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Jacquie Et Michel TV - Sophie - Sophie, 31 years old, a slut who likes to have fun!

File: ndhbxnajaetmitvsophlouvxzkwly.mp4
Size: 1.00 GB
Duration: 39:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The search for pleasure guides the life of this slut Sophie. A school teacher, this voluptuous young woman of 31 years old explains to us that she has a well-established sexual activity, she who counts on several playmates to have as much fun as possible! Only, the prospect of measuring herself against a pro fucker particularly excited her, and that is why she contacted us ...

Backroom Casting Couch - Angeline & Sophie - 3way

File: c4xipnabacacoangsopxagdozmnfm.mp4
Size: 3.22 GB
Duration: 01:38:38
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Have you ever heard the saying two is better than one? It's not ALWAYS applicable, for instance two years in prison is NEVER better than one... unless you're into that kind of thing. But in the case of this couch, two is definitely better than one. This week we've got Angeline and Sophie, and before I go any further I'll preface by saying this is a FUCKING EPIC SCENE, we've got an hour and thirty eight minutes of debauchery...

If you're not into long scenes, long interviews, and tons of girl on girl action, go ahead and skip ahead to 50 minutes when Cam finally gets that trouser snake free, and from there you're gonna love the action. If you want the full experience sit back, drop them pants and enjoy. We've got Sophie coming in first, and I let her know I've got an appointment later, so at some point we'll have another eager interviewee showing up. After a few slow pitch softball questions Angeline arrives. She had no idea there would be another girl here today either, so let the fun begin. I take some extra time really getting to know these girls, really getting them to let their guard down a little, and get comfortable with each other. Angeline has never been with another girl before, so today... SHE'S GONNA LEARN. We have them undress each other all sultry and sensual like, they do some masturbating, playing with toys, kissing each other. Neither has any experience with anal sex, so we have them use butt plugs on each other Shit, it's practically a full on girlgirl experience until we get them both sucking and fucking on Cam. Once that BGC big ginger cock lol gets out it gets hotter and hotter and hotter. Cam really throws down the gauntlet. He has each taste his cock out of the others freshly fucked pussy. They ride his cock and play with each other in multiple positions. We get some first time anal on both of them, and some first time ass to mouth and some gapes. To finish it off we recreate one of my and Cams favorite scenes from the movies... ASS TO ASSSSS, if you know you know, finally Sophie jerks a load out of Cam on to Angeline's face and they enjoy sharing that as well. Then we send'em on their way with no money for all the dirty stuff we got'em to do... but hey, at least they both made a new friend right?

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Sophie & Camille - Sophie, 40, awakens her senses!

File: ajanpnajaetmitvsopcamv1hhkngh8a.mp4
Size: 659.64 MB
Duration: 43:51
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Whether in front of a good Thai dish or in a frenzied fuck party, Sophie, 40 years old, loves to let her senses explode in all directions. And the young lady, a publicist in Reims, has once again the opportunity to discover new spicy horizons, thanks to the presence of the beautiful Camille? Indeed, her mission is to convert the forties to sapphic pleasures, which she obviously does willingly with the welcome help of her friend Doryann!

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Sophie - At 40, Sophie Bites Two Guys For The First Time!

File: lwgapnajaetmitvsophkfw8rfrm8z.mp4
Size: 616.57 MB
Duration: 40:42
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sophie, 40, publicist in Reims, recently divorced, wants to make up for lost time and enjoy life to the fullest. Her first fantasy was to bang a young guy, it's done, the second is to bang ... two young guys! A frantic threesome who sees this pretty distinguished woman receiving powerful spurts of cum on her face as a conclusion.

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Sophie - Sophie, 40 years old, publicist in Reims!

File: k4solnajaetmitvsophzbay5glmor.mp4
Size: 505.87 MB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Freshly separated, Sophie, 40, who works in advertising in Reims, intends to take advantage of her new freedom to finally satisfy an old fantasy turning into a pornographic video. Very fresh and pinnate, the pretty blonde arrives full of enthusiasm at the Gare de l'Est where our team awaits her ...

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Sophie & Angelique - 29 years old, has not forgotten us!

File: a4fwtnajaetmitvsopangudfseobrfb.mp4
Size: 1.04 GB
Duration: 41:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: With her first experience and reassured about her ability to take up the challenge of shooting a video for JM, Sophie, 29 years old, welcomes us back to her home. But as our team likes to do nothing by the book, she brings back once again her friend JC without warning the young lady! Delighted by the return of her stallion, the florist from Clermont-Ferrand lets herself be carried away by the excitement, but also by Anglique's smile? So much so that she even ends up discovering the double vagina, which seems to bring her a pleasure she had never experienced before!

Jacquie Et Michel - Sophie - Sophie, 29 Years Old, Florist In Clermont-ferrand

File: xgebknajaetmisopha7df5yusr8.mp4
Size: 597.83 MB
Duration: 39:44
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It is a young woman determined to change her life that we meet in Clermont-Ferrand. Sophie, 29 years old, works as a florist in the town of Auvergne, and has just moved into her new apartment. She simply wants to get out of her classicism and discover new things sexually speaking! But beware, she had a very special request she wanted, for her first with JM's cameras, to have an unknown lascar in the battalion... It is thus JC, one of our fans, who takes care with brilliance to satisfy the young lady!

Jacquie Et Michel - Maryline & Sophie - Explosive Orgy With Maryline And Sophie

File: jiwivnajaetmimarsopxoubqee3kk.mp4
Size: 329.17 MB
Duration: 41:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Two plump naughty girls that our team has decided to bring together... The beautiful Maryline, 28 years old, crosses our camera's path again, this time with a surprise guest. Indeed, it's the pretty and very naughty Sophie, 26 years old, who really appreciated the shapes of the young woman from Deauville, and wanted to see her in the flesh... The opportunity for this fiery duo to have sensual fun with their respective generous breasts, then to switch to a much harder session with the active help of Tonio and Vlad!

Petite HD Porn - Siiri & Sophie - Hot For Her

File: h21ojnapehdposiisopv8nnarre9s.mp4
Size: 302.93 MB
Duration: 21:39
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Siiri is diligent about practicing her musical instrument, but when she hits a snag she decides to call her girlfriend Sophie over to help her out. Sophie arrives thinking that she's there to deliver a music lesson. Little does she know that Siiri has a very different type of making music in mind. Tugging Sophie close, Siiri locks lips with her blonde lover and slips the top of her dress down so she can enjoy her girlfriend's tender boobs. Sophie gives as good as she gets, and soon both girls are topless as they make out.

Easing Sophie back onto the couch, Siiri satisfies her itch to palm and kiss her girlfriend's breasts. Then she lets Siiri give her the same treatment. Loving every moment of kissing her way down Siiri's body, Sophie refuses to stop until she has reached Siiri's bare twat. She laps away at Siiri's clit until the redhead has thrown her head back in a long moan of delight. Then Sophie gets on her hands and knees so that Siiri can do some exploring of her own by sliding a finger deep into Sophie's creamy snatch.

The girls switch it up again with Sophie kneeling on the floor as Siiri lays on the couch with her thighs spread wide. Lapping away at Siiri's slippery bare twat, Sophie takes her time and enjoys every moment of her friend's musky treat. It takes some time, but Sophie eventually brings Siiri to a breathy climax. Climbing onto the couch to join the redhead, Sophie leans in to Siiri as the girls seal their lovemaking with a deep kiss of pure passion.