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Plumper Pass - Princess Gemini - Hitting On Her Key Notes

File: uem3bnaplpaprigem4zwgm7mb1j.mp4
Size: 169.59 MB
Duration: 20:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: After months of practice, Jovan has finally gotten a little better at playing the piano. His instructor Princess Gemini, really knows how to keep him motivated. He loves learning about chords, melodies, cunnilingus...wait...what? That's right, the only thing they loves more than the piano, is when Jovan's big hard cock is between her lips and deep in her BBW pussy.

Plumper Pass - Bunny De La Cruz - Licks And Lessons

File: 6nkpdnaplpabundelacru3ftszxq7yr.mp4
Size: 693.78 MB
Duration: 30:42
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Bunny De La Cruz as you all know is a super curvy babe. She's also an amazing pool player and loves to show off her skills. But what we most love about Bunny is that she loves to play games and making bets. So in order to make her billiards game more interesting, we challenged her to make a difficult shot and since she missed Derrick got to fuck her all over the table doggy style--just how this dirty slut likes it! Bunny quickly shows off her other skills--her big natural boobs and her ability to suck my dick dry! But what she loves most is to ride his big cock while grinding her big ass! This tight pussy won't stop fucking until she cums for days!

Plumper Pass - Dippd N Redd - Big Cock Doc

File: xzlmdnaplpadipnrediecjylyomo.mp4
Size: 787.17 MB
Duration: 34:47
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Dippd N' Redd was in an accident and it has been really hurting her lately, so she went to see the doctor for a quick fix. Things get a little awkward when the Doctor walks in, though, because it's none other than her old fuck buddy Juan Largo! He may be a doctor now, but he's still the same guy he used to be, so she wastes no time stroking Juan's fat cock. Juan remembers from the good old days that Dipped likes to get fucked hard, so he pounds that pussy, fucks her in her tight pussy, and then cums all over her giant breasts.

Plumper Pass - Heather Jana - Hot & Heavy Heather

File: pjbo4naplpaheajanvr3azrch5g.mp4
Size: 358.66 MB
Duration: 44:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: These days, you can have anything delivered right to your door. In todays update, Derrick Pierce has a hot sexy plumper delivered in the form of sexy Heather Jana. Heather is a sexy BBW with thick legs and a petite all-natural voluptuous body. She loves to fuck and shes eager to please. She starts off by getting naked and preparing her body for fun, rubbing her fair skin and gorgeous tits. Then she joins Derrick to get down to business. Heather gives an amazing blowjob. She was able to swallow Derrick's entire cock and welcomed him throat fucking her. Then she got her pussy drilled until she was covered in cum. This is an incredibly hot scene that you dont want to miss. Happy Friday!

Plumper Pass - Kiwi & Velma Voodoo - Best Friends Cum Together

File: fh152naplpakiwvel9xzxs83mxn.mp4
Size: 194.83 MB
Duration: 23:58
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: We're back with vengeance! We have two BBW babes ready to taste some pussy. Velma VooDoo and Kiwi start of with some gold old fashion foreplay, then the hot steamy plumper action takes place. They both take turns licking pussy, finger banging and dildoing each other until they orgasm. Now that's what I call a party. Enjoy!

Plumper Pass - Vicky Plush - Mouthful Of BBC

File: ywcqwnaplpavicplunr4gbewzfg.mp4
Size: 250.76 MB
Duration: 30:56
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Vicky Plush is a sexy Latina brunette with a sexy and voluptuous body. Perfect tits, a tasty pussy and one heck of a juicy ass. She's perfect for today's update. She showed us how she can suck dick real good until her BBC busted a huge load of cum in her mouth. Vick Plush swallowed every drop. Enjoy!

Plumper Pass - Alexa Grey - My Friend's Bbw Gf

File: cdljxnaplpaalegrehfezek8uca.mp4
Size: 131.74 MB
Duration: 16:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alexa can barely gets her lips around Will's huge black cock. But Alex works it until it's nice and hard and then ever so carefully slides it into her small plumper pussy until she gets all of his massive meat inside her. What a trooper as she gets pounded and then accepts the blast of juice for her reward!

Plumper Pass - Zoey Skyy - Clocked In For Cock

File: mo9munaplpazoeskyicwtz2wdbo.mp4
Size: 623.08 MB
Duration: 27:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Zoey Skyy has a habit of dressing inappropriately at work and her coworkers have started to complain. In a meeting with Carlo, her HR supervisor, she is given several examples of just how inappropriate her clothing is. Ever the solution-oriented team-builders, Zoey and Carlo manage to find a compromise that results in everyones satisfaction. As it turns out, with an ass as good as hers, Zoey wont have to worry about her co-workers being upgitght about her outfits anymore.

Plumper Pass - Kendra Grace - Jacuzzi Fuckin

File: h1xrvnaplpakengrasc4cw7vxe8.mp4
Size: 254.70 MB
Duration: 31:49
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: What could be better than finding Kendra Kox in a hot tub? How about a naked Kendra fondling her body before she lets you fuck her tits, mouth, and wet pussy! Sean, her brother in law, is the lucky man who follows the trail of her bikini, leading him to Kendra and her hot tits in a hot tub!

Plumper Pass - Cotton Candi - Drone And Bone

File: fqfpqnaplpacotcanjjrotouzwk.mp4
Size: 657.20 MB
Duration: 29:05
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Juan and his trusty drone spied on sexy Cotton tanning in her backyard. When Cotton catches Juan peeping on her with his machine, she holds the drone hostage and makes him an offer no young man could ever refuse. Cotton starts blowing Juan then he fucks her doggy style, then missionary then cowgirl until he explodes delivering a huge hot load all over Cotton!

Plumper Pass - Jessica Lust - Working Late Getting Laid

File: 7wscenaplpajeslusl5pp8jrrfy.mp4
Size: 212.54 MB
Duration: 26:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ever since Jessica Lust has been taken on new projects she's been fluttered with tons of work. Every single day this week she's had to work overtime and she's starting to get exhausted. So when she sees an opportunity to convince her co-worker to stay behind, she wastes no time in showing him that she's willing to do anything for a little help.

Plumper Pass - Natalia Springs - Dipping In Natalia

File: p6zzanaplpanatsprni7gmugdml.mp4
Size: 153.11 MB
Duration: 19:06
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Like you all know we are real deal BBW lovers, it doesn't matter to us if you're tall or short, what matters is the size. Natalia Springs deffenatly qualifies to be on Plumper Pass. Natalia came to the house and took a dip in the pool, all we wanted is to watch those huge tits in a bikini bouncing in the water. Natalia is a giver and showed us all what we needed to see, we fooled around with those boobs outdoors then brought her a BBC for some serious hardcore. She's a real BBW Dream my big girl loving friends.

Plumper Pass - Madisyn Marlee - Madisyn Marlee & Goddess Mika

File: 7ctaxnaplpamadmarzwfeci9sto.mp4
Size: 83.91 MB
Duration: 10:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Madison Marlee and her best friend Goddess Mika wanted to make a video for us, so they decided it would be fun and sexy if we taped it for you guys. Madison is so hot! She looks amazing naked. She's so soft. She loves it when Mika rubs her tits on her tits. She even licks her pussy and it looks amazing, You can see her pussy pulsating with every lick and mher body starts vibrating. It was like fireworks were going off inside her body and she just gets more and more wet. Then it was Mika's turn, so Madison licked her tits and played with her pussy. Its only fair they both cum. Enjoy!

Plumper Pass - Apple Cummings - Pov With Cummings

File: ewy2znaplpaappcumge6cmkych6.mp4
Size: 317.90 MB
Duration: 38:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Apple Cummings is back for more fun and fucking games. This time she is all business, her business being pure pussy pounding pleasure. She is definitely one tight ride that we can take over and over and in every position we can contort her body into. A cock loving trooper. She can suck she can fuck, she can do it all. And she can take a nice load of cum too!!!

Plumper Pass - Callie Mack - Massaging Mack

File: s1dd8naplpacalmac3fh25sf7qb.mp4
Size: 239.42 MB
Duration: 29:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Callie Mack is up on her feet all day, so when the clock strikes 5 she heads home to relax. But when her insufferable boyfriend Milan is just sitting around doing nothing, all the days stresses come rushing back to her. Luckily her buffoon of a boyfriend offers to relieve some of it with a foot rub, but what he doesnt tell is that feet are his fetish! After filling Callie to the brim with big dick, she graciously offers to let him fuck her pretty feet. Stretching her thick pussy wide, Callie bounces on his hard cock as he plays with her big tits, loosening her pussy lips only at the very last second so he can coat her in glaze of cum.

Plumper Pass - Lil Kiwwi & Velma Voodoo - Dreams Of BBW Faires

File: fc7yknaplpalilvelsvgevjuvic.mp4
Size: 267.35 MB
Duration: 32:44
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Velma VooDoo and Lil Kiwwi monster are the naughtiest, nastiest fairies in the vale. When Thor leaves his big hard cock under his pillow these fairies figure they should take a cum sample. his fantasy come true, two submissive nymphomaniac chubby fairies? they are so thick yet so small! he tosses them around, licking and indulging in their sweet magical juices. the taste sends him into a frenzy and he begins revenging their little butt holes with his tongue. He then stacks Lil kiwi on top of Velma's big booty and begins sampling each of them with his mighty hammer. Fucking one pussy after the other, back and forth and back and forth. Thor gives the duo a grand finale by cumming all over Kiwwis mouth and Velma's asshole. The fairies got what they came for, and Thor dozes off back to bed. Maybe it was all a dream?

Plumper Pass - Alexxxis Allure - Clock In Cock In

File: gwvlynaplpaaleallxrto74uds9.mp4
Size: 246.89 MB
Duration: 30:20
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alexxxis Allure is applying for a clerical position at the company. The only thing is, her job experience lies more in the stripperhooker category than that of a secretary. Needless to say, we take advantage of this and asks her to give one of our temps a taste of the kind of thing, Alexxxis was known to do prior to applying for this position.

Plumper Pass - Sofia Rose - Sofia's Mic Skills

File: rdircnaplpasofroslqxqjmuh1v.mp4
Size: 636.30 MB
Duration: 28:07
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sofia has always wanted to be a professional recording artist. So she comes to Plumper Pass Records for some professional guidance. For the label owner, Jax, talent is not an issue. As long as Sofia can put in a superstar performance in the sack, Jax will go above and beyond the call of duty in turning her into a superstar.

Plumper Pass - Roxi Adore - Sexy & Slowly Adore

File: mbgofnaplparoxadoblaeepkwf7.mp4
Size: 94.19 MB
Duration: 11:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Today we have Roxi Adore, busty redhead who is absolutely stunning. She has big round, meatyl tits and the perfect BBW figure to go along with them. You will go nuts over how curvy she is. Roxi likes to please herself and is very open to sharing it with us. She wants you to see her cum and show you how much she wants a dick inside her with those sweet doll eyes. you will really enjoy this.

Plumper Pass - Vanessa London - Big Babe Baddie

File: vhv1mnaplpavanlontehgb6fowy.mp4
Size: 248.76 MB
Duration: 29:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: On this lovely Monday we had Vanessa London come to shake her plump ass for our entertainment. Vanessa has a big natural fat ass and she to loves to shake it all over whoever is near. She loves her job making hard dick spurt warm goodness. Sean Lawless pounds Vanessa's little box until he sprays all over her pretty face. Lucky SOB! Don't miss out on this one... cause shes a keeper!

Plumper Pass - Tiffany Star - Bbw Blonde Star

File: ieizqnaplpatifstantw81bw9fz.mp4
Size: 162.41 MB
Duration: 19:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Fine as fuck and so cock thirsty, Tiffany is the type of grade A plus-size slut that every man dreams of. There is no cock too big and no action to filthy for her to handle. Her neighbor truly meets his match when taking on this voluptuous vixen. She swallows and rides his enormous hog like it's a walk in the park and then drops to her knees like the perfect little lady that she is to feast on his hot load!

Plumper Pass - Crystal Blue - Cum Showering Crystal

File: goljqnaplpacryblucwzfvvywix.mp4
Size: 287.44 MB
Duration: 35:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Coming to you this week from is Crystal Blue. Crystal brings her voluptuous body and humongous natural tits to our screens once again for your viewing pleasure. We had her bounce and play around for a bit, tantalizing the viewer with her amazing breasts. It isn't until she's but naked that we decide to pick things up by introducing cutie Crystal with some dick. Even though he was pounding her good and hard, she wanted it even harder! Don't miss out! Enjoy

Plumper Pass - Betty Bang Xxx - Flowers For Fucking

File: hvu27naplpabetbanxxxjwsbl6jdug.mp4
Size: 251.04 MB
Duration: 30:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Carlo knew he was in love when he took one look at Betty, the hot new Milf who works in his complex. She is a real sexy woman, with thick legs and a shapely body that conformed to her soft round tits like a perfectly packaged box delivered to you with love. He knew he had to meet her, her sexual wiles were beckoning him. So one day he decided that after work he would leave her a note and some flowers on her car. Hoping to ask her out to dinner one day. What he wasn't expecting was that she too was exacerbated by his manly physique. What happens next is to be the most passionate anal sex to ever rock the desks and the walls of their office. Don't miss this one!

Plumper Pass - Charlotte Hurtz - Smoking Hurtz

File: nbwnnnaplpachahurmlordx2e9m.mp4
Size: 260.84 MB
Duration: 32:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Charlotte Hurtz is back... with a vengeance! This deadly dame is ready to take on some hard black cock. This brunette BBW bombshell knows how to please a man, lighting her cigarette and blowing smoke as she sucks and fucks. Nothing can stop this badass nymphomaniac! Prepare for hardcore interracial banging! Charlotte always gets what she wants!

Plumper Pass - Apple Cummings - Begging For A Taste

File: mkutbnaplpaappcum43otxkxkeo.mp4
Size: 85.40 MB
Duration: 10:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Today we have Apple Cummings a voluptuous bloonde with a huge pair of natural tits. She has a very sexy treat for us and wants to show us what she can do. We let her strut her stuff and play with herself in a very sexy way, then she masturbates and lets the wetness consume her. This scene is guaranteed to make your dick hard.

Plumper Pass - Selah Rain - Party In Her Mouth

File: s7tninaplpaselrainoct2xvc7x.mp4
Size: 298.31 MB
Duration: 35:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Selah Rain's son is having a party at his mom's place and is hanging out in the kitchen with some of his friends. But when Selah embarrasses him and accidentally spills some of her cocktail all over Zhur Cumming's shirt. Selah has him follow her upstairs where she helps get the stain out. Only, Zhur soon realizes Selah has ulterior motives! You see Ms. Rain loves her some BBC. Lets just say Selah gets to have her cock and sucks and fucks it too.

Plumper Pass - Jessica Lust - Dessert With Lust

File: nn6nnnaplpajesluskfa8dikbsi.mp4
Size: 236.34 MB
Duration: 28:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jessica Lust is busy cooking up some dinner for her friends one evening. When her male friend offers to help her in the kitchen, but she gets hands onwith his dick that is! Will he succumb to the seductress that is Ms. Lust, or will he be able to not only finish cooking dinner but also give Jessica the delicious dicking shes hungry for?

Plumper Pass - Lexxxi Luxe - Big Bae Sex Slave

File: matjenaplpalexluxhpzgrsyukp.mp4
Size: 214.76 MB
Duration: 26:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lexxxi Luxe is one horny housewife. She loves to flirt and make the other guys get a raging hard-on for her voluptuous body and enormous tits. When her husband, Christian, finds out about her naughty behavior, he decides to put a collar around her neck to her pleasure of course! Lexxxi then begs him to treat her like the BBW slut she is and she gets that dicking shes been craving, and then some!

Plumper Pass - Alexa Grey & Julie Ginger - Late Night Threesome

File: 4uallnaplpaalejulebl8awksgk.mp4
Size: 266.19 MB
Duration: 32:44
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: It's a sexy slumber party for Alexa Grey and Julie Ginger, and what better way to kick off a night of sexy shenanigans than with a pillow fight? Flying feathers turn to curious questions as the plus-size sluts compare notes on their sexual exploits while practicing kissing with each other, and pretty soon their horny pussies get the better of them and they're exploring each other's bodies. Little do they know Jonathan Jordan has been watching from afar! As soon as he's spotted, he joins in on the fun, turning a boring old slumber party into a sexy BBW threesome of enormous proportions!

Plumper Pass - Tattooed Barbie - Home Alone

File: ku5wenaplpatatbartzpiar8apf.mp4
Size: 80.51 MB
Duration: 10:01
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tattooed Barbie is a true BBW dream with a solid gold body. She is also are new to Plumper Pass so if you have the time to see beauty for what it really is then sit down and have a look. I mean what else are you doing? Barbie loves to touch her body and finds masturbation to be one of her favorite guilty pleasures. A pleasure she doesn't mind sharing with us.

Plumper Pass - Cotton Candi - Cotton's Big Meat Delivery

File: jotbznaplpacotcanfel98ftqkh.mp4
Size: 203.96 MB
Duration: 25:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cotton Candi's huge natural breasts are by far the biggest and most beautiful breasts we have on Plumper Pass. She comes in wearing some tight leggings. Jovan enjoys taking off her clothes so he can suck on her giant nipples while he plays with her pussy. Cotton begins sucking his dick and balls like the nasty BBW she is. He then slides his cock into her tight wet pussy. She begins riding his dick as deep she can take it until his dick is ready to give her all his cum. He shoots all his juice over her giant hooters.

Plumper Pass - Breana Khalo - Fuck Me Like A Porno

File: bkhdynaplpabrekhafybt3jmcdo.mp4
Size: 344.01 MB
Duration: 42:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Juan was completely enthralled with some porn on his phone when scantily clad Breana sauntered in and started distracting him. She simply couldn't stand playing second fiddle to someone else when she was there, in the flesh, sexy and in living color gyrating her hips and jiggling her booty! She pulled her moves on him and before either of them knew it his dick was in her mouth. It didn't take long for him to completely switch gears and fuck her just right!

Plumper Pass - Mimosa - Cock On The Block

File: n9qpfnaplpamimolei7td7whg.mp4
Size: 249.61 MB
Duration: 30:46
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: We are lucky today, the gorgeous Mimosa knocks on our door, looking as sexy and as thick as ever. We talk to her a little bit and then she shows us some of her moves. Eventually, we get her to strip down and we are absolutely amazed at her perfect booty. She sucks our man's dick really slow and sexy, he loves it. Eventually, he starts to fuck her. Her voluptuous body is perfect, and to top it all of, her face is absolutely beautiful. This one was a lot of fun and Mimosa can't wait to get a huge load all over her pretty face.

Plumper Pass - Mandy Majestic - Big And Sexy Mandy

File: ubn5znaplpamanmaj3lnprblgwa.mp4
Size: 468.79 MB
Duration: 28:54
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Mandy Majestic and her big tits are back again, and they're bigger than ever, god are those tits huge, they make me want to cum all over them. Anyways, Christian got to pound that BBW pussy real good, while making her tits and belly bounce all over the place. Well, guys, I hope you enjoy Mandy's return because she's hornier and sexier than ever.

Plumper Pass - Rose D Kush - Rose's Revenge

File: ki1pnnaplparosdkus3qvcbk9qor.mp4
Size: 206.64 MB
Duration: 25:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hot sexy plumper Rose D. Kush decides to send her ex some sexy selfies of her in her in her hot new pink lingerie. While taking those risqu snaps, however, she forgets to hide the evidence that her lover, Carlo Carrera, is sharing the room with her! When Roses ex calls begging to have her back, the lovely nympho decides to suck and fuck Mr. Carrera. Watch as her big titties and fat ass bounce while she rides cock like no other.

Plumper Pass - Mari V - That Heat And Oil

File: rnocenaplpamarvoop74i14iz.mp4
Size: 89.87 MB
Duration: 11:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Today we have a very sexy BBW babe Mari V and she is thick and gorgeous. She has a very sexy treat for us and she wants to show us what she can do. We let her strut her stuff and play with herself in a very sensual way, then after handing her a very realistic dildo she masturbates and lets the wetness consume her. This is a sexy scene and guaranteed to make your dick hard.