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We Fuck Black Girls

We Fuck Black Girls - Cali Caliente - Cali Works For The Human Resources Department

File: fcwqenawefublgicalcallz4xtkxrka.mp4
Size: 2.98 GB
Duration: 42:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cali works for the Human Resources department and is assigned to train men with work place infractions. Especially when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. In todays session Cali is given five men who have all had complaints filed on them for sexist and offensive behavior in the work place. Cali's job is to make sure they get training to be put back into the work place. Cali starts to show them how to properly approach a woman but when they start showing their dicks
what is a girl to do but get turned on and suck them. That is the natural response. With five cocks flying around her face Cali is in heaven and soon is hopping around on each cock with her wet pussy getting stuffed left and right. Finally the men all drown her face in jizz.

We Fuck Black Girls - Misty Stone - When Two Coworkers Receive Messages

File: a3mulnawefublgimisstov2qzpj3vs8.mp4
Size: 2.31 GB
Duration: 32:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When two coworkers receive messages for a private meeting with their boss they are shocked to see each other show up. Even more so when they realize it was not their boss who sent the messages to them but his extremely hot wife. Misty has had a hunger for the cocks of these two men for a while so she has taken advantage of her husbands trip out of town to get Charles and Steve over to her house. Immediately she is all over the two of them
and seeing as no matter what happens they may be be in trouble, it's a what the fuck moment. Cocks come out and Misty's pussy and mouth get stuffed. She gets a blistering fucking all over her bedroom as the two men take turns beating that sweet pussy up. Drooling and gagging, Misty is having the time of her life. Fucked into a sweaty mess she is soon rewarded for her bold move by a face full of jizz.

We Fuck Black Girls - Chanel Skye - Chanel Was Very Excited To Get Invited

File: hyqexnawefublgichaskyxcjjagggkn.mp4
Size: 1.31 GB
Duration: 40:30
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Chanel was very excited to get invited with her fiancee over to his boss's house for a fun filled Saturday of golfing and schmoozing with one of the company's top executives from Europe. Little did she know that she was soon to be getting all her holes filled with massive white meat sticks in a sweat filled, cum drenched afternoon fuckfest. Seems the European corporate hot shot is a bit of a swinger and has a hankering for Chanel. Realizing an opportunity is at hand to get in with the
corporate big wigs, Charles talks Rion into sharing his fiancee with the two of them. Chanel is enamored by the Europeans' charms and soon is bragging about how big her fiancees' cock is and pulls it out to prove it. This leads to the others pulling out their cocks and what's a girl to do at that point? A cock in each hand and one in the mouth starts the sexual escapades and soon after her pussy is dripping wet she finds a large German sausage buried balls deep up her asshole. Pounded and probed, Chanel is in heaven and is literally beaming as they pump a massive shower of cum onto her pretty smiling face.

We Fuck Black Girls - Nadia Jay - Nadia Decides To Try The New Yoga Studio

File: dmdxgnawefublginadjay7onzueyxk9.mp4
Size: 1.26 GB
Duration: 38:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Nadia decides to try the new Yoga studio up the street for the first time and when she comes in she sees Seth cleaning up and asks him what time the classes are. He starts to tell her they are closed and he's just the janitor but then has a bright idea and tells her today, their regular classes are finished but he can tell she's ready for his advanced tantric chakra class which is always a private one on one session. He starts her out with silly Yoga poses that
show he knows nothing about Yoga but give him a good excuse to touch her amazing body and stare at her ass. Then he says Really the whole problem is you are too constrained so it keeps you from breathin, and because of that your chakras are all blocked. He has her take off her clothes to do more poses because that will help her loosen up her chakras. Then he has her close her eyes to meditate, and takes his dick out while he has her open up her mouth to chant and sticks it in her mouth...... He tells her this will help loosen up all her other chakras, and BJ ensues, then hot passionate sex ensues.... after the pop, she asks him if these classes are always at this time and he says How should I know I'm just part of the cleaning crew!

We Fuck Black Girls - September Reign & Vanessa Vega - Charles Is A Total Gear Head

File: ebcshnawefublgisepvanqbjv6sajcl.mp4
Size: 604.09 MB
Duration: 53:45
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Charles is a total gear head, who is always fixing his motorcycle. He's so into his bike that he keeps it in the living room and works on it even when his Girlfriend, Vanessa has her hot girlfriend over. They try to get him to sit down with them but he's too busy with his bike. Even when they change into sluttly lingerie it's hard to get him to pay attention to them. This time Vanessa has a good idea...she sees he is looking at something on his bike with his
inspection camera so she asks him to show them his new tool. She takes the camera to show off both of their boobs and pussies. Then she puts it under her dress to show off her buttplug, followed by having him watching her lick September's pussy while he checks that out too. That's when Charles hops in as well and they start fucking each other. Then he takes out the buttplug and has both Vanessa and September suck on it. This gets his undivided attention and and the craziness ensues, with tons of ATM, ATP, ATOGM ass to September Reign's Pussy, squirting and a creampie on Vanessa that drips out into September Reigns mouth!!!!

We Fuck Black Girls - Ms London - Ms London Is Always Too Busy

File: uywhvnawefublgimslonoxhyfsjemb.mp4
Size: 1.07 GB
Duration: 32:57
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Ms London is always too busy so she needs a massage weekly to take care of herself because she's a successful Business Woman. She schedules a relaxing massage with her favorite masseuse Alex, but this week she has a special spot she wants rubbed so she can relax even more. He starts on her massage but soon she asks him to massage areas that are normally off limits, and then she starts massaging his cock as well! This leads to amazing sex and a new plan for future massages!

We Fuck Black Girls - September Reign - September Has Always Wanted To Fuck Her Teacher

File: sbwjonawefublgisepreiebzu9iexa8.mp4
Size: 994.84 MB
Duration: 30:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: September has always wanted to fuck her teacher, with his Russian Accent, so she pretends to have computer trouble and then asks him to teach her Russian words by pointing touching different parts of her body and his. Obviously she will be touching his Dick and he is surprised, but wants to play, so when she takes her panties off and learns the Russian word for pussy she makes him lick her. Then the fun starts. To make sure she learns all the Russian words she swallows his load at
the end.

We Fuck Black Girls - Skyler Nicole - James Wants To Say Thank You

File: zfywqnawefublgiskynicjxcjbyo6hg.mp4
Size: 381.29 MB
Duration: 33:55
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: James wants to say thank you to his boss for all his help and mentorship. His boss, Steve, is retiring and James wants to give him something special as a gift. What's better than a sexy piece of chocolate like Skyler Nicole. Skyler couldn't be more happy to be the entertainment. She loves the attention! In fact she wants both guys...to fuck her tight little asshole! The old man and his Protege, pound all her little holes. They make her cum so much, she almost passes out. They go back and
forth between her ass, pussy and mouth...until her body goes limp from orgasm. They stretch her tight little ass until their balls are ready to explode. She thanks them both kindly as she presents her pretty little face for a gallon of sperm paint!

We Fuck Black Girls - Chanel Skye - One Morning, College Freshman Chanel

File: lbqxlnawefublgichaskybytaip2goq.mp4
Size: 385.27 MB
Duration: 34:14
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: One morning, college freshman Chanel awoke to a strange guy laying naked, and out cold in her bed. Fellow students have stumbled into her room before, mistaking it for their or their friends dorms after late nights. The dorm rooms are practically identical from the outside so she figured it must have happened again. Although, no one had actually crawled into her bed before. After a few unsuccessful attempts at getting out from under the strange student, he wakes up and realizes that no, shes not his date from last night
and that theyre not in his room either. No biggie though. Hes naked, his morning wood is raging and shes half dressed anyway- might as well go for it! Chanel is down and gives him her tight asshole before he runs off to morning practice!

We Fuck Black Girls - Cali Caliente - Cali Has Always Wondered About

File: nljswnawefublgicalcalan1kxjqqk4.mp4
Size: 680.19 MB
Duration: 34:14
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Cali has always wondered about what it would be like to fuck a white guy. Shes always had a little sexual tension with her friends dad and even her brother so she asks them to come over and help her with something around the house. When they arrive, shes dressed in her favorite lingerie, all ready to go! She explains shes always wanted to know what white dick is like, and they are happy to fill her in!

We Fuck Black Girls - Sommer Isabella - Sommer Likes The Idea Of Being In Charge

File: oy9funawefublgisomisa4vtxw6jbsz.mp4
Size: 609.83 MB
Duration: 30:37
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Sommer likes the idea of being in charge. A sexy badass woman. First she ties up Markus. Markus isn't afraid of her, though...at least not yet. When she starts to seduce him and he's still tied up...he begins to get anxious. He begs for her to untie him. When she finally does...they go at it. Sommer wraps her big beautiful lips around his cock, while he face fucks her. Markus turns her around and pounds her pussy from behind. She squeals with pleasure as he uses her fuckhole every which way
he can. This girls big round beautiful ass bounces on his cock, dripping creamy cum all over his shaft. Markus finishes off the deed with a full face glaze!

We Fuck Black Girls - Jayden Starr - Jayden Is On Her First Day Of Internship

File: m4jownawefublgijaystapuwhtkwlkj.mp4
Size: 524.31 MB
Duration: 46:36
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Jayden is on her first day of internship as a runner for a late night TV show. Theyve assigned her to oversee a popular rock band and she has no idea what shes doing. When she goes to check in on them and introduce herself before their set, she interrupts an important meditation session. The frontman, Small Hands, informs her that his spiritual guru is essential to his performance and to come back later. White people are so fucking weird she thinks and when she returns hes all alone. Determined not
to be fired, she searches for any indication of what shes supposed to do. Seemingly dismissive of her, he adjusts his package and she takes that as a sign he wants a blowjob. This was not in the training manual, but hes a rockstar, and you gotta keep your stars happy, right? Right? The innocent blowjob turns into a powerful anal pounding and after blowing deep in her ass, he runs off to sound check and says she is on her way to becoming legendary around here. He sees his handlers and bandmates in the hall and only manages to get three words out Tits. Go. Now! With her ass still dripping cum she unzips their pants and drains their pre-show jitters all over her face proving that Jayden Star is as rock n roll as they get.

We Fuck Black Girls - Kira Noir - Kira And Her Lab Partner

File: mnwtinawefublgikirnoi4dzujafm65.mp4
Size: 468.62 MB
Duration: 41:38
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Kira and her lab partner are going over some info for a project. Kira steps out for a moment and she returns to see her awkward lab partner watching porn on his phone. Shes had a crush on him for awhile but never made a move because he was married and also because he was a little timid in her opinion. She didnt want to corrupt him with her wild ways. After catching him watching porn, she conducted a perfect game of cat and mouse. Kira dangled her little mouse
as he struggled to find the right response to her very hard questions about race and women and what he thought was appropriate in this age. She wanted to toy with him a bit and get in his head before she told him she wanted him deep in her ass. It worked. She let him know that black women are individuals and that she would show him exactly how she liked to be fucked. To Kiras surprise, all of James porn watching had taught him some great fucking skills. He knew exactly how to use his dick to make her scream and she taught him a few things too that left him eating out of the palm of her hand. Looks like they were good partners for each other after all. With lots of gaping and toy play, Kira uses a huge glass acorn toy that stretches her ass bigger than ever before!!!

We Fuck Black Girls - Lala Ivey - Lala Has A Handsome Spanish Tutor

File: vypdhnawefublgilaliveabjuvp4hni.mp4
Size: 337.48 MB
Duration: 30:01
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Lala has a handsome Spanish tutor. She goes to see this tutor with a friend from class to get extra lessons in speaking Spanish. Today's lesson is How to flirt in Spanish. Well her classmate, Chad, gives it a try with her. Como Estas? Ramon, the tutor, says great job, but he wants to really show them how men in Spain pick up women. Ramon moves in and begins to kiss Lala. I guess the Spanish way of picking up girls is to not talk and just go for it!! At
first, Chad feels like maybe he should go and leave these 2 alone...but Lala has a different idea. How do you say Threesome in Spanish?! Lala quickly gets down on her knees and wraps her lips around their cocks. Both men take their turns...they pound her tiny little snatch, making her cum over and over. She handles both dicks with ease and begs for their cum. They cover her in white cock frosting. Not sure she learned much Spanish, but she sure got lessons in how to take 2 cocks!

We Fuck Black Girls - Scarlit Scandal - Scarlit Lived With 2 Guys

File: wbqasnawefublgiscascaembbbbtlkn.mp4
Size: 372.51 MB
Duration: 33:08
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Scarlit lived with 2 guys when she first moved to L.A. They were supposed to split bills 3 ways, but Scarlit was always short with her share. This really made her roommates mad. Well, they didn't know that Scarlit finally got a second job....as a stripper!! When they confront her for her monthly share...she throws a a bunch of one dollar bills. Immediately they ask her if she's stripping and to her surprise...they think it's pretty cool. Well, shit, she should totally show her roommates her routine!! With the guys comfy
on the couch, she slowly undresses, teasing them until their cocks get rock hard. She crawls up to them...and tells them to take their cocks out. She wraps her pretty puffy lips around both cocks, sucking and slurping. She bends over and sticks her tight little ass up in the air allowing a cock to slide deep inside. Scarlit has never had sex with 2 guys at the same time...so she wants to get used. These guys fuck her mouth and pussy making her entire body quake with orgasm. To finish off...she gets cum all over her tits and a thick load inside her juicy little pussy. She never had to bills again!!

We Fuck Black Girls - Alexis Tae - Alexis Finds Out Devastating News

File: tnacrnawefublgialetaego65pxy6gb.mp4
Size: 411.56 MB
Duration: 36:34
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis finds out devastating news while hanging out at her best friends house her scumbag of a boyfriend has been cheating on her. Again. He just cant keep it in his pants and will apparently fuck anything that walks. Normally, shed turn to her BFF Laney for emotional support but Laneys hot dad Charles is there for her first. As Alexis explains what happened, its not long before his dad, Steve, starts turning on the charm. He calls her over to get a better look and invites her to
sit on his lap. Gems such as Your freckles are like constellations drip in a heavy German accent and her legs begin to open to his fingers. Charles inhales the sweet suck of caramel along the ridge of her neck before plunging his dick down her throat. Alexis is game to make her boyfriend rage out and concocts the perfect payback banging her besties dad and grandpa while Laney sleeps soundly upstairs. Its therapy in action and by the time shes swallowed the second load, shes long forgotten about that lame boyfriend of hers.

We Fuck Black Girls - Halle Hayes - Halle Is Hot

File: mywk2nawefublgihalhaymbsaacve3s.mp4
Size: 319.71 MB
Duration: 28:24
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Halle is hot, she can pretty much have anyone she wants. So when her friend Zack was falling behind in class, she offered to help him study, it was a class she had taken before so she knew exactly what their professor needed. But there was a bit of a quid pro quo caveat... if Halle were to help him pass, she would get his body in return as a reward. The slut inside her couldnt resist making the deal even if it meant risking their friendship. He accepted and when
semester grades came out, turns out her time paid off. He was so happy to have passed and Halle was even happier to remind him of their arrangement. She demanded him right then and there, in her yard, and within minutes he was oiling up her big round ass and she was clapping it for his hard pink dick.

We Fuck Black Girls - Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti - Gia And Adriana Are Hanging Out

File: hswtrnawefublgiadrgiaxtu7dumcqy.mp4
Size: 396.18 MB
Duration: 35:13
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Gia and Adriana are hanging out, just having a smoke, when Cyrus, Adrianas older brothers friend pulls up in a pretty expensive Benz. Hes supposed to have some kind of meeting with him, but hes nowhere to be found. Probably off making deals somewhere. Gia cant believe how hot Cyrus is, and is even more shocked that Adriana has never fucked around with him in all the years hes been around her family. A tall, sexy, ripped guy with shoulders like that? Gia tells her that if she wants to miss
out on that hot white guy, thats up to her, but that Gia isnt going to waste one more second waiting around. She hits on Cyrus and annoyed, Adriana leaves them alone only to come back to Gia blowing Cyrus by his car. Adriana is furious! What if her mom had come home?!! She drags the two inside to yell at them some more but cant get the image of Cyrus huge pink cock out of her mind or of Gias face, all slobbery and gagging. It turned her on. She tells him to take his cock back out so she can see it again. They both begin sucking on the long pipe, their pretty faces running up and down his curved shaft. They fuck, going back and forth taking turns with his big rod and in the end, Cyrus sprays the giggly girls with his hot load.

We Fuck Black Girls - Nia Nacci - Nia And Her Husband Rob Are Pretty Kinky

File: 929ldnawefublginianacbah7zdp3y5.mp4
Size: 367.90 MB
Duration: 32:40
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Nia and her husband Rob are pretty kinky. Nia has an insatiable appetite for sex. Shes like a tiger. And when you buy a tiger, you have to find all sorts of ways to keep feeding it. Nia loves being railed by her husbands big dick and he likes watching her get fucked by other guys, especially knowing that at the end of the day hes still doing it best. One way Nia likes to invite strangers into her holes is by calling various repair men over and seducing them. Today
Cyrus came over to fix the garbage disposal and surprised her with his huge cock! Nia sucked it down and her eyes rolled into her head as he threw her on the counter and plunged in and out of her tight little pussy. Rob walked in and after a moment asked the unaware Cyrus, So thats how youre gonna fuck my wife? Before long, the guys were ping ponging Nia back and forth on their cocks to see who could fuck Nia the hardest.

We Fuck Black Girls - Anne Amari - Ahhh...the Classics

File: tk6obnawefublgiannamahabvmci7dv.mp4
Size: 379.01 MB
Duration: 33:43
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Ahhh...the Classics. The pool boy....the pizza guy. These storylines are as old as porn itself. Well, Anne Amari's fantasy combines them both! Yes...she fucks 2 guys for the very first time on film. Anne seduces the Pool boy and then orders a pizza and seduces the Pizza guy...just so she can have 2 cocks at once. The girl can service too! She's an artist with her mouth...both getting orally satisfied before they slip it in her wet and eager pussy. She rides one cock while sucking the other...moaning with delight. James
and Ramon pound and drill that pussy...using her to drain their ballsacks. Ramon sprays hot jizz all over face, while James fills her juicy fuckhole with a load. Classic porn....it's like a sore dick...you can't beat it!!

We Fuck Black Girls - Ms London - Ms.london Is An Agent At Df Realty

File: r31bpnawefublgimslonfux9bgv6xh.mp4
Size: 346.81 MB
Duration: 30:49
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Ms.London is an agent at DF Realty. The owners, a sweet bubbly married couple, are thrilled to have her on their team. The wife loves her aggressive closing style and the husband loves her for being everything his wife isnt
curvy, and dark. With numbers coming in at 382650, her curves are designed to kill. Charles and London have been having an affair for months now and just as soon as wifey is out the door, they jump on each other. London shows Charles how she makes it
clap. She rides his dick like a champion jockey and teaches him the meaning of breath work as he lays in euphoria beneath her ass. Lots of ass play and smothering in this one. If you like big butts, then youll love Ms.Londons Dogfart debut.

We Fuck Black Girls - Noemie Bilas - Steve's Company Has Exceeded All Sales Projections

File: ip7msnawefublginoebildkxfkv89yc.mp4
Size: 474.81 MB
Duration: 42:15
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Steve Holmes' company has exceeded all sales projections in every international market. Time to reward his sales crew. They think maybe they are getting raises, paid vacation days, maybe even better parking spots...but no, Steve got them a new intern. A new fucking intern!! And she's stupid hot with only one job...take care of the sales crew! Noemie Bilas just got the intern job of a lifetime. All day long, she has to service the needs of 5 studs. And she gives service with a smile. For her very first airtight,
DP gangbang...Noemie treats the Dogfart family to an orgasm filled encounter with Steve Holmes, Ramon, Jessy Jones and newcomers Billy Spanish and Alex Mack. Noemie shows off her perfect body and silky smooth skin before slipping down each dick one by one. These guys stuff her every which way and paint her face with thick hot jizz. Safe to say...Noemie got a full-time position!!

We Fuck Black Girls - Jada Doll - An Unassuming Girl

File: jkstynawefublgijaddolrhdobflvmx.mp4
Size: 365.06 MB
Duration: 32:27
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: An unassuming girl is lured in by a hot guy up to a hill... She could have said No, Im going to wait here until my ride comes. Instead she said Sure, why not? and some of the best sex of her life went down. A panoramic blowjob followed by intense outdoor fucking in a strangers yard was the perfect setting for this fuck Doll. As the unknowing family had dinner inside of their home, two strangers fucked liked crazed rabbits on their patio furniture just 100 ft shy of
their dining room. Luckily for the strangers, the man covered Ms.Dolls mouth and kept her uncontrollable moans to a quiet hush. This scene is a good lesson in why accepting the bait can sometimes yield excellent results.

We Fuck Black Girls - Honey Gold - Honey Has Got A Sneaky Side

File: garzqnawefublgihongolrm58fh4o1r.mp4
Size: 333.66 MB
Duration: 29:41
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Honey Gold has got a sneaky side. She'll scam anyone anytime to get what she wants. Honey wants that money AND that cock...why not get both! She's got a scam that just might work. She knocks on Ramon's door, asking for donations to underprivileged girls in the neighborhood. Ramon is a giver, but he has no idea how much he's about to give. Once he pulls out that big wad from his pocket...Honey wants the other Big thing in his pocket. She gets his cock out and in a blink of
an eye...in her mouth. She soaks his cock with throat lube, showing off her incredible head game. Ramon can't wait to bend that perfect milky chocolate ass over and take her from behind. Honey squeals in delight as Ramon stretches that pussy every which way he can. Dripping sweat and cum drunk...Honey needs one more donation....baby batter direct deposited in her tiny black pussy. Good thing Ramon's a giver!!

We Fuck Black Girls - Gia Vendetti - Gia Is One Sexy Bitch

File: vb9evnawefublgigiavenfrzoba9acr.mp4
Size: 347.38 MB
Duration: 30:54
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Gia is one sexy bitch. Long legs, beautiful round ass and downright gorgeous. No wonder an old dog like Steve Holmes would sniff this Bitch out. Gia works at the same firm as Steve, so he's been sniffing out that pretty pussy for awhile. Finally, at the last company party, Steve decided to let her know ANYTIME she wants to go at it...he's ready. Well, Steve didn't realize she was ready to go. Gia snuck into his backyard, took all her clothes off and waited for Steve to come home. Thankfully
when he got home, his wife had already left for the day. She gives him an option...either fuck her or kick her out. Simple decision...fuck her! Steve eats that tight little pussy until she moans with delight. When the pussy is just right, he slides his old cock right in. But that young fuckhole isn't enough, he wants the backdoor. She throws that ass at Steve like a cat in heat. Gia finally got herself the daddy she's been looking for.

We Fuck Black Girls - Jeni Angel - Jeni Has Got An Insatiable Appetite For Cock

File: qvf2vnawefublgijenangnqj3efrkpw.mp4
Size: 371.21 MB
Duration: 33:01
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Jeni has got an insatiable appetite for cock. Older man cock especially! Well her appetite forced her to bite off a little more than she can chew. After sleeping with her step-dad....she's been trying avoid the old pervert, cause he just wants to bang all the time. To get away from him....she decides to spend a few days at her friends house. Convenient that her friend's dad is Ramon....who she has a huge crush on! Doesn't take long for Jeni to seduce Ramon in the kitchen. Hard for him to resist!
She puts on some serious pressure when she takes his cock into her mouth and wraps those juicy lips around it. Ramon has to feel what her tight young wet pussy feels like, so he bends her over the counter. Yeah definitely feels better than the same old pussy he's been fucking, cause he rails this little cock slut silly. Looks like Jeni has got a place to stay for as long as she wants!

We Fuck Black Girls - Ashley Aleigh - James And Ashley Have A Wedding Dress Measuring Appointment

File: slqqunawefublgiashalei288ihzuk3.mp4
Size: 368.31 MB
Duration: 32:44
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: James and Ashley have a wedding dress measuring appointment. James
comes over to get Ashleys updated measurements since shes gone with
a new designer. James measures her and decides the clothes must come
off to get the most accurate numbers! He marvels at her body. Her
measurements are almost cartoon-like! The perfect handful of tit, a
teeny tiny waist, wide hips, and a very delectable ass. James can't
believe her- Ashley has a coke bottle body. It's too perfect. He tsk
tsks at her bra and convinces her that it is just too altering and
that every millimeter counts.
She removes it and while he has tape in
hand, he drops it to measure with his hands. He finds this method much
more accurate. Ashley is surprised hes not gay, and gives in to his hands feeling her in all the spots. Cheating is well worth the risk at this point!
Soon enough, she finds herself fucking someone else before her big

We Fuck Black Girls - Cecilia Lion - Cecilia Might Just Be The Perfect Woman

File: d8rtynawefublgiceclioaagr2q2dxj.mp4
Size: 379.76 MB
Duration: 33:47
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Cecilia might just be the perfect woman! She's gorgeous, sexy and down
to fuck all the time. Those juicy lips and big hair...God Damn! She's
the reason men cheat! Mick can't resist her either. When he wakes up
after a crazy party night, he finds Cecilia getting dressed. He is
surprised because he can't remember the night before, except that he
was at a bachelor party. Cecilia is trying to sneak out because she
doesn't want Mick's wife to find her. Mick assures her that his wife
won't be home for a few hours and maybe they should
get re-acquainted.
Like I said...Cecilia is down to fuck anytime. She wants the cock
bad....and stares right into Mick's eyes as she works his shaft with
her mouth. She keeps it nice and wet so it will slide into her tight
little hole. Cecilia rides him slow and deep, stretching her wet lips
around his dick. Mick returns the favor and pounds her pussy until he
comes in her pretty mouth.

We Fuck Black Girls - Jenna Foxx - With Father's Day Just Past

File: 6wi47nawefublgijenfoxj3424yvj1t.mp4
Size: 374.84 MB
Duration: 33:18
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: With Father's Day just past, we'd like to share with you a touching story of what might be the most-excellent gift ever bestowed upon a dad by his loving son! Enter James, who's been dating Jenna Foxx for a while now. And there's James's dad, reading a book...and leering at his son's piece of ass pretty much ever since they started going out! Jenna and James know this, and today, while dad thinks James is up in his room railing Jenna, what's really happening? Jenna's very submissive, and she loves
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Description: Just like her boyfriend, DeAndre, Harmonie Marquise likes to play games. DeAndre loves old-school pinball, and DeAndre's buddy, Chad, loves old-school pinball as well. The games Harmonie likes to play have more to do with the mind, so to speak. For example, Harmonie loves to cheat! That's why she's all over Chad right now, while all Chad wants to do is play pinball while he waits for DeAndre to get home from work. All Harmonie wants is a taste of Chad's big, white dick...and she's going to make sure she gets
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