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Rachel Rivers

Doghouse Digital - Rachel Rivers - Creamed Teens

File: e387bnadodiracrivfb3x2zereh.mp4
Size: 920.58 MB
Duration: 21:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Doghouse kicks things up a notch with their latest release, Creamed Teens. Enjoy four sexy young vixens that only have one thing on their minds, and that's seducing hard cocks! These sluts are truly amazing cum catchers, you won't want to miss this cum filled release!

First Class POV - Rachel Rivers - Rachel Rivers Gets Wrecked On POV

File: ceyvdnaficlporacrivbjhglbtdkl.mp4
Size: 604.07 MB
Duration: 30:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Brown-eyed slut Rachel Rivers is ready to have her pussy fucked in POV. Her perky tits and bubble butt are a sight to behold. No man in their right mind can resist her exotic beauty. Rachel smiles in anticipation as she shows off her new beige lingerie. She can't hide the excitement on her face as she teases and flirts with you. It doesn't take a long time until Rachel has your cock deep in her throat. The naughty slut gives you a blowjob, making sure that your dick is wet with her spit. She then lets you fuck her deep in doggystyle, missionary, and cowgirl. The sweet sound of her moans made you want to pound her little twat harder until you shower her pretty face with warm cum.

Nubile Films - Jasmin Luv & Rachel Rivers - A Gift From My Wife

File: bfc4onanufijasraceiuxkougot.mp4
Size: 1.81 GB
Duration: 34:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jazmin Luv has been into her friend Rachel Rivers for a while, but as a committed woman she had to be careful how she approached the subject with her boyfriend. Finally, Jazmin gets the inspiration for what to do. She decides to wait for Kyle Mason's birthday and then introduce Rachel as the third person for a threesome they've been talking about having for a while.

Jazmin invites Rachel over before Kyle gets home so she can get intimate with her hot friend. Rachel doesn't know what she's signing up for when she shows up at Jazmin's door, but once Jazmin makes her intentions clear Rachel is totally game. Minutes later, Jazmin is buried tongue deep in Rachel's pussy, having divested her friend from her dress to find some crotchless panties and fishnet stockings underneath...

Leaning back, Rachel lets Jazmin have her naughty way with her. Jazmin stays with it, tonguing her friend's meaty fuck hole, until Kyle arrives home. When Kyle walks in, the sight that greets him initially takes him aback. Jazmin is so nonchalant about it, though, that Kyle soon lets himself be drawn in for a cock sucking threesome with two girls who want to cater to his every wish.

Rachel is the first to open wide and start sucking Kyle's fuck stick. Meanwhile, Jazmin makes herself at home between Rachel's thighs, eating her friend out as Rachel keeps blowing Kyle. Eventually, Jazmin gets a taste of the D as she crawls up to indulge.

Laying down, Rachel pulls Jazmin on top of her. Jazmin plants her snatch on Rachel's face, then starts rocking her hips. Meanwhile, Kyle slides on home into Rachel's fuck hole to enjoy her lusty charms. The girls change things up by having Kyle lay down so that Jazmin can hop aboard and ride Kyle with every evidence of deep pleasure.

Next up, Rachel gets on her hands and knees so that Kyle can dive deep into her puss. Since she's leaning forward, anyway, it's simple for Rachel to bury her face between Jazmin's thighs so that she can muffle her moans properly. The girls swap spots, which lets Jazmin indulge in one last pussy feast, letting her finish Rachel off even as Kyle finishes her off.

When the girls are finally sated, they work together to deliver a double blowjob for Kyle's deep pleasure. He holds out as long as he can so he can enjoy the ride, but eventually he can't wait another moment. Rachel is the lucky recipient of Kyle's cum shot, while Jazmin kisses the evidence of her boyfriend's facial from her friend's lips.

1000 Facials - Rachel Rivers - Last Call

File: srokjna10faracriveyha4ikst6.mp4
Size: 1.07 GB
Duration: 15:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rachel Rivers is always up for some excitement. While her and Codey Steele are at the bar getting close to last call, Codey decides to try his luck by suggesting a blowjob under the bar. At first, Rachel is hesitant but then gets an adrenaline rush from the thought of getting caught. Before Codey knows it his pants are around his ankles and his big cock is down Rachel's throat. This cutie sucks cock so well it doesn't take long for Codey to blow his massive load all over her face!

Adult Time - Rachel Rivers & Kylie Rocket - Sister Vs. Sister

File: q3agznaadtirackyleisxlj8me7.mp4
Size: 2.15 GB
Duration: 40:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jay and his step-sister Rachel Rivers are waiting around, chatting while they wait for Kylie Rocket, their new step-sister, who is moving in after Kylie's mom recently married Jay's dad. Rachel seems excited but a bit nervous while Jay seems more annoyed. Rachel teases that he's just jealous, although Jay defends that that's not it at all. It's just that with everything his dad's been through, he finds it a bit hard to trust new women coming into their lives.

Kylie soon arrives and is greeted, then led away by Jay to her new room. But before he leaves, he plants a seed of doubt in Rachel's head, making her feel like Jay's dad likes Kylie better.

Once he's alone with Kylie in her bedroom, he plants seeds of doubt in her head as well to make her lose confidence. It's more clear now that he's intentionally trying to pit the sisters against each other.

He then abruptly leaves and goes to visit Rachel, talking about how Kylie's such a breath of fresh air in the house. She's so lively and bubbly, and eager to please. She already has a special place in his dad's heart, there's no doubt about it. He's sure she's going to be the sweetheart of the family. Rachel looks worried, though tries to hide it.

Jay then abruptly announces he has to go check on Kylie and leaves.

Jay returns to Kylie's room, pretending to be checking in on her settling in again. He once again begins manipulating her. Kylie, her confidence shaken, seems to be sucking up to Jay even more. She asks what he thinks she can do to really be accepted by the family. Jay tells her that, as Dad's real son, making sure HE Jay is happy is a good place to start. Jay slowly but pointedly rubs his crotch. He says that he can think of a way that a cute girl like her could make a guy like him reaaaaalllly happy...

Kylie is shocked but desperate not to be left out. She is hesitant as Jay casually insists that if she REALLY wants his dad to love her, she needs HIS help. Only HE can get his dad to pay more attention to Kylie over Rachel. She hesitates for a few moments before dropping to her knees and giving him an enthusiastic blowjob. Jay stops her before he cums, pretending that he hears something. He does a 'sshhh' gesture to her and puts his cock back in his pants. Telling her that he's going to make sure Rachel didn't hear them, he leaves.

Jay then visits Rachel and convinces her to give him a blowjob to keep her place in the family. She unbuttons Jay's pants and slides his cock into her mouth. But midway through the blowjob, Kylie checks in on them and is shocked to find Rachel blowing Jay. Jay then convinces them to get mad at each other instead of him, which they do, erupting into a fight with each other. Rachel is furious about Kylie invading her space and her family. Kylie is furious that Rachel thinks she's better than her.

As they argue about their place in the family and Jay calmly watches, the fight turns to the topic of Jay, with each of them arguing that he likes them more. Jay plays innocent and says that they're both fine girls. He hints that he would need to spend more time with each of them to choose a favorite.

Rachel and Kylie jump at the chance to prove themselves, both fawning over Jay and trying to make the other jealous. They now completely see each other as rivals, trying to win Jay over by showing him who can fuck him the best.

This sister versus sister battle is only going to have one victor, Jay!

Bang Roadside XXX - Rachel Rivers - Rachel Rivers Is Stranded Late At Night And Fucks Her Way Out Of It

File: v1vs2nabaroxxracrivqtdqy7ur55.mp4
Size: 1.49 GB
Duration: 37:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rachel Rivers is having car trouble and she needs to drive 4 hours to get back home. It's late at night and she doesn't have anywhere to stay until the next morning when her car is fixed. He tries to give her the idea of sticking his pickle inside her, and at first she isn't interested. After realizing that there isn't an option, she agrees to get her pussy rammed in exchange for some car services.

Kinky Family - Rachel Rivers - Stepsis Good For Kinky Fuck

File: dq89knakifaracrivjcgbz1pnvc.mp4
Size: 229.47 MB
Duration: 27:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I was just trying to chill on a couch when my younger stepsis came on to me asking for some cash. Hmmm what can she do for me to compensate for being a bitch to me and taking money from me? How about sucking my big dick and letting me fuck her with no rubber! This fucking tramp is good for nothing but sex, so why I shouldn't be the one fucking her? Right on this couch, bitch! Bend over and take it like a fucking slut you are. Yeah!

Raw Attack - Rachel Rivers - Brunette Rachel Rivers Is A Sexy And Horny Babe

File: hil2snaraatracriveiqhgmlgcv.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 37:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Brunette and tan Rachel Rivers is new in the business, she is only 20 years old, we meet on the internet and I was surprised with her natural beauty and her hot body, I invite her to my apartment to know each other a little better and she came with a suitcase with all her seductive and tiny lingerie, so I help her to choose her sexy outfit. I don't even let her finish dress 'cause I'm really horny and one thing leads to another, we start to masturbate each other and after she sucks my hard cock, this filthy princess never thinks twice to accept a vibrator when offered one.

Teens Love Huge Cocks - Rachel Rivers - Brave Brace Face

File: a5jranatelohucoracrivkv2vjqbmk1.mp4
Size: 494.34 MB
Duration: 39:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Black haired Rachel Rivers has a nice set of... pearls. Thanks to her braces, the depraved girl's smile is cute as fuck. Ricky Johnson lures her in his car, promising her a nice ride. We quickly understand that by ride he meant fuck. Back at his place, Ricky gets to know Rachel. She talks a bit about herself but soon, both Ricky and the cameraman want to know what's underneath her clothes. The naughty slut flashes a boob and then sucks Ricky's cock. The guy's hungry for her other hole. Rachel gets on all four and Ricky slides it in her eager pussy. Rachel can't contain herself. Here comes the moaning and the eyes rolling back! Holding both her hands, Ricky pulls and thrusts her as deeply as he can. A nice reverse cowgirl reveals more of the young woman's body. Legs spread, she bounces recklessly on Ricky's dick. The man loves to explore Rachel's depths while choking her. After the intense banging session, he decides her lovely braced smile deserves a shot of his ginormous load.

Lethal Hardcore - Rachel Rivers - My Boyfriends Dad Makes Me Cum 6

File: lvk4cnaleharacrivk5gien8vfx.mp4
Size: 313.32 MB
Duration: 32:45
Format: mp4
Description: Leah Lee loves her boyfriend but he's a real wet noodle in the bedroom, so his Dad saved the family name by making her cum! Lily Glee's boyfriend knows how to work that pussy like a conductor! Rachel Rivers might be petite, but that doesn't mean she can cum from her boyfriend's teenage penis, she needs a full grown man cock to get off, so she fucks his dad! Viva Athena's boyfriend is a talented quarterback, but has never scored a touchdown deep inside her vagina!

LA New Girl - Rachel Rivers - Modeling Audition

File: uqxzqnalanegiracrivsyt9o6d9gq.mp4
Size: 751.94 MB
Duration: 01:33:02
Resolution: 534x400
Format: mp4
Description: A beautiful Teen latina with braces is in the studio this week. What a hottie! Wearing her super sexy white jean shorts and cute pink top, she is excited to show how well she can suck cocks. She says she loves sucking hard cocks and it shows as she pumps on it with her mouth. She gets so horny that she asks our Producer to fuck her. He makes her cum with his cock a number of times before shooting his load on her stomach. Wow, what a load!

Jesseloads Monster Facials - Rachel Rivers - Rachel Is A Beautiful And Passionate Little Latina

File: kiejfnajemofaracriv12q5o3lan3.mp4
Size: 320.38 MB
Duration: 39:35
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Rachel is a beautiful and passionate little Latina with the energy of a wild cat and hunger to match. For cock, of course. Specially when it's a nice fat one like Chad's. She is literally giddy about fucking him and she doesn't waste time proving it. She sucks and fucks him silly and with the only two of them in the room they hit it off and the facial proves it!

Teen Pies - Rachel Rivers - The Pregnant Teen Pussy Plot

File: l5npjnatepiracriv4hwp1cqkkj.mp4
Size: 590.92 MB
Duration: 43:23
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: When banging teen Rachel Rivers meets a rich, hung guy, she immediately knows what she has to do. She seduces him and makes sure that he has the time of his life plowing her juicy teen slit. He shoves his giant dong in her mouth, fucking her face relentlessly as she gags and chokes on his shaft. Then, she mounts him and grinds her cooch on his cock to bring him to the edge of euphoria. She attends to every inch of his pole before making him cum deep inside of her snatch. And when that gooey creampie turns into a baby, Rachels plan cums full circle!

Family Strokes - Rachel Rivers - Internships And Stepsister Intercourse

File: fxnnynafastracrivlege1m4c6r.mp4
Size: 386.43 MB
Duration: 46:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Brace faced sweetheart Rachel Rivers cannot help but distract her business minded stepbrother as he gets ready for his first day on his new internship. He really wants to be on time, but as soon as his sexy stepsister starts rubbing his veiny dick, he is unable to resist. These two get up to all kinds of pussy stuffing fun all over the house, all under their stepdads nose. Rachel deepthroats her stepbros cock and enjoys sizzling pussy penetration that leaves her in an orgasmic haze. Then, she plays with her stepbros sperm! Hope this guy gets to his internship at some point

Karups - Rachel Rivers - Drilled By The Dentist

File: gsi32nakarracriv7lpsyid9bd.mp4
Size: 378.98 MB
Duration: 33:05
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: One of the worst parts about having braces is all the time you have to spend with the dentist. After an appointment, Rachel was in some pain so she went to the dentists house to see if he could see her and help her out. When he agreed to examine her, she took her shirt off and teased her nipples then admitted that the reason she came over wasnt to get her braces fixed, but to get her pussy fucked. The cute teen took her shorts off, bent over, and let him finger her wet, tight pussy then she took his dick out and showed him that, braces and all, she can really suck cock. Rachel couldnt stop smiling when she got on top of him and rode his hard cock, her tight ass in his face. She kept cumming on his dick making it soaking wet with her juices. When he laid her back to fuck that shaved pussy, she lost her mind and came hard on his shaft. Like a good patient, she even let the doctor bust a nut all over her cute face and braces.

Brace Faced - Rachel Rivers - Oral Fixation And Pussy Penetration

File: yfu9anabrfaracrivtooy8fqdvf.mp4
Size: 579.43 MB
Duration: 42:32
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Insecure sweetheart Rachel Rivers is tired of her braces, and she wants them off now. She does not have the cash to get a specialist to do it for her, so she tries to do it herself! Luckily, a medical professional shows up just in time to help her out. He agrees to take her braces off the right way for a simple payment of some tight teen pussy. Rachel lays across the table while the guy rams her cunt and fills her all the way up. She can barely take his whole dick! Then, they move to the bedroom where she enjoys some sizzling pussy penetration and a mouthful of jizz. That should fix her dental problems!

BangBros 18 - Rachel Rivers - Rachel Rivers Gets Caught Taking Nudes

File: jvt8mnaba18racrivoszkjrrfmn.mp4
Size: 361.68 MB
Duration: 32:22
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rachel Rivers is bored and horny at home. While everyone is away she gets a naughty idea. She starts recording herself beating her pussy. Her Stepdad comes home early to catch her daughter in the act. Rachel is busted but with some quick thinking, she thinks of a solution to avoid punishment. She perks up and sucks her stepdad's cock, feeling unfettered Jmac picks her up and then 69 in mid-air. Rachel gets her pussy pulverized by her stepdad's massive cock. She gets stretched to her limit in her pussy and acrobatically.

BangBros 18 - Rachel Rivers - Cum On My Braces

File: 2xeunnaba18racrivmgaywfnuni.mp4
Size: 590.10 MB
Duration: 52:46
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rachel Rivers was this young cute girl with braces. She was getting ready for her first porn shoot. She was never fucked by a big dick before. Tyler Steel would be her first stud. His penis was really big. She was wondering if it would hurt. When she blew him his dick got even bigger. Then he started to fuck her. Really rough and deep. He slapped her breasts. He fucked her in very unusual positions so he could penetrate her even deeper. He came all over her braces and his cum filled her mouth.