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Tiny Tina

Sex Art - Tiny Tina - Right One

File: amaqvnaseartintinrcxljoeueh.mp4
Size: 1.38 GB
Duration: 24:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunette Tina Tiny leads Angelo Godshack into the bedroom, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Right One begins. Sipping champagne, the lovers dance, holding each other close. Tina lies back on the bed and Angelo kisses his way down her slender body, pulling up her elegant evening dress and eating her shaved pussy until shes moaning with arousal. She frees his rigid cock from his pants, stroking and sucking it eagerly, gazing up at him adoringly as she crams as much of his huge girth into her mouth as she can manage...

Getting naked, Tina straddles her man, guiding his cock into her tight pussy and riding hard, her sexy ass rippling as she bounces. She has an intense orgasm before Angelo flips her onto her back, pinning her wrists as he thrusts into her vigorously, then moving into spoons with his fingers on her clit to make her climax again. Back in missionary, Tina rests her legs on Angelos shoulders so he can drive even deeper, fucking her to another orgasm as he fills her with his hot cum. Sticky and glistening with sweat, they finish their champagne as they kiss through the afterglow.

Viv Thomas - Casey A, Sarah Kay & Tiny Tina - Threes Company 3

File: mbrdtnavithcastindpbqmgl5qp.mp4
Size: 1.40 GB
Duration: 25:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blonde house sitter Casey is texting and snacking in the kitchen, as part three of Sandra Shines hot lesbian series Threes Company begins. Shes joined by sexy brunette Tina Tiny, who seems very chilled out about Casey having fucked her girlfriend Sarah Kay earlier. Tina isnt shy about making a move on Casey herself, either. Casey responds to her hungry kisses eagerly, allowing herself to be led to the sofa. She suddenly takes charge, pushing Tina onto her back and tonguing her stiff nipples...

She licks her through her lace panties, then peels them off and eats her shaved pussy, making her moan with arousal. Pinning Tina to the sofa, she fingerbangs her soaked slit, giving her a powerful orgasm. Slipping off her shorts, Casey straddles Tinas face, grinding on her tongue. She lies back, beautiful breasts jiggling as Tina sucks her clit, driving her to an overwhelming climax. The following morning, Sarah brings them coffee, and the three naked girls are sitting chatting when the house owner Viv Thomas superstar Jo in a cameo role returns. Luckily, it seems she is just as open-minded as they are...

Nubile Films - Cindy Shine & Tiny Tina - Girls Getaway

File: eo9btnanuficintinati3gohyux.mp4
Size: 655.69 MB
Duration: 24:37
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It's romantic bath time for Cindy Shine and Tiny Tina. The girls start out at either end of the tub, but they eventually meet in the middle to have a Champaign toast. Then Tiny Tina presses Cindy onto her back and crawls on top of her girlfriend. Putting her mouth to work, Tiny Tina kisses Cindy's breasts and mouth, then leads her out of the tub and into the bedroom.

Once they're in bed, the girls take their times exploring each other's tight bodies. Cindy gets acquainted with Tiny Tina's big hard nips, then lets Tiny Tina indulge in her own hard nipples. Hands in constant motion, the girls jockey for control. Tiny Tina loses when Cindy pushes her down and settles in between her thighs to go in for a good pussy licking. Cindy's pierced tongue and lip provide a tantalizing contrast of hard and soft as she feasts on Tiny Tina's twat.

Once she has enjoyed a climax, Tiny Tina is happy to give as good as she gets. Sher urges Cindy onto her hands and knees so she can deliver a pussy licking of her own. Long sweeps of her tongue wet Cindy down and spread her juices around. Eventually, Tiny Tina focuses on the heart of Cindy's pleasure, guided by Cindy's lusty moans. Once she is certain that Cindy is ready for more, Tiny Tina shoves first one and then two fingers deep into Cindy's twat to finger fuck her girlfriend right.

Once Tiny Tina has gotten Cindy to orgasm, the girls switch things up with a lesbian 69. Tiny Tina lays on her back while Cindy climbs on top. The girls are easily able to finger and tongue each other's pussies, but they both crave a little bit more. That comes in the form of a big vibrator that can press against a tight clit to create instant relief.

Tiny Tina holds the clit to Cindy's clitoris first, but then eventually decides she wants in on that action. Still holding the toy, she climbs on top of Cindy so that they can share it. Eventually Cindy explodes in bliss, at which point she takes the vibrator and makes sure that Tiny Tina is riding it to pleasure town. Still holding the toy, Cindy brings herself off one last time as Tiny Tina kisses her way down Cindy's inner thigh. When the girls are finally sated, they cuddle together in the afterglow.

Moms Teach Sex - Jenny Wild & Tiny Tina - Seduced By My Girlfriends Stepmom

File: xfndinamotesejentinzlc3clxipu.mp4
Size: 739.56 MB
Duration: 38:00
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Stanley Johnson is on an American vacation and he's having the time of his life. He met Jenny Wild during his time in the Czech Republic. After a week, Jenny took Stanley home to meet her stepmom, Tiny Tina. Their dinner prep gets hot and heavy as Tiny Tina isn't even subtle about her flirting, right in front of Jenny! Pantomiming deep throating a cucumber, flashing her tits, and even showing off her meaty pussy, Tiny Tina leaves nothing on the table. Stanley tries to leave the room to get some air, but Tiny Tina follows him and goes right for the D.

Pulling Stanley's pants down, Tiny Tina starts stroking his stiffie. She sinks to her knees and opens wide to take a mouthful of that hardon. Sucking Stanley in as a deep throat blowjob just gets Tiny Tina even hotter. She pushes Stanley onto the bed where she hikes up her skirt and slides down on that man meat. As Tiny Tina is moaning and riding, Jenny comes in. Jenny tries to act tough, but it turns out that Tiny Tina and Jenny have threesomes all the time. Stanley has found himself in a two-for-one situation with two insatiable fillies.

The girls kick things off by blowing Stanley together. When they position themselves just right, Stanley can finger bang them both. Since Tiny Tina has already had a turn with the D, Jenny gets to enjoy a ride. Falling onto her side, Jenny enjoys some spooning sex. Then it's Tiny Tina's time to shine as she lays down with her legs spread wide to welcome Stanley back inside. Jenny makes sure mommy gets good and fucked, then climbs on top of Tiny Tina to give Stanley a double pussy stack to bang. When both girls are satisfied, they work together with Jenny stroking Stanley's shaft and Tiny Tina sucking his balls. He rewards them with a big shot of cum that hits both their mouths and gives them a salty treat to enjoy.

Viv Thomas - Casey A, Sarah Kay & Tiny Tina - Threes Company 2

File: rq9cinavithcassartin7uwzjozseo.mp4
Size: 715.24 MB
Duration: 24:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde Casey welcomes her friends to the place where shes house sitting, as episode two of Sandra Shines hot lesbian series Threes Company begins. Snacking, dancing and sunbathing, Sarah Kay and her girlfriend Tina Tiny settle in and have fun. They are fooling around in the pool when Sarah decides to do a playful striptease, untying the strings of her bikini and swimming naked. Sensing the attraction between them, Tina encourages Casey to make a move on Sarah, then leaves them alone together...

Sex Art - Charlie Red & Tiny Tina - Sense Of Self

File: k8jg7nasearchatin9z79jawt71.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 20:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy brunette Tina Tiny is in bed, a soft smile of pleasure on her face, as Andrej Lupins hot lesbian movie Sense Of Self begins. Gorgeous redhead Charlie Red emerges from beneath the covers, kissing Tina passionately and stroking her shaved pussy. Charlie pulls down Tinas black lace top and sucks her nipples avidly, rubbing her own bare breasts against them. Tina lies back and Charlie eats her shaved pussy, using her fingers and tongue to drive her wild. Tina peels off Charlies panties and lavishes attention on her plump-lipped sex, sucking voraciously until shes at fever pitch. They move into scissors, grinding their wet pussies together breathlessly, before Charlie fingerbangs Tina to an intense orgasm. Tina repays the favor, frigging Charlies wet pussy in spoons to give her an overwhelming climax.

Private MILFs - Tiny Tina - Tiny Tina Fucks For Her Husband

File: q78csnaprmitintinebctf5o7gt.mp4
Size: 769.55 MB
Duration: 36:18
Resolution: 1024x576
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina enjoys watching porn on www.private.com and today in Private Specials, Cuckholds Fantasy her husband has decided to treat her to the real thing by inviting over stud Angelo Godshack for a proper good fucking. Tinas cuckhold husband is the happy audience for this live shoot recording all the action on his phone as she warms up with a nice deepthroat blowjob to get the party started. Then watch this brunette beauty get the fuck she was craving as she has her pussy pounded while sucking on her husbands cock and rounding out the threesome with two cum filled facials.

Blacks on Sluts - Katy Rose & Tiny Tina - Tiny Tina, Stepmum Shares Stud With Stepdaughter Katy Rose

File: q9vobnablonslkattinn54xkxnlva.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 37:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina has come to Private Specials, My Stepmum Has a New Black Boyfriend for her www.private.com debut and its definitely one you wont want to miss! This horny cougar has no problem sharing her black stallion Joachim Kessef with stepdaughter Katy Rose as these wild girls enjoy an interracial threesome that truly has it all. Sloppy blowjobs, pussy eating, hard fucking, and some intense anal action for Katy, watch these nymphos go to town and get blasted gonzo style as they moan and scream with pleasure all the way to a facial and a hot cumswap.

Fister Twister - Antonia Sainz & Tiny Tina - Serious Stretching

File: cl7k6nafitwanttinxzxwdook9q.mp4
Size: 158.76 MB
Duration: 19:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Antonia Sainz joins us again for another Fister Twister scene and today she gets to play with dark haired cutie, Tiny Tina. She can't keep her hands off Tina's petite body and touches her pussy before letting Tina lick her fingers clean. As Tina bends over into the doggystyle position, Antonia gapes apart her pussy with her fingers and stretches her to the max. She moves onto a metal speculum and as Tina changes positions, she clasps her hand around Antonia's as her pussy is gaped apart even further. She sucks the speculum clean and Antonia gets hold of a monster sized black dildo which she slips between Tina's juicy pussy lips. This is all in preparation for Antonia's fist fuck fun as she easily slides her hand up Tina's pussy. Tina loves the feeling of getting fisted and masturbates while she rides Antonia's fist until she orgasms in this lesbian fisting scene!

Beauty 4k - Tiny Tina - Become A Star Through Deep Sex

File: 2mt1lnabe4ktintinqhfsugnt6k.mp4
Size: 573.02 MB
Duration: 34:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When we fulfil our long-time dreams we tend to enjoy them as much as it is only possible. Dude dreamed of becoming a cameraman for a long time but he lacked for a camera. Finally he buys a camera and hurries to test it. He shoots a video when he hears a knock on the door. He wants to see who is knocking on the door but he doesn't want to turn off the camera as well. So he goes to check who is behind the door. Tiny Tina gets rather surprised when she sees a camera but she still agrees to come in. They start talking when the dude grabs her tits and that makes Tiny Tina very angry. Luckily he knows how to calm the hottie down and that is to satisfy her wild sex fantasies.

Doghouse Digital - Arian Joy & Tiny Tina - Cum Swapping Threesomes 4

File: 4ggcxnadodiaritintlnejvdwrt.mp4
Size: 407.48 MB
Duration: 34:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Doghouse is back with its fourth instalment of CUM SWAPPING THREESOMES. These chicks are thirsty and looking for something to swap and swallow! Don't miss out on these babes getting their mouths full in 4 back-to-back cum filled scenes. You dont want to miss this release.

Tmw VR Net - Tiny Tina - Meet My Friend And His Dick

File: 73w9gnatmvrnetintinaus5igzmtf.mp4
Size: 415.04 MB
Duration: 27:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It comes a time to introduce your girlfriend or boyfriend to your long-time friends. That moment is very exciting because everyone of us wants our friends to like our beloved people. Dude hopes his old-time friend likes Tiny Tina, his new girlfriend, but he even doesn't suspect the meeting will turn into a wild orgy. At first it goes very smoothly. He introduces them to each other, they chat about different things but then the dude turns away to cook something. At that exact moment Tiny Tina shows her pussy to her boyfriend's friend and crawls up to him to give a deep blowjob. She is in the middle of sucking cock when her boyfriend turns around again and sees that picture. So how will he react?

Public Agent - Tiny Tina - Laid In The Laundry Room

File: 9yxslnapuagtintinwhnubfiegb.mp4
Size: 317.58 MB
Duration: 31:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I was testing out my new camera when I saw Tiny Tina passing by me on the street. I stopped her, because I had not seen her since school. Tina had continued on with her studies, and was coming from the local college. I told her I was no longer in school, but now worked for a modeling agency. I thought Tina was so hot in school, so I asked her if she wold like to be paid for a casting. Tiny showed me her tits, and flashed me her, and I inquired as to whether she was single. When she told me she was, I took a leap of faith, and asked her if she wanted to fuck. I offered her more money, so she agreed to come with me to a place I knew of near by. We entered the laundry room and Tina stripped, then started to wank my cock. She gave me a blowjob, then climbed on top of me, and took my dick into her pussy. Tina rode me well, then I fucked her doggystyle, and finally covered her with a facial!

Viv Thomas - Marilyn Sugar & Tiny Tina - Love Me Forever

File: ubnatnavithmartinyleq3xcqdt.mp4
Size: 196.82 MB
Duration: 24:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Marilyn Sugar watches her elegant girlfriend Tina Tiny rush off to work even though its the weekend, and their anniversary! As Bree Parkers hot lesbian movie Love Me Forever begins, the sassy blonde prepares a romantic welcome home for her partner, dressing up in sexy lingerie and scattering rose petals on the bed. When Tina returns, she is greeted with a passionate kiss, taking off her smart business clothes to reveal her black lace bodysuit and stockings. Marilyn peels her lingerie down and begins sucking Tinas stiff nipples and stroking her shaved pussy, then goes down to eat her, spreading the juicy pink folds open with her eager tongue...

Dane Jones - Tiny Tina - Sexy Short Babe Knows How To Please

File: l2y9jnadajotintind8uvydjzzg.mp4
Size: 307.50 MB
Duration: 28:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy short babe Tiny Tina is sitting in bed when her lover Ricky comes in and kisses her. Ricky sits on the bed next to Tina and takes down the straps of her top so he can worship her small and perky boobs. Tina lies back and lets Ricky pleasure her pussy with his lips and tongue, then she climbs on top of him so she can give him a blowjob. After getting her man's dick wet, Tina masturbates for him, then climbs on top of him to take his dick cowgirl style. After some doggystyle and missionary love making, Ricky pulls out, and Tina strokes his hard cock until he cums all over her.

Fake Taxi - Tiny Tina - Lesbian Tries Cock For First Time

File: rrbvxnafatatintinxbujttnwxh.mp4
Size: 394.13 MB
Duration: 32:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina got into the taxi and asked me to take her to the city center. She was on the phone with her girlfriend, Theresa, and planning a romantic evening. I had never given a ride to a lesbian before, so I was very curious. I asked if she had ever tried a penis, and Tina informed me she had not. I offered to let her touch me, and she leaned forward to feel my cock. The prospect of a new experience turned Tina on, so we on my nearby property, and I joined her in the backseat. I showed her how to give a blowjob, then I sucked her tits. I ate Tina's tiny pussy, then fucked her missionary. She was so tight I came on her multiple times!

Massage Rooms - Tiny Tina - Deep Orgasms For Petite Czech Babe

File: ndkecnamarotintinjhy63gs8c5.mp4
Size: 244.23 MB
Duration: 29:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina hires Michael for an oily massage, strips naked, and lies face down on the table. Michael pours the oil on Tina's back, then rubs her shoulders before working his way to her thighs and bum. Tiny Tina gets turned on, so she lifts her right leg, showing Michael her pussy. Michael rubs and teases her lips, then takes out his hard cock for Tina to stroke. Once they're both turned on, Michael fucks Tina on her side, then missionary, before eating her pussy. As Michael fucks Tina, he plays with her tits, before finally, she gives him a blowjob untl he cums in her mouth!

Lesbea - Angel Emily & Tiny Tina - French Oral With Lesbian Tutor

File: hf1b9nalesangtinkihz2g5bkm.mp4
Size: 204.54 MB
Duration: 24:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina wants to learn a new language, so she hires petite tutor Angel Emily to teach her French. They go over simple words and phrases to start stuff like bonjour, tu es tres jolie, and voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir? Angel explains the phrases mean hi, you're beautiful, and would you like to play with me tonight? Angel asks Tina if she likes girls, and the brunette blushes coquettishly. Angel leans in and kisses her student, then begins to feel up her tits. Tina plays with Angel's boobs too, then the ladies strip each other, worshipping their bodies all the while. Angel eats Tina out on the table, then Tina returns the favor doggystyle. The ladies climb on top of each other and 69, then make each other cum.

Lesbea - Tiny Tina & Mishelle Klein - Loved Up Couple After Nightclub

File: asjpvnalestinmisqhrjitqsbb.mp4
Size: 167.34 MB
Duration: 20:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After an exciting night of clubbing and dancing, lesbian couple Mishelle Klein and Tiny Tina head back home for some naughty fun. The lovers kiss in the threshold of their dwelling, and Mishelle quickly takes out and worships Tiny Tina's perky tits, sucking and kissing them, and caressing them with her hands. Tiny then takes over and lifts her lover's dress, pulls down her panties, and worships her booty! Tiny Tina eats Mishelle's pussy from behind, then Mishelle returns the favor in kind. Tina tongues Mishelle doggystyle on the stairs, then sits on her face so she can cum!

Sex Art - Lovita Fate & Tiny Tina - Waves Of Time

File: pptehnasearlovtinxhzjaxqm9p.mp4
Size: 669.02 MB
Duration: 22:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning blonde Lovita Fate and gorgeous brunette Tina Tiny are deep in conversation, as Andrej Lupins hot lesbian movie Waves Of Time begins. Flirting, Lovita lifts her dress to show her sexy panties Tina takes her hand and pulls her onto the bed, kissing her tenderly. She strokes Lovitas silky thighs and sucks her cute pink nipples, then peels off her panties and goes down to lick her shaved pussy, lapping at her pierced clit. Lovita lifts her legs high and wide, spreading her pussy open for her lovers eager fingers and tongue to drive her wild. Now Lovita undresses Tina, teasing her dark nipples and licking her shaved slot avidly. Tina lies in her arms to get fingerbanged to an intense orgasm, then moves into scissors so they can grind their wet pussies together. They rub each others clit frantically, cumming simultaneously in a

Fitness Rooms - Lexi Dona, Tasty Stacey & Tiny Tina - Energetic Lesbian Workout Threesome

File: lvnfunafirolextastin2xtx3byo6r.mp4
Size: 218.56 MB
Duration: 26:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Energetic lesbians, Lexi Dona, Tasty Stacy, and Tiny Tina, are in the Fitness Rooms dance studio stretching, playing, and cutting up a rug! The ladies party in the windows, then jump down from their ledges so they can party together! Coming together in love, Lexi and Tina start by focusing on worshiping Stacy's perky tits, then the babes take turns being the center of attention, tongues, and kisses. With booties everywhere, the babes are in heaven, and share an angelic threesome filled with face sitting, pussy eating, and loads of orgasms.

Massage Rooms - Alexis Crystal & Tiny Tina - Lesbians Enjoy Sensual Pussy Eating

File: gtcplnamaroaletinp2oyqyzyye.mp4
Size: 168.02 MB
Duration: 20:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina hires Alexis Crystal for an oily massage in the Massage Rooms, and seated on the table wearing only a white towel, she gasps as Alexis pours oil on her shoulders. Turned on by the touch, Tina kisses Alexis, and the latter reaches between her charge's legs and starts to rub her pussy. The ladies take to removing Alexis' shirt, then Tiny oils up the dirty blonde's boobs, then rubs her pussy through her now see-through white tights. Tina bends Alexis over and fingers her doggystyle to orgasm, then has Alexis eat her pussy until she can cum too. The ladies take turns making each other climax, then kiss passionately to celebrate a session well done!

Lesbea - Marilyn Sugar & Tiny Tina - Romantic Lesbian Couple Facesitting

File: nkrumnalesmartin3ubwgsxnpe.mp4
Size: 167.77 MB
Duration: 20:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Marilyn Sugar and Tiny Tina are playing a board game in their light-filled kitchen. Tina wins and pushes the game aside, only to get up on the table and show Marilyn her sexy blue bodysuit. Tina kisses Marilyn, then lies back so the blonde babe can tease her pink pussy. Marilyn kisses and licks Tina while the brunette plays with her own tits, then they strip Marilyn, and prop her up on the table. Tiny then climbs on top of her lover's face and rides it to orgasm. Finally, Tina fingers Marilyn from the side, enjoying her tight ass, and making her cum!