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Date Slam

Date Slam - Angelina Wild - Russian Slut Drained All My Spunk

File: s9ptlnadaslangwil2t1c9z9lfj.mp4
Size: 440.90 MB
Duration: 17:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Guys my tattooed Russian redhead Angelina slept over in my apartment after our date. Remember how crazy for dick this wild Russian slut was?! Totally fucking insatiable, we fucked all through the night no joke. I woke her up in the morning for yet another Dateslam insemination, and this time I managed to grab my camera and film it. Such a naught girl this Angelina. She was teasing me in the morning again, after I woke her up with dick drilling her pussy. Flaunting that slim tattooed body. I wanted to fuck her again after my early morning creampie inside shaved Russian pussy. But sorry guys my balls were completely drained from fucking all night. I was in desperate need of a few days RR. Had to kick the insatiable bitch out my apartment before she literally sucked all the life out of me!

Date Slam - Vicky Love - No Panties Date With Horny Hungarian Vicky

File: h9d9dnadaslviclovnmahjjz1sk.mp4
Size: 451.95 MB
Duration: 01:25:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: On my last day in Budapest I spied a local girl taking selfies in the park. A hot Hungarian girl and boy she was sex on legs. Check her out in this clingy blue dress that just hugged her sensual figure. I invited her for a drink at a cafe and just like that we had our first date. Read Less

All through our drink at the cafe I was peering down the top obviously no bra on. And no panties either I soon discovered. This babe was hot and horny for some no panties date cock! After my smooth talking photographer act and some flirting I convinced her to go back to my apartment. I was so happy I decided to sit next to her in the park and try my luck. Once we were inside she was such a tease, flaunting her sexy tanned body. What a horny slut Vicky turned out to be. This sexy brunette was clearly enjoying her no bra no panties date with me!
No panties is like a red flag to a bull with me, I just knew the date was heading into Dateslam territory with such a naughty girl! 10 minutes later she was half undressed and sucking my dick. Her pussy was already wet just from taking a few naughty pictures. Then I fucked her hard just like she wanted. She came a few times and then I did too, all over her firm tanned tits.

Date Slam - Amirah Adara - Hungarian Pornstar Hookup

File: y5aosnadaslamiadafxzxc5mlpv.mp4
Size: 203.23 MB
Duration: 41:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Remember Amirah Adara my fuck girl in Bali? We hooked up again in her hometown of Budapest for another Dateslam. But first out to eat at a sushi place she liked. Had a great time there with Amirah, laughing and flirting and eating raw fish! I asked her back to my apartment, and she happily agreed. Read Less

My God she was still so sexy. Just like I remembered her. Amirah loved my apartment so much I was worried she almost wanted to move in!! We took a few pictures but after enjoying such a nice meal together we were both ready to fuck. Such a naughty little slut guys, Amirah Adara Hungarian Pornstar was soon flashing that amazing ass. We were in for a wild night for sure.
What a great ass and that pussy oh boy the perfect shaved exotic peach. Just waiting for a handsome dick like mine to come along and sweet talk its way inside. Hehe. Gave her such a hot spunky cream pie, guys, check it out in the full video. We had such a wild fuck together. That tight little pussy was so red and dripping wet it looked like fucked RAW pussy meat. Just like last time in Bal

Date Slam - Nikki Fox - Morning Creampie

File: hjqbrnadaslnikfoxfvabnmte3n.mp4
Size: 333.52 MB
Duration: 15:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Morning guys, check out who was here this morning still sleeping. And you know me by now right? What I like to do while my dates are still sleeping early in the morning. I pulled back the covers and there she was fast asleep and buck-naked! Read Less

Man she looked so beautiful with such a small tight ass I had to try my luck. Yep Nikki Fox morning creampie coming up!
I dived in and pulled those perfect butt cheeks apart. Licked that fresh early morning pussy and butthole. And how do I wake up a sleeping slut in my bed? With my dick of course. Fuck em awake Dateslam style. These sluts just love a big dick good morning surprise. Soon had her moaning away and begging me for a big load of morning creampie. Check out the full movie clip guys with all the action.

Date Slam - Andreina de Luxe - Andreina Morning Sex Big Ass Beauty

File: akb8enadaslanddeluxybg23pouzl.mp4
Size: 160.21 MB
Duration: 19:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hi guys, I have a surprise for you today Andreina morning sex! Oh yeah, just watch as I climbed into bed with this Latina beauty. Pulled back the covers. And slipped my rock-hard dick between those magnificent ass cheeks. Woke up this spunky young Latina with a good ole fashioned pounding from behind! What a way to start the day guys. This is truly the breakfast of Mongers the world over. Read Less

I soon had this Colombian beauty moaning away as I drilled her between those beautiful rounded big ass cheeks. Then I rolled her over on to her back and carried on fucking her. Building up to an amazing cream pie. Felt so good to unload into such a tight warm pussy at 800am in the morning. Check it out Andreina de Luxe getting fucked early morning, only here on Dateslam!

Date Slam - Lovita Fate - Stunning Blonde Dating Slut

File: cxlhjnadasllovfatmtpqbmn1rr.mp4
Size: 261.20 MB
Duration: 48:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lovita Fate stunning blonde dating slut brought a sexy pink outfit just for us guys. My spunky blonde barbie doll was looking pretty amazing. And boy was she eager to fuck me on our second date here in Prague. Look at this horny blonde nympho guys all I had to do was point a camera at her and she went into full on Dateslam slut mode!! Read Less

Check her out she is totally gagging for cock in this hot update. Eight minutes into the date and she was sucking my dick. Twenty minutes in and she had her panties pulled aside and I was right in there, fucking her from behind doggie style. Shot all the Lovita Fate action in POV guys, so you can see just how a stunning blonde dating slut needs to be treated. Dont feel bad or guilty, this is what they really want. They love it so much, they will keep coming back to you for more. Remember to not be too eager when they do this, keep them keen!

Date Slam - Darcia Lee - Morning Sex With Horny Date

File: h1tzsnadasldarlee93ke9bwy63.mp4
Size: 137.53 MB
Duration: 16:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Darcia Lee morning sex guys, and fuck me was it amazing! I was so lucky with this girl. She stayed over after our date, probably due to exhaustion from her wild antics riding atop my meat pole! Next morning I awoke with a fierce case of morning wood, so I woke her up carefully as you can see in the video. Guys girls are often super-horny early in the morning when they wake up the best time to pounce! So I always offer for them to sleep over the night if they want. Because I know maybe 70 of the time I will be getting some just-woke-up pussy again in the morning.

Date Slam - Ava Black - Busty Brunette Ava Black First Date Fuck Slut

File: hxxz7nadaslavabla6rwjgg3kqv.mp4
Size: 259.96 MB
Duration: 46:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Check out my date last night guys the one and only Ava Black. She looked so hot in a tight pink dress, boy what an ass and big tits too! Man was I planning to enjoy all of those sexy curves.

Busty brunette Ava Black was so eager for it guys, she got me all hot showing me spunky pictures of herself on her mobile. All she wanted was to go back to my hotel room with me. Such an easy slut, I rushed Ava Black back to my hotel room for some hot Dateslam action.

She was so sexy flirty and fun, we had such a great time. Running in the rain to my room watch those big boobs bounce! This horny vixen sure put on a sexy show my God she was so amazing, like a hot gypsy girl all dark and sultry. My hands were all over those curves, then I licked her pussy and she sucked my dick. Fucked Ava Black so hard before unloading deep inside her cunt. Check out that bald pussy with spunk dribbling out! Felt so fucking amazing guys, to creampie such a bad girl.

Date Slam - Nikki Fox - Hot Young Nikki Fox Likes To Fuck

File: zbp4knadaslnikfoxrhlsoexhyy.mp4
Size: 300.78 MB
Duration: 01:09:54
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hi guys, still in Thailand here, checking out all the sexy girls at the MBK mall. Meeting my date later, remember those spunky twins I spent a crazy week with Nikki and Kitty the horny sisters? Crazy twins but today I had a date just with Nikki Fox. Read Less

She was flying solo today without her twin sister. Well, you all know where this date was heading I wanted some one-on-one action with hot young Nikki Fox!
We agreed to go and have some fun together. And just like that we were back in my hotel room for another episode of Dateslam. We took a few pictures but her dress kept falling down. Both of us so horny. So time for some action with hot young Nikki Fox. This girl sure knew how to suck a dick. My meat pole was so happy. Deep throat too and moaning with pleasure all the time. But that was just the beginning guys this girl just loved to fuck. And she loved being on top check her out in the FULL video clip hot young Nikki Fox the cowgirl fucking champ!

Date Slam - Darcia Lee - Slim Big Tits Hottie Rides My Meat Pole

File: emuncnadasldarleeeyvtdnmagl.mp4
Size: 360.03 MB
Duration: 01:18:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hi guys, in Thailand here about to meet a girl for our first date. I always choose a nice restaurant close to my hotel, so I can get her back to my room easily. Well my date Darcia Lee was great, just nineteen years old, a slim sexy Hungarian girl on vacation here in Thailand. Read Less

Happy girl always smiling and super easy to get her back to my room. I had a good feeling here guys, this slim big tits hottie was going to be another amazing Date Slam.
Check out how this girl posed, she was obviously just a naughty girl looking for some fun. Must be something in the water over there in Hungary, making all these girls so horny. Darcia was packing some big boobs in a bikini top under her clothes too. Damn this date was just getting better and better. OMG guys this girl in a bikini what a jaw-dropping slim big tits HOTTIE!! Notice the nip slip, so sexy!! Then it was time to enjoy my holiday gift. What a wild fuck this babe was join today and enjoy the full video clip with Darcia Lee going wild riding dick!

Date Slam - Andreina de Luxe - Big Ass Latina Twerk Shake It Shake It Baby

File: xqhpanadaslanddeluxcfwzy1wklj.mp4
Size: 298.78 MB
Duration: 01:05:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hey guys, in Thailand here heading to my date with a super hot Latina Andreina de Luxe. Latinas are hot and easy to screw, because they love fucking! The perfect Dateslam material for us guys. Read Less

Anyway Andreina was from Colombia and my God she was so pretty, with sexy brown eyes. And no bra with stiff nipples poking through her yellow vest. These Latina girl are so sexual. She was stunning and she just loved posing for photographs. I could tell she was a very, very naughty Colombian girl and I only had to ask to see this big ass Latina twerk!
Damn guys, get a load of the booty on this girl! Just beautiful in her sexy yellow bottoms. Such an easy slut, I was already feeling up her big ass just twenty minutes into our date. Well, phat ass girls need to get fucked right. So I did. Watch as Andreina gets a real good fucking. This chick knew how to bang for sure. And she twerks while she bangs too! Check her out riding on top, man what a total slut. Watch this big ass Latina twerk like crazy on my meat pole. What an insanely wild sex-mad Colombian girl. What an incredible date.

Date Slam - Kesha Ortega - Bubble Butt Twerking Latina Babe Banged

File: ssle4nadaslkesorts3rivffl9g.mp4
Size: 195.01 MB
Duration: 36:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Really exciting day for Date Slam this was guys. Kesha Ortega came over to my place in Thailand. My God what an amazing babe, check her out walking in to my apartment. A big ass big tits Latina beauty packed with voluptuous curves. Read Less

Damn guys she showed me her bikini and then got straight down to it bubble butt twerking Latina action!
Clearly this Latina girl wanted to get crazy with me. She was shaking her big tits and big ass all over the place. Those curves looked amazing in a bikini, and she was almost eating me up with those lusty brown eyes. All I wanted to do was slap that big ass over and over. Her big round Latin booty was made for twerking all right. And plenty of bitch slapping too!

After all that it was time to get down to business. Slutty Kesha played with her big tits to get me nice and hard. Pretty soon I had my face jammed between those massive butt cheeks slurping away at her pussy and ass. Then this big tits slut got the boning she wanted watch this bubble butt twerking Latina babe as she bounced on my meat pole. What a ride guys, I was in big booty heaven!

Date Slam - Nataly - Horny Big Tits Blonde Slut Fucks Her Date

File: eovxynadaslnata9enxbewwhq.mp4
Size: 617.47 MB
Duration: 01:16:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hey guys, got a date with this spunky looking blonde hairdresser called Nataly. We had been chatting online, and she sent me some very hot pictures. I lied a bit and told her I was a fashion photographer who works with top models all over the world. Of course this blonde totally believed me, and was eager to meet me. Read Less

Oh man those boobs, I was really looking forward to meeting this babe. I had a good feeling she was just another horny big tits blonde slut who would fuck like crazy for Dateslam just to get a modelling job.
OK guys we hooked up in a park. Boy she was just so crazy hot I could see her from far away. We walked to a cafe for a drink but I couldnt stop staring at that ass. I gave her the whole famous globetrotting photographer story and she was so desperate to be a model she was practically sitting in my lap! Guys I knew then that I could fuck this slut right then. Took her right back to my apartment to take some photographs. If youre an ass man I filmed some great action showing that ass from behind!

Check out those big 34C titties and that ass in those skin-tight jeans OMG that ass was so perfectly round. Denim jeans with no panties underneath, man she was so horny she was slipping her fingers down the front of her denims and fingering herself. Man what a horny big tits blonde slut, she was on HEAT rubbing herself against me!! Next thing she had my cock inside her warm wet mouth. We couldnt wait just pulled those jeans down and fucked. This horny big tits blonde slut rode me until I was ready to unload my spunk inside her tight pussy.

Date Slam - Anie Darling - Flirtatious Brunette with Amazing Ass

File: onmqwnadaslanidarswwcctf7fe.mp4
Size: 634.90 MB
Duration: 01:18:15
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: In Prague for Date Slam hooking up with sexy girl called Anie. Wow what a beauty this girl had pair of legs on her! What a perfect date a flirtatious brunette just 20 years old and super friendly. We were flirting and laughing so much it was time to get her back to my hotel room. Told her I was a good guy and she could trust me. Anie just laughed her head off. Damn guys I could tell right away that this one loves to fuck...

Date Slam - Tera - Petite Redhead Sucks and Fucks Her Brains Out

File: wew8hnadasltera5lu4guiell.mp4
Size: 495.26 MB
Duration: 01:01:56
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hey guys, here in Prague today with a nineteen year old redhead girl I found on a dating site. When I told Tera I was a photographer she was eager to hookup. She was totally into having fashion photographs taken.
Man guys when we met in a park this girl had no clue, could hardly speak any English. I knew right there I was gonna fuck her. Just another stupid bitch who thinks she is going to be a major star without having to suck any dick on her way to stardom. Well fuck that shit, this girl was going to get the slamming of her life she would never ever forget! Check out how this petite redhead sucks and fucks her brains out on Dateslam.
Back at my apartment we started our fashion shoot. Hehe. After taking pictures of her attempt at pouty posing for a while, it was getting tiring. When I started touching her you could see the realisation hitting home. Nothing for free in this world darling! Next I had my dick out. Yes this petite redhead was much better at sucking my dick than she was at posing as a model. Such a good girl this one. Once she had that first taste of dick in her mouth she changed completely. Watch as this petite redhead sucks and fucks her brains out. She will never be a famous model, but she did have the perfect petite body to be photographed and filmed while fucking. And she did look pretty with my cum sprayed over her pouty face.

Date Slam - Zdenka - Naughty Blonde Babe Banged On Our First Date

File: ceaphnadaslzdenxxqeyhscyl.mp4
Size: 504.07 MB
Duration: 01:01:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Zdenka looked so sweet and pretty when we met up in Prague. Blue eyes blonde hair with a ponytail, dressed in one of those sexy skirts with a zip down the front. Damn guys she had a white top on and it looked like she had no bra underneath. Told me she dreamed of being a model so I got her straight back to my hotel room to take a some pictures. But what I really wanted was a naughty blonde babe banged on our first date. Lets see just how naughty Zdenka really was Man check out how this girl posed...

Date Slam - Alexa - Bit Tits Blonde Fucks On First Date

File: diafznadaslalex6awf5oy23n.mp4
Size: 295.82 MB
Duration: 01:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: In Prague on my way to meet Alexa. We have been chatting on a dating site. Judging by her selfies she had big boobs so I was really hoping for something to happen on this first date. We hooked up in a park, cold day so she was well wrapped up with her red scarf.
But I could see she was nicely curvy under her clothes. Alexa was very friendly, an interesting girl to talk to. We had a nice chat and then moved to a my apartment. She seemed little nervous, but I soon calmed her down with my calm friendly personality. Heh heh little did she know! She would soon find out Dateslam is a slut only zone where a big tits blonde fucks on first date! We accept nothing less here.
I launched into my photographer story, showed off my expensive DSLR, and soon we were taking pictures. What a sexy babe guys, naturally busty and so cute with her long blonde hair. Get them in front of a camera, and give them a load of compliments. These dating sluts fucking love all the attention. Check her out posing in a tight red vest what a knockout! She knew her boobs were so amazing she didnt even bother wearing a bra. One by one the clothes came off, and after some flirting we soon had a sizzling hot big tits blonde ready for some action.

Oh boy, I just could not keep my hands off those boobies. What a perfect pair! After I licked her pussy she was eager to slurp on my dick. I just knew Alexa would turn out to be such a naughty girl. What an amazing dating site discovery this big tits blonde fucks on first date guys! And what an incredible fuck Alexa was too. Loved those big tits so much nice to have something big and soft to squeeze while a slut is sucking your dick

Date Slam - Ivana - Hot Blonde Serbian Slut My Personal Fuck Toy

File: attzcnadaslivanxasct77lko.mp4
Size: 368.16 MB
Duration: 45:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hey guys, remember this totally wild blonde slut Ivana from Serbia? Our anal on first date episode was pretty epic right? I had the chance to hook up with her again when we were both in Prague.
Kept her waiting about an hour, keep them keen guys! Man was she pissed, almost belching fire at me!! Heh heh. But after some flattery she calmed down a bit. Good I hoped she would still be angry, would make for a more exciting fuck
Good combination, the two us I like to take pictures, and you can see she liked it too. Last time she didnt know what the date would turn out to be. But this time she knew, and now she was excited and wanted it even more!! Back at my apartment we took some pictures. Damn such a sexy wanton blonde, every mans dream date. Posing so naughty, my kind of girl who loves to fuck. Yes my little blonde Serbian slut was back!

Date Slam - Nikky Fox & Kitty Fox - Horny Twins Porn Sex-Crazed 3Some Date

File: kpux9nadaslnikkitim1jcz9cnp.mp4
Size: 394.92 MB
Duration: 48:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Guys I have an extra SPECIAL surprise for you all today! Hooked up again with twin sisters Nikky and Kitty and things got wild all over again. These two are so desperate for any dick to explore their tight little shaved pussies.
Man what a wild sex-crazed twins threesome date. Check it out, these two just love making some HOT ball-draining horny twins porn!!
Met up with the girls in Budapest. Nikky and Kitty like to dance and shake those tight little round butts. After seeing and filming that I was good and ready for more. Damn these twin sisters go wild when they get their hands on dick! Seeing them spread out like that, one atop the other, thighs spread wide open. Tight little slits all wet and ready for dick. Well I dont need no second invitation. Was I man enough to handle these two horny nymphos? Watch the full video and see how hard I fuck them both. And how hard these two insatiable sluts fuck me back in this horny twins porn Dateslam EPIC!!

Date Slam - Miyabi - Cute Japanese Bunny Girl Fucked on Kinky Date

File: 61ahhnadaslmiyaykifvs8brq.mp4
Size: 250.69 MB
Duration: 52:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hi guys, another date today here in Bangkok with that horny Japanese girl working at the fair. Miyabi messaged me wanting to go have lunch before she had to go to work. Well, she never arrived but then sent me another text she was waiting at my hotel! I rushed back and boy was I happy I did. Miyabi was dressed in denim shorts and this cute anime bunny costume. She liked to fuck wearing these costumes it seemed. So for lunch date today I had a cute Japanese bunny girl fucked in her anime costume Dateslam style! I was naked in seconds. We joked around for a while but soon got down to business. It sure was good to watch this crazy Asian girl sucking on my dick while wearing that bunny costume. Miyabi was really into it, she played the slutty anime bunny perfectly. Damn I was so lucky to be enjoying such a naughty Japanese girl. Of course all she wanted was to have her tight wet Asian pussy pumped by white cock. We had a crazy time together, but soon Miyabi had to rush off to go to work. Instead of cumming in her mouth I should have given her a really deep cream pie. Then she could have gone to work at the fair with my spunk dribbling out of her wet cunt and running down her silky thighs. Just like in an anime cartoon with cute Japanese bunny girl fucked and

Date Slam - Akira May - Interracial Asian Bitch Fucked On First Date

File: thbv6nadaslakimayzzvcj6t9ka.mp4
Size: 470.67 MB
Duration: 58:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome to Hong Kong guys. I start off this video with a bit of a walk around the city, and then I hooked up with my date Akira May in a Chinese restaurant. Akira was a mixed race Asian girl who only spoke Chinese.
Damn if I didnt want to slap her, she was so moody all through our date. I decided what the hell and just came straight out and asked her back to my hotel. She said yes totally un-fucking-believable. Must be an Asian thing with girls acting all bitchy with guys they want to screwmetoo! Well I like a challenge! Had to see if I could change her pouty Interracial Asian Bitch face with a good solid Date Slam
Back in my hotel room I got her to pose for the camera, thinking that would warm her up a bit, maybe get a smile out of her. Fuck NO even naked she was still all moody and shit. So I just presented my dick to her, and she wrapped her lips around my shaft and went to work. WTF well I was thinking dont fuck this one up John, just keep feeding this pouty bitch dick! That moody face sure looked good stuffed with my dick, thats for sure. Started fingering her and she was already wet what a slut!

Well, after all my trouble I really enjoy banging Akira. She was really skinny with small tits and a seriously firm butt. And once we got going boy was her pussy wet. Creaming all over the harder I fucked her. My God it sure looked good to see that pouty face with my cum dripping out of her mouth

Date Slam - Miyabi - Japanese Bombshell Shares Her Sushi

File: ryogenadaslmiya12ftm4meps.mp4
Size: 620.78 MB
Duration: 01:16:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Visited a Japanese Fair here in Bangkok. Plenty of clothes, costumes and such but no Japanese pussy in sight WTF?! Lucky I had a date setup with a cute Japanese girl called Miyabi. Read less
She has been messaging me some sexy Manga costume selfies all week. We met in a sushi place inside a shopping mall. And oh WOW a real-life Japanese Bombshell guys right here on Dateslam. Miyabi was here in Bangkok working for the Fair...

Date Slam - Tiffany Hot - Hot Ass Teen Tiffany Wants Another Date

File: n4mcqnadasltifhotna338ohaco.mp4
Size: 129.67 MB
Duration: 16:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Look who is back guys, wearing a teeshirt she bought shopping in Bangkok earlier today. Yes check out this hot ass teen Tiffany in her I Love Thailand tee with no panties on. This is how I found her when I came back to my hotel room.
She needed another Dateslam guys. And this blonde slut knew exactly how to use that peachy butt to get some more dick. Just what she needed before a long flight home to Hungary!
For sure this blonde teen loved giving slurpy blowjobs, just watch her sucking lustily away. She looked so horny I just had to lick her pussy and fuck her. Man so beautiful and that teen pussy was so tight I gave her another deep creampie. It felt so good to cum inside such a hot ass teen. What a naughty slut Tiffany is guys, needing dick all the time. I have to try and hookup with her again, for sure

Date Slam - Olivia - Chubby Teen Creampie in the Morning

File: ajgblnadaslolivlwrxo2oxod.mp4
Size: 333.22 MB
Duration: 41:22
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: My stayed overnight on our last date so I am adding another episode for her. Why? Well this horny teen started modelling her new bikini for me in the morning when we woke up. And that got me horny as hell, so I fucked her again. Read less

Felt so damn good guys a chubby teen creampie in the morning, deep inside her plump bald pussy. Which was what she wanted anyway, so we both ending up with a happy start to the day
Such a silly Latina bitch man, but I sure do love her. Because she likes to fuck just as much as I do. Check her out parading her tanned curves in a bikini for me. Of course she knew I was filming everything, but did she even care?! Fuck no she was only there for some more dick, and thats just what she got.

So for her last day in Bangkok we had some fun shooting Olivia in her bikini. She liked to tease, typical Latina teen slut. We fucked like crazy, and that bubble-butt was just INSANE guys!!. Happy ending with a chubby teen creampie, it felt just amazing pumping my sperm deep inside this curvy slut while she moaned happily away. Then she packed her bags and I got her a taxi to the airport. Afterwards I headed out to the BTS, going to do some shopping in crazy Bangkok! Another day, another Date Slam

Date Slam - Tiffany - Blonde Teen Tiffany Loves Dick On Holiday

File: movranadasltiff9yxqv1mzcm.mp4
Size: 635.97 MB
Duration: 01:18:18
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Vera my creampie fuck date told me her friend Blonde Teen Tiffany needed to get some Dateslam dick while on her vacation. Tiffany is from Budapest in Hungary but also here in Bangkok on holiday.
So we chatted online and setup a date at the same Thai restaurant. WOW guys what a super sexy teen Tiffany was. Looked just like a model she was so beautiful. And interested in posing for some photographs. She was even ok with nude modelling. We enjoyed a meal but I was so excited by the possibility of fucking this beauty. Our date went smoothly and soon I had her back in my hotel room.

Such an amazing beautiful girl. We took a whole lot of pictures and I could see by her poses this naughty girl would be so easy. Damn that ass in those tight denim shorts was practically begging me to take it right there! Then the sheer pink Juicy panties were giving me even stronger vibes. She was killing me with that sizzling ass in those sexy panties. I just had to touch and she just giggled. Blonde Teen Tiffany showed me her small perky tits and then we were kissing. After that I couldnt keep my hands off her firm sexy teen body.

She made me so hard seeing that pretty face sucking my dick. We ended up fucking like crazy. She looked like such a sweet fuck-angel under me with my dick inside her. But Blonde Teen Tiffany on top was amazing, she pounded me into submission guys, with that sweet ass riding my pole. I couldnt help myself came twice deep inside that hungry for creampie teen pussy.

Date Slam - Olivia - Chubby Latina Teen Cum Slut From Brazil

File: bpkc7nadaslolivkuhtyybahe.mp4
Size: 769.23 MB
Duration: 01:34:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Still in Bangkok and had a date with this spunky Chubby Latina Teen babe called Olivia. She was from Brazil, just 18 years old here in Thailand on vacation. Oh boy guys, check out that in tight denim shorts.
Man all through our date at a cafe I sure was hoping to slam this curvy cutie! Her English wasnt very good, so I shamelessly used that to get her back to my hotel room.
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