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Serene Siren

Girls Only Porn - Lulu Chu & Serene Siren - First Time For Everything

File: fs4bcnagionpolulserez5yffj3ae.mp4
Size: 1.36 GB
Duration: 29:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Recently divorced Serene Siren is in the dining room taking selfies when her daughter Madi Collins and Madi's BFF Lulu Chu walk in. The girls all chat as Serene shares her online dating woes ever since her husband left. Serene admits she's thinking of batting for the other team. She's just been catfished by so many older men!

When Madi's phone rings and she leaves the room, Lulu takes the opportunity to confess to Serene that she has also been thinking about taking girls for a test drive. Serene isn't about to pass up the opportunity to get her hands on her daughter's hot friend. She draws Lulu in for a kiss. As their hands mutually start wandering, Serene suggests they relocate to the bedroom so they can really see how far they want to take it...

Once they've moved to the bed and gotten reacquainted with each other's lips, Serene lays back and lets Lulu do some exploring. Lulu gets on her knees and tugs Serene's thong aside so she can inhale the musk of her new lover's arousal. Flicking her tongue out, Lulu explores the way it feels before she goes for a full out muff dive.

As Lulu works magic with her tongue, Serene pops her big titties out to play with them. After letting Lulu set the initial pace, Serene grows gradually more vocal about what she wants. She tells Lulu to use her fingers, then moans in delight when Lulu obediently uses two digits to finger bang her needy snatch.

It's Serene's turn to explore as Lulu lets her friend's mom help her out of her shirt and bra. Lulu's pierced nipples are a treat for Serene to explore and enjoy! They adjust their position with Serene on her back and Lulu rising above her, pressed clit to clit as they enjoy some lesbian tribbing.

Once Serene has thrown her head back in delight, Lulu climbs up her lover's body so Serene can lap at her tight twat to bring her off. Lulu starts her tongue ride in reverse cowgirl, but eventually she turns around. Leaning forward, she resumes her pussy feast to complete their lesbian 69.

When Serene turns the tables by rolling Lulu onto her back, she takes a minute to do a mini-69 where the girls feast on each other's nipples. Then she curls up beside Lulu and works her fingers all over Lulu's tender pussy. With such dedicated attention, it's not long before Lulu comes undone. The girls cuddle together in the aftermath, both confessing that this is way better than with a guy.

Pure Taboo - Serene Siren & Alexis Tae - I Never Asked For This

File: jgsdmnaputaserale4ue95oe2s2.mp4
Size: 1.74 GB
Duration: 43:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Angela Serene Siren is enjoying a nice day at home, minding her own business, when there's an insistent knocking at her door. Angela clearly knows who's on the other side but REALLY doesn't want to face it. Even so, she eventually answers the door, revealing Harper Alexis Tae, her niece...

It's revealed that Harper's stepmother, Angela's sibling, has abandoned Harper and that Harper has nowhere else to go but with Angela. Although Angela is taking her in, she's clearly resentful about it, not bothering to hide it at all. She's very set in her ways and hates the thought of having someone else mooching off her. While Harper insists that she won't be any trouble, Angela assures her that that'll be the case since the teen will have to EARN her keep.

Over the next few weeks, Harper tries her best to stay on her aunt's good side but nothing she does is good enough. Angela's bitterness only becomes stronger and Harper becomes more stressed. Since Harper has nowhere else to go, she has to endure her aunt's wrath...

Then one day, Angela finally confronts Harper, voicing her sexual frustrations. Ever since Harper's been living with her, Angela hasn'tbeen able to have any women over to have fun with. It seems to be the last straw and she threatens to kick Harper out,wanting her old way of life back. Of course, if Harper wants to stick around a little longer,she CAN offer herself up to her dear ol' auntie... That's one surefire wayfor Harper to earn her keep

Digital Sin - Chloe Temple & Serene Siren - Women Loving Girls 5

File: shfbsnadisichlserbcgfpnw3kf.mp4
Size: 1.96 GB
Duration: 30:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Young girls are captivated by the seasoned beauty and experience of sexy, mature women. Alyx Star and Natasha Nice compare breast size while picking out a wardrobe. Chloe Temple sneaks Serene Siren into her room to play with her toys while her mother showers nearby. Charlotte Sins agrees to fuck stepmom Silvia Saige up until she marries her father. Jazmin Luv provides full service for Casca Akashova while in charge of her parent's bed breakfast.

All Girl Massage - Kenna James & Serene Siren - Secret Selfies

File: 38fhqnaalgimakenserhbpoea39ou.mp4
Size: 2.97 GB
Duration: 40:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The lovely Serene Siren is a massage therapist at the appropriately-named Serene Spa. Her newest customer is Kenna James, who is getting a massage for the first time. What a delightful milestone! But it seems like that's not the only thing Kenna is here for, because she takes some sexy selfies when Serene wanders off to do some preparations for the massage...

When Serene comes back, Kenna strips and lies down on the massage table, so Serene can start rubbing her beautiful body. Serene's skilled hands leave Kenna purring and moaning in bliss, and eventually Serene asks if she can remove Kenna's towel for easier access. She has to massage EVERY muscle, after all!

As Kenna enjoys her nude massage, she takes out her phone for another sultry selfie, and Serene asks what she's doing. Kenna admits that she's taking selfies for her fans, and she's sure that her fans would love to see Serene too! Serene isn't so sure about appearing in a sexy photo, but she appreciates the compliment enough to have sex with Kenna, so Kenna must be doing something right! And who knows, after all that sensual rubbing and licking, maybe Serene will want a nice souvenir photo with Kenna after all!

Hot And Mean - Candace Von & Serene Siren - Squirt Her

File: jzsotnahoanmecanserm1e7eyy5aj.mp4
Size: 916.41 MB
Duration: 39:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren is a sweet blonde babe just looking for a little rest and relaxation. Which is why she booked herself an appointment at a spa. Little does she know this spa specializes in female happy endings exclusively given by orgasm guru and hot as fuck badass Candace Von. Serene thinks she's maybe in the wrong place when she sees the examination table. But once Candace takes out her special wand, it seems Serene has forgotten all her troubles. Within no time she is squirting up a storm. Candance rubs her down with oil and puts a butt plug in her ass, while Serene lets her own fingers work magic, cumming again and again. Candance shows her how good she is with her tongue. Now its Candace's turn. Serene fills her pussy with oil and Candace squirts it everywhere. They have a super slippery scissoring session and cum into each other's pussies. Now that's what I call a spa day.

The Lesbian Experience - Chloe Temple & Serene Siren - Serene Enjoys Chloe's Temple

File: 7eaxfnathleexchlserkc7tnvqj8g.mp4
Size: 2.60 GB
Duration: 30:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Description Chloe's mom has her totally super hot Milf friend Serene over for dinner and while Chloe's mom is showering, she decides to take a quick go at some sweet pussy Serene appetizer's. Serene is not at all comfortable with this and wants Chloe to wait until later. Chloe not having it and always getting what she wants, pulls Serene into her room digging her mouth and tongue deep inside Serene's hot pink pussy bringing her to a quick climax. Super turned on Serene mounts Chloe's tight young pussy with their clits rubbing each other and then slips in her double ended dildo so they both can get another hard orgasm just before Chloe's mom steps out of the shower.

Girlfriends Films - Emily Right & Serene Siren - Net Skirts 23.0

File: mvlbknagifiemiser9aokeifmfm.mp4
Size: 490.88 MB
Duration: 42:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Where prey is only a mouse click away. Horny young women surfing the net for other horny ladies to meet up and pleasure themselves in ways men only wish they could!. And in that finding they introduce one another to the exquisite pleasures that only one woman can give to another. They kiss and caress their cares away, healing one another with intimacy, tenderness and love.

Girlfriends Films - Katie Morgan & Serene Siren - Women Seeking Women 179

File: paszqnagifikatserlwxtoi9sed.mp4
Size: 479.18 MB
Duration: 46:08
Format: mp4
Description: When seeking that maximum satisfaction, these ladies naturally turn to one another for the sort of pleasure that only another woman can provide.

At first, they may not know they're looking for a woman, but when they find it they realize how right it really is! Soft caresses, passionate kisses and tender lovemaking is in the stars for these beautiful women.

Watch as the chemistry unfolds when, at long last, these horny ladies quench their thirst for pleasure between each other.

All Girl Massage - Laney Grey & Serene Siren - No Time For Yourself

File: phxk7naalgimalanserhg5vhxfzm5.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 30:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren can't imagine having anyone but Laney Grey as her secretary. Laney is always so hard-working -- Serene would be LOST without her! It also doesn't hurt that Laney is so hot, although Serene has to keep THAT much to herself...

But one day, Serene notices that Laney is stiffly rubbing her shoulder. When she asks about it and Laney admits to being a bit sore, Serene uses this unique opportunity to finally make her move. Without missing a beat, she offers Laney a massage to help take the stress off! Although Laney's a bit nervous at first, Serene manages to win her over, claiming that it's important that Laney makes some time for herself.

Serene hungrily gets Laney to sit down and stands behind her, placing her hands on Laney's stressed shoulders. She begins the massage and it isn't long before Laney's melting under her firm, confident touch. When Serene sees the perfect moment, she swoops in and places a kiss on Laney's neck while massaging her perky breasts. Although Laney's surprised, when she sees the lustful look in Serene's eyes, she can't resist going along for the ride!

Serene is overjoyed as she bends her sexy secretary over the desk to have her way. Meanwhile, Laney puts her hard-working nature to good use as she pleases Serene in kind, diving into Serene's pussy. It certainly looks like Laney will be open for more massages from her boss in the future!

Mommy's Girl - Serene Siren & Laney Grey - Daughters Home Check-Up

File: vzjbnnamogiserlanlwaa4ldnyg.mp4
Size: 1.27 GB
Duration: 33:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Laney Grey is in her room. She seems to be waiting expectantly for something when she hears the front door open and close. Her step-mom, Serene Siren, calls 'Honey, I'm home!'...

Laney perks up when she hears Serene's voice. She quickly hops into bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. Laney puts on a miserable expression as she waits for Serene. It's clear that Laney is faking being sick.

A moment later, Serene pops her head into Laney's room. Serene is wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope around her neck. She is obviously a doctor. Laney says she's not feeling well and asks Serene to examine her, which seems to be a part of Laney's plan. Serene is completely professional and doesn't react as Laney takes off her shirt so that Serene can begin the examination. Laney, on the other hand, suppresses the hint of a smile that plays on her lips as she peels her top off.

Serene begins the examination.

First, Serene asks Laney to open her mouth so that she can look at her throat. Even though Serene doesn't have her usual instruments, she finds nothing visibly wrong with Laney's throat. From there, Serene examines the rest of Laney's body. Throughout the examination, Laney seems to be loving this close contact with Serene, but she hides it well, suppressing grins of delight, so Serene doesn't seem to notice.

Finally, Serene finds nothing wrong with Laney. Suspicious, she confronts Laney, who admits that she was faking to get close to her mom since Serene has been so busy with work lately.

Laney tells Serene that there is only one way she can make up her recent absence to her by having sex with her. After some initial reluctance, Serene agrees, leaning in and kissing Laney tenderly.

This is just what the doctor ordered for Laney!

Anatomik Media - Casey Calvert & Serene Siren - Play With My Pantyhose

File: mleetnaanmecassertoujyqkbpa.mp4
Size: 1.20 GB
Duration: 42:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Casey shows up to her friend's house for a visit but he's not there. His mom answers the door andinvites her in while she continues folding her pantyhose, which is very intriguing to Casey. Serenenotices that Casey seems flustered and excuses herself.Serene leaves the room and Casey helps herself to the stockings folded on the couch. Shefantasizes about all the things she would do to Serene in the stockings.Serene returns and secretly watches her with the pantyhose for a bit but then comes out whileCasey is still in mid-fantasy. Casey is embarrassed but Serene tries to help her with her fascinationby admitting to her own affinity for pantyhose.

Adult Time - Serene Siren - Planting Seeds on My Neighbor's Wife

File: hmrzhnaadtisersirono14gj5qd.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 29:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Luke Bastion can't keep his eyes off his neighbor's gorgeous wife, Serene Siren. Whenever she's working in the yard, showing off her sexy legs, he can't help but stare. One day, as she's working near the fence, he becomes distracted by Serene's beauty and absentmindedly rubs himself through his pants. To his horror, she catches him... but instead of being upset, she playfully joins him to give him a helping hand!

Mommy's Girl - Serene Siren & Lily Larimar - Impressionable Teen

File: ggorenamogiserlil2jbjngwayf.mp4
Size: 654.48 MB
Duration: 34:17
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren is relaxing at home when her stepdaughter Lily Larimar walks by, just passing through. Serene stops her. They chat for a minute and Serene is frustrated to learn that Lily still hasn't cleaned her room like Serene asked her to. When Lily leaves, Serene, trying to find ways to motivate her somewhat lazy stepdaughter, looks something up on her phone that piques her interest.

Later, Serene is lying in bed when she asks Lily to come and see her. Serene tells her that she knows it can be hard to be motivated and to develop good habits. Lily is only 18, but Serene already sees so much potential in Lily. She's seen that potential since the MOMENT she became Lily's step-mom. Lily just needs a little help UNLOCKING this potential. To that end, Serene asks Lily to listen to meditation messages that Serene has recorded for her while she slumbers. Lily agrees.

The next morning, Serene is pleased to see that the recording seems to be working already Lily has finally cleaned her room!

The next day, Serene is ecstatic to see that the recording is still working Lily happily offers to help Serene cook dinner, in stark contrast to her previous lazy attitude.

But that night, Serene gets even more than she bargained for when Lily creeps into her room as Serene dozes. She stirs and sees Lily standing over her in a come-hither pose. It seems like the recording didn't just unlock Lily's hidden potential, it ALSO unlocked a hidden attraction to her step-mom!

She Seduced Me - Scarlett Sage, Serene Siren & Alicia Williams - Family Recipe

File: zb2jtnashsemescaseraligunf1eqqu9.mp4
Size: 373.72 MB
Duration: 46:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: My Step Mommy's Special Recipe starring Scarlett Sage Serene Siren Alicia Williams, Serene is teaching her two step-daughters a special recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. When Serene leaves the kitchen to set up the table Scarlett makes her move on her step-sis. Serene...

Mommy's Girl - Emma Hix & Serene Siren - Following In Mom's Footsteps

File: uvruwnamogiemmser76e6vgjhzl.mp4
Size: 312.10 MB
Duration: 38:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren and her step-daughter, Emma Hix, enter a hotel room together. They're both hotel cleaners, although it's clear by Emma's whining that she'd rather be doing anything else but work. However, Serene is exasperated and insistent since Emma needs to start taking responsibility for herself, starting with this job! Emma's going to be going to college soon and THIS will be her spending money!

Emma reluctantly follows her step-mother's instructions as she works around the room, but it isn't long before her mischievous side takes over when she spots a discarded bra. She happily takes the bra and puts it on, teasing Serene with it and trying to make her look. Isn't she cute??

Serene is mortified and tries to get Emma to behave herself, worried that she'll get fired if anyone catches Emma messing around. Yet, she has to admit that the bra DOES look cute on Emma...

Of course, once Emma sees this moment of weakness, she pounces. She knows Serene secretly has the hots for her but would never act on it. Now that she has Serene alone, though, it's time to get HER to be just as mischievous and bold. Although it takes some effort, Serene eventually gives in, admitting that maybe it WOULD be fun to let loose... even just this once...

Emma takes the lead and eases Serene into the sensual encounter by playing with her heaving breasts and sharing light kisses. As Serene becomes more comfortable and confident, the heat is turned up, and it isn't long before they are relishing the taste of each other's pussies. Although Serene was meant to be teaching Emma the ropes that day, the tables have turned and Serene couldn't be happier!

Sweetheart Video - Serene Siren & Macy Meadows - Resisting Temptation

File: odgepnaswvisermacw4lsjhzvzm.mp4
Size: 279.85 MB
Duration: 34:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Debbie Jade Baker finds it unrealistic the story that her friend Karen Macy Meadows just shared with her. Carter, on the other hand, believes her completely. She believes it so much that both of them decide to make a pact. All three of them need to seduce their stepmoms. Debbie is strongly against all this nonsense. The same night, Karen is woken up by the sound of the TV in the living room. She walks out of the bed quietly, without waking up her friend who is resting beside her. She walks into the living room and catches her stepmom Sheryl Serene Siren masturbating on the couch. The beauty of her stepmom in the darkness of the night arouses Karen and she can't resist the desire of touching her body, but when she gets invite by her stepmother to join her. That craving became unstoppable.

Sweetheart Video - Serene Siren & Macy Meadows - Mother Lovers Society 20

File: dwnzjnaswvisermacaiyvuy8swz.mp4
Size: 403.88 MB
Duration: 34:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Debbie Jade Baker learns that her father and his girlfriend Carmen Reagan Foxx are getting married, her life is turned upside down. She loves Carmen, but shes not ready to have a new stepmom. Things get worse when her two best friends, Karen Macy Meadows and Carter Jessie Saint, make a stupid pact to seduce their stepmoms. This crazy idea doesnt please Debbie, but the other two jump on the idea. The first one to fulfill the pact is Karen, shes had eyes on her dads wife, Sheryl Serene Siren, for years. Carter doesnt waste any time either, the next day during a hot yoga session she seduces her stepmom Alicia Alexis Fawx. Now the ball is in Debbies court. Even if she is seriously attracted to her future stepmom, she refuses to complete the crazy pactbut everyone has a breaking point.

Moms On Moms - Alexis Fawx & Serene Siren - An Evening To Themselves

File: 5urtjnamoonmoalesermvwlom4rrl.mp4
Size: 439.73 MB
Duration: 31:31
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: It's Mother's Day and Alexis Fawx is sitting on a bed, dressed in sexy lingerie and holding a fresh bouquet of flowers. She's impatiently waiting for her wife, Serene Siren, to come out of the bathroom already, so that they can celebrate their special night! Despite her protests, Serene insists that it'll be worth the wait, although Alexis will be the judge of that.

When Serene steps out of the bathroom, wearing sexy lingerie that makes her look like a gift ready to be unwrapped, Alexis is thrilled. As they share a tender kiss, their hearts pound faster, the sheer love between them intensifying. It's been so long since these two moms had some time to themselves and they are going to enjoy every second of it!

They start with a heavy makeout session, slowly building up the fire between them both as their hands wander over each other. The sensual kisses soon move on from their lips to other parts of their bodies... The wives relish eating pussy, making each other grasp the bedsheets with delight. As they ravish each other, tribbing like there's no tomorrow, this night is perfect... and far from over! Who knows when they're going to get time to themselves like this again??

Elegant Angel - Serene Siren & Jayden Cole - Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2020

File: oucgunaelanserjaywy8phntkbf.mp4
Size: 420.54 MB
Duration: 35:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elegant Angel presents Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2020, over 2 hours of all new award winning lesbian action! Continuing in the tradition of the multi award winning Performers of the Year and Best New Starlet lines Elegant Angel brings you the all new Lesbian Performers of the Year 2020 featuring 8 of the hottest girlgirl award nominees! The biggest names hottest all girl performers grace our award winning lesbian edition

Girls Way - Emily Willis & Serene Siren - Sorority Rush Week: Mean Dean

File: qqrqenagiwaemiser7vbmme9fw6.mp4
Size: 234.85 MB
Duration: 29:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Emily Willis, a college student, is hanging out in the locker room but looking nervous, trying not to draw attention to herself. She tries to calm herself, talking to herself and saying, 'This is the LAST thing you have to do... You just have to take the dean's clothes when she showers and the Girlsway sorority will finally accept you. You GOT this!' She looks pumped but gets startled when she hears someone entering the locker room. 'You DON'T got this!' she gasps as she scrambles to find a hiding place, hiding behind a locker, although it's a terrible hiding spot.

Serene Siren, the dean, struts by, wearing her gym fitness workout clothes. She stops nearby Emily, who is silently terrified of being caught, and undresses. She knows that Emily is there, having stolen a subtle glance in her direction to spot the girl's poor attempt at hiding. She continues undressing, pretending that she doesn't see the college student there.

Serene strips naked, and Emily can't help but to sneak a peek once or twice when it's safe to do so without being caught. She's also trying to see which locker is Serene's but just before Serene opens a locker, she looks in Emily's direction. Emily instantly ducks again to avoid being caught, keeping her head down. Serene then grabs her towel and saunters off to take a shower.

Emily waits a few moments to make sure Serene doesn't return, then hurries out from her hiding place. 'Here's my chance! The dean put her clothes around here somewhere...' she says quietly to herself. She rushes to the lockers, checking one or two, before finding and grabbing the clothes into her arms. She looks excited and triumphant.

'And just what do you think YOU'RE DOING?' Serene demands. Emily whips around on the spot, revealing Serene standing behind her. She's still dry, having not gotten into the shower. Emily squeaks, knowing she's been caught red-handed. She says that she mistakenly thought that this was HER locker, and-- Serene cuts her off, 'You can drop the act. I KNOW you're one of the newest pledges. The Girlsway sorority pulls this prank EVERY YEAR during rush week. I'm tired of having my clothes stolen -- my closet's almost empty!' Serene exclaims.

Emily is more scared now of being punished, saying that she didn't mean any harm. She just really wants to be part of the Girlsway sorority. She craves being a part of a sisterhood. Serene tells her it's really too bad since her confession just now proves that the clothes thefts are Girlways' doing. The moment Emily realizes she admitted to it, she cringes while Serene looks smug. Serene boasts that this gives her the leverage she needs to finally get that sorority house shut down once and for all -- payback for all the pranks they've been pulling on her campus for years!

Emily is mortified, inching closer while still trying her hardest NOT to stare at those sexy curves. She tells Serene that she can't be the one that gets the sorority in trouble. If the sorority finds out that it was HER that screwed it up, she'll be the social outcast of the entire campus! She begs for Serene to reconsider. 'Please, I'll do ANYTHING,' Emily exclaims, falling to her knees with her hands clasped as she begs.

'Oh, god, that's embarrassing. Get up!' Serene orders, then pauses as a grin slowly crosses her lips. 'Wait, no, stay down there... and get to work.' Emily is confused as she stares up at Serene. 'Get to work doing what...?' she innocently asks. 'Lick my pussy and I'll THINK about NOT shutting Girlsway down... OR telling them that they'd have YOU to thank for that.'

Emily gasps and is hesitant, though her eyes trail across Serene's pussy with growing anticipation. Serene tells her that there's no sense in pretending -- Emily's horniness is written all over her cute face. This arrangement could work out well for BOTH of them! Emily hesitates a moment longer before leaning forward and exploring Serene's pussy with her tongue. With Serene's encouragement and orders, Emily soon eagerly eats her out.

Emily tongues Serene's pussy, doing her best to make her dean writhe with pleasure. Just when she's really getting into the taste, Serene turns the tables on her. Emily fast unravels when Serene plunges her tongue and fingers into her tight pussy in return, making her tremble with need. Then Serene crawls over her and presses their hot bodies close together as they trib their way to orgasmic bliss! Even so, will it be enough to keep Serene from shutting down the Girlsway sorority for good?

All Girl Massage - Marie Mccray & Serene Siren - My Ex-boyfriend's Mom

File: bplfenaalgimamarser1341vqwhy8.mp4
Size: 260.78 MB
Duration: 33:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Marie McCray, a visibly upset teen girl, shows up at her ex-boyfriend's house. However, when Serene Siren, her ex's mom, answers the door and tells her he's not around, Marie quietly says she'll leave. Serene, moved by how upset Marie is, invites her in until the boyfriend returns, since he and Marie were supposed to talk. While they wait, Serene strikes up a conversation with Marie, learning that her son broke up with HER. Serene reflects that he's a bit of a jerk, isn't he, and they both share a light laugh that seems to draw them a bit closer. Since Marie is so tense, Serene's happy to offer her a massage while they wait. She runs her own massage parlor from home, and she's been told she has healing hands, so Marie could really use one! As Serene rubs her arms along Marie's arms, Marie thinks about it, then agrees that a massage would be really nice. Serene leads Marie into her parlor. As Marie strips down, Serene can't help but to steal glances to her perky breasts and cute ass. However, once Marie lays down on the table, Serene's gaze turns lustful again while feeling her up. Marie wonders if maybe the reason why her boyfriend broke up with her is because she's not pretty enough...? Serene doesn't believe this for a second! She even lets slip that if she were 10 years younger, she'd just eat Marie up! Although she's embarrassed and tries to move on from it, Marie grows more aroused by the massage with each passing second. So much so that she eventually takes Serene's hand and glides it down towards her pussy. Although Serene's unsure at first, Marie reminds her that she and her son ARE broken up... Hearing that is all it takes for Serene to give into her urges, especially once she learns that Marie's had secret fantasies about HER, too, even while dating her son! They start with a kiss that leads to more as the fire builds between them. Serene soon gets to taste and finger Marie's tight pussy, relishing the experience. However, it's when she's tribbing her son's ex that she feels the most alive! It doesn't look like he and Marie will be getting back together any time soon.

Sweetheart Video - Kenzie Reeves & Serene Siren - Babysitter Dreams

File: xyb1onaswvikenseruhabq3a85q.mp4
Size: 333.01 MB
Duration: 39:57
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: In the morning Karen leaves for college, leaving Alice alone in her big house. Heartbroken, she decides to go visit her best friend Sam Serene Siren. When Sam's new babysitter opens the door, Alice notices something strange with her attitude. Chloe Kenzie Reeves, Sam's new babysitter, brings Alice to her 'Mistress'. Surprised by the way Chloe talks to Sam, Alice starts questioning her. After a full interrogation, Sam finally reveals to her friends that she's sleeping with her babysitter, and suggests Alice to do the same. She gives her the business card she used to find Chloe Babysitter Dreams. Alice is not sure about it, but their conversation is interrupted by the sound of something breaking in the kitchen. Alice takes the card before she leaves Sam alone with her new babysitter. When Sam enters the kitchen she finds Chloe on her knees cleaning her mess. Sam is about teach her how to be a good babysitter.