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Reality Kings

Lil Humpers - Alexis Fawx - Inflated Sex Drive.

File: e1hzenalihualefawimvb1epjn3.mp4
Size: 569.73 MB
Duration: 30:28
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: To deal with Ricky Spanishs chronic humping, his father has grudgingly agreed with Alexis Fawx, a sex therapist, that an inflatable sex doll is the best way to help Ricky channel his energy. When Alexis, who is making a house call specifically to treat Ricky, sees Ricky straddling a chair and humping it, she presents him with his new toy. Ricky, though, is too enthusiastic about the chance to hump a sex doll, meaning that Alexis needs to step in and give him the kind of release that an inanimate object cannot.

Round And Brown - Ashley Aleigh - Spring Showers

File: ao2rknaroanbrashaleypv8pmjbhu.mp4
Size: 336.79 MB
Duration: 36:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Spring is in the air, and ebony babe Ashley Aleigh is doing some deep cleaning when she comes across a box of forgotten sex toys. Ashley takes a break from cleaning to test her old toys, and to her pleasure, they still work! Ashley's juicy wet pussy squirts all over the living room window, giving lucky neighbor Robby Echo gets an intimate view of her spring showers! When Ashley catches Robby perving on her, she drags him inside, using his dick to finish the job. Watch Ashley's big round ass bounce as Robby pounds her deep in her soaking wet pussy.

Rk Prime - Lacy Lennon & Jewelz Blu - Hot And Cold

File: sa49unarkprlacjewnjpoj8qvrp.mp4
Size: 498.96 MB
Duration: 46:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's morning for Lacy Lennon as this fiery redhead slips into her thigh high socks, tiny crop top, and favorite pink striped panties. Real anime schoolgirl vibes. She gives Quinton a morning kiss before finishing her routine in the bathroom and heading into the kitchen for breakfast, cute as a button. Jewelz Blu, on the other side of the house, begins the same routine Except with a phone and nude selfies instead of a loyal boyfriend! As Jewelz settles in the living room, horny Lacy begins slobbering over Quinton's throbbing cock, unaware that her roommate is seducing Quinton right over her head! Will the cheating pair be caught, or vicariously fuck through naughty encouragement?

Big Naturals - Skye Blue - Seduce My Masseuse

File: ze9ofnabinaskyblufyd5g6wttc.mp4
Size: 474.19 MB
Duration: 43:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Big natural Skye Blue has been crushing on her masseuse for a while! He's been professional so far, keeping his hands where they're supposed to be, but her little pussy has been soaked and aching each time, waiting for him to cross that line Fuck! Skye decides to take things into her own hands and convinces him to come over for a late night session. She films the whole encounter as he oils and kneads her huge breasts, squeezing and massaging as she amps up her moans. If he doesn't get the signal this time, there may be no hope for him or Skye's eager pussy after all

Rk Prime - Mary Rock - Can't Resist Mary

File: 8wykdnarkprmarrocykknm2etxa.mp4
Size: 624.13 MB
Duration: 45:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's the year of the sock, and Mary Rock is here to look absolutely breathtaking in her cleaning attire. Flowery pajamas that ride up her round butt, dainty top that cradles her perky tits And nothing but pink socks on her perfect feet. And when she's cleaning, there are plenty of intentionally? revealing positions and angles that her boyfriend can't help but stare. He pulls at her clothes, tempting, teasing, but she's insistent! Things NEED to be cleaned! Even when he takes a bite out of that round ass, she persists! Just what is he going to have to do to get balls deep in this European babe?!

Sneaky Sex - Aidra Fox - Lingerie Love

File: prn3vnasnseaidfoxtvrgj6gqin.mp4
Size: 355.63 MB
Duration: 29:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The stunning Aidra Fox's husband is out for the day, so she's got the house all to herself! What better thing for this sexy, brunette to do than invite Charles Dera over for a good, hearty fuck? She texts him an invite and then changes into lovely lingerie to surprise him with. But little does she know, it's labor day, and her husband is on his way home! Nothing is going to stop this babe from having a good ol' time with Charles, so they'll just have to sneak around the hubby.

We Live Together - Avi Love & Savannah Sixx - Listen And Lust

File: kevmynawelitoavisavoe7wtqmjsg.mp4
Size: 251.81 MB
Duration: 28:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: In today's session, Avi Love is treating a patient with some serious concerns of inadequacy. Savannah Sixx simply doesn't feel appreciated, loved, or even just CONNECTED with her boyfriend. He doesn't touch her as much as he used to There's a weird vibe hanging over them both. Savannah feels like she can't satisfy her boyfriend, and it's affecting both of them. Avi, on the other hand, believes that Savannah is just not satisfied herself. Often we try to please others without regard to our own well-being. Avi strips down to her delicate black lingerie and caresses, kisses, and licks every inch of Savannah, reminding her that her own pleasure is not only valuable but necessary.

Rk Prime - Marilyn Sugar - Banging The Noisy Teen

File: vql1ynarkprmarsugicodrxlrme.mp4
Size: 429.33 MB
Duration: 36:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: WHAT'S THAT RACKET? Why, it's teen Marilyn Sugar jamming away in the kitchen, dancing and organizing a nice snack while she bounces around in tight yoga pants and no bra hindering her perky tits jiggling under a red crop top! All this noise disrupts her new stepfather Angelo. If they're going to live together, this bratty lady needs to learn how to behave properly. Not just countertop drumming and making a mess! Unless this Euro goddess can find a way to put her energy to use AND convince Angelo that she's a valuable asset to have nearby

Rk Prime - Aria Kai & Indica Flower - My Secret Wet Hookup: Part 2

File: qhyzmnarkprariind2xng8cvewi.mp4
Size: 352.79 MB
Duration: 28:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After her bathroom fun, Aria ventures out to see if her boyfriend Jmac heard any of those muffled moans. She crawls on top of him, fully naked, to prevent any suspicion and turn his mind to other matters Mainly her big natural tits squishes against his face, her thighs squeezing his legs, hungry for his cock! She gets to work worshipping, swallowing his entire shaft while caressing his balls before riding him, bouncing her bubble butt up and down Up and down Not to be left out, Indica watches for a few seconds, masturbating and aching to join in on the fun. And, let's be fair here, Jmac is more than willing to let Aria invite her friend in to turn this into a threesome with two big natural beauties! I guess this hookup isn't so secret anymore?

Monster Curves - Valentina Jewels - Get Thick

File: muhbinamocuvaljewrkehx9fryh.mp4
Size: 465.90 MB
Duration: 41:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Valentina Jewels is thick. THICC. Dummy thicc. Thick thighs save lives and Valentina is a hero. In a tight one-piece with oil giving her every curve a nice sheen, she's temptation made manifest. Just watch that ass bounce Imagine it smothering your face, swallowing your cock, your hands sinking deep into those cheeks as she giggles at you to spank her harder. With an exercise ball to tease you, this aerobics act is bound to get you in the mood to see her perky round tits bounce while riding on cock, the ripples of her beautiful ass as she gets pounded from behind, the devious smile as she gets the fucking she came here for Come get thick.

We Live Together - Aria Kai & Indica Flower - My Secret Wet Hookup: Part 1

File: pqxaknawelitoariindzyzovamzen.mp4
Size: 293.81 MB
Duration: 24:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Its the morning after a wild night of sex between Indica Flower and Aria Kai Since Aria's boyfriend is out of town, theyve had lots of time and tits on their hands to get away with their secret wet hookup. The morning after is no different as Indica runs her hands over Aria in the bathroom, trying to instigate an early day treat. They kiss and fondle before Indica places Aria on the counter to begin worshipping her beautiful long legs and deliciously eager pussy. WAIT. FUCK. The boyfriend is home, and Indica is forced to hide in the shower while Aria provides a cover story. She convinces him to take a nap, which should give them enough time to shower before he wakes up

Teens Love Huge Cocks - Aria Lee & Vanessa Sky - Fuck Me While You Wait

File: g1ftmnatelohucoarivanrn611d5u84.mp4
Size: 386.90 MB
Duration: 33:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Sky is eager for dick. She's wet, ready, and her mouth is salivating at the thought of wrapping itself around a warm throbbing cock. Feeling hands grip the back of her head as someone moans, thrusting against her tongue and throat. The nearest dick, however, is attached to Small Hands, who is waiting around for Aria to get home. Whatever, fuck it. Vanessa needs it. She CRAVES it. Aria would understand, right? So Vanessa strips down for a normal shower before asking for some assistance. Oh, no, Small Hands, you dont have to look away! Just lather up my round, plump ass! If things get more heated, it's not your fault Until Aria arrives.

Lil Humpers - Bridgette B - The Half Pint Stripper

File: ioumsnalihubribuazaygrw3x.mp4
Size: 478.50 MB
Duration: 34:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Its Bridgette B's bachelorette party and all her friends have made sure that itll be a night shell never forget Her friends have decided to get the soon-to-be-betrothed a hot, hunky male stripper, but the only person who shows up is a tiny, pipsqueak! Desperate to gain the admiration of these women, Ricky Spanish decides to start humping all of them! The women begin to laugh atsarcastically encourage Ricky, before encouraging him to focus all his efforts on Bridgette. She is the bride-to-be after all, and deserves plenty of humping! But can his moves hold up in front of all these beautiful celebrating women?

Rk Prime - Luna Star - King's Spa: Luna

File: ik4rvnarkprlunstabvvx9jle7w.mp4
Size: 433.59 MB
Duration: 38:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back to another edition of King's Spa, where our goal is to give the hottest talent in the industry the kind of attention and pampering they deserve. Today we have the absolutely stunning Luna Star on display. First we soak her sheet in warm oil, having it cling to every part of her curvy Latina body. From her perky tits to her bubble butt, our technicians spend ample time massaging and kneading every sensitive area. We make sure Luna is dripping before fulfilling her other desires. Remember, at this spa there's no limits. Luna's wishes are our commands. And they're followed to the letter without judgement.

Rk Prime - Savannah Sixx - Cum Through My Window

File: 8zgaznarkprsavsixvs6yvzyjum.mp4
Size: 438.71 MB
Duration: 38:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Petite spinner Savannah Sixx is sending risky nudes to Quinton James, tempting him to come over. Only Her dad doesn't exactly approve of this new, tattooed boyfriend. But who is going to let a little parental dissuasion stop them from getting to the love of their life? Or a perfectly tight pussy on display through an open window. Seeing that Latina teen half-naked on bed, bare ass wiggling in the air, taunting you SNEAK IN! Time for a rebellious fuck right under her parent's noses. Maybe make her moan and shout, letting the whole neighborhood know you're balls deep in this gorgeous babe.

Big Naturals - Melody Foxx - Second Thoughts

File: kygqfnabinamelfox2kucvtlht3.mp4
Size: 318.46 MB
Duration: 31:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: You ever get stuck in a situation where your inner thoughts are running wild? You're trying to keep up a conversation with a hot partner, but you can't help but think about their hot body just a couple of feet away? Thinking about how much you want to just tear off their clothes and run your tongue along every inch of their body? Crawl on top of them right there on the couch? Or are you saying one thing while meaning another Playing that game of seduction we all know. Let's see how it plays out with Melody Foxx and Ricky Johnson

Rk Prime - Alyssia Kent - Lend Alyssia A Hand

File: 4xcmtnarkpralykenfimnryzhmm.mp4
Size: 407.49 MB
Duration: 32:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alyssia Kent. Yoga pants clinging against her delicious pussy lips. Long-sleeved top pulled taut over her round natural tits. Revealing and tantalizing positions that stretch out her tight, fit body. All in front of Kristof Why not have him lend a hand? That way he can get up close and personal with Alyssia and she bends, poses, flexes herself. Each with a little gasp or moan of enjoyment. Then, when she's all limbered up, maybe he can lend her something more?

Sneaky Sex - Abella Danger - Game Night

File: cfftgnasnseabedanjitfo4xjiv.mp4
Size: 359.24 MB
Duration: 28:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's college game night with the curvy babe Abella Danger, and she's taking the time to hide out in a closet, wiggling her giant butt in tight pink booty shorts and clinging fishnet stockings. But why the hell is it taking so long for her to be found? She's not THAT good at hiding She rummages through some drawers and bad jewelry before finding a giant hidden dildo. Well, she does have time to kill may as well play with her perfect, pink, wet pussy. Abella gags on the dildo to get it nice and ready before sliding it balls deep between her tight lips. Of course, that's when Xander conveniently arrives to use the same hiding spot. Well. What's better than a cold dildo? A warm, throbbing, REAL cock in Abella's throat! No better way to spend the time, especially if you get to eat out Abella's world record ass

Monster Curves - Violet Starr - She's Here To Clean?

File: 2kpd3namocuviostairduj4lhm4.mp4
Size: 379.85 MB
Duration: 29:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a night of partying, Ricky orders a special maid in the form of gorgeous, all natural Violet Starr for his friend Isiah. Are we sure that's the right uniform? String bikini, fishnet, cute hairband? Violet looks stunning as she struts through the house, her ass and tits bouncing with every step. But there's something else about her. The devilish smile? Bedroom eyes? Or that relaxed, fuck me attitude? Oh. Yeah. It's the attitude. Your dick fits so good in my little hole. I love it stroking my little hole as your balls slam against my clit. Yeah, she's a keeper AND a cleaner.

We Live Together - Stella Flex & Jia Lissa - A Perfect Flexible Pair

File: wfmllnawelitostejiauisetuv5vv.mp4
Size: 561.50 MB
Duration: 42:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today you are blessed with the gorgeous pairing of Jia Lissa and Stella Flex. In tight clingy wardrobe, they position, stretch, and flex along a yoga mat, pressing their bodies together in the right angles to take care of tense muscles But as things start to feel better, a leg flexing against a round ass, tops pushed to their limit against perky tits Soon they're kissing, licking, and worshipping one another, entwined in their eagerness to get as close as possible! Watching these two beauties moan, their tongues travel across their bodies. Really. What more do you need? With this pairing, this enthusiasm, this sensual wetness It's practically art.

Lil Humpers - Monique Alexander - Fucking Pantyhoser.

File: lzdqvnalihumonaletpsvsyoqnx.mp4
Size: 380.40 MB
Duration: 34:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Fabulously rich Monique Alexander comes home to find her personal assistant Jordi cleaning up around the house. Moniques a rich MILF who just wants to see this young man work hard. After a long day, Monique wants nothing more than a foot rub and Jordi is happy to oblige, but cant help but hump her leg as it does it! It doesnt take much for Monique to realize this guy has no idea what the hell hes doing and offers to help with his horny urges will he have any idea what to do with her hot bod?

Rk Prime - Desiree Dulce - Atypical Porn Delivery

File: y5tuynarkprdesdul2ql52zcy9b.mp4
Size: 337.03 MB
Duration: 30:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Desiree is almost too beautiful to be true. Juicy lips, round perfect tits, an ass that you could rest your head on for days But when she puts that all on display for a series of delivery guys in a sexual prank, they DO seem to sleep on this beauty! As each delivery guy ignores her, Desiree turns up the intensity, stripping down and teasing off her wet eager pussy until one brave soul gets lured in for more than just a big tip!

Rk Prime - Roxy Risingstar - Take A Bite

File: 5urr9narkprroxrisiyb29mupzq.mp4
Size: 458.01 MB
Duration: 39:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Do you like thick blondes? Big boobs, bubble butts, thighs to smother you? Maybe in yoga pants that are just transparent enough to show the slutty panties underneath? Roxy checks all those boxes and more, getting a bit too eager in the kitchen while Raul relaxes on the couch. But temptation is a harsh mistress, and it's not long before she catches his eye. And when you're presented with an amazing woman like this, it's hard to resist. Raul wastes no time and quickly presses Roxy up against the fridge as he fucks her from behind, sending those tits bouncing as she bites her lip and moans in pleasure. And that's only the beginning for this naughty woman She loves being your thick submissive toy.

Teens Love Huge Cocks - Laney Grey - Please Don't Tell

File: jpu5ynatelohucolangres5ymxbbqxy.mp4
Size: 302.28 MB
Duration: 30:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Little Laney Grey is studying in a cute little tube top and snug jean shorts when her hands start to wander Why bother with Calc IV when you can pull out your favorite dildo and feel more? Except that it's not her dildo, and Ricky catches her in the middle of it! Well, I'm sure they can come to some sort of arrangement. With Laney's wide pouty eyes, eager lips, and tight body, Ricky can't resist making a deal. It isn't long before that THICC ass is bouncing up and down on his cock as she moans for more.

Rk Prime - Lexi Dona - Lithe Lexi

File: oiaoznarkprlexdonyo9vqrarkd.mp4
Size: 272.09 MB
Duration: 24:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Dona is working on stretching out her lithe body. In skimpy pink and black workout gear, she kicks, moves, and flexes, giving her trainer great views of her bubble butt and perky tits. With thighs to die for and a camel toe straining against her shorts, how could anyone resist keeping their hands off her? Soon the workout involves a bit more than aerobics and cardio as they move on to the real training worshiping dick while upside down on an exercise ball! Fingering on a platform! Getting absolutely pounded with her high pony bouncing. So this is how Lexi stays lithe, huh?

Teens Love Huge Cocks - Ellie Eilish - Does Your Mom Know You're Here?

File: xrs6tnatelohucoelleilzrocmxq4v6.mp4
Size: 313.27 MB
Duration: 28:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ellie is a cute teen eager to meet Alex after they've been sending pictures back and forth. She shows up in a braless blue top, her perky nipples poking out as she giggles shyly. She's up for ANYTHING. Let's see. We have a perky, bubbly, giggly teen getting comfortable, showing off her perky tits What could they POSSIBLY do?! We've already peeled off those shorts to show her bubble butt. And she feels a lot more natural naked. We offer her a throbbing stunt cock and she eagerly pulls it closer to her smiling wet lips. It's almost as big as her forearm, can this spinner take it all?

Rk Prime - Aubree Valentine - Cock Sock

File: stiqbnarkpraubval3jqvwcnjnt.mp4
Size: 451.62 MB
Duration: 41:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Boys, we know when it's time It's time. You grab the nearest old t-shirt, tissues, boxers Socks. Anything to soak up your load before you burst. Aubree's pretty pink and white socks are no different for Van, using them as emergency jerk material. But when Aubree wakes up and gets dressed, she puts her foot into a wet, cum-filled sock. Perfect. Exactly how this big butt brunette wanted to start her day! Now she's going to have to bathe her tight body Wait. Why is she bothering. Get Van to do it! Maybe she can deal with this fetish once and for all.

Rk Prime - Adriana Chechik - While You Wait

File: ydglenarkpradrchexgbxj7wftv.mp4
Size: 364.69 MB
Duration: 26:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: If you knock on a door to hang out with your friend, and someone looking like Adriana Chechik answers in nothing but a towel That would cause you to think twice, right? You venture in and wait for you friend, while really hoping for a peek underneath. As things drag on you start to wander, catching Adriana in the midst of putting on her final touches, topless and in nylons! But when she catches you, this aggressive woman takes what she wants from you. Not used to an assertive lady, hmm? It's fun. Let her take control. Tear those stockings off!

Sneaky Sex - Bella Rolland - Turning Her Off And On Again

File: ezu4hnasnsebelroljddes7mqia.mp4
Size: 402.57 MB
Duration: 30:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Stirling Cooper is relieved when IT Professional Bella Rolland knocks on his door for an at-home service appointment, until he remembers all the freaky foot photos he has stored in his cache. Good thing this gorgeous brunette knows how to keep a secret and is only too happy to have him worship her toes before he rams her.

We Live Together - Talia Mint & Liya Silver - Table Tennis Treats

File: nlsr2nawelitotalliygyvtkhhp1i.mp4
Size: 182.56 MB
Duration: 22:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: European super-beauties Talia Mint and Liya Silver face off on a game of table-top tennis. But they dont play by any ordinary rules! For every missed ball, the loser loses an article of clothing. But they dont get that far, because Liya tries to cheat, and there is only one reasonable way for Talia to react by punishing Liya with some spanking and sloppy pussy licking. Soon enough, a third player is introduced a big pink dildo thats long enough for both girls to share. Wait, hold on, does is this still a punishment? Either way, Id like to turn myself in, officer.

Rk Prime - Kara Lee - Bathroom Attendant

File: xtdkqnarkprkarleebucdmjpxrm.mp4
Size: 438.54 MB
Duration: 37:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When the big, buff Jmac walks into a nice restaurant's bathroom, he is surprised to find that the bathroom has an attendant but not only that this attendant is a beautiful blonde girl Kara Lee! Looking sexy in her little service outfit, she offers him her assortment of goodies mints, a cologne, and her juicy wet pussy. That's right! They fuck right in the public bathroom before content Jmac resumes his evening as planned. But the fuck-obsessed Kara is hardly satisfied! Good thing there's a string of hot guys coming in to use the facilities tonight, and next up is Duncan Saint. Kara seduces and fucks him too, and then sends him off while she waits for the next guys to step into her lair. This girl has her dream job!

Rk Prime - Brooklyn Gray - Brooklyn's Got Brains

File: 4xhllnarkprbrogra5mn2wnrbv2.mp4
Size: 335.90 MB
Duration: 29:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Are Brooklyn Gray and Ricky Johnson actually studying, or are they just thinking about tearing each other's clothes off? We know you are! Watch athletic brunette Brooklyn get Ricky out of his head and into his... other head during this sexy study break. Ricky spanks Brooklyn's bubble butt before pounding and stretching her tight pussy.

Big Naturals - Gabriela Lopez - Big Titty Barista

File: mjqkmnabinagablopcdyuwzoqhx.mp4
Size: 361.06 MB
Duration: 33:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Duncan Saint makes a stop into a coffee shop, where he is quickly entranced by sexy barista Gabriela Lopez and her gloriously jiggling tits. Gabriela is all too happy to be the center of attention, especially once Duncan starts filming her from his seat. Once the other customers have left, Gabriela decides to give Duncan more than a caffeine fix.

Rk Prime - Abigail Mac - I Fucked My Bnb Host

File: hlppmnarkprabimac1k7nmjo14p.mp4
Size: 347.30 MB
Duration: 34:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Curvy brunette model icon Abigail Mac is vlogging her BnB experience with her videographer boyfriend when stern host Isiah Maxwell prohibits them from shooting at his place. Luckily, our big tit influencer has found a compromise! Spotted creeping on her in the bedroom, Abigail ropes voyeur Isiah into a sexy amateur video while her boyfriend records her getting fucked.

Lil Humpers - Brittany Andrews - Humpers Infestation

File: c6ppanalihubriandbynz2e9u2z.mp4
Size: 295.72 MB
Duration: 26:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: An unlucky suburban couple have a problem. A Lil Humpers problem in fact, it's a Lil Humpers infestation! The husband doesn't think its such a big deal, but his wife is the one who is being harassed the most! At last, the wife has had enough and calls in an exterminator, Brittany Andrews! Brittany is a professional and isn't afraid to get up close and personal with the little buggers to get the job done!

Big Naturals - Gabbie Carter - Alone With The Roomate

File: nmxavnabinagabcarp85ex46lhu.mp4
Size: 305.27 MB
Duration: 27:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Bombshell Gabbie Carter has the house all to herself, and you know what that means! Precious privacy to flaunt around in barely any clothing in Gabbies case, that looks like rocking a serious underboob and wearing teeny tiny shorts. But it turns out this brunette cutie isnt home alone at all! Her roommates hot boyfriend, Xander Corvus, is hanging around. And once he gets a glance at Gabbies delicious and barely covered body, he goes totally wild for her. He sneaks up to Gabbie and pulls her shorts to the side, for a good look at her pretty little pussy. But Gabbie isnt having none of it, so she leaves Xander and his massive boner in the kitchen to go take a steamy hot shower. But Xander isnt giving up this easy. He follows her into the shower, and horny Gabbie cant resist him any longer. They fuck in the shower and then move it to the living room but that doesnt mean Gabbie is any less wet! Get it? Xander cums all over Gabbies face and Gabbie heads off for shower 2!

We Live Together - Harmony Wonder, Katie Kush & Jewelz Blu - Pick Your Pleasure

File: uy1cynawelitoharkatjewn3hdcyoyzp.mp4
Size: 299.00 MB
Duration: 22:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Game night with the girls is going to be a little naughtier than usual! Best friends Harmony Wonder, Jewelz Blu and Katie Kush are all single and these stunning, sexual ladies have to take their needs out on someone, right? Might as well be on each other! Harmony has a fun way to make it a little more exciting than your average three-way hookup shes going to make a game out of it! A pink fortune teller communicates to the girls what they have to do to each other. It starts innocently enough Jewelz Blu and Katie Kush are directed to make out. Totally innocent, girl pal stuff, right? Wrong! Things start to escalate with Katie gets to use a vibrator on Harmony. Want to know what else this sneaky fortune teller has in store? Youll have to watch to see! But heres a hint a smoking hot threesome thatll make the cows come home.

Moms Bang Teens - Kimmy Granger & Eva Notty - Do Not Fuck Around With My Stepmom

File: xy9y4namobatekimevajz8llvwq1s.mp4
Size: 515.34 MB
Duration: 42:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Eva Notty is a tall, blonde and busty MILF who has it made, namely because shes fucking the cute and toned brunette, Kimmy Granger! But nothing's ever that simple, because Kimmy happens to be the girlfriend of Eva's new stepson, Oliver Flynn. Oof. When Oliver confronts Eva about this, shes not afraid to grab him by the cock and show him just why his girlfriend keeps coming back to her. While they get down and dirty in the shower, Kimmy shows up, wondering if suggesting a threesome with Oliver's stepmom might be too weird. Little does Kimmy know, Oliver is already fucking his stepmom right in front of her! Kimmys shock wears off pretty quickly and Eva is happy to teach these teens a little lesson in doing it right. Eva and Kimmy take turns fucking and sucking Olivers big cock. Kimmy rides Olivers cock like a magic carpet while Eva sits on his face and plays with Kimmys little titties. And then its switch time! No one is left out of this threesome and Oliver cums right in their beautiful mouths as they snowball and share every last drop. Sharing is caring!