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Whitney Wright

Girls Try Anal - Kenzie Taylor & Whitney Wright - Remote-controlled Public Arousal

File: pn6lvnagitrankenwhihzvwjtza3u.mp4
Size: 261.86 MB
Duration: 34:27
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor loves pushing herself to the limit and walking a fine line when it comes to pleasure. One of her favorite things to do is wear a vibrating butt plug in public! Today, she's feeling extra bold and decides to wear it during a work meeting, although she doesn't yet know that now her pleasure is in the hands of her roommate, Whitney Wright.

While Kenzie is at work, Whitney discovers that Kenzie's left her cellphone at home. She's about to get ready and return it when a curious app catches her attention. She doesn't know it yet but the app allows remote control of the butt plug Kenzie's wearing. When Whitney starts playing around with the app, it has very thrilling consequences for Kenzie...

Kenzie's mind is blown when the butt plug seems to take on a life of its own in the middle of giving a presentation. She tries to hold it together as it vibrates away inside of her, although her coworkers start to get suspicious. She tries to lock her trembling knees and quiet her lustful moans but it's too much! She hastily dismisses the meeting, hoping her coworkers are none the wiser...

Not long after, Whitney arrives at the office, mischievously greeting Kenzie while waving the phone. It didn't take long for Whitney to figure out what that app was for and she had a blast tormenting Kenzie! Of course, it's all in good fun and when Kenzie says it's time for HER to do the teasing, Whitney is game.

Kenzie soon bends over the desk as Whitney dives in, playing with her ass and pussy. But true to her word, Kenzie soon turns the table so that she can play with Whitney in return. Even though Kenzie managed to avoid getting caught this time, will it really stop her from doing this all over again in the future?

Day With A Pornstar - Whitney Wright & Gianna Dior - Gianna And Whitney's Strap-on Cam Show

File: c3ewqnadawiapowhigiak6afrzhz1w.mp4
Size: 306.58 MB
Duration: 31:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy camgirl Gianna Dior has snuck into her roommate's Whitney Wright bedroom to do some camming. She's borrowed Whitney's lingerie and strap-on as well. When Whitney comes home early and catches Gianna in the act, Whitney takes her strap-on back and fucks Gianna to teach her a lesson. It's not long before discipline turns to pleasure though and the two girls put on a hot show for Gianna's audience.

Purgatory X - Eliza Ibarra & Whitney Wright - Her Romance Novel Vol 1 E2

File: w37jrnapuxeliwhi55iiqpcuir.mp4
Size: 422.82 MB
Duration: 29:29
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Will Will Pounder temporarily quenches Whitneys Whitney Wright thirst for passion but theres a lingering emptiness. She finds comfort reading her romance novel. She envies the couple in the novel and their eagerness for sexual experimentation to keep their relationship fresh. Whitney wishes she and her husband could be that couple. Thinking that its better to ask forgiveness than permission, Whitney enlists her best friend, Eliza Eliza Ibarra, to help her introduce Will to the lustful, carnal world of threesomes.

Teens Love Black Cocks - Whitney Wright & Becky Bandini - Persuasion

File: bt6u8nateloblcowhibecilwzcfx9h5.mp4
Size: 574.10 MB
Duration: 37:06
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: MILF Becky Bandini is happy to meet her stepdaughter, Whitney Wrights, new boyfriend, and after a brief conversation, shes especially impressed with his manners and strong family background. But as soon as Whitney leaves the room, Becky reveals that shes going to need a little persuasion to let him date her stepdaughter. A three-way encounter is what it'll take to get her seal of approval, and Whitney's boyfriend is more than happy to oblige.

Sweetheart Video - Whitney Wright & Mackenzie Moss - I See You!

File: grrxcnaswviwhimacikjipltwka.mp4
Size: 297.39 MB
Duration: 36:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Whitney Wright believes she still has some time alone before her stepsister Mackenzie Mackenzie Moss comes back from school. Alone in her room with her legs spread, Whitney slides her finger inside her wet pussy. Meanwhile, Mackenzie comes back from school. She drops her back and sits on the couch in the living room. Slowly the quiet living room is filled with moaning and attracts the attention of her curious sister. Mackenzie follows the noise and stops in front of Whitneys room. She looks inside the room discreetly and she witnesses something she never saw. She sees her sister squirt. Intrigued and nosy she enters her room and shes determined to learn more about this new discovery.

Nympho - Whitney Wright - Whitney’s Anal Addiction

File: mwwswnanymwhiwridcy2vjxcu8.mp4
Size: 696.11 MB
Duration: 59:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright is the nympho queen of super sloppy blowjobs and is addicted to getting her asshole filled with cock. Once she gets started, the spit flies as she greedily gobbles dick and gets the hard ass-fucking shes been wanting. The creamy facial ending is so good, it makes her squirt!

Purgatory X - Whitney Wright - Her Romance Novel Vol 1 E1

File: ldmgunapuxwhiwri4ilqiomfua.mp4
Size: 808.59 MB
Duration: 30:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Whitney Wright and Will Will Pounder are in their fifth year of marriage and appear to have the perfect relationship. But, for Whitney, somethings lacking. She turns to reading erotic romance novels to fill the void. As Whitney consumes page after page she cant resist playing with herself. One evening, Will catches his wife in all her glory, setting the perfect stage for the hot and steamy sex that follows.

Mano Job - Whitney Wright - Whore Hands

File: dens3namajowhiwrifjidiybgtq.mp4
Size: 200.44 MB
Duration: 24:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Meet Dr. Whitney Wright! She's a successful therapist with a highly specialized practice. She's a sex therapist...but not an ordinary one. Dr. Wright isn't interested in spicing up a long-time married couple, nor is she interested the the client who likes to go to strip joints from time to time. Dr. Wright loves dealing with sexual deviants. You know, the guys who CAN'T drive by a strip club without visiting, even if Wifey has dinner waiting at the table. She loves the perverts. Fellahs addicted to 40 street hookers and front-seat blowjobs. Here's the catch, though Dr. Whitney Wright is a pervert herself. Doesn't surprise you one bit, I'm sure. After all, it takes one to know one! If you aren't

Monsters of Cock - Whitney Wright - Caught My BBC Roommate Spying

File: k8cldnamoofcowhiwriopfxkmurzx.mp4
Size: 413.37 MB
Duration: 37:01
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney is enjoying some alone time in the shower. She's so horny and starts to masturbate. Her roommate walks by and sees her. He tries not to look, but her body is amazing. She's got perfect tits, an amazing booty, and she looks so sexy pleasuring herself. He watches her and eventually gets caught. She reveals a little secret she heard about him. Apparently, she heard he has a huge cock. Obviously, he's gonna have to prove it. It's the biggest dick she's ever seen! She gives him an amazing blowjob before they fuck hardcore in multiple positions. He leaves her with a huge cumshot all over her pretty face.

Brazzers Live - Demi Sutra, Desiree Dulce, Emily Willis, Gabbie Carter, Ivy Lebelle, LaSirena69, Luna Star, Phoenix Marie, Valentina Nappi & Whitney Wright - Valentine's Day Affair: Best Moments

File: dvh3vnabrlidemdesemigabivylaslunphovalwhiuhwerymxkj.mp4
Size: 603.98 MB
Duration: 45:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brazzers Valentine's Day Affair was shot and broadcasted LIVE on February 14th, 2020. The once in a lifetime event delivered glamour, fantasy and the industry's top talent giving it their all in an unforgettable orgy. Missed the party? Not to worry, watch the hottest highlights from the big night right now!

Brazzers Live - Demi Sutra, Desiree Dulce, Emily Willis, Gabbie Carter, Ivy Lebelle, LaSirena69, Luna Star, Phoenix Marie, Valentina Nappi & Whitney Wright - Brazzers Live: Valentine's Day Affair

File: xigvbnabrlidemdesemigabivylaslunphovalwhi6y6622pggg.mp4
Size: 1005.85 MB
Duration: 02:01:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brazzers Valentine's Day Affair was shot and broadcasted LIVE on February 14th, 2020. The once in a lifetime event delivered glamour, fantasy and the industry's top talent giving it their all in an unforgettable orgy. Set at a lavish California home, Brazzers' biggest stars mingled, flirted, and ultimately fulfilled their wildest Valentine's Day fantasies in an hour of uninterrupted live sex. Missed the party? Not to worry, watch the full unedited event right now.

Purgatory X - Emma Starletto & Whitney Wright - Fantasy Couple Vol 2 E3

File: t4lcjnapuxemmwhib56zaeowsv.mp4
Size: 426.58 MB
Duration: 27:35
Resolution: 736x414
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Whitney Wright and Lucas Lucas Frost enjoyed their threesomes so much that they decide to invite Isiah Isiah Maxwell and Emma Emma Starletto over for a foursome fuck and suck fest. Emma gets things going with Isiah, her first black cock, as Whitney and Lucas get it on. Emma and Whitney love taking big cocks in their mouths and pussies. Whitney and Emma trade partners and suck and fuck until Isiah gives Whitney a facial and Lucas empties his balls on Emmas face. Whitney and Lucass sexual fantasies are now a reality

Up Her Asshole - Whitney Wright - Whitney's Anal Masterpiece

File: ojpzhnaupheaswhiwri3pueig8uik.mp4
Size: 1010.32 MB
Duration: 45:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wrights curvy body is a work of art. Luckily, alarms wont go off when you touch this teen, but the cumshots will! PervCitys Ramon Nomar can testify to this when her sexy feet slide over him with a footjob. He cant wait to make an anal masterpiece of his own by fucking her big ass. But this babe loves a little foreplay, and after he licks and fingerfucks her tight hairy pussy, she ravages his big dick with her mouth. He goes nuts as she gags him into her deep throat, but it's when she blows spit bubbles up his shaft that he loses it and plunges his cock into her asshole. Her fat booty bounces in cowgirl-style and, after bringing her to orgasm during ATP reverse-cowgirl, he paints her blowjob lips with sperm.

Pure Taboo - Whitney Wright & Paige Owens - A Betrayal Of Trust

File: ojt6vnaputawhipai4b9xjhtaxq.mp4
Size: 358.97 MB
Duration: 49:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Paige Owens greeting her girlfriend Whitney Wright as Whitney arrives at Paige's house. They instantly giggle and paw at each other as Paige pushes Whitney towards the couch playfully. Whitney jokingly tells Paige to slow down a little, what's the hurry? They have Paige's house to themselves all weekend. Whitney tells Paige she wants to cuddle and talk. Paige looks a bit worried but says sure they can talk.

Whitney asks how things have been since Paige's new step-father Bruce, who is a police officer, moved in a couple of weeks ago. Paige says things have been fine. Whitney seems surprised, Paige was SO upset for WEEKS about her mom's marriage and plans for him to move in, she didn't think Paige would have such a sudden change of heart.

Paige dismisses Whitney's concerns, saying it just took her awhile to get used to since her real dad was such a laid-back guy that she wasn't used to having a disciplinary figure in her life. Paige tries to get the subject back onto sex, pressing her body seductively against Whitney's and kissing her sensually before leading Whitney to her bedroom.

They begin to engage in light foreplay. During one particularly lengthy kiss, Whitney's back is to the doorway to the room, her eyes closed, while Paige is facing it. There at the doorway, mostly hiding around the corner, Bruce Dick Chibbles stands peeking into the room to watch them. He is staring hungrily, his face stern and unsmiling. We see Paige's eyeline is directed right at him and they exchange a stare. She does not seem surprised by his presence at all.

The girls slip off each other's shirts as the action gets steamier and starts to lead to sex, with Bruce still watching at the door, as Whitney fingers and eats out Paige. Soon, Paige begins to encourage Whitney to try a dildo. She's reluctant but eventually agrees, even though she still seems a bit weirded out that it's shaped like a dick.

Bruce nods with approval from the doorway as Paige uses the toy on Whitney. She tries to enjoy it, but eventually Whitney finds it too weird and tells Paige to stop, asking WHAT is going on??

Bruce steps out from the shadows and says he can be the one to explain. Whitney is shocked by his sudden appearance, panicking and trying to cover herself up. Bruce explains he is using dirt he has on Paige to coerce her into following his instructions, including luring Whitney here for sex.

Bruce insists on having sex with them both, under the threat of using his authority to get them in trouble if they don't cooperate. Whitney is disgusted at the situation but her girlfriend begs her to agree, and she gives in.

Can Paige and Whitney's relationship withstand this twisted betrayal of trust?

Zero Tolerance - Whitney Wright - I Banged My Girlfriend With My Stepdad

File: rzlo5nazetowhiwrikgkupqkw1c.mp4
Size: 299.38 MB
Duration: 25:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Who doesn't dream of marrying a super hot slut who loves to fuck and suck? The icing on the wedding cake in this ZT release is the groom shares his new bride with his horny Stepdad who has always wanted to fuck her too. Sharing is caring in this tantalizing three way. Here cums the bride!

My Sister's Hot Friend - Whitney Wright - Whitney Wright Goes Balls Deep With Her Friends Brother

File: kydownamysihofrwhiwriwtoa9zkyw7.mp4
Size: 461.95 MB
Duration: 37:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sam has pulled his leg in the court today so he has it on ice. His sister's freind, Whitney Wright, comes by to study with his sister and notices his injury. She's studying physical therapy and offers him a massage. As she rubs his thigh, oops! She pulls out his huge boner and now she just has to treat that as well!

Everything Butt - Dana Dearmond, Whitney Wright & Joanna Angel - Bubbly Butt Surprise Dana Dearmond Takes On Two Hot Asses

File: dymggnaevbudanwhijoal6nnbv9dbq.mp4
Size: 598.25 MB
Duration: 01:14:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: When evil step-mother Dana DeArmond finds Whitney Wright's porn collection she grounds Whitney and forbids her to go out to a New Year's Eve party. Whitney is very upset but its going to be more fun at home tonight when big ass sluts Joanna Angel, Dana and Whitney have their own perverted party with plenty of ass eating, anal party favors, dicks on sticks, a champagne enema and more! Turns out Dana and Joanna are old college friends so they had lots of crazy ass adventures back in the day. Tonight they will show Whitney how to have a real party! All three hotties are decked out in sexy party dresses featuring their beautiful tits and shapely hips. Dana gets things started by cramming Joanna's face into her big curvy butt and makes her lick her ass and pink slit. Good step-daughter Whitney helps by holding her step-moms ass open so Joanna can drench her asshole with her wet wanton mouth. Dana flips over on her back and both girls go to town eating her slutty ass and pussy. Whitney and Joanna will be real butt sluts by the stroke of midnight! Joanna stretches Dana's ass with a curved metal dildo and makes her very happy. Then out come the party balls! On her hands and knees Dana offers her ass up to Joanna and she inserts a stainless steel ball right up her butt and then she pushes it out like a party trick. Now its Joanna's turn to get her ass dealt with. With legs spread wide open Dana voraciously eats her ass and plays with her perfect tits. She stuffs her ass with a butt-plug and fingers her tight pussy while Whitney vibes her clit until she is screaming and moaning and freaking out. Next Dana slides a see through pillar up Joanna's hole and still wearing her shiny black stiletto heels she cums and cums. Now it's time for some three way action in the form of a lady train. Dana fucks Whitney's tight ass while pounding Joanna's slutty but with a dick on a stick. Everyone is going wild and getting off and heading towards the new year! To top off this epic kinky three way fuck fest Whitney gets a real New Year's treat in the form of a champagne enema. Dana fills Whitney's ass with sweet bubbles and they count down the new year in style until she sprays a sparkling effervescent stream of good times out of her ass! Happy Bubbly Butt Surprise New Year!