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Taboo POV

Taboo POV - Sadie Holmes - Milking Step Daddy's cock and massaging his prostate

File: euho4nataposadhol5sfmqqlcr9.mp4
Size: 133.80 MB
Duration: 16:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Dad, I'm worried about you. I read an article about how older men need to make sure they have a healthy prostate, and that regular orgasms are really important. I know my Mom doesn't really take care of you as much as she did when you two first got married. You're an amazing Step Dad, and I want to make sure you stay around for a long time! Lay down and let me do something called a prostate massage on you. First, I have to take out your penis and get it nice and hard for you, do you like feeling my tongue flick across the tip? I need to get your wet down there too, let me lick your ass for you so it's nice and slippery. Do you like feeling your little girl's tongue on your asshole Daddy? I have a special toy I'm going to use on you now. It's not too big, but I'm going to slide it in your ass while I milk your cock Daddy. Doesn't that feel good? I can see how hard this is making you. Let me take off these clothing and see if that helps you cum harder. Oh Daddy, I can feel you getting so close! Cum for me while I fuck your ass with this toy Daddy! Oh my god! Theres so much cum! We need to do this all the time so you stay healthy Daddy.

Taboo POV - Lacy Lennon - Step Daddy's girl is home from college

File: 7r2flnatapolaclenugr1udlihq.mp4
Size: 126.98 MB
Duration: 15:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I'm so happy to be back home! College has been so much fun, but I miss so much about home, mom's cooking, my friends, and I miss my Daddy! Even though you're my step dad, I still think of you as my real dad. Did you miss me too? You've watched me grow up, and now I'm a big girl. Wanna know a secret? I lost my virginity in college. Don't tell mom, ok? Can you keep my secrets? I learned a lot of new things in college... do you think I could show you some of the things I've learned? Mom will never know, I promise. I just want to play with my Daddy. Come lay down Daddy and let me show you what I can do now. I can feel that youre hard for me already, I love that Daddy. Can I take it out? My Oral Presentation skills have gotten so good, let me show you! Your cock tastes so good Daddy, I love making you feel good. Do you like my lips around your dick Dad? I can take it all the way down my throat, see? I bet you love my natural tits too, and my pretty shaved pussy. I want to make you cum Daddy, cum all over my tits! Mmmm, See? I learned a couple of things in college.

Taboo POV - Silvia Saige - Step Mom saved me from the gold digger

File: trhmnnataposilsaiaaxaghnek9.mp4
Size: 123.03 MB
Duration: 15:18
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: My stepson has been slumming it with some trailer trash slut. Her tiny shorts and belly shirts, I've seen her smoking when I have dropped him off, filthy whore. I know he is fucking her and I know she is going to try and get knocked up by my stepson so she can have our money. Also, my little boy is way too good-looking and smart to end up some tarts baby daddy.

I stopped him the other day and did what any good stepmom would do. I was going to jerk and suck his cock dry so he couldn't get that little top-ramen tramp pregnant. My boy needs a classy woman with taste to keep in line. I've seen him watching me shower and jerk off in the doorway. So so hot! I pulled his cock out and shoved it deep in my grown-up throat. Then I let him slide his fingers in my perfect mommy cunt while I milked his cock with my had. I sat down and rubbed his cock in between the lips of my pussy and let him rub the tip on my clit. Then jerking and pulling he poured his hot baby boy milk all over my belly. Such a good boy.

Taboo POV - Katie Kush - Making my new Step Daddy cum

File: z6tusnatapokatkusyspvhpqalc.mp4
Size: 108.09 MB
Duration: 13:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Are you and my mom fighting again? She's such a bitch, that's why my Dad left her. You're a great step-dad, I hope she doesn't chase you away too. I love having you as my Daddy, let me make you feel better. Come lay down Daddy and let me take care of you. Do you like my tight little titties Daddy? They're so much prettier than Mom's, dont you think? Do you like my perfectly smooth, shaved pussy? Wanna touch it? Yes Daddy, like that... your fingers feel so good on my clit. I'm so wet for you. I can't wait to taste my Daddy's cock. It's so nice Daddy, does my mouth feel good? I can tell you like it because you're so hard. Come here Daddy, I want to feel you in my little pussy. Oh god Daddy! It's so big! Fuck me Daddy, just like that. You're going to make me cum! Let me flip over for you so you can fuck me from behind. Oh fuck Daddy, I'm cumming! Now it's your turn. Lay back and give me my Mom's cum, let me suck it some more. Are you ready to cum Daddy! I want it all over my ass, mark me as your girl! I love my new Daddy.

Taboo POV - Brooklyn Gray - Do you think I'd be good at porn Step Daddy?

File: ain2qnatapobrogram2e7ytlbb4.mp4
Size: 88.49 MB
Duration: 11:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I have some pretty big news Dad. I haven't told Mom yet, or my real Dad but I trust you, you're an amazing step-dad and I need your opinion. I've been thinking about trying to do porn! I've never really done anything with anyone but my ex boyfriend, but I think I'm pretty good. Am I pretty enough? I LOVE to suck cock, and I do it really good. Can I show you? I really need your opinion. Come lay down Daddy... let me take your cock out and show you how good I am. I love the way youre touching me, I have such sensitive nipples. Squeeze them Daddy, lets see your cock now. Oh my god! It's so big!! It's much bigger than my ex boyfriend's. Youre making my pussy so wet, do you want to see that too?

Let me show you how deep I can take your cock. You love that don't you Daddy? You love your little girl's mouth around your cock. I'm so horny, can I just slide on it and rub my pussy on it? It feels so good... how about if I just slip it in and ride it for a little bit. Oh Fuck! Its so good Daddy! You're going to make me cum! I want to put it back in my mouth so I can taste myself. Mmmm it tastes so good! Give me your cum Daddy, show me that I'm your good girl! Cum all over my tits Daddy! See, I think I'll be really good at porn, don't you?

Taboo POV - Nora Ivy - Step Daddy's girl gets fucked after being caught with a vibrator

File: mnjzdnataponorivyvw42gkakzc.mp4
Size: 162.16 MB
Duration: 20:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: I finally was alone, and could play with my toy! Ever since my Mom got remarried, it's been weird living with a guy in the house. My stepdad is cool, but I don't get any privacy anymore. He left for work, and I had a chance to make myself cum, it's been a while. I was totally ready to cum, when suddenly my door burst open and my Dad was standing there! He quickly shut the door and was embarrassed, he said he thought he heard noises from my room, and opened the door to see me with my legs spread wide and my pussy twitching as I rubbed it with my vibrator. I was so horny, and I have to admit, my dad is pretty hot.

I told him to come in, it wasn't a problem. I asked him if he liked what he saw, and of course he did. I wanted to show him more. I laid back and began to play with my wet pussy as he watched me. I could see he was getting hard, so I told him to take it out and stroke it for me. Oh my god! His cock was so big! I had to have more. I took it in my hand and rubbed it on my pussy, I wanted it inside so bad! I couldn't help myself. I needed to feel it in my mouth. I slid my lips around the shaft and sucked him deep inside my mouth. I loved sucking my Daddy's cock! But, I wanted more. I told him to lie down as I sucked and slurped his cock, and then I just had to climb on top and feel it inside my horny little cunt. I rode Daddy so good, sitting on top of his cock as he told me what a good girl I am. I turned around and let him see my ass bounce up and down, until he couldn't take it anymore and pushed his cock into me until he squirted a huge load of cum all over my ass! I love my Daddy.

Taboo POV - Silvia Saige - My stepmom's sister wants all of me

File: bbyxxnataposilsaiylkzb9ivmd.mp4
Size: 99.30 MB
Duration: 12:27
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: My stepmoms sister is letting me stay at her house for a while. I have always felt like she was a little off. But she is so sexy and beautiful that I thought I was just imagining things and nervous because I have jerked off thinking about fucking her pretty face so many times. She always seemed really close to her stepson and I thought she was just very nurturing. Well, turns out she is a very, very giving Auntie. She came in my room in a silky pink robe and asked his I was having trouble sleeping. When I said yes, she told me cumming would help, that's what she used to do for her stepson. What a lucky bastard.

She got naked, pulled my cock out and slid it in her mouth. It was amazing. I could have cummed right then. But I paced myself as she jerked my cock with her soft MILF'y hands. Sucking and stroking, sucking and stroking. Her pretty face looking up at me. Telling me about fucking her stepson. Then getting on top of me and rubbing my hard cock on her wet pussy, so close but not sliding me in. Then fingering her tiny wet slit while she ran her up and down my wet sloppy cock until I filled her perfectly manicured hands with my cum. Good Night Auntie.

Taboo POV - Anastasia Rose - Getting acquanted with my new Step Dad

File: wl4c7natapoanaros6vw1wkpr27.mp4
Size: 149.09 MB
Duration: 18:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mom went out to brunch with some friends, so I thought this would be a good time to get more acquainted with my new step dad. I know mom thinks I'm a good girl, I get good grades, and don't get in trouble, but the truth is I'm really a bad girl. Would you like me to show you how bad I am? Let me show you my perky titties, they're nicer than Mom's, aren't they? Mom thinks I'm a virgin, but I'm really not. I love giving guys head, and I've been thinking that maybe you'd like to see what I can do for you that my Mom can't? Let me take these panties off and show you my smooth pussy, it's completely bald. Touch me Daddy, see how soft my pussy is. Just like that, I love how youre fingering me. Maybe I can play with your cock a little bit?

It's so nice Daddy, I just have to put it in my mouth, is that ok? Do you like that Daddy? I know mom doesn't do this for you, she's such a prude. I want to make you feel good Daddy. This is definitely a good way to get to know my new Daddy! I can take your cock all the way down my throat. I want to make you cum for me Daddy, Let me stroke you faster until your cock explodes in my hand! OH my god Daddy!! That's so much cum! I love being your daughter.

Taboo POV - Athena Faris - Daughter-in-law will do anything to make sure you aren't lonely

File: qwd7unatapoathfar8o2tyw8vwz.mp4
Size: 136.26 MB
Duration: 17:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's so nice of you to let me and your son stay here while we are looking for a new place and I cannot tell you how thankful I am. I know that this is a hard time for you seeing as your wife just left you, and mostly you are here by yourself. I can tell you are lonely, or at least it seems that way. I have been so worried about you. I was thinking that maybe there is something, or some way I can help you. Maybe bring one of my friends over or maybe I could just visit you more often. I know how much you like to see me. Why don't you just sit down here and relax. I want to take care of you. I would do anything to make sure you aren't lonely.

You have been so amazing to us both, and I just feel like we don't do enough for you. I really wanna do this for you. Maybe since we are both alone, we can try this out. Besides, I have always been curious about your cock... I want to know all the different ways it could satisfy me. I begin rubbing your cock over your pants. It's already so hard for me! I know you can hear us having sex through the wall. Sometimes I am louder just for you. I slide your dick into my mouth and press your cock against my hot wet tongue. Don't worry, I won't tell your son about any of this. You taste so good. Just watching your cock grow is so gratifying. I wore this just just for you but, I think its time to take it off. What do you think? Sometimes I wear really slutty things around you, hoping that I will catch you looking at me. Sometimes I do. I spit on your tip, and slurp it off. How would you like to see some more? I lean back and un-clip my bra, revealing my beautiful breasts. Oh my god, your cock is so hard? Does my naked body turn you on? I keep sucking your cock. I love this big hard cock, dripping with spit in my hands. Do you think you can cum for me? I want you to. I want you to cum all over my chest. I jerk your cock faster, squeezing it tighter and aim it right at my chest until you cum all over my tits!

Taboo POV - Katie Kush - Slutty step-daughter has special going away present for Daddy

File: bqp7xnatapokatkusva3w63xlbt.mp4
Size: 151.44 MB
Duration: 09:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I cant believe I am going away to college soon. It came so quick, but you know there is really only one thing I am going to miss. You know what that is? Its you step-daddy. You have been such a big part of my development since you married my mom. I think I am even closer to you than I am with my real daddy. So I just want to give you one special thing to remember me by before I leave. So, lay down. I crawl on top of you and pull your pants off. I just want you to remember every inch of my body...

Taboo POV - Izzy Lush - Slutty step-cousin needs a boyfriend’s cock

File: 99zyjnatapoizzlusxoaag1lvwi.mp4
Size: 171.01 MB
Duration: 11:09
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey, I am so sad I am leaving in a month. I have loved living here with you guys. I know this is not my real side of the family, I know this is your dads house and you are my step-cousin If thats even a thing haha. I have just loved spending time with you and I just notice so much about you. Like, I noticed you dont have a girlfriend. And I was wondering why because I have thought about you a lot I think you are so handsome I mean I can say that because we arent really even related. And I was wondering with the time I have left here, would you be my boyfriend? I know its funny but really, I just want to play with your dick if you let me I heard that this happens a lot with people in our situation and I want to try. So what do you say? Wanna be my boyfriend?

Taboo POV - Kenzie Madison - Step-sis wants to know if she has what it takes to do porn

File: 7b1msnatapokenmad4gq2ftldoq.mp4
Size: 123.72 MB
Duration: 08:06
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey so I am glad you are home because I need to have kind of a serious, strange conversation with you. Okay, whatever you think about what I say, you have to keep to yourself. Like you cant tell mom and dad. I mean you are my step-bro, and we have gotten so close, I know I can trust you. Okay so one of my friends told me that she is working in porn now, can you believe it! Anyway, I see how much money she brings home and how well she is able to take care of herself so I was thinking...

Taboo POV - Holly Lace - Horny Step-mom wants to help with son's girl problems

File: jrs3lnatapohollacp9z31xnjmg.mp4
Size: 79.16 MB
Duration: 10:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: You seem so sad lately and have been moping around the house... I know Im not your real mom but I know girl problems when I see them. Am I right? I thought so. I can help you if you want. Maybe show you a few different things about being with a woman. Its okay because I am just your step mom. I think you are just having a confidence issue. Well trust me, Momma knows exactly what to do to get that confidence to skyrocket! Why dont you just lay here and relax and let me take care of you. But you have to understand that this has to stay between you and me, okay?

Taboo POV - Gracie May Green - Slutty girl has a naughty surprise for her Step-dad

File: dsj8snatapogramaygrefgi7onwxsr.mp4
Size: 88.15 MB
Duration: 11:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hey Dad, so I talked to mom and... well, we all noticed. We can all tell how sad and depressed you have been lately. And I know you are only my step-daddy, but well, I still love you and I want to take care of you in any way I can. So I am pretty sure I know a way to make you really cheer you up. I have a surprise for you Daddy, but this isn't just any surprise. And you definitely cannot tell mom, or anyone else okay? Okay are you ready?

I begin to undo the tie around my neck. Because you are the best step-daddy in the whole world and I love you. I let the top of my dress fall revealing my beautiful developing breasts. Yeah, this is your prize Daddy. This is just for you. I spread my legs smiling at you, and pet my cute panties under my dress. I'm gonna take off my shoes now. I roll over, playfully showing my ass off for you as I reach down to take off my shoes. I start rubbing my body and looking at you. Can I touch you Daddy? I sit up and begin rubbing the front of your pants. See, you don't need to feel so sad, you know we all just want you to be happy Daddy. I undo the zipper on your pants. Just between us okay? I lean down and pull out your cock. You know we love you and just want you to be happy. I'm gonna finish taking my dress off for you okay. I want to help you. I tug my little dress off and shake my butt in your face. You know I hear that step-daughters give the best handies. I think I wanna try it out. I spit in my hand and begin rubbing your cock. I didn't know my stepdaddy has such a nice cock. I rub your cock in my hands. I hope you are starting to feel a little better. Can I play with your balls a little? I think you might like it. I begin rubbing your cock and balls. You can let go off all your stress Daddy. That's all you got to do. Does that feel good Daddy? Your family loves you. Your step daughter really loves you. I continue stroking your cock. I never want you to feel bad. I continue stroking. That's what families are for right? Does Daddy want me to take my panties off? Yeah? I turn around and peel my little thong off revealing my beautiful pink holes. Is that a nice view? I know this is why you married mom right? I rub my butt giggling. Im gonna take very good care of you. You have a weight you need to release. Give it all to me Daddy, I can take it. I stroke your cock against my tits. I want it all to cum out Daddy. I start to stroke you faster and faster. I can feel that stress building inside you Daddy. Does it feel good now? I crawl between your legs and jerk your cock right against my tits until you explode your load all over my tits! Thank you Daddy! I hope you feel better.

Taboo POV - Destiny Love - Slutty girl wants to please her jealous Step-dad

File: rrwx4natapodeslovbjhcz8l4w8.mp4
Size: 151.71 MB
Duration: 09:56
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hi Dad, Im glad I caught you. I wanted to talk to you about something. Since Moms gone...it just seems like you have been acting really weird. I was just wondering, are you like, upset with me or something? Because my real Dad is already upset with me for taking my moms side and I just wanted to come and check on you. I know you are just my step-dad but youve been acting so strange and honestly Ive noticed its been ever since I got a new boyfriend. Are you like, jealous of him? Oh wow, I didnt even realize you thought of me that way. I guess I have always found you very attractive myself, I definitely see what mom sees in you...

Taboo POV - Lisey Sweet - Step niece wants to go to a glory hole

File: ok369natapolisswetjhdahlgzd.mp4
Size: 197.96 MB
Duration: 10:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey uncle, youll never guess what I saw. I saw your car parked outside of a dirty bookstore, where I know that they have these things called glory holes. Were you being a bad boy, getting your cock sucked in a porn booth? Ive seen porn where that happens, men getting their cock sucked through a hole in the wall. I want you to take me. Im a bad girl, let me show you! Its ok, youre my stepmoms brother not related really...

Taboo POV - Victoria Voxxx - Step Sister lost a bet

File: sylzxnatapovicvoxk35h4xmabi.mp4
Size: 138.82 MB
Duration: 09:05
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Yes, I know I lost the bet. Im still not going to fuck you, youre my stepbrother, and that would be gross. You are pretty hot though, and its been a while how about if I just jerk you off instead? Lay down and lets settle this bet once and for all. Your cock is much bigger than I imagined! It feels good in my hand, I bet you like it too. I could always tell you wanted this, by the way you look at me. I run my hand up and down your cock and feel you getting harder. I cant help myself, your cock looks so good! Let me just put it in my mouth for a second...

Taboo POV - Claudia Valentine - Annoyed Mom teaches step

File: j6vmonatapoclavalhth18axyde.mp4
Size: 183.59 MB
Duration: 11:59
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey, we need to talk. Listen, you need to go out more. I feel like I only ever see you around here. I mean ever since I moved in here after I married your dad, it's like you think it's okay to just sleep the day away and lounge around the house like it's your kingdom. Well guess what, it's mine. Now I know I'm just your step-mom, I'm not your mommy. So I am going to teach you how to enjoy going out of the house so I can enjoy staying in with your father. There are all kinds of women out there and you need to know how to relax and have fun with them. So you are going to lay down, and enjoy me giving you a hand job, got it?! Good boy...

Taboo POV - Izzy Lush - Step-daughter wants to take care of Daddy while mom is sick

File: hqihcnatapoizzlusmy68twyevy.mp4
Size: 147.89 MB
Duration: 09:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hi Daddy. Mom kinda has a headache or something right now so she told me to come take care of you. I mean i don't know why. You are my step-dad, but I guess I don't mind taking care of you. I mean I know you like it when I take care of you sometimes. Smiling, I start shaking my little boobies at you. So what were you thinking? What do you need from me Daddy? Because I know you miss me Daddy. I yank up and down on the top of my blouse teasing you with my little girl breasts. You are just such an amazing step-dad, I am so glad mom is with you. I smile at you teasingly and flash my pierced tiny nipples at you. You can start playing with yourself if you want, while I finish getting undressed...

Taboo POV - Veronica Valentine - Step-daughter needs Daddy to teach her what boys like

File: mejf3natapovervalnaxrr1nyck.mp4
Size: 167.79 MB
Duration: 10:57
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey Daddy, you got my text? I have been so stressed out and I want to talk to you about something but it's kind of weird. And I do not want to talk to mom about it. I mean you are only my stepdad after all. I don't think its that weird. So promise you won't tell okay? Okay, so there's this boy at school that I really like and he wants me to do stuff with him. But I don't know. I'm just worried that I won't do it right or that I won't like it. I just wish there was someone I could try it on, you know, get some practice on. You? Well what if my mom finds out? Yeah, your right, you are just my stepdad, okay. Just don't tell mom...

Taboo POV - Penelope Reed - Slutty girl thanks Uncle for being there for her

File: rtmbznatapopenreeravmhjjs6p.mp4
Size: 167.35 MB
Duration: 10:57
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Oh my gosh, you will never guess what happened to me. I am so scared that my step-mom's gonna be so mad at me... I got in a car accident and when the other car hit me, all of my stuff got locked in the back. I am so happy I have you, I mean you are always here when I need you and you are always so understanding. I mean you came to pick me up when I had no one else to call. I wish there was some way to pay you back... before she gets here. Someway to repay you... You know some way that could maybe relieve both of our stress...

Taboo POV - Lacy Lennon - Slutty girl shares her spiritual gift with Uncle

File: hgayunatapolaclen9jxqgm3btg.mp4
Size: 86.71 MB
Duration: 10:56
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hey Uncle, can I talk to you about something? Well you know, ever since mom and dad got married, mom went from being the coolest, most amazing step-mom to being so materialistic. Thats all she cares about. She's nothing like you uncle... She just makes fun of me for my spiritual beliefs and would never understand how much a gift like this rose quartz means to me. Doesn't this stand for love? You are so amazing! I cant believe how well you know me. We just have the most special relationship... I was thinking, you know, seeing as you gave me this gorgeous, generous, spiritual gift... If maybe I can give you my spiritual gift? Yeah?

I sit up and brush my long red hair off my shoulders, showing off my soft white chest. You wanna see these? I slowly tug on my tight little straps until the slip right off my shoulders. Smiling, I peel my top down below my beautiful full breasts. Wanna touch me Uncle? Oh yes, I love that. I close my eyes, and breath in your sent as you press your hand against my soft cheek. I can't wait to see your cock... I lean in and begin feeling the front of your pants. It feels almost as hard as that stone you just gave me! I begin undoing the front of your pants. Slipping my hands into your pants, I begin to tug on your throbbing cock. Why don't you just take these pants off for me? That's better. I lean down between your legs, next to your cock. I stick my warm, wet tongue out and slowly lick you from the bottom of your shaft all the way up to the tip. You taste so good. My mouth is practically dripping. I slide it as far down my throat as I can, wrapping my slutty lips as tight as I can around your cock. Drooling everywhere, I slam your cock all the way down my throat over and over again. I love it so much! I take it in both my hands and suck all my spit off of it. I begin stroking it as I stare straight into your eyes. Shoving it back in my mouth, I completely let go and just suck your cock as best I can. I throw your legs back and slowly slurp your balls up into my warm, wet mouth. I sit back up and alternate sucking and stroking your nice, long, hard, throbbing cock. I point your cock right at my beautiful bouncing tits and continue stroking you. I want you to cum, I want you to cum all over my tits. Can you do that for me? Cum for me, cum all over these tits! I stroke your cock as fast as I can until you explode all over me breasts! It was fun getting spiritual with you uncle.

Taboo POV - Anastasia Rose - Slutty step daughter wants to stay home and play with Daddy

File: shejinatapoanaros77kpicua8i.mp4
Size: 215.22 MB
Duration: 14:03
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Morning Daddy. I don't really feel so good. I was wondering if maybe I could stay home from school today? I know mom isn't home and you are just my step-dad but I wouldn't mind having you stay here and take care of me. Would you mind staying home and taking good care of your little girl? We could maybe have a little fun. I promise it can be our little secret okay Daddy? I begin rubbing my hands under the covers on my soft naked legs. I see the way you are looking at me, wanna touch me Daddy?

Taboo POV - Katie Kush - Slutty sister

File: ueooenatapokatkus1rb8o1f6o4.mp4
Size: 179.85 MB
Duration: 11:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I just wanted to say you have been such an amazing help to me the past few weeks. I mean look at my boobies, they are so much perkier. Don't you think? I lift up my shirt showing off my beautiful little titties. My belly is so small and tight. I lift my shirt and rub my silky smooth belly with my pretty hands. And you have even made my booty lifted and all bubbly, look! I turn around and give it a little shake for you. I can't believe how good you made me look. I cannot believe my sister won't work out with you I mean, ever since you guys got married she has just stopped taking care of herself. I just wanted to thank you for making sure the younger sister stays sexier and hotter. So, I was thinking, maybe you should lay down and let me repay my dues.

Taboo POV - Kenzie Madison - Dirty girl has a proposition for Step Uncle

File: wluq7natapokenmadsbyzeyfgnq.mp4
Size: 181.11 MB
Duration: 11:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey so, thank you so much for taking the time to see me. I really appreciate it. Basically my mom, I'm sure she told you, she really wants me to get a job. I don't know why, I mean I'm doing just fine right now. And I'm doing well in school and everything, I don't know why I need a job... Anyway, I think it's really weird to put us in this position just because you are my stepmoms brother does not mean you need to give me a job. So I was thinking, I mean there has to be something else that I can do, instead of work. I know you have the money to like, give me in return for some attention maybe? I could come over like one or two times a week to work and maybe you can give me whatever extra cash you have? Even right now, I could do something for you if you can help me out? I know you don't mind...

Taboo POV - Destiny Love - Slutty step

File: xvhhznatapodeslov7qi3ol1q3e.mp4
Size: 161.48 MB
Duration: 10:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey so I have a question for you. My mom says I look too slutty to go out on a date and obviously my dad is going to say the same thing... but you, you are only my step-brother so you should have no problem telling me how good I look. So what do you think? Do you like it? I mean I have seen the girls you come home with. I know you get some pretty hot chicks. I mean I kinda thought of you when I picked this little skirt out. And to tell you the truth, I am just a little too excited to wait for my date. And I would like to kind of test this outfit out on you.. What do you think? Wanna enjoy a little moment with me? You can even just sit back and let me do all the work for you. How does that sound?

Taboo POV - Bella Rolland - Loving step-sister wants to help relieve step-brother

File: bb19dnatapobelrolvtqunhora2.mp4
Size: 92.38 MB
Duration: 11:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hey man, I know you are going through a lot and I just wanted to check and see how you are doing. You just seem kind of down and being your step-sister, I just wanna help if you need to talk it out I just want you to know Im here for you. I didnt want to be the one to tell you this but that girl you have been dating, well she kind of a loser. All shes done is cause you stress, and make you like all pent up and grouchy. I mean, you could do so much better than her. I mean there is a lot you can do to reduce your stress. I mean I heard, for example, masturbating is a great stress reliever. I mean you dont have to do it in front of me, but as your sister, I am willing to help you with that. What do you think? Can I give you a hand? Go ahead and lay down for me. Dont worry I wont tell anyone okay?

I begin taking your pants off as I straddle your legs. I heard this is really good for stress and tension release. I rip your pants and underwear off. Oh my gosh, its so big, and so hard for me. I begin sucking your cock. This is gonna be so good for you, you will see. You are going to feel so much better after Im done with you. I keep sucking. I sit up and begin stroking your cock in both my hands. You know what else I heard is supposed to be really good for stress relief? I think I read it in a book or something but I heard looking at tits is supposed to help. Dont laugh! Im serious. I pull my shirt off over my head and let my big beautiful breasts fall out of my shirt. I continue to stroke your cock and press myself against you. Ill have you done thinking about that stupid girl and second now. In fact, another thing that is a great distraction is I pull my skirt down revealing my long legs and toned ass. You like that dont you? I shake it for you while you rub your cock. Then I reach behind me and pull my panties to the side before pulling them all the way off. I spin around and lean in close to your cock. I just wanna take care of my brother. From now on I can help you with this whenever you need. I keep stroking your cock up and down. Oh fuck, you are so fucking hard for me. Oh my god this is gonna be just what the doctor ordered. I feel it getting closer and closer. You wanna unload all of your problems on me? I keep stroking until you shoot cum all over me! Oh yes! Dont you feel better already?

Taboo POV - Lily Adams - Slutty step

File: b4edznatapolilada5oacu1gdeq.mp4
Size: 172.89 MB
Duration: 11:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I cant believe you are really trying to blackmail me when you're the one that violated my privacy. I dont care if Im not supposed to have boys in my room. Its not my fault that you caught me fucking my boyfriends cock when you didnt even knock on the door before you barged in. You are really going to tell mom and dad? You are such a snitch. I think youre just jealous. I think you are jealous that you dont get blow jobs Look, what if I just like, jerk you off and you dont tell mom and dad. Obviously thats what you want. Does that sound like a fair trade? Yeah? Why dont you come lay down? I slide myself between your legs. Look at that bulge already! You love getting hard for your step-sister dont you?...

Taboo POV - Vera King - Jerking off my slutty step brother

File: nxptjnatapoverkinzpdadwsrnb.mp4
Size: 138.28 MB
Duration: 09:03
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I was reading in my bedroom on a Friday night minding my own business when my stupid step brother barged in. Didnt anybody knock anymore? I was surprised that he wasnt out partying with his dumb friends. Well, I fucked all his dumb friends because I was a bored slut. My brother was jealous, of course. I wasnt going to fuck my brother, but I loved teasing him and making him think that one day I might fuck him. I told him to unzip his pants and show me his big cock and he was happy to oblige me.

Taboo POV - Lily Adams - Dirty girl shows step uncle how much she loves playing with cock

File: 87wrjnatapoliladaqscq52go8m.mp4
Size: 82.00 MB
Duration: 10:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: So I wanted to talk to you about the thing that happened the other day... You know, when we matched on that dating app. Don't worry, I don't want to tell anyone and I'm actually not mad. To be honest, I think it's pretty hot. I mean, are you not getting any from my aunt? I won't tell. I bet you are just dying for something new , aren't you? I mean, you are only my uncle... It's not that bad... and I love playing with cock. Can I show you how much I love playing with cock?
Why don't you lay back and let me take care of you, uncle? Giggling, I toss my hair out of my way and crawl between your legs. I'll be a good little niece for you.

I begin rubbing the outside of your pants, feeling your cock get nice and hard for me. Wanna see some pretty perky titties uncle? I slip my fingers inside the top of my dress, pulling it down for you. You like these way more than my aunts saggy ones don't you? I begin rubbing the front of your pants some more. Yeah, that's it, I love feeling your cock grow as you get all excited... I undo the top of your pants and rip them off of you. Let me finish getting undressed for you too. I kneel and peel the rest of my dress down revealing my pretty purple panties. You like my tight young body? Is this what you were looking for on that app? I lean forward and spit on your cock. I can't wait to play with this cock any longer. I take your big fat cock in my hands and stroke up and down. Fuck, I love jerking it off. I continue stroking you. You make me such a naughty girl, uncle. I turn around and start to peel off my little tiny panties. I take your cock and begin jerking it off with my ass in your face. I love to see you staring at all my holes uncle. I turn back around and grab your cock with both my hands. Am I doing a good job with this cock? Yeah? I feel all that cum building up inside you. You know what uncle, I want you to cum all over my perky tits okay? I point your swollen cock right at my tits and keep jerking you until you explode your load all over my chest. I'm so glad we matched on that app, this wouldn't have happened otherwise! Thank you uncle!

Taboo POV - Bella Rolland - Slutty step daughter asks Daddy why he dislikes her boyfriend

File: khnagnatapobelrol5u3nwqooxd.mp4
Size: 81.98 MB
Duration: 10:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hey, what's up? I'm just sitting here waiting to go on a date with my new boyfriend. What? I know you don't like him but he's better than my last boyfriend. Come on, he isn't all that bad. And why do you care so much anyway? Mom doesn't care this much, not even my real dad cares this much. You are just my step-dad... Why does he bother you so much? I sit back and spread my legs wide open towards you showing off my tight young body. What... this is my house, I don't have to worry about looking like a lady. Besides, I see you checking me out every time I bend over to pick something up around here. Don't act like you aren't a perv. I know you are daddy. I just don't understand why my boyfriend gets to you so badly. I mean, are you jealous? Because mom isn't home... And my date won't even be here for like, another fifteen or twenty minutes. I begin unbuttoning my pants and pull down the zipper. Maybe we could have a little fun until then?

Maybe I should get more comfortable. I lean forward and tug my tight jean shorts off of my big round butt and slide them down my legs. Sitting back I reveal my tiny little whit thong. Yes, I wore a matching set, don't make a big deal about it. Giggling, I slide my hand down the front of my panties and up to my pretty bouncing boobies. You like this right? I bounce my perky tits in my little t-shirt for you. Letting them slip out, I grab them looking at you. Doesn't your step-daughter have nice tits? They are real unlike moms. Let's take these pants off, I don't even know why you still have them on. I begin undoing the top of your pants and yank them off of you. I climb on top of you and pull my shirt off over my head. That's better isn't it. I lean down and begin stroking your cock. You have such a nice cock daddy. I slip the tip of your cock into my mouth. I lick your cock up and down alternating with my hands. I love stroking and sucking at the same time daddy. I feel that cock getting nice and hard for me. I grasp it with both hands and give your cock big long strokes. Oh yes, daddy likes that doesn't he? Oh fuck daddy, I love your dick so much. I continue stroking it and point it at my big bouncing titties. I want you to cum all over my tits Daddy, can you do that for me? I keep jerking your cock right at my tits until you gush cum all over them! Cover me in it Daddy!

Taboo POV - Nia Nacci - Slutty step-daughter needs Daddy to teach her how to kiss

File: ufsmpnataponianackornfanwdp.mp4
Size: 85.47 MB
Duration: 10:49
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hi Daddy. Why are you looking at me weird? Im going on a date and Im really nervous. What do you think? Do I look good? I havent really worn a dress like this sense I got these big beautiful titties. I am not even sure this dress fits right. What do you think? I really need you to be supportive because I think he is going to kiss me. The only problem is that I have never been kissed before and Im scared Ill be bad at it. So I was wondering, will you kiss me? I mean its not like you are my real dad or anything. Im your step-daughter, and you are just helping me out. Nothing weird at all, okay? I lean forward and gently press my big soft lips against yours. Oh, wow I could never do that with my real Dad. Im so happy that you and I are friends. I could probably do all kinds of things with you that I couldnt do with my real dad. And, I was thinking, you have only been married to my mom for a few months so nothing counts.

I lean forward and start stroking the outside of your pants, right over the zipper. Your cock is already nice and hard for me. Can I see it? I begin taking my dress off as you stand to undo your pants for me. Slowly letting my little straps fall off my shoulders, I reveal my big gorgeous breasts. I run my hands down to the bottom of my dress and lift it over my perfect round ass. Grabbing your waist band, I stare straight into your eyes. Thank you so much Daddy. I reach in and take your cock out. I cant wait to slip this cock into my mouth Daddy. I press it against my lips and slide it all the way down my slutty little throat. Moaning, I continue to suck your big fat Daddy cock until it is rock hard just for me. I love this cock daddy. I slip all the way out of my dress and turn around pressing my tight little ass up against your throbbing cock. I continue to stroke you against my ass as I bounce up and down on your fingers. You make me so wet daddy. I want you to cum all over my tits daddy, think you can do that for me? I turn around and start stroking and sucking your cock. Squeezing your cock with both my hands make me so horny Daddy. I want to just shove you inside me. But I dont, I keep sucking you, taking your cock in nice and deep. I feel your load getting closer and closer as your breathing gets louder and deeper I pull your cock out of my mouth and point it right at my big beautiful breasts. Cum all over me daddy! You explode your hot load all over my tits. I think Im good for tonight Daddy!

Taboo POV - Holly Lace - Slutty daughter-in-law wants to be a good little Daddy’s girl

File: ffry8natapohollacyw6mriyfyl.mp4
Size: 90.42 MB
Duration: 11:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hey you, I just wanted to say thank you for letting us stay here while the house is getting fumigated. Its nice to be around family. I dont know if your son told you but I dont really get to be around much strong, older, male energy. I didnt get much of that before I married into this family. And you, well you have just been so generous and loving and giving I dont even know what to say, I mean it is as if words arent enough, you know. I mean you can only say thank you so many times right I was just thinking, maybe there is another way, a way without words that I can thank you. Would that be okay? You know, Ive always wanted to be a good little Daddys girl.

I lean forward and start rubbing your cock over your pants. I can only imagine how good your cock feels in my hands. I bet it tastes good too, huh Daddy I wanna see what you are hiding in there. I begin undoing your pants and reach in, pulling out your perfect cock. There we go. I love the way it feels in my hands. I cup it and rub my fingers all over it. Can I please put it in my slutty little mouth Daddy? I can be your good girl. Does that feel good Daddy? I love getting it all wet with my mouth. I stroke your cock up and down with both my hands. I just cant let it go Daddy. I feel it growing in my hands and getting bigger by the minute. I spin my hands in tight little circles around your cock, feeling your load build up at the base of your big hard cock. Im gonna take this off Daddy, its a little warm in here. I stand up and take off my skirt. I wish I could fuck you right now.. I bet you do too. I continue rubbing your cock with my hands as I finger myself. Oh, yes that feels so good doesnt it? I love feeling your cock. Its so pretty. I think its even bigger than your sons. I stand up and turn around showing off my pretty round ass. I love thinking of you bending me over like this and sliding in and out of me. I stroke your cock between my legs before I turn back around. I wanna see this cock cum for me Daddy. I wanna see it all gushing out of you, okay? I stroke your cock faster, up and down as I get more excited to see your load. Oh my gosh, I can feel it getting closer and closer. Cum for me Daddy, cum all over my pretty little hands! I jerk your cock as you gush cum all over me!

Taboo POV - Lily Adams - Stepdaughter shows Daddy how much she appreciates him

File: hbmy5natapoliladartr5i9t3qj.mp4
Size: 85.55 MB
Duration: 10:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hi Daddy. I just wanted to talk to you. I just wanted to say thank you. You might be wondering what I'm thank you for but I just appreciate all the times you have been giving my big hugs, and holding me... You have been treating me so special lately and it makes me feel so good. You can tell I need it. I just wish there was something you needed that I can do for you. You know, some way that I could repay the favor, and make you feel good the way you make me feel good. I just treat me so well. I was thinking of something but it might be kinda naughty. Then again, you are only my step dad, so I think it might be okay. Daddy, can I please stroke your cock to make you feel good? That's the only way I can think of to repay the favor. Why don't you lay down for me Daddy? Thank you so much for letting me do this, I just want to please you Daddy. Plus I know mom doesn't really deserve you, I know she doesn't do the things I would do for you.

I start to rub your cock over your pants. I love to feel your cock Daddy. It feels so juicy. I can't wait to see it... I begin to take your pants off. Do you like the way I'm rubbing you Daddy? I can do more for you, I want to Daddy. I begin to take your big daddy dick out. I spit all over it. Oh my God Daddy, I feel it growing in my hands. I continue to stroke your cock with big long strokes up and down. I think maybe I should show you these... I sit up and lift my tight little top right up off my perky little tits. Do you like what you see Daddy? I know you wanna touch them... You make my nipples so sensitive, I love the way your hands feel on me. I keep stroking your cock. You make me so horny Daddy. You know it too don't you? I am really going to take care of this cock. I jerk your cock up and down. Don't worry, I won't forget about the balls either. Do you like when I jerk your cock and play with your balls at the same time? I love it. I am such a good daughter for you daughter for you Daddy. I watch as your cock gets harder and harder in my hands. I deserve this cock more than mom does, don't you think? I stroke your dick up and down over and over... it's so hard for me. It looks so big next to my face Daddy. You know what else would look cute beside it Daddy? I sit up and turn around showing off my pretty little behind just for you daddy. I pull my tight bottoms down showing you all of my little girl parts as I continue jerking your big cock. Do you like looking at my little ass as I jerk your cock Daddy? It feels like you like it. I turn back around and take the rest of my clothes off. you make me so messy Daddy. I keep jerking your cock. It's so hard for me now. You know where I want you to cum Daddy... I want you to cum all over my perky little tits for me okay? I jerk your cock as fast as I can pointing right at my perky little tits. Yes Daddy! Cum for me! I stroke you faster and faster squeezing all of your cum out all over my tits just like I wanted! Thank you Daddy!

Taboo POV - Anastasia Rose - Stepdaughter wants more than dating advice from Daddy

File: s5geanatapoanaroskbqvctndas.mp4
Size: 158.42 MB
Duration: 10:21
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hi Daddy. Listen I don't know what to do because I can't talk to mom about all this stuff I'm going through and I don't really know who else to go to so I was hoping maybe you would understand what I am going through and maybe it is okay to talk about with you since you are only my step dad after all. Okay, so I have been dating this guy and he is kinda... way older than me. But it's because I have tried dating guys my age and they are so immature daddy and selfish! When I started dating older guys, I was like, Wow he actually wants to see me cum first before he cums! Oh, I hope that wasn't too much was it? Okay good, see I knew you would understand Daddy. And while we are talking about this kind of stuff, there is something else I kinda wanna talk to you about too Daddy... I really like you, Daddy. Oh come on Daddy, I see the way you look at me...

Taboo POV - River Fox - Stepdad found out his girl does porn

File: sytwvnataporivfox8mabvchriy.mp4
Size: 194.49 MB
Duration: 12:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When River Fox's Stepdad finds out she does porn, she begs him not to tell her Mom. Then she realizes.. how does her Daddy know she's doing porn? He must have watched her! Talking about it is making him hard, and that doesn't escape River's attention. Now that she's in porn, she knows how to please a man. She wants to please her Daddy. When his cock comes out, she can't help but wrap her fingers around his cock. His bad, dirty little daughter strokes him off, and won't stop until Daddy cums for Daddy's girl. He gets to cum in real life, to his porn star daughter.

Taboo POV - Kenzie Madison - Slutty little girl will do anything to Stay with Stepdad

File: mkgranatapokenmadcjlomollht.mp4
Size: 174.89 MB
Duration: 11:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hey Daddy, I just wanted to apologize for my mom. I don't even wanna call her that... I can't believe her. She did this before when she gets together with someone and leaves them for someone else. I would never leave you Daddy. I would be way better to you then she ever was. So I was wondering if I could maybe stay with you? I mean I know you are my stepdad, and you could say no but, let me give you all the reasons you should say yes first. Why don't you lay down Daddy, I know how much you love to go get messages and I thought maybe if I give you one I can help save you some money. And I know I'll do a great job.