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Texas Patti

Spizoo - Texas Patti - Sexy Milf Texas Patti Hot Cum Swallow

File: s3azenaspitexpatidflpnfxfp.mp4
Size: 570.24 MB
Duration: 29:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Horny MILF Texas Patti is always hungry for cock, this voluptuous woman with her huge breasts and big ass is ready to take a big cock, that's why Nathan Bronson appears with his sexual energy and she doesn't waste time and pounces to suck that dick, lick it and suck it by putting it deep in her throat, she enjoys sucking cock a lot, but she also likes to be licked by her pussy and clitoris while he introduces his fingers in, she knows how to moan while her pussy is sucking, he is ready to give a hard penetration in a doggy style position, she likes to have hard cock penetration, also in missionary position she receives a solid penetration for a long time. It is time to warm up that cock with a good blowjob, now she is ready to mount his dick like a busty cowgirl, back and forth, before receiving her man's hot cum in her mouth and then swallowing it. This was great scene with sex veteran Texas Patti.

My Friend's Hot Mom - Texas Patti - Texas Patti Makes Her Sons Friend Give Her Anal Pleasure

File: t6ywtnamyfrhomotexpatcqhukzohor.mp4
Size: 499.42 MB
Duration: 40:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisNathan's friend is out of town on a school trip but lets him stop by his house to borrow a jacket. His friend's mom, Texas Patti, is home and lets him go upstairs in the bedrooms to find it. While checking in the parents room, Nathan stumbles upon Mrs. Patti's sex toys. She catches him in the act and is turned on by the situation. She tells him that he needs to fuck her or else she'll tell his mom that he was snooping around her room. Nathan has no problem pleasuring Mrs. Patti and was in for a surprise when she demanded anal!

Fake Taxi - Texas Patti - The Texas Patti Wild Taxi Ride

File: jgvfxnafatatexpatyzlvtq22ly.mp4
Size: 457.02 MB
Duration: 34:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I picked up this familiar looking woman with gorgeous tits, who I would later figure out was the porn star Texas Patti! Patti asked me if I would give her a ride to the strip club, but told me she wasn't working it was her day off. I knew she looked familiar, and realized I had jerked off to Patti many a time in my day. I told her I do a little porn myself, POV amateur stuff, and she was intrigued that I was an actor. She reached forward and grabbed my cock, and she seemed to find the size satisfactory, because she offered to shoot a scene. Patti pulled out her camera while I pulled over. She handed me the camera, then stripped out her big tits and pussy, spread her legs, and looked at me invitingly. I fingered and ate the pussy I had jerked off to so many times, then she gave me a horny blowjob and ate my arse. I fucked Patti hard out the side of the cab, then covered her in spunk.

Spizoo - Texas Patti - Milf Voluptuous Landlord Trade My Rent For Cum

File: pp9vinaspitexpatiuiooewqb2.mp4
Size: 547.99 MB
Duration: 28:54
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex Jett just realized that is time to pay the rent, but he is just a broken DJ, he has no money. His landlord is the sexy voluptuous MILF Texas Patti and he decided to go talk to her. She is sitting on the sofa bed waiting for her money and Alex explains to her the situation. She is upset with him, sadly he has nothing to give and is lost in words. Texas takes control and advantage to satisfice her sexuals needing with a young male like Alex. After making him eats her pussy, Alex drops his pants and his hard cock end up in her mouth and tight pussy until he explodes all over her cunt. Maybe this broken DJ should pay his next bill with sex.

All Girl Massage - Romi Rain & Texas Patti - Sweat It Out

File: qtczynaalgimaromtexvcgasnh2u7.mp4
Size: 202.04 MB
Duration: 24:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Romi Rain and Texas Patti, two sisters-in-law, are jogging together and enjoying each other's company. Although they are having fun, Texas eventually has to slow down because her leg is bothering her. As much as she wants to continue on with Romi, she thinks she'll have to take a break since she's probably strained something. Romi, not wanting to lose her jogging partner, insists that they go back to her place so that she can show Texas some massage techniques she's been working on. Although Texas is a bit uncertain at first, she eventually agrees since Romi wants to help her so much.

As soon as they are back at Romi's place and Texas is on the massage table, Romi starts rubbing oil all over Texas' body. She works on getting the tension out of Texas' muscles, though the longer the massage goes on, the more Romi begins to admire Texas' body. She boldly begins massaging Texas' pussy, although Texas doesn't seem too bothered since she's yearning for more, too. Once they share a tantalizing kiss, it's clear that they have more than a mere strain to work out...

The two women hungrily explore each other's bodies, fondling and sucking on each other's heaving breasts. They can't seem to get enough of each other as they dive tongue-first into each other's pussies, bringing each other to climax. It looks like they'll be making massage a regular part of their jogging sessions from now on!

Moms On Moms - Elexis Monroe & Texas Patti - Maid Up For Lost Time

File: wv9wjnamoonmoeletexaiefh6snku.mp4
Size: 262.47 MB
Duration: 31:53
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Texas Patti, a housecleaner, arrives with her cleaning supplies to a house but gets the shock of a lifetime when the housewife who opens the door is an old college friend of hers, Elexis Monroe. She didn't recognize the family name because it's the woman's husband's name. After the shock and awkward nervousness wears off, Elexis invites Texas into the house.

They take some time to catch up with what's happened since college after they lost touch with each other, Texas settled down with a family and now works as a housecleaner, while Elexis married a wealthy husband and started a family of her own, as a stay-at-home mom and housewife.

Texas is polite and friendly but clearly a bit self-conscious at their very different lifestyles. Elexis senses this and tries several things to make things less awkward. First she suggests that if Texas feels uncomfortable, she could request a different housecleaner, but Texas says of course not, there's no reason for that and besides it wouldn't look very good to the company. Elexis says okay, if she insists.

As Texas starts to clean, Elexis clearly doesn't know what to do with herself and clumsily tries to overcompensate, offering to join in to help clean which Texas of course declines. Elexis doesn't take no for an answer and tries to grab a cleaning product to help but Texas pulls back, and in the resulting tug-of-war Elexis spills cleaning supplies all over her clothes.

Elexis hastily changes out of the clothes as Texas asks her why she's being so weird. Elexis admits that she wanted to try to make Texas feel less uncomfortable about the whole situation. Texas says she appreciates it but things aren't like they were back in college. She mentions their family situations, also hinting that maybe they had a college fling together. It seems clearly fresh on her mind as she stares longingly at Elexis now in her bra and panties.

Elexis notices and says that maybe some things have changed, but some things clearly haven't. They might both be married now, but who would even find out if Texas took a break from cleaning to relive their college fling? Texas is reluctant, due to her responsibilities to her family and job, but she clearly wants to, so when Elexis leans in to kiss her, she can't resist and passionately returns the kiss.

Up Close X - Texas Patti - Up Close And Personal BBC

File: zxkupnaupctexpathkpwdidggi.mp4
Size: 333.40 MB
Duration: 33:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: An UpCloseX Original Series! Natasha Nice should be called Naughty Natasha. I don't like to follow the rules. She loves her ass grabbed hard while she gets pounded by BBC.

Sweet Carolina Sweets wants to be DP'd and have her pussy stretched to the max.

MILF-tastic Cherie DeVille wanted to just 'try' porn, but 8 years later she loves it. She can't wait for her moment with big Rob and his BBC.

German superstar MILF Texas Patty tells us all about how she loves to get fucked hard doggy style.

Pornstar Platinum - Dee Williams & Texas Patti - Cocksucker Lovers

File: enjrsnapopldeewiln73vjtzahf.mp4
Size: 254.28 MB
Duration: 13:05
Resolution: 720x406
Format: mp4
Description: I'm here with Texas Patti a real live slut just like me, and the well hung porn stud Brad Knight. I love cock and I love the cock helmet, and Patti loves the cum that comes out of the cock at the end! Watch as Texas Patti, a cock sucker lover and I go all out on Brad's massive shaft, in this wild 3 way blow job scene! If it's Blowjob Porn Videos you like, you will find them all here on my official site, DeeWilliamsXXX.com!

Sweetheart Video - Aria Lee & Texas Patti - Not A Summer Fling

File: vt2r7naswviaritexwu2mhvhe5t.mp4
Size: 303.73 MB
Duration: 34:41
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: When Lily Aria Lee, was younger, she used to spend the summer with a close friend of her mom, Clarissa Texas Patti. For Lily, it was more than just a summer vacation it was, the awakening of her sexuality. Now that she's all grown up, and she is not the little girl she used to be. This time she makes sure that her time with Clarissa will become more than just a summer fling.

Evil Angel - Texas Patti - MILF Dr. Patti: Anal & Blowjob Therapy

File: tpkl2naevantexpat9anpecgdbz.mp4
Size: 631.23 MB
Duration: 44:21
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Raven-haired psychologist Texas Patti bats her long lashes and squeezes her round tits. When her patient, Mark Wood, divulges his sexual issues, the hot MILF doctor finds her pussy soaking wet! She strips, revealing a sexy clit piercing. Patti climbs on top of Mark's meat for a bouncy anal cock ride. He bends her over and plows her butthole from behind. His sphincter thrusts make her cum. Giving a wet, ass-to-mouth blowjob, Patti drools on Mark's balls and chokes on his meat. The scandalous psychologist gets off on hot face fucking, anal reaming sperm swallowing.

Spizoo - Texas Patti - Texas Patti Up Close And Personal

File: rtie1naspitexpatoixpxrhbnh.mp4
Size: 621.43 MB
Duration: 32:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Get a different look at busty Milf Texas Patti. This horny cougar is as sexual a woman the world has to offer. We sit down with her to get an in depth look at her career and state of mind as well as her mentality as she is about to jump into an extremely hot boygirl scene. watch her get her hole stuffed up and moan in the nastiest ways possible. She absolutely oozes sex appeal and this cock hungry woman loves the idea of you watching, so enjoy!!

Real Wife Stories - Texas Patti - Stood Up, Dicked Down

File: pmkrjnarewisttexpatimicffpfvc.mp4
Size: 321.45 MB
Duration: 31:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous MILF Texas Patti has made plans with her hubby to take fitness lessons but, when her man stands her up, shes looking at Keiran Lee like a big-dicked piece of meat! When the two go to stretch, dark-haired Texas rubs her juicy ass and beautiful, big tits against Keiran massive hard-on! How can Keiran resist? He came to give tanned Texas a good old-fashioned workout after all!

Mylfed - Texas Patti & Sophia Lux - Teaching Her Twat

File: e8nd6namyltexpatfuvhn9wbos.mp4
Size: 344.94 MB
Duration: 42:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Best friends are always there for you when you need advice, but today Sophia Luxs bestie is not home and she is in a tough spot. Luckily, her besties step mom, Texas Patti, is there to offer an ear. Sophia reveals that she is supposed to go on a date with a guy, but she has no sexual experience, so she is feeling a bit intimidated. Right away, Texas decides to help the young lady figure some things out about her sexual physicality. She breaks out a big, strap on dildo and then brings Sophia to the bedroom. She runs her feet along her quivering pussy lips and makes her fill her mouth with her panties. Then Sophia spreads her legs to get her cunt pounded by the veiny toy. Now she has all the dick taking experience she needs. See full video here

Drilled XXX - Texas Patti - Milf Texas Patti Is A Slut For Some Anal Sex

File: jm4ojnadrxxtexpatnbchzzemiv.mp4
Size: 562.54 MB
Duration: 25:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: German MILF Texas Patti never thought she would like let alone try, anal. One day it just happened and now there is no turning back! She loves a rock hard cock pounding deep into her ass! She just wants it more and more and as fast as possible. There is no going slow for her! The only thing better is if there was 2 cocks fucking that ass simultaneously... maybe next time!