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Athena Faris

Web Young - Scarlett Sage, Athena Faris & Morgan Rain - Swimsuit Show-offs

File: razuwnaweyoscaathmorn8ebnvhqsz.mp4
Size: 340.22 MB
Duration: 42:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Morgan Rain and Scarlett Sage are lounging by the pool when their friend Athena Faris shows up. They chat about the high school swim team that they are all a part of, pointing out that since they're all 18 and graduating soon, this will be their last year on the swim team. Speaking of which, Athena has their new swim team swimsuits!

They all wonder aloud how the new suits look. Scarlett suggests that they try them on and model them for each other. The other girls agree, saying that that sounds like fun!

The girls strip down. They get distracted for a moment and stand there naked as they tease each other good-naturedly before they slip on the new swimsuits. The three look at each other and look at themselves, visibly pleased with how they look. The vibe is getting increasingly flirty as the girls check each other out. Wow, says Morgan. Right?? Scarlett echoes. 'Yeah, we look...amazing,' Athena adds.

The girls decide that since they look THIS amazing, they should go inside and take some pics. They go into Scarlett's room and hop up onto the bed as Athena begins to take cute photos of Morgan and Scarlett. As Athena snaps pics, Scarlett gets bold and slips her swimsuit down, revealing her perky tits. Athena's a little hesitant, but since Scarlett's not shy, she keeps taking photos of Scarlett posing in increasingly sexy ways.

Pretty soon Scarlett convinces Morgan to take her top off too and they continue to pose for photos. Scarlett gets even crazier and has Athena snap a pic of her licking Morgan's tit. By this point, Athena's getting less and less shy, so when the other girls suggest that she take her top off too, she agrees.

Giggling, the girls take pics of all three of them together. Getting riled up by their tight bodies and sexy poses, Morgan and Scarlett come together for an intense kiss. From the sidelines, Athena is surprised. Um, what are they DOING? Biting their lips, the girls apologize for leaving Athena out and slowly lean in for a steamy triple-kiss. Athena's still a little shy, but it feels so good that she doesn't want it to stop.

The fun is just starting for these swimsuit show-offs...

Lesbian X - Jill Kassidy & Athena Faris - Hot Lesbian Duo

File: kurmonalexjilathwlikmmkisb.mp4
Size: 252.66 MB
Duration: 31:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Watch this gorgeous duo Jill Kassidy Athena Faris enjoy each others' bodies without any toys getting in the way. Unscripted and intimate, we just let them go as our camera rolled. Including deep passionate kissing, analingus, and multiple orgasms shared, this is one hot pairing you won't want to miss.

Teen Pies - Athena Faris - Purity Ring Pussy Cream

File: buuwpnatepiathfarnugxks3guz.mp4
Size: 480.01 MB
Duration: 35:13
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Athena Faris has been hankering for some hard cock, but her man is not giving her any! The guy is totally deadest on staying pure until marriage. He even wears a purity ring! The only problem is that Athena is never going to marry a guy if she does not know his dick size. To figure it out, she ties the lucky guy up and pulls his boner out of his pants for an inspection. She slobbers on it as it grows in her throat. Then, she rides his cock while his arms are still tied to the bed! When she finally lets him loose, he pounds her pussy before filling her up with some warm cream. How is that for pure?

Throated - Athena Faris - I Can Handle It

File: e9igxnathrathfarx79l92m2em.mp4
Size: 410.38 MB
Duration: 22:32
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty Athena Faris has come to Throated.com to show off her amazing skills to Mick Blue. She teases him by masturbating in front of him before grabbing his throbbing cock. Athena starts sucking and then getting face-fucked by Mick. She does such a good job that he blows his hot load of cum in her mouth.

Porn Fidelity - Athena Faris - Love In Neon

File: koj9fnapofiathfar4hpc5xz1wu.mp4
Size: 943.46 MB
Duration: 39:50
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex sets the mood for his date with Athena Faris with some stunning lighting. With her body highlighted in pinks and blues she gets to work on his shaft. Her skilled mouth deepthroats Alex's dick before stuffing her shaved pussy balls deep until he blasts a big load all over her face.

Pure Taboo - Athena Faris - Daughter Caught Stripping

File: mozyinaputaathfarv8ve56d6cl.mp4
Size: 334.98 MB
Duration: 40:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Belle Athena Faris a young woman in an oversized men's coat, who storms into her house angrily. Joseph Derrick Pierce stalks just as angrily in after her. 'I CAN'T believe you fucking DID that to me, Dad!' she exclaims as she turns on him, beside herself with anger. 'What is your PROBLEM? What were YOU even doing there, huh?! Now I DEFINITELY lost my job after this, I can't go back after you HUMILIATED me in there! I NEEDED that job, Dad! I'm 21 now -- you had NO RIGHT to treat me like that! You ruined my LIFE! Why--' Joseph breaks his silence as he turns to her and explodes with rage. 'No DAUGHTER OF MINE is going to be a FUCKING STRIPPER!'


'You're such a fucking hypocrite! YOU went there to jerk off to girls your DAUGHTER'S age, and somehow I'M the one who's in trouble?!' Belle exclaims. 'Watch your mouth, I'm your step-father, so why don't you show me some damn respect!' Joseph booms. 'Oh, like you're showing ME respect right now?!' Belle challenges.

'What did I tell you about talking back?' Joseph barks, ignoring her words. 'And just what am I supposed to tell your mother, hm?' Belle retaliates by threatening to tell her mom about Joseph being at the club, though that would be admitting that she's a stripper. No, he gloats, she's not going to say anything, and he doesn't have to either. 'So, what do you say? Tit for tat?' he adds, his eyes falling towards her chest. 'Fine, whatever, I won't say anything... I-I'm going to bed now,' Belle says, anxious as she turns to hurry away. Yet, as she does, Joseph grabs her arm -- not in an overly aggressive way, but enough to stop her.

'I want my coat back,' he states. Belle eyes him, but hurries to take the coat off after pushing his hand away. 'No, SLOWER...' he interjects, looking hungry. 'Oh, my god... What the actual fuck?' Belle gasps as it dawns on her that Joseph wants her to strip for him. 'You don't think I'm going to let you off THAT easy, do you, Belle? Since you're so eager to lay it all out at the club, you may as well do it here... or do you only show your TRUE colors when there's a tip in it for you?'

No way, Belle exclaims. Joseph decides to play up another angle now, saying that she mustn't make much as a stripper. She defensively says that she does well enough. 'Well enough to live out there on your own instead of leeching off me? Because, like you said, you're 21... I don't HAVE to be your guardian anymore.'

Belle looks more anxious now. She still eyes him with contempt, then reluctantly takes a sexy stance and slowly removes the thick jacket. 'Okay, I'll do it, but you're still a fucking piece of trash.' She reveals her sexy stripper outfit beneath, which leaves little to the imagination. As she casts aside the coat, Joseph is hooked, hungrily gazing over her tight body. He moves to the couch and sits down.

Belle is disgusted with herself, then closes her eyes to take a steadying breath. 'Just think of him as any other customer,' she says quietly to herself, then opens her eyes. She begins to dance. When she steps in closer and Joseph reaches up to touch her, she smacks his hand away before he makes contact. 'That's taking it too far,' she protests. He says that he'll just have to break Mom's heart when she gets home from work, then.

Something seems to dawn on Belle at that moment. 'You're not going to let this go unless I fuck you, are you?' she snaps. He pushes aside her hair and kisses the back of her neck with a twisted smile, saying, 'Exactly.' She shudders, reluctantly but clearly saying, okay, she'll do it. 'Just think of him as any other customer...' she quietly reminds herself again before rising off his lap to go down on his cock.

Joseph has only just begun to slut-shame his stripper daughter...

Step Siblings - Allie Nicole & Athena Faris - Stepsister Tennis Sex

File: ouezbnastsiallathvgczfstmff.mp4
Size: 595.00 MB
Duration: 43:40
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Allie Nicole and Athena Faris are total tennis nerds. Since they are stepsisters, they grew up idolizing Venus, Serena, and all the other amazing tennis stars they watch on TV. Today, they sneak by one of their idols security and knock on his front door. He usually hates visitors, but when he sees how hot the girls are, he invites them inside his house. Soon, the chicks start making out as their tight, young pussies soak through their panties. Then, they pull out the tennis studs giant racket and go to work. He strokes inside their tight cunts, serving up aces left and right. Then, he s a huge load for the stepsisters to share. This guy is definitely a champ!

Pure Taboo - Athena Faris - Cum Addiction Intervention

File: hqozpnaputaathfar7h3vborwxz.mp4
Size: 361.33 MB
Duration: 47:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on girlfriend and boyfriend Carla Athena Faris and Rich Codey Steele. They are in each other's arms on Carla's bed, chatting and laughing. They start to makeout and before long, things are pretty hot and heavy. As they kiss, Rich squeezes Carla's tits. As he moves his hand between her legs, he starts to rub her pussy over her pants but she gently pulls his hand away and breaks the kiss.

She...she's not sure if she's...ready, she says softly. REALLY?, Rich asks, clearly disappointed. Yeah...she...she told him that she wanted to take things slow, Carla says. Yeah but...there's slow and then there's... SLOW, Rich says, visibly annoyed. 'We've been together for six months now. We're BOTH 18, so...what's going on? Don't you want to be with me?' Rich says, playing the victim a little. No, that's not it, of COURSE she wants to be with him, Carla says, seemingly worried that she's upset him. 'So what's stopping us, then? Let's be brave and go for it...' Rich says with a lusty grin. He resumes kissing her and gets handsy again almost immediately. But...but what about her step-brother? He's home and he might hear them, Carla points out, worried. Well, they'll just have to be quiet then, he responds. She hesitates. OK?, he asks. She still seems a little reluctant, but clearly wants to please her boyfriend. Ok, she smiles nervously, taking a deep breath.

Rich and Carla have sex. She begins it nervously, since it is her first time being with him, but as she grows to enjoy it, her skittishness falls away. As the sex winds down, Rich is telling Carla how much he loves her and announces that he's going to cum any moment. She tells him to pull out, but as he continues thrusting, he says he's getting close. She protests, telling him that she's never done that before, but he pressures her, telling her that it will bring them closer together. 'Please, I'm so close...!' She still seems reluctant, but again wanting to please him, she falls prey to her own guilt and hesitantly says 'O-ok, yeah,' allowing him to creampie her. He moans loudly as he cums.

When he leaves the room, she is fascinated by the cum dripping from her pussy. When she tentatively tastes it, it's as if she has an epiphany and is transfixed by the feeling and taste of cum. She exhales a huge breath, trying to get herself under control as she breathes rapidly, staring off into space, as if she is reborn.


Weeks later, Carla sneaks into the house, late at night. No longer sweet and virginal, she is disheveled and seems like she's been partying all night. She goes into her bathroom and takes a shower. Zombie-like, she dips her fingers in her pussy and licks what appears to be cum off them. As she showers, her stepbrother Toby Robby Echo enters the washroom. When she steps out of the shower, he desperately tells her that he needs to talk to her about something.

Toby tells her that she's changed drastically in the past few weeks, going from sweet-natured and happy to a walking zombie who sneaks home late every night. It becomes clear that Carla has been sleeping with random men each night. Toby is worried and wants to help.

'Awwwwww. Mr. Nice Guy Toby just wants to help his poor messed-up step-sister Carla?!' she says mockingly. 'Give me a fucking break,' she says, rolling her eyes with a mean-spirited laugh. Please Carla...., Toby begins. 'You know what I think? I don't think you want to help, I think that you came in here because you're jealous,' Carla says, moving towards Toby. What is she...?, Toby says. She thinks he's jealous of ALL those guys that she fucks, Carla grins wickedly. Why is she SAYING these things?!, Toby pleads, sounding very distressed. That IS it, isn't it?, Carla says, moving closer still to Toby. He's jealous of all those guys...because that's all he's EVER wanted isn't it?, she asks. To get a little taste for himself, she adds tauntingly. N-no, of COURSE not! He would never even CONSIDER...Toby says, appalled at the suggestion. 'Don't worry, you can be honest. We tell each other EVERYTHING right? That's what brothers and sisters are SUPPOSED to do...?' Carla says, caressing his arm. He pulls away, but she seems to have struck a chord because his gaze lingers on her for a moment.

He denies her accusation. Hungry for more cum, she begins to aggressively seduce him. 'You want to FUCK me? You want to...FILL ME UP?' she says, a crazed look coming over her face as she caresses his arm, pressing her body against his. No, she's wrong! Toby says fiercely, struggling valiantly to resist. 'Y-you...you don't know WHAT I want,' Toby stammers. Yeah...she DOES...she KNOWS that he wants...to give her all his...she begins, trailing her hand down his chest. Hot...Sticky...CUM, she whispers fiercely, licking her lips hungrily. Carla...he stutters, his resistance nearly gone. Well, GIVE it to her then...give her EVERY last drop, she says, her voice thick with need. Finally, any last semblance of hesitance from Toby is gone. Ok, he says softly.

Family Strokes - Athena Faris - Some Under The Table Footplay

File: fq3lqnafastathfaripiin52fdh.mp4
Size: 409.11 MB
Duration: 30:01
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Athena Faris has been dying to go to a music festival with her friends, but her mom does not seem to think it is a good idea. Her stepdad on the other hand does not seem to care either way. To get him on her side, Athena crawls under the breakfast table and plays with his sausage. She jerks his cock with her feet while she talks to her mom and the oblivious lady has no idea at all! Athena is a sneaky girl when it comes to fucking her stepdad, and she manages to pull the clandestine coitus off with finesse. She lets her stepdad pound her young cooch until he blows a huge load all over her face. No doubt she is going to the festival this weekend!

New Sensations - Athena Faris - Athena Gets A Creamsicle From Her Brother

File: vks5jnaneseathfarsvliwyirvg.mp4
Size: 324.92 MB
Duration: 40:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Athena has left school early after spending all day thinking about her step brothers cock and just could not stop from rubbing her wet pussy. As she pry's Codey to open his pants and let her suck on it, at least, he begins to forget about the parents getting home as she bends over sliding her panties to the side just begging for meat. Now balls deep they fuck on the couch until he explodes his load deep inside her hungry young pussy.

Innocent High - Athena Faris - Prom Date Pussy Pound

File: mm6mrnainhiathfarxuo4wlxe1g.mp4
Size: 589.22 MB
Duration: 42:42
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Her mom is pressuring her, but Athena Faris does not want to go to prom with the school nerd. He may take her to school everyday, but that does not make him attractive! She knows that the nerdy guy is going to ask her to prom, so she makes a deal with him. She will let him fuck her if he agrees to lie to her mom about going to prom with her. He licks her tight teen cooch and laps up her sweet pussy juice. Then, he sticks his massive dong inside of her, giving her more dick than she has ever had. He pumps hard in her pussy until she is orgasming all over his rod. Then, he spurts a huge cum facial on her cute face. Looks like Athena wants to go to prom with this nerd after all!

Love Her Feet - Athena Faris - He Caught Me Sucking My Toes

File: itokjnalohefeathfarrpxw3fhjme.mp4
Size: 925.14 MB
Duration: 41:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I skipped my last two classes of the day so I could go home and watch my favorite shows. While I'm having my me time on the couch, my mom's boyfriend, Jay, arrives and start bugging me that I should be in my room doing my homework. He said that he had just talked to mom on the phone and this is per her request. So, I said fine, whatever and walked down to my room. I was feeling too tense and stressed to do homework so I thought why not quickly rub one out to relax and get focused. So I did...and somewhere in the midst of it, I started to suck on my toes since that's what makes me cum the hardest. All of a sudden I notice Jay is staring at me from the door crack with his jaw dropped. He said that mom called him and told him to check in on me but that hes sorry and didn't mean to find me like this. But he did. He proceeded to ask me if I have a foot fetish otherwise why would I suck on my own toes? I told him yes because its what makes me cum best. He admitted he too has a foot fetish and couldnt help but be turned on by seeing me suck on my sexy toes while also touching my smooth wet pussy. Well...since I didnt cum earlier, I decided to have fun with Jay. I told him to sit next to me and when he did, I just shoved my soft feet up onto his face. He licked and sucked my toes and wrinkled soles. He took his dick out and I rubbed my feet on it giving him a wildly sexy footjob. I couldn't wait to feel his hard cock slide into my juicy pussy. He fucked me so good while licking and sucking my feet and toes, I don't even know how many times I came. It felt so naughty looking at my mom's boyfriend's cum dripping off my feet, Ill probably do it again.

Cherry Pimps - Athena Faris & Natalie Knight - Blonde Hotties Athena And Natalie Cumming Together

File: diybunachpiathnatadgqi3hes3.mp4
Size: 479.26 MB
Duration: 59:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous and wild beauties Athena Faris and Natalie Knight are ready for some fun and just love matching their outfits! They tease in their white knee high socks as they spin around showing off those sexy hot bodies! They kiss and strip letting you admire those beautiful asses and shaved pussies while they makeout! Natalie brought along one of her personal toys and is eager to let Athena use it on her clit to see how hard she can cum under the control of another sexy babe! These girls just can not get enough of each other and must be cumming back for more after such a hot show

Taboo POV - Athena Faris - Slutty sister wants to see if she can handle step

File: 8nesmnatapoathfarqmxbeee85v.mp4
Size: 213.47 MB
Duration: 13:55
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Okay so, I know its still kinda fresh, and maybe too much to talk about but there is something I have been dying to tell you. It might sound a little weird because you are my step brother...Promise you won't flip out? Okay so I was talking to your ex about why you guys split and she said that it was because she couldn't handle you cock... At first I thought it was funny, but now I can't stop thinking about it...

Brazzers Exxtra - Noemie Bilas & Athena Faris - A Family Affair: The Reunion Part 2

File: iauifnabrexnoeath8ut3xvqscl.mp4
Size: 459.12 MB
Duration: 39:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Van Wylde attempts to escape the house without being caught when he stumbles into his girlfriend's sisters room and catches her fooling around with her friend. Athena and Noemie can't help but laugh at him for being naked and in a stick predicament. The girl's decide to give him a little show before he leaves and he can't resist and joins in. Fucking and sucking was not what he intended but it's a nice break from dealing with his immediate problems!

Taboo POV - Athena Faris - Giving uncle a massage leads to a handjob

File: d6yljnatapoathfarzf79ldle8t.mp4
Size: 112.77 MB
Duration: 14:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Athena knows about her Uncle's game with his daughter where she massages him. Athena wants to play her Uncle's game too... after all, he's not her genetic uncle. It may be a little taboo, but she's been horny since they got to the reunion. Seems like her Uncle has a thing for younger girls, but she knows it's not illegal so she pulls out his cock. Athena sucks her Uncle's cock and strokes it up and down. She thinks she can do a way better job than his daughter does and wants to take her place.She does... she extracts that cum from her Uncle like the naughty niece she is

Hard X - Athena Faris & Paige Owens - Girls Love Threesomes

File: rctavnahaxathpaiq61avms8vk.mp4
Size: 287.95 MB
Duration: 31:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Featuring two gorgeous all natural beauties Athena Faris and Paige Owens, know that three is definitely not a crowd. Lesbian interlude sets off this intense threesome you won't want to miss. Including 69 action, face sitting and an epic cum swapping and cum swallowing finish.

Bang Trickery - Athena Faris - Athena Faris Tricks Her Boyfriend Into Cumming Inside Of Her

File: xlodynabatrathfarlp9qndzm6i.mp4
Size: 606.16 MB
Duration: 27:55
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Athena Faris wants her boyfriend to cum inside of her but he doesn't want to because she isn't on anything. She really doesn't want to break up with him because he won't shoot his load inside of her, so she comes up with a sneaky plan to get him to bust. She puts on a bandaid and tells him that she got a contraceptive shot so it's safe to fuck her pussy and creampie the fuck out of her. They get down to fucking and she finally gets to feel the allure of his cum filling her up!

I Know That Girl - Athena Farris - Athena's Checkup

File: xzm4vnaiknthgiathfarbvwxstkhxi.mp4
Size: 336.93 MB
Duration: 41:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Athena Faris went to get a checkup because her parents are worried about her having premarital sex. Turns out that they're right to be worried because Athena is a young teen in heat. While doctor J Mac is giving her an exam she forces his head into her tight pussy and then begs for him to stretch her out with his big doctor dick.