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Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo - Sovereign Syre - Invasion Of Privacy

File: lr5ownaputasovsyroifmpgwj5q.mp4
Size: 2.04 GB
Duration: 49:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

SCENE OPENS on Tammy Sovereign Syre. She is chatting on the phone to a friend as she tidies up around the house. She mentions her recent breakup and talks about how happy she is that she has moved into a brand new place. Tammy also mentions that she has seemingly been misplacing things lately.

Tammy looks around her new apartment with a smile, excited for her new beginning.


Days later, Tammy walks into the room from the bathroom. She has a towel around her body and a separate towel around her head. She has clearly just gotten out of the shower. As she walks towards her bed, she looks down at the floor, stopping in her tracks as she sees something. She looks surprised and puzzled as she looks down at an unlit and unused cigarette. Tammy picks it up. She looks very unsettled and nervous as she looks around the room.

Tammy who doesn't smoke quickly calls her superintendent Ray Calvin Hardy to ask if any maintenance people have been in her apartment. He tells her nobody has and mentions the possibility of the previous tenant still having a key. This makes Tammy even more nervous but Ray assures her that the building is safe.

Days later, Tammy arrives home to find her door open. Looking fearful and uncertain what to do, Tammy calls Ray in a panic. He tells her he will be right over to change the locks as a precaution.

A few minutes later, Ray has just finished changing the locks. Tammy is very appreciative to Ray for making her feel safe. But there's something Tammy doesn't know about Ray...something that would make her rethink ever inviting him into her home...

Pure Taboo - Aiden Ashley & Maya Woulfe - A Touch Of Envy

File: vlvlinaputaaidmayrc998qdlfx.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 38:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A TOUCH OF ENVY

SCENE OPENS on April Maya Woulfe, who is trying to film a programming tutorial for her online channel. But April's filming is constantly being interrupted by her roommate Mia Joanna Angel, who is working out loudly in the other room. Finally, April goes to Mia's room to confront her and ask her to be more quiet. But Mia is dismissive and condescending. April grits her teeth, fuming internally at Mia's cruelty.

A few days later, Mia and her girlfriend Cassidy Aiden Ashley are hanging out at home in the kitchen when Mia gets a call from work and has to go, leaving Cassidy alone. Meanwhile, in the other room, April is at her computer, at work on a devious plan. With a malicious look in her eyes, she sends an altered photo of Mia cheating on Cassidy to Cassidy. When Cassidy receives the photo, she is heartbroken. Enacting the next part of her plan, April walks into the kitchen as Cassidy is breaking down. April begins to comfort Cassidy. In a fit of jealousy, Cassidy, playing right into April's hands, begins kissing April passionately.

Mia should NEVER have messed with April.

Pure Taboo - Cindy Starfall - It Takes Two

File: 1lnhtnaputacinstaaumcgxkpbz.mp4
Size: 627.04 MB
Duration: 43:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: IT TAKES TWO

Two Strangers Cheat On Their Spouses And Have Risky Sex With Each Other

SCENE OPENS on Scott and his wife Sofia Cindy Starfall exiting a home office, closing the door behind them, and walking into a waiting area. As Scott gushes to Sofia about her commitment to their marriage and talks about the counseling session they have just finished, Sofia is intrigued by another man, Andrew Dillon Cox, in the waiting area.

Her gaze strays down to Andrew's hand and she notices a wedding band on his finger. A glint flashes through her eyes as she sees this. Andrew looks back, a hint of a mischievous smile on his lips. Sofia seems to get an idea and breaks eye contact with Andrew, turning her full attention back to her husband. Sofia then manipulates Scott to go get their car for them, leaving Sofia and Andrew alone together.


With Scott gone, Sofia and Andrew chat. It is revealed that Andrew is the marriage counselor's husband. As they continue to talk, flirting back and forth, it quickly becomes clear that both Andrew and Sofia have no issues with cheating on their spouses. Licking their lips hungrily, they each slip their wedding bands off, anxious to get at each other.

It takes two to make a marriage work...but it also takes two to break its bonds...

Pure Taboo - Lola Fae - Future Darkly: Pandemic

File: yiyygnaputalolfaephoy2vhdwi.mp4
Size: 1.88 GB
Duration: 46:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 'Safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.'
-Eleanor Everet


SCENE OPENS on Anna Lola Fae. She is exercising while listening to a podcast. It looks routine and she's low-energy.

Meanwhile, Alex Lucky Fae is on his laptop doing remote work. He looks bored. In the background, there is a digital picture frame automatically scrolling through pictures of Alex and Anna on lots of adventures. It's clear they're a couple, that they once enjoyed the great outdoors, and are in love.

As Anna continues to listen to the podcast, she hears an announcement that the self-isolation restrictions have been lifted for her county. People can now see each other again, although they must still be responsible. Anna is in a state of shock for a few moments but then becomes very excited.

When Alex hears the news he is shocked, then hurriedly messages a coworker that he's going on lunch break.


Outside Anna's house a short while later, Alex hurries to the front door, wearing head-to-toe protective gear, including a full-body suit. He anxiously knocks on the door. Anna answers, also in full protective gear. They both exclaim that they are so happy to finally be together after all this time. They go in to hug each other but hesitate. Even though they are fully protected, they are so used to their old habits. They don't hug and instead awkwardly laugh it off before Anna invites him inside.

Anna directs Alex to her self-assessment station, which contains a disposable thermometer and paperwork to fill out. Alex automatically takes his temperature and does the self-assessment as if it's an everyday thing. He's a little more clumsy than usual, though, given how excited he is to see Anna. He is cleared and they are relieved.

Anna and Alex once again talk about how excited they are to finally see each other in person. They especially can't wait to touch each other. As they say so, they become uncomfortable and uncertain. They suggest that they should still keep everything on, to be extra safe...

They move to the couch, both sitting on opposite ends. They notice and awkwardly laugh. They try to move closer together but it clearly makes them uncomfortable. Once they finally get close enough, they begin touching each other through the clothing, although it's still awkward to begin with. But they both obviously want attention and affection.

The world may finally be getting back to normal, but can Anna and Alex?

Pure Taboo - Eliza Eves - God Help Me

File: fmgoenaputaelievemjrfg63wen.mp4
Size: 747.87 MB
Duration: 41:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: GOD HELP ME

Molly Crystal Taylor is a devout woman who just wants to do good in her life. However, her teen daughter, Juliet Eliza Eves, is leading a sinful life that has Molly praying for her poor soul. Molly is so desperate to get through to her rebellious daughter that she finally invites her priest, Father Davis Tommy Pistol, over to try and talk to her.

Of course, once Juliet is alone with Father Davis, her resentment towards her mother for always meddling in her life boils over. She's tired of Molly acting holier than thou. Juliet's a young woman -- what's wrong with going out there and enjoying life? Figuring herself out? There's nothing WRONG with that!

Although Father Davis tries to be empathetic, it's clear that he's a do-gooder like Molly, which means Juliet has no time for him... but as Father Davis tries to calm Juliet and set her on the right path, Juliet gets an idea as she hungrily looks him over. Juliet's going to get her mom to stop bothering her once and for all... and sweet Father Davis is going to help her.

Pure Taboo - Lauren Phillips & Paisley Porter - You'll Always Have A Home With Us

File: o8jgonaputalaupaios9b8f3jbo.mp4
Size: 1.55 GB
Duration: 40:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Joanne Lauren Phillips and her husband, Nick Dick Chibbles, are just settling in for the night when there's a knock on the door. When Lauren answers it, her goddaughter, Avery Paisley Porter, practically jumps into her arms, sobbing. Lauren is startled as she turns to the police detective accompanying her for help. Seconds later, their worlds come crashing down as they learn that Avery's parents, their dearest friends, have been killed in a terrible car accident. Even though Avery isn't related to them, as her godparents, Joanne and Nick will do everything they can to take care of her.

But as time passes, Nick starts to become more and more uncomfortable sharing the house with Avery. It seems like Avery's selfishly inserting herself in every aspect of their lives, not giving them any privacy. Even worse, it doesn't even seem like she's grieving, which thoroughly freaks Nick out. One day he tries talking to Joanne, convinced that something's WRONG with Avery, but Joanne insists that this is how she's processing trauma, so they have to be there for her -- no matter what.

Although Nick reluctantly accepts this, he admits that a lot of his frustrations stem from the fact that they can't get any ALONE time together these days. Now that Avery's stepped out for a minute, maybe they can have a moment that's only about THEM.

But as things heat up, are they REALLY alone?

Pure Taboo - Maya Woulfe - Ungrateful

File: 1wo2inaputamaywoulqddv3tlqi.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 40:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: UNGRATEFUL

Carla Maya Woulfe is in need of some work done in her house. Fortunately, a friend of hers has a contractor husband, Tony Stirling Cooper, who can do the work at a reduced rate as a favor. Carla is delighted with her stroke of good luck and accepts the arrangement. Then Tony sets to work.

At first, everything seems to be going well, but as the weeks go by, it seems like Tony's making little progress. He always has an excuse for his tardiness and the work keeps getting delayed... It puts her in an awkward position since Tony is doing the work for her on the cheap as a favor, so does she even have the right to complain?

But finally, Carla can't idly sit back and watch as her house falls further into disrepair. She tries to talk things out with Tony, though he brushes her off. There's even an unsettling moment when his eyes wander to her chest. That seems to be the last straw as she vents her frustrations, confronting him about his poor behavior. Of course, this only makes Tony threaten to walk out.

Realizing she's going to be in even worse shape than before if Tony abandons the work, Carla has to think fast. Even though it disgusts her, Tony DID look at her earlier, so maybe there's one thing she can do to entice him to stay and finish what he started...

Pure Taboo - Scarlit Scandal - Future Darkly: Pandemic Laura's Delivery

File: ryvt3naputascascarmybddfm93.mp4
Size: 829.41 MB
Duration: 46:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Laura Scarlit Scandal, who lies idly on the couch, staring at her laptop on the coffee table. She's wearing a yoga outfit, but she has no motivation to work out as she watches a yoga video from social media influencer Trudy Serene Siren. The first 6 months of quarantine went smoothly. But nothing has been easy since her husband Michael was exposed. Laura's phone buzzes and she glances down. 'Can you please help me?' Michael texts. She stares at the message, feeling deflated.


In the bathroom, Laura stares at herself in the mirror as she removes her workout clothes, putting on a full battery of protective gear. Turning to face the door, she takes a deep breath before heading to help her husband.

A few moments later, Laura darts out of Michael's room with a tray. She leans against the door and looks down in disgust at the half-eaten food and used utensils. She takes another deep breath, as if she had been holding it.

In the kitchen, Laura washes and dries the plates and carefully removes her protective gear. From outside, the sound of a delivery truck approaches. Hearing this, Laura shuts off the water and turns to face the door. A smile crosses her face.

Laura rushes to the front window, just in time to see the no-contact delivery man Jake Adams walk up with her packages. Even though he's always masked, she's found herself watching him all quarantine. As he approaches, he catches sight of her through the window. Both of them stop for a moment and stare at each other. He sets her packages down and raises his hand to say hi. He pulls his mask down to smile at her.

The next day, Laura waits by the window in a robe. She has decided to get a little more flirtatious with the delivery man because she can't stop thinking about the way he smiled at her. It feels like forever since someone actually did that. Her phone buzzes. 'Can you bring me some water?' Michael texts. She throws the phone down in frustration. It buzzes again. She glances out the window and sees the delivery man approaching. He sets the packages down and quickly turns around, as Laura stares in disappointment.

She bends over to pick up her phone and get back to reality, when she suddenly hears him coming back. He is carrying a flower in his hand and carefully lays it down on the top package. Laura is so overwhelmed by the man's chivalrous return, that she instinctively opens the door and steps outside. Her robe falls open, exposing her lingerie. The man quickly backs up and stares at her in awe. 'You're very beautiful,' he says. 'So are you,' she replies, before realizing that she isn't wearing any protective gear. She clasps her hand over her mouth and nose in panic. 'Do you live here alone? I've noticed all the packages are marked for you,' he asks. Not knowing what to do, she nods. 'Whenever this lockdown ends, I'd love to take you out sometime,' he continues, taking a cautious step forward. '...If that would be ok?' Laura fidgets nervously before nodding. He takes another step and whispers, 'But, you know, they test essential workers every 24 hours in order to go outside, right?' She shakes her head, still petrified of removing her hand. He slips down his mask to reveal a big flirtatious smile. 'So, I know I'm negative. And, if you've been isolating alone this whole time, then technically you should be negative too.' He takes his gloved hand and slowly removes hers from her face.

They stare at each other, unmasked, breathing in the other's air. 'So, maybe we could go on a date even sooner?' he says coyly. She stares at him for a moment, a rush of endorphins surging through her body, before kissing him. It's the greatest feeling she's ever felt. She feels excited for the first time in months! 'May I come inside?' he asks. She swallows hard, remembering Michael. 'Just wait one minute,' she stammers and slams the door.

Laura's done everything she can to stay safe, but can anyone ever TRULY be safe?

Pure Taboo - Aliya Brynn - Uneasy A

File: d6i9dnaputaalibrytynu92j6le.mp4
Size: 1.09 GB
Duration: 36:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rachel Aliya Brynn has big dreams... but college is proving to be a nightmare. Although she's a good student, she's struggling. She's on academic probation and if she fails even one class, she'll be kicked out. So when she gets a failing grade on her latest report, she's crushed, thinking that it's all over for her... until she sees that the professor has scribbled his number on the back of her work, offering private tutoring.

While this act of kindness would normally be heartwarming, Rachel is filled with nothing but dread. Professor Sloan John Strong has always had a thing for her -- there's no missing the way he watches her during class. He gives off nothing but creepy vibes.Although this has always been a source of stress for her, she now suddenly realizes that she can use his infatuation with her to her advantage. But to do so would mean stooping lower than she's ever stooped in her life...

Just how far is Rachel willing to go to make sure she graduates college?

Pure Taboo - Paige Owens & Mia Moore - Left Behind

File: bg1nxnaputapaimiawusxlarsoi.mp4
Size: 1.36 GB
Duration: 38:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mia Moore delivers food to someone and is surprised when she recognizes the recipient as Paige Owens, an old friend. But their chat is cut short when Mia has to leave to drop off another order.

A few days later, Mia shows up again at Paige's house to deliver more food. Much to Mia's pleasant surprise, Paige invites her in to eat with her. Mia happily accepts her offer and goes inside...

As they eat, they reminisce about old times, and talk turns to the fact that they were both social outcasts in high school. Paige tries to hide her bitterness as she recalls that Mia grew to become more self-confident and eventually became popular. They then drifted apart. Paige shyly brings up a pact they had to lose their virginity to each other, a promise that Mia didn't keep. In fact, as Paige sheepishly admits, she is STILL a virgin. Surprised and taken-aback, Mia soon takes her leave, since she has to get back to work.

A few days later, Mia surprises Paige with another meal. She has also brought flowers to Paige to apologize for being a jerk to her in high school. Paige seems touched and it doesn't take long for the vibe to become romantic, with Mia telling Paige that she wants to take her virginity. Paige is nervous and hesitant, but after a passionate kiss from Mia, she doesn't need any more convincing.

But has Mia really changed her ways, or will she just leave Paige behind again?

Pure Taboo - Lana Sharapova - Just Being Friendly

File: o6766naputalanshatspedhzyog.mp4
Size: 1.27 GB
Duration: 41:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Creepy Janitor Takes Advantage Of Well-Meaning Teen

It's almost the end of the school year and Corey Lana Sharapova is ready to make her senior prom the most memorable one yet. As part of the prom committee, she has to stay behind after school to plan, and she's happy to have this time to herself to hear herself think. Little does she know, there's someone else who's happy that she's alone as well...

Over the next few days, the school janitor, Mr. Wilson Donnie Rock, works around her, always looming. Although Corey doesn't really notice him in the beginning, Mr. Wilson becomes harder to ignore. At first, he's just cleaning up in the background, but he gradually wiggles his way into conversations with her. It's as if he's trying to get closer and closer to her. Corey thinks he's just trying to be friendly and is happy to chat, but soon can't ignore the voice in the back of her head that something isn't right... Although she once enjoyed working on her own, now she's beginning to feel more vulnerable than ever...

One day, instead of making idle conversation and pretending to be friendly, Mr. Wilson finally makes a move on Corey. Corey's shocked and disgusted, unable to believe that he would try to take advantage of her like this! Although she's free to turn around and leave any time she wants, she realizes something horrible if she doesn't appease him, he'll just set his sights on some other poor, unsuspecting student...

Pure Taboo - Gwen Vicious - Easy Pickings

File: x6fo9naputagweviceb3xjpkn6h.mp4
Size: 1.50 GB
Duration: 38:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: EASY PICKINGS

Meek Student Is Manipulated Into Sex With Teacher And Principal

SCENE OPENS on Tara Gwen Vicious, who sits at her desk in class, writing on a piece of paper. She is the only student in the classroom and her teacher, Seth Gamble, sits at his desk in front of her. The silence is interrupted by a knock at the door. Both Tara and Seth look up to see Principal Stirling Cooper standing in the doorway. He's stopped in for a seemingly normal inspection.

Principal Cooper walks over to Tara and moves behind her, leaning down to look at her assignment over her shoulder. But while it appears to Tara that he is inspecting her work, unbeknownst to her, Cooper is actually inspecting Tara physically, looking creepily at her body. Tara doesn't notice but Cooper softly sniffs her neck.

Finally, Principal Cooper rises. Tara absentmindedly touches her neck where he just sniffed her, still not realizing what just happened. He walks to the front of the class, approaching Seth and motioning for the teacher to join him in a private conversation. An understanding, something sinister and forbidden, passes between the men as they look at each other and slowly begin to grin.

'She is...PERFECT,' Cooper whispers.


Seth and Principal Cooper approach Tara's desk, looming on either side of her. They insist that they want to be her friends. The atmosphere quickly becomes uncomfortable and it doesn't take long for Seth and Principal Cooper to make their intentions for Tara clear.

When Tara refuses their advances and threatens to tell people what they did, the men point out that no one will believe her since she is a known liar. Finally, she agrees to do what they want.

A girl like Tara is easy pickings for twisted men like Seth and Principal Cooper...

Pure Taboo - Jane Wilde & Lauren Phillips - Estranged Bedfellows

File: pohlcnaputajanlaumdjdy7bnnf.mp4
Size: 1.65 GB
Duration: 48:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

SCENE OPENS to Evelyn Lauren Phillips anxiously pacing in the living room. She seems nervous as she keeps looking at the door. Bella Jane Wilde, Evelyn's step-daughter, passes through the room, cheerfully greeting her but then becomes worried when she sees Evelyn's anxiousness. When Bella asks her what's wrong, Evelyn admits that she's nervous to meet her new step-son, Ty, who is also Bella's estranged step-brother. He is coming to stay at the house and should be arriving soon.

They are interrupted by a knock on the door. They both sit up, with Bella looking excited and Evelyn looking even more nervous. Ty Tyler Nixon steps inside with a grin. Bella excitedly runs to Ty and hugs him tightly. He seems just as excited to see her as he spins her around then sets her down. His hands lingers on the small of her back, though Bella doesn't seem bothered by this, as if she's too naive and excited to sense the sexual nature. Evelyn notices Ty's touch and looks slightly weirded out, though she doesn't address it.

Ty rubs the small of her back a bit, a lustful look crossing his face. Bella doesn't catch the lustful look because his head is on her shoulder. Evelyn becomes more uncomfortable and interrupts, smiling.

'Hello, Ty! I'm Evelyn. It's nice to meet you,' she says to Ty pleasantly.

Ty gives Evelyn a sly, knowing smile that confuses and unnerves her.



A week later. Ty and Bella are chatting when he reveals that he came home because he's broke. He also comes on more to Bella, who notices and becomes a little uncomfortable. Evelyn interrupts them and asks Bella to leave so that she can speak privately with Ty. Bella leaves.

Evelyn then confronts Ty about his inappropriate behavior towards Bella, telling him to stop. But Ty isn't threatened, instead revealing that he has dirt on Evelyn and will expose her if she doesn't do whatever he wants. He tells Evelyn he wants her to seduce Bella.

Evelyn is shocked but reluctantly agrees, calling Bella back into the room.

When Bella returns, Evelyn starts coming onto her, leaning in to kiss Bella. Bella's confused and shocked, pulling away. As Evelyn struggles to explain what's going on, Ty makes Evelyn reveal her secret to Bella. Bella is crushed but Evelyn assures her she still loves her.

Ty orders them to have sex or he'll reveal Evelyn's secret, taking away everything she has, including her relationship with Bella. Despite their misgivings, the ladies reluctantly agree.

Welcome home, Ty!

Pure Taboo - Whitney Wright, Reagan Foxx & Ana Foxxx - That Which She Hates Most

File: 5kc72naputawhireaana8jn5qbkkbb.mp4
Size: 2.31 GB
Duration: 01:01:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Scorned Lesbian Couple Makes Homophobic Social Worker Beg To Get Fucked

SCENE OPENS on Leah Whitney Wright, looking anxious but excited, as she opens the front door of her home. Evelyn Reagan Foxx, a social worker, politely but warmly greets her, introducing herself. Evelyn is holding a clipboard with papers and a pen. She is there to do an adoption home study and her report is crucial in the adoption process. Leah mentions that her partner, Toni, should be home any minute.

Later, it seems like the assessment is going well. There are lots of smiles and the body language between the ladies seems relaxed and warm as they talk. Leah is excited and nervous throughout while Evelyn is polite and attentive, though seems impressed. Evelyn can be seen jotting things down on her clipboard throughout.

Finally, Toni Ana Foxxx arrives home, calling out as she walks in through the front door. Leah excitedly excuses herself from Evelyn and greets Toni with a kiss on the lips. There is warmth and love between them. Evelyn looks shocked for a moment at this PDA. She doesn't say anything but her expression subtly hardens, her jaw clenching as she scribbles pointedly on her clipboard. Leah cheerfully brings Toni to meet Evelyn.

Evelyn is still polite as she insists that she has everything she needs to make a decision and takes her leave, even if it's a bit abrupt. Leah and Toni are not aware that anything is amiss, instead thinking that Evelyn's words and departure mean that she's had a positive visit. Leah and Toni are excited as Leah gushes to Toni about how well the whole thing went and how she's sure they're finally going to have the family they've always wanted.


Weeks later, Toni is relaxing when Leah excitedly rushes to her with an envelope in her hand, announcing that the assessment has finally arrived. They are both excited as they huddle together to open and read the letter together. At first, they are excited and hopeful, but soon their expressions turn into shock, confusion, and heartbreak. They've failed the assessment, Evelyn's report stating that she observed 'inappropriate behavior' at the home.

Reeling, they reflect on the interactions between Leah and Evelyn, concluding that Evelyn failed them because they are lesbians. They secretly plot to get revenge against Evelyn.

A couple of weeks later, Evelyn is working away at her laptop in her office. The lights are slightly dim as if the office is closing, and the desks are all empty except hers. Evelyn's coworker then leaves and she is the only one left in the office.

Evelyn continues working quietly for a few moments as there is looming movement by the door. Evelyn hears the shuffling movement but doesn't look away from her computer, thinking it's her coworker. Evelyn is startled as Leah and Toni step into the office.

They angrily confront her about the failed assessment and Evelyn easily admits that she did so because they're lesbians.

Leah and Toni reveal that they've been watching Evelyn the past couple of weeks. They learned that Evelyn's been cheating on her husband. Evelyn looks panicked and at a loss for words. Leah and Toni threaten to expose Evelyn's adultery unless she does whatever they say. Evelyn is hesitant, though insists she'll change the failed assessment into a pass but Leah and Toni aren't satisfied. Leah and Toni insist it's not enough and that Evelyn lets them fuck her. Leah and Toni make Evelyn beg to have sex, wanting to humiliate her.

Leah and Toni are about to teach Evelyn a lesson that she'll remember for the rest of her life...

Pure Taboo - Vanna Bardot - Bad Influence

File: apmjxnaputavanbariwbndt5i3m.mp4
Size: 1.77 GB
Duration: 45:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: BAD INFLUENCE

SCENE OPENS on Abby Vanna Bardot who rushes to meet with Martin Michael Swayze, the sibling of her recovering girlfriend Terri. Martin is worried that Terri is about to start using again. Martin then reveals that he will make SURE Terri relapses if Abby doesn't do something for him. Abby's eyes widen in shock as an excited, twisted grin forms on Martin's face.


As Abby struggles to understand what Martin has just said, he explains that he has been manipulating Terri for years to keep her weak and vulnerable in an effort to control her. Abby looks furious, practically trembling with anger. She gets up to leave. But she stops in her tracks when Martin lays out his plan for her, threatening to engineer a scenario where Terri relapses...unless Abby fucks him.

Abby is stunned, at a loss for words for a moment. How could he DO this?? But even though Abby is reluctant and disgusted by Martin, she's determined to protect her girlfriend, so she agrees to give Martin what he wants, as long as he leaves Terri alone for good.

But will Terri EVER really escape Martin's bad influence?

Pure Taboo - Rebecca Vanguard & Olive Glass - The Extra Mile

File: 3pfptnaputarebolilhjf3mkxfs.mp4
Size: 1.50 GB
Duration: 39:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: THE EXTRA MILE
Manipulative Boss Demands That Personal Assistant Fuck Boss's Husband

Carla Rebecca Vanguard is so thankful for her office job as Monica Grant Olive Glass's personal assistant. Things aren't going so wellat home but the job helps pay the bills and take care of her loved ones. Of course, things at work aren't easy since Monica is anexceptionally tough woman to work for. Although Carla's always doing her best to please Monica, she somehow always feels like she'sstill not doing enough.

Gradually, the errands that Monica asks her to run get personal. Carla becomes uncomfortable but she's not in a position to kick up afuss as she obediently does each and every one. But when Monica asks her to pick up a sexy dress for a friend's gift AND try it on to sendMonica a sexy picture, Carla's starting to think that this is taking things TOO far... Little does Carla know, when Monica one day brings inher husband, Bobby Dan Ferrari, the demands are about to take a dark turn.

Pure Taboo - Maya Woulfe - Unwanted

File: 1ao1mnaputamaywouwbiiixyxx3.mp4
Size: 1.17 GB
Duration: 34:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS to Ariana Maya Woulfe anxiously pacing the living room. She is clearly distraught, almost in tears. She's clutching a pregnancy test in her hand. As she paces, she keeps looking at the test, as if still in disbelief about what the results say. She paces a few moments more, the tension ramping up as she struggles to hold it together. Finally, we hear the voice of her step-brother Marcus AJ, as he walks through the front door.

Marcus enters the room, though he instantly looks concerned as he sees Ariana looking so distraught while obviously waiting for him. He asks her what's wrong.

Ariana takes a shaky breath, then lifts the pregnancy test. She's moved to tears and can't even find the words to speak. She thrusts the pregnancy test into Marcus's hands, unable to even look him in the eye. Marcus looks down at the object in his hands, then up at his step-sister. In disbelief, he asks her what happened. She isn't even seeing anyone!

Ariana sheepishly answers that she got pregnant after sneaking out for a houseparty. Panicked, she tells Marcus that he can't tell ANYONE about this, and asks him to bring her to a clinic. As she speaks, Marcus watches her spill her heart out, an evil thought slowly growing on his face. Marcus begins toying with her, insisting that she should get someone else to help.

Spiralling into a tailspin of desperation, Ariana begs for Marcus's help, offering to do anything. When he hints at sex, rubbing his crotch suggestively, Ariana is beside herself with disgust. She opens her mouth a few times as if to lash out at him again but gradually loses her resolve. She looks defeated as her shoulders slump, agreeing to what Marcus wants. Ariana looks like she hates herself as she slides down to her knees and begins undoing Marcus's pants for a blowjob.

If Ariana wants Marcus's help, he's going to get what HE wants too...

Pure Taboo - Emma Hix & Nina Elle - The Ends Justify The Means

File: 6q75dnaputaemmnintij3tf8any.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 32:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Woman Seduces Egomaniac Boss For Mysterious Purposes

Vanessa Emma Hix is on a mission. When she arrives at Miranda Nina Elle's office for a job interview, she is ready. She needs to ace this interview not only for herself but her mother.

Miranda is a cold, heartless, and self-absorbed boss. As Vanessa is interviewed, Vanessa tries to sell herself to get close to Miranda. Even if she doesn't actually have the experience needed for this job, Vanessa shows how eager she is and how willing she is to do ANYTHING. Miranda is impressed and gradually lets her guard down... which is EXACTLY what Vanessa needs...

You see, Vanessa's mother used to work for Miranda and was wrongfully let go. Vanessa is determined to find out exactly WHY Miranda terminated her and get proof to go along with it. She needs to avenge her mom and anyone else who has ever fallen victim to Miranda's selfish ways.

But when Miranda ends the interview too soon for Vanessa to get anything concrete, Vanessa goes all in. Without missing a beat, she offers her body to Miranda to seal the deal. Miranda's true colors show through as she readily accepts the condition, eager to get a taste of Vanessa's sweet pussy...

Little does Miranda know, she's just walked straight into Vanessa's trap.

Pure Taboo - Katie Morgan & Kylie Rocket - A New You

File: tkzfznaputakatkylrkeavrnaie.mp4
Size: 1.91 GB
Duration: 46:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A NEW YOU

Aunt And Nephew Manipulate Gullible Teen Girl Into Losing Her Virginity

Cammy Kylie Rocket is just your typical teen excited about an upcoming school dance. Although she doesn't think she's anythingspecial, a classmate of hers, Dean Jay Romero, has had his eyes on her awhile.

When he approaches her one day after class, he explains that he overheard one of her conversations about getting a makeover beforethe dance and wants to help her out. His aunt owns a beauty salon and he can get an appointment for her for less! Cammy is taken bythis sweet offer and accepts, although she has NO IDEA what's in store for her...

When she arrives at the salon, she meets Dean and his Aunt Lily Katie Morgan, a beautiful woman who married into his family. Cammysoon takes a seat and lets herself be pampered, although things start getting... weird... Dean and Lily start fawning a little TOO muchover her, trying to get her to wear sexier makeup and looks than she's used to. They butter her up, making her feel extra special,although Cammy's uncertain when things start getting sexual, especially between Dean and Lily.

Shocked, Cammy soon realizes that they've been grooming her to look exactly how THEY want! But, despite being so shy andinexperienced, she finds she secretly LIKES their attention and is willing to do WHATEVER they want...

Pure Taboo - Kiarra Kai - Power Trip

File: hvadcnaputakiakaisjoya1zwsv.mp4
Size: 1.44 GB
Duration: 35:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: POWER TRIP

Creepy Teacher Uses His Power To Pressure Daughter Into Fucking Him

SCENE OPENS on Jill Kiarra Kai. She sits alone in the front passenger seat of a parked car. She looks anxious, an expression ofnervous dread on her face. Her stepfather Terry Derrick Pierce opens the car door and gets into the driver's seat. He flashes her abig smile and she smiles back, but hers is clearly fake and strained. She is obviously creeped out by him. It's Jill's first day at Terry'sschool, where he'll be teaching her for the first time. She doesn't seem happy about this.


Later that day, Jill reluctantly meets up with Terry in his classroom to get a lift home from school. As Terry sits at his desk, finishingup some work before they leave, he tries to make small talk with Jill. But when she ignores him, Terry gets angry and huffy, accusingher of being rude.

Jill fires back, telling him that she's been avoiding him for years because of his handsy vibe and outdated, misogynistic attitude.

This only makes Terry even more angry, and he retaliates, threatening to use his influence at the school to ruin Jill's senior yearunless she submits to him sexually. Jill is reluctant and hesitant, but ultimately agrees.

Terry seems to be on quite the power trip...

Pure Taboo - Aiden Ashley - Lessons In Business

File: rxrrnnaputaaidashweqzno72lf.mp4
Size: 1.00 GB
Duration: 43:28
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4

Aiden Ashley is leaving her apartment to go to work when she gets a call from her landlord demanding the rent. Aiden promises that she'll have it for him tomorrow. But when Aiden rushes out to her car, her day goes from bad to worse as it fails to start. She slams her hands on the wheel in frustration and phones her boss to tell him she's going to be late again.

At that moment, her teacher Stirling Cooper happens to be driving by and offers to give her a lift to work. Relieved, Aiden hops in.

As they drive, Stirling makes conversation. She's one of his best students and he's curious why she's working in a diner. Shouldn't she be focusing on her education? Aiden explains that working at the diner is how she makes ends meet.

Stirling seems to get an idea, explaining to Aiden that his step-dad runs a business that he's involved in. Maybe it's something that Aiden would be interested in? She ponders for a moment, asking Stirling what kind of business it is.

He hesitates and gives Aiden his step-father's business card. She can think about it and if she's interested, she can give him a call and he'll explain what type of business it is.

A few days later, after having thought about it, Aiden meets up with Stirling's step-father, Steve Holmes, to talk about the job. Steve looks her up and down, commenting on Aiden's dressed-down appearance, worrying aloud that she isn't taking this opportunity seriously.

When Aiden argues that she DOES take this seriously, Steve insists that Aiden open her shirt, taking a look at her body. Sizing her up, Steve says that he sees some...potential, adding that he is running a high-end agency, he provides ONLY the best.

Aiden is hesitant but, tempted by Steve's offer, she ultimately agrees to become one of his girls.

Steve and Stirling meet up a couple of days later to talk business. When Aiden calls, Steve insists that she come over. Steve and Stirling are going to sample what Aiden has to offer. Aiden is hesitant at first, but reluctantly agrees.

She's about to be taught one of the most important lessons in business...

Pure Taboo - Christy Love - Intro To Impregnation

File: ebea6naputachrlovza6njzzqbi.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 42:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Determined Lesbian Teacher Makes Male Teen Student Impregnate Her

Lillian Christy Love is at home on the phone with a fertility clinic. She is upset that they haven't been able to get her pregnant and that her options are dwindling. The clinic suggests that she considers being impregnated by a trusted man in her life, which outrages her.

'Y-you... How DARE you?! No, I HAVEN'T 'considered insemination by any man I know personally' -- I'm a LESBIAN, you homophobic PRICK! FUCK you, I'm done with you AND your SCAM of a clinic...!' Lillian says angrily. Hanging up the phone in disgust, Lillian collapses, breaking down and sobbing.

Lillian is a teacher, so the next day, she goes into school. Sitting at her desk, wracked with uncertainty about her situation, she finally spots a yearbook and gets an idea. Lillian looks through the yearbook, considering seducing a male faculty member, but the options disgust her. She then decides on seducing a male student, Codey.

Lillian calls Codey. Claiming that there was a problem with the last test he took, she asks him to come to see her the next day. He agrees.


The next day, Codey Codey Steele arrives at Lillian's classroom as per her request. Lillian tells him that, due to an unfortunate glitch, he needs to take the test again.

As they chat, Lillian starts assessing Codey in person, praising him. Codey is flattered but also weirded out, unsure of what is happening. Finally, he sits down at a nearby desk to retake the test.

As he takes the test, Lillian starts seducing Codey, who is surprised.

Lillian comes on even more to Codey, who seems tempted. However, Codey is afraid that having an affair with his teacher will ruin his future.

Lillian insists that she's not looking for a relationship -- she just wants him to get her pregnant.

Codey is shocked and tries to deny Lillian, not wanting to be a father. Lillian assures him he won't have any further involvement --- she WANTS to be a single mom.

Codey still hesitates and is about to leave but Lillian, desperate, threatens to ruin his future by sabotaging his chances of getting into college. Codey finally reluctantly agrees to impregnate Lillian.

Lillian will go to any lengths to get what she wants...

Pure Taboo - Mona Blue - Any Friend Of My Daughter's...

File: ghcyxnaputamonblup2ibiagle8.mp4
Size: 1.77 GB
Duration: 51:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Teen's Father Fucks Daughter's Friend With Daughter Lying Right Next To Them

SCENE OPENS on Sue Ophelia Dust, who enters the house with her friend, 18-year-old Anne Mona Blue. John Renato, Sue's father, comes by the door and greets the girls. This is the first time John is meeting Anne and Sue introduces them to each other.

As soon as John gets a look at Anne, he can't help but check her out and a dark and horny, almost hungry look flashes in his eyes. Hiding his attraction, he makes small talk with the girls while secretly eying Anne up and down. Anne and Sue tell John what they have planned for their evening and John discusses dinner plans. Sue's mom will be working late so it will be just the three of them.

When they're done chatting, Sue leads Anne away to go show her her room. John stares at Anne as they walk away, with the same dark perverted look coming over him. He locks the front door, the lock clicking loudly.

Pure Taboo - Lana Sharapova - Crooked Uncle

File: 1fqtxnaputalanshaqp6ihmxlvo.mp4
Size: 1.67 GB
Duration: 44:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: CROOKED UNCLE
Corrupt Cop Uncle Demands Anal Sex From Rebellious Niece

SCENE OPENS on 18-year-old Brooke Lana Sharapova. She stands in front of the doorway of a house. She has a piece of carry-onluggage with her and looks annoyed. She takes a deep breath and presses the doorbell.

A moment later, Denny Marcus London opens the door. Denny, Brooke's father's step-brother, smirks, looking Brooke up anddown without shame. He cocks an eyebrow.

Brooke goes into the house. Denny watches her as she goes, leering.


Inside the house, they talk about why Brooke is there she is a rebellious teen and her parents have sent her to live with Denny acop for the summer because they think that Denny will whip her into shape.

But Denny isn't the disciplinarian that Brooke thought he would be. Instead, he tells her that she can do whatever she wants whenshe's living with him. At first Brooke thinks she's found a kindred spirit, but then a sinister vibe comes over Denny.

Denny shocks Brooke by telling her that in exchange for the freedom he's offering, she'll have to fuck him whenever he wants.

What Denny's offering is tempting, but is Brooke ready to pay the price?

Pure Taboo - Kenzie Reeves & Rachael Cavalli - Her Spitting Image

File: ujlscnaputakenrac6psjb79mvb.mp4
Size: 1.40 GB
Duration: 39:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Unhappily Married Man Cheats On Wife With Her Younger Doppelganger

Mitch Brad Newman is an unhappily married man. He and his wife, Caroline Rachael Cavalli, have drifted apart over the years. Mitch misses the fire they once had that has long burned out. Now he's just going through the motions, trying to find something, ANYTHING, to help him feel ALIVE.

Everything changes when he goes to a cafe one day and meets a beautiful barista named Ellie Kenzie Reeves. She just looks so much like Caroline when they first started dating. It stirs up nostalgia within Mitch and also brings an idea to mind. Lucky for him, Ellie is flirty... and it doesn't take much to convince Ellie to go home with him. She doesn't care that he's a married man, and that only fans the flame...

Once they arrive home, Ellie finds a picture of Caroline and sees the strong resemblance. That's when Mitch suggests that she gets a makeover to look like his wife when she was younger so that he can relive the glory years. At first, Mitch is worried he's taken it too far but Ellie is down. When she messes with her hair and gets him to call her Caroline, Mitch finally feels more alive than he has for a long time.

Mitch relishes every second as Ellie goes down on him, his heart pounding. When Caroline comes home and catches them in the middle of the act, it seems like it's all over. But Mitch has planned for this... and the fun is just beginning.

Pure Taboo - Paige Owens - Your Wife's On Line One

File: duft2naputapaioweooev28atif.mp4
Size: 1.50 GB
Duration: 28:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Teen Secretary Refuses To End Affair With Married Boss

SCENE OPENS on Dylan Derrick Pierce behind his desk working. He looks focused as he goes through papers on his desk.

There is a knock on the door and a moment later, Evie Paige Owens, his 18-year-old secretary, walks into Dylan's office. She's seemingly there to give Dylan some paperwork. Dylan tries to shoo her away but she invites herself in and gets flirty, making him uncomfortable.

Evie persists and comes onto Dylan, revealing that they're having an affair that Dylan tried to cut off. Dylan tries to resist but is weak-willed and gives in.


Evie starts giving Dylan a blowjob. As Dylan gets into it, Evie sadistically calls Dylan's wife and makes him talk to her while being pleasured.

Dylan panics but struggles through the conversation with his wife, which goes on for longer than he'd like. He continues to get a sadistic blowjob from Evie the entire time. His wife starts to get frisky on the phone. Dylan's jaw drops in shock when he realizes what his wife wants phone sex.

What has Dylan gotten himself into?!

Pure Taboo - Lisey Sweet - His Father's Legacy

File: fzmronaputalisswes2zmkxupv9.mp4
Size: 1.82 GB
Duration: 52:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Son Corrupted By Father's BDSM Secret Wants To Practice On Mom

SCENE OPENS to a grieving widow, Natasha Lisey Sweet, as she returns home with her 18-year-old stepson, Edwin Codey Steele, after a will reading for her late husband Edwin's father. She's upset about how nothing was left to her but Edwin promises to help get her back on her feet, including letting her stay at the house he inherited.

They share a warm hug.

They then part the hug as Edwin suggests getting started with clearing out his late father's things. The sooner they get started, the sooner they'll be done and won't have to deal with the will stuff anymore. They decide to begin with a storage locker that the late father owned. The next day, when they arrive at the locker and open the door, their jaws drop in utter shock.


Natasha and Edwin are horrified and repulsed as they uncover a BDSM dungeon, realizing that the father had a secret life. They feel betrayed but when Edwin sees Natasha exploring the equipment, he has a spark of sexual awakening. Disturbed, Edwin promises to clean out the room.

Over the next few days, unbeknownst to Natasha, Edwin slowly becomes corrupted by his growing interest in the BDSM dungeon. He doesn't get rid of the equipment and Natasha confronts him multiple times about it, becoming creeped out and desperate.

Finally, Natasha stops by the storage locker to see Edwin's progress, but is shocked when she discovers that it looks exactly the same. She gets a further shock when Edwin emerges from the shadows and steps towards her, a malicious grin on his face.

Edwin is DETERMINED to continue his father's legacy...

Pure Taboo - Adira Allure - Fender Bender

File: gm6lgnaputaadiallcyvr9wmmcr.mp4
Size: 777.81 MB
Duration: 34:21
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: FENDER BENDER

Man Demands Sex In Exchange For His Silence From Teen Who Hits His Car

SCENE OPENS on 18-year-old Lana Adira Allure, who is driving in her car. Meanwhile, Cal Stirling Cooper leaves his house and gets into his car, shutting the door.

He starts the car, but as he's about to reverse out of his driveway, his car shakes and he yelps in surprise. Someone has crashed into the back of his car. Cal gets out of the car and we see that Lana has hit him. She is frantic and shaken-up. For some reason, she doesn't want him to call the police. This seems to give him an idea and he invites her in to talk it over.


Inside, Lana reveals that she doesn't want Cal to call the cops because she was driving with a suspended license and could go to jail. Cal implies that the only way he won't call the cops is if Lana fucks him. After initially refusing, Lana, in complete desperation, agrees to fuck Cal.

Lana is about to pay a very steep price for her little fender bender...

Pure Taboo - Haley Reed - You're Mine Now

File: vfd51naputahalree17m6csetza.mp4
Size: 1.02 GB
Duration: 35:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: YOU'RE MINE NOW

Teen Girl Tries Submissive Pissplay For First Time With Domineering Master

Cindy Haley Reed is an inexperienced but curious teen with an itch she can't scratch on her own. Because of this, she takes the time to find an experienced Dom Derrick Pierce online to give her EXACTLY what she needs...

When she first meets the Master via video call, Cindy's anxious, although he's very much into her nervous energy. They'd been talking awhile but this is the first time she's had the courage to be on a video call and he praises her for that. His confident, soothing words make her heart race in a way she's never felt before. She LIVES for her Master's praise.

Even though it's a whole new experience for her, there's something about submitting to her Master that does it for her. It fills her with a sense of purpose that she never knew existed. In fact, the desire to obey and please him is so strong that Cindy wonders just how far she'll go...

When her Master finally orders her to wet herself and record it for him, she's about to find out.

Pure Taboo - Athena Faris - Tourist Trapped

File: mbv5anaputaathfardargbbghkf.mp4
Size: 828.69 MB
Duration: 46:12
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4

Visitor To Foreign Country Is Pressured Into Sex By Sinister Host

SCENE OPENS on Amanda Athena Faris. She is in the backseat of a car. We don't see what she's looking at, but wherever she is, it is clearly new to her, because she looks excitedly out the window at her surroundings, even mouthing an occasional 'wow'.

Soon, the car pulls to a stop.

Amanda gets out of the car with her luggage but gets into a confrontation with the driver. She does not speak the language and has trouble communicating with him.

A local man, Josef Steve Holmes, happens by and helps Amanda communicate with the cabbie.

Amanda realizes that Josef is her host at the place she has rented for the week, but Josef claims there was a mix-up and he never received her booking. Since she has nowhere else to turn, he offers to let her stay there even though he'll be there too.


It's a few days later. Amanda is getting out of the shower. She reaches for a towel, but there are none on the rack. She looks confused, saying aloud to herself that she SWORE there was a towel hanging up there when she got in.

She sighs and holding herself as she shivers, she steps to the door and opens it a crack, calling to Josef, asking if he has a towel for her. He arrives a moment later, holding a towel. He passes it to Amanda through the crack as she hides her naked body behind the door. Josef smiles at her, saying that there's no need to be embarrassed, in his country they are taught not to be ashamed of their bodies.

Finally, he leaves. Amanda lets out a relieved breath, rattled by the encounter.

The next day, Josef offers to show Amanda around the city but, wary of him now, she declines.

Later that night, Amanda returns from sightseeing. When she and Josef get into an argument, he threatens to kick her out unless she fucks him. With nowhere else to go, she agrees.

Amanda's farther from home than she EVER imagined she would be...

Pure Taboo - Dee Williams - Outnumbered

File: joau5naputadeewil8k14ngutgx.mp4
Size: 1.02 GB
Duration: 44:55
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: OUTNUMBERED

Four Unruly Students Pressure Scared Teacher Into Rough Gangbang

SCENE OPENS on a classroom. As we pan around, we see 18-year-olds Tommy Dante Colle, Rich Juan Loco, Zack Robby Echo, and Dave Nathan Bronson. They all look bored as they doodle on paper and sigh with annoyance. It's clear that they would like to be anywhere other than where they are.

We finally see that their teacher, Ms. Norton Dee Williams sits at a desk in front of the class. She glances at her cell phone on her desk, checking it idly before she opens her desk drawer and puts the phone in it. She begins grading a stack of papers, periodically looking up to check on the students.

Two of the students whisper and snicker. Ms. Norton notices and scolds them. Again the boys snicker, but do quiet down.

The atmosphere seems to settle down a bit as we again focus on Ms. Norton grading papers. But after a moment, a balled up piece of paper hits her. She is furious, demanding to know who did it. At the end of her rope, she loses her temper and screams at Tommy. Wanting to cool off, she subsequently leaves the room.

Tommy is upset that Ms. Norton embarrassed him. He then comes to a realization they outnumber her and can do as they please.


When Ms. Norton returns, the boys revolt and threateningly give her an ultimatum fuck them all or they'll spread damaging lies about her. She ultimately relents, sinking to her knees in front of the boys as they each take their already-hard cocks out of their pants.

Ms. Norton may be the teacher, but she's the one who's about to learn a few things...

Pure Taboo - Jill Kassidy - Wants What She Can't Have

File: vxnm1naputajilkasnz2kjb1hkt.mp4
Size: 606.93 MB
Duration: 35:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4

Aggressive Teen Waitress Seduces Unsuspecting Married Boss

SCENE OPENS on Lola Jill Kassidy, a waitress at a bar. She looks bored as she wipes the counter of the bar. The bar isn't too full andshe surveys the few patrons scattered throughout as she cleans.

Her boss Tim Charles Dera walks by, greeting Lola pleasantly and they make small talk. Lola is polite but standoffish towards Tim.

After Tim leaves, as Lola continues to work, a woman Ryan Keely enters, walking up to the bar. Lola smiles at her politely. Sheintroduces herself as Tim's wife, Marcie. Lola didn't know that Tim was married. At that moment, Tim emerges from the back, happilygreeting his wife.

As Tim and Marcie kiss and embrace lovingly, Lola stares at Tim. She was completely uninterested towards him moments ago, butsomething about what she's seeing now causes her expression to change. She smiles subtly to herself, licking her lips, her eyeshungry. She's not jealous... no, there's something much more unpredictable in her face. She wants a challenge.


Marcie and Tim chat. They are on the way to look at a house together. Marcie excuses herself to use the bathroom before they go,leaving Tim and Lola alone together. Lola seems very interested in Tim now, practically pouncing on him. He moves to leave andfinish up his tasks, but Lola stops him with a request for help fixing the register, lying that it's been stuck all day.

Tim comes around to the other side of the bar to take a look at the register. Lola stands near him, purposefully not really moving outof the way. Not wasting any time, Lola aggressively comes on to Tim. He tries to resist but ultimately can't as she begins to suck hisdick behind the bar.

As Lola sucks Tim's cock, he tries to stifle his moans of pleasure so as to not alert the other bar patrons and glances repeatedly inthe direction of the washroom to look out for his wife.

Eventually, Tim's eyes go wide in fear as he sees Marcie coming back. He hurriedly pushes Lola away from his cock but she doesn'tstop. Tim leans towards the counter and Lola remains kneeled so Marcie doesn't see her as Marcie walks up to talk to Tim.

It's time for Tim to make a choice. But is it already too late for him to make the right one?

Pure Taboo - Jojo Kiss - Jekyll & Dad

File: mm1xjnaputajojkisfwujlvkqkl.mp4
Size: 688.43 MB
Duration: 40:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: JEKYLL DAD

Conservative Dad By Day Aggressively Fucks His Step-Daughter Each Night

SCENE OPENS on Lucy Jojo Kiss, a 19-year-old teen. She's doing her homework and calls out to the other room to her friend Emma Kay Carter but Emma doesn't answer her.

Beginning to get worried, Lucy heads out into the hall and starts frantically looking for Emma. Finally, on the opposite end of the house, she finds Emma -- who seems to be having a perfectly friendly chat with Lucy's step-dad, Mr. Edwards Dick Chibbles. They look up at her a bit in surprise as she comes in, looking a bit panicked. Emma explains that they were out of toilet paper in the other bathroom so she went off looking for another bathroom, and she was just heading back when she ran into Lucy's dad and they started chatting.

Emma gushes that 'I had no idea your step-dad's a policeman, Lucy, you never talk about him!' Lucy seems in a hurry to bring Emma back to her room, saying they should get back to studying. Mr. Edwards suggests that Emma should stay for dinner, but Lucy interrupts saying Emma can't stay. Mr. Edwards tells Emma that she's welcome if she changes her mind, or if she wants to come back after her lessons for a late-night study session. Emma graciously thanks him, while Lucy tries to subtly pull Emma out of the room.

A bit flustered, Emma manages to say it was nice meeting him, before giving in to Lucy's shepherding tactics. Mr. Edwards calls out to the girls that it was a pleasure to meet her too. Once the girls are out of sight, Mr. Edwards' hand slowly balls up into a tight fist, trembling with rage. Without warning, he slams his fist against the nearby wall.


Later that evening, Lucy and her step-father are finishing up a meal in silence at the dining room table. Emma sure seems like a nice girl, Mr. Edwards remarks to Lucy. 'She's 19, the same age as you?' he asks. Lucy nods.

Mr. Edwards takes a pause to enthusiastically eat a bite of his food, and then says 'What did you think of my little trick with the toilet paper?' Lucy does her best to ignore him. 'Well,' he says as he picks his napkin up from his lap, dabs his face gently with it, and then crumples it up and places it on his plate, 'it's a shame about Emma. Guess it'll be just us two tonight.'

In a very fatherly voice, he instructs her to brush her teeth and get ready for bed. Lucy gets up from her seat and walks away from the table without saying a word.

Soon after, in her bedroom, Lucy sits on the edge of her bed. After several long seconds of waiting, the door opens, and Mr. Edwards, in only his boxers, stands framed in the doorway, a silhouette against the light of the hallway. 'Are you ready to kiss your step-dad goodnight, Lucy?' he says in a taunting, growly voice. 'Yes, daddy,' she says.

It seems that there's a whole OTHER side to this dad...

Pure Taboo - Krissy Lynn & Kamryn Jade - Father Figure

File: x8lxmnaputakrikamkzrdh1ls3a.mp4
Size: 518.31 MB
Duration: 38:16
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Linda Krissy Lynn and her 18-year old step-daughter Sam Kamryn Jade, who sit together in the living room. The air is somewhat somber as they talk about the man of the house, who has passed away, leaving Sam and Linda financially destitute. They are thankful that Uncle Jerry, the man's step-brother, will be coming to stay with them to help them.

At that moment, there is a knock on the door and Linda steadies herself by taking a deep breath. Sam assures her that everything's going to be okay, then answers the door, welcoming Jerry Tommy Gunn inside. Everyone's warm and friendly towards each other although still a bit somber as they greet each other.

Sam thanks Jerry for coming to stay with them. Jerry says they're family, so of course he's going to try and help them through this tough time. They have a moment of silence, but Sam ushers them along to avoid them grieving for too long. She tells Jerry where his room is, and he goes off with his luggage.

Sam turns to her mom and hugs her. She knows it's going to be hard, but they'll get through this together. Her dad couldn't have chosen a more wonderful woman to be her step-mom.

Linda hugs Sam back, smiling thinly, as though it's still hard for her to smile even if she appreciates the kind words.

'We're going to get over this together...as a family,' Sam insists.


Over time, Jerry does his best trying to be a good provider to Linda and Sam. Sam clearly admires him and begins growing attracted to him.

One night a couple of weeks later, Sam lays in bed. She is restless, alternating between tossing and turning, and staring at the ceiling. She looks troubled. Jerry walks by the bedroom door but stops when he glances in and sees Sam, asking if he can come in.

Sam says 'sure dad', accidentally calling Jerry 'dad' instead of 'Uncle Jerry'. Jerry stops at the doorway as he hears this. It takes Sam a moment to catch herself having said it, only noticing because his body language stiffened. Sam is mortified, gasping with shock and embarrassment at the mix-up. She tells Jerry she has no idea why that came over her.

Jerry comes into the room, sitting next to her on the edge of the bed. Sam sits up. Jerry puts a hand on hers and asks if she misses her dad a lot still. Sam looks conflicted, and hesitant to talk. After Jerry coaxes her further, Sam finally admits her confusion towards her feelings for Jerry, thinking of him as a father figure but also attracted to him through her grief.

Jerry tells Sam that he's never had a family as close as this until now, and it's changed his entire life. He could see this being his permanent home. But when he pauses for a moment, upset, Sam begs him to stay, insisting that she'll get over her confused feelings for him.

Jerry turns to her, and tells her no, that's not why he's upset. Sam asks him what he means, and he confesses that he's been confused by his feelings too, he's not only been having fleeting feelings towards Linda but towards Sam too, and it's blurring the lines in his mind, he wants to be everything for the family... an uncle, a father, a husband to Linda... and a lover to Sam.

Jerry moves to touch her but stops at the last second, insisting that this is wrong and tries to push away again. Sam begs him to facethe truth -- they ALL experienced so much loss, so why can't they just let themselves be HAPPY for once? Jerry seems tempted, but still resists, insisting that she's his brother's daughter. Sam reminds him that they were step-brothers, so it's okay... Jerry insists that's not what he meant, and that he's betraying his brother by doing this.

Sam says that her father would want them to be happy. She tries for a kiss once more and Jerry gives in. The kiss is tentative and explorative at first but becomes more passionate as they let go.

Jerry and Sam have obviously found solace in each other, but will Linda be able to accept this new reality?

Pure Taboo - Elexis Monroe & Kyler Quinn - Their Wicked Ways

File: jmcc6naputaelekyllyvoealo3n.mp4
Size: 671.65 MB
Duration: 44:00
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Hannah Kyler Quinn, Bethany Elexis Monroe, and John John Strong sitting down for a meal. The atmosphere is calm and polite as John leads them into a brief prayer before dinner. As they begin their meal, John asks Hannah what she did today. Hannah tells him that she went to the park. John tenses, looking disapproving and scolds Hannah for going to a place filled with such unsavory characters, saying 'You're only 18, sweetheart. Ever since God brought you onto our doorstep and out of the clutches of your awful, sinful biological mother and father, it's been our job to keep you safe. I'm just watching out for you.' Hannah promises to ask permission next time she goes to the park. John smiles and pats Hannah's hand proudly with his own.


Later that day, Hannah is in her bedroom studying with her phone nearby. She is startled when she suddenly receives a text. She checks her phone and sees a dick pic, her eyes going wide with fear and surprise. The pic is quickly followed by a message saying, 'lol shit sorry. Wrong number. That was for my gf.' Hannah is shocked and throws her phone across the bed from her. There are a few tense moments as she quiets down, staring at the phone as if it's calling to her.

After some hesitation, she carefully picks the phone back up and stares at the dick pic again with wide eyes, completely unsure what to do. She goes to delete it, but then hesitates. Instead of deleting it she closes the phone again and puts it aside, shaking her head to clear her thoughts, and goes back to studying.

Throughout the next couple of days, Hannah spends time around the house, but no matter what she does, she is always eventually distracted, her attention pulled towards her phone.

The first few times this happens, she just pulls out the phone but doesn't unlock it, putting it back in her pocket after some debate. The last couple of times though, she gets bolder and unlocks the phone, careful to look around skittishly before sneaking a peek when she feels nobody is looking. These are quick peeks and she closes the phone again and pockets it, nervous.

Finally, Hannah sneaks to her room to look at the picture, aroused by it, masturbating to explore newfound feelings.

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door before it's opened. Bethany enters, in the midst of asking if Hannah could help her with housework, and catches Hannah masturbating. Furious, she confiscates the phone and says she's deleting the photo. Bethany grounds Hannah and leaves.

Days later, Hannah is still grounded and without her phone. She's pacing around her bedroom. We get the sense Hannah's mood has changed. She's still a meek girl but seems a bit more disobedient and restless. She glares at the door and decides to break the rules, taking a deep breath as she sneaks out of her bedroom and into her parents' bedroom to get the phone. She sees that Bethany didn't delete the picture after all and is shocked.

Bethany walks in and catches Hannah, who confronts her about being a hypocrite, accusing Bethany of touching herself like she told Hannah off for doing. Bethany is furious, and they argue about Hannah's right to be sexual. It quickly becomes clear that Hannah is uncontrollably corrupted by lust and begs her mother for sex, desparate to know what it feels like. She threatens to expose Bethany for keeping the phone and dick pic if she doesn't help.

Bethany scowls and curses under her breath but agrees to do it.

Bethany is uncomfortable as she awkwardly begins to fumble at Hannah. Hannah quickly takes the lead and it's like her body has a mind of its own. Bethany tries briefly to resist and protest but it becomes clear she's into this too. The corruption has spread. As Hannah leads her along, soon Bethany doesn't need instructions at all and they both are very in sync as they fuck, fully consumed by lust.

Suddenly John enters the bedroom, catching them in the act. Crushed that he's failed his family, he surrenders to Hannah and Bethany when they lust for him, powerless to resist their wicked ways...

Pure Taboo - Gia Derza - Teaching Her Some Discipline

File: lwfkgnaputagiaderrrritr23zd.mp4
Size: 498.48 MB
Duration: 37:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4

Stern Father Disciplines Step-Daughter With Spanking, Rough Anal And Gaping

Caroline Gia Derza's new step-father, Frank Derrick Pierce is not someone that she gets along with. As a career military man, Frank is strict and cold, and no matter how hard Caroline tries, she can never seem to appease him. He has so many ridiculous rules that Caroline finds it hard to keep track of what she can and can't do.

When she comes home one day from staying overnight at a friend's, she's confronted by a very angry Frank. She's confused since she's been allowed to stay with this friend before, so what's changed? When Frank reveals that he never knew this friend was a boy, it suddenly makes more sense, although Caroline's exasperated. Frank's being overbearing! Maybe it'd be easier to follow his rules if he'd lighten up once and awhile.

Frank doesn't respond well to this, demanding that Caroline shows him the respect he deserves. Things get even more heated when he insists that she needs to be punished for being so mouthy -- starting with a spanking.

Caroline is stunned and tries to resist, but she feels like she has little choice once Frank reminds her that HE puts the roof over her and her mother's heads. If she doesn't want to be kicked out onto the streets, she WILL be a good girl and submit to him...

Pure Taboo - Reagan Foxx & Krissy Lynn - Mommies' Boy

File: qwa9nnaputareakrikpetxb9sbw.mp4
Size: 757.32 MB
Duration: 49:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jealous Teen Demands Sex With Lesbian Step-Moms

Greg Jay Romero loves his step-moms, Tara Krissy Lynn and Leslie Reagan Foxx, so much... Maybe TOO much.

He's always been close to them but things changed as he got older. He used to feel nothing but warmth and happiness around them but now he is filled with jealousy and rage. It just seems like his lesbian moms pay way more attention to each other than him these days, and it's pushing him closer to the edge...

It doesn't help that he's also wrestling with all these feelings of sexual frustration as well. His mothers aren't afraid to show affection to each other around the house, always kissing and caressing each other... In his dismayed state of mind, he can't help but to wonder why they don't kiss and caress HIM like that, too?

The tension in the household is high until Tara and Leslie finally confront him about his bad attitude. That's when Greg loses it, all of his loneliness and frustrations finally exploding to the surface. If his moms don't show HIM the same kind of physical closeness and affection that they give each other, well, whatever he does to HIMSELF will be on THEIR conscience...

Pure Taboo - Maya Kendrick - The Widower

File: zyg4ynaputamaykenrbgnarw8nr.mp4
Size: 629.90 MB
Duration: 47:36
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: THE WIDOWER

Recently Widowed Man Develops Dangerous Obsession With Son's Girlfriend

SCENE OPENS on Jim Charles Dera. He lies in bed, his eyes still closed after a night of slumber. He opens his eyes and sighs tiredly. He is clearly not excited to get out of bed. He looks over to the other, empty side of the bed. His eyes mist with emotion as he runs his hand along the empty side of the bed. His expression is one of loss, of longing.

Finally, he takes a deep breath, as if he has summoned the energy to face the day, and swings his legs out of bed.

Later, Jim chats with his son Josh Rion King. It is revealed that they are grieving from the loss of Claire, Jim's wife and Josh's mother. Jim, in particular, seems to be having a tough time.

Josh tells Jim that his girlfriend, Brittany who Jim hasn't met yet, will be staying with them for the weekend. Jim is fine with it, since both Josh and Brittany are 18 and he trusts them. At that moment, the doorbell rings. Announcing that it must be her, Josh goes to answer it. A moment later, Josh introduces Jim to Brittany Maya Kendrick. Jim is instantly taken with her, muttering about her looking like someone. Brittany looks a little wary but hides it well, smiling warmly.


Later that day, the three of them are in the living room watching a movie. Josh and Brittany sit on the couch together while Jim sits on an adjacent chair. Josh has his arm around Brittany and they are both immersed in the movie.

Jim tries to concentrate on the movie, but his attention keeps wandering to Brittany. It's as if he can't keep his eyes off her, his expression betraying an almost-unhealthy level of interest. Soon, he gets locked into staring at her, unable to tear himself away. Suddenly Brittany glances over at him and he hastily looks away, almost caught. She gives him a slightly curious look and turns back to the movie. With her focused again on the movie, Jim's eyes wander back to her.

Later that same day, Jim walks down the hall. He hears muffled moaning coming from Josh's closed bedroom door. Jim puts his ear closer to the door. It becomes clear that what he's hearing are the sounds of Josh and Brittany having sex. His eyes widen and he looks at the doorknob with temptation.

Jim seems to be wrestling internally with what to do. Finally, he can't resist and, careful not to make a sound, slowly turns the doorknob.

We don't see what's inside the room. Instead, we focus on Jim's face as he watches through the crack in the door. We can now hear the sex sounds fully. Jim watches, an entranced, wild look coming over him.

The next day, Josh and Jim are relaxing on the couch, chatting and sipping on their morning coffees. Brittany joins them, taking her seat on the couch next to Josh. Jim again makes an effort not to stare, but it is clearly very difficult for him.

From Jim's POV, he watches Brittany. He seems like he's desperately trying to keep himself under control, until finally he can't, exhaling loudly. Both Josh and Brittany notice. Josh looks at him curiously. Jim, clearly fixated on Brittany, makes an excuse to get Josh to run out for an errand, leaving Jim and Brittany alone.

With Josh gone, there is a moment of slightly uncomfortable silence as Brittany smiles at Jim politely. Jim smiles back at her, holding his gaze for just a little too long. Jim talks to Brittany about his dead wife, saying that Brittany reminds him of her. He deliberately plays up his grief, eventually intentionally breaking down emotionally.

Brittany looks sympathetic, but also uncomfortable. Not knowing exactly what to do, she places a hand tentatively on his shoulder, a sympathetic gesture of support. He looks up at her and smiles. He places his hand over her hand and squeezes it. But he holds her hand for just a LITTLE too long, and she politely draws her hand away. But Jim has seen the opening he's been looking for, and continues to play up his grief and use her sympathy to convince Brittany to agree to fuck him out of pity.

This widower is determined to never be alone again...

Pure Taboo - Paige Owens - Please Be Gentle

File: gwycgnaputapaiowejhza5l3hcb.mp4
Size: 861.56 MB
Duration: 43:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4

Virgin Teen Is Seduced By Bully's Dad After Harsh Poolside Prank

Alice Paige Owens is a shy, nerdy girl who is trying to put herself out there a bit more. When she's invited to a pool party by a popular girl named Lexi, she thinks that this is the perfect chance.

When she arrives, she feels incredibly out of place as Lexi and the others greet her. It quickly becomes apparent that she's only there for the partygoers to bully. She's at a loss of what to do but finally decides to get out of there before things get worse, although it's already too late. Before she can escape, one of the bullies pushes her into the pool as they all stand around and jeer.

As Alice hauls herself out of the water, a sobbing mess, the party is broken up by Lexi's dad, Raymond Tommy Pistol. Raymond is furious at his daughter and sends everyone home. He helps Alice inside to get a warm change of clothes, disappointed with Lexi's actions, although it's not entirely unexpected.

Alice learns that Raymond isn't a happy family man. He doesn't get along with Lexi, who is just as awful as her mother. No, he likes girls like Alice... Smart, sweet, innocent girls.

Alice becomes uncomfortable when Raymond starts buttering her up, acting as though he KNOWS her, though he claims it's because he used to be like her -- or at least more like her than Lexi. He thinks Alice is perfect the way she is and that she shouldn't try to be something she's not. She doesn't need to be like Lexi. In fact, it'd be a whole lot better if she wasn't.

Alice starts to fall under Raymond's spell, though tries to resist. It sounds like he's trying to get with her and he's still a married man! Plus she's a virgin... But Raymond insists that none of this matters. Besides, she should lose her virginity to a more experienced man that can take good CARE of her... Someone like HIM. Doesn't that sound nice?

Alice is tempted, wanting to be the center of attention for once because of something positive, but she already took one chance today that didn't pay off... Will THIS time be different?

Pure Taboo - Alexis Fawx, Adria Rae & Ella Knox - Swapped At Birth: The Other Family

File: zesnanaputaaleadrellrgpnazyvip.mp4
Size: 916.87 MB
Duration: 46:05
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4

Parents Reveal To Daughter That She Was Swapped At Birth So They Can Fuck Her

SCENE OPENS on Harold Stirling Cooper and Martha Green Alexis Fawx, who have just seen their friends Fred and Barbara off after having them over for dinner. As Harold and Martha chat with each other, talk turns to their daughter Cassie.

'And how are you feeling? About Cassie's big day, I mean? We didn't have a chance to talk openly about it with Fred and Barbara at the dinner table. Do you think Cassie's ready for the truth?' Martha asks in a hushed tone.

'I really don't know,' Harold responds.

'What if she's NOT ready...what if she reacts...BADLY?'

There is a moment of silence as they silently contemplate the question. Finally, Harold's expression darkens, threat looming behind his eyes.

'Well, in that case...we'll just have to give her a little...TOUGH LOVE.'


Days later, the Greens, along with Cassie's older sister Heidi Ella Knox, surprise Cassie Adria Rae for her 18th birthday. The family settles in for Cassie's birthday dinner.

But after dinner, Martha and Harold drop a bomb on Cassie she is not their biological daughter.

Martha and Harold explain that as part of an arrangement with Fred and Barbara, their daughters were swapped at birth, so that each couple could indulge their fantasy and fuck their 'daughter' when she came of age. Heidi seems to be aware of this and Cassie storms out in anger.

Heidi goes to comfort Cassie, explaining that she was also swapped at birth in a similar arrangement, so Harold and Martha aren't her biological parents either. Heidi tries to convince Cassie that she'll learn to love the arrangement.

Back in the living room, Harold and Martha are wringing their hands nervously, clearly worried. Harold and Martha look up to see Heidi walking in. They look up at her expectantly. Heidi steps aside and reveals that Cassie has followed her in. There is a moment of suspense as Cassie looks at her parents, her facial expression unreadable. Martha and Harold seem to be holding their breaths, unsure of what Cassie is about to say. Finally, Cassie nods, her expression one of conflicting emotions.

'Ok...ok fine, mom, dad... this still freaks me out, but I'll... I'll try to give you what you want,' Cassie says softly.

Harold and Martha smile, relieved. They squeeze each other's hands.

Heidi takes the lead, slowly undressing Cassie as Harold and Martha watch, licking their lips. Heidi slips her own clothes off, kissing Cassie tenderly as their supple bodies press against each other.

It won't be long before Harold and Martha get in on the action, and then it'll TRULY be a family affair...