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XL Girls

XL Girls - Stella Daniels - Stella Daniels: Picked-up & Fucked

File: hsg9gnaxlgistedanb15ijiml6a.mp4
Size: 167.68 MB
Duration: 20:43
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stella Daniels is walking, her eyes focused on her phone. She and JMac pass each other but his radar makes him freeze at the sight of her thick, curvy body and enormous rack. Nice tits, he says.

Stella turns around. Excuse me, what did you say?

I said, nice fuckin' tits, JMac replies.

You're not so bad yourself, says Stella, eyeing him. You think you can handle a girl like me?

I know I can handle a girl like you. JMac has proven that hundreds of times. Stella will soon find out. She tells him to follow her to her place.

Right behind Stella like he's glued to her, JMac holds onto Stella's huge hooters and takes them out of her top. Before she even gets her clothes off, Stella is spitting and sucking on his hard-on. She's hotter than a summer day in a Texas desert.

Still dressed, Stella lies on the bed. JMac has her put on a show for him, directing her to play with her tits. A very juicy sight. He straddles Stella's chest and fucks her boobs, gives her more dick to Read More

XL Girls - Annabelle Rogers - Sex Games

File: bw3tonaxlgiannrogtd3hpncpkt.mp4
Size: 358.36 MB
Duration: 42:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Annabelle Rogers The busty and curvy beauty many wanted to see doing hardcore at XL Girls. Through special arrangement with Annabelle, here she is at home being her usual hot-as-hell self. She and her man are playing cards in bed and having a cozy time. He suggests a little wager. The one who loses the next hand must get naked. Annabelle loses so she does a slow, sexy strip, taking off her pajama top, bra and panties to tease him with her huge tits and bodacious booty. Her man licks her pussy and she plays with his dick, jerking and sucking it. Annabelle wants to save her virgin pussy until next time so they agree to begin with her ass. The sight of her boobs dangling and swaying when she's on her hands and knees is amazing.

XL Girls - Milly Marks - 50 Shades Of Milly

File: ddhqunaxlgimilmarxkmyxb6q8e.mp4
Size: 802.86 MB
Duration: 23:03
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Milly Marks meets kinky dude Sean in a fetish session that leads to hot fucking. Just don't leave any marks on the fine flesh of lovely Miss Marks, was the number-one rule. That sexy body should be handled with care. Sean orders Milly to crawl over to where he's sitting. She's wearing a black fishnet body stocking and heels. He makes Milly play with her huge, beautiful boobs, then he manhandles her rack. Kneeling while Sean stands, Milly sucks his cock hands-free and cups her tits so he can fuck her cleavage...

XL Girls - Lola Paradise - Does Tits And Tugs For The First Time

File: cmcbxnaxlgilolparqo4gj16tco.mp4
Size: 183.89 MB
Duration: 22:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: This is a first at XL Girls...Tits Tugs for Lola Paradise, a woman whose tits are phenomenal.

We asked Lola her thoughts about having breast-sex on-camera for the first time. Stud Steve Q. has the honor.

XLGirls First, Lola, in your opinion, why do you think a guy likes to rub his cock between a big-boobed woman's breasts?

Lola I think they like it because it feels even better than fucking a pussy!

XLGirls What were your thoughts and feelings during the shooting of the scene with Steve, from the beginning to the end?

Lola I was very stressed. It was my first time with a guy on-camera, ever. I hope the scene is good and you will like it, guys! Next time will be better, I promise!

XLGirls Do you have any favorite positions for breast sex?

Lola It is hard to decide between kneeling and on my back. I think both of them.

XLGirls Do you like to use lubrication?

Lola You mean when I am titty-fucked? I like body lotion...baby oil, but, no, not

XL Girls - Nikky Wilder - Dick Dancing

File: mum6cnaxlginikwilblzhuksw7z.mp4
Size: 189.24 MB
Duration: 23:28
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: This is one of Nikky's big fantasies and she's lived it several times at XL Girls. Being watched while her big, fat, shapely tits are sucked and fucked.... While her mouth is filled with man-sausage.... While her wet, pink hole is invaded by a stiffie thrusting in and out.... While her booty call unloads a jet of jizz right into her mouth in close-up....

XL Girls - Krystal Swift - Bustier Thicker Curvier

File: hnmbnnaxlgikryswioqgxfuxbnv.mp4
Size: 218.00 MB
Duration: 26:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Krystal Swift gets a call from Tom Holland. Wanting her to come visit, he's up for some fucking fun so who's he gonna call? The great Krystal Swift. He and Krystal got down when she was a SCORE Girl. Now she's bustier, thicker, curvier but still the same happy, smiley blond brick-house. More to love, more to lick and more to stick. Krystal thinks she can stick him in and tells him she'll be right over. When Krystal shows up at his man-cave, Tom is delighted to see how she's fleshed out and filled in, her big tits much bigger, more bump to her rump...

XL Girls - Milly Marks - The Girl With Huge Boobs And Hungry Eyes

File: tmiuxnaxlgimilmardvtqnqpuun.mp4
Size: 204.48 MB
Duration: 25:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Walking around the apartment complex, Nicky Rebel spots a beautiful brunette with incredibly huge breasts. She's putting away a beach chair. His brain malfunctions at the sight of her. This is common when guys see the spectacular Milly Marks. They often can't even complete a sentence. That happens to him when he decides to chat Milly up. He thinks he's seen her before but is having difficulty speaking. Milly introduces herself and, liking his looks, invites him to her place for a drink...

XL Girls - Gia Costello - Hot MILFs Healing Hands

File: asenznaxlgigiacosstlmqghhkf.mp4
Size: 149.71 MB
Duration: 18:29
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sean Lawless is in bed with a leg cramp so when Ms. Hot Stuff Gia Costello in her tight yoga pants drops by to pick him up for their gym workout, Sean has to beg off. But one look at Gia's huge tits in her tight top hovering over him and he's ready to beat off. Gia offers to massage his leg to see if that'll get him up and at 'em. He accepts the offer. Who would not? Gia begins her hands-on treatment and that raises Sean's tent-pole...

XL Girls - Nikky Wilder - Big Boobs & Ruff Riding

File: yq3gqnaxlginikwilbug1tbdjsb.mp4
Size: 165.23 MB
Duration: 20:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I had a boyfriend who said I was the only girl who ever deep-throated him, said Nikky. When I do it, I pop it all the way to the back of my throat. She's quite a girl.

Nikky's 38DDD tits are suckable and fuckable. She enjoys dressing to show her girls off. Low-cut, too tight and too short are her fashion guides. Women give her dirty looks and hit the guys who give her admiring looks and leers.

I like laying down with his cock between my tits. I'll take the tip of his cock into my mouth while he fucks my big boobs, and then he can shoot his load all over me. I love cum. It makes good skin cream

XL Girls - Tessa Orlov - Dust Buster

File: gyfsanaxlgitesorlt2nd4gpum8.mp4
Size: 216.19 MB
Duration: 26:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Young, chubby and delicious Tessa Orlov is doing some light dusting at the XL Girls studio. The body of a comatose man lying on the couch doesn't get in Tessa's way. She dusts him too.

Lowering her dress to show her large, soft and big tits, Tessa dusts Michael's bulge, then reaches out to rub it. Best man alarm clock in the world, in our opinion. Michael opens his eyes, sees pretty Tessa hovering over him and stiffens. She sits on the couch, her face a few inches from his pole. She takes it in her mouth, licks it and sucks on it, first slowly, then faster. He holds her by the head and pumps her mouth. She takes half of it down the hatch and holds for a few seconds. Michael taps her tits and tongue with his meat hammer, a move that guys only do in porn or copy from porn studs.

Tessa drools on his cock. He sticks it inside her cleavage and fucks her tits. They swap positions. Tessa kneels before a sitting Michael and rubs his dick between her breasts. Their breathing becomes faster

XL Girls - Nikki Smith - Milks Man

File: puypgnapomeniksmigtgrlbw3vg.mp4
Size: 140.06 MB
Duration: 17:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: We suggest you check out Nikki Smith's Tits Tugs video as late as possible because if you see her tits early in the morning or afternoon or you take a look while you're at work, you'll be absolutely ruined for the rest of the day. You'll be unable to focus your thoughts on anything else but her awesome tits and super-sexy body and the way she works the cock with her soft hands and breasts.

This is private one-on-one time with Nikki as she gives you a P.O.V. hand-job and tit-job. Nikki is a very breast-oriented girl and enjoys the attention that men lavish on her because of those delightful knockers. A Tits Tugs video is all about showing how a girl treats the cock with her hands and you will agree that Nikki has super powers taking care of a man's junk. Give this hottie a big hand below if you have any strength left to key in a message in the comments box

XL Girls - Kristina Milan - Milky Jugfucker

File: tywbknaxlgikrimilbefnghrvcj.mp4
Size: 228.99 MB
Duration: 28:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: One of the three undisputed tit-queens of the Caribbean, Kristina Milan is swollen with breast milk and leaking the white juice like crazy. Off-camera, Largo has a few questions for Kristina about her engorged fun-bags before his friend John The Milkman enters the bedroom to partake of Kristina's creamy goodness straight from her tit-tap. Kristina speaks Spanish only, so Senor Largo translates in English.

Overflowing her bra under a robe, Kristina explains that she seems to lactate at the same rate, whether it's morning, noon or night. Her milk production isn't based on the clock. John The Milkman is practically speechless at the sight of Kristina's nipples leaking moo-juice. The bedroom becomes a dairy wonderland as he and Kristina squeeze her tits so the spray can shoot into his mouth and face. It's not homogenized or pasteurized but who cares.

Kristina has a pair of the most milk-engorged tits ever seen. She tells Senor Largo that it's her turn she wants to see John The

XL Girls - Katrin Porto - Thick Juicy Redhead Drains Two Studs

File: yiurnnaxlgikatpor5kq5z1asw9.mp4
Size: 179.89 MB
Duration: 22:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Katrin Porto has invited Matt Darco and Michael Fly to worship her thick body. She wants their cocks in her mouth and pussy and between her big tits, and that's easy for the chesty, big-assed redhead. All she needs to do to get a guy is to snap her fingers.

Each man takes a tit and sucks, sending waves of pleasure through Katrin's body. The photographer in the room shooting the photos and video adds to the excitement and the tingling Katrin feels. She's an exhibitionist and being watched makes her wetter and hotter.

Michael gets the honor of fucking Katrin first. As he thrusts deep into her shaved pussy, Katrin, on her side, enjoys the taste of Matt's meat, studiously sucking his cock. Her tits shake with every thrust into her wet cunt. Share and share alike is the rule in two man-one woman threesomes so now it's Matt's turn to dick Katrin.

Katrin sits on his lap and uses her hand to stick Matt's cock up her pussy. Michael's cock is not neglected. A multi-tasker, Katrin grinds

XL Girls - Kaitlin Klien - Serving Cock To The Cocktail Server

File: sqircnaxlgikaiklid6ztdmdzhs.mp4
Size: 139.75 MB
Duration: 17:12
Resolution: 534x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kaitlin Klien is a voluptuously rounded cocktail server, serving this cock her tail at a retro-swanky nightclub. More than a nightclub, a man can get a big, hot piece of tail at this joint and Kaitlin is happy to get pushed over and bent over. Her sucking gets him swollen in less than a minute. Kaitlin has a filthy mouth. She's one of those girls who likes to make a lot of noise when she gives a guy a blow job. Kaitlin's very obedient so when JS tells her to slow down, she instantly obeys, licking his cock like a lollipop and coating it with her mouth juice. After a gale-force cock sucking, Kaitlin wants to be tit-fucked. With tits like hers, she must have been tit-fucked by every guy she dated. She removes her cocktail server top, impressively squats in her skyscraper heels and squishes her big bazookas together to make a titty-tunnel for some hot hooter-humping before fuck time.

XL Girls - Sashaa Juggs - Jumpin On Juggs

File: 1vdqbnaxlgisasjugpev8beuckn.mp4
Size: 148.73 MB
Duration: 18:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Carlos is up to something. He's fiddling with Sashaa Juggs' scale so she thinks she's lost weight. But she really hasn't. Carlos is happy with the way Sashaa's body is and wants her to stay that way because he enjoys fucking this plump and juicy morsel.

Once Carlos' sneaky mission does the trick and Sashaa is happy, he's all over her like a wild man, squeezing her massive mams, rubbing her chubby cheeks and bending her over the bed. He pulls his boner out of his pants and sticks it inside her pussy, fucking her hard from behind without bothering to take off his clothes.

Turning her around, he forcefully fucks Sashaa's mouth and titanic tits. She gets on her back and puts her legs in the air, waiting for his flight to arrive. Carlos dives into her pussy and drills away. Oh shit! cries Sashaa when his dick begins pumping her. It's a miracle the bed sheets didn't burst into flames. Her pussy clamped on my cock like a vise, Carlos said later on.

XL Girls - Klaudia Kelly - Vanilla Vixen

File: pvo8snaxlgiklakelcp82wx9kc5.mp4
Size: 158.61 MB
Duration: 19:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Klaudia Kelly is one of those white girls who's built like a brick house and likes to get pounded deep. Big ass. Big boobs. Cock-hungry and horny, she slobs on this stud like a woman possessed. She slurps and deep-throats, moaning appreciatively when his cock gets bigger and bigger in her slutty mouth. Klaudia plops that fat, white ass on his face while she gets his dick lubed up. She takes his shaft in every position from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl and then doggie. And when he is done plowing her pink taco, Klaudia gets a load all over it. And what does Klaudia do with that nut-paste? She rubs it into her asshole like the sexy dirty girl she is.

XL Girls - Diana Eisley - Diana Eisley: Deep Dick-down Debut

File: 5kgwfnaxlgidiaeisumruih8zdm.mp4
Size: 232.88 MB
Duration: 28:53
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Diana Eisley was discovered the old-fashioned way. One of our model finders went to a restaurant and Diana was the hostess who seated his party. His big-boob radar loudly sounded the alarm when he saw her.

On my way out, I politely introduced myself. Her name was Diana, and I mentioned that I'm a talent scout for a modeling website. I gave Diana my number and told her to get in touch with me if she was interested. The next morning, she texted and inquired about the modeling gig. I was transparent with her and told her it was for an adult website. After showing her the website, Diana gave an enthusiastic 'Yes!'

Some things are too good to be true but in this case, it was true. Diana was eager to get started, and within a few days, she was shooting her first videos and photo shoots. She also wanted to try sex on-camera. As she explained it, that was something on her bucket list. A 21-year-old girl with a bucket list? We wonder what else is on that list. Diana said she couldn't wait

XL Girls - Gia Costello - Gia Costello: Sex & The Single MILF

File: 64wrmnaxlgigiacosbv13c1wi65.mp4
Size: 226.71 MB
Duration: 28:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gia ChickSicilian Costello chats with Oliver Flynn and mentions that she loves big cocks. That's what Oliver has for the busty brunette's mouth and pussy in her first big bang at XL Girls.

They fuck hard and long and in a variety of positions that hit Gia's sweet spot just right. To seal their new friendship, she wants that massive load of sticky cum spurting all over her face, and what Gia wants, Gia gets.

I love a hard, rough, sweaty, long sex session, Gia said. I like making out for a while. I go crazy if a guy kisses my ears or neck. I love both giving and receiving oral sex and I like a little kink thrown in, like him tying my hands or blindfolding me.

Gia treated Oliver to a deep-throat blow job while squeezing his nuts. He couldn't wait after that mouth job to deep-dick her pussy, first from behind, then with Gia riding him on-top

XL Girls - Africa Sexxx - Two Studs For Africa Sexxx

File: y1vhpnaxlgiafrsexfgdogt9hun.mp4
Size: 234.10 MB
Duration: 29:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The amazing Africa Sexxx palms her bra-less 40M-cups covered by a thin, blue, low-cut top. She lifts them, which takes some considerable arm strength considering their weight, cuddles and caresses them while murmuring words of approval. It's always great to see a woman love on her boobs.

Behind Africa on the couch sit her two studs of the day, prepared to give Africa all the action she wants. They reach out to touch the biggest breasts they've ever seen and go into boob shock. After playing with her nipples, sucking and lifting them while a giggling Africa rubs their bulges, they pull out their dicks to rub and tap her fleshy wonders.

The guys exit stage left and right while Africa waits, then they return ready to continue their three-way fun. Tyler feeds cock to Africa while Johnny has the honor of fucking her tits, things countless guys fantasize of doing if they had the opportunity.

Africa gets on her back after the guys undress her. They take turns fucking her mouth and

XL Girls - Jazlyn Summers - C'mon & Jizz For Jazlyn!

File: qahernaxlgijazsumcn3hf6qxic.mp4
Size: 200.50 MB
Duration: 24:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Wearing only a bra and panties, Jazlyn Summers shakes 'em for a fuck friend and gives him his own titty show. You can take the girl out of the strip club but you can't take the strip club out of the girl. She shakes 'em hard and fast in a bra that's ready to fall off. She moves in very close and almost pummels his face with her swinging globes. If she had, he wouldn't have complained anyway.

Jazlyn likes to tease a guy first and create a build-up before she puts out for him. She loves to talk dirty and encourage cock stiffening with her bad-girl verbal skills. No one cums away disappointed. Jazlyn steps back and sits on the corner of the bed to keep shaking and bouncing and teasing. He dives over and gets pummeled again by her big swinging boom-booms.

Jazlyn turns around and sticks her ass in the air so he can pull down her panties, play with her ass and finger-bang her pussy. Put one finger inside this girl's sugar-box and she wants to get on her knees and blow you. She sucks with

XL Girls - Patricia Gold - Cum On Ye Faceful

File: mgv9onaxlgipatgolhw5nsejj2x.mp4
Size: 206.71 MB
Duration: 25:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's bath time for Patricia Gold but there will be nothing clean going on when Jay Dee enters the bathroom with a hard-on. Patricia soaps up, her two heavy handfuls sliding out of her palms. Patricia's tits are massive with equally massive areolae. Jay seems impressed by them and plays games with them. Patricia is like putty in his hands...

XL Girls - London Reigns - Creampie For Bikini Babe London Reigns

File: ntlx6naxlgilonreintorzfv5ec.mp4
Size: 205.33 MB
Duration: 25:23
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: London Reigns wants to go to the beach. She's bought a new bikini and models it for Johnny The Kid. He's been waiting impatiently in the bedroom for London to come. Never rush a girl, especially when she has big tits and a big ass. A girl like London.

When London enters the bedroom wearing her swimsuit, Johnny changes his mind right away about going out. That was guaranteed to happen. She's triggered him and now he just wants to get London in bed and fuck her. He lifts up her bikini top and plays with her huge, heavy knockers and thick body. Lip-locking London's nipples, Johnny goes crazy.

Removing her bikini, he bends London over the bed and finger-bangs her, spreading her ass-cheeks to get at her pussy.

The next thing he wants is to get a blow job. London kneels over him and sucks him hard, filling her mouth. He finds ways to look at and play with her tits with his dick in her mouth. London's body is his playground. She crushes his cock between her pillowy hooters and then gets

XL Girls - Jes Craven - Craven Her Sex

File: uxtu3naxlgijescraof4dwtfb3i.mp4
Size: 167.21 MB
Duration: 20:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jes Craven is admiring herself in the mirror. She's enjoying her pink lingerie and so is Tony who walks over and can't keep his hands off her sexy butt, so round and firm. Still gazing at her reflection, Jes squeezes and slides her hands over her 36H-cups. Tony sticks his hand south and rubs Jes' clitty. She purrs like a kitten ready for cream. That'll come at the end of this tale...

XL Girls - Danica Danali - Danica Danali: Nympho Housewife Craves Sex With Strangers

File: yj2l3naxlgidandanqgfqgvnlsw.mp4
Size: 174.86 MB
Duration: 21:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: JMac's never met a pair of tits or an ass he wouldn't spray with his man-sauce, so when Danica Danali asks him to see how her really huge tits look in her lacy nightie, he's ready for action.

Danica loves guys packing big, thick ones. All of the studs who've fucked her at XL Girls are hung and she loves getting her pussy filled to the max but she'd never sucked cock here until her scene with Jonni Mamba. This is only the second time she's given a blow job at XL Girls.

Danica's been married for years but her husband is the liberal sort who doesn't object to her making videos with porn studs.

I typically skim through the videos I do alone but my husband goes through the photos with me. I usually love the pictures. He loves both photos and videos. We've had sex immediately after but not while we're looking at them.

XL Girls - Nikki Smith - U Banged Nikki

File: 6eof3naxlginiksmixi8d8jicsd.mp4
Size: 191.78 MB
Duration: 23:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Big-boobed Nikki Smith gets a big cock adventure with Pike in a point-of-view, you-the-man fuck and suck session. You get lots of direct eye-contact and no guy face in the picture. It got very wet and messy for Nikki. Nikki gets all the cock she can suck and tit-fuck, and then she opens her legs and has her pussy stretched and filled. Then she sticks out her long, sexy tongue for her reward of man-syrup. Nikki likes a take-charge guy to lead her in a dirty dance, and doing hardcore scenes at XL Girls was the perfect way to get no-strings-attached stiff cock and a big load of semen...

XL Girls - Christy Sparks - Making Sparks With Christy Sparks

File: mojwfnaxlgichrspa5z6nrlnjnc.mp4
Size: 260.82 MB
Duration: 32:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Young and hot Christy Sparks is welcomed to the big show by Sean Lawless in a getting-to-know-you chat in bed. Porn pro Sean asks Christy some questions about herself, and while they're talking, he positions Christy to better show off her big boobs and legs to the camera.

Christy's a little nervous. She's a little worried about looking silly. Of course, she won't. Sean's got a porn virgin on his hands. He's there to help. Her natural, girl-next-door personality, dark, curly hair, braces and sexy flirtatiousness are an absolute turn-on.

Sean has Christy kneel on the bed so he can fondle her big 34DDD tits and finger her pussy. She sits on his lap so he can play with her boobs from behind, unlatching her front-hooking bra. He may be the only porn guy ever to say to a girl on-camera that he's not important to the camera, Christy is. He makes this scene the Christy Sparks show.

Sean plays with Christy's breasts for a healthy amount of time, licking, squeezing, sucking, tasting. She's

XL Girls - Delilah Black - That Young Black Magic

File: nm4hbnaxlgidelbla9isw34tbqw.mp4
Size: 184.29 MB
Duration: 22:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Our Delilah is well-named. Watch as she drains the man-sap from her cock provider as the original Delilah drained the energy from Samson. Some things never change, and we're glad to see big-boobed babe Delilah Black tap the sap. I love having vaginal sex in doggie position right after having an orgasm from clit stimulation. The orgasms are mind-blowing, says Delilah. I am a sexually assertive girl. Sometimes aggressive. I often start sex but I like to know how much I am wanted, too. The look in a man's eyes when he is turned on is sexy.

Why? Oh, why, Delilah?

XL Girls - Amy Villainous - Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date

File: wmoxvnaxlgiamyvilgfnh16p3xd.mp4
Size: 225.69 MB
Duration: 27:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sam Shock shows housemate Anthony Gaultier a photo of a girl on a dating site he belongs to. The girl happens to be Amy Villainous, a looker who has a pair of the biggest and most beautiful tits in the world, so this is Sam's lucky day.

Amy shows up for a date and sits on the couch with Sam. They don't waste much time chatting. Sam wants to play with Amy's twin treasures. As soon as Amy lifts her shirt up, Sam gets hands-on.

Meanwhile Anthony, a suspected cock-blocker, is trying to spy on the happy couple from the pool area. Seeing a guy staring through the window while a date is feeling up her body would be enough to make a girl get chilly nipples and leave, but Amy tells Sam that she gets excited by being watched, one of the reasons she became a model and porn star. Sam introduces Anthony to Amy. She tells him to sit next to her and watch Sam play with her massive jugs

It doesn't take long at all for Sam and Anthony to each get a giant tit to happily suck on. Amy wants to see

XL Girls - Julia Juggs - Big Girl Strip Club: Julia Juggs

File: ldwmlnaxlgijuljug1bzc58braw.mp4
Size: 275.28 MB
Duration: 33:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: At the Big Girl Strip Club, skinny exotic dancers have no place. This is a club for men who want to be intoxicated by the sweet scent of well-padded ladies with big butts, fleshy hips and huge tits. They come here to get boob drunk in the dim, crowded room where sex lingers in the air and permeates the mind of the horny guy. The Big Girl Strip Club is a feast of flesh for the senses...

XL Girls - Tessa Orlov - Tessa Orlov: Seduced At The Spa

File: mlenunaxlgitesorl6usueekxet.mp4
Size: 206.24 MB
Duration: 25:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tessa Orlov has a stiff neck. Our bro Tom has a stiff dick. This is a match made in big girl hooter heaven. It's hardcore cherry-popping time for this sweet Russian.

Tessa makes her way to a spa so she can get a massage and loosen up. Massage therapist Tom gets to work on this pretty, fresh and tasty, ivory-skinned young girl. His hands wander from Tessa's lovely neck to her large breasts, massaging her soft, creamy flesh.

Normally, Tessa would tell him that her neck is up here but she's enjoying having her big tits rubbed with lotion. Instinctively, she reaches for his junk. Tom unzips and his boner pops out like it's spring loaded. Tessa considers this a compliment. She works his cock, staring at it, pulling and jerking it and rubbing it against her nipple.

Tessa undresses with his assistance and kneels on an air-mattress. Tom moves his sausage close to Tessa's face. She opens her mouth wide and takes almost the entire length of dick in her mouth, sucking slowly and gently

XL Girls - Nikki Smith - Sink Into 38H Tits

File: wzdsqnaxlginiksmix7tzrwwldv.mp4
Size: 215.46 MB
Duration: 26:28
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tony is having writer's block. Inspiration does not come. The best cure for this condition? Nikki Smith has the answer for his blockage. Hot sex with lots of big tit action.

Nikki comes over to his desk and begins with step one her 38H knockers for Tony to suck on and have a breast-feast. Suck on those tits, Nikki urges. She loves the sensation of a man's lips vacuuming her nipples.

They toss their clothes off as quickly as they can. Nikki gets on her knees and plants her mouth on Tony's rock-hard cock for a nice, long sucking and tit-fucking. His dick sinks between her large, soft melons and gets lost in her deep cleavage.

They're both ready for a long fuck on the couch. Tony sits and pulls Nikki onto his lap. His cock goes straight up her furry, pierced snatch and their dirty ride begins. The first of their many fuck positions is on. Nikki is one of XLGirl's hottest sex bunnies and she's irresistible

XL Girls - Katrin Porto - The Hot Sex Life Of An XLGirl Wife

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Description: The look of joy on lovely Katrin Porto's face is priceless when Max wraps her big, soft boobs around his dick, pumps away and pops his nuts like a geyser. Katrin bends her head forward to suck, lick and swallow the cum.

But we're getting ahead of this XL Girls episode.

It began when Katrin and Max went to a unisex spa. I love to go to the spa and relax, relax, relax, said Katrin. So this show is set at a spa. Katrin oiled her tits while Max was in the sauna. When he joined Katrin, she wanted to oil him, too. One thing led to another nipple-sucking cock-sucking, tit-fucking and pussy-fucking. Katrin is one extremely horny lady and loves to be appreciated by hard men.

It make me feel sexy when a man shows me his gallantry and attentiveness. I love the attention and interest that I see in men's eyes. I think it's about my eyes, charming smile, red hair, big, natural boobs, my 51 inches of tasty booty and my courage, sensuality, charisma

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Description: Lisa Canon Nurse Super Knockers features the very talented and well-loved country girl of XL Girls. When XL Girls discovered Lisa, the staff was in awe of her and her natural talents. She really took to taking her clothes off, showing off her big boobs, ass and pussy and having wild sex on-camera.

Lisa is a horny and eager nurse at Hooter Hospital, no place for sick men. It looks like this unfortunate man has busted his head open but his bad luck turns to good luck because his nurse is Lisa Canon, Nurse Super Knockers.

Will Nurse Lisa cure him? Hey, it didn't take him very long to get out of that wheelchair and get between Lisa's super-knockers. She has helped him walk again, not to mention get a boner, fuck her mouth, pussy and butthole and blow a load of cum onto her magnificent big boobs. The look of satisfaction on Lisa's face as she yanks Juan's crank to extract that last drop of sperm on her jugs is beyond priceless.

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Description: Sinful Celeste shows why she's so sinful. Her scene starts off with Celeste sucking JMac's finger, a prelude to the cock-sucking to come. She's got a leash around her neck but she doesn't need to be disciplined or trained. Celeste knows all there is to know about man pleasing and male satisfaction. In a few minutes, Celeste is kneeling and blowing Jmac...

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Description: Oliver Flynn is waiting in the bedroom, anxious to give his special date Amber Stevens a hard fucking. She walks in, her fleshy body encased in a hot pink fishnet dress. Putting her hands on the wall like she's about to be frisked, Amber twerks her big ass for his entertainment pleasure. The girl's a big tease but she delivers.

Oliver leans forward and buries his face between Amber's butt cheeks and squeezing them. He lies back so Amber can get on top of him and cover his face with her tits and then her ass. She gets his pants off fast so she can put his cock and balls in her mouth.

Her back to him, Amber's pussy is filled with dick. She grinds up and down, breathing heavily and taking every inch all the way in. Amber tells Oliver she wants to get fucked doggie style and gets on her hands and knees. He pounds her from behind, making her cunt wet. Amber turns over so she can get dicked in missionary and from the side.

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Description: Christine Cox is new at porn and hot modeling but not new to fucking. But there is fucking and then there is porn fucking. There's regular guys and there's porn guys.

Christine is checking herself out in a mirror when Tony comes behind her and seizes the moment, squeezing her big boobs and feeling up her big butt. She's in her undies--a bra and panties. They won't be staying on her very long.

Tony unzips, takes out his cock and sticks it between Christine's tits. She squeezes her boobs together and wraps them around his fuck-stick.

Christine takes his dick in hand and sucks it, per his instructions. She's new at making videos and taking pictures with guys. However, she's a fast learner and has a professional teacher.

Christine and Tony both get on the bed and get into a 69 position and she sucks his cock some more. Placing Christine on her back, Tony sticks his rod in Christine's pussy and thrusts like a jackhammer while Christine fingers her clit and makes cum-faces. She's

XL Girls - Nila Mason - Nila Mason: Too Much Woman Even For Two Studs?

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Description: Nila Mason and Steve Q are making out in public because they're too hot for each other to get to the bedroom. They're well acquainted with each other. Nila once gave Steve a massage that resulted in a very happy ending. Then there was another time when they got it on and Nila let him fuck her ass in a rare anal date. On their third meeting, Nila did her only threesome with Steve and Max Born. And now here they are on their fourth hook-up. You need a crowbar to separate Steve from Nila's plush, lush body and massive tits.

Steve pulls Nila over to a shaded area and backs her against a column. She takes her beyond-belief boobs out of her top and Steve kneels to suck on her perky nipples. I know I am very lucky to have such a woman, said Steve. Meanwhile, Tom is enjoying the show from a distance and sneaking up on them for a closer look. He's also had the opportunity to sex-up Nila too.

Steve whispers in Nila's ear, trying to interest her in doing him and Tom. He doesn't need to

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Description: Girls like Harley Ann are the type you brag to your friends about banging. She's as cute as a button, has a pair of DDD-cup naturals and she's a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. She has everything the Brotherhood of XL Men wants in a woman. As our scene opens, we get an eyeful of what makes this chick so darn lovable. Harley has the sweetest, cutest smile spread across her face and she teases a bit by popping out one of her tits...

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Description: Marilyn White has a leak in her basement so she calls a plumbing service. The Two Tonys show up and Marilyn describes the problem. They offer to fix Marilyn's leak. That the yummy XL Girl has huge melon-bags, as Tony 1 calls them, is an inducement to help her.Marilyn says she's going upstairs to see if she can afford the job and leaves to check her finances. The Two Tonys in the basement inspect the damage. They hear a noise upstairs and rush up to investigate thinking something bad has happened...

XL Girls - Barbie Crystal - Inside Barbie's Pussy And Ass

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Description: Barbie Crystal gives Tyler's cock the kind of treatment fit for a king. Her mouth, cleavage, pussy and butthole get him spurting like a geyser on her huge tits.

I'm passive, Barbie said. I like rough and hard sex. My favorite position is doggie-style. Nipple play drives me crazy. I like a man who loves to suck nipples.

Barbie guides Tyler's cock into her tight ass as she lays on her side. Tyler holds her leg up to keep her spread-eagle. She opens her pussy and fingers her pink while he thrusts in and out of her butt. Barbie's face and cries tell the whole story.

I get a lot of attention because of my chest. I love it. It makes me feel desirable and powerful. I was very excited watching Tyler cum all over my boobs. His cum tasted good too.