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Alex Coal

Devil's Film - Alex Coal - Early Horny Morning

File: 54itynadefialecoax3fv31scrb.mp4
Size: 547.96 MB
Duration: 34:53
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Like a desperate housewife Sheena waits for her daughters and hubby to leave the house then she brings out her boy toy for a relaxed mid morning fuck session. Well today's session is interrupted by her daughter who makes a surprise trip home to get the credit card mom forgot to give her. Wow is daughter Jaye surprised to find mommy fucking Ricky whom she used to babysit. 'Look , mommy exclaims, he' all grown up'. Indeed he is Jaye thinks as she looks at that cock he is stroking. You can't stroke a cock at a nymphomaniac without thinking they will pounce. And pounce does Jaye as within seconds she has that man root buried down her throat and soon is comparing cock sucking skills with her slut of a mom. A mother-daughter tandem duo ensues as both horndogs take pole riding turns and show off their skills to each other. It's tear-jerking and cum jerking all at the same time as the mother-daughter team gets a spa treatment of jizz in the face to reward them for their efforts.

Devil's Film - Alex Coal - Pre Study Bang

File: sku8wnadefi2alcoaep3wylhnac.mp4
Size: 527.83 MB
Duration: 39:03
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Alex was supposed to have gone to campus to enroll in classes but instead stops by one of the frat boys homes and puts together her spring break plans of wild orgies and hedonism. Needing some cock bad before hitting the book store she engages with a wild romp with Jay Romero starting on the kitchen counter spilling to the living room couch. She rides his cock in a frantic pace of positions as she cums over and over again till he shoots his massive load all over her face.

Sweet Sinner - Alex Coal - Sibling Seductions 04

File: btpgxnaswsialecoaszo2dzkhst.mp4
Size: 280.67 MB
Duration: 27:57
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Nathan Bronson confronts his step sister Alex Coal after one of his fraternity brothers showed him a few nude photos that she texted him. He doesn't want her to send such scandalous photos to guys. At first she thinks he's just being protective. Then she realizes he is just jealous. He doesn't want to share his step sister with anyone. This turns her on, so much so that she takes out her tits to give him a taste of the real thing. Nathan dives into her pussy face first. He licks her clit while fingering her pussy. He is determined to make her cum so hard she only wants to fuck him. Then he slides his ever-hard cock inside her to show her what she has been missing all these years. She flips around and around on his cock to feel him from every angle. She keeps cumming so hard her legs start to quiver, which squeezes the hot, juicy cum out of him.

Cherry Pimps - Alex Coal - Fuck Me And Cum On My Glasses

File: w6lqvnachpialecoaadiqiyrlgg.mp4
Size: 705.83 MB
Duration: 01:12
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Alex Coal is one hot babe in her sexy white bodysuit and red high heels. She looks like a librarian with those glasses but this girl does not like it quiet especially when it comes to fucking! She wants to get Donnies cock deep down her throat until she gags and then she'll bend right over so you can admire that gorgeous tight pussy before Donnie slips that cock right in pounding her hard! She'll eagerly get on top so she can take control and so that you can admire that cute little tuft of hair and her wet pussy as that cock slides in and out in perfect rhythm. Only thing that can end this hot show just right is a hot load of cum all over her glasses

Brazzers Exxtra - Alex Coal - Let's All Fuck In The Lobby

File: zrnfsnabrexalecoapx6jifxvmn.mp4
Size: 399.38 MB
Duration: 38:26
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hot and sassy Alex Coal takes a trip to the movie theater concession stand to get away from the movie she's watching. After flirting with theater employee Seth Gamble for a bit, she convinces him to let her come behind the stand to get her own drink and popcorn. When her boyfriend catches this and accuses her of cheating on him, Alex decides to fuck Seth right there and to make a show of it in front of her boyfriend. He should've stayed in the theater...

This Girl Sucks - Alex Coal - An Oral Queen At Work

File: dfbwcnathgisualecoac8fdp2zekh.mp4
Size: 296.88 MB
Duration: 26:07
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Raven haired beauty Alex Coal is very excited to be shooting a special cocksucking scene today. She has wanted to prove that she belongs in the hog slobbering hall of fame, and now she finally is getting her chance. She likes to start slow, running her tongue along our studs shaft sensually. She lets the spit drip from her lips onto his cock and then shoves the thing as far down her throat as she can. But this girl does not stop there. She goes the extra mile, giving our stud a raunchy rimjob and even using her feet to him a scintillating footjob! Alex breaks out every trick in her dick pleasing bag, and boy is that thing deep..

Jesseloads Monster Facials - Alex Coal - Alex Is A Gorgeous Landscape Of Lovely Curves

File: uv4ggnajemofaalecoag9xhkucmn7.mp4
Size: 223.51 MB
Duration: 27:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alex is a gorgeous landscape of lovely curves. She is so hot and eager that Chad skips the introductions and dives right into her juicy pussy and eats her out until she is dripping wet. She then mounts him and goes for a memorable ride. She gets fucked hard until Chad drops a full load right in her eyes.

Step Siblings - Alex Coal & Judy Jolie - Which Stepsis Will Fuck First

File: itun7nastsialejudzzmop6hivo.mp4
Size: 549.52 MB
Duration: 40:19
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Super sexy Alex Coal and Judy Jolie are stepsisters with an agenda. Their stepbrother is giving away his old car, and both of them want it! To get the upper hand on each other, the girls are willing to do anything. Alex knows her stepbro has a big football game coming up, so she helps the guy relax by giving him a gagging deepthroat blowjob. Later, Judy shows up in his room and rides his big boner. A couple days later, the stepsisters confront the lucky guy head on. Who is going to get the car? Luckily, this football stud thinks on his feet. He suggests they both use the car, but only after they fuck him at the same time. They all jump into bed together, and the threesome climaxes in a huge splash of hot sperm for the horny stepsisters to enjoy. Now that is how you reach a compromise...

Love Her Feet - Alex Coal - Sneaky Footjob Under The Table

File: wnbicnalohefealecoaysvafp7xlz.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 54:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I was aching to have some foot sex but my boyfriend was just not into it. Hes a kind and generous guy but sometimes I just need the slut in me to rage and he doesnt get that. He mentioned his son, Jake, is going to stop by in the afternoon and was excited that finally I have a chance to meet him. The doorbell rang and a cute young boy was standing there. I was horny as hell so after we got acquainted and sat down in the living room I decided to tease him a bit. I was wearing my sexy pink heels with tight jeans. My long legs and high arch in those open-toed heels mustve caught his attention because by the time we sat down to have dinner we were already engaging in some footsie play under the table. Before I knew it, my sexy feet were giving him a slutty footjob under the table. Mid-dinner, my boyfriend needed to take a phone call, which Jake and I used to have some more fun. He sucked on my cute blue pedicured toes and licked my wrinkled soles as my toes curled with pleasure. After my boyfriend hung up the phone we pretended that nothing happened and he asked Jake about his studies. Jake was struggling with his history class so his dad offered my help in tutoring him since it was my major. As soon as Jake and I were in his room to study we began making out. He pushed me onto his bed, began sucking on my cute toes, then removed my jeans to dive his mouth into my juicy pussy while massaging my sexy feet. It felt amazing. He took out his big cock so I could stuff it deep into my throat while wiggling my soft soles and lollipop toes with desire. I needed to feel his cock stretching and pounding my pussy. Once his cock was dripping from my sloppy blowjob, he flipped me over, slid his throbbing cock into my soaking wet pussy, and continued to lick my soles and between my spread toes. I came so hard I was shaking. He continued to fuck me from behind while worshiping my beautiful feet. Our footsex fantasy finally came to an end with him busting his load all over my slutty feet. Even though I knew we could get caught at any moment, I came so many times it was totally worth it and there is nothing better than cum on feet. Im so glad I finally got to meet my boyfriends son.

Evil Angel - Alex Coal - Alex: Deepthroat Fuck Foot Sex Squirt!

File: tikecnaevanalecoandengiaibk.mp4
Size: 513.55 MB
Duration: 53:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Raven-haired Alex Coal is a slender, lingerie-clad seductress with pert, natural boobs. She masturbates using a clear dildo, probing her creamy cunt and squirting girl cum in ecstasy! Dominant, bearded stud Tommy Pistol takes over, slapping and spitting on Alex as she submits to a face fuck. She makes it a deepthroat blowjob. Alex obediently rims and fingers Tommy's hairy bunghole, and his hard cock pounds her pussy. He likes foot fetish, so Alex strokes his meat with her bare feet! Tommy covers them in cum, and Alex slurps his sperm from her wiggling toes.

Don't Break Me - Alex Coal - Petite Treat for J Mac

File: one6rnadobrmealecoadk1wg3ujwm.mp4
Size: 466.92 MB
Duration: 35:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Petite Alex Coal is getting ready to take J Macs huge cock, her phat ass is hanging out of her booty shorts and she happily shakes it for us. How the hell does such a tiny babe have such a huge ass? I guess dark-haired Alex is special because shes given to J Mac for his birthday. J Mac does what he does best and takes this petite treat for the ride of her life! The finale? J Mac explodes all over Alexs favorite part of herself her lips!

Family XXX - Alex Coal - Alex Shows Her Step Brother How To Fuck The Ladies

File: mutvvnafaxxalecoa5tdvjhjfan.mp4
Size: 541.31 MB
Duration: 24:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex Coal has a shy step brother that is just not confident enough with the ladies and he needs some help! He is desperate. She decides to let him have his way with her and she will give him some tips along the way. He licks on her pussy and she wants her clit paid attention too as well. You can never forget the clit! Jake gets better and better and soon Alex wants to see that cock of his in her mouth. She gets it nice and wet before instructing him to get on the bed so she can ride that cock while he holds her up! She makes him fuck her and then she fucks him right back! Alex thinks Jake will do just fine being a gigolo.

Filthy POV - Alex Coal - A Naughty Big Dick Casting with Alex Coal

File: wftwmnafipoalecoaw8aqytq5al.mp4
Size: 522.20 MB
Duration: 32:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Meet Alex Coal, this 27 year old babe is a certified dick lover. We start getting to know Alex a bit and her true love for cock, she tells us for her 26th birthday she got 3 guys to fuck her. It's not her birthday but we have a present for her, we give her a nice big fat cock to fuck. We wanna see if Alex is a naughty slut like she says she is, we pound out that pussy till he fills her pussy up with his cum and Alex loves every drop of it.

Mofos - Lexi Aaane & Alex Coal - Strange Bunk Bedfellows

File: aoadjnamoflexale2asbsfxvog.mp4
Size: 453.94 MB
Duration: 34:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Aaane's close friend Alex Coal is completely down for letting her and the boyfriend stay over. College bonds stay strong after all. But how close are they? Is this some sort of Callback to the dorm days? Bunk beds? Two playful women with matching plump asses playing around? I'm starting to think this sleepover isn't so innocent.

Blacked Raw - Alex Coal - For Both Of Us

File: mpasmnablraalecoabciwbqtwwk.mp4
Size: 371.70 MB
Duration: 47:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex can feel the sexual tension before she even sees him in person, she is so excited, and it shows. Her man has given her the go-ahead to have a night of unadulterated pleasure with another man, as long as she shares the freshly recorded footage with him. The last video call and she is ready to fulfill the fantasy for them both.

Teen Curves - Alex Coal - A Raven Haired Rump Shaker

File: hs2eqnatecualecoazcktekvcci.mp4
Size: 593.04 MB
Duration: 43:01
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy raven haired goddess Alex Coal knows how to work every sumptuous curve on her body. She shows up today in a see through fishnet one piece and shakes her bodacious ass for the cam. She oils up her cheeks and lets her incredible behind glisten in the sun. When our stud finally shows up, she mounts him and lets him stick his thick cock deep inside her teen muff. She twerks up and down his pole, loving every inch as it slides in and out of her. Then, she drools all over his throbbing dick. Alex is always ready to service a dong, and today she proves that she can work her body like a pro. This chick is hot as fuck!