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Sinn Sage

Sweetheart Video - Lena Paul & Sinn Sage - Lesbian Adventures StrapOn Specialists 15

File: zwunpnaswvilensinmppsdvuugq.mp4
Size: 367.68 MB
Duration: 31:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: In four tales of lesbian lust, women strap-on and let go of all inhibitions. After a hard night of clubbing and dancing, Monica Charlotte Stokely and Sarah Lyra Law get to know each other better and take their desire to their absolute limits. Gloria Romi Rain, a recent divorcee, is back in the dating pool and after meeting Francis Penny Barber, wants to explore her sexual desires in ways she hasn't before. On a date night, Joan Aiden Ashley and Hedda Goth Charlotte play a little game that leads to a big fight. While they temporarily patch things up, they use the high tensions to have passionate angry sex. After drifting apart years before, Clara Lena Paul and Sinn Sinn Sage reunite in a quiet room. They discuss their lives and disappointments and, for a brief moment, relive the wild passionate sex of their youth.

Whipped Ass - Jasmine Jae & Sinn Sage - Jasmine From The Agency: Jasmine Jae Gives It Up To Sinn Sage

File: whkqynawhasjassinfssubqxehz.mp4
Size: 507.16 MB
Duration: 01:02:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sinn Sage is a hard-working gal living in the city. Laser-focused on her career and achieving success, Sinn doesn't have a lot of time for friends or romance. So when she gets home from a long day at the office she treats herself to the finer things in life. She makes a quick phone call, and soon Jasmine Jae is at her door, ready to serve. Some folks order pizza. Sinn orders a hot piece of meat. Jasmine strips for Sinn and kneels at her feet. She removes Sinn's shoes and sensually massages her feet. Jasmine licks everywhere, her soles and between her toes, and she sucks Sinn's big toe, deep-throating it like a fat cock. Sinn slaps Jasmine's big booty and runs her tongue between her ass crack. Jasmine is eager to pleasure her client, but Sage has very specific plans for Miss Jae. Bound by rope, Jasmine lies on her back, teased and tormented by a crop Sinn uses on Jasmine's exposed naked pussy and breasts. After toying with her helpless slut, Sinn sits on Jasmine's face. Jasmine knows just what to do, hungrily licking at Sinn's panties, eager to get at her wet, pink pussy. Sinn rides Jasmine's face to orgasm in a hot 69. Relaxed and energized, Sinn is ready for more kinky action. She first uses a vibrator on Jasmine, bringing the bound woman to an orgasm. Jasmine is still bound, with her arms tied behind her back, now on Sinn's couch, face-down and ass-up, totally at the mercy of Sinn's strap-on cock. Sinn pounds Jasmine deep into the couch, driving her hard into the cushions. Sinn then slides her cock into Jasmine's ass, pounding it deep, filling her horny, slutty ass. Sinn has worked up a sweat today, a well-earned treat after a long day in the office.

Sweetheart Video - Sinn Sage & Kendra Spade - Consolation Prize

File: rugamnaswvisinkenty2plbxurv.mp4
Size: 238.90 MB
Duration: 29:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ana Sinn Sage and Katy Kendra Spades are rivals in and outside the mat. Unfortunately for Katy, she always loses. This friendly practice between them takes a different turn when Ana offers three chances to Katy to beat her. The only thing she needs to do its pin Anas shoulder on the mat. Katy accepts the challenge, but Ana will not give it to her easily. Katy gives everything she has to beat Ana, but she just too strong for her. Lucky for her, Ana has a consolation prize in mind for her.

Sweetheart Video - Kira Noir & Sinn Sage - Prison Heat Scene 2

File: 15dt6naswvikirsinpwlqnr7xuv.mp4
Size: 293.12 MB
Duration: 36:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Elvira Alison Ray and Andrea Kira Noir rule the prison. Thats why they dont like when a new girl comes in. The easiest way to deal with it, is to break her. Elvira uses everything to get to Linda. She even sends her partner and good friend Andrea to the warren. Everyone knows how the warren feels about Andrea, and shes more than okay to use it to her advantage. Andrea seduces Eleanor slowly, by kissing her neck, moving her tongue around her breasts and gently sliding her finger between her legs. Eleanor lets herself go, the room heats up and warm up the prison.

Whipped Ass - Sinn Sage & Noemie Bilas - Hot Mean Lesbian Boss: Sinn Sage Takes Advantage Of Noemie Bilas

File: vwakgnawhassinnoeczozksniyh.mp4
Size: 497.53 MB
Duration: 01:01:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The stunning Noemie Bilas is tired and stressed at work, always under extreme pressure from her mean, commanding boss Sinn Sage. Noemie's up all night working in the office when she falls asleep at her desk. Sinn walks in on her snoozing away, and what follows is the epitome of a rude awakening. Sinn punishes Noemie for sleeping on the job and slacking off. She begins by slapping Noemie's perky tits and thighs. She then verbally humiliates her for being a failure. She undresses her and starts rubbing on her pussy until she's hot and wet. Sinn starts fingering her and teasing her, but not without reminding her of her repeated failures. But Sinn didn't plan on Noemie getting off on such mistreatment. Noemie can't help but to squirt all over. Still, Sinn doesn't let her squirt go to waste so she makes Noemie clean it up with her tongue. Noemie then finds herself in a rope suspension, in the perfect position to eat Sinns lovely pussy. But first Sinn gives her a little more punishment so she flogs Noemie's big juicy booty and perfect tits. Being the mean boss that she is, Sinn then adds clothespins to Noemie's body so she can flog them off, painfully, one by one. After punishing Noemie, Sinn puts her on the floor and uses Noemie's face for pleasure, she makes Noemie tongue fuck her until she has a nice big orgasm. Sinn then takes a big strap on and fucks Noemie's tight wet pussy. She adds clothespins to Noemie's beautiful tits, giving her more pain for her pleasure. Sinn fucks Noemie's pussy so good, Noemie makes a big wet mess again. Sinn then takes her big strap on cock and fucks Noemie in the ass good until she cums again. This mean boss gets one more explosive orgasm out of Noemie as she fingers her hard until she explodes. Noemie cums so good she wakes up only to realize it was all a dream.

Sweetheart Video - Sinn Sage & Ariel X - Big Timer

File: qhlvpnaswvisinarin3l1f4wbkb.mp4
Size: 325.53 MB
Duration: 40:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: The last few days with Layla Ariel X helps Sophie Sinn Sage a lot. She improves her wrestling skills, but also developed feelings for her. Unfortunately, Layla is still battling her old demons. When Nina Nina Hartley confronts her, she quits the squad leaving the girls alone few days before the big event. To complicate everything more, Freedom Phoenix Karla Kush gets injured during practice. Heartbroken by the loss of her new love and her title match, Sophie will have to face Lex Vega Brandi Mae for the number one contender spot. Before the match event begins, Layla slides in the ring and stun Lex with a stunner. Sophie is shock, looking at Layla speechless. Now she will have to face her idol, coach and lover for the biggest fight of her life.

Whipped Ass - Sinn Sage & Kacie Castle - Diagnosis: Sinn Sage Treats Kacie Castle For Her Kinky Obsessions

File: g71khnawhassinkacgs3cnmengt.mp4
Size: 437.47 MB
Duration: 54:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Poor Kacie Castle can't stop obsessing about sex and bondage with other women. She's so consumed, she can't even concentrate when speaking with her therapist Sinn Sage. Sinn takes advantage of this, and puts Kacie over her knee and spanks her. She informs Kacie that she will learn how to take a pounding today, since it's clearly the only way to cure her. Sinn spanks Kacie's ass red, pinches her nipples and slaps her breasts. But soon Kacie's puffy, wet pussy is also begging for attention. Kacie is stripped naked, handcuffed, and her dirty underwear is stuffed into her mouth. Sinn applies clamps to Kacie's tender nipples. Sage pulls out her flogger and uses it on Kacie's pussy and nipples. Hard blows that sting and gets Kacie wet. Sinn is so mean to Kacie's beautiful little titties, slapping, sucking, and biting them. Next Kacie has to lick and kiss Sinn's shoes. Sinn flogs Kacie's ass and tells her that Kacie's happy place is when someone tells her what to do and fucks her. Kacie finds herself upside down on the patient's couch, bound with rope, clamps held painfully tight across her torso. Sinn sets her big fat ass on Kacie's face, then teases Kacie by holding her pussy inches from Kacie's face. After some pussy slapping, Sinn sits on Kacie's face. Now it's Kacie's turn, and she is eagerly dutifully rewarded by tongue fucking her asshole. Unable to wait any longer, Sinn grabs her vibrator and straddles Kacie's face to cum hard. Squirting and soaking Kacie's face. She makes Kacie understand that her place in life is to simply be a dirty cum rag. Kacie is suspended in tight rope harness, ball gag to keep her quiet, her holes exposed to Sinn's sadistic whims. With Sinn behind her, Kacie has no idea what will happen until she feels Sinn's large strap-on dildo enter her pussy. Fucked hard and relentlessly. This is the therapy she needed. Kacie is put on the ground to get ass fucked. Ass up in the air, vulnerable to Sinn's predations. Sinn pounds Kacie's ass, opening her asshole and driving the strap-on dildo deep into Kacie, who has her face pressed into the office carpet. The ball gag makes it difficult for Kacie to moan with pleasure. She will have plenty to fantasize about later when her doctor's visit ends.

Girls Way - Abigail Mac, Sinn Sage & Lindsey Cruz - Office Mediation

File: xxfkonagiwaabisinlingkeajyznm4.mp4
Size: 266.98 MB
Duration: 33:18
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Abigail Mac is at her desk working when her boss, Sinn Sage, comes by asking for reports. Abigail tries her best to keep things professional as Sinn leans against her chair and compliments her outfit. Abigail's uncomfortable but accepts the compliment, although it's when Sinn asks her to stand up so that she can get a better look that Abigail draws the line. Sinn pouts as she's denied, lamenting that Abigail's no fun. As soon as she leaves, Abigail grabs the phone and finally gives HR a call.

Abigail meets with Lindsey Cruz, who works at HR. Abigail is relieved to get things off her chest, stating that Sinn has been giving her unwanted compliments and touches that make her feel uncomfortable at work. When Lindsey suggests mediation, which requires Abigail facing Sinn. Abigail is not onboard. However, Lindsey says it's only fair that Sinn has a chance to address the allegations as well. Although she's reluctant, Abigail agrees and Lindsey calls Sinn to arrange a meeting.

A short while later, Abigail and Sinn sit with Lindsey, and there is no missing the tension in the room. Sinn doesn't think that complimenting an outfit counts as sexual harassment and that this whole thing is ridiculous. Abigail argues that complimenting and making innuendos are two very different things!

Things get heated as Abigail and Sinn get into a heated shouting match. Tempers flare as they both try to prove that they are right, although the lust between them quickly becomes apparent. After Sinn calls Abigail a stripper for the way she dresses at work, Abigail insists that Sinn WISHES she was a stripper! Then Sinn could get her naked to have sex with her because that's what the boss lady REALLY wants, isn't it?!

Suddenly, they can't hold back anymore. They surge forward and crash their lips together, hungrily devouring each other's mouths as Lindsey looks on in shock. She tries to wiggle away from the horny women, who are heavily making out and moaning up a storm. However, she's pulled back into the fray as Abigail suggests that she sticks around for 'compliance purposes.' Turned on by the two powerful women before her, Lindsey's unable to resist temptation and readily joins them.

They have a wild threesome, with Lindsey along for the ride as Abigail and Sinn let loose their pent-up sexual frustrations for each other. Abigail lets her naughty boss suck on her breasts and lick her pussy, although the fun's only just started. Abigail wants to make her boss pay!