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Amber Chase

Mofos B Sides - Amber Chase - Play With My Bae

File: i4o3tnamobsiambchawwgutldhbl.mp4
Size: 410.35 MB
Duration: 29:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: This chick Amber Chase is mad horny she shouts out demands and tells me to keep on filming her insanely hot body! I like a girl who knows what she wants, and blonde Amber definitely knows what she wants! Soon, shes slobbering all over Tonys huge dick what an amazing slut! In the end, Amber begs for it as Tony shoot a hot load all over her amazing, fake titties!

Girls Who Lie - Amber Chase - Pay To Play

File: wlcfenagiwhliambchaul8qcip8kk.mp4
Size: 460.69 MB
Duration: 20:35
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Amber Chase thinks she can pull a fast one on her personal trainer by calling him an accountability buddy instead of a professional trainer. When the trainer calls her on her missed payments, she starts pulling her shirt down to pop out her big boobs. The trainer protests, but Amber is convinced that she can fuck her way out of paying him. Grabbing his hand, she rubs it against her hard nipples and then slides it lower.

Dropping to her knees, Amber pulls out her trainer's dick and lets him know that the thought of his big package has motivated her through all those workouts. She starts sucking despite his protests, rubbing the shaft as she devours the tip. Getting to her feet, the buxom hottie offers to show off her stamina as she's taking her clothes off. Nude with her enhanced titties standing proudly atop her fit body, Amber tells her trainer to lay down. He obliges and she sinks down onto his stiffie for a ride in her dripping pussy.

When Amber has had one climax, she gets off her trainer's fuck stick and licks him clean with total thoroughness. Then, rolling onto her back, Amber spreads her thighs as the trainer bangs her. Her titties bounce with each stroke, a sexy jiggle that keeps the trainer hard and needy. When the trainer is about to cum, Amber takes his load as a facial that drips into her mouth. That's when she learns that he still expects her to pay him for his professional services.

Bad Milfs - Amber Chase & Claire Black - Cunty Competition

File: tpvl9nabamiambclaludenmz92g.mp4
Size: 605.99 MB
Duration: 55:18
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Amber Chase is a possessive step mom. So, when her boy comes home and tells her that he has a new girlfriend, Claire Black, she is not too happy. In fact, she does not take it seriously at all! She rushes him into the bedroom and rips down his pants, slipping his thick cock into her mouth for a slobbery, MILF blowjob. Later on, she sits next to Claire on the couch and intimidates her with her aggressive sexuality. She tells Claire she must be approved to date her step son, and that requires some hot lesbian pussy licking to go down. A couple days later, Ambers step son walks in on her and his girlfriend hooking up behind his back. He is shocked, but Amber tells him she just does not want him to hold out on her. Then he joins in and slams both their tight pussies.

Milfty - Amber Chase - Summer Side Boyfriend

File: qx269namilambchazbv4hzhru3.mp4
Size: 655.95 MB
Duration: 49:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Being a good neighbor can be tough sometimes. For Amber Chase, it is extra tough because she thinks of our stud as the annoying brat next door. When he comes over to ask for a job from her husband, she puts him to work instead. But when she notices he has a big boner in his pants, she can hardly believe it. Instead of kicking him out, she asks him to jerk off for her while she touches herself! A couple days later, Ambers neighbor comes over again to thank her for getting him a job. She tells him she wants a summer side boyfriend, and he can be that guy. He hesitates at first, but one look at those hot MILF tits, and he is ready to dive balls deep into her velvet underground. Later on, Amber tells her neighbor that she is pregnant. She will not be lonely anymore with kids running around the house, but he can have one last MILF pussy ride for old times sake. What a bitter sweet goodbye! See full video here