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Tough Love X

Tough Love X - Andreina Deluxe - Death Of Karl Part 2

File: cavucnatoloxanddelsvnbw22ohe.mp4
Size: 308.91 MB
Duration: 22:06
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: It was bound to happen. I tasted forbiden pussy in Purgatory and now I am face to face with Satan herself. And Holy shit! The Devil is hot as fuck! I am not one to let the fact that I am in Hell stop me. In fact, this is a true challenge. I am going to fuck Satan in her ass and make sure that bitch is Toughlove approved!

Tough Love X - Carmen Caliente - Karl's Kastings

File: mivienatoloxcarcalyd9woqmgpw.mp4
Size: 565.97 MB
Duration: 25:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I was having a lazy afternoon, taking a little snooze on the couch and dreaming of sluts, when this energetic blonde woke me up by sniffing around my junk. It took me a minute to realize that it was my Number 1 Fan, Carmen Caliente, and she was there to remind me of her delicius, fat pussy. I didn't waste anytime getting reaquainted with that sweet, wet hole even if she is a crazy broad.

Tough Love X - Carmela Clutch - Tough Love X

File: frp5ynatoloxcarclug9ar7tr3ny.mp4
Size: 572.52 MB
Duration: 25:15
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Carmela has been aware that she needs Toughlove since she first discovered me. Now here she is, dripping wet, ready and willing to let me destroy her sweet pussy and smack her thick Puerto Rican ass. She was a very happy little slut when I was done with her. Needless to say, this broad is now Toughlove approved.

Tough Love X - Kendra Sunderland - Big Baby

File: udmpnnatoloxkensunbkbtfst5lt.mp4
Size: 307.19 MB
Duration: 24:50
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes the heavens just smile on me. Like today. I literally walked by a conversation from a hig tittied blonde to her friend as she was saying all she wanted was a baby of her own. Heh. I am not one to let an oppotunity pass me by, even if it is humiliating and can possibly cause diaper rash. The things I do for pussy.

Tough Love X - Emma Hix - Slut Challenge

File: qirsnnatoloxemmhixvfxhvwxphk.mp4
Size: 666.12 MB
Duration: 29:12
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: These sluts come from all over to find me. Only the lucky ones that have the stamina and skills to follow the maps and handle the terrain get to take the Slut Challenge. Emma found me today. She was one determined broad. Are you mother fuckers ready to watch her be challenged? Then unbuckle and unleash your beast. The fun is about to begin...

Tough Love X - Andi James & Alex More - Karl's Kastings

File: 5xvggnatoloxandaleesfhg9i3kk.mp4
Size: 264.95 MB
Duration: 21:01
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: Goddamn, I love some fat pussy. I was in the middle of a mouth to cock resuscitation, when this milfy broad, Andi, calls and interrupts to tell me I need to meet her daughter who has a fat pussy. Of course I told her to bring her over. What I wasn't expecting, was that she was sporting matching meat curtains herself. It was a complete BOGO fucking day!

Tough Love X - Brooklyn Gray & Bella Rolland - ToughLove

File: v3qzunatoloxbrobelacsoxoweu4.mp4
Size: 387.10 MB
Duration: 31:18
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: Toughlove isn't just about me. Today, I have backup. She knows what I want. She knows what I need. She will make sure that I have the sweet, untouched essence that lies bewteen the legs of the treat that she brings to me. Take a knee and bow down to the Master. Master Karl, that is. Bathe her and bring her to me.

Tough Love X - Katrina Jade - 3rd Wheel

File: hj2aynatoloxkatjadyknbhv37hr.mp4
Size: 703.43 MB
Duration: 31:30
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: 3rd Wheel is back and look who is joining me. Katrina fucking Jade, the orginal slut. She is such a good girl and damn, i didn't think it was possible, but she makes the back of my bike look even better. If you all are tuning in for some hot, dirty, fun, then I invite you to hit play and come along with Katrina and me on this wild ride of a fucking adventure.

Tough Love X - Tiffany Watson - Slut Challenge

File: 7pvopnatoloxtifwatm7btas1wn2.mp4
Size: 372.96 MB
Duration: 29:56
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: Word has gotten out where I live and slut hunting season just opened. I have my little snares and traps set for them and today, I'm feeling lucky. Sure enough, this blonde chick comes running out of nowhere, boobs bouncing out of her top, all excited because she found me after her car broke down. Imagine that. Let the Slut Challenge begin!

Tough Love X - Violet Starr - JokerX

File: whut2natoloxviostaoc2bk6eic2.mp4
Size: 345.52 MB
Duration: 28:04
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: In my whole life, I didnt know if I really existed. But I do. I see you. You are here every week and all you do is ask the same questions how are the broads? Whats it like to be you? Are you thinking about banging sluts? All I do is think about banging sluts. Especially this one that I have been following. She reminds me so much of, me. I feel like I have known her forever. Today, she noticed me. And, I smiled. For awhile.

Tough Love X - Jeni Angel - Karl's World

File: xzuj6natoloxjenangvsjbkcqque.mp4
Size: 284.14 MB
Duration: 23:16
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: If you call them, they will come. I was in the park and this tiny chick all dressed up in her cheerleader uniform, went walking by. I knew I had to meet her, so my quick thinking led me to have her help me look for my lost emotional support dog, Slut. She even went back to my room to help me look, because Sluts love my hotel room. This shit is just too easy. I truly amaze even myself sometimes.

Tough Love X - Julz Gotti - Toughlove

File: ub97xnatoloxjulgotv4rn79rnim.mp4
Size: 240.43 MB
Duration: 19:27
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: Well, well. What have we here? I took my bike out for ride today and just as I pull into a parking lot, this sexy whore decides to tempt me with a little twerking. Yeah, she had a nice ass, but I could tell she was in desperate need of some Toughlove. A quick talk to her mananger and she was in my hands. That's right. School is now in session. Let the lessons begin.

Tough Love X - Elsa Jean - Karl's Kastings

File: wsmoinatoloxelsjea9baiqgwkak.mp4
Size: 440.51 MB
Duration: 34:59
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: I love fat pussy so much that I rented a billboard to help me in my search. I was surprised when some sweaty dude came knocking at my door, but was intrigued when he said I had to meet his sister because she has the fattest pussy around. Turns out, he wasn't lying. Today my friends, is going to be a good fucking day.

Tough Love X - Cecilia Lion - To Catch a Predator 2

File: zljtbnatoloxceclioi7kw5wnsit.mp4
Size: 259.30 MB
Duration: 20:32
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: I met another chick online and damn, was she hot. She was about to go down on my cock, when that Chris Handsome dude pops up from behind the couch like an out of control dust bunny. He seems to think he has caught me in another sting and I am about to say fuck it and leave. But this fucker likes my style and he wants to watch my performance with his decoy. Takes a pervert to know a pervert.

Tough Love X - Khloe Kapri - Toughlove

File: xlhjanatoloxkhlkaptls3yggxwp.mp4
Size: 625.24 MB
Duration: 27:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Life is not about comfort. Life is about growth! Khloe has come to me today because she wants to be pushed. She wants to grow to be a better human being. She wants to be a winner. She wants to be trained to be the best slut she can possibly be. There is no better way to achieve this than through Toughlove.

Tough Love X - Juliette March - Karl’s ASSistant

File: xwajfnatoloxjulmarzywggercmf.mp4
Size: 381.68 MB
Duration: 16:58
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: You have to love a broad that takes direction and doesn't mind cleaning up on a porn set. I can tell she has some hidden assets under those clothes and she sure does have the desire to be discovered and get her pussy banged by the Toughlove Master. I tell ya, it's good to be Karl.

Tough Love X - Luna Star & Natalie Brooks - 3rd Wheel

File: oozjtnatoloxlunnathuerg6oeix.mp4
Size: 382.77 MB
Duration: 30:24
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ahhh. There is nothing like fucking in the great outdoors, especially when you are with two sexy broads at high altitude. Luna and Natalie have never seen the snow before so today I am taking them 8000 feet up in the mountains for some 3rd Wheel threesome Toughlove fun!

Tough Love X - Danni Rivers - Slut Challenge

File: 5dgtanatoloxdanrivkpr5g5qfhj.mp4
Size: 314.62 MB
Duration: 25:38
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: What's up you crazy mother fuckers? It's been awhile since the Slut Challenge team was out picking up broads and challenging them. But, we are back with a newer version. We are bigger, faster and better than before. So grab your dicks and hold on tight. Slut Challenge 2.0 is about to begin

Tough Love X - Abby Lee Brazil - Dog Gone Good

File: nvgs7natoloxabbleebra5ubvam4tom.mp4
Size: 273.12 MB
Duration: 22:09
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: You can now literally say, Karl is a dog. Why? Because that is the only way I am going to get that cute little bitch that's waving her ass in my direction, to suck my cock without it feeling, well, weird. So this dog day afternoon finds me in full canine mode, testing out the peanut butter trick, giving the dog a bone and truly doing it doggystyle. Dog eat dog? Hell yes.

Tough Love X - Audrey Noir - Tough Love

File: bez1wnatoloxaudnoiqepoifeiic.mp4
Size: 279.66 MB
Duration: 22:38
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: This broad wants to be a fuck post. And, she wants to be one for me. You've seen those movies where a name is said and that person appears? Heh. Well, I have that ability. I also have the ability to give this fuck toy what she needs. My cock in her holes fucking her and fucking her hard. This bitch got the Toughlove treatment she deserved.

Tough Love X - Eliza Ibarra - Vag Crashers

File: sajkhnatoloxeliibao9uj4v9ye9.mp4
Size: 286.88 MB
Duration: 23:17
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: Crashing weddings is so overrated. Besides, those bitches don't put out. Funerals on the other hand, are filled with broads that need a little comforting, Toughlove style. I had to explain this to my buddy Tommy Pistol after he saw the hot piece I picked up at her boyfriend's funeral. Who the fuck hang glides these days? The only gliding I want to do is with my cock inside her killer pussy.

Tough Love X - Sofi Ryan - Koach Karl

File: zjlptnatoloxsofryakq2ivpnksy.mp4
Size: 356.44 MB
Duration: 28:36
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: Like mother, like daughter. Sofi found my number at her mom's place and had no idea who I was. She didn't know how much she really did need some Toughlove until I started with her 'training. She was restricted, constricted, stressed out and needed to be completely opened up. No one gets results like Koach Karl does.

Tough Love X - Gia Derza - Ookie Cookie

File: lsctjnatoloxgiader3itne5khtc.mp4
Size: 68.33 MB
Duration: 16:46
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Bored and lonely housewives all eventually turn their fantasies into Karl encounters. Gia is no different. She wants to be taken and dominated by a strong man. She needs my cock and Toughlove so badly that even baking up some cookies gets her cookie wet and begging to be frosted. I am always ready and willing to teach wife training 101.

Tough Love X - Daisy Stone - My Buddies Girlfriend

File: rbiznnatoloxdaistozt3hdgnofr.mp4
Size: 320.04 MB
Duration: 17:15
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes you just have to help a buddy out. Especially when their girl is a hot piece of delicious ass. Seems Daisy hasn't been getting what she needs lately,so I am going to fix that. This horny little slut is ready and so willing to follow the rules and give in to all that I am offering her. She is going to be so glad she came over for a heaping helping of my Toughlove.

Tough Love X - Sailor Luna - Vag Art

File: dzsmbnatoloxsailungtacrzpf4e.mp4
Size: 270.94 MB
Duration: 23:00
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It always amazes me just how naive some of these broads can be. Take Sailor. I placed an ad looking for a nude model for some artisitic work. She took the bait and showed up at my door and my bed. After viewing my uninspired interpretation of her vaginal area, she just had to prove to me that not only did it look nothing like her pussy, but her vag was full of inspiration. That's right, sweet Sailor. Toughlove shit does not happen on accident. Welcome to my cock.

Tough Love X - Khloe Kapri - Daddy's GIrl

File: 6hzgtnatoloxkhlkapyillqfdyyj.mp4
Size: 93.52 MB
Duration: 23:06
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: I have been seeing these fliers all over town of this hot, blonde, 19-year-old piece of ass. Seems she was missing. I made it my mission to find this chick and suddenly, there she was. Even better, she was hungry and willing to suck my cock. Heh. Daddy has an all night buffet just waiting for this tender piece of ass.