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Bang Bus

Bang Bus - Maya Farrell - College Girl Fucks Hard For Help

File: 8gtn4nababumayfarbvxmdyrwka.mp4
Size: 584.05 MB
Duration: 52:16
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Another day on the Bang Bus. Today's a special day, we decided to give back to the community. We drove around handing out free Bang Bus shirts to homeless people out on the streets. I guess good karma does exist, because during our drive, we saw a sexy young girl walking alone. We ask her if she wants a shirt, and at first she's a little suspicious about why we have a camera. She's way too beautiful to let her walk away, so we break the ice a little bit. After she tells us about her college expenses and how much she makes at her real job, we decide to help her out, cause like everyone knows, Bang Bros cares. We offer her 200 to flash us, and after she shows off her perfect tits, we ask her to come take a ride with us. We give her some more money and she gets naked, putting on a little show for us, before finally sucking Tyler's dick. He rips off her pants and they fuck hard. She won't stop till Tyler busts a huge load all over her face.

Bang Bus - Leah Lee - A Super Hot Chick On This Bang Bus

File: hb1cfnababulealeealrwfcc5sm.mp4
Size: 670.31 MB
Duration: 01:05
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we find this super hot girl that I quickly give her a lot of money. This chick looks incredible with her small shorts and great face. Jmac was with me on this and helped out convincing her to flash us and to get inside the van. This tight bodied chick looks super duper hot. Im super happy with this one and that I got her to get naked and to finally play with some dick. She gives a good sucking before seeing her fully naked and getting fucked, Jmac fucked her really hard from various positions until he finishes on her face. Im kind of sad that we left her by the everglades but make sure to enjoy this one.

Bang Bus - Dylann Vox - Stripper With Double D’s Hops On The Bus

File: 2ugnvnababudylvoxhlbwq8tdce.mp4
Size: 644.28 MB
Duration: 58:33
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The bus is out here lurking. Searching for the next hot chick thats willing to take a ride for some dough. This week we pulled up on this hottie with huge tits, as she was leaving the club early in the morning. Turns out that shes a stripper at a nearby strip club. It took some time and some good amount of money to convince her to get on, but eventually she climbed right in. And soon enough she would be climbing on some cock. Our boy Peter Green was the one in charged of giving this chick a good ol dicking. Her pussy took cock in several different positions. It all culminated with her getting her face glazed with some cum and then being dumped in the middle of nowhere.

Bang Bus - Jeni Angel - Jeni Gives Old Man One Last Fuck

File: 5gr43nababujenang5m72yxycvk.mp4
Size: 429.48 MB
Duration: 38:27
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we met the beautiful Jeni Angel as she running away from her. When we saw her perfect body, we knew we had to talk to her. Uncle Jack only has a few more days to live, and he needs to end it with a bang, literally. After sweet talking her a little bit and offering her some money, we finally got her on the Bang Bus. She showed off her perfect tits and tight pussy, Uncle Jack was ready to see what she feels like. She fucked him like hes never been fucked before, and he loved every minute he spent inside of her pussy. This old man can finally die happy.

Bang Bus - Vienna Rose - Undercover Freak From Oklahoma

File: rauzsnababuvieros2puohpdlk4.mp4
Size: 648.72 MB
Duration: 58:03
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: This week the bus pulled up on a some chick at the beach waiting for some friends. As it turns out, she ended up going to the wrong beach. Being from Oklahoma, she doesnt really know her way around so we convinced her to hop on for a free ride. Inside the bus, we slowly got her to get naked by flashing her some money. Soon after, our boy Peter Green got to fuck her. He penetrated her pussy in several different positions before busting all over her face.

Bang Bus - Violet Jade - Super Sexy Violet Gets Fucked In The Bus

File: ielrcnababuviojadnhmva7ezeu.mp4
Size: 660.95 MB
Duration: 59:48
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: GG Wicked was riding the bus and they were looking to pick up a girl on the beach. After a couple of minutes they found a beautiful young girl. Her name was Violet Jade. But her mama taught her well. She didnt want to talk to strangers. She didnt want to get into that white van. But money talks lauder than mama. For 500 she flashed the guys and for some more cash she got into the van. A little more green and she was but naked with GGs dick in her mouth. Then he fucked her really well!! Doggy, cowgirl, missionary. He shot his load straight into her face. They dropped her off in the middle of nowhere. But GG liked her so he jumped out of the bus as well.

Bang Bus - Annabel Redd - Busty Red Head Is Today’s Treat

File: pqexknababuannredk2rte4kznh.mp4
Size: 687.37 MB
Duration: 01:01:31
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we met this natural big tit chick that was waiting for her friends at the docks. We where amazed that that she was alone with those big juggs. We had to keep talking to her and offer some cash to get to see them. After finding out her name is Annabel Redd we get her to come inside the van. We had a conversation with her tits out and all. We finally start getting into the naughty things we normally do and we get to see this busty red head play with cock and tit fuck. Tyler finally starts fucking her hard from multiple positions as her big tits bounce all over the place. Happy Tyler ends the day by summing all over those juicy big tits.

Bang Bus - Alina Belle - Brazilian Alina Bounces On The Bus

File: xpuvanababualibelxx2hjjq984.mp4
Size: 626.99 MB
Duration: 56:44
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: We finally made it to the beach. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the birds were chirpwhat the fuck! Walking along the sidewalk was a gorgeous latin beauty. This girl had everything, pretty face, golden skin, long dark hair and an amazing body. Were talking boobs, ass, everything. Her booty coming out from the bottom of her little shorts was nothing short of spectacular. When we approached her, she was a bit hesitant but equally polite. We soon realized she had a smile that matched all her other assets. She said was interested in modeling so we used that as our way in. We offered her some cash to show us her tits. After saying no numerous times, the draw of the cash was too much for her. When she flashed them out they were even better than we imagined. After taking some more money, we got her in the van. She took of the rest of her clothes and then gave Peter a great blowjob. He then proceeded to fuck the hell out of that big ass. Riding, doggy, on her side, youll agree this girl was legit.

Bang Bus - Havana Bleu - Havana Gets Fucked Hard

File: elx9mnababuhavble7eywglcmdn.mp4
Size: 632.16 MB
Duration: 56:39
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Havana Bleu was waiting for the bus. Instead a different bus pulled up. You know which one. Your favorite bus. So they asked Havana to pay 2 and hop in. Obviously Havana listened to her mother and did not talk to strangers. But then they started to drop 100 bills. So Havana got curious. She was a teacher. They wanted to donate for her class. But there was a catch. She was supposed to flash. They had a lot of money. So she did. Wow, amazing tits! She got lured into the bus. A few bills later she was naked. And so was Peter Green. She started to suck him. He started to fuck her big ass. He fucked her while the bus was going through downtown Miami. Doggy, missionary. That ass kept bouncing until Peter came all over Havanas face.

Bang Bus - Antonella Lasirena - Pierced Nipple Girl Gets Fucked Hard

File: glhk5nababuantlaslgt8dhhyy6.mp4
Size: 611.56 MB
Duration: 55:21
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Antonella LaSirena was walking down the street in Miami when some loud guys started to shout at her from a suspicious bus. But they were funny. And they dropped some money. Pretended she dropped it. They had a huge stash of money. They paid her 500 just for getting her shirt wet. Well her shirt was white and exposed her big wonderful boobs and her pierced nipple. Who wouldnt get into the bus with those guys? More money flew at her. What was the right dick size? All of a sudden there was dick the size of what she was showing with her hands right next to her. Obviously she sucked it. Even though she told the guys she liked slow and smooth fucking. This guy named Peter fucked the shit out of her. Fast like a rabbit hard like a pornstar. She got fucked almost unconscious. Peter came into Antonellas face. After all the fucking obviously she could not think straight. When they told her to get out and chase Iguanas for more money she did. They drove off with all the money she had earned until now. Only in Miami!

Bang Bus - Lulu Chu - Chinese Cutie Fucked On The Bus

File: icdrpnababululchuucjhahubks.mp4
Size: 680.31 MB
Duration: 01:56
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The bus is out here boy. Roaming the streets of Miami, looking for some desperate chicks. This week we pulled up on this hot Asian chick at a bus stop. Little by little we started convincing her with money. Eventually, we offered her enough money to hop on the bus. Inside the bus it wasnt too difficult to get her to get completely naked. Tyler Steel was the one in charged of giving this chick the good fucking that she deserved. Finally, after she was properly fucked, we dumped her ass in the middle of nowhere half naked.

Bang Bus - Dana Wolf - Picked Up, Fucked And Kicked Out

File: om6konababudanwol53fpy84jm1.mp4
Size: 563.65 MB
Duration: 51:01
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: This time we went by the river and wherever are boats there are also hoes, so we found this girl walking to the grocery store, Pete tried to pick her up, but no luck, so we fanned lots of money through the window and immediately got her attention, she flashed us, got into the bus, and the more money we offered her the more clothes she removed, once she was naked, she got horny and of course Pete fucked the brains out of her, he pounded her all over the bus, cowgirl, reversed cowgirl, missionary, doggy, spooning, and after delivering his cum all over her, Pete himself literally kicked her out the bus in the middle of the road.

Bang Bus - Jenni Noble - Chick With Huge Tits Hops On The Bus

File: ivwinnababujennobdxoofos3xn.mp4
Size: 644.34 MB
Duration: 58:21
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The bus dont play boy. We are always out here lurking and looking for some hot chicks in desperate need of dough. This week, we pulled up on this chicks with a huge pair of tits. We quickly convinced her to hop on after flashing a shit load of cash. Eventually inside the bus, we got this chick naked. Not long after that, Tony Rubinos cock was penetrating her pussy walls. She got fucked in several different positions before receiving a giant load.

Bang Bus - Misty Quinn - Misty's Big Ass Rides The Bus

File: s28phnababumisquimwx9sxextw.mp4
Size: 571.91 MB
Duration: 52:01
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The Bus is working hard for you and came up big today. While cruising the beach we came across Misty. She was of Brazilian mix and the prove with in that big juicy of hers. She also had a pair of amazing tits and gorgeous skin color. As usual, she was hesitant when we approached her until she saw the wad of cash we had. Her eyes literally lit up. We had her do a few sexy stunts for us and she started racking up the money. We knew we had something special when she actually flashed a boat passing by and then flashed us. After offering even more doe she got in the the van. She told us all this cash was making her wet, so we asked her to get naked for us. When she obliged, we were all amazed by her body, specially that bunda. We dared her to suck Peter's cock and she did. After an amazing blowjob, she rode him real good. He then fucked her in all the positions to showcase that big ass. Finally she was happy to receive a load on her face. Don't miss newcomer Misty Quinn in one of the best updates for some time.

Bang Bus - Mackenzie Mace - Mackenzie Gets Fucked For Fake Money

File: ykjdhnababumacmaczfe3mxyqua.mp4
Size: 756.87 MB
Duration: 01:07:56
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tony Rubino was with the Bang Bus team driving around Miami looking for innocent girls. They spotted MacKenzie Mace a cute 18 year old girl walking all alone through the mid day heat. She was other way to her waitress job which obviously did not pay a lot. They pretended to film pranks for a tube channel and offered her lots of cash and a full time job if she would join them. Actually in this case it did take quite some persuading until they finally had MacKenzie in the van. Even inside the van she was several times about to jump out. But the charm of the Bang Bus worked even today. Finally she was topless. Then all naked streaking in circles. Cash was all over the van. And then the gentle blowjob started. After that a less gentle doggie. Then some spooning, riding, fucking, Oh she looked so cute! So young! So innocent! Tony fucked her in missionary and came all over her face. They tricked her out of the van and asked her to take a look at her money. She looked at the cash. There was a small line which said for Movie Use Only! They shouted you got pranked and drove off!!

Bang Bus - Alexis Fawx - Alexis Fawx Squirting And Riding Again

File: ulcjfnababualefawzchlht4ifu.mp4
Size: 489.87 MB
Duration: 44:14
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we got the great Alexis Fawx back in the bus! After a long time she brings her great personality and big tits to find some guys. We got distracted by driving by an AssParade shoot but we went back to the hunt shorty after. She found a guy that was scared and another that didnt really satisfied her needs. After the two I simply asked if she had enough or wanted me to hook her up with the Miami dick that she craved. Derrick came through for us to give her a hard pounding. She cums and squirts until Derrick spreads his load on her face.

Bang Bus - Kiara Curry - Kiara Fucks For The Love Of Money

File: 2mw4pnababukiacur9bsza1mvtw.mp4
Size: 711.87 MB
Duration: 01:03:48
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The BangBus is at it again. Lurking the streets of South Florida looking for the next hot chick in need of dough. We love picking up random chicks and fucking them. This time around we scooped up this chick named Kiara. She seemed to love money and eventually did anything and everything for money. Once we got her in the van, we slowly started giving her dough to undress. Eventually we got her completely naked. It was not difficult at all to go all the way once her clothes were off. Peter Green got to stretch this chicks tight little pussy. He penetrated her pussy in several different positions all over the BangBus before busting on her face. Once she was properly fucked, we dumped her ass in the middle of nowhere.

Bang Bus - Audrey Miles - Spring Breaker, Fucked And Ditched.

File: e7g8knababuaudmilssbe64ezzi.mp4
Size: 648.77 MB
Duration: 58:06
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: We ran into this girl, who came down for Spring break. We asked her help for a survey but she was not interested, as soon as money was involved, we got her total attention, I handed her six hundred dollars to flash us, as she wasn't comfortable doing it on the street, her idea was to do it inside the van. On the bus, she showed us her nice pair of tits, so we began to flash a lot of cash at her, until we got her naked. Once she was naked, it was easy to get her to do anything, we gave her thousands of dollars to get fucked, Jmac was the chosen one to do it the proper way. He pounded her really hard in several different positions. After she took a load in her mouth, we pulled over and ditched her in the middle of the High Way, naked and with lots and lots of fake cash.

Bang Bus - Becky Bandini - Cinco De Mayo Bus Fuck

File: nuxdpnababubecbancufrzavvz2.mp4
Size: 579.33 MB
Duration: 51:53
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Becky Bandini was walking to work when the Bang Bus pulled up. They were giving away free Tacos for Cinco de Mayo. Becky tried one but she did not like it at all. Anyway they offered her some cash for a quick Cinco de Mayo quiz. Becky wasnt a girl that would say no to money. Now they offered more cash for a traditional tittie flash. Go to work or earn easy money? It was Cinco de Mayo after all. So Betty flashed her big tits. Now the ice was broken. It was easy to lure her into the Bang Bus. Tyler Steel was wearing a Mexican hat, a poncho and a fake mustache. He pulled that poncho down and his giant dick emerged also with a fake mustache. Becky was intrigued. She started to suck it. Then Tyler took her doggy style. He fucked her well in several positions. Becky didnt get fucked in a while so she was screaming in pleasure. They asked her to pose in the poncho outside of the van. As soon as she was outside they threw the tacos in her face and sped off into the sunset.

Bang Bus - Megan Marx - Low Key Freak Hops On The Bus

File: lskrxnababumegmar1wwx1x65cv.mp4
Size: 567.18 MB
Duration: 51:16
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The bus is out here, roaming the streets, searching for some money hungry chicks. This week we pulled up on this 18 year old hottie at a bus stop. After convincing her that we had an online following for developing skits, she jumped in the bus. There, we slowly convinced her to start taking her clothes off. Soon enough, her pussy was being stretched by our boy Peter Green. He fucked her in several different positions before busting a gigantic load all over her face and mouth.

Bang Bus - Alexis Tae - Spring Break Sex On The Bus

File: w8nirnababualetaealpj2fu6t4.mp4
Size: 473.42 MB
Duration: 42:20
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: This time we went to the beach looking for spring breakers and we found Alexis, she was riding a scooter so we followed her until she stopped. I needed an excuse to approach her so I asked her about the scooter, I found out she was here for spring break and looking to party, have fun and sex, she flashed us for two hundred box, after that it was kind of easy to get her on the bus. She likes guys able to tell her what to do, to show interest in her and just take her pussy. Fortunately we had Tyler, who did exactly that, he took her shorts out an started fingering her, a few minutes later she was sucking his dick and then she got fucked, doggy, cowgirl, reverse until Tyler delivered his cum all over her face, by that time we were already in the Everglades so I suggested her to go out naked and take a selfie. Of course as soon as she step out, we ditched her in the middle of the highway.

Bang Bus - Paige Owens - Fucked On The Way To My Bf's

File: mgvebnababupaiowetnipivebtj.mp4
Size: 596.39 MB
Duration: 53:20
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: This time I challenged my friend Oliver to show his skills picking up girls, I seated him on the front seat, he saw a pretty hot girl at the bus stop, she was waiting for the bus to go to her boyfriend's house, it was really fun to see Oliver offering her a ride, of course she said no, so I helped him offering her money for an interview, then more money to do five push-ups and after that it was really easy to get her in the van to continue the interview, she confessed she likes anal, then she flashed us and later I asked her, how good she was sucking dick, by this time Oliver was already naked with a huge boner, she freaked out, but some more money calmed her down, she was able to take all of Oliver's dick in her mouth, then he pounded her as good as he could, they fucked all over the bus until he delivered his cum all over her face, after that I convinced her to step out to throw out the trash and then we ditched her. It was really fun.

Bang Bus - Kaden Kole - Fucking Before The Rave

File: st4zonababukadkolmbalvvsxlw.mp4
Size: 548.07 MB
Duration: 49:37
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: This time we found Kaden, dressed in a yellow t shirt, red shorts, blue shoes, blue hair and a huge ass, it was impossible not to approach her, I found out she was going to a rave, so I offered her a ride, she said no, but after a few hundred dollars we convinced her to step inside the bus, there she told us that she was a stripper so obviously we offered her more money so Jmac would have a lap dance, then everything escalated, she started sucking dick and was pounded all over the bus, we were just about to ditch her, but after seeing the way she sucked Jmac's cock, the way she fucked, like a beast, I mean she even swallow Jmac's cum I changed my mind, I asked her to get back inside the bus and offered to work for us.

Bang Bus - Natalia Nix - College Student Fucks For Tuition Money

File: cflvenababunatnixk4phnsvupn.mp4
Size: 576.10 MB
Duration: 51:59
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The bus pulled up on this college student on her way home from campus. We started chatting her up and eventually offered her money to hop in for an interview. Inside the bus, things escalated quickly. We started asking her all sorts of crazy questions and soon we got her to start sucking cock. From there, it didnt take long for Tyler Steels cock to penetrate her pussy. This chick took dick in multiple positions before we dropped her ass in the middle of nowhere. Good luck finding your way back home!

Bang Bus - Paris White & Serena Skye - Girls Going Wild On The Bus

File: cvdjnnababuparser6oqzkallpx.mp4
Size: 501.78 MB
Duration: 45:39
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we got called to do a favor, I know us doing a favor hahaha. We had to go pick up some talent from the girls gone wild party. These chicks look good so Im glad I had JMac to help out. We paid them them to get a quick flash but we paid them more to get their bras. These chick were already in a wild mode so it was easy to convince them to get naked and to play with JMacs cock. The two girls share a blowjob before getting fucked. The girls look great bouncing hard on cock until they both get cum in their mouths.

Bang Bus - Asia Riggs - Right Timing Lead To Naughty Fun

File: wropynababuasirigcss8rleze2.mp4
Size: 576.21 MB
Duration: 52:21
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes we get into the perfect situation and today is one of those days. We come across a cute white girl that seems to be having car problems. We pulled over to offer our help and after being rejected we find out this chick is mostly frustrated cause she doesnt have a way to fix the issue. This girl hops into the van in hope that shell get the money she needs to fix the car but little that she knew we had other things in mind. We get her to flash us those super great tits and to sell us her bra. This frustrated chick was easy going once her tits where out and we found out about her naughty side. We quickly convinced her with a couple of thousand and this chick went wild on Peters cock. It sad to dump this great girl but we had to keep out hard earn cash to ourselves.

Bang Bus - London Tisdale - Another One Picked Up, Fucked And Ditched

File: rknnqnababulontismycuwueqs8.mp4
Size: 518.27 MB
Duration: 46:22
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: In this occasion we were roaming around the streets in Miami whit one of our friends, Sean, when we saw London, a hot brunette walking to her job place, a shoe store, we approached her, and she turned out to be somehow friendly, I offered to walk her to that shoe place and she did not ignore us right away but on contrary she was cool, so I propose her to come to dinner with us for two hundred bucks, she looked kind of confused we were paying her for a date, she took the money, then I asked her to call in sick for another two hundred bucks and hop in to the bus to hang out with us, she liked the idea, once inside, Sean decided to reach for a stapler he saw on the back seat and at that moment accidentally, he flashed his big dick I know it was only an excuse to turn on London, he denied it but I know him well, so I told him to simply pull his pants down and show us his dick, when he did, I offered London one thousand dollars to touch that dick and obviously she went for it, then touching became sucking and sucking became fucking, Sean pounded her cowgirl, doggy style, missionary until he spilled his cum all over the bus floor, so we had to clean that out inmmediatelly, we pulled over and asked London to step out, so we could clean the floor, too bad, she felt for it we were about to ditch her right there but then I realized we couldn't do that, she was barefoot, so I threw her shoes out and then we abandoned her.

Bang Bus - Jessica Jewelz - Money Hungry Chick Gets Fucked

File: 112vunababujesjewpqqlukiacy.mp4
Size: 628.71 MB
Duration: 56:12
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The bus dont play. We out here lurking in the streets of Miami, searching for some hot chicks in desperate need of dough. This week we came across this chick on her lunch break. We started chatting her up and eventually offered her some dough to hop in the bus with us. Eventually on the bus, we got her to call her boss and quit her job on the spot. From there, she was down for anything. The more money we offered the more down she was and eventually she had Jmacs cock down her throat. Her pussy got penetrated in several different positions all over the BangBus. After she took a giant load all over her face, we dumped her ass in the middle of nowhere. Good luck getting your job back hoe.

Bang Bus - Maxim Law - Naughty Big Tit Teacher Got Picked Up

File: k792qnababumaxlawlbdvg1jjw6.mp4
Size: 505.61 MB
Duration: 45:12
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we drove by a university even though it was winter break and got super lucky to find someone still in campus. We found a teacher that happened to be walking from her class with some papers. I definitely wanted a conversation with her. She can give me some answers to some of my wild questions of being a hot teacher. After noticing how quickly she took my money, i gave her some more to got her comfortable and ready. We paid her to show us what it turned out to be amazing big tits. This horny teacher didnt last long after that! Tyler pulled his dick out and we got to see her sucking him off and giving him a great tit fucking. She ended up fucking Tyler form different positions until she saw her swallow his load before getting dump at our infamous place.

Bang Bus - Arietta Adams - Redhead Paid To Fuck In The Bus

File: rt7gbnababuariada82b3n9eerb.mp4
Size: 508.36 MB
Duration: 45:29
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: This time we got Arietta, an eighteen years old redhead that we found on a bench park waiting for her mom to leave home, so she could sneak in without being noticed, she is a true rebel, loves easy money and has that kind of I know everything attitude, at first she didn't want to talk, but Peter stepped out of the bus and paid her to talk to us, then I offered her more money to flash us and she did it immediately, we were shocked no objection, no resistance she just pulled down her blouse and showed us her perky pierced tits. I instantly knew she was a troublemaker and very easily convinced her to get inside the bus, I kept giving her money and she continued getting naked getting ready to get fucked by Peter, Let me tell you she was there to get paid for fucking, she started sucking Peters dick, then he fucked her against the bus floor later they moved to the seat and this time she ate Peter's ass, I can swear He was really enjoying it, then he fucked her again doggy, cowgirl and while that was happening I was spreading stacks of money all over them. They continued fucking over a bed of money until Peter released all his cum on her face. She wasn't hard to trick out of the bus, I told her to step out so we can pick up all of her money and then we left her there, I guess now she will have to call her mom.

Bang Bus - Arabelle Raphael - Euro Tattoo Artist Gets An Anal Ride

File: tjsumnababuararapyaqy6b1hbo.mp4
Size: 759.25 MB
Duration: 01:07:56
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we come across a tattooed hottie. We find out that she French and shes a little freak. She got tow wild tattoos that told us she liked sex and we quickly get her to show us her big tits. This chick in amazing. big tit, great body art and nice ass. We see her naturally grab the dick before she gives a great blowjob with deep-throating and tit fucking. Tyler fucks her from cowgirl until we remembered shes from Europe so he fucked her in the ass after that. This chick took Tyler long cock balls deep and hard from various positions and loving it. This is a great scene with hot anal action before we dumped her.

Bang Bus - Alexa Vega - Sexy Realtor Rides On The Bus

File: a2f4anababualevegrmdhekn3pd.mp4
Size: 568.00 MB
Duration: 51:22
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: We rolled up on this realtor outside of one of her houses. We told her that we were looking to buy a house and asked her if she could jump in the bus and show us some of her other properties. She was hesitant but eventually agreed. On the bus, we began to flash a shit load of cash at her. We noticed that she would keep her eyes on the money, so we offered her some dough to get naked. She didnt like this offer, but with some smooth talking and putting a bunch more money on the table, she agreed. Once she was naked, it was easy to get her to do anything from there. Our boy Sean Lawless was the one in charged of giving the chick the proper fucking that she deserved. Her pussy got penetrated in several different positions all over the bus. After she took a load to the face, we pulled over and sent her ass packing.

Bang Bus - Kiarra Nava Hoe - Kiara's Bang Bus Dream Comes True

File: nrgxdnababukianavhoe2nsjr7tfkn.mp4
Size: 441.49 MB
Duration: 39:26
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Derrick Ferrari and the guys were riding in the Bang Bus though Miami. Miami has the hottest chicks on this planet. Well, maybe it just feels like it because it is always hot, so the girls here always have the fewest clothes on and always show off all they got. Very easy to find hot girls after just a few minutes of driving. So today they got lucky, too. This cute brunette with pierced nipples looked super hot. It looked like she would be a tough one. First she refused all advances. No. No. No. But then all of a sudden she realized those voices were familiar. Tiara Nava Hoe knew who this was. All by herself she flashed her tits, opened the door of the bus and jumped in. Yes! She was right!! This was the Bang Bus!! She has been watching all episodes for many years now. The guys were surprised that she just jumped in. She cant do that! Thats not how it works. But in no time she stripped and started to blow Derricks dick. Then she fucked him, sitting on him, he fucked her doggy, rubbing her face on the carpet of the bus. They did cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary. Amazing how many things you can do in a moving bus. Derrick came all over the face. No! She didnt want to get off the bus. She knew what would happen. But the boys were charming. They needed a full body shot for the movie. She couldnt stand up all the way in the bus. So she got out in the middle of nowhere. They threw some fake money and her clothes at her and drove off.

Bang Bus - Liv Wild - Liv Wild Fucks In The Bus To Get A Job

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Description: This time we found Liv, a hot nineteen year old girl, she was walking home when we approached her, at first she ignored as but it wasn't too difficult to engage her, especially after offering her twenty bucks for a funny story, we found out that she had no job and no money, so I offered her more money to keep talking to us, then I asked her to flash us for three hundred bucks but she felt offended and walked away, we intercepted her, I knew she was wild, a go-getter, so I insisted and offered her six hundred dollars to flash us and she did. After that, it was just a matter of money, I managed to convince her to get inside the bus for twelve hundred bucks and then more money to get naked, when she was nude my friend Pete sat next to her with a huge boner, she was nervous but two thousand dollars would take care of that. I don't have to tell you what happened after that, she started sucking that dick and was ready to be fucked in doggy style, her favorite position, but Pete took it way beyond that, he really pounded her so hard all over the bus that after taking Pete's hot load over her face, she confessed being in pain but she enjoyed it. That was a signal I proposed her to work for BangBros and she was really excited to accept, so we will keep seeing more of her, a win-win for everybody.

Bang Bus - Kayla Paris - For The Love Of Money

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Description: The Bang Bus is out here son. Always lurking, always searching for them fine ass girls willing to give up that pussy for a little extra cash. Every chick has a price, and were here to prove that. This week, we pulled up on this 21 year old hottie. At first she didnt even want to stop to talk to us, but all these girls attitudes always change when you bring up money. Eventually she jumped in the bus. And sooner rather than later, she was jumping on some dick. We first got her to get naked, after seeing her killer body, we managed to get her to suck some dick for money. She then, got fucked in several different positions all over the Bang Bus before we dumped her ass in the middle of nowhere with no money.

Bang Bus - Brandi Bae - Malibu Barbi Gets Some Miami Dick

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Description: In todays update we picked up Cali porn queen Brandi Bae. This girl has big tits and huge ass. Shes ready and horny! We though of taking her to the hotel before we go shoot but she told us that the long airplane ride has her super horny and is ready to fuck. Shes looking for random dick and we found a lucky guy that she convinced to come in the van to give her some dick. One dick wasnt enough to satisfies her need so we continue to drive around until she was good. It took 3 guys and 3 loads to until Brandi Bae was good. These lucky guys cant complaint even after we dropped them off.

Bang Bus - Claire Black - Giving Back To Our Fans

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Description: This week we decided to give back to the fans. We invited some random guy that had emailed us to hop on the bus and get his fuck on. As we Cruised the streets we came across this hot 22 year old named Claire. She was apprehensive at first, but we happen to be persuasive enough to get her to give us a chance. Once inside the bus, we started offering her money to show us her body. Sooner enough she was sucking and fucking on a black cock. Our fan fucked this chick in several different positions before busting all over her.

Bang Bus - Kiki Klout - Revenge Sex On The Bus

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Description: This time we took the bus to the beach, we ran into a girl walking barefoot with her high heels on the hand, when we approached her, she was mad, she was really mean and rude to us, what an attitude, anyway I got really curious, I wanted to know what happened to her, She said she was at a club and had a fight with her boyfriend who is an asshole like every other man because he left her stranded with no money, no car and her phone died. I felt really sorry for her and offered 20 bucks for a cab, then she said she was worth more than that, right there everything changed, then we were talking about something different, so I offered 100 bucks to flash us, she refused, then 200 that would really help her get home, then she did it, we managed to convince her to let us take her home, when she was in the van I offered 500 bucks to touch my friend Peter's dick, she wanted his boyfriend to see her doing it, so she went straight for a bj from there Peter fuck her really hard all over the band until he delivered his cum, I really didn't like her attitude so I convinced her to step out of the van to help me check the tires and then we ditch her. She was crazy to the point of throwing one of her shoes at us.