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Stacy Bloom

Evil Angel - Stacy Bloom - Stacy Bloom's DP & Double-Anal Reaming

File: nrlj5naevanstablouqtplnrkk5.mp4
Size: 242.58 MB
Duration: 17:20
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Pretty Russian cadet Stacy Bloom pops her wet pussy, and her plump lips pouts. Angelo Godshack and Damien Soup tie her wrists and for an aggressive, 'spitroast' threesome -- they fuck her mouth and cunt at the same time. Saliva streams from Stacy's chin as she sucks meaty cock. Damien pounds her pussy doggie-style and then switches holes, delivering an anal reaming. Angelo rubs Stacy's clit as she takes a bouncy boner ride. The guys jam their dicks into her pussy and asshole simultaneously in a nasty double penetration. Stacy gasps and moans, her asshole gaping! Appropriately, two pricks pork her open bunghole at once in an insane double-anal spectacle! Stacy gives an ass-to-mouth blowjob and swallows sperm.

Titty Attack - Stacy Bloom - Extra Hot Pool Pussy Play

File: zxhvqnatiatstablokawftslitk.mp4
Size: 579.82 MB
Duration: 42:32
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Curly haired cutie Stacy Bloom is extraordinary in every way. Her long legs, her toned abs, and her big, juicy tits are to die for. This hottie has the vibe of a much more experienced babe, but the fitness and youth only a teen exudes. She is all class, ass, and plenty of boobs, and today, she meets up with our stud who cannot wait to dive into her wet swimming pool. He plunges his cock in her slit and makes her moan orgasmically. She savors how much he stretches her tight pussy lips. He strokes and hits her G spot over and over as she spasms in euphoria. Then, she takes a load of sticky cum on her perfect rack. Now, that is one extra hot pool day!

Public Agent - Stacy Bloom - From Russia With Bush

File: t1wsnnapuagstabloalzle7cxgk.mp4
Size: 328.94 MB
Duration: 28:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It was dusk in Prague when I saw Stacy Bloom looking smoking hot in a tight, red dress. I approached her and inquired what language she spoke, and found her native tongue was Russian. Stacy was waiting for an estate agent because she wanted to rent an apartment nearby. She was such a good looking woman, so I told her I worked part-time as a modelling agent, and the company was looking for girls for a billboard campaign. I offered her 100 euro to see her big tits, and she flashed me, then for more money she agreed to show me her round ass. I was so turned on that I asked her for a blowjob, and she told me she would suck my cock if it was romantic. We headed to a private location and she licked my cock, then I fucked her hairy pussy until I covered her with a facial.

Hands On Hardcore - Stacy Bloom - Romantic Ass Fucking Date

File: rekuenahaonhastablochxfrfgtui.mp4
Size: 642.12 MB
Duration: 23:03
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Super sexy Russian bombshell Stacy Bloom goes on a romantic date with Yanick Shaft. The two take a boat trip on the river and start making out which soon leads to heavy ass fucking back home! Get ready for some anal action extraordinaire and see our extremely hot stunner fucked balls deep in doggy style.

Her absolutely mouth-watering natural tits shake back and forward as she kneels in front of Yanick Shaft's enormous shaft and takes that veiny cock down her deep throat. The petite hottie with curly short hair licks his glans and plays with his balls as if there was no tomorrow. Stacy Bloom gets her pussy and asshole licked in return and soon feels his thick prick deep inside her tight wet pussy.

Anal sex at its finest brought to you by the DDF Network. Kick back and enjoy endless ass pounding action and watch her gaping butthole stretched wide open before horny Stacy Bloom finally wanks that fat dick for some loads of cum! Yes, she loves that tasty jizz in her mouth.

Asshole Fever - Stacy Bloom - Horny Lioness

File: dejqcnaasfestablouil87upmu1.mp4
Size: 263.03 MB
Duration: 25:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty Stacy Bloom is enjoying her boat ride and start feeling horny with a needed for deep anal sex. Raul Costa notices that she wants his hard cock. Stacy tries to deep throat his thick cock. Then bends over ass pounding anal sex that makes her moan in pleasure. Stacy opens wide for a messy facial reward.

Big Naturals - Stacy Bloom - Do They Swing To And Fro

File: twywanabinastablootifui2ub3.mp4
Size: 890.18 MB
Duration: 45:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Summer may be over but Stacy is definitely in bloom as she swings with her big naturals in the backyard. With her skirt fluttering in the wind, her chest swaying with gravity. Back and forth, kissing, swinging, sucking, swinging Things are getting risky but I think sex on a swing might be too difficult. Fuck it, let's bring out a REAL sex swing to continue these activities with the curvy, gorgeous beauty that is Stacy Bloom!

Scarlett Revell - Stacy Bloom - Headmistress AndThe Harlots

File: bhbmbnascrestabloqtluwmyc2r.mp4
Size: 204.61 MB
Duration: 17:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome to the all-girls academy of debauchery. When Strict Headmistress Lyall arrives to inspect the nasty goings on at a posh girls school she finds the filthy Harlots are completely out of control. These bad girls must be kept in check with late detentions and taught lessons in both pleasure discipline. Watch as these filthy whores partake in ass stretching, pussy licking and cock sucking activities. Are you ready for your lesson?

Girls Rimming - Stacy Bloom - Not So Boring Afternoon

File: 3cs5snagiristablosztbpk1j8r.mp4
Size: 769.17 MB
Duration: 34:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: On this boring, humid afternoon all Stacy wants is a full service massage. She has the right partner for it in the person of Vincent who knows how to win Stacys grace. He gets to work, applying oil, not rushing anywhere, slowly working the girl toward arousal. He knows well that, though step by step, they will get to a crescendo. And in their case it means a hard fisting action, massive rimming, some wild, wet and dirty sex and in the end, a mind-blowing orgasm So much about this afternoon being boring

Sex Art - Stacy Bloom - Classroom

File: 8tfqjnasearstabloohogwncr4s.mp4
Size: 362.85 MB
Duration: 19:56
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy student Stacy Bloom cant take her eyes off her teacher, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Classroom begins. When her classmates leave, she stays behind to surprise Angelo Godshack with a passionate kiss. He cant resist, grabbing her curvy ass as they embrace, pulling up her tight skirt to reveal her stocking tops. Undressing Stacy, he lavishes attention on her beautiful breasts and slides a hand into her panties as she frees his stiff cock from his pants. Lifting her up, Angelo places the ebony babe on top of a cabinet, gazing at her with hunger as he goes down to eat and fingerbang her hot pussy. He thrusts into her wet slot, her big boobs jiggling as he fucks her with slow, steady strokes. Lifting her, still skewered on his rigid dick, Angelo takes a seat so Stacy can ride him in cowgirl. She squeals with arousal as she bounces in his lap, his hands gripping her gorgeous ass, until he flips her over to control the pace again. As Stacy orgasms, Angelo pulls out for her to jerk his cum out over her silky skin.

NF Busty - Stacy Bloom - Sticky Sweet

File: jyvrtnanfbustablojgwlwlxeqf.mp4
Size: 385.86 MB
Duration: 25:27
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: John Price is trying to get a few more minutes of sleep, but his girlfriend Stacy Bloom has other ideas Dressed in a sheer bra and thong, she crawls into bed and caresses John on the head until he wakes up. As soon as he lays eyes on the stunning hottie before him, John is awake and certain parts of him stand to instant attention.

Peeling the bra down, John buries his face against Stacy's chest so he can devour her tender breasts. Her nipples are soon hard peaks as John feasts on the tender peaks, indulging both his mouth and his hands with their bounty. Laying Stacy down on the bed, John continues his oral exploration of her lush body until he reaches the heart of her desire. His tongue and fingers work in tandem to bring Stacy to a fever pitch.

When John gets to his feet on the bed, Stacy has her first chance to do some giving. She takes advantage, getting to her knees and using her hot little hands to guide John's fuck stick between her lips. Sucking him off with every evidence of pleasure, she keeps it up until their explosive chemistry demands something more hardcore.

Getting on her hands and knees, Stacy invites John in from behind. His long dick fills her to the brim as she throws her head back in ecstasy. She moves up slowly, changing the angle of penetration as her back hits John's chest. Then she leans forward once again so he can ride her hard with powerful strokes.

John takes his turn laying down in bed next as Stacy climbs on top. She slides down onto his fuck stick, then wastes no time in kicking off a lusty ride. Her titties bounce on every stroke as she slides her hand between her thighs to rub her own clitoris and double down on her pleasure.

Falling to her side, Stacy lifts one leg to let John turn over with her. Their spooning sex is deep and loving, especially as Stacy cups her own breasts and squeezes them to the beat. Things only get better when Stacy re-mounts John's fuck stick and rides him until her moan of completion fills the room.

Taking a short break to suck John off, Stacy regroups for one last climax. She achieves it as John kneels between her thighs, bringing her home with long strokes that hit all the right spots. Then John gets back on his feet so Stacy can bring him to his finish line with her hands and mouth until at last he explodes all over her generous chest.

Asshole Fever - Veronica Leal & Stacy Bloom - One, Two, Three Get The Party Started

File: bkrwknaasfeverstaobvmuh2xta.mp4
Size: 602.97 MB
Duration: 01:02:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The gorgeous Stacy Bloom starts alone, but it doesn't take long before she receives a visit from the sexy Veronica Leal and Mike Angelo. She's ready to takes a cock in her ass and gets her ass stretched by Mike's throbbing dick!

Sex Art - Stacy Bloom - Tempo

File: ufkncnasearstablojcgzosofqw.mp4
Size: 310.55 MB
Duration: 18:59
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Stacy Bloom is swimming naked, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Tempo begins. As she emerges from the pool with water trickling down her voluptuous body, Kristof Cale is there to wrap her in a towel but instead she pulls him close for a passionate kiss. He backs her against the wall, hand moving between her parted thighs to rub her shaved pussy as he sucks her big breasts voraciously, then eats her juiced-up slot. She frees his rigid cock from his pants and kneels to suck it, then bends over for him to thrust into her from behind, making her boobs jiggle. They move to the tiled floor, the ebony beauty squatting to ride her man energetically in cowgirl, breasts bouncing wildly. Her orgasm is wet and explosive as they slam together and she jerks out his load rapidly, both of them gasping for breath from their exertions.

Anal Introductions - Stacy Bloom - Private Babe Stacy Bloom Learns To Squirt

File: fjcmknaaninstablo9yctklfwq7.mp4
Size: 355.47 MB
Duration: 43:57
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Returning in Private Specials, Extreme Belles is the forever horny Stacy Bloom and today she really puts on a show. Stacy wants to learn a few things to impress her boyfriend so she calls sex teacher George Uhl over for a lesson she will never forget. Stacy masturbates in her lingerie to warm up until George arrives who then goes down on her juicy pussy and shows her how to squirt for the first time. She then repays him with a sloppy blowjob before an unforgettable fuck with anal, DP with a dildo, fisting, more squirting and a hot cumshot all over her face and big natural tits.

Viv Thomas - Stacy Bloom & Veronica Leal - Pussy Tastes Better

File: tvzpnnavithstaverpu5oinurpy.mp4
Size: 221.79 MB
Duration: 27:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hot blonde Veronica Leal is in the kitchen preparing dinner but her lesbian lover craves something sweeter. As Sandra Shines erotic movie Pussy Tastes Better begins, gorgeous brunette Stacy Bloom rejects the meal in favor of pizza and while it cooks, they have time for some sexy fun. Kissing hungrily, the busty babes caress each others big beautiful breasts, squashing them together, sucking the nipples stiff. Getting naked, Stacy sits up on the countertop with her thighs spread so her girlfriend can eat her pussy. Veronica licks between her smooth lips and laps at her clit skilfully Stacy grabs and jiggles her soft boobs as the powerful sensations build, turning onto her belly for Veronica to eat her from behind. She cums, gasping and moaning out her pleasure, then kneels to lick Veronicass pussy, sucking on her clit until her orgasm overwhelms her. Perfect timing, as the pizza is ready and now they have worked up an appetite!

Tight and Teen - Amaris & Stacy Bloom - Stacy Bloom And Amaris Enjoy Threesome By The Pool

File: hegy8natianteamastan1x3bwtwch.mp4
Size: 303.49 MB
Duration: 37:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The saucy brunette Stacy Bloom is on vacation with her hot friend Amaris and its an amazing sight to see these two sunbathing out on the beach. Youd be a fool not to notice these stunners and thats why Clarke Kent sets his sights on bringing them back home for some summertime fun. Watch as these horny girls start playing with each others beautiful natural tits and warming up outdoors by the pool before sharing a nice sloppy blowjob. Then enjoy the sight of Stacy and Amaris in action as they take turns riding, grinding, and getting fucked all the way to a hot cumshot over Stacys busty chest.

Anal Introductions - Stacy Bloom - Stacy Bloom Boom

File: ieanfnaaninstablobmv9gyckiz.mp4
Size: 294.73 MB
Duration: 37:34
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Today for her first time at private.com is Stacy Bloom, an incredibly sexy brunette with amazing natural tits who has come to Private Specials, He is Twice my Age for an unforgettable debut with Clarke Kent. After sunbathing by the pool its time to head straight to the bedroom for Stacys beautiful pussy and ass to be eaten before returning the favour with a sloppy blowjob and an amazing titfuck. Then enjoy the sight of those spectacular tits bouncing in action as Stacy enjoys a hard anal pounding and a cum filled facial to finish.

Viv Thomas - Elina De Lion & Stacy Bloom - Watch Me Get Wet

File: yzyalnavithelistad7d6uhgnke.mp4
Size: 243.51 MB
Duration: 30:09
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning Stacy Bloom takes a bath, soaping up her beautiful big breasts, as Sandra Shines erotic movie Watch Me Get Wet begins. As she steps out of the tub, shes watched appreciatively by Elina De Lion. The lovers kiss, Stacy peeling off her sweethearts sexy lingerie, licking her stiff nipples and shaved pussy. She sucks the tall, slender brunettes prominent clit and fingers her to a fierce orgasm, then lies back to get pampered. Elina laps at her hot pussy with its neat dark bush, making her squirm and gasp. She straddles Stacy in a sixty-nine, riding her face as she eats and frigs her juicy slit until they each climax on the others tongue.

Sex Art - Stacy Bloom & Veronica Leal - Emptiness

File: gjwe9nasearstaverdf5es4tsfo.mp4
Size: 168.16 MB
Duration: 20:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Dressed in sheer black lingerie, lesbian lovers Stacy Bloom and Veronica Leal kiss voraciously, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Emptiness begins. Sexy blonde Veronica caresses Stacys beautiful breasts, then bares her own and offers them to her sweetheart to suck. Stacy kicks off her panties and spreads her lovely long legs wide, so Veronica can go down to eat her pussy. With a naughty smile, the hot blonde starts to lick, stroke and suck avidly, pausing to get naked and rub their big breasts together. They grind their hot pussies on each other wildly in scissors, Veronicas boobs jiggling in Stacys hands. When they are both at boiling point, Veronica fingerbangs Stacy hard and fast, then lies back to get her shaved pussy eaten to an intense orgasm.

Horny Hostel - Stacy Bloom - No Strings Attached

File: jtg4unahohostablodcsobfyoau.mp4
Size: 363.27 MB
Duration: 44:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy vlogger, Stacy Bloom, loves to tape all her public sex adventures, including masturbating in a public park. This time, though, she's spotted by Mr. Big Fat Dick, a horny stud who joins the action. He bangs her from behind but they get caught by the cops. The steamy action continues at the Horny Hostel the perfect spot for a one time fling! That wet pussy carves some good fucking and that's just what Stacy gets... Plus a juicy cumshot all over her perfect tits!