day, Kenzie Taylor loves to unwind by either hitting the sauna or getting fucked in the ass. Today she's in luck, because Xander Corvus and his thick cock are also visiting the sauna. Xander is ready to give Kenzie exactly what she wants lets hope his girlfriend doesn't catch them.

All Girl Massage - Kenzie Taylor & Veronica Valentine - You're The Boss

File: f8ipjnaalgimakenver2gx7je7t25.mp4
Size: 273.16 MB
Duration: 45:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Veronica Valentine is a new receptionist for a massage parlor. When her boss, Kenzie Taylor, greets her, Veronica's excited to announce that her first day's going well! Kenzie's glad to hear that Veronica's enjoying work so far, but would she be willing to do her a favor? 'Yeah, of course, you're the boss!' Veronica enthuses as she follows Kenzie downstairs.

Once they're in the massage parlor, Kenzie reveals that she'd like to try a new massage technique on Veronica to make sure it's good. Veronica, eager to please, easily agrees. She strips down and lays on the massage table, waiting for her boss' skilled hands to get to work.

Veronica enjoys the sensual massage, lost in the moment, until Kenzie starts rubbing her pussy. Startled, she asks Kenzie if that's a normal part of the massage. Kenzie insists that it will be, yes, because this is the special technique she wanted to try... Only if Veronica's up for it, of course. Veronica, still wanting to get on her boss' good side, happily consents and settles back to enjoy the happy ending.

The sensual massage goes above and beyond anything Veronica ever could've imagined as Kenzie fingers her and eats her out. The tribbing is a nice touch, too! When she's given her chance to return the favor, she jumps at it, making sure that Kenzie feels as good as she does. It looks like this new massage technique is a hit!