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Glory Hole

Glory Hole - Isabella Nice - Isabella Is On Mission

File: eqrpanaglhoisanickf2ve1nrar.mp4
Size: 208.12 MB
Duration: 18:31
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Isabella is on mission. Her boyfriend is doing some home improvements and sent her to the store to get CAULK. Sweet and naive Isabella saw the sign outside of the adult store that said COCK INSIDE. Honest mistake really...I'm sure it happens to a lot of girls! Anyways, the video store clerk was more than happy to show her the room with the cock dispenser. Before she can second guess this shopping trip, she's down on her knees and with a mouthful of big black cock. She takes both of them
deep down her throat. She slobbers just enough throat jelly on there to let it slide right into her dripping hole. She throws her ass on the cock until they are about to spurt and finishes them off with her hands and mouth. I'm guessing she'll be shopping for more COCK real soon.

Gloryhole Secrets - Zoe Sparx - Zoey S's First Gloryhole Video

File: h6isgnaglsezoespaaoxpfecsih.mp4
Size: 541.96 MB
Duration: 01:06:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The gloryhole may be dark, but Zoe Sparx is going to light it up this week with her electric energy. 26-year-old Zoe looks a lot younger than she is, but she is one of those old souls who is much more mature than her looks portray. However, Zoe does look forward to being a hot MILF in the future. She is a tall drink of water too at just under 5'10. It may come as no surprise that Zoe was a mainstream runway model before deciding to have a little more fun and go into porn. She says the people she has worked with in the adult industry are way more genuine and friendly than the ones she had to deal with in fashion. We've heard this before. Even though she has been at it for two years, this will be Zoe's FIRST GLORYHOLE! Her guys are in for a treat, because Zoe tells us she has given some blowjobs that have just ruined a guy. She backs up her words with action as she successfully SUCKS OFF ALL ELEVEN of her anonymous gentlemen on the other side of the wall. Maybe it's Zoe's Uma Thurman vibe she gives off that made her men all pop so hard and fast, or maybe she is just really good at sucking cock. She may also be good at dick sucking because she is programmed for it. Zoe considers herself a cyborg, part machine because she has a pacemaker since the age of 15. Now her last name makes a lot more sense, right? Watch and judge for yourself why she is such a blue ribbon cock sucker. Whether it's learned or digitally programmed, Zoe gets results. If you enjoy Zoe in the gloryhole and how could you not?, watch for Zoe's gangbang on GangbangCreampie.com as well. It's hot! We'll patch up all the frayed wires and replace all the blown fuses Zoe overloaded in the gloryhole this week and see you back here soon for another sexy gloryhole starlet on her knees

Gloryhole Secrets - Karla - First Glory Hole

File: qvdnpnaglsekarlzgoaqz34ov.mp4
Size: 423.10 MB
Duration: 52:29
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Big things are happening around the gloryhole today as plus-size model Karla makes her GloryholeSecrets debut! It's been a while since we've had a B.B.W. on her knees sucking off a team of strangers, but the members have been asking for it for a long time and it was time to deliver. Never let it be said we don't listen to our valued subscribers. Karla is a special lady with a self-described oral fixation. That means she likes putting things in her mouth. She not only revels in her curves, but she is also happily married to a guy who gets off on her sucking and fucking other guys of any size. In addition, she has two other boyfriends her hubby knows about. All four of them even hang out together sometimes. Being a proud, candy-coated lady is not the only kink this lady caters to she also has a huge bush, for those of you who like your girls natural. It should go without saying that as a natural, larger lady, Karla also has big, natural boobs 42DDDs, to be specific. While she is not pregnant, she does produce sometimes from her nipples when she gets really turned on. What a total package! This is not the week to miss, people. Expect big things you won't be disappointed with Karla.

Glory Hole - Honey Blossom - Honey Is One Angry Wife

File: gh4xrnaglhohonblo5yqfdqukig.mp4
Size: 230.14 MB
Duration: 20:28
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Honey Blossom is one angry wife. Her dirty dog of a husband bought porn dvd's!! Can you believe that dirtbag! Anyways she wants to return these movies and get her money back. Problem is the store he bought them from doesn't do returns....kind of a no brainer. They do however give store credit. The store clerk shows her some of the products they sell, but Honey isn't interested. Maybe she doesn't know what she's missing with the videos. The store clerk offers her store credit in the form of a video
booth viewing. Although Honey is a little reluctant....she's not walking out of this store without something in return. Doesn't take long for her to realize the girl in the video sucking all the cock...is actually a turn on. Honey can't help but begin to service her hungry little pussy. Not sure her husband would be too thrilled that's she's rubbing one out in a dirty stall at the video store. But the hell with him....he deserves it. Oh shit...a strangers cock has appeared through the wall! What will she do?! Of course she's gonna suck it....takes the entire meat stick to the back of her little mouth. Girl sucks dick like she's crossed the desert for it! For all you guys that love when girl's swallow....hold tight for the end...she doesn't spill a drop! Best part of the whole thing....store clerk says she still has credit for one more session! Lucky girl.

Gloryhole Secrets - Jenna Clove - Jenna Clove's First Gloryhole Video

File: 5u1pinaglsejenclofbwcani12p.mp4
Size: 874.50 MB
Duration: 57:52
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: At first glance, young, petite, unassuming Jenna doesn't look like a ravenous sex freak who could suck the chrome off the bumper of a 1974 Camaro. However, looks can be deceiving. Our 21-year old girl in the booth this week is a real she-wolf in lamb's clothing. Right off the bat, she rates herself somewhere between a 7 and a 10 on the 10-scale, but the more we talk to her, the more she reveals she thinks she's really closer to a 10. You're about to see that Jenna is much more than just talk as she sucks off ELEVEN STRANGERS and SWALLOWS ALL ELEVEN LOADS. Did we mention that this is Jenna's first time in a gloryhole? No? Well, it is, which makes her performance even more impressive and unbelievable for her young age. Equally impressive for her age is her experience in the BDSM world. Not only does she have the resume of somebody many years her senior in the dungeon world, but she also plays both sides of the field. She can be a dom or a sub. While we are going to see much more of her submissive side today in the gloryhole, be on the lookout for her upcoming appearance on GangbangCreampie.com where you can see her dominant side come out to play too. Today Jenna knows she can't let any of her guys' cum hit the floor, but if it does, she is going to get a sick thrill out of licking it up off the floor. She likes being a good little slave. Brat is the name Jenna likes to be called when she is being a naughty sub. She only needs to be corrected a couple times, but she does need to get put in-line with that name when she misbehaves. Jenna left some of her wants and desires on the table for next time. She wants to be slapped around more and face-fucked even harder next time, if she comes back. Do you want to see Jenna be even sluttier in a second round? It may be difficult, but there is only one way to find out. Tell us in the comments if you think she is worthy and can do even better a second time. Our research department will read your feedback and get in touch with Jenna's people if the members demand it.

Glory Hole - Victoria Voxxx - Victoria Is A Total Maniac

File: tjh1rnaglhovicvoxukgp6umwxq.mp4
Size: 305.83 MB
Duration: 27:13
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Victoria is a total maniac! She's a kleptomaniac AND a nymphomaniac! She wants all the cock and all the cum. Seems like she gets off on stealing her porn as well. When our store clerk catches her trying to pocket a couple dvd's, he explains to her that she can watch this stuff for free in the viewing booths. Nice guy...instead of calling the cops...he gives her just what she wanted, 2 big cocks! She sucks those random meat sticks with some serious head game. But sucking them isn't enough....she wants
both in her tight little pussy. She rocks back on them feverishly and right before they explode, she works every drip of cum out with her dirty little mouth. She got off easy this time, but might not be that easy next time!!

Gloryhole Secrets - Tyler Faith - Tyler F's First Gloryhole Video

File: rkuppnaglsetylfaifdcpklp6tk.mp4
Size: 406.17 MB
Duration: 50:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's not everyday a legend of this industry stops by the gloryhole. However, today is one of those standout days. Please give a warm, reverential, GloryholeSecrets.com welcome to Ms. Tyler Faith! We are honored to have her here on her legendary knees this week. Even though Tyler is a veteran of mattress theatre, this will be her FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE. We are also honored Tyler chose us to debut not only her first gloryhole scene, but also her brand new, only three-week-old 34H boobs! They are a thing things? of beauty to behold. She has added 400CCs to her previous size. Lucky guy 6 gets to be the first one to cum on Tyler's new girls. It's something he can tell his grandchildren. While this may be Tyler's debut performance in a gloryhole, she is going to SWALLOW TWELVE LOADS from her twelve anonymous gentlemen on the other side of the wall. She has a fantasy that at least some of them are football players from the Patriots. Who's to say if they aren't? Taking more cumshots down her throat than the average girl wasn't enough for Tyler after she had worked herself up into such a frenzy. She needed to take care of herself after her marathon suck-athon, so she takes the wand from out of one of the holes to vibe herself to her own raging orgasm! Would you expect anything less from a legend? We expected a lot from Tyler and she blew our expectations and her twelve guys away. What did you think? Give us your critiques in the comments section below. Do you want to have her back? Can she take on more than twelve guys? How many of them were from the Patriots? What is your estimate?

Glory Hole - Whitney Wright - Young, Innocent Whitney Stumbles Upon A Seedy Adult Store

File: ymnrynaglhowhiwrilhefquggg7.mp4
Size: 263.92 MB
Duration: 23:29
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Young, innocent Whitney stumbles upon a seedy adult store, in search of family themed movies. Maybe they have animation cartoons about simple things like dogs and rainbows and such. To her surprise....they carry quite a bit of movies featuring dogs! Almost every movie they carry has doggy position and hell, the production company is even called Dogfart!! Before she knows it, the store clerk has offered to show her a sample of one of the videos for free in one of their booths. As she sits in the booth alone and
watches a young white lady get hot and heavy with a couple hung black studs....she becomes very intrigued. Without hesitation she finds herself rubbing her wet little pussy. Suddenly a big black cock comes through a hole in the wall. Well what's a little girl supposed to do? Suck it of course!! One's not enough though. A second one appears and Whitney can't help but go back and forth slobbering all over each knob. After she's thoroughly lube each cock up with her mouth, she slides one dick at a time into her tight pink asshole. Each throbbing cock pumps her hole until they can't take it any more! She sucks each one off onto her Snow White face. All she wants now is a monthly membership!!

Gloryhole-Initiations - Kinsley Karter - Ever Since Her First Trip

File: quphbnaglokinkarakeo7abzom.mp4
Size: 224.13 MB
Duration: 19:53
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Ever since her first trip to the hole, Kinsley Karter has been addicted to gloryholes. No joke. If she's in a public park, or the airport, or anywhere she feels there might be a hot hole, Kinsley wanders in just to see what's up! Today, she's super excited, because an internet search has turned up one of those brick-and-mortar DVD stores. I didn't know those even existed anymore! Kinsley gasped, when she made the online discovery. That day, she was in the hole, servicing a random...just like she thought she'd
find. What Kinsley didn't realize is the aftermath sure, Kinsley is used to dealing with creeps in creepy places, but today, upon exiting the hole, Kinsley walked into a half-dozen horny, horny adult bookstore creeps...looking to drop their loads, too!! And guess what? Kinsley was DOWN! Even the bookstore manager jumped in on the fun! Talk about one jizzed-up chick!!

Glory Hole - Lexi Lore & Natalia Queen - Lexi And Her Bestie

File: ldkk4naglholexnatsqqwrm9eso.mp4
Size: 313.99 MB
Duration: 27:55
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Lore and her bestie, Natalia Queen, are typical barely-legals giggling and laughing and full of drama and goofy behavior. Lexi is more open-minded than Natalia, and just look at them now! Lexi has coaxed Natalia into some random, old-school dirty-video store! Yes! They still exist! And they're acting like immature goofballs, making silly jokes at all the DVD titles. It doesn't take long for the store manager to ask them for ID, and once he verified they're 18, they wander into one of the preview booths. You know what's about
to go down...well, maybe it's shocking to you that Lexi took it upon herself to pull the rubbers off the two random creeps in the adjacent booths? Or that Lexi will take it up her butt? Or that both girls finish the randos on each other?!? These two super sluts are then on to the walk of shame, leaving the store for all to know what they truly are!

Glory Hole - Sara Jay - Sara Is A Hustler

File: 2tfh8naglhosarjay383nhsnbwk.mp4
Size: 196.77 MB
Duration: 17:29
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Sara Jay is a hustler. Everyone knows this. It's part of the reason she's so popular. Sara has a new side-hustle, too! Dogfart has employed Sara as a point-of-purchase manager. You heard right in this day and age of online streaming, there's still dinosaurs that exist in the form of video stores. People still buy DVD's! And they need a place to preview them. Enter this old-school, mom-and-pop video store and their preview area. Sara knows what's up, and after talking to the bookstore manager on how to better Dogfart's product
placement in the store, Sara Jay will do what she does best. Suck and Fuck. Right through a hot hole drilled through the wall!! Let's talk super-anonymous, super-hot, super-taboo sex!

Glory Hole - Natasha Nice - Natasha Loves Gloryholes

File: itxnpnaglhonatniclktnholsvr.mp4
Size: 208.40 MB
Duration: 18:30
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Natasha Nice loves gloryholes. No joke! She actually seeks them out by searching online for them, just like you do! Natasha has found a dinosaur -- an old-school, brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop video store...just like one from back in the 80's! The mainstream movies are in the front of the store, while the customer has to walk through a door to a back room...where the adult titles are located! There's preview booths, too, so you know Natasha is going to do what it takes to get into one of those! And once in,
it doesn't take long for the creep in the adjacent booth to push his over-sized dick through the hole! Natasha takes it from there! Sucking and fucking so loud the store clerk actually gets a kick out of it! Natasha drains the rando all over her enormous tits, before walking out in her freshly cum-stained shirt!!

Gloryhole Secrets - Gabi Gold - First Glory Hole

File: efxprnaglsegabgolv9yzvhtjm9.mp4
Size: 387.68 MB
Duration: 47:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Guten Tag from Gabi Gold as this 24-year-old German newbie joins us for her FIRST GLORYHOLE experience on-camera! She had some practice in Germany at a few sex parties, but there she knew the guys on the other side of the wall, so that doesn't really count, right? We don't think so. Gloryhole semantics aside, Gabi is a promiscuous little vixen. She says she stopped counting how many dicks she sucked about two years ago because the numbers just got too high. However, she has covered a lot of ground in a very short span of time. Gabi did not suck her first dick until she was 18. We find the late bloomers often turn into the overachievers. She also prefers an aggressive sucking style over a slow, romantic blowjob. That might help explain her 100 accuracy in sucking off all ELEVEN STRANGERS' DICKS today. We learn between cumshots 3 4 that Gabi has a cute nickname for her pussy she calls it Pocahontas. Her mouth game was so strong today, Gabi didn't even need Pocahontas to get off her ten little Indians. Well, ten plus one for ELEVEN CUMSHOTS down her throat! At the conclusion of her real FIRST GLORYHOLE experience, Gabi tells us it was much more fun not knowing who the guys were on the other end of the gloryhole. She'll have to come back next time she is in the States for another round on her knees. If you liked what you saw here, check out Gabi's first gangbang on GangbangCreampie.com too. We gave Gabi all sorts of firsts on her inaugural tour of the U.S.

Gloryhole Secrets - Daisy Stone - Daisy 's First Gloryhole Video

File: gjhmgnaglvidaistolkoudimwgw.mp4
Size: 927.13 MB
Duration: 01:01:00
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: You know what they used to say, A dollop of Daisy will do ya. Well, this week Daisy is going to be getting much more than a dollop of cream. In fact, she's going to be getting NINE LOADS down her throat from nine anonymous guys! However, before the throat-coating begins, let's take a moment to learn about sweet Daisy, shall we? 22-year-old Daisy Stone hails from Florida and was the wild child in her family growing up. Did I mention she has an ass that won't quit? You may have already noticed. Anyway, you may also have noticed her resemblance to Roller Girl from Boogie Nights. You see it? We thought so too. Even though she loves sucking dicks, getting gangbanged, and all sorts of other extreme sexual activities, we learn in Daisy's interview that the word fondle creeps her out. It's not the act of being fondled she dislikes, she actually enjoys that as you'll see, but the word itself does not turn her on. However, apparently Mr. Rogers does. You'll have to watch the interview to understand that one. Daisy's thoughts of Mr. Rogers get her so hot that she blazes through her nine anonymous neighbors' cocks in the gloryhole today. At the end, she estimates that she could finish off 50! guys next time. Can she do it? Should we have her back to prove it? Tell us what you think in the comments. If you can't wait until her next time here in the gloryhole, head over to GangbangCreampie.com to see Daisy's TWO scorching appearances there. In honor of Daisy's mesmerizing ass, we might have to change the name the shorts formerly known as Daisy Dukes to Daisy Stones. What do you think? Come back to GloryholeSecrets.com next week for the results!

Glory Hole - Elle Voneva - Sometimes, It Starts As A Simple Trip

File: c993unaglhoellvonwk5h9bb63y.mp4
Size: 212.34 MB
Duration: 18:51
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes, it starts as a simple trip to grab a video at the store. Believe it or not, some people still love the DVD format, and Elle Voneva is one of those people. And believe it or not, there's still a mom-and-pop video store in Elle's neighborhood, too! The store is set up so the front is full of Hollywood blockbusters, and the back of the store? Well...it's a sleazy part of the store where the dirty movies are available to buy. You can preview the movies before you buy them,
too, which is exactly where Elle eventually ends up! Once in the preview booth, things happen Elle gets turned on by the movie and decides to quietly rub one out. Then, the guy in an adjacent booth pushes his dick through one of the holes in the wall, so Elle decides to suck on it. Why not fuck him, too? Then she gives him another blowie until he shoots a load all over the place! Most of it got all over Elle's face, but it flew all over the preview booth, too!

Glory Hole Secrets - Petra Blair - Petra's First Gloryhole Video

File: cwcwnnaglhosepetblayqybgqfdxv.mp4
Size: 464.67 MB
Duration: 57:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Some girls like a challenge Ms. Petra Blair is definitely one of those girls. This is Petra's FIRST TIME IN A GLORYHOLE where she will be sucking off TEN ANONYMOUS MEN. Challenge accepted, it would appear. While she has had her share of dicks in her short 26 years on earth, she has never had ten at once without seeing their faces. Petra tells us she enjoys blowjob porn on her time off, so today is going to be a good day for her ten of her newest friends on the other side of the wall. She did her homework and watched GloryholeSecrets.com for a few days leading up to her debut here. Such dedication! In her pre-gloryhole interview, Petra reveals she fancies herself a bit of a dick whisperer. She can intuit which guys like her to pay more attention to the tipversus the shaftversus the balls, etc., even without seeing their faces. This girl is in the right place. Going hand-in-hand with her dick whispering skills, Petra gives off a pretty firm hippie vibe. We get further evidence a few minutes later when she parts her legs and reveals no panties and a healthy little bush. Petra's cute little sundress allows her to easily show us how high and wide that bush goes. If that's your jam, watch cumshot 7 for a very special BUSH BUKKAKE. Wow! That thin little dress also allows us to see Petra's firm nipples poking through. Don't worry you'll see them in their full glory once that dress comes off around guy 3. Long nipple enthusiasts will be pleased. Just about everybody will be pleased by Petra's standout performance today in the gloryhole. As a reward for her, the off-camera gloryhole assistant vibes Petra before she grabs the wand and gets herself off, just before the cameras stop rolling. If you enjoyed Petra's performance here, keep an eye on GangbangCreampie.com for another breakout effort of hers coming soon. To tide you over until then, come visit us here next week for another hot gloryhole babe at GloryholeSecrets.com!

Glory Hole Secrets - Molly Pleasant - Molly P's First Gloryhole Video

File: qdpxknaglhosemolpleonoln2jbnx.mp4
Size: 500.04 MB
Duration: 01:02:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: We're on a roll with Molly this week on GloryholeSecrets.com! This is her FIRST PRO SHOOT EVER! You won't see her anywhere else, except maybe soon on GangbangCreampie.com, but right now, this is your only place to find Ms. Molly. Pardon me I should say Mrs. Molly. She is a MARRIED MILF and her husband whom she affectionately calls daddy is right behind her in the booth watching. She really gets off on pleasing him and performing for daddy. Today she'll be performing for a few more than just him as she sucks off TWELVE ANONYMOUS COCKS in front of a world audience. Her favorite thing is to feel a cock get hard in her mouth, so we're about to give her a dozen chances to experience that thrill. Molly proudly claims to have a giraffe tongue, which will come in handy while she works the cum out of her twelve dicks. She is able to contort that tongue into possibly one of the best tongue bowls for spent sperm we have ever seen on this site, and that's sayin' something! Foot lovers are in for a special treat on cock 4 as Molly JERKS HIM OFF WITH HER FEET. That's some fancy footwork, Molly. She makes sure not to miss any of the cum the guys give her, even obediently licking it off the floor so as not to disappoint daddy. Toward the end of her twelve cock marathon, Molly backs up on a couple of the dicks she likes particularly, while still managing to suck another one through the other hole. She did mention she was a yoga instructor after all, or was it a circus contortionist? Either way, when she comes back, she wants it to involve being tied up, using candles, and strapping her to a wheel of fortune. I'd like to buy a vowel, please BLWJB. Until we solve that puzzle, come back next week for another hot, new contestant on America's favorite fellatio-based gameshow,

Glory Hole - Adria Rae - Adria Has A Longtime Friend

File: bfcrjnaglhoadrraejy3y2ueg4e.mp4
Size: 236.58 MB
Duration: 21:01
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Adria Rae has a longtime friend who's about to get hitched, and Adria has taken it upon herself to set up the bachelorette party! Adria loves to party, so it was a natural for her to set up the festivities a limo, lotsa bar hopping...and when in the limo, let the pornography play on the limo television! This means she can't stream, so Adria's previewing some filthy smut at the video store! Once she's in the booth, the arms start coming through the hole almost immediately! Horny dudes on both
sides, pawing and grabbing and groping!! This makes Adria really horny, so she'll service both studs with her eager mouth and sopping wet pussy!! Watch how she goes back and forth, as each fellah knocks on the wall, competing for her attention!! Sure enough, she'll drain their balls before walking out, cum stains still fresh on her clothes, before paying for her porn!

Glory Hole Secrets - Lyra Lockhart - Lyra's First Gloryhole Video

File: p5tqlnaglhoselyrlocq2572fgfsx.mp4
Size: 411.83 MB
Duration: 50:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: This week's GloryholeSecrets sweetheart is a clever college coed named Lyra. She's got book-smarts, natural intelligence, and natural beauty. Just look at those two natural beauties on her chest! Back to her brain, 20-year-old Lyra starts off her interview by educating us on the different terminologies for those things about to poke through the gloryholes, what to call what squirts out of them, and the applications of those names. To dumb it down a little, Lyra is telling us about all the cocks she is about to suck and all the jizz she is going to swallow. Everybody follow? Good. Lyra is out to beat her standing record of only sucking off three dicks in one day. Today she is going to more than triple that by sucking and swallowing TEN LOADS from ten mysterious strangers. Having lost her virginity only two years ago on the day after her first day of college, she hadn't even sucked one dick before that. Let's just say Lyra is quickly making up for lost time. Being a sexy bookworm, she spent plenty of time boning up on sex before actually getting boned. Lyra was a fan of educational porn before getting into making her own. Today she'll educate us how to suck off the same number of guys as are on a men's lacrosse team that's ten, for those of you non-sports fans. Speaking of numbers and records, Lyra keeps a tally of all the guys she has blown on a list in her phone. That's some organized slutting! Her list is about to get a lot longer today. Watch the way Lyra's eyes roll back in her head as she deep-throats, then listen to those gagging and gargling noises as she moves her mouth up and down her TEN COCKS. After she finishes them all off, Lyra tries something new- her first time ever using a wand! She squirms and squeals with delight as she reaches her first Hitachi orgasm, barely able to handle the intensity. We have to have this college cutie back. Watch our sister site, GangbangCreampie.com, plus our new venue, Mr. Salty's for even more hot Lyra content. Just imagine the firsts we'll have next week when another hottie gets down on her knees at GlorholeSecrets.com!

Glory Hole - Syren Demer - Vice Detective Syren

File: kh9wunaglhosyrdemlf7qnu4dku.mp4
Size: 257.53 MB
Duration: 22:53
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Vice Detective Syren de Mer specializes in busting adult bookstores, massage parlors, and anywhere else dirty, filthy behaviors go down. What Detective de Mer doesn't really talk about is her love of dressing up like a hooker when she goes undercover. Syren loves putting on a short skirt without panties and a slinky top with no bra...her pussy drips and her nips stand at attention the whole time she's at work. And today's job is shaking down a local adult bookshop where reports of public masturbation and back-room, seedy sex acts
are taking place. Sure enough, Detective de Mer walks right into a room filled with glory holes...and instead of busting everyone, watch, in disbelief, as Vice Officer Syren de Mer makes one bad decision after another, jeopardizing her career in law enforcement.

Gloryhole Secrets - Christy Love - Christi's First Gloryhole Video

File: puq79naglsechrlovj1ynxymbdb.mp4
Size: 562.97 MB
Duration: 01:08:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Asian stunner Christy Love has never been in a traditional gloryhole before, but we have the feeling she is going to LOVE it. See what I did there? You're going to love it too. This woman sucks dick with a passion! We almost always ask the girls where they rate themselves on their cocksucking skills on a scale from one to ten Christy gives herself a ten with no hesitation. She's not being cocky pun definitely intended she delivers! Watch for yourself to see if you agree. We learn half-Korean Christy is a P.K. Pastor's kid, an unlikely start for a girl in her field, but is it really? Christy got her start webcamming, which evolved slowly into blowing and swallowing THIRTEEN STRANGERS' LOADS through a gloryhole today. Her old swallowing record was less than half that, a mere five, so we're going to crush that today. The action starts as Christy gets fondled by anonymous hands through the holes, then it's off to the gloryhole races as she sucks off her THIRTEEN COCKS to completion in the time it takes most girls to do the standard ten. Watch her throat and tongue muscles when she deep-throats. It's poetry. She's a squirter too, as you'll soon be able to see over on GangbangCreampie.com. We definitely want to have Christy back to go for a new GloryholeSecrets record, squirting included. Come back often to see when Christy returns here on GloryholeSecrets.com!

Gloryhole-Initiations - Kira Noir - Kira Is One Horny Slut

File: smtffnaglokirnoicrqqblpxug.mp4
Size: 186.81 MB
Duration: 16:36
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir is one horny slut, and when she gets super horny which is all the time Kira loves to rub one out to dirty movies. Not just any dirty movies, either. Kira loves her porn to be real. Kira can't seem to find anything online, so she's found herself at an old-school, brick-and-mortar store that sells DVDs! And get this -- there's a preview booth in the store that will let you preview before you buy! Kira takes the clerk up on his offer, and soon is behind the curtain,
watching smut in the store! Kira gets so turned on, she decided to talk to the guy in the booth over! That's right! She could hear his movie playing, and when she peered through the hole, Kira could watch him jerking his throbbing member. Turns out he's a regular at the store, but he doesn't want any trouble with management. This means Kira is going to coax his dick through the hole, which isn't terribly difficult for her! Soon she's sucking...and taking that dick balls-deep up her sweet asshole! Walking out of the preview booth won't be easy with cum dripping from her face, so why not swallow that stranger's load?!

Gloryhole Secrets - Lexi Mansfield - Lexi M's First Gloryhole Video

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Duration: 58:15
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Taiwanese 20-something Lexi Mansfield may look pure and innocent at first glance, but get to know her a little and it's a whole different story. Sometimes it's the innocent ones who are the biggest freaks! Lexi is no exception to that rule. In her pre-gloryhole interview, we learn that Lexi's exposure to a lot of her more exotic sexual adventures came after she got into porn her first girl-girl, her first gangbang on GangbangCreampie.com, by the way, and now her first gloryhole here on GloryholeSecrets! Check out that special deep throat shirt Lexi wore just for the occasion. Lexi is a pleaser, so she likes having her head grabbed when she's sucking cock so she can get the dick thrust all the way down her throat. She even has a special masked assistant this week to push her head up against her THIRTEEN ANONYMOUS COCKS so she can really deep throat them to the wall and to the balls. Watch Lexi break with gloryhole tradition and suck off her assistant inside the booth! While still anonymous with his mask, having no wall allows him to get full control of her head, mouth, and throat until busting another creamy load on Lexy's willing tongue. He also gets Lexi to squirt all the way through her shorts as she is sucking off some of the other guys. The safety committee made us break out our wet floor sign after Lexi was done. Ms. Mansfield fielded more than her average share of men at THIRTEEN! cumshots. We need to have her back soon to try and beat her own impressive record. Do you agree?

Glory Hole - Jane Wilde - Just Take A Look At Jane

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Duration: 25:24
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Just take a look at Jane Wilde! She's just brazenly walked into an adult bookstore, plucked a Dogfart DVD from the rack, and walked over to the corner of the store, where she'll masturbate furiously until caught! Is Jane crazy? Or is this just another part of her pervy fetish -- getting caught masturbating in the store, so the clerk can catch her?! He's going to do more than that, too the clerk will threaten Jane with trouble...or send her back to the one place in the store you can get
away with that sort of behavior the video arcade! Sure enough, once in her own private viewing booth, Jane goes wild, jerking hard and fast to big, black cock impaling little white girls. Which is about the time a huge black cock pokes through the hole! Jane's a super slut alright, and almost as fast as the oversized dong appeared, Jane's doing her best to wrap her tiny mouth and hands around its length and girth! You know she's going to stuff it in her little pussy, too! What about her ass? Do you even need to ask? Sure enough, Jane takes that massive dick in all holes before making it erupt all over her beautiful face! Just another day in the life of Jane Wilde!!

Gloryhole Secrets - Karma RX - Karma's First Gloryhole Video

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Duration: 53:08
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Format: mp4
Description: Somebody get me a doctor because it's Karma RX in the gloryhole booth this week! Your heart might stop too when you look at this busty, tatted, 26-year-old beauty. This is Karma's first time in front of the camera for us, but we've had her as a gloryhole coach for one of our girls before. It's going to be much more fun with Karma as the center of attention this time. She's very excited to blow through ELEVEN ANONYMOUS COCKS and swallow all their loads. Gloryhole porn happens to be Karma's favorite to watch she tells us she loves watching her own material, so this will be an exciting day for her. You'll probably like it too. We learn in Karma's interview that when she's not watching gloryhole scenes, she gets off on watching people sleep and fantasizing about having sex in her sleep. She's a kinky one, guys gals. You'll get to see some of that kink firsthand once Karma gets down on her knees and starts milking the cum out of nearly a dozen strangers on the other side of the wall. She loves having no idea who the ELEVEN GUYS connected to those faceless dicks are. Watch Karma orgasm while vibing herself as she gets fondled and fingered by the unknown hands thrust through the holes. Karma really does CUM around, again, and again, and again. Keep watching until the end to see Karma get herself off one more time with her fingers as she comes down from her cum-drunk high. Of course she uses one of her sleep porn fantasies to get herself there. Next time we have Karma back, she estimates she can suck off up to 50 guys! There is only one way to find out. Karma always comes back for you, so keep watching GloryholeSecrets.com for her reincarnation!

Gloryhole Secrets - Gia Milano - Gia M's First Gloryhole Video

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Format: mp4
Description: Take a look at stacked, 32-DDD, 27-year-old sex bomb Gia Milana and you'd never think she was a gloryhole virgin, but she is! Gia has crammed a lot of living into her relatively short lifespan, and today she is going to cram TEN STRANGERS' DICKS into her mouth in a relatively short timespan. Even though she has never been in a gloryhole before, Gia has been married, a swinger, worked luxury retail, and even earned her college degree in interior design. We asked her for some design tips for our humble gloryhole, but she said she loves it as it is. Gia was particularly fond of the design of those two holes that delivered the TEN LOADS down her throat. Maybe it's all just an extension of Gia's hoe stage she proudly tells us about during her interview. She also likes older men she was married to a 45-year-old when she was only 22. There is hope out there, gentlemen! Listen to and enjoy Gia's hot swinger stories before the hands and cocks start poking through the holes behind her. Gia tells us she likes to pay particular attention to the tip when she sucks a guy off. Watch and see if you think it's effective. It might be hard to dispute. The numbers don't lie, guys. Those TEN CUMSHOTS in her sexy mouth count up pretty quickly. After she polishes off her ten strangers and swallows every load, Gia tells us she wants to come back and try for 30 next time! Do you think she can do it and break our standing record of 27? Tell us below in the comments. We'll be tallying the results until next week when another girl goes for the gooey gold

Glory Hole - Daisy Stone - Daisy Is A Sex Worker

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Duration: 23:12
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Format: mp4
Description: Daisy Stone is a sex worker, and today she's about to apply for a job at a local adult bookstore. It's a special kind of bookstore that caters to a wide array of customers there's lubes, sexy clothes, toys and DVDs in the front of the store in the back, it gets a little sleazier, as there's a video arcade section as well as various booths where hot ladies can entertain men separated by a glass wall. You can only imagine what goes on! Daisy needs work, so during her
interview, the manager of the store gave Daisy a tour of the place! You can only imagine where she ended up -- the hole. Video arcade booth number 5. The cruisy hole, where lots of hot action goes down! And sure enough, minutes in to enjoying a dirty movie, Daisy was paid a visit by the pervert in the next booth! He put his arm though one hole, groping Daisy's tits and pussy and even lightly choking her! Daisy wants the customer please, so today all her holes are open...which the pervert fucks until he drops a tremendous amount of cum. Daisy's covered, but she doesn't mind at all! Hopefully it'll mean she's got the job!!

Gloryhole Secrets - Alex More - Alex M's First Gloryhole Video

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Duration: 45:21
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Format: mp4
Description: Alright, gloryholers, you asked for More and that's what we're giving you, Alex More, that is! Please welcome 27-year-old Alex to the booth. You may recognize her from her epic gangbang over on our sister site, GangbangCreampie.com, where she took five big loads in her luscious, large-lipped pussy. She gives us a Sharon Stone-inspired peek at those lips in the opening seconds of this interview but don't worry, you'll see MORE of it later. See what I did there? Those five loads she took between her legs are nothing compared to the TEN LOADS she will be swallowing from strangers today. Fortunately for us, Alex is a cum fanatic! She loves it everywhere in her mouth, down her throat, in her pussy, in her ass, pretty much anywhere she can get it. She'll be getting plenty on her tongue and into her stomach today. Just sucking dick is enough to give Alex an orgasm. Her record is 110 orgasms in one day! Alex is a sexual submissive, so she gets majorly turned on when the hands reach through the holes and start fondling her mid-interview. Remember how she said she likes cum everywhere? Keep an eye out for lucky cumshot 5 who gets to cum on Alex's big pussy lips. She even backs up on the cock a little to push some of the cum inside. Hot! Make sure you watch all the way through to the end to see Alex finger and vibe herself to a gushing, squirting orgasm. We're pretty sure you'll be asking for more of Alex More, but tell us just how much more you want in the comments below. Come back next week to see which starlet with an amusing name winds up in the booth here on GloryholeSecrets

Glory Hole - Danielle Derek - Danielle Is A Professional Sex Worker

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Duration: 16:38
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Danielle Derek is a professional sex worker, and like all workers in general, she's out looking for a gig! Turns out there's a local adult bookstore that bills itself as a superstore, meaning there's the front of the store, which features DVD's, sex toys, lingerie and lubes a little further back, there's a stripper pole and stage deeper yet there's windowed booths where ladies perform pussy tease shows behind a window and yes...all the way back, in the bowels of the store sits a video arcade. Danielle will do it
all! The clerk wants to make sure Danielle's a customer pleaser, so he's going to give her the ultimate job interview walk her back to booth 5 in the video arcade! If Danielle can please a customer back there, without ever really knowing who that customer is, well...Danielle's hired! And guess what? She passes the job interview with flying colors! Just watch and see!!

Gloryhole Secrets - Lexxxi D - Lexxxi's First Gloryhole Video

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Size: 446.59 MB
Duration: 55:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Some girls come to us at GloryholeSecrets.com with certain qualities that make for a great gloryhole girl. Some are tall, some are busty, some are married exhibitionists, some are new to the industry. MILF Lexxxi has all of these qualifications in one bangin' package. Oh, and add in the wildcard factor that she is from Florida, so you know this girl is going to be a FREAK in the booth. For those keeping track of her stats, she's 36, 6'0, and 34DD. Those are some nicely rounded figures, aren't they? While we're on the subject of numbers, Lexxxi has shot fewer than a dozen scenes so far and estimates she has only sucked about 15 cocks before today. We're going to nearly double that in the next 60 minutes! Sexxxy Lexxxi sucks off TEN strangers in the booth today. Using just her mouth isn't enough for this insatiable gloryhole queen to get her men off. She also titty-fucks and backs up on some of the cocks to fuck them to cum-pletion, all with her loving hubby eagerly watching just off-camera. Hot! You're going to see a lot more of Lexxxi in the future, but remember you saw her here with us first. Hungry for more of Lexxxi right now? Check out her scorching gangbang scene on GangbangCreampie.com. We will undoubtedly have Lexxxi back soon to try and top her performance though it will be tough. Keep checking back to GloryholeSecrets.com for her next appearance and we will see you all next week!

Gloryhole Secrets - Isabella - Isabella's First Gloryhole Video

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Duration: 56:55
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Like Billy Idol said, It's a NICE day for some white spreading, it's a NICE day to CUM AGAIIIIIIN! It's hard to get that out of your head with Ms. Isabella Nice in the gloryhole booth this week. Trust me, you'll be singing it all day after watching this hot 20-year-old drain TEN strangers with her amazing oral skills. We learn in her interview Isabella won't be old enough to drink alcohol until the day after her appearance here on GloryholeSecrets.com, but she is already old enough to drink cum from as many guys as there are on a slow pitch softball team. That gives her plenty of jizz to play with so she can indulge her cum-gargling fetish. Isabella has come a long way since sucking her first dick only three years ago, including gangbanging five guys for us on GangbangCreampie.com last year, but let's concentrate on the gloryhole action at hand. This is Isabella's FIRST GLORYHOLE experience. She learns quickly, though. After all, she did tell us she started college early. Apparently she majored in oral arts. Her blowjob technique is such a masterpiece, it will make you weep tears of joy but not from your eyes. What a quick study! Next time we have Isabella back, we'll see if we can beat her record of TEN LOADS and get her to suck off all 18 guys on an Australian football team. Crikey! Come back again soon to see next week's girl blow on some anonymous didgeridoos here on GloryholeSecrets.com.

Glory Hole - Monica Sage - Porn Isn't Real

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Size: 256.30 MB
Duration: 22:47
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Porn isn't real. At least that's what Monica Sage thinks as she's checking out some of the DVD's at her local filthy book store! Those dicks aren't real! Those girls aren't really blowing dozens of men! Gloryholes aren't real!! These are all things the horny young lady is telling herself, over and over. The clerk is going to set Monica straight, especially on her third point gloryholes are real...as Monica is about to discover! You know the clerk is going to lead her back to booth number five, and once inside, Monica is amazed. It's dirty used condoms on the floor, sticky we all know why the floor is sticky, smelly Monica can smell the pungent odor of jizz, and there's a dirty movie playing on the TV! Oh yea...and drilled through the walls that separate the booths? Holes. Gloryholes! And they're very real, as Monica is about to find out. And it gets very interesting when the random one booth over reached through the hole to pull out Monica's concealed butt plug...immediately before he stuffs his over-sized dong into that hole, too! In the end, Monica's a spunky mess...and a Believer!

Gloryhole Secrets - Rocky Emerson - Rocky's First Gloryhole Video

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Duration: 49:59
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: We've had her on the gangbang table over at GangbangCreampie.com, but now we're thrilled to have tall, leggy, tattooed Rocky Emerson in the booth here on GloryholeSecrets.com! She is gorgeous, and a sweetie too. We learn in her interview that her 23rd birthday was the day before this shoot and she didn't get any dick on her special day! That's a crying shame, so we're here to make up for it by having her suck off ELEVEN cocks today. That more than doubles her personal record of five. Rocky tells us she likes to suck a dick a day, and she estimates the number she has sucked in the THOUSANDS. Bravo. The action starts with the anonymous groping hands through the holes, running their fingers all over Rocky's amazing body. She gets really turned on not knowing who is touching her. Watch as her excitement grows with each stranger's cock that pops though the holes as Rocky sucks them all to completion and swallows their loads. Rocky says she likes sucking dick more than having sex. She makes a strong case for her argument here. You can see how she loves playing with the cum, rolling it around in her mouth, then slowly gulping it down, enjoying every sensual second of it. Not a drop hits the floor that she doesn't slurp up immediately. Good girl. Would you like to see Rocky back for a round two? Maybe she could backup on some of the dicks next time though she might have to bend down a little, since she's so tall!. Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Who knows who will pop up in the booth next week? One thing is for certain, she will be shorter than Rocky. See you next week on GloryholeSecrets.com!

Gloryhole Secrets - Gia Vendetti - Gia's First Gloryhole Video

File: k7pgknaglsegiavenuurdnioue8.mp4
Size: 757.89 MB
Duration: 49:50
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: You're in for a treat, GloryholeSecrets.com fans. This week we have a rarity in the booth, a GLORYHOLE VIRGIN! That's right until now, 27-year-old Ms. Gia Vendetti has never been in a real gloryhole. We feel honored to be the ones popping her anonymous blowjob cherry. Gia is a tall drink of water, 5'8, to be exact. She even hits 6' with those heels on, but those are the only thing she is wearing by the end of her gloryhole marathon. Before her appearance here on GloryholeSecrets.com, Gia had only blown a maximum of five guys in one day. Today she takes to sucking off strangers like a fish to water, a largemouth bass, in fact, as she sucks off ELEVEN dicks in her first gloryhole effort. She has an amazing technique of deep-throating and sucking the cum out of these guys' dicks like a straw. Imagine what she can do next time we get her back in the booth for round two. 15 cumshots? 20? Give us your best guess in the comments below. If you enjoyed this one and we know you did, also check out Gia's hot scene on GangbangCreampie.com. Watching Gia will have you shouting, 'V' for Vendetti! at the top of your lungs. After you catch your breath again,