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Avi Love

Sweetheart Video - Avi Love & Kenzie Taylor - You Need To Relax

File: ngkzinaswviaviken6ubvtyseor.mp4
Size: 323.57 MB
Duration: 40:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Phoebe Avi Love is waiting in her advisor office, Ms. Dalton Kenzie Taylor. For the last couple of months, Phoebe put a lot of pressure on her shoulder and she needs help. Ms. Dalton is surprised to see one of her best students in her office, she's in shock to learn about Phoebe recent issues with her thesis. Maybe if Phoebe tries to relax a bit and take some time to enjoy life, she will feel better. Ms. Dalton grabs Phoebe's hands and practice some breathing exercises with her, but she needs something stronger to let it go and Ms. Dalton knows exactly what she needs.

Digital Sin - Avi Love - My Black Brother 3

File: kujdynadisiavilovtoazwzgu9w.mp4
Size: 251.11 MB
Duration: 31:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: He s big, he's black, and he's her new stepbrother. Watch as sexual tensions simmer to the boiling point for Avi Love, Bella Rolland, Chanel Grey, and Natalie Brooks as their curiosity and excitement for interracial love consumes them to their kinky core!

Mr POV - Avi Love - Play With Avi

File: gxardnamrpoavilovwsp7pf7rdh.mp4
Size: 308.70 MB
Duration: 37:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love. What a smokin' hot piece of ass. I had her swing by my bachelor pad the other day, and when I tell you things went great...well, just watch. Avi's great at looking you in the eye when she talks, and her talk is dirty and filthy and naughty and great. I love the sound of her voice, too...something very calming about it! Speaking of her mouth, Avi's head game is off the hook. Wet and eager to please...same as her cunt. Avi's not stopping there, tho...her beautiful butthole is willing and waiting. Avi's the archetype of girl next door...you know, the one you'd never image would allow you to smash her asshole. But Avi's exactly that a girl you'd take home to mom but's a freak in the sheets!

Vogov - Avi Love - Anal Temptation

File: iomsinavogavilovmrtddrtiia.mp4
Size: 562.31 MB
Duration: 33:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Dance is in the air. At least, Avi Love, the juicy brunette in lacy black lingerie set, feels it when she goes out to spend some time at the outdoor pool. She dances, shakes her ass, squeezes her yummy tits and again shakes her ass when crossing the yard. Hot brunette enters the house and walks up to her man to get a deep kiss, to give a deep blowjob, to thrust fingers into her wide-open pussy and to get anus ruined with erected dick and filled with a massive load of fresh sperm

Deeper - Avi Love - Packed

File: yvow3nadeeavilovfae2fndfzk.mp4
Size: 391.24 MB
Duration: 25:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The ritual of preparing for the experience is nearly as erotic as the experience itself between Avi and her partner--and he is diligent, the way he comes at her body. He is never done until he is certain that there is no remaining space.

New Sensations - Avi Love - The Best Vacation Ever For Avi

File: twolknaneseaviloveekpcm4zrc.mp4
Size: 245.58 MB
Duration: 30:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Avi cannot thank her husband enough for having the best time ever away on vacation with all the outdoor fun, lingerie and a new foreign suitor to fill her up while her husband watches. She smothers his face with her pussy before hopping on Stirling's hard cock, riding it deep until she cums with intensity.

Sweet Sinner - Avi Love - The Voyeur 03

File: d7agpnaswsiavilov29ddpgocbn.mp4
Size: 320.13 MB
Duration: 27:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love and Tommy Gunn, Tommy has been feeling low for a while but his depression quickly falls to the wayside in the company of his pretty, petite wife. Avi knows exactly what her much older husband needs, a good, firm fucking with her tight hole to pull him from his misery. As the two indulge in one another, Tommy cannot even remember what plagued him two begin with as he dives between his wife's legs bringing her the ultimate pleasure.

Sweet Sinner - Avi Love - The Voyeur 03 SC4

File: lemelnaswsi4avlovfbszzo65ft.mp4
Size: 426.63 MB
Duration: 36:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love and Zac Wild, When Avi comes by Logan's house to talk about his security cameras he quickly thinks she might know about his hidden ones. But, in reality she's seeking his comfort and assurance that she is safe. Before long he is enchanted by this beautiful, wholesome woman who enticing him into an afternoon tryst behind her husband's back. He laps at her tight little snatch before burying his cock inside her. It's been months since he'd felt a woman's tight hole around him and he doesn't want to stop until he spews his load all over her olive skin.

Aussie Fellatio Queens - Avi Love - Audition Scene

File: u4kjtnaaufequavilova8ajanl6wi.mp4
Size: 159.78 MB
Duration: 19:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome our next international guest fellatio queen, US porn superstar Avi Love! Avi came down to OZ recently to shoot her audition shoot scenes and suck some hard Aussie cock! Avi is fast becoming the hottest name in porn at the moment, and the way she sucks cock you can definately see why! Sit back and watch Avi devour our director cock, her fellatio talents are simply sublime and its not long till she has him on the edge of shooting his load, she teases him with her talents before her amazing head game has him busting his nut prematurely all over her pretty face! What an amazing way to finish her debut scene for our website!

All Girl Massage - Avi Love & Mackenzie Moss - Call Of Booty

File: ocqmcnaalgimaavimacnfy6t1ujyd.mp4
Size: 266.73 MB
Duration: 32:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love is sitting down and enjoying a rousing round of her favorite video game, using a wireless controller and headset. She is an aggressive gamer, cursing at the other players and boasting when she wins, but she's having a good time. She's talking back and forth with her teammates over the headset.

Mackenzie Moss enters the living room, calling out that she's home. She approaches her gamer girlfriend and leans down, giving her a kiss. Avi is still mostly focused on the game but gives Mackenzie a quick kiss in return. 'Hey, babe, you're home early, how was your day? ...Not you, DREW -- I'm talking to Mackenzie! ...Everyone says hi, Mackenzie,' Avi says. Mackenzie says hi back, then laughs lightly and asks if she's going to be playing the game much longer. Since Mackenzie is home from work early, she figured they'd have a bit of fun... Avi is distracted, saying that she'll be done soon and leans in hunched over again, wincing a bit with stiffness which her girlfriend notices. Mackenzie looks a bit disappointed and is about to leave Avi to it, though a mischievous grin soon spreads across her face.

Avi is still pretty engrossed in the game, but starts getting distracted when Mackenzie stands behind her and starts massaging her neck and shoulders. Avi asks what she's doing and Mackenzie responds that she sees that Avi looks a bit sore, she must have been on this couch all day and her posture definitely isn't helping! So she thought she'd help with a nice shoulder rub while Avi plays. She needs to be good and loose to keep up her lightning-quick gaming reflexes, right?

Avi shrugs but accepts the shoulder rub. Soon, Mackenzie begins making slower, more sensual motions, then slips her hands around to pointedly massage Avi's breasts. She leans down and playfully nips Avi's neck, saying that Avi is so TENSE...Avi moans softly from arousal and surprise, though she quickly catches herself, she lies to her online friends that, no, that wasn't a moan -- that was a GROAN because Drew is KILLING her with his shit playing!

As Avi continues playing, Mackenzie slips Avi's shorts off and lies her down on her front. Mackenzie begins to sensually massage Avi's ass, sliding Avi's panties off and slipping her finger into Avi's pussy. Avi squirms and gasps, then clumsily tries to focus back on the game. 'What? No, I'm still here! Sorry, that was just... lag!'

Avi continues trying her hardest to play but it's really hard to focus with Mackenzie finger-fucking her. Finally, she can't stand it anymore. 'Listen, guys, I need a quick break -- Yeah, because my GIRLFRIEND wants to bang! Oh, shut it, at least I HAVE a girlfriend! Suck it, ya nerds!' She then tosses aside the headset and encourages Mackenzie to her feet, kissing her sensually.

Now that game-time is over, Mackenzie has Avi's FULL attention..

Wicked - Avi Love - Divine

File: gw14jnawicavilovs7yzjcnf7d.mp4
Size: 293.16 MB
Duration: 29:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Wicked Pictures and award winning director Brad Armstrong are proud to present DIVINE, an erotic feast for the senses, packed full of stunning visuals and smoldering sexuality. Staring the breathtakingly beautiful jessica drake along with some of the most mesmerizing women in adult. These gorgeous ladies team up to seduce all who come before them. This All-Sex Masterpiece is Eye Candy at it's finest. With incredible production design and a diverse array of sexual situations Armstrong and his amazing team make pure magic, bringing this hyper-colorized dreamscape to life in brilliant 4K for all to enjoy..

Evil Angel - Avi Love - Bad Teen Avi's Double-Anal Threesome!

File: xyuzenaevanavilovhjltkwjgle.mp4
Size: 670.58 MB
Duration: 33:02
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Exotic, lusty teen Avi Love teases and masturbates, anticipating a wild threesome with Markus Dupree and Mick Blue. She greets the dominant studs with a drooling double blowjob, and then spreads her legs as they take turns fucking her tight twat. Hard pussy pounding leads to intense anal reaming and nasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio. Mick and Markus' big cocks stretch Avi's bunghole in a furious double-anal penetration! Her wet gash creams as they ream. Unrestrained sphincter slamming comes with harsh choking, nasty rimming, and two explosive cum facials.

When Girls Play - Avi Love & Sabina Rouge - The Sweet Spot

File: s3ui8nawheavisabkiw74crj2m.mp4
Size: 236.99 MB
Duration: 29:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Dark-haired Avi love and tanned Sabina Rouge are on a romantic hike when they stop to have some fun. With the wind in their long hair and the sun on their gorgeous backs, the girls cant help but get carried away! Soon, the two young lovers make it have to their cottage where they continue what they started, even before they get inside redheaded Sabina is sucking on Avis perfect, perky tits! The girls cant wait to get inside and live out there sensual, passionate, and sexy getaway fantasies!

All Anal - Avi Love & Anny Aurora - Anal Dream Team With Avi Love & Anny Aurora

File: ae6qpnaalanaviann7ji8lllduy.mp4
Size: 303.77 MB
Duration: 01:16:30
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes you just need two girls who are cute, slender, and ready to get nasty! Anny Aurora and Avi Love fit that description perfectly. If you met them on the street you'd never guess how uninhibited these two can get. Watch them take turns getting their buttholes stuffed and spread wide open in this anal dream team.

Mommy's Girl - Avi Love & Crystal Rush - Kitten Seeking Cougar

File: kq5jynamogiavicryprzix1qf7j.mp4
Size: 408.59 MB
Duration: 34:12
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love is a lesbian living in a small town. She wants to lose her virginity to a girl, but is having a hard time finding any single lesbians. As she rants about her predicament to a friend, she learns that there's a lesbian hookup site called Cougars and Kittens. Although she never thought about dating older women before, she's curious and desperate to get laid.

She excitedly grabs her laptop and begins browsing the website. To her shock, she discovers that the closest cougar is none other than her step-mom, Crystal Rush! She never knew Crystal was into women! Avi is fascinated by the turn of events, though it dawns on her now that coming onto her mom might be her only chance to get some. Crystal's profile says that all a girl has to say is, 'This kitten wants a cougar,' and she'll have her wildest fantasies fulfilled.

Avi nervously enters the kitchen where Crystal is tending to some chores. After some false starts, Avi blurts, 'This kitten wants a cougar!' Instead of pouncing Avi, Crystal is alarmed, worried that Avi stumbled upon the site and is using the knowledge to blackmail her. However, once Avi calms her down, assuring her that she's genuinely curious, the mood shifts. To Avi's delight, Crystal admits that she's been waiting for this day...

Avi is thrilled to finally be losing her virginity, even if she didn't think it'd be with her step-mom. She's entranced as Crystal kicks things off by licking her pussy, savoring the sensation of having a woman between her legs for the very first time. Hopefully it won't be the last!

New Sensations - Avi Love - Avi Finds The Courage

File: fqkghnaneseavilovtnyxsfnoua.mp4
Size: 225.20 MB
Duration: 28:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Curious step daughter Avi starts her morning just like everyday making a strong batch of coffee for her and daddy. As she brings Ramon his cup she thinks she has finally found the courage to make her move, regardless of his rejections. When Avi helps him with his tie she gets Ramon right where she wants him and that's balls deep inside her hot young pussy.

Bellesa Films - Avi Love - No Going Back

File: lnuemnabefiavilovmvrhkj8ukp.mp4
Size: 266.69 MB
Duration: 27:55
Resolution: 856x480
Format: mp4
Description: We are proud to present the latest installment by Bellesa Films No Going Back. This movie explores the theme of friends becoming lovers by giving the audience a view into the private lives of 4 separate pairs of friends. Mike and Alina are roommates who are at odds with each other. When Alina leaves piles of dirty dishes in the sink, Mike washes them properly. But when Mike discovers his clothes on the floor, he storms into Alinas room to reem her out, only to find her pressing her vibrator between her legs. A lecture on roommate etiquette quickly becomes a lesson in erotic arts. Kendra attends her friend Claras bachelorette party and drinks more than she can handle. When she returns to Claras house at the end of the night, Tylerwho was at the house hanging out with Claras fianc, Mattsees how drunk she is and refuses to let her drive home. Instead he takes care of her, makes sure she has everything she needs and then takes off, only to be rewarded by Kendra for his chivalry the next day Avi is married to a man who is away on business more often than not. She hears that Ricky, her high school best friend, is back in town and invites him over hoping he is still the same guy who will be there for her. As they start to reminisce and reconnect, it becomes clear that dormant feelings from their high school days start to resurface. It doesnt take long for their naked bodies to intertwine, reconnecting in a way that both wanted, but neither expected. Since high school, AJ and Damon have cherished a tradition in their friendship of meeting up in a different city every year to see their favourite band play. Their friendship is put to the test this year when they share a single bed in an ice-cold hotel room. With freezing cold temperatures, the long-time friends must get in close to share their body heat. The closer they get, the harder it becomes for them to suppress their palpable attraction for one another, quickly becoming much, much more than friends..

Gloryhole Secrets - Avi Love - Avi Love's Second Gloryhole Video

File: xwgzmnaglseavilovkbrsp4e4oh.mp4
Size: 860.27 MB
Duration: 56:47
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Please welcome 2019 XBIZ Best Actress award winner and three-time AVN award nominee Avi Love to the gloryhole. Her star power brightens up our dank little booth this week truth be told, we kinda like it dark. 23-year-old Avi made an appearance with us last year as well, but at that point, she was not the award-winning starlet we see before us today. She is an all-natural beauty and plans to stay that way. A girl as hot as Avi doesn't really need much help. She looks like your average, everyday, sweet, girl-next-door, which she is, until you break out TEN ANONYMOUS COCKS for her to suck off through a hole. However, before she gets sucking, Avi gets to enjoy a new feature since her last visit as the unknown helping hands pop out from the holes and begin to fondle her. She seems to enjoy it thoroughly. Once the dicks pop out, it doesn't take long for Avi to tear through them, especially toward the end. Watch how quickly Avi starts extracting the loads from her guys once she gets past the halfway point. She makes them cum so fast, the next guys can't make it into the booths quickly enough! There are reasons why Avi is an award winner. We'd like to give her another prize for her gloryhole proficiency. Bravo, Avi, bravo.

My Family Pies - Alina Lopez & Avi Love - Bird Boxxx Challenge

File: o8vminamyfapialiavid548bujm5u.mp4
Size: 553.47 MB
Duration: 30:22
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Alina Lopez and her friend Avi Luv are hanging out and decide to try their take on the Bird Box Challenge. They begin with Alina taking off her clothes and letting Avi blindfold her so she can try to get dressed without vision. Alina's brother, Codey Steele, walks in on the girls in the middle of their game and instead of making his presence known he decides to fap it out. Avi knows Codey is there, but instead of ratting him out to Alina she, too, gets naked and blindfolds herself to join Alina in searching for her clothes while Codey watches.

The girls have failed the first challenge they've set for themselves, but they're not about to admit defeat. Avi suggests trying a sex toy while blindfolded. Once again Alina goes first and Avi catches Codey spying on them. This time Avi confronts Codey, but instead of telling him off she tells him she thinks he's hot and should be part of the challenge. They return to the room together, where Avi tells Alina that she's going to use a different toy. Little does Alina know that the new toy is her stepbrother's hardon. Alina is loving it until she realizes it's a real cock and pulls her blindfold down to find her stepbrother.

Too bd for Alina that Codey has a really nice dick that hits all the right spots. Alina eventually decides that it feels too good to stop, at which point Avi gets to join them for a threesome. Avi and Alina take turns feasting on each other's pussies as Codey bangs them both. Alina is even enjoying it right up until Codey doesn't bother to pull out before filling her with a creampie of cum

Pure Taboo - Avi Love - The Kindness Of Strangers

File: 5lrqfnaputaavilovqkrvthhniv.mp4
Size: 360.38 MB
Duration: 56:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: '... there are those who cause you to freeze inside... Those you should keep away from. They are not good for you, even though others might say that they are good people...'
-Bodil Bredsdorff

Rich Philanthropist Takes In Homeless Teen Who Discovers His BDSM Sex Dungeon

SCENE OPENS to Billie Avi Love awkwardly standing in a luxurious mansion. She's a teen living on the streets, though she had the good fortune of being invited to a fundraiser hosted by a well-respected philanthropist, Tom Ridge Derrick Pierce. She feels so out of place, especially once she catches the rich, handsome man's eye.

Tom is charming and sweet, which Billie is naturally drawn to, though she is still guarded. Yet, she doesn't know what to make of him when he offers for her to stay in this beautiful home with him! She's suspicious -- there HAS to be a catch! Tom assures her that there is no catch... Well, except that she'd have to rely completely on the kindness of strangers.

Although Billie is still uncertain, she can't turn down the once-in-a-lifetime offer.

The next morning, Billie is given free rein of the house as Tom attends to business elsewhere. However, the one thing Tom's made clear is that she ISN'T allowed to do is go into a private room across from her own. Although she's able to resist temptation for most of the day, the mysterious wooden door seems to be calling her name.

Finally, she can't resist as she sneaks inside the room, only to uncover a BDSM sex dungeon.

As she carefully explores the room, blown away by all that surrounds her, it's hard to envision the kind community man having any part in THIS. Yet, she's about to find out just how dark his desires are when he returns home and discovers she's broken his one rule...

Wicked - Avi Love - Upon Further Reflection

File: bx5pxnawicavilovenju6oytrr.mp4
Size: 266.99 MB
Duration: 26:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Fiction writer, James Wharton Ryan Mclane, is suffering from writers block and a drinking problem. His ex-wife is making his life a living hell and his agent is putting the pressure on him to finish his new novel. A chance meeting with a beautiful young girl Avi Love,who is a fan of his work, begins to lead him out of the darkness and into inspiration once again until he discovers that she is harboring a dark secret. Romance, regret and redemption collide in Upon Further Reflection.

Wicked - Avi Love - Upon Further Reflection SC 1

File: jeqamnawic1avlov1utv9irpvq.mp4
Size: 245.98 MB
Duration: 24:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Fiction writer, James Wharton Ryan Mclane, is suffering from writers block and a drinking problem. His ex-wife is making his life a living hell and his agent is putting the pressure on him to finish his new novel. A chance meeting with a beautiful young girl Avi Love,who is a fan of his work, begins to lead him out of the darkness and into inspiration once again until he discovers that she is harboring a dark secret. Romance, regret and redemption collide in Upon Further Reflection

Pure Taboo - Avi Love - Watching You

File: uojgmnaputaavilov7emjzgxlrb.mp4
Size: 338.44 MB
Duration: 50:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Avi Love is a young woman looking to rebuild her life after her boyfriend, Ashton Mike Mancini cheated on her. To start off on the right foot, she gets her laptop wiped so that she NEVER has to see anything reminding her of that asshole ever again. Yet, as soon as she returns home, her ex is waiting for her, confronting her in a heated argument. 'You'll regret this!' he threatens as she slams the door in his face. She may be rattled now, but she's sure there are brighter days ahead of her.

Although she's hoping for a fresh start, Jessie's past quickly comes back to haunt her. First, her friend informs her that someone's hacked her social media and posted a raunchy update, claiming that she's looking for guys to fuck. Then she receives an unsolicited dick pic from an unknown number. Finally, her laptop camera keeps turning on and off as if someone's watching her...

Terrified, she calls Ashton, begging him to leave her alone, although he insists that it's not him and that she's just crazy. Exhausted and confused, Jessie's almost at her breaking point. When she catches sight of a suspicious vehicle parked in front of her home, she just KNOWS that whoever is in that car is responsible for all of this.

As Jessie grabs a baseball bat, she storms into the street, ready to settle this once and for all. Little does she know, the worst is yet to come as she comes face-to-face with her stalker.

The Upper Floor - Aiden Starr, Krissy Lynn & Avi Love - Teen Anal Slut Taught The Ropes At Halloween Swingers Ball

File: yqluvnathupflaidkriavitvqxswqg4j.mp4
Size: 453.58 MB
Duration: 01:16:11
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: In part two of this wildest of All Hallows Eve BDSM orgies, Avi Love has earned her way into some tight bondage with a huge, hard cock in her slutty teen ass. MILF whore Krissy Lynn isn't so lucky, having stirred the ire of Aiden Starr for neglecting her duties in training Avi. Avi handles that huge dick like a good girl, moaning in the tight shibari while watching Aiden degrade and flog Krissy's swollen pussy and red ass. Locked in a cuff bondage position, Krissy can only wriggle around, begging for forgiveness, as she's given just a little bit of dick. Her huge bouncy tits jiggle pleasingly as she struggles over to lick Avi's ass off of Rob's cock like a sex-starved slut. Tonight is historically significant as Iona Grace has come back for a service session with Stefanos. These two are old playmates from many years ago on the Upper Floor, and they waste no time marking up Iona's gorgeous curvy body and huge, milky titties with a hardcore spanking and flogging. Once her ass is a bright crimson and the crowd is cheering, Iona begs to serve the house once more with her orgasms. She waits for permission, then lets loose with a deluge of passionate sexual release that has the horny crowd of BDSM swingers howling and clapping. Two other babes come over to drop their tits in her mouth and join in on the fun. Another hot young lady in a leather strait jackets fucks and sucks her Master, while others enjoy partner swapping, rough sex, single tails, rope bondage, flogging, and light up canes like nothing we have seen before. The party really comes together when both Avi and Krissy are strapped down to a fuck table and prove that they are able to recite the House Rules in unison like good submissive sluts. Their reward is an all-out assault on both of their holes, care of Aiden's sadistic handy work and Rob Piper's big fat cock. Both women display excellent manners, lapping at whatever is put in their mouths, and thanking Rob for every stroke in their greedy assholes. The crowd can't get enough of their hot screaming orgasms and urge them on and on until both whores are spent and completely covered in a thick load of cum. Well done ladies!

New Sensations - Avi Love - Watching My Hotwife 6

File: ngrg9naneseavilovpeo3cniky3.mp4
Size: 496.35 MB
Duration: 30:31
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Imagine yourself married to a beautiful hotwife. Watching her take pleasure with other men while feeding off your growing excitement. Enjoying every thrill together from beginning to climax. Now, experience that fantasy in this erotic P.O.V. adventure with Lena Paul, Avi Love, Miranda Miller, and Vienna Black as your gorgeous hotwives

Pure Taboo - Gia Paige, Avi Love & Silvia Saige - Family Vacation

File: gccennaputagiaavisilprfdklidwa.mp4
Size: 496.86 MB
Duration: 01:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Two teenage girls, Allie Gia Paige and Beth Avi Love, are sharing a tearful goodbye. They'd been in the foster system together for years -- it's like they're sisters -- but now Beth is moving in with a different foster family. For the first time, they're going to be separated, and Allie is worried that Beth is going to forget all about her once she has a taste of her new life. Although Beth assures her that that's never going to happen, when they hug then part ways, Allie's sure she's never going to see her best friend ever again.

Her hopes are lifted when she receives a phone call from Beth weeks later, inviting her to visit her at the family's vacation home. Although Allie is hurt that Beth didn't contact her sooner, she jumps at the chance to see her again.

When she later arrives at Beth's new home, which is more luxurious than anything she's ever seen in her life, Allie feels out of place. She feels even MORE out of place once she reunites with Beth and meets her new foster parents, Maria Silvia Saige and Shane Steve Holmes. Beth is... different... somehow, and Maria and Shane give off creepy vibes with how intimate they are with Beth.

It doesn't feel right. Concerned for Beth, Allie tries to privately ask her if she's safe. Allie's world comes crashing down when she learns that Beth has been having sex with Maria and Shane in exchange for stability! Although she's horrified at the thought, when the family offers the same deal to Allie, it's the hardest decision she'll ever have to make.

Tough Love X - Avi Love - The Sting

File: vm434natoloxavilovlbdbbgjhb7.mp4
Size: 108.79 MB
Duration: 26:40
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: The shit that goes down in my world. I got lured into meeting this chick from an ad she posted. I showed up at her house with my bag of ToughLove essentials and was met isntead, by some dude named Chris Handsome. He informed me this Avi babe was only 18 years old and not 30 like I thought she was! After trying to guilt me for wanting to bang a woman half my age, I was ready to hit the door running. Instead, he gladly introduces us and, well, you can see what happened.