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Sarah Vandella

Fantasy Massage - Sarah Vandella - Hiding Under The Massage Table

File: scam7nafamasarvan37871dlbga.mp4
Size: 349.39 MB
Duration: 34:56
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Alex Jett is waiting for his masseuse when another client, Sarah Vandella, walks by. Alex is instantly struck by cupid's arrow, and he's gobsmacked as Sarah greets her regular masseur. Even after Sarah leaves with her masseur, Alex gazes longingly after her...

When Alex sees the masseur exit the room moments later, he seizes the opportunity to see Sarah again. He sneaks into the room and marvels over Sarah's beautiful, naked form as she rests on the massage table with her eyes closed. When the masseur returns to the room, Alex dives under the table to avoid being caught. It looks like things are about to get really fun!

Each time the masseur leaves the room, Alex takes his chance to swoop in and run his hands all over Sarah's body. Since Sarah has her eyes closed the whole time to help live in the moment, she doesn't notice the switch. However, she DOES think that her usual masseur is a lot more handsy than normal -- not that she's complaining! She revels in the pleasure as her breasts are nicely kneaded but it isn't until her pussy starts getting attention that Sarah is really lost in the moment.

Finally, Alex's luck runs out and Sarah opens her eyes and catches him in the act. Although she's furious at first, she begrudgingly admits that Alex is pretty cute... AND his hands did great work. Well, not with the actual massage, but with everything else. To make up for his tomfoolery, she demands that Alex finishes what he started, which he happily agrees to!

After letting Alex suck on her breasts for a few moments as a taste, Sarah soon sinks down to her knees to suck his cock. When he's good and slick, she climbs onto the massage table and spreads her legs, inviting him inside. Once Alex sinks inside her pussy, she has to admit that his cock does great work, too!

Nuru Massage - Sarah Vandella - A Proud Patriotic Parent

File: xao9ananumasarvanwgrbvofcri.mp4
Size: 238.18 MB
Duration: 31:52
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah Vandella is proud of her military step-son, Van Wylde. She has a close relationship with him and exchanges letters with him often. When she learns that Van will be visiting for a couple of days, she couldn't be happier! To celebrate him returning home, she's going to give him something very special...

When Van returns home a few days later, he is filled with nothing but love as he embraces Sarah, but is confused by the mattress in the middle of the floor. Sarah explains that she wants to give him a NURU massage to help take the stress off. He's always so busy taking care of the country, so why not let HER take care of HIM?

Although Van thinks it's a bit odd, his sore muscles COULD use some TLC. He soon strips and lays down, and it isn't long before Sarah is naked, slippery, and sliding all over him. Van's ego swells when Sarah compliments on how well the training's worked out for him -- he's not the same scrawny boy he was when he left! With those hot words, his ego isn't the ONLY thing that swells...

As Van pops a boner, he's embarrassed, but Sarah takes it in stride as she effortlessly takes Van's cock into her mouth. She insists it's the least she can do for him and how can Van argue?? They are soon consumed with lust and as Sarah lowers herself onto his cock, accepting him inside of her pussy, all they can think about is fulfilling their patriotic duty!

Aussie Fellatio Queens - Sarah Vandella - Dirty Talking Blowjob

File: h9vf5naaufequsarvanuyqr3eiing.mp4
Size: 568.10 MB
Duration: 15:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: If you are going to get a performer to give a hot, dirty talking blowjob, you get 1 girl, Sarah Vandella! Sit back and watch this porn super star deliver the sloppiest dirty talking blowjob and you just know she is going to be sticking that hard cock down the back of her throat so much, Sarah is the queen of deep throat! And to top it all off, she simply loves devouring huge loads of cum!

Moms On Moms - Katie Morgan & Sarah Vandella - Motherboard

File: jslihnamoonmokatsarel4xr6g1vk.mp4
Size: 466.59 MB
Duration: 35:23
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Today is a bittersweet day for Sarah Vandella as she approaches an unused room she rarely visits anymore. She takes a seat at a desk and opens an ornate box, gingerly removing a USB stick wrapped in cloth. With a steadying breath, she puts the USB stick into a nearby laptop and presses a few keys...

Within moments, a hologram of Katie Morgan, Sarah's late step-mom, is projected onto the bed. When Katie affectionately greets her with a smile, Sarah is almost brought to tears. Is this REALLY her step-mom?? Katie assures her that, even though she's a tactile hologram, she has all the memories of who she was before, which makes her just as real...

Mommy's Girl - Sarah Vandella & Lexi Lore - Mommys Private Time

File: zf4jcnamogisarlex6o8o96l5c8.mp4
Size: 285.88 MB
Duration: 34:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah Vandella is sprawled out, naked and comfortable, in bed with her favorite vibrator in hand. It's been SO LONG since she's had some alone time and she's going to enjoy every second of it!

But her pleasure is short-lived when her step-daughter, Lexi Lore, bounces her way in, completely oblivious to her masturbating! Sarah quickly throws the vibrator under the pillow and buries herself in the blankets, though Lexi doesn't seem bothered at all as she flops down on the bed with her.

Sarah is annoyed, telling Lexi that she was TRYING to have a... NAP... and that it would've been nice if she'd knocked before barging in. Lexi doesn't quite buy this, curious and suspicious about why Sarah's napping naked in the middle of the day! When the vibrator accidentally goes off, the jig is up.

When Lexi starts bombarding Sarah with questions, Sarah is at a loss until Lexi sadly admits that her real mom never taught her about masturbation. She really has no idea how to take care of herself in that way! Although Sarah is still weirded out, she is sympathetic and agrees to give Lexi a lesson... as long as she knocks from now on!

Once Lexi eagerly agrees, Sarah sits back and spreads her legs, showing off her pussy. She grabs the vibrator and starts masturbating, walking Lexi calmly through the process. Since Lexi is fascinated and wants to learn more, Sarah soon hands the vibrator off to her. Once Sarah teaches her the basics, she tries to shoo Lexi away but Lexi wants to learn MORE! Since Lexi promises to FINALLY give Sarah some peace if they have sex, Sarah gives in.

As Sarah teaches Lexi the joys of lesbian sex and taking care of herself, all she can hope is that it'll be enough. Sure, this is fun, but she still needs private time to herself, too!

All Girl Massage - Sarah Vandella, Lauren Phillips & Luna Lain - Intimacy Issues

File: m9t7snaalgimasarlaulun7vevsme4tp.mp4
Size: 260.37 MB
Duration: 32:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Luna Lain arrives at Lauren Phillips' massage parlor for her appointment. Lauren was recommended by Luna's girlfriend, Sarah Vandella, because of her very unique massage therapy. Lauren is not just a masseuse but a psychologist as well, so she combines matters of the body and mind for the most relaxing and healing experience!

Once they both strip down to begin the massage, Lauren encourages Luna to open up to her. While being massaged on her front, Luna admits that she holds a lot of tension because she's afraid of what people think when they see her and Sarah together. Since Sarah is older than her, Luna feels like they get weird looks whenever they're in public, especially when they share any PDAs. She just wishes she could relax and enjoy everything her loving girlfriend has to offer...

As Luna admits all of this, Sarah sneaks into the massage parlor and overhears. Lauren asks Luna if Sarah were there right now, would getting a massage from her help? Luna, not knowing Sarah is in the room with them, wholeheartedly agrees that she'd love nothing more than a massage from her girlfriend.

Sarah silently takes over the massage and Lauren continues encouraging Luna to open up. As Sarah moves her hand towards Luna's pussy to try and make her lover feel good, Luna is shocked, learning that Sarah's there with her! Sarah assures her that Luna really has nothing to worry about... In private moments like these, it's all about THEM! Besides, who CARES what anyone else thinks? Why don't they embrace their love and have a little fun?

Caught up in the heat of the moment, and as part of the sexual healing, the three sexy ladies passionately collide together. Luna's insecurities fade away as they devour each other's pussies with relish. It seems like Lauren might just be onto something with this revolutionary massage therapy of hers!

Girl Girl - Alina Lopez, Cherie DeVille & Sarah Vandella - She's My Daddy

File: lyrlanagigialichesarjaaosqhk2r.mp4
Size: 509.69 MB
Duration: 43:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alina Lopez is part of a non-traditional family, her step-mom Cherie married her daddy Sarah when she was just a little girl. Alina's school called today and said that she has been skipping lately so Cherie Sarah call her into their room for her punishment.

Moms Lick Teens - Sarah Vandella & Vina Sky - A Lazy Fisting Saturday

File: hy8xjnamolitesarvinviwsrosjco.mp4
Size: 318.38 MB
Duration: 39:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Have you ever wanted to see Vina Sky rock an adorable nerd look? Playing video games in glasses and knee-high socks but with that classic Vina sass? Well buckle up, viewers, because youre about to get it full on! And Vinas about to get it on, too! With the hot, blonde, and aggressive MILF Sarah Vandella. With Vina completely ignoring Sarah in favour of her games, Sarah pulls Vinas panties to the side and starts playing with her pussy, fingering her and licking her clit with her ass in the air, putting her in whatever position she needs to get herself soaking wet. Finally, Vinas got to put that controller down and get a sloppy mouthful of her stepmoms big tits. The girls eat each others pussies in the living room, 69 and scissor until they cant take another drop of each other. You won't want to miss this one, trust me. I know.

Devil's Films - Sarah Vandella & Mackenzie Moss - Hot and Bothered for The Waitress

File: kundpnadefisarmackptcq2icwy.mp4
Size: 281.37 MB
Duration: 34:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah and Bunny meet for dinner and Bunny confesses her inappropriate affair with Jane. Sarah can't believe Bunny is sleeping with a woman! It's something she's never tried before but now that she's older she realizes how short life is, and that some experiences are worth having, even if they risk a 20 year marriage in the process. Bunny and Sarah's waitress hovers nearby and eavesdrops on the women. She is openly lesbian and her favorite kink lately is turning 'straight' women out. Sarah excuses herself from the table to go cool off from the conversation and Mackenzie follows her, stopping her a deserted hallway. Mackenzie makes sure Sarah gets the experience she's been craving and fucks her right there. Good thing no one caught them!

All Girl Massage - Sarah Vandella, Katrina Jade & Mackenzie Moss - Couple's Sex Injury

File: qwuqynaalgimasarkatmacufjxghgztw.mp4
Size: 245.30 MB
Duration: 29:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah Vandella and Mackenzie Moss, a married couple, arrive at a massage parlor. Mackenzie is looking stiff, holding her lower back and rubbing her tender ass, while Sarah is looking on sympathetically. Mackenzie is embarrassed to be at the massage parlor for her injury but Sarah insists that it's better that they get it taken care of now!

Katrina Jade, the masseuse, is intrigued as she overhears all of this. As they come to her for a spontaneous booking, she makes room in her schedule for them and leads them to the private room.

Mackenzie shyly strips and gets on the massage table while Sarah watches on. Sarah encourages Mackenzie to tell Katrina the truth about her injury so that she can best be taken care of. When Mackenzie doesn't budge, Sarah comes out and says it Mackenzie slipped on some lube while they were celebrating their anniversary!

Although Mackenzie is majorly embarrassed, Katrina assures her that sex injuries are pretty common. At least they had fun in the heat of the moment, right? Sarah agrees and soon partakes in the massage to help make Mackenzie feel all better. Of course, heat naturally builds between the three women, and it's not long before Sarah and Mackenzie decide to have a bit more fun and seduce the masseuse!

Everyone gets a happy ending as they climb all over each other on the massage table. Soon they're all naked and enjoying the taste of each other's pussies. It seems like all Mackenzie needed to feel better was to work it all out

Kinky Spa - Sarah Vandella - Big tit blonde milf Sarah Vandella fucks her BBC masseur

File: clknbnakispsarvannnrwawrlej.mp4
Size: 227.78 MB
Duration: 28:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah Vandella came into the Kinky Spa for a relaxing massage, but unfortunately the only masseur in specializes in deep tissue. Hell give it his best try though, but for his style of massage the towel needs to be off. The only problem with that of course is that Sarah is a milf with an incredible body and it makes his BBC hard as a rock, and Sarah isnt the type who can ignore a hard cock in her face! She ends up getting the full service which includes a hot cum bath at the end!

Reality Junkies - Sarah Vandella - Moms Love It Black

File: 8fitwnarejusarvankjeiy1woyv.mp4
Size: 293.52 MB
Duration: 25:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Veronica and her man are house shopping, but she's more into the real estate agent than the architecture. Sean Michaels comes to visit Julia Ann's home for refinancing purposes. However, her house isnt the only thing he ends up checking out. Holly is letting her ex boyfriend Nat stay at her place while he goes through a divorce. Their infatuation quickly gets rekindled, and they're soon back to their old passionate ways. Sarah finds out her asshole husband is cheating on her, so she gets back at him the only way she knows how to fuck his coworker right in front of him in their living room after work.

Erotique TV Live - Sarah Vandella - Sarah Vandella Long Island MILF

File: pngq9naertvlisarvanvinky3gxka.mp4
Size: 606.49 MB
Duration: 01:14:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Busty petite MILF Sarah Vandella is back for more today and the action starts quick, as she gives Eric a nice sloppy gagjob. He returns the oral favor and then it's time for some good old hardcore fucking, followed by Eric unloading on Sarah's face.

Aussie Fellatio Queens - Sarah Vandella - Dirty Girlfriend Experience

File: qd9vmnaaufequsarvan9tzm9dgdkk.mp4
Size: 225.12 MB
Duration: 27:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ever wondered what it would be like to have a porn star girlfriend? Ever wondered what a normal days experience would be living this life? Sit back and experience a day in the life of the lucky son of a bitch that has Sarah Vandella as their girlfriend! Sarah is dirty, she has sex on her mind all day long, the day starts and she has your dick on her mind right from the get go! Enjoy this amazing experience with Sarah, and what it would be like having her all to yourself, and watch as she sucks, fucks you all day long, and takes 3 of your loads during the day! Because porn stars would give you the ultimate Dirty Girlfriend Experience!

Fantasy Massage - Sarah Vandella & Silvia Saige - Parent Teacher Tag-team

File: 89jmonafamasarsilea8jgtimhl.mp4
Size: 367.15 MB
Duration: 39:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Zac Wild sneaks in through the front door of his home only to be caught by his step-mother, Sarah Vandella, and teacher, Silvia Saige. The women are NOT pleased that he's been skipping his Health Wellness class lately. Zac argues that he doesn't see the point of it, though Sarah reminds him that if he doesn't pass this class, he won't graduate!

Fortunately, Silvia is kind enough to give Zac a make up lesson in professional massage. Sarah is intrigued and engaged in the conversation, offering her body for the lesson! Although Zac is unsure about all of this, he has to go along with it or risk staying behind another year in high school.

The trio soon move to a bed and Silvia begins massaging Sarah, giving Zac tips while pressing his hands into Sarah's shoulders. While Zac is uncomfortable, Sarah isn't, and it isn't long before she's topless in front of him as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Gradually, Zac is less uncomfortable and more aroused, easily getting distracted by his hot step-mom. When Sarah is soon completely naked, he's stunned as Silvia massages Sarah's pussy and encourages him to do the same. It's an excellent form of relaxation! By now, Zac is onboard as he takes over, finding himself plunging his cock deep inside both Sarah AND Silvia. The threesome is fiery as the women teach him a lesson he'll never forget!

Wicked - Sarah Vandella - Faithless

File: 3equmnawicsarvanwd8guvb1q7.mp4
Size: 260.17 MB
Duration: 25:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Laura Whitney Wright is an aspiring actress from small town America who made her way to LA with stars in her eyes. Her boyfriend waits patiently for her back home as she struggles with issues of trust and monogamy after hooking up with a handsome and married personal trainer. She soon finds herself in a web of affairs, secrets and lies. Is it worse to be cheated on or to be the cheater? Laura finds herself being both in Faithless..

Dirty Wives Club - Sarah Vandella - Brenda Phillips Sarah Vandella Give The Ac Guy A Blow

File: ytocbnadiwiclsarvanfxug37bdhv.mp4
Size: 470.94 MB
Duration: 38:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisBrenda Phillips Sarah Vandella gets a call from her husband letting her now that the AC repair man will be stopping by. She is a little annoyed because she had plans, but when the AC guy stops by she starts hatching new plans. She waits for the AC guy to fix the issue then decides that the best tip she can give him is a nice long fuck.