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Claudia Valentine

Taboo POV - Claudia Valentine - Annoyed Mom teaches step

File: j6vmonatapoclavalhth18axyde.mp4
Size: 183.59 MB
Duration: 11:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey, we need to talk. Listen, you need to go out more. I feel like I only ever see you around here. I mean ever since I moved in here after I married your dad, it's like you think it's okay to just sleep the day away and lounge around the house like it's your kingdom. Well guess what, it's mine. Now I know I'm just your step-mom, I'm not your mommy. So I am going to teach you how to enjoy going out of the house so I can enjoy staying in with your father. There are all kinds of women out there and you need to know how to relax and have fun with them. So you are going to lay down, and enjoy me giving you a hand job, got it?! Good boy...

Pornstar Platinum - Claudia Valentine - Hard Monster Fuck

File: gd84inapoplclavalepw5paia2q.mp4
Size: 243.42 MB
Duration: 30:05
Resolution: 720x380
Format: mp4
Description: Man what a terrible day at the office. I just want this day to be over with. Actually I just remembered that Brad Newman, my fuck toy is in the neighborhood. Now Brad has a fat cock that is just what I'm looking for after a long day. A second ago I was beat. Now I am charged up and horny waiting for Brad and his slab of meat to fill my pussy to the brim! Brad is big and strong with a huge hard fucking monster cock, just what I need right about now!

Pornstar Platinum - Claudia Valentine - Thick Mouthful

File: nbgejnapoplclavalkfi3pae9ne.mp4
Size: 118.51 MB
Duration: 14:36
Resolution: 720x380
Format: mp4
Description: The last time that Brad came over he fucked my pussy real good. But today I'm just looking to satisfy my oral cravings and I couldn't think of a better cock to suck. I mean look at this monster dick and how it fills my mouth. And I'm not stopping until I get that massive load all over my face, tits and lips. I'm so glad Brad decided to come over. He's such a caring individual, with such a big fucking cock!

My First Sex Teacher - Claudia Valentine - Professor Phillips Needed A Real Cock Instead Of Her Vibrator

File: v3fjbnamyfiseteclavalee2lpvff9k.mp4
Size: 342.72 MB
Duration: 27:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisRion tricks his Professor, Miss Phillips Claudia Valentine, into getting him access to her class alone -- all in an attempt to steal some test answers, but his plan backfires when he takes too long in the class... after he finds her vibrator. She catches him and threatens to tell the dean, but Rion threatens that he'll tell the dean about her vibrator in the classroom. To settle the dispute, Professor Phillips suggest Rion fuck her just right and if he does good, he can keep the test answers.

Taboo POV - Claudia Valentine - Step Aunty's Christmas Gift

File: 4epwnnatapoclavalhlvpzo65qw.mp4
Size: 87.99 MB
Duration: 11:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: My step-sister had taken me to this stupid holiday party and it was a complete bust. I was so fucking horny and those stupid dating apps were worthless. Sometimes a woman had these urges and needs. I saw the way my sister's son looked at me and undressed me with his eyes. I was feeling festive and wanted to show my little nephew aunty's new boobs. They felt so real when he squeezed them. I was going to teach my nephew how to cum for his aunty. My nephew's big cock was my best Christmas present.

Neighbor Affair - Claudia Valentine - Kristen Connor Claudia Valentine Fucks Neighbor In The Bathroom

File: 6xudjnaneafclaval6ykflcgbkx.mp4
Size: 402.43 MB
Duration: 32:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisKristen Connor Claudia Valentine has the landscaper come by and is surprised to find out that the landscaper is her neighbor. She's always found her neighbor attractive so she invites him in for a glass of water and a wet pussy to fuck.

Pornstar Platinum - Claudia Valentine - Interracial Night Visit

File: zthpjnapoplclavalgzwzghwhyy.mp4
Size: 696.81 MB
Duration: 35:44
Resolution: 720x406
Format: mp4
Description: Well, sometimes it's a bitch. Like when I have some big fat guy with a small dick and a lot of BO. But tonight I hit the jackpot! I found out this guys name is Rob Piper and he has a black cock that is gonna ruin me for the night. I won't be able to take any more dudes in my pussy tonight after Rob is done with me but it turns out that I needed a good fucking after all the losers I've been with. The very best mature porn videos can be found here at my official site, ClaudiaValentineXXX.com!

Taboo POV - Claudia Valentine - Step Mommy Needs Young Cock

File: blhb8natapoclavaljltfehhiom.mp4
Size: 81.29 MB
Duration: 10:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: His father hadnt met my needs in a long time and I needed to get laid. I saw the way my step-son looked at my body. One day, I approached him I have a proposition for you. Your father is getting older and he cant get it up anymore. Mommy needs some cock and now you have to give it to mommy. Dont worry, I am very experienced and it will be our little secret. My son had no objections when I wrapped my MILF lips around his huge cock. These titties needed to be milked and mommy needed some young cock.

Pornstar Platinum - Claudia Valentine - Sex After The Bar

File: aafyanapoplclavalup3bcjzndg.mp4
Size: 219.91 MB
Duration: 27:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I was at the bar looking damn sexy when I caught Brad Sterling's eye from across the room. He was looking pretty fine too and I knew I found what I wanted. Sure enough, Brad was ready to go with a stiff cock that was gonna find its way into my mouth and pussy. Honestly, I came out tonight to find some horny action and Brad gave me everything I wanted. Including a huge cumshot right to the face. I guess I'm not the only bar slut in town.

Mom Drips - Claudia Valentine - Ovulation Sensation

File: 66qeynamodrclaval5gihcml29c.mp4
Size: 454.76 MB
Duration: 32:55
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Claudia Valentine has been trying to get pregnant forever, so when she starts ovulating, she calls her husband to come over and stick his dick inside her. Unfortunately, he is not the fastest guy in the world, and she gets worried that they are going to miss their window of opportunity. That is when our stud shows up at her door looking to collect money for his football team. Claudia immediately gets ideas about the young guy. She can see he is tall and finds out he has a good GPA and is healthy as a horse. She pulls him into the house and seduces him with her tight MILF bod. From there on out, she has no problem getting all the cum she needs. She rides our studs thick cock with her tight cunt and makes him squirt his juices in her. Just do not tell her husband! See full video here

Pornstar Platinum - Claudia Valentine - Thirsty Cum Guzzler

File: l9tbnnapoplclavalggqlr9vg4i.mp4
Size: 275.32 MB
Duration: 33:59
Resolution: 720x380
Format: mp4
Description: Yup that's what I am, a Cum Guzzler! And Brad Sterling has been so nice to lend me his cock and balls so I can get my daily cum shake. Of course, coaxing his cum out is the fun part. Brad is gonna do whatever he wants to me because I have to earn that delicious load first. I'm sure Brad won't mind that at all! I can suck and pump that dick all day long as long as I get my jizz fix. Sit back and enjoy some of the best mature porn, you are ever going to watch!