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Teens Love Anal

Teens Love Anal - Rebecca Black - Teen Booty Bopper

File: dsznhnateloanrebblaccv7p9zksu.mp4
Size: 426.44 MB
Duration: 31:17
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty teen Rebecca Black is always coming up with new sexy ideas to please her man. Today, she takes some dirty pics of a bejeweled buttplug in her tight asshole. She sexts it to the lucky guy and tells him she has a special surprise waiting for him. When he shows up, Rebecca lets him pull the buttplug out of her rim and stuff her ass full of cock. He strokes inside her eager hole, making her moan softly as he works. She has an intense orgasm as he plows her rectum and she begs for more. Then, she gives him a raunchy blowjob and he shoots a dripping load of sperm inside her booty. Nothing like a cum from behind story!

Teens Love Anal - Alexis Crystal - Lusty Anal Lessons

File: ihpyqnateloanalecryb6o4exs4br.mp4
Size: 543.72 MB
Duration: 39:53
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful blonde Alexis Crystal is sharp, but she just is not that good at school. That is why she has been getting tutored by her stern instructor for so long. But when he finds out that she made mistakes on every single question she was presented with, he is fed up. The only way to teach this gorgeous girl how to properly integrate information is by pounding it into her with his ruler dick. He spreads her ass cheeks and penetrates her sweet hole while she moans sensually. Alexis gobbles his dick, licking the tip to make sure her instructor enjoys every second of their sex session. Then, she takes a load of cum on her hungry tongue. All Alexis needs is a little motivation...

Teens Love Anal - Keira Croft - Back Street Fighter: Cosplay Queen

File: nanyqnateloankeicro71jtkzh1ww.mp4
Size: 430.38 MB
Duration: 31:34
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy anime lover Keira Croft loves dressing up as her favorite character. She considers herself an anime connoisseur. In fact, the only thing she loves more than Japanese cartoons is a hard cock in her tight teen asshole. Just look at the way her curves jiggle as soon as our stud shows up with his throbbing boner. The blue eyed babe spreads her legs wide and lets him stick his giant meat sword inside her hungry sphincter. He thrusts hard as she squeals in euphoria. Finally, our stud pulls out of her gaping hole and shoots a load of cum all over her eager face. Do you think Keira is a cosplay queen? Let us know in the comments!

Teens Love Anal - Goldie Glock - The Anal Inquisition

File: w9xlvnateloangolglogc2fbqzakn.mp4
Size: 419.65 MB
Duration: 30:24
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: As soon as our stud gets the call from Goldie Glock, he bolts out the door. When a hot chick like Goldie wants to talk in private, you clear your schedule! He shows up and things are even better than he expected. Goldie is in a sexy bikini showing off her round ass for his viewing enjoyment. Then, she tells him that she has been dying to try anal sex. Can it get any better? He sticks his thick cock inside her inexperienced asshole and plows her passionately to show her the ropes. Then, she throws her legs in the air and spreads them wide as he fills her butt up with dick. Goldie is poised to become an anal queen!

Teens Love Anal - Chloe Cherry - A Bootylicious Bet

File: opyjnnateloanchlche1wsguptbuy.mp4
Size: 438.96 MB
Duration: 31:45
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Cherrys friends have all been wondering what her stepbrother is packing in his pants, so today she videos him getting out of the shower. Unfortunately, he is soft like they are in Aspen, and this gives Chloe the wrong impression. She does not think his dick gets any bigger, so they make a deal. If he sticks his cock in her butt and she squeals, she has to the video. He blindfolds her and sticks a dildo in her butt before replacing it with his rock hard johnson and taking her for an anal ride. He pounds her hard as she moans like a wild animal, losing the bet but winning the dick down of a lifetime! Looks like this wager has been settled.

Teens Love Anal - Diamond Banks - An Anal Agreement

File: fmwi5nateloandiabanmgrgq1xcql.mp4
Size: 408.69 MB
Duration: 29:37
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Diamond Banks gets home and sees that the house is a mess, she is pissed. Her boyfriend is a total slob, and even though he may be good at fucking her, this is just too much. Diamond cannot live like this! She tells him that they can try anal if he keeps the house clean in the future, and all of a sudden, things spruce up real nicely. Everything is sparkling and spotless, so Diamond opens her ass up for business. Our stud plows her tight rectum and makes her scream in sexual delight. Then he pops a huge load of gooey cum all over her tight teen twat. Looks like everything worked out for the best!

Teens Love Anal - Nova Cane - Have You Ever Tried The Real Thing

File: mtbpwnateloannovcan7emrxtppik.mp4
Size: 470.01 MB
Duration: 33:59
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Nova Cane is a classic horny blonde teen. As soon as she gets a moment alone, she plays with her body like its a wonderland. She sticks toys in her holes and changes positions like she just cannot get enough of her own sexuality. So, when our stud shows up and sees that there is a bejeweled buttplug in Novas tight teen ass, he understands exactly what kind of girl she is. He pulls out his throbbing prick and sticks it in her sweet, young hole. He pounds her hard and she squeals in pleasure, begging for more. Then, he sprays her with hot cum. Just make sure he does not get caught by your mom, Nova.

Teens Love Anal - Serena Avery - Business In Her Behind

File: byaz3nateloanseravenwykn25mqk.mp4
Size: 461.92 MB
Duration: 33:25
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Serena Averys stepdad is a pretty traditional guy. So, when he sees her dressed in a skimpy tank top that shows off her cleavage, he is none too happy about it. He tells her to change before his business partner comes over for a meeting. But when the partner shows up, he is super turned on by Serenas sexy bod. He approaches her in the kitchen, offering to take care of her. She bends over and lets the pervy business dude run his fingers along her asshole. Then he slides his cock inside, pounding her rectum for some hot anal fun. She moans as she rides his dick and loves every inch. But soon, her stepdad catches them in the act! Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Teens Love Anal - Jane Wilde - Revenge Of The Cuckold

File: npvnenateloanjanwil52crll2kux.mp4
Size: 378.62 MB
Duration: 34:34
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde is slick, but not slick enough. She has been sleeping around on her man with his friend for a while, thinking she could get away with it. But when he gets wind of the cuckolding, he is none too happy. He packs up all her bags and invites her to come over to pick them up. Then, he reveals that he knows all about her little secret. To punish her, he pushes her cute body up against the wall and then pierces her tight little butthole with his thick cock. She screams as he enters her ass, feeling an exciting mix of pain and pleasure. He reams her rectum until she has an eye rolling orgasm, and then busts a juicy load all over her. That should keep her honest for a while.

Teens Love Anal - Ariel Mcgwire - A Lecherous Loophole

File: y6vlqnateloanarimcgqibrsazpq2.mp4
Size: 408.89 MB
Duration: 31:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ariel McGuire has that look and voice that lets you know she is thinking about dick twenty four seven. So, when our stud shows up to her house to beg her dad to give him a passing grade, he immediately knows that she is looking for a hard pounding. She shows him inside the house and reveals that her dad makes her get checked by a doctor to ensure that she stays a virgin. But she has heard of a loophole that our stud can help her with. If he just rams her asshole instead of her cooch, she can have all the fat cock she wants without losing her V card. Our stud agrees and slides his sausage into her backdoor, pounding this horny chick into total anal submission before busting a glistening load all over her face. Looks like this guy is getting a passing grade after all!

Teens Love Anal - Vienna Rose - Meat Stick Suppository

File: bxhp3nateloanvieroszs6vfioz3t.mp4
Size: 488.87 MB
Duration: 37:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vienna Rose is a cute little blonde with the innocent face of an angel. When she goes in to get her yearly check up, her doctor wants to make sure that she is the healthy and happy teen she should be. He gives her a breast exam, and she gets a little excited as he feels up her cute tits. But while she is there, he tells her he should check everything just to get it all out of the way. She lays down on her back and spreads her legs, letting him stick his fingers into her sweet teen pussy. Then she flips over and lets him plug her ass with his fat cock. He pounds her hard and rubs her clit until she cums all over his dick. Then he busts a huge load on her butt cheeks. Vienna is definitely getting a clean bill of health!

Teens Love Anal - Daisy Stone - Plight Of The Cumemployed

File: kuspmnateloandaistousyd27ilqg.mp4
Size: 479.25 MB
Duration: 36:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Daisy Stone is definitely a daddys girl. So, when her dad comes home with a long face, she is concerned. He tells her that he has just been fired, and he has no idea what will become of their future. Daisy springs into action. She goes over to his bosses house and tells him she will do whatever it takes to get her dads job back. The boss tells her there is nothing short of some hard anal sex that will change his mind. Immediately, Daisy bends over and spreads her cheeks for the guy in charge to stick his key in her ignition. He penetrates her tight teen hole, and suddenly understands the plight of the unemployed. Some moaning anal sex brings this boss to his senses, and a huge load of cum seals the deal. Sometimes, anal is the answer!