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Rebecca Volpetti

DTF Sluts - Cherry Kiss & Rebecca Volpetti - Cherry Kiss Shares Some Cock With Rebecca Volpetti

File: oujc1nadtslcherebxh1am7vorc.mp4
Size: 385.95 MB
Duration: 46:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde bombshell Cherry Kiss is a one of a kind sex diva who loves having huge cocks deep inside her plump pussy. The lustfulness of this horny slut become apparent when she spends some quality time with James Deen. Luckily, James is always prepared to whip out a camera every time a horny babe wants to have a taste of the intense rough fucking he is known for. James and Cherry are having a casual conversation in the bathroom when the kinky chick loses control of herself. The two quickly succumbed to their inner sexual beast. Their horny feelings led them to the couch. James and Cherry plan to turn the innocent-looking white couch into a place of dirty sexual escapades...

Nubile Films - Cindy Shine & Rebecca Volpetti - Another Lover

File: dyxeznanuficinrebt2hwwbsdpv.mp4
Size: 243.98 MB
Duration: 20:30
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Rebecca Volpetti and Cindy Shine have a fling going. Rebecca has decided that it's time for her boyfriend, Max Dior, to enjoy the delights of another woman. She urges Cindy to hide behind the couch as she blindfolds Max. When Max has felt Rebecca pop his stiffie out and start sucking and stroking, Rebecca and Cindy make eye contact so that Rebecca can beckon Cindy over to take her place. It takes Max a few moments to figure it out, but when he does he's all smiles.

Rebecca and Cindy are eager to share their hard toy as they each kneel on one side of Max and work together to blow his mind. Max gradually helps relieve Cindy and then Rebecca of their bras. Reaching out to cup the girls' asses, he slides their thongs aside and shoves two fingers into each of their fuck holes. Finding both ladies nice and wet, Max gets ready to enjoy the main event.

Rebecca finds herself on her hands and knees with Max buried in her greedy snatch from behind. As she's enjoying a doggy style pussy pounding, she reaches out to slide her finger down Cindy's slippery slit. Dipping her head down, she starts lapping away at Cindy's juices as Cindy closes her eyes and lets her head fall back in pure bliss.

Next, Max lays down on the couch as the girls climb on top of him. Cindy finally gets to enjoy that big cock as she impales herself for a stiffie ride. Meanwhile, Rebecca plants her twat on Max's mouth so that he can feast on her lady bits. When they switch things up, Rebecca replaces Max on the couch with Max thrusting between her thighs and Cindy riding her mouth.

The girls turn around so that Rebecca's face is near Max's fuck stick while Cindy keeps her position on top of Rebecca's mouth. Leaning forward, Cindy completes the lesbian 69 as Max goes ahead and crams himself into Cindy's fuck hole. Between Max's pounding and Rebecca's clever tongue, Cindy is soon moaning with delight. Max pulls out a moment later so that Rebecca can give him a handie that brings him off all over her face and Cindy's ass. Climbing off of Rebecca, Cindy turns around and licks her friend clean as the girls enjoy the afterglow of a good fuck.

Euro Girls On Girls - Rebecca Volpetti & Zazie Skymm - Young Lesbian Love

File: kcfpknaeugiongirebzaz3vcoyneb9v.mp4
Size: 319.43 MB
Duration: 38:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty college lesbos Rebecca Volpetti and Zazie Skymm give us some insight as to the naughtiness that is going down at campuses around town. These two babes live the phrase 'girls just wanna have fun', and these sexy little lesbians show us what kind of filthy fun they like to have. Our favorite Hungarian hottie, blonde bombshell Zazie couldn't wait for her Romanian bestie to get home, and the porcelain-skinned goddess is caught in the middle of a steamy session with a dildo in her ass and a vibrator to her clit. When Rebecca walks in, she jumps at the chance to jump in the bed and together they create a hardcore 4K Euro Girls on Girls premium porn lesbian spectacular that is sure to get you stiff and squirting.

Nubile Films - Rebecca Volpetti & Veronica Leal - Cum Harder

File: gwiwonanufirebveriajdvnvjfv.mp4
Size: 425.93 MB
Duration: 30:31
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Veronica Leal and Rebecca Volpetti are enjoying some flirty text messages as Rebecca makes her way home. Veronica decides to sweeten the pot as she tells Rebecca she's starting without her. Grabbing a vibrator and peeling off her panties and top, Veronica makes good on her promise. When Rebecca walks in, she finds Veronica splayed out on the couch mid-masturbation.

Setting the vibrator aside, Veronica beckons for Rebecca to come join her. Rebecca is overdressed, so Veronica begins by peeling off her girlfriend's shirt, pants, and thong between sizzling kisses. Then Veronica sits Rebecca down on the couch between her thighs, making it easy for her to wrap her arms around her girlfriend and rub her clit before shoving her fingers knuckle deep into Rebecca's cream filled center.

Veronica's finger fucking is fast and furious as Rebecca practically melts in her arms. When Rebecca has peaked once, though, the blonde insists on giving her redheaded lover a taste of her own medicine. Urging Veronica up onto her hands and knees, Rebecca goes in for a pussy feast and then finishes Veronica off with her magic fingers.

On her back, Rebecca once again finds Veronica between her legs as she draws her knees back to open herself wide. Veronica focuses on oral pleasure this time, sweeping the flat of her tongue up and down Rebecca's pussy as Veronica moans in delight. When she finally returns to her finger bang, Veronica finds Rebecca dripping with blatant sexual need.

There's just one way to make things better for both of them Since Rebecca is already on her back and open for business. Veronica climbs on top and presses herself clit to clit with her girlfriend. Riding Rebecca's snatch, Veronica grinds her hips to create the perfect amount of friction for each of them. She doesn't stop until Rebecca is moaning and she is poised on the edge of another climax.

Rebecca decides to finish things the way they began, grabbing a toy and curling up with Veronica in her arms. She presses the vibrator to Veronica's clit, only switching to oral stimulation at the very last moment. Veronica is replete with pleasure, but she won't end their lovemaking session until she has used the vibrator to return the orgasmic favor for Rebecca one last, satisfying time.

Nubile Films - Rebecca Volpetti - Sensual Sweetness

File: llth6nanufirebvols5m3gld3bv.mp4
Size: 286.12 MB
Duration: 22:19
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Rebecca Volpetti is preparing a summer snack in the kitchen while Jason X does yard work outside. When Rachel decides it's time for Jason to take a break, she calls him over to have some watermelon, which she of course feeds to him. Json returns the favor in the flirtiest way possible, which leads to sweet kisses from Rebecca. When Jason slides a piece of fruit down Rebecca's shoulder, she makes it clear she's into it by flashing him her titties even though they're outside. Jason can't wait another moment he picks Rebecca up and carries her inside so he can have his way with her.

Unbuttoning Rebecca's shorts, Jason slides his hand inside to cup her muff. He helps her out of her shorts, unveiling Rebecca's already-wet bare twat. Slipping his hand back where it belongs on Rebecca's clit, Jason proves that he's an expert with his hands as he rubs his lover down until her hips twitch.

Eager to help Jason relax a bit, Rebecca urges him out of the clothes before he lies down on the bed. She crawls to settle near Jason's lower body, then takes his fuck stick in hand and mouth. Sucking and stroking by turns, she creates a storm of sensation that moves Jason ever closer towards his inevitable sensual explosion. When Jason is nice and hard, Rebecca climbs onto his hardon and slides down to enjoy a lusty stiffie ride.

After turning around for some reverse cowgirl action, Rebecca leans forward onto her hands and knees. Jason barely misses a stroke as he stays buried inside Rebecca's twat while getting to his knees. Anchoring his hands on Rebceca's hips, he drives into her for a doggy style pussy pounding.

Flipping Rebeca onto her back, Jason gets on his belly and buries his face between her thighs to resume eating her out. Then he gets back on his knees and shoves himself balls deep into her welcoming warmth. With her own hand on her clit and Jason's cock in her twat, it's not long before Rebecca is enjoying a big climax. Her pulsing pussy walls milk Jason's climax from him as he pulls out just in time to cover Rebecca's stomach in his cum shot.

A Girl Knows - Apolonia Lapiedra & Rebecca Volpetti - Hot lesbians have sex on the pool table

File: amdfgnaagiknaporebfzxurrbcut.mp4
Size: 230.85 MB
Duration: 28:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Watch how a sexy lesbian couple have fun in their free time. Apolonia Lapiedra and Rebecca Volpetti are kissing, getting naked, and licking each other's pussy in a hot XXX scene that ends with both of them having intense orgasm.

Lezcuties - Gina Gerson, Rebecca Volpetti & Lana Roy - Sapphic Getaway

File: kqvpenalezginreblanv2o2pwelra.mp4
Size: 434.60 MB
Duration: 28:47
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: What happens when three pretty lesbians get away for the weekend? They make sure that their pussies and asses are filled with tongues and toys! Watch Gina Gerson, Lana Roy and Rebecca Volpetti in hot sapphic action.

Hands On Hardcore - Rebecca Volpetti - Must-see Double Penetration Orgy

File: qt74xnahaonharebvolvxl3olhe7j.mp4
Size: 304.83 MB
Duration: 37:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Rebecca Volpetti is horny. The leggy blonde with seductive brown eyes needs her clit stimulated and her ass filled, so she decides to please herself in the kitchen. As she spreads her legs wide apart and starts fingering her shaved wet pussy, the teenage college student has a glorious idea! With her glass dildo inside her butt, she calls up David Perry, Yanick Shaft and Dorian Del Isla who show up at her doorstep just minutes later, ready to fuck her harder than she could imagine!

Today's 4K Hands on Hardcore gangbang is loaded with closeup shots of that young chick's tight asshole being fucked balls deep by three studs. She sucks their big dicks and crams her mouth with two cocks at a time before letting them bang her three holes one veiny shaft goes into her asshole, cock number two gets crammed into her wet pussy while dick number three disappears inside her deep throat!

Watch her getting her tight asshole fucked hard by those three insatiable studs. They make her scream and cream before Rebecca Volpetti gets loads and loads of fresh jizz squirted into her mouth. What a horny finale!

Nubile Films - Rebecca Volpetti - Ready For You

File: 6gqrmnanufirebvolqqgcobgsk1.mp4
Size: 290.42 MB
Duration: 20:22
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Dressed to impress in stunning lingerie, Rebecca Volpetti struts onto the scene! Matt Denae is waiting for Rachel in bed, and when she arrives he just can't believe his eyes. He's a lucky man to have such a hot number all dolled up and ready to have a good time with him.

Coming in for a kiss, Rebecca caresses her hand over Matt's cheek. That hand reaches steadily lower, fondling his chest and then lower still. When she reaches her goal, she pulls Matt's hardon out of his briefs and then dips her head low to take him between her soft lips. Stroking and sucking at the same time, Rebecca makes sure that Matt has plenty of stimulation to get him hard as a rock.

Curling up in Matt's arms, Rebecca slides her thong aside and cuddles close. He wraps his arms around her and takes her up on her invitation to come inside. Sliding deep, Matt gives Rachel the spooning sex that she so craves. As Rebecca fills the room with her sweet moans, Matt rolls her over and laps at her juices, cleaning her up for round two.

Rebecca finds herself on her belly with her panties shoved to the side and Matt buried inside her. After enjoying a doggy style pussy pounding, Rebecca sucks her juices off Matt's fuck stick. Then she rolls him onto his back so she can hop onto that hard cock and go for a stiffie ride in her bare pussy.

Rolling onto her back, Rebecca spreads her thighs wide to welcome Matt back inside. He goes deep, pounding away at that greedy snatch. He pulls out only at the last moment, leaving the tight glove of Rebecca's fuck hole to blow his load all over her stomach.

We Live Together - May Thai & Rebecca Volpetti - Top Or Bottom?

File: dyjninawelitomayrebirjr2emfsj.mp4
Size: 309.48 MB
Duration: 31:08
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ahh, summer camp. Where memories are made, and marshmallows get toasted. It can be a total blast except for when your bunkmate turns out to be a total cookie-stealing, scarf-throwing creep which, as it happens May Thai is. But Rebecca Volpetti is not about to let that fly. And what better way to assert your dominance than by a good ol fuck?

Nubile Films - Rebecca Volpetti - Fit For A Fuck

File: 5wmj9nanufirebvoldm59ath8or.mp4
Size: 311.63 MB
Duration: 25:14
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jason X is in the middle of his boxing workout when his girlfriend, Rebecca Volpetti, shows up to see if she can try her hand at it. Jason is game to play. He outfits her with his boxing gloves and points her at the punching bag. She's not the best at punching, but when she plants her lips on Jason's, Rebecca proves that she's an expert at other fitness activities.

Pulling Rebecca close, Jason grinds his erection against her belly. Rebecca is totally on board for that! Disengaging from Jason's embrace, Rebecca drops to her knees and pulls his hardon out. She can't get enough of stroking and sucking his cock and balls, especially as Jason tugs on her ponytail to help her set the pace.

Peeling her shorts off, Rebecca urges Jason to lay down so she can prove to him that her workout is way more fun than his. He obliges and she hops onto that cock to ride him. Guiding Rebecca with his big hands around her tiny waist, Jason helps her set a titty jiggling pace that hits both of their buttons.

Rebecca rolls to her side and Jason spoons behind her as they change things up. That gives Rebecca the chance to show off her flexibility as she lifts one leg high and then hikes it backwards with a little help with Jason. He pounds her hard and deep, then sits her up so he can rub Rebecca's clit until she's moaning with the force of her climax.

Getting to his feet, Jason pulls Rebecca up into his arms. As he holds her up, he positions her so that when he thrusts his cock he reenters her. No matter how strong Jason is, he can't keep that position up for long so Rebecca gets back on her feet and turns around until her back presses to Jason's chest. Leaning forward, Rebecca lets Jason pull both of her arms back as he fucks her from behind.

Now that she is sated, Rebecca turns her attention back to Jason. Dropping to a crouch, she takes his cock and starts stroking as her mouth teases the head of his dick. That doubled pleasure is too much for Jason to bear. He grunts as he cums, hitting Rebecca's face and open mouth to leave her dripping with his love at the culmination of their sexy workout.

A Girl Knows - Cindy Shine, Canela Skin & Rebecca Volpetti - Synchronized Swimming made right

File: rlxiknaagikncincanreb3uxfx3dmf8.mp4
Size: 228.00 MB
Duration: 27:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: These three gorgeous girls know how to have fun by the pool. See Canela Skin, Cindy Shine, and Rebecca Volpetti in the hottest threesome there is. They eat each other's pussies in an intense scene that you'll not forget any time soon.These three gorgeous girls know how to have fun by the pool. See Canela Skin, Cindy Shine, and Rebecca Volpetti in the hottest threesome there is. They eat each other's pussies in an intense scene that you'll not forget any time soon.

Lesbea - Talia MInt & Rebecca Volpetti - Lesbian Lovers Pussy Eating Secrets

File: nvl5ynalestalrebkkkiz9a5a6.mp4
Size: 180.56 MB
Duration: 22:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After a hike in the woods, lesbian lovers Rebecca Volpetti and Talia Mint are tired and sweaty, and decide to return back to their cabin for a shower. Covered in their towels, the ladies lie down next to each other in bed and agree that the best thing to do after hiking and showering is to have sex. They turn and kiss, then Talia slides down the bed between Rebecca's legs and tastes her pussy. Rebecca then worships Talia's sensitive nipples, before putting her legs behind her head! After some face sitting and some 69, both ladies have stunning orgasms.

Dorcel Club - Rebecca Volpetti - Rebecca Volpetti Realizes Your Fantasies

File: vd3zgnadoclrebvolsfneokuscz.mp4
Size: 178.22 MB
Duration: 21:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rebecca submits to her husband's authoritarian and libertine games with guilty pleasure. On all fours in fancy lingerie, she lets him have fun with increasingly imposing sex toys, before the arrival of a second man turns the experience into a devilish threesome

Lesbea - Rebecca Volpetti, Nelly Kent & Talia Mint - Lesbian threesome in log cabin

File: wugwgnalesrebneltalxt8xej6awr.mp4
Size: 163.66 MB
Duration: 20:03
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After spending a sexy evening in the sauna, Nelly Kent and Talia Mint are sitting on the kitchen table of their rented wood cabin when Rebecca Volpetti finds them. Rebecca is upset she wanted to be part of the naughty fun from the night before! Nelly and Talia offer Rebecca a massage, and she climbs onto the table to join them as they compliment her soft skin. The ladies slowly strip each other naked, teasing their tits and fondling their bums. Rebecca sucks Nelly's tits while Talia eats her pussy from behind, then the ladies take turns facesitting, and then make each other cum!

Hands On Hardcore - Rebecca Volpetti, Gina & Carly Rae - Orgy in the Classroom

File: dutwtnahaonharebgincarvxfwvhcmcs.mp4
Size: 770.50 MB
Duration: 28:58
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Today's Hands on Hardcore episode by the DDF Network makes your naughtiest dream come true! Join Miss Rebecca Volpetti for a sex education class extraordinaire. The leggy brunette from Romania shows off her vibrator sucking skills in front of the classroom which gives students Thomas Stone, Yanick Shaft, David Perry and Dorian Del Isla enormously tight pants due to their massive hard cocks. Soon, this sex education class turns into a classroom orgy you don't wanna miss, followed by a private fuck party at her place.

Hot young students Gina and Carly Rae can't wait to replace those vibrating sex toys with real dicks and get fully naked for an XXXtreme fuck party. Hear them scream and watch them cream as one veiny shaft after the other penetrates their tight young shaved pussies. Reverse cowgirl rides galore! Deep throat blowjob action! Double penetration sensation! Oh man, you will be pleased, you have my word. Watch those petite hot schoolgirls and their teacher share an abundance of rock-hard cocks until their pussies glow and their assholes gape!

Massage Rooms - Rebecca Volpetti & Talia Mint - Zen massage girls outdoor fuck

File: hpmj2namarorebtalhnmlls2abv.mp4
Size: 186.34 MB
Duration: 20:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Topless lesbians Rebecca Volpetti and Talia Mint sit lotus-style outdoors as they practice sensual yoga. The ladies breathe deeply as they lean forward and elongate their spines, then Talia offers to help Rebecca get a deeper stretch. While on top of her lover, Talia kisses Rebecca, then massages her perky tits. Talia climbs on top of Rebecca in 69 position, then pulls her panties to the side, and slowly licks around the spinner's lips. The ladies moan as they pleasure their pussies, then each takes turns focusing on the other so they can bring their orgasms to the next level!

Fakehub Originals - Rebecca Volpetti & Nelly Kent - The Sexologist

File: e4kl3nafaorrebnelczleggtdfp.mp4
Size: 278.84 MB
Duration: 28:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Married couple Michael Fly and Rebecca Volpetti are experiencing some issues. Rebecca works too much, and is much too tired to have sex, and Michael is too submissive to ask for it! One night, Michael watches porn after hours and sees an add for Nelly Kent's sexologist services. While Rebecca is at work, Nelly comes over to see Michael and tells him he needs to be more dominant to turn his wife on. Nelly shows him a trick to be assertive, and to demand a blowjob! When Michael comes out of his shell, Nelly drops to her knees, takes out her big tits, and sucks his dick, but as she really gets going, Rebecca comes home! Nelly hides, but coaches Michael into dominating Rebecca, and then gets involved in a sultry threesome that sees Michael, Rebecca, and Nelly all push their limits of depravity!

Hands On Hardcore - Rebecca Volpetti, Missy Luv & Alyssia Kent - XXX Orgy At School

File: no8z1nahaonhamisalykzilm2pxnz.mp4
Size: 323.19 MB
Duration: 39:35
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Today's Hardcore porn orgy by the DDF Network is going to make you cum instantly! Get ready for a sexy school fuck session with Rebecca Volpetti, Alyssia Kent and Missy Luv. Our two lucky students of the day are Raul Costa and Vince Carter who get to observe two lesbian students sharing a pink double dong right in front of the classroom! Brunette bombshell Rebecca Volpetti crams her tight shaved teen pussy with one of that sex toy while the other hot college student, Missy Luv, fills her wet pink with the other end. Raul Costa and Vince Carter can't believe their eyes and once tutor Alyssia Kent enters the classroom, it's time to take today's Hardcore group sex to the next level!

There's simply no way to stop those four kids from having sex and tutor Alyssia Kent from Romania lets those two hot babes seduce her after a clearing chat at her office. Soon, you'll see those three horny babes suck and fuck the two lads and take their massive veiny dicks in various positions. Get ready for teacher Alyssia Kent's reverse cowgirl ride while Rebecca Volpetti rubs her clit while watching Missy Luv suck that other dude's veiny dick. Loads of cream across three pussies bring today's schoolgirl orgy to a happy end!

Dane Jones - Rebecca Volpetti - Jealous wife cheating sex outdoors

File: ve5egnadajorebvolovahkmaanm.mp4
Size: 193.94 MB
Duration: 25:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When married couple Marc Rose and Rebecca Volpetti rent a cabin in the woods with a bunch of friends, things don't exactly go as planned. Jealous of all the attention her husband is giving to the other ladies they're with, Rebecca storms out during dinner and heads up to the balcony. There, Rebecca meets Michael Fly, who lends a shoulder for the distraught woman to cry on and a hard cock for her to suck on! Rebecca and Michael make out, then the blonde babe drops to her knees and gives Michael a blowjob while he plays with her natural boobs. Michael eats Rebecca out and worships her pussy, then she bounces her ass up and down taking his dick inside of her. After a passionate fuck, Rebecca hops off just in time to take Michael's load in her mouth...just as her husband gets up to find her!

Euro Teen Erotica - Rebecca Volpetti - Hardcore Gym Sex

File: ki8qynaeuteerrebvolj4et7sstob.mp4
Size: 273.82 MB
Duration: 27:30
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: When Rebecca Volpetti goes to the gym she often finds that her endorphins rush right to her hormonal glands and she's overcome with sexual desires. Today when she's pumping iron and tightening up that tush of hers she can't help but notice that Yanick Shaft has got bulging muscles as well as a big bulge protruding from his shorts. The teen immediately pounces on Yanick and pulls out his big piece and eagerly shoves it in her mouth for her first taste of him.

This premium porn hardcore boy-girl Euro Teen Erotica scene gets really raunchy right away with these two new lovers getting it on right there in the gym. The young college girl peels herself out of her booty shorts and top and her curvy ass and natural tits pop right out as she hops on Yannick's big cock for some good thigh tightening exercises, bouncing on his rod in reverse cowgirl.

And more naughtiness is to come from these two when Yannick gets ass to mouth with the brown-eyed babe, ass licking at that great bubble butt of hers and then ass fucking her until her tight little hole makes him bust a nut.