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Submissived - Lolli Lane - Leash

File: leye2nasublollanylil1gnacf.mp4
Size: 748.23 MB
Duration: 39:56
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: One look in Lolli Lanes eyes and you know that shes a dirty girl with a need for hard domination. She craves a strong stud to put her in her place and manhandle her while she screams in surrender. She stares with her blue eyes while she crawls on all fours, pulled by the leash around her neck. In the bedroom, shes willing to do anything for our stud, opening her mouth wide for his girthy cock. He wraps his fingers around her neck and pulls her close, slamming her until shes orgasming over and over. Lolli is as submissive as they cum.

Submissived - Stevie Grey - Condiment Cum Up

File: anr4vnasubstegresvz1uz7qhr.mp4
Size: 615.58 MB
Duration: 56:13
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Stevie Grey is an obedient babe who knows exactly how to please her boyfriend. So, when she accidentally puts too much mustard on her mans sandwich, she knows what she has to do to make it up to him. She crawls over on her hands and knees and explains her mistake. He slaps her immediately, and she loves it. She fetches his belt with her mouth and gives it to him to dish out some punishment. He whips her ass until her pussy is dripping wet. Then, he whips out his throbbing cock and sticks it inside her tight slit. She loves the way he dominates her cute body and cannot seem to get enough. Hopefully, this will teach her how to make a sandwich the right way!