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Valentina Nappi

Dick Drainers - Valentina Nappi - My Boss's Ass Needs Some Assistance!

File: urrknnadidrvalnaptlhnt23jrd.mp4
Size: 1.20 GB
Duration: 32:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Ever since everything been goin on in this country, I had to take a second job. Sucks ass cuz I barely have time to chill but it's better than living on the street right?

The new job ain't too bad. I'm an assistant, so it's like making sure schedules are organized, picking up stuff...easy as fuck. Usually.

You see...sometimes my boss Valentina is a asshole. She be gettin stressed easy and then shouting yelling....this bitch even threw stuff at me a few times!

I'd quit quick AF normally except...I need the money...and my boss is kinda sexy. She be wearing the sexiest, tightest outfits that show off ALL her curves. Bitch ass phat AF. Seeing her gettin mad lookin all good is a turn on. She got this sexy Italian accent too?? Her mean face makes my dick feel REAL nice.

Her husband been out of town on a work trip for the last week so she been extra mean since its stuff he would normally take care of that now she got to do. Today she called me to her house and said to hurry TF up. Sound like she got something major for me to do

First Class POV - Valentina Nappi - Caged Savagely Dominated

File: 6ckj8naficlpovalnapaddvoxyk1r.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 26:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: An irrepressible lust stirred a mysterious masked Master from watching Valentina Nappis luscious tits and mouth-watering ass. Valentina who's in a seductive zipper swimsuit intensified the mans sex drive that he viciously takes the girl out of the cage and brings her into a sexy room where Valentina begs for her master's thick, tough and hard cock. She slobbers his cock, giving it a sloppy blowjob before her master fiercely enters and bangs her pussy in missionary and doggystyle. Valentina then hungrily stimulates her clit and squeezes her enticing tits before the couple continues fucking in reverse cowgirl and missionary, spiced with blowjobs in between until they reached climax. In the end, Valentina Nappi guzzles all of her master's cum.

Marc Dorcel - Valentina Nappi & Ania Kinski - Impulses 3

File: fhdnenamadovalani6jmfkwwswg.mp4
Size: 1.31 GB
Duration: 30:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Why resist your impulses when all you have to do is satisfy them? All women have more or less intense desires and impulses. The only difference is that Valentina Nappi, Anna Polina, Tiffany Leiddi, Ania Kinski et Aya Benetti do everything to satisfy them. These five beautiful women want nothing but uncompromising sex to fulfill all their most intimate fantasies.

Mylf X Spizoo - Kiara Edwards & Valentina Nappi - Experiencing Two Goddesses

File: idnxcnamyxspkiavalhfeqedvwbn.mp4
Size: 2.40 GB
Duration: 28:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Experience Mark Whites point of view as this lucky stud gets to play with and please both Valentina Nappi and Kiara Edwards! These gorgeous babes have the perfect curves for you to ride and will guarantee youll cum in no time!

Real Sensual - Janey Doe & Valentina Nappi - Sensual Threesome

File: 5gwpknaresejanvalruiqytptks.mp4
Size: 1.38 GB
Duration: 33:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Italian Sex Bomb Valentina Nappi and Tattooed Busty Babe Janey Doe starring sensuality at finest. These hot stars strip down their gorgeous black lingerie in front of you to tender kiss each body part with passion like real stars do. Now they are hungry for some hard steel cock that handles this pair of beauties, so they invite lucky boyfriend to do a threesome and feast on these horny babes. After kisses and caresses, Valentina and Janey take his dick with both mouths, licking and sucking deep throat, to then Valentina takes the first penetration and Janey takes some pussy licking...

Valentina swings her big ass up and down to get deep hardcore penetration, and the boyfriend keeps flying between these horny sluts. Janey takes a turn and gets fuck by boyfriend's strong cock, slamming the bed hard with her energy, to then again take his cock and do a double blowjob. Valentina gets doggie style position sex while Janey received more eating pussy, Janey gets the same, lucky boyfriend just needs to keep pumping energy and not cum until these girls are satisficed, to finally ejaculates his hot cum in Janey's big pierced tits so Valentina licks and swallow his cum over her body and tits. A Scene you will keep in your memories forever.

Hands On Hardcore - Valentina Nappi - Seducing Her Step-brother

File: duacenahaonhavalnapcd3u8k9f55.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 28:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Horny college cutie Valentina Nappi gets her wish when she finally has the chance to put the moves on her brother Logan Long, whose mammoth member she's heard stories about from her girlfriends. The beautiful brown-eyed Italian babe cuddles up next to Logan who is home sick from work and the glamour model enthusiastically soothes his ails away, licking and petting his massive cock as she prepares it to shove deep inside her curvy ass cheeks. Be a part of the ass fucking action that ends with a fantastically massive facial shot that drips all over her big tits to end this Hands on Hardcore XXX premium porn scene.

Cumlouder - Valentina Nappi - Wacky Van

File: sernqnacumvalnapzjlebng9kl.mp4
Size: 928.20 MB
Duration: 47:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: There's nothing like enclosing a wicked girl like Valentina Nappi in our van to obtain one of the funniest and surreal scenes of all our series. The horniest and hottest Italian girl of the porn industry will be in charge of the FuckinVan and she will also have to handle with all the cocks she'll find on board.

Mylf X Teamskeet - Mandy Muse & Valentina Nappi - 2 Hot Chicks 1 Black Dick

File: afrnunamyxtemanvalqnswndnkbq.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 37:31
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Mandy Muse Valentina Nappi are in matching pure white bathing suits while laying out on a scenic patio. While they are getting sun, they cant help but notice each other. Valentina notices that spring loaded ass on Mandy and Mandy is in love the set of tits on Valentina. They start talking about how much they love the body on the other one. Soon the groping of ass and tits starts only to be followed by them stripping out of their bathing suits and rubbing baby oil all over each other. Some fantastic squeezing of hourglass shaped bodies along with mashing of tits ensues. They both lay face down and totally nude when a strapping black man arrives. They ask him for some help with the baby oil and soon thereafter, he has gone from rubbing oil on their backs to having one finger from each hand inside of their pussies at the same time. They both start to wrap their mouths around his ebony tree trunk of a schlong. They make sure to spend some time sucking his black bag of nuts too. Eventually, they end up indoors and fucking on the couch. Each girl gets a turn riding him while he grabs, squeezes, fucks, and crushes their tits. The girls are elated with sharing such a fat and long black cock. He takes one from behind while the other is making out to keep it going in some hot girl, girl, guy action that toggles nicely in every direction. Finally, this giant black cock unleashes a tidal wave of jizz all over their asses and calls it a day. Best day ever to be exact!

Spizoo - Becky Bandini & Valentina Nappi - Valentina Nappi And Becky Bandini's Awesome Threesome

File: atcv7naspibecvala1qmf3ktgd.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 31:38
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Two blazing hotties, Valentina Nappi and Becky Bandini, are on fire. Becky hungrily grabbed and squeezed Valentinas big tits as they kissed. Then, the raving beauties entertained their partner, Rob Piper, who lies on the bed having ecstatic pleasure while watching them. As both ladies were voraciously licking and sucking Rob's big juicy cock, he ripped Valentinas stockings and licked her pinkish pussy like he hasn't eaten for days. When it was wet enough, Valentina positioned herself on top of Rob for a great cowgirl ride, riding him like a pro. When it was Beckys turn, she enjoyed a taste of Rob's thirsty tongue and naughty cock. The three had extreme euphoric pleasure from endless licking and fucking through cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle.

Nuru Massage - Valentina Nappi - Secret Nuru Caught By Surveillance Cam

File: luswpnanumavalnapujhys2r9rk.mp4
Size: 725.18 MB
Duration: 55:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Our massage parlor may LOOK like a normal parlor, but we have a dirty little secret every now and then we secretly film sessions with our clients and sell the footage. But these aren't just ANY sessions. These are the ones where our stunning masseuses go...the extra mile, if you know what we mean.

For this particular recording, we had the pleasure of welcoming first time client Jay into the parlor. Jay had been feeling tense lately and needed some relief. Well, he was about to get that...and much more!

As you can tell from our surveillance footage, Jay's one lucky guy, because he's greeted by our gorgeous masseuse Valentina when he comes into the parlor. After he tells her what he's looking for, Valentina suggests the perfect type of massage for Jay a NURU massage.

When Valentina leads Jay into a private room to get things started, we switch over to our hidden spy cams to capture all the action. Valentina asks Jay to strip down and tells him what a NURU massage really is. Jay's a little shy at first but Valentina assures him that he's got nothing to worry about. Loosening up a bit, Jay gets naked and Valentina does the same, pouring gel on him and sliding her incredible body on him. Looks like Jay's more relaxed already!

Pretty soon, Valentina wants to take things to the next level and slips her hand around Jay's cock. He's a little hesitant because he's never done this kind of thing before, but as you're about to find out when you see the footage, Valentina is VERY convincing!

Anyway, we won't spoil the ending for you...but here's a hint it's definitely a HAPPY one

Spizoo - Payton Preslee & Valentina Nappi - Valentina Nappi And Payton Preslee Loves Eating Pussy

File: x4r4qnaspipayvalmr9ywknznv.mp4
Size: 885.35 MB
Duration: 23:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Valentina Nappi invites her busty friend Payton Preslee to have some crazy and sexy fun. The two girls are wearing nothing but lingerie. After sharing a passionate kiss, Valentina plays with Payton's huge tits. She suckles her friend's pierced nipples while caressing her jugs. After the sweet titty play, Valentina dives tongue-first into Payton's pink pussy. She uses her tongue to lick Payton's pierced pussy. Payton can't hide the pleasure as Valentina continues to give her cunnilingus. The girls take turns eating each other's pussy and titties. The flame of lust between them only grows stronger by the minute. The room fills with moans of pleasure as Valentina and Payton scissor each other with sizzling passion. They rub their pussy against each other until both of them are satisfied.

Mylf X Teamskeet - Valentina Nappi & Kiara Edwards - G-string

File: ydmnvnamyxtevalkiax8li2bqfsm.mp4
Size: 414.43 MB
Duration: 30:25
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kiara Edwards and Valentina Nappi will make your eyes pop out of your head when you see the curves theyre working with in their skimpy g-strings. They let their super thicc asses bounce and shake as they show off their bodies. The girls oil each other up and rub their tits together. They eat each others pussies and then invite our stud to fuck their slippery cunts in an inflatable pool. They get their slits slammed one after another and top off the action by slurping up a warm cum facial. These busty babes love to share.

Adult Time - Valentina Nappi & Lauren Phillips - Secret Parlor Scandal

File: wxz5xnaadtivallauwodxj9bkiu.mp4
Size: 885.02 MB
Duration: 23:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ok, check out this INSANE video I'm sending you! I don't know how it got leaked, but we HAVE to find out where this massage parlor is. You'll see why after you watch it lollll.

So it starts out with the camera showing this guy go in for a massage and it seems normal enough. He lies down on his stomach while this hot chick gives him a rubdown. But then we see that there's another camera under his table, and not just another cam, there's another CHICK!! And he's got his hard cock stuck in a hole in the table and the chick under there is giving him a crazy bj!!! Yeah, it's totally wild, I know hahaha!

Anyway, you'll see for yourself, but we HAVE to find this parlor!!!

Teen Curves - Valentina Nappi & Kiara Edwards - G-string

File: 5ysfrnatecuvalkiap7syynjnuo.mp4
Size: 607.29 MB
Duration: 30:20
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Kiara Edwards and Valentina Nappi will make your eyes pop out of your head when you see the curves theyre working with in their skimpy g-strings. They let their super thicc asses bounce and shake as they show off their bodies. The girls oil each other up and rub their tits together. They eat each others pussies and then invite our stud to fuck their slippery cunts in an inflatable pool. They get their slits slammed one after another and top off the action by slurping up a warm cum facial. These busty babes love to share.

Bangbros Clips - Valentina Nappi - Stuffing All Of Her Holes

File: zenshnabaclvalnapaguswdj7ej.mp4
Size: 352.19 MB
Duration: 31:44
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Valentina Nappi loves anal, but what she loves even more is getting both holes stuffed at the same time. This chick loves when her asshole gapes. Valentina got fucked by Mick Blue and Markus Dupree in several different positions making her cum several times. All culminating with two gigantic loads all over her pretty little face.

Bang Rammed - Holly Hendrix, Megan Rain, Adriana Chechik & Valentina Nappi - A Best O

File: otbixnabaraholmegadrvalpac86hg8c9.mp4
Size: 303.49 MB
Duration: 37:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Valentina Nappi, Adriana Chechik, Holly Hendrix, Megan Rain are the hottest babes of Bang to get there holes rammed out by cock! We begin with petite cutie Holly Hendrix who gets her XXXsmall holes destroyed. Megan Rain Adriana Chechik take turns getting used by the same dick and we finish off with Valentina Nappi. Valentina is a seductive princess who loves to ride with a dick up her ass.

Monsters of Cock - Valentina Nappi - Anal All'italiana

File: clsvbnamoofcovalnapjyqiacaauk.mp4
Size: 558.82 MB
Duration: 50:00
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: This week we got Valentina Nappi teaching us sexy Italian vocabulary. scopare nel culo is today's Lesson. She shows us her round ass and perfect tits. She keeps asking for a cazzo nero, We found the perfect one for her. Prince Yahshua steps right in and she is delighted by the surprise. Prince Destroys her throat with his massive cazzo, He goes in for her tight figa. He gets her pussy nice and wet. It's time to see why Italians do it best. He pops that big black dick in her ass. She left with a gaping hole. Don't miss out on this one.

Hands On Hardcore - Valentina Nappi - Brunette Banged In Her Butt

File: vtv2gnahaonhavalnap1vtzddtbep.mp4
Size: 430.31 MB
Duration: 30:09
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Brunette babe Valentina Nappi is banged in her butt when she pays a visit to David Perry in today's Hands on Hardcore premium porn scene. Their meeting starts out innocent enough, but it's obvious that they want to get dirty with one another and soon enough the Italian sex goddess is pulling David's monster dick out of his pants and giving him a blowjob on her knees. David returns the favor with pussy licking the horny vixen to prime her for the deep pounding to come. After insertion in her pussy though, he longs for her tight asshole and gives her a deep ass fucking and an ass gape in 4K that you don't want to miss!

Brazzers Exxtra - Valentina Nappi - Jumping For Jizz

File: 1dvzznabrexvalnap24acpnirur.mp4
Size: 394.54 MB
Duration: 36:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What's better than big oily boobs? Big oily boobs that bounce, of course! Join trainer Alex Legend in his quest to get hot brunette Valentina Nappi to jump sky-high during her workout, and watch as her big naturals get oiled up for maximum motorboat potential. 1, 2, 3... hard to keep the count on the jumping rope when Valentina's cute boobs move in every direction. Alex stops her so he can get his hands on her shiny tits. Inspired by the goddess' perfect silhouette, he does not only squeeze the boobs, but the oily butt as well. In the end, from her eager throat to her wet pussy, Valentina's whole body is thoroughly stimulated.