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Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage - Jade Nile & Gianna Dior - Expanding Their Horizons

File: ciipxnanumajadgiaqsujnilrv6.mp4
Size: 285.23 MB
Duration: 32:27
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior and Jade Nile, two girlfriends, are enjoying a quiet evening together. When Gianna asks Jade how her day was and learns that her lesbian girlfriend got hit on by a guy at work, she's amused. She teases Jade, saying that if she ever wants to experiment with a guy, she'd be down, but Jade laughs it off.

Gianna's a little disappointed as she tentatively reminds Jade that she's bi and sometimes still wants to fool around with guys. Of course, she'd never cheat on Jade, though!

Jade feels a bit guilty, insisting that sometimes she forgets that Gianna likes guys, too, so... she's willing to experiment sometime with her. Gianna is excited, asking if easing her into it with a massage by a guy would help? When Jade carefully admits that it probably would, Gianna instantly gets on the phone with a friend of hers. When an opportunity like this falls in your lap, you'd be a fool to pass it up!

When Lucas Frost later arrives and they all strip down for the NURU massage, Jade is still a bit shy. With Gianna's guidance, they both get into massaging Lucas, getting Jade used to touch the male body. Although Jade's still a bit uncertain, as the girlfriends share passing kisses and touches, she gradually gets into it.

By the time they get to the happy ending, Jade has to admit that seeing Gianna blowing Lucas and riding his cock is hot. When it's her turn, she's onboard, though Gianna is right there offering her encouragement along the way and giving Jade's pussy a little extra lovin'! It isn't long before all three people are lost in the heat of the moment... If all goes well, maybe Jade will be open to even more new experiences in the future??

Nuru Massage - Lily Glee - Bad Reviews

File: tahmbnanumalilglebln4ik8tdk.mp4
Size: 455.64 MB
Duration: 31:43
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Masseuse Lily Glee is at the reception desk on her laptop when her boss Mark Zane walks up to her. He seems very serious and tells her that he's going to have to fire her because she's been receiving customer complaints. Lily, in disbelief and in denial about her shortcomings, resolves to give Mark a massage to prove that she has what it takes. He agrees.

In the shower area, Lily helps Mark undress but accidentally pops a button off his shirt, and when they hop into the shower, Lily accidentally turns the water on too hot, getting soap suds in Mark's eyes. Mark is thoroughly unimpressed with the massage's rocky start.

In the massage room, Lily begins to massage Mark. He is shocked to realize that she doesn't use oil. She tries to compensate and put oil on him but pours too much. When she desperately body slides to spread the oil, he's surprised that the massage is actually good.

Mark is enjoying the body sliding, but as the massage winds down, he gets another surprise Lily doesn't do happy endings, which the parlor offers. Realizing this explains much of the complaints she's received, she agrees to give a happy ending.

Looks like bad reviews will be a thing of the past for Lily!

Nuru Massage - Sofi Ryan - Her Husband's Boss

File: gfrtpnanumasofrya4mn9zqmaau.mp4
Size: 443.32 MB
Duration: 31:43
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Sofi Ryan and her husband are visiting her husband's boss' house. Although they're nervous about being summoned, they can only hope that this means that Sofi's husband will be getting that raise they've been hoping for!

When they arrive, the boss, Zac Wild, doesn't waste any time spelling it out for them. You see, he's been searching for a particular kind of massage, but has been having a hard time finding a masseuse that will do it for him. When he heard that Sofi was a masseuse, he thought it was the perfect chance to see if she'd do a NURU massage for him. If she does, there may be some room in the budget this year for a raise for Sofi's husband after all.

Sofia is shocked, since a NURU massage is VERY erotic, and she lets her husband know this. Yet, after a brief discussion, they decide that they really do want that raise... Sofi agrees to do the massage and the husband sees himself out so that he doesn't step on anyone's toes.

Although Sofia is a bit nervous to be left alone with Zac, it isn't long before they're both naked. Sofi does her best to satisfy Zac, oiling him up and sliding their bare bodies together. Since Zac is being nothing but a perfect gentleman, Sofi is inexplicably drawn to him. Well, since her husband KNEW this was going to be an erotic massage, maybe she'll give Zac a happy ending to seal the deal!

She goes down on Zac's cock, happy to get a little 69 action. Once they're both ready, she slides Zac's cock into her pussy and eagerly throws herself into it. She's going to make sure to have as much fun as possible -- just in case Zac doesn't follow through with that raise!

Nuru Massage - Katya Rodriguez - Not Your Typical Uncle

File: ajc81nanumakatrod5xmtv4orh3.mp4
Size: 375.04 MB
Duration: 28:56
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Katya Rodriguez can't believe that her mom's making her stick around for when her new uncle arrives. Just because Grandpa remarried and brought a whole new side to the family doesn't mean she wants anything to do with them. Even when her mom insists that her uncle is closer to her age, Katya is unimpressed. If anything, the fact that her uncle is closer to her age somehow makes it worse!

Even though she wants to rebel, she later answers the door when her uncle arrives to visit. As soon as she opens the door and is greeted by Alex Legend, her whole demeanor changes as her heart skips a beat. Alex is a lot more handsome than she ever could've imagined!

It's not long before Katya loses herself in conversation with Alex. He's a lot cooler and charming than she thought he'd be! She's so comfortable with him, in fact, that when he asks if she works, she admits to doing an erotic massage called NURU. It's VERY erotic, though, so none of her family knows about it... until now.

Seeing his chance, Alex insists that, as her uncle, he needs to know that she's being safe while doing these massages! Maybe she should show him what she does to put his mind at ease? Katya looks annoyed for a moment, then mischievously plays along. Oh, she'll show him exactly how safe NURU massages are!

After sharing a shower with Alex to get things nice and steamy, they move to Katya's trusty massage mattress. By the time she pours oil all over Alex, there's no turning back. Unable to deny the chemistry between them, it isn't long before she's taking his cock into her mouth, then pussy. Will Uncle Alex approve of her massages now?

Nuru Massage - Aften Opal - Up To No Good...

File: 25fk6nanumaaftopaiafirpd37r.mp4
Size: 235.80 MB
Duration: 28:53
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Aften Opal is bored as she waits for her mom, a masseuse, to finish her shift. She just needs a ride home but she's stuck there until her mom is done for the day. Aften is so bored that she even offers to help her mom, though her mom sternly tells her that she has to stay put. She could get in trouble if her daughter's caught around the clients!

After Kayla leaves, Aften mopes around... until Alex Legend walks in and mistakes her for a masseuse. Since Aften is bored and Alex is hot, she decides to roll with it, pretending to indeed be a masseuse!

Since Aften's never given a massage before, she blunders her way through the setup. Although Alex is a bit concerned, Aften's confidence wins him over as she assures him that she's got everything under control. When she accidentally spills extra gel on his back, she decides to make it part of the massage... by slipping and sliding her own naked body along Alex's!

Although bewildered, Alex is all over this new kind of massage. Things eventually get hot and heavy when Aften sets her sights on his cock. She decides to end the massage with a nice happy ending for Alex, and he has no complaints as she starts by sucking his cock. When Aften soon eagerly takes his cock into her pussy, she's definitely not bored anymore!

Nuru Massage - Sofi Ryan - Must've Missed A Spot

File: f4xmfnanumasofryavmpp4ubjxz.mp4
Size: 282.52 MB
Duration: 31:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sofi Ryan, a housecleaner, is trying to do her job but has encountered a stubborn spot! It's so slick and gooey, and no matter what she does, she can't seem to get it off the floor. She gets so frustrated that she gets the homeowner to come check it out, though even he's stumped about what the mess is.

Little does she know, Codey Steele, the homeowner's son, happens by in the background and overhears what's going on. He instantly looks guilty as he hides out of sight until his dad is gone. Only then does he make himself known to Sofi, who happily greets him.

Codey shyly admits that the goop on the floor is NURU gel. You see, he got the gel in preparation for whenever he gets a future girlfriend. He knows it sounds silly, but it doesn't hurt to prepare for future intimacy!

Sofi is taken by Codey's honesty and sweetness. Since she finds him irresistibly adorable, she offers to help give him some practice for his future girlfriend! Codey is pleasantly surprised, happy to take her up on this unique offer.

Of course, once they hit the mattress and begin pouring slippery gel all over each other, there's no going back. As Sofi massages him, sliding her naked body all over Codey's, she soon moves her hand to his cock and offers to give him an even more intimate experience that a future girlfriend would offer...

Codey is over the moon as Sofi lavishes his cock with attention, enveloping him with her hot mouth, then tight pussy. If he's REALLY lucky, maybe he found his future girlfriend TODAY??

Nuru Massage - Kit Mercer - Product Testing

File: jmbz4nanumakitmerqudpadj3dh.mp4
Size: 488.22 MB
Duration: 33:27
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kit Mercer is waiting in an examination room. She seems a little nervous. Dr. Stirling Cooper enters, thanking her for being so patient. He tells her that now that she has signed all the necessary documents, he can explain what product she'll be testing as part of the clinical trial that she signed up for, adding that she's the FIRST person who will ever be trying the product.

She listens expectantly as he tells her that she'll be testing out a new oil, an oil that's designed as a libido enhancer. It is in the form of an oil so that it can be absorbed in the pores. He tells Kit he would like to record her body's reaction to the stimulus to see if her libido increases at all. Kit is shy, but Dr. Cooper reassures her that the trial is completely professional.

Dr. Cooper puts rubber gloves on and applies some of the oil to Kit's neck and she immediately becomes super horny. She starts to breathe heavily and looks at Dr. Cooper lustily, biting her lip.

Becoming increasingly horny, Kit opens her shirt and places Dr. Cooper's hands on her bare breasts, applying more oil to her. Kit grabs him and kisses him hard on the mouth, his eyes going comically wide in shock. He tries to pull away but she holds the kiss. In the same moment, she rips his button-down shirt open, pressing her bare breasts against his chest.

Feeling the effects of the oil, Dr. Cooper is now super horny too. They decide that they need more oil and that they need to spread it all over their bodies. Kit has an idea of how to do that and begins to give Dr. Cooper a NURU massage.

Nuru Massage - Candice Dare - You Won't Know Until You Try

File: eufxfnanumacandarjplwyyni6b.mp4
Size: 223.02 MB
Duration: 25:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tyler Nixon's been getting regular massages every week from gorgeous masseuse Candice Dare. He's obviously got his eye on the blonde bombshell, and one day during a session, he decides to take the plunge and ask her out.

Much to his disappointment, Candice turns him down, telling him that she's actually a lesbian. Undeterred, he asks if she's ever had sex with a man, to which she says no. He continuously asks throughout the massage how she knows she's a lesbian, then. Maybe she'd like sex with a man more than she thinks, she won't know until she tries!

Annoyed by her client, Candice finally decides there's only one way to shut Tyler up by having sex with him!

Nuru Massage - India Summer - Aunt's Welcome Gift

File: qlkcmnanumaindsumayattvmslo.mp4
Size: 192.09 MB
Duration: 26:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jessy Jones arrives at his aunt India Summer's house and gives her NURU gel as a gift to welcome her into the family since she just married into it. He is oblivious to how inappropriate the gift is, though India knows. Jessy doesn't understand why it's a weird gift. She's a masseuse, and this said 'massage' on the bottle so he thought this was the perfect gift for her! Massage gel is massage gel, right? Isn't it all the same?

She begins to explain why the gift is inappropriate but before she can finish, an excited Jessy insists that she should try the gel out now by giving him a massage! India hesitates and is clearly about to say no but Jessy has a dumb hopeful grin on his face. India is still embarrassed but also not wanting to offend him and finding him a bit cute and charming agrees to give him a massage.

India leads Jessy to the mattress. Jessy is confused as he asks what the mattress is for -- where's the massage table? India explains that THIS is why the gel was an inappropriate gift. It's for NURU massages, which are way more erotic than normal massages.

India then tells Jessy to strip down and begins stripping down herself, his eyes go wide. Yet, he can't help staring at her. Jessy lamely says that they can keep their clothes on if it's too weird, even if like she said they're not related.

India insists that the only way the gel works is with skin-on-skin contact. So this is the only way they're going to get to enjoy his gift, she's afraid. But he's a grown man over 18 now, so as long as they both keep their hands to themselves during the massage no lines will be crossed! Jessy stutters but excitedly agrees.

India massages Jessy and the tension between them grows. Pretty soon, they are caught up in the heat of the moment and give in to their lust as India uses the gel to stroke Jessy's dick, instantly driving him wild.

Jessy may have brought his aunt a welcome gift, but HE'S the one who's really getting a gift today...

Nuru Massage - Jewelz Blu - Getting Their Buddy Laid

File: uuwppnanumajewblu8o4ufas136.mp4
Size: 433.43 MB
Duration: 26:50
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jason Moody and his friend arrive at a massage parlor. Jason is curious why he's being gifted a massage. His friend tells him that it's because Jason needs to get over a recent breakup and relax a little. Jason is saddened as he's reminded of the breakup, insisting that she was THE ONE, though the friend rolls his eyes and tells him to get over it.

Masseuse Jewelz Blu appears, greeting them. The friend grabs Jason and pushes him to the front, and tells her that he's there for his 'exclusive package' massage, exchanging knowing looks and grins with Jewelz while Jason is clearly oblivious. Jason is also polite but shy around Jewelz. Jewelz invites Jason to follow her.

Jason is very shy as he showers with Jewelz, who sensually massages him. He is naive about Jewelz's intentions even as she strokes his cock.

After the shower, Jewelz takes Jason into the private room and starts the NURU massage. She is very erotic and sexual but Jason still thinks it's all innocent and part of a typical massage.

Jewelz starts stroking Jason's cock in a much more obvious way that even Jason can't shrug off. He's startled, asking what she's doing. Again, Jewelz insists that this is a natural part of the massage. Surely he's heard of happy endings before. Jason is hesitant but tempted... and Jewelz IS very pretty, so...Jewelz is pleased with his compliment and how he's finally giving in, and coaxes him further until he says yes. She puts his cock in her mouth.

Nuru Massage - Kyler Quinn - I Can't Lose This Job

File: lzauonanumakylquixfnudell15.mp4
Size: 389.21 MB
Duration: 43:11
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kyler Quinn is tidying up when there's a knock on the door. She knows it's her next client, so she calls for them to come in while straightening up and smiling. Isiah Maxwell steps into the room. Kyler is shocked and confused, laughing a little with disbelief. She recognizes Isiah as one of her clients from her babysitting job. She thinks it's a mistake that she's massaging him, though Isiah insists that it's intentional.

Isiah reveals that he lusts for Kyler and wants to be massaged by her. Kyler hesitates, insisting that it just feels inappropriate, that's all. ESPECIALLY for the type of massage he ordered... Isiah insists that he knows exactly what kind of massage he ordered and that he specifically wanted one from HER. Kyler is startled.

'What? You're 19, a grown woman... a BEAUTIFUL woman... Who WOULDN'T want to get a massage from you?' Isiah asks.

Kyler is still hesitant because she doesn't want to mix clients but he threatens her masseuse job, so she agrees.

Kyler massages Isiah, who becomes more aroused. He wants a happy ending and threatens her babysitting job if she doesn't, so she reluctantly agrees, grasping his cock with both hands and jerking him off.

Just because Kyler's doing this to save her job doesn't mean she won't enjoy every minute of it...

Nuru Massage - Elsa Jean - Soaping Up The Sitter

File: qucxrnanumaelsjeapsqrnaovgh.mp4
Size: 274.97 MB
Duration: 32:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mark Wood is pleasantly surprised when the regular babysitter, Elsa Jean, shows up early for work. As always, Elsa seems happy to see him, though she asks if she can do some prep work for her massage class later. Mark doesn't have a problem with it, though is thrown off when Elsa thanks him with a lingering hug. Sheepishly, he breaks the hug, announcing that he's out. Little does he know, the moment he's gone, Elsa berates herself for getting so close to a married man...

When Mark returns later, he's shocked to find Elsa furiously cleaning off an inflatable mattress. He learns that she spilled a lot of gel while practicing for her class. After Mark assures her that it's not the end of the world, he invites her to use his shower to clean up, which she happily accepts.

Although Mark thinks that will be the end of it, he keeps getting called into the bathroom by Elsa. She constantly asks for his help, like removing the sticky shirt, turning on the hot water, getting her some soap... He's shy but helps her however he can, until she asks him to wash her back. By then, the sexual tension between them at the sight of Elsa's gorgeous naked body is too much!

After a steamy shower to help Elsa 'wash her back,' Mark and Elsa get hot and heavy on the same mattress that started it all. There's no hiding their lust as Elsa pours oil all over them and slides along Mark's body. Once Elsa takes his cock into her mouth and then her pussy, it's all over... but so worth it!

Nuru Massage - Dana Dearmond - My Girlfriend's Mom

File: yoosmnanumadandeajzlupfxdub.mp4
Size: 352.16 MB
Duration: 40:43
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Rion King arrives at a home with a box in hand. He knocks but no one answers. He has a key to the place, which he uses and walks in. As he explores the house, he discovers Dana DeArmond in a room, naked, covered in NURU gel and practicing NURU techniques alone. She doesn't notice him and he watches, getting turned on.

Dana is mortified when she discovers Rion watching. Dana's daughter Jenny Rion's girlfriend asked him to drop off some massage supplies for Dana, but Jenny got the days confused and isn't home.

Rion is intrigued as Dana explains what a NURU massage is. Lusting after her now, Rion offers to help her practice NURU techniques. It takes some convincing, but Dana eventually agrees after Rion makes the point that Dana massages naked clients all the time...why should it be any weirder just because it's him who's naked this time?

Dana has Rion take off his clothes. Despite her sincere desire to keep things innocent, she can't help but look at his body with approval. He lies on his front side and she body slides on his back. Eventually, she has him flip over and begins to body slide on his front. Despite her innocent intentions, she seems to be getting more and more turned on by the body-to-body contact.

Rion makes a move, but Dana is hesitant, worried about hurting her daughter. But her horniness ultimately wins out after Rion promises that the daughter won't find out. She slides down, slipping Rion's hard cock between her luscious tits.

Nuru Massage - Violet Myers - Stuck In The Friend Zone

File: 7azdhnanumaviomyefv3qtuluoj.mp4
Size: 292.27 MB
Duration: 39:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Van Wylde just spent the evening with his friend and crush, Kendra Spade, helping her with studying. Unfortunately, they studied so late that Van missed the last bus home. Thankfully, Kendra's mother let Van stay, although he's not allowed to stay in the same room as Kendra. Even so, Van tries pushing his luck to wiggle his way into Kendra's bed, though Kendra tells him that her sister is setting up a mattress for him elsewhere and that she'll see him in the morning!

Van is dejected as he shuffles away and meets up with Kendra's sister, Violet Myers, who is grumbling about setting up the mattress for him. When Van is called out for striking out with Kendra, he's a bit miffed by Violet's attitude. As he's about to flop onto the mattress, he scoffs and tells Violet that she needs to lighten up and cut him some slack!

When he flops onto the mattress, he's NOT expecting it to be slippery! He ends up overshooting the mattress and bumping himself while Violet watches on in horror. While Violet apologizes profusely, she reveals that this is a mattress she uses for NURU massages -- she thought she had the gel thoroughly wiped off! Because he got hurt, and she feels a bit bad for him striking out with her sister, she'll give him a massage to help his bruised shoulder and ego...

Van is onboard as Violet begins massaging him. When she has them both strip down for skin-on-skin contact, Van is naturally very excited about what's to come. Yet, he isn't expecting to have a heart-to-heart with Violet about how he feels about Kendra... Since Violet feels bad for him, she starts rubbing his cock, offering to help get all that pent-up frustration out of his system. With an offer like that, how can Van say no??

For a brief moment in time, Van forgets all about Kendra as he sinks into Violet's inviting pussy. Although Violet was annoyed with him in the beginning, it seems as though there's an unexpected spark between them. Will it be enough to help Van move on?

Nuru Massage - Gia Paige - Kind Of A Big Deal

File: 4tbvenanumagiapaiomat1hrrva.mp4
Size: 308.46 MB
Duration: 38:44
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Nathan Bronson arrives for a massage. He seems to be a famous person and has his ego bruised when masseuse Gia Paige doesn't recognize him. At the same time, he wants to remain inconspicuous and gives her an obviously fake name.

As Gia leads him into the shower room, Nathan is worried that there are cameras in the room and makes Gia leave her cell phone at the door because he doesn't want her snapping pics of him.

After the shower, they head into the massage room where Gia gives Nathan a NURU massage, sliding her perfect body on him. With the massage driving him wild, Nathan begins making clumsy attempts using coded language to hint at wanting a happy ending. When he finally comes out and says it, she teases him about getting in trouble but ultimately nods with a mischievous wink and grasps his cock, taking it down her throat.

Nathan may be kind of a big deal, but it doesn't mean Gia's going to treat him differently than any other client...

Nuru Massage - Kendra Spade - Naive Niece

File: ckx8tnanumakenspa6g1qg7woex.mp4
Size: 334.86 MB
Duration: 46:34
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Derrick Pierce is waiting in an office, looking a bit excited. His niece Kendra Spade enters, dressed for work, and cheerfully greets Derrick. Derrick is very surprised by her attractive appearance. It's been a long time since he's seen her and can't believe she's 18 already. Time really does fly!

Derrick can't help but stare at Kendra, though she doesn't seem to notice. He catches himself and tries to focus on work. Kendra thanks her uncle for hiring her as a receptionist since her dad's been bugging her about getting a job. He shows her the reception desk where she will be working, but then something else seems to occur to him and he tells Kendra that he has an idea.

Derrick, in an effort to get close to Kendra, insists that he'd like to train her as a masseuse in case one of the regular workers called in. She's eager to please, oblivious yet to her uncle lusting for her.

Derrick encourages Kendra to lay on the massage table. He begins massaging her, talking her through what he's doing under the guise of 'training' her. Kendra is eager to learn and compliments her uncle's strong hands.

Derrick then suggest that she takes off her clothes so that he can further show her deep tissue techniques. Kendra is reluctant, but Derrick points out that they're not even technically related and as part of a professional massage, the client IS usually naked. Kendra ultimately agrees and shyly gets naked. Derrick pretends to give her privacy but keeps sneaking peeks until she's on her front on the massage table.

Derrick massages Kendra, clearly enjoying touching her. He especially enjoys it when she moans her appreciation, obviously aroused by her mannerisms. Becoming bolder, Derrick suggests that Kendra try a more advanced technique a NURU massage. When Kendra is hesitant, Derrick preys on her daddy issues and she agrees.

Derrick shows Kendra the mattress as he undresses. Although she's eager, she's shy about seeing him naked and looks away. Derrick lays on his front on the mattress, pointing out the supplies and telling her what to do. She begins tentatively massaging him with her oily body while he instructs her throughout.

When Derrick moves onto his back, Kendra sees his hard-on and is flustered. He tells her that's a regular part of the massage and encourages her to keep going. When Derrick suggests that she give him a happy ending, Kendra is really shy now and hesitates. Derrick once more uses Kendra's daddy issues against her. She gets bold and starts giving him a handjob. Derrick is pleased but teasingly asks what her father would think.

This naive niece is playing right into her uncle's hands...

Nuru Massage - Lacy Lennon - Are You Trying To Get Caught

File: jmtblnanumalaclengfzzm3c1i7.mp4
Size: 415.25 MB
Duration: 33:48
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Lacy Lennon, a masseuse who runs a home massage parlor is arguing with her boyfriend. She is accusing him of taking her for granted and not paying attention to her. After he leaves, she gets an idea on how to teach him a lesson.

Later that day, Lacy welcomes her latest client, Seth Gamble. She has upgraded his standard massage to a NURU, which seems to be a part of her plan. As they step into the shower, she leaves the bathroom door open on purpose.

The shower quickly turns erotic and Lacy begins to suck Seth's dick.

Suddenly, before Seth can react, Lacy calls her boyfriend, who walks into the room a moment later. He comes around to the front of the shower. But just as he is about to get an eyeful of Lacy sucking Seth's dick, he takes off his glasses, complaining that they are all fogged up from the shower steam. He's standing directly in front of Lacy and Seth, but he doesn't react.

Lacy still on her knees with Seth's dick in her hand seems disappointed for some reason, mentioning aloud that her boyfriend can't see ANYTHING without his glasses. Seth is frozen, stunned. Soon, her boyfriend leaves. Lacy sighs with exasperation. Seth is confused, but Lacy tells him not to worry and continues sucking his cock.

Eventually, Lacy finishes up the shower and leads Seth into the living room, where she body slides on Seth in an increasingly erotic way.

Lacy sucks his cock for a bit before she slides up. She tells him that she wants him to eat her pussy and hastily sits on his face in the 69 position. As they 69, Lacy moans, purposefully getting louder and louder until eventually she screams 'OH Seth!'

Almost immediately, Lacy's boyfriend pokes his head into the living room doorway. Lacy pops Seth's dick out of her mouth and gets into an upright position, still sitting on Seth's face. Much to Lacy's disappointment, the living room couch blocks her boyfriend's full view. All he sees is Lacy's top half, so he is none the wiser to the fact that Lacy is sitting on Seth's face.

Her boyfriend asks Lacy if she called him. She says no, she called Seth's name. Lacy, realizing in frustration that he can't see what's going on, asks him to come closer so she can talk to him without shouting, but her boyfriend waves her off saying that's all he wanted to know and that it's fine, he'll leave them to the massage now. He exits the room.

Seth is utterly shocked. If he didn't know any better, he would think that Lacy's TRYING to get caught!

Nuru Massage - Joanna Angel - Sibling Squabble

File: zy5kqnanumajoaangrsaq5s47za.mp4
Size: 477.35 MB
Duration: 35:41
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Joanna Angel and her step-brother, Tyler Nixon, are excited about a new massage parlor business they're getting into together. However, things are stressful between them since they both have very different ideas about how the business should be run. While Joanna is the creative side of the business, Tyler is all about the numbers and making sure everything is done by the book.

As they butt heads, Tyler is gobsmacked when Joanna suggests that they allow happy endings. Before Tyler loses his mind, since he's not as open-minded as his sister, Joanna quickly goes on to say how it'd be incorporated into an official NURU massage. NURU massages are all the rage now, so doesn't he want to be on top of it? Tyler hardly knows WHAT to think, so Joanna finally takes it upon herself to show him what a NURU massage is all about.

Once they're in Joanna's bathroom in front of the shower, she tries to get Tyler to strip down so that she can continue with the demonstration. At first, Tyler argues against it, since they're step-siblings, but Joanna calls him out on how she's seen him spying on her in the shower before. Tyler tries to defend himself but Joanna won't hear anything else -- does he want their business to succeed or not?? Steamrolled by his enthusiastic sister, Tyler gives in and goes along with the demonstration, although they squabble throughout.

But by the time they make their way to the mattress for the real show, something has shifted between them. Tyler is no longer uptight and their squabbling has turned into flirty banter. As Joanna slips and slides all over his body, Tyler is finally game for giving a happy ending a chance. Joanna is eager to please as she takes Tyler's cock into her pussy to drive the point home. Maybe they can work together after all!

Nuru Massage - Chanel Preston & Bunny Colby - Embracing Her Sexuality

File: 34u2ananumachabunwws2gzzazk.mp4
Size: 576.70 MB
Duration: 43:13
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Rion King and Bunny Colby, a couple, are sitting in a massage parlor lobby together. They look a little tense but are still holding each other's hands. Bunny thanks Rion for booking the massage. Their masseuse Chanel Preston appears with a smile, greeting them, though immediately sees the tension between them. She asks if anything is the matter.

Rion looks a bit uncomfortable. Bunny, however, smiles and answers with, 'Oh, we're both just a bit tired, I think. It has nothing to do with the massage though, we've both been looking forward to it.' Rion doesn't look satisfied but doesn't say anything about it.

Chanel is not oblivious to the tension but smiles and tries to be professional. She goes on to tell them that this couple's massage is sure to help them relax since it's designed to relieve stress. It's also designed to promote intimacy! At the mention of intimacy, Bunny shifts uncomfortably.

Chanel invites everyone into the bathroom to shower, encouraging everyone to strip down. As Chanel strips down, Bunny steals looks at her but seems embarrassed with Rion being there. Rion catches this and gently nudges Bunny, murmuring, 'She's pretty hot, huh?' Bunny seems taken aback. 'Hot?? How would I know?' She then half-heartedly chides him for looking at another woman while he's there with her.

Chanel asks who wants to go first and Rion volunteers Bunny. Bunny looks uncertain but shyly steps into the shower and is washed by Chanel. Bunny seems to want to get into it but also looks uncertain as she actively resists giving fully into the moment. Rion asks the masseuse if it's okay to join them, if Bunny is okay with it too, of course. They both agree, with Chanel being casual and polite, and Bunny being relieved. Rion soon climbs into the shower with them. He helps wash Bunny, who seems more comfortable being between Chanel and Rion.

Rion and Chanel continue sensually washing Bunny. At first, Bunny still avoids eye contact with Chanel and tries to subtly shift attention to Rion. However, as the shower progresses, Rion subtly tries to redirect Bunny's attention to Chanel. Although she's still a bit reluctant, Bunny begins to give more attention to Chanel until she's more comfortable and paying both of them equal attention.

In the massage room after the shower, Rion encourages Bunny to get massaged first, which she does. She's nervous at first but eventually seems to get into it. Rion quietly encourages Bunny to have a happy ending since she seems to be responding to Chanel's touches, revealing he knows she's a closeted bisexual.

Bunny is still hesitant, but then takes a deep breath and tells herself that she can do this. She turns her attention to Chanel, asking if she can at least start with a kiss. Chanel easily agrees, saying that what she sees between them right now is really beautiful. She's happy to help them however she can. They kiss and the kiss gradually builds in passion, and Bunny soon insists to Rion that she wants him to join her. She's only interested in exploring if he's right there alongside her to be her support. Rion doesn't hesitate to agree.

Nuru Massage - Christie Stevens & Jillian Janson - Mom's Perfect Little Angel

File: dy6dqnanumachrjil7tgssg8sqe.mp4
Size: 403.56 MB
Duration: 38:51
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Codey Steele arrives for his scheduled massage with his regular masseuse, Christie Stevens. He's confused to see Jillian Janson there, who is introduced to him as Christie's step-daughter. Christie cluelessly insists that Jillian had to stay at home today because of smallpox going around, so is it okay with him if she sits in on the massage? Although Codey is a bit shy, and also suspicious of Jillian having blatantly lied to get out of school, he agrees.

When Codey strips down and Christie begins giving him a traditional massage, Jillian shows a naughty side that her mother is apparently oblivious about. Codey is stunned as Jillian starts secretly doing everything from miming giving him a blowjob to outright masturbating, all while Christie innocently rambles on about what a perfect angel her daughter is. Whenever Codey tries to call Christie's attention to it, though, Jillian acts as though nothing's happened, playing her mom like a fiddle.

Finally, Jillian takes a gamble and suggests to Christie that they try the new NURU technique on Codey. Christie is delighted, thinking Jillian wants to follow in her footsteps as a masseuse, although Codey knows differently. Aroused and perplexed, he gives in, allowing the mother-daughter duo to give him a NURU massage. Of course, because of Jillian's sinful ways, she convinces her gullible mom to go the extra mile and give Codey a happy ending as well.

Codey has the best massage experience of his life as both women readily go down on him, getting him ready for the real fun. Jillian is triumphant to get her way as Codey slides his cock into each of them in turn while Christie still thinks this is all business as usual. Maybe Jillian should become a real masseuse after all!

Nuru Massage - Dakota Skye - Double-booked

File: u3grwnanumadaksky8hwxi6bccj.mp4
Size: 353.02 MB
Duration: 40:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Dakota Skye is a masseuse that accidentally keeps double-booking clients. After her boss threatens her job if she does it one more time, she checks her schedule after he leaves and sees that she did it AGAIN! Determined not to lose her job, she decides to massage BOTH of her clients, Ramon Nomar and Alex Legend, at the same time. Surely it can't be THAT hard?

As she flits from one room to the next, preparing the men for their NURU massages, it's clear she's overwhelmed. Both Ramon and Alex are surprised by how hasty and spacey Dakota is. Her brief, erotic touches turn them both on, though they are denied the attention they REALLY want since she's all over the place!

Finally, when Dakota is naked and sliding all over Alex, things heat up and she loses track of time. Ramon soon walks in on them, demanding to know what's going on. Both Ramon and Alex quickly realize that she's been dividing her attention between them, only giving them HALF of what they're entitled to. However, not all is lost... Ramon and Alex agree not to tell her boss about this mishap if she fully gives herself to both of them!

Dakota has no complaints as Ramon and Alex both go to town on her pussy and mouth, enjoying this turn of events. When she finds herself deliciously sandwiched between them and double-penetrated, she realizes she has a surefire way to keep her clients happy if she ever double-books again!

Nuru Massage - Savannah Sixx - Disgruntled Dad

File: myfdbnanumasavsix4tbifxzici.mp4
Size: 260.46 MB
Duration: 38:02
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tommy Gunn is in the kitchen when his doorbell rings. He opens the front door and finds a package waiting. He sees that the box is addressed to his step-daughter, Savannah Sixx, and curiosity gets the better of him as he takes a peek inside.

His eyes widen and he blusters as he pulls out a couple of bottles and scrutinizes them. 'Savannah??' he calls to the other room. 'You better get your butt in here THIS INSTANT, young lady! You have some explaining to do!'

When Savannah enters the room, Tommy lectures her about the 'sex lube' he thinks is in the bottles. Savannah is stunned, staring at Tommy. 'Sex lube??' Savannah tries to snatch the bottles back, but Tommy holds them out of reach, asking Savannah if she is sexually active. Savannah skirts around the questions, defending herself that these are massage oils, and besides, she's 18, so she can do whatever she wants.

Tommy holds up his hands, then tries to settle down. He asks more about the massage oils. What is she doing with them anyways?? Savannah explains that she wants to go into massage therapy! She's been binge-watching massage videos and researching the hell out of the industry... She ordered some massage oils to practice and see if it's really right for her.

But Tommy still doesn't quite believe Savannah, so she offers to massage him to prove that she really is interested in massage therapy. Tommy agrees to the massage, and they go to the bedroom. After they prepare the mattress. Savannahs asks Tommy to strip down. He feels really awkward but she reminds him that it's just part of the process. Savannah turns away to give him privacy as Tommy awkwardly strips down. Savannah sneaks a peek, looking alarmed that she did so but also secretly pleased after seeing his cock. Tommy then lays face down on the mattress.

Savannah uses the massage oils to give Tommy a more traditional massage, but eventually she insists that her clothes are in danger of becoming messy. She'd like to remove them to continue the massage. Tommy is flustered and asks if that's what masseuses normally do... Savannah cheekily responds that, yup, it's the norm for NURU massages, which is what she wants to try next!

Savannah explains what NURU is, and, after some hesitation from Tommy, gets him to agree to a NURU massage.

After body sliding on his back for awhile, Savannah eventually tells Tommy to flip over. Tommy is mortified, saying he'd rather stay on his front. After some coaxing, he reluctantly rolls onto his back, revealing his hard cock.

Savannah stares briefly at his cock but shakes herself out of it. She playfully tells him that she learned that people get aroused all the time. The heat intensifies as Savannah slides along his front and over his cock. Eventually, they are both so turned on and caught up in the heat of the moment that when Savannah offers a happy ending, Tommy can't resist. She grasps his cock in her hand and slips it into her mouth.

This disgruntled dad won't STAY disgruntled for long!

Nuru Massage - Angela White - Friends Reacquainted

File: ja98snanumaangwhilh8lc56lbo.mp4
Size: 237.89 MB
Duration: 33:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Angela White and Ryan Driller are both doing their exercise routines on opposite sides of a gym. They keep stealing glances at each other until Angela's face lights up with recognition. She approaches him, revealing that they're old friends that have drifted apart! Although their meeting is brief since Ryan has to run, they exchange numbers and promise to catch up soon.

Angela soon finishes her routine and arrives at the massage parlor where she works. She debates sending Ryan a text already, not wanting to seem desperate, although she doesn't have to since Ryan shows up as her next client! Ryan insists he didn't know she worked there and that it must've been fate that they ran into each other twice in one day. Angela's heart flutters as she breathlessly agrees, then begins an erotic NURU massage.

Although they are both shy of the physical touch at first, it doesn't take long before an old flame is rekindled between them. The massage turns hot and heavy as they aim for a happy ending for both of them. Angela lavishes Ryan's cock with attention and soon positions herself above Ryan, welcoming his cock into her pussy. As they take care of years of sexual frustration and longing, is this the start of something they've both wanted all along?

Nuru Massage - Whitney Wright - Trying Out The New Masseuse

File: tqbmhnanumawhiwrixhk6mqlgh8.mp4
Size: 373.45 MB
Duration: 33:25
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Codey Steele is a new assistant to massage parlor owner, Reagan Foxx. He's eager to learn all about his new position as Reagan shows him around. After the tour, he asks about NURU massages since it seems to be set up differently than the other types of massages offered. Rather than explain it to Codey, though, Reagan insists that it's time to interview a candidate to potentially become a new masseuse.

Codey does his job, retrieving Whitney Wright and bringing her to Reagan for the interview. It seems like Whitney is a great match for the company, though Reagan throws Codey for a loop when she insists that Whitney massages him! He's flustered and tries to talk his way out of it but Reagan reminds him that he's her assistant -- he's supposed to help her whenever and however possible. How else can she observe Whitney's practical skills?

Codey shyly gives in, and it's not long before they're both naked on the mattress. As Reagan keenly watches, Whitney gives Codey an erotic massage, doing her best to win Reagan over. Meanwhile, Codey is just trying to remain professional, although it's nearly impossible! He's falling for Whitney fast under her skilled hands and is embarrassed when he gets hard.

Reagan is unfazed by this as she instructs Whitney to give Codey a full-service massage. Codey can hardly believe his luck as Whitney dutifully wraps her mouth around his cock, smoothly preparing him for what's to come. To help her nail the interview, Codey happily nails Whitney in front of his boss, but will it be enough?

Nuru Massage - Christie Stevens - Mother-in-law's Advice

File: z1jyrnanumachrste74pkywkohh.mp4
Size: 423.72 MB
Duration: 35:56
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Nathan Bronson knocks on the door of his mother-in-law Christie Stevens' at-home-massage parlor. He's sorry to bother her while she's working. She tells him it's ok, she doesn't have any more clients for the rest of the day. He seems a little embarrassed to admit that he and his wife Christie's daughter are in a fight and he needs Christie's advice.

Nathan confesses that he is too stubborn to see what, if anything, he did wrong, and since Christie knows his wife best, he figures she's the best person to talk to. Christie is very reluctant to get involved in her daughter's business since her daughter has accused her of being too nosy in the past and doesn't want her butting in anymore.

In an effort to respect her daughter's wishes, Christie tells Nathan that she doesn't want to know what the fight was about, but as a general piece of advice whenever Christie and her late husband would fight, Christie would give him a NURU massage. That particular type of massage was the perfect way to smooth things over...to reconnect and be intimate.

She even offers to lend Nathan her massage equipment so that he can give a NURU massage to his wife, but he's bashful and says that he wouldn't even know how to use the equipment. Nathan asks her if Christie can show him some NURU massage techniques, sincerely wanting to use the massage as a way to mend fences with his wife.

Christie is reluctant. It's one thing to give him some advice, but it's a whole other thing to give him a NURU massage! He does realize that a NURU massage involves both of them being naked, right?? He points out that as far as he understands it, it is a professional massage that she gives to complete strangers all the time, so there's no harm in giving one to him.

Christie says ok, she'll do it since she just wants her daughter to have a happy marriage---but Nathan can't tell her daughter since she would be furious if she knew that Christie was poking around in her business.

Christie begins to give Nathan a NURU massage, body sliding on his back. Throughout the body-sliding, Christie gives pointers to Nathan on how he can use the massage techniques on her daughter, adding that if he can use the techniques properly, in no time at all his wife won't be mad at him anymore.

Christie has Nathan flip over and she begins to body slide on his front. Nathan is clearly enjoying it, moaning softly with pleasure. Christie is also becoming increasingly lost in the moment, enjoying the feel of the body-to-body contact.

Nuru Massage - Kenzie Taylor - My Wife's Cool With It

File: iqcvwnanumakentayt9givauhha.mp4
Size: 438.35 MB
Duration: 35:25
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Stirling Cooper walks into a massage parlor and is met by Kenzie Taylor, who is a little too sexily dressed to be an ordinary masseuse -- not that Stirling's complaining! He is immediately taken by her beauty, hoping that she has a slot free so that he can squeeze in a sensual massage. When he starts getting flirty, Kenzie is amused as she points out that he shouldn't be hitting on women when he's a married man! However, Stirling insists that his wonderful wife is cool with it, which seems to be enough for Kenzie to take him into her parlor.

When Kenzie orders Stirling to strip down, he is quick to obey. He's unable to keep his eyes off Kenzie as she strips down to join him, putting on a bit of a show for him. Once Stirling lays down on the mattress, Kenzie climbs on top of him, rubbing oil all over them and pressing their naked bodies close. As the heat builds between them, they fall into banter that seems to suggest that not all is as it seems...

Once Stirling asks for a happy ending, their lust completely consumes them. Kenzie eagerly lavishes his cock with her mouth, then sits atop him, sliding his cock into her pussy. As they slip and slide together, bringing each other some much needed relief, will Stirling's wife REALLY be cool with all of this?

Nuru Massage - Jasmine Jae - Teacher's Pest

File: ehrlxnanumajasjaeoock1ikfbp.mp4
Size: 228.95 MB
Duration: 29:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Arriving for his massage, Small Hands greets masseuse Jasmine Jae. Small Hands' face lights up as he recognizes Jasmine as his former high school teacher! Jasmine seems a bit embarrassed that Small Hands is seeing her in this environment but sheepishly admits that she remembers him too. He was a very shy kid from what she recalls. Yeah, he agrees, and a bit chubby too, so that didn't exactly help his confidence! Jasmine is still a teacher and gives massages as a second job, since a teacher's salary doesn't quite pay the bills on it's own.

Small Hands admits that he had a HUGE crush on Jasmine. In fact, if he's being honest, he STILL does...She politely laughs it off and tells him that she'll get him another masseuse. She doesn't think that it would be appropriate for her to massage him--she still remembers him as that young student sitting across from her, eager to learn.

He casually mentions that he's not young anymore, in fact, he's 21 now, all grown-up...in college and EVERYTHING! So...no harm, no foul! She again declines politely, saying that she even so, she has a policy that she doesn't massage anyone that she knows since things can easily get awkward in those situations. He counters, playfully stating that she DOESN'T really know him, she only knew him as a student, and he wants her to get to know him NOW.

She firmly declines his advances again. Frustrated at her rejections, he threatens to tell the school about her second job unless she gives him a NURU massage. Jasmine is very worried and agrees.

They hop into the shower together. Despite her unhappiness at the circumstances, she can't help but be attracted to him. She washes him, trying to hide her growing attraction.

In the massage room, she body slides on his front and it doesn't take long for it to become increasingly erotic. Eventually, caught up in the moment, he tries to take things to the next level. Jasmine is still a little reluctant. Can she really trust him? He reassures her, saying that even though he went about it the wrong way, he's wanted this for so long and he's not about to screw it up now. She smiles, lowering her mouth to his cock.

Nuru Massage - Eliza Ibarra & Gianna Gem - Sisterly Rivalry

File: 6t2lynanumaeligiaipvgsfwrdr.mp4
Size: 353.37 MB
Duration: 30:03
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Gem looks nervous but excited as she enters a massage parlor for a job interview, greeting Mick Blue, the manager of the parlor. A moment later, Gianna's step-sister Eliza Ibarra walks in and both girls immediately greet each other with confusion. 'What are you doing here??' 'What are YOU doing here??'

Gianna is not pleased when she learns Eliza is there to apply for the same job that she is. Mick apologizes for apparently booking interviews with them both at the same time, then asks who wants to go first. Eliza and Gianna have a brief argument over who gets to go first until Mick suggests that they share interview together. The sisters glare at each other as they follow Mick into the massage room.

Mick thanks them both for showing up, but is frank and lets them know that he can only hire ONE masseuse. Gianna starts to go over her credentials, though Eliza interrupts her, saying that what better way is there to show off their skills than to actually DO a massage? Mick again comments on liking Eliza's boldness, making Gianna even more insecure. He says he'll find a client, but Eliza smiles and suggests that they massage HIM. Mick is initially unsure, though he asks Gianna if she's up for it. Gianna goes along with it, faking a confident smile.

They start to undress, Gianna feels awkward in front of Eliza. Eliza reminds her that they're both 18, so what is she shy about? Also, they're going to be seeing naked people all the time as masseuses -- she'd better get USED to it if she wants the job.

With Mick lying on the mat, Eliza pours oil on him and starts rubbing the oil on Mick's body as Gianna waits for her turn. Eliza begins to body slide on Mick as Gianna makes sarcastic comments from the sidelines. Soon, Gianna is tired of waiting and pushes Eliza aside. She body slides on Mick as Eliza tosses biting remarks at her from the sidelines. They tell Mick to flip over and Eliza jumps in again, body sliding on his front side.

Eliza, still wanting an edge over her sister, declares she'll give Mick a happy ending... if this parlor allows them, of course. Mick looks like he might be angry at first, but then he grins and says that, yes, the parlor allows it. Discreetly, of course. The second he says he would allow it, Gianna jumps in and says she'd give him one too if it means getting the job. Before long, both girls are stroking Mick's hard cock.

Nuru Massage - Gianna Dior - The Leaky Package

File: dkfexnanumagiadiorpajjmeab8.mp4
Size: 281.94 MB
Duration: 35:07
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Lucas Frost, a courier, is racing to make a delivery to a massage parlor. Along the way, he has an accident on his bike, which leads to the package he's carrying getting damaged. To his dismay, the package begins leaking all over him, a clear liquid soaking through his clothes. Although the item's clearly ruined, he still valiantly carries on, reaching the massage parlor.

When he arrives, Gianna Dior isn't happy with her expensive NURU gel having been damaged. Despite her irritation, she offers to wash and dry Lucas' clothes, and they move into a private room so that he can strip down. Although he's shy at first, it doesn't take him long to shed his clothes. After she takes his clothes, he plays around with the leaking bottle of NURU gel a bit and is caught in the act. Since he's curious, Gianna offers to give him a NURU massage to see the gel in action.

To start things off, they climb into the shower together. As Gianna washes Lucas' body, she becomes less irritated and more attracted. Meanwhile, Lucas is already beyond attracted to the sexy masseuse, his hard cock impossible for either of them to ignore. Yet, Gianna plays coy... until they leave the shower and lay down on the inflatable mattress together.

She pours the oil all over their naked bodies, then slides along him, building the heat between them. There's no denying that they both only want one thing now... so Gianna doesn't waste much time before gliding Lucas' cock into her pussy. Suddenly, all is forgiven as Lucas gives her all the pleasure she could ever want!

Nuru Massage - Kenna James - Family Friction 3: Lonely Dad's Dilemma

File: nzfclnanumakenjam3n3k2vgegk.mp4
Size: 380.16 MB
Duration: 45:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James, who is still glowing from just having sex with her step-sister, Carolina, is excited when her step-dad, Eric Masterson, returns home. He's just as excited to see her since she's only home from college for a short while. Yet, Kenna doesn't waste any time getting down to business, telling him she's heard that he and Dee, her step-mom from a previous marriage to her biological dad, have been having a hard time lately.

Eric is flustered as he insists that he supports his wife having a massage parlor business, but she's just gone all the time. He doesn't even get massages from her anymore -- he misses the intimacy!

That gives Kenna an idea SHE can give him a massage! Eric instantly rejects the offer since he often gets a much more erotic massage from Dee... Not to be deterred, Kenna says she can do an erotic massage, too. They should do what they can to relieve the stress so that they can stay strong as a family!

Although he's hesitant, Eric finally gives in. Maybe he'll be able to think about the situation more clearly once the edge is taken off...

Kenna happily strips down with Eric, soon making use of the NURU equipment Dee left at home. As she pours oil all over Eric's body, she's eager to please in order to help her step-dad. Finally, once they're both glistening and aroused, she goes down on Eric. When he's hard and slick, she repositions herself over his hips and accepts his cock into her pussy. As she rides Eric to orgasm, all she can hope is that this fling will help hold the family together!

Nuru Massage - Jill Kassidy - With Her Permission

File: 9fcgtnanumajilkasamte6l3r9z.mp4
Size: 286.56 MB
Duration: 40:36
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Codey Steele is enjoying a flirty video call with his wife while lounging on the couch. It's their anniversary, but she is away for work. Although he supports her, Codey's feeling a little lonely... and horny... though his attempt at having cam sex is interrupted by a knock on the door.

Codey is confused as he answers the door to find Jill Kassidy, a masseuse there. When he questions his wife about it, she reveals that she got him an erotic massage as an anniversary gift! It'll help take the edge off until they can be together again.

Codey is stunned as he realizes this means getting a massage with a happy ending. 'It's not cheating if I give you permission,' his wife playfully assures him, putting him at ease. Codey can't believe what an awesome wife he has as they say their goodbyes so that he can go and enjoy his anniversary gift.

He is a bit bashful, at first, as Jill sets up the mattress and invites him to strip down while she does the same. He quickly strips down and lays on the mattress, unable to believe his luck as she announces she's going to rub oil all over him and slide along his body. Codey is in heaven as Jill presses her body close, her perky breasts pressed into his back, and glides along him. To his delight, it's not long before Jill takes his cock into her hot mouth, getting him good and hard. Then she climbs atop him, sinking his cock into her sweet pussy. As they slip and slide together, Codey decides that this is the best anniversary gift ever!

Nuru Massage - Kristen Scott - Prove You're Not A Cop

File: tqrzmnanumakriscoo8suetxnh4.mp4
Size: 480.96 MB
Duration: 41:16
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Kristen Scott, a masseuse, is waiting for her next client when she gets the feeling she's being watched. She looks towards the window and sees a guy, Robby Echo, peering in. It seems like he's scouting the place out, which instantly makes Kristen suspicious.

When she meets Robby at the door. Robby claims that he couldn't see a sign outside, so was looking in through the windows to make sure he had the right place. Yet, Kristen's suspicions grow when she learns he doesn't have an appointment and that he's there for an erotic massage, which isn't something they offer. How does she know he's not an undercover cop??

Although Robby is still shy and awkward, he tries to prove to Kristen that he's not a cop. As he lifts his shirt to show that he isn't wearing a wire, Kristen isn't convinced, so she demands that he strips down completely naked. Even though Robby is flustered, he does what he's told...

Once she sees that Robby isn't wired, Kristen relaxes. Deciding that he's legit, Kristen leads him to the shower to begin the massage. Things get hot and steamy as the touches arouse them, which leads to Kristen dropping to her knees and sucking cock. Robby doesn't leave her hanging as she takes his turn pleasing her, giving her pussy a taste. Satisfied and eager for more, Kristen leads them out of the shower and to a mattress for the main event.

As Kristen pours oil over their bodies, it's not long before she slides down onto Robby's cock. As they get caught up in the heat of the moment, all fears of Robby being a cop disappear from Kristen's mind. There's no way he can still be a cop after all that, right??

Nuru Massage - Chanel Preston - Craving A Man's Touch

File: pchecnanumachapres2lui24xem.mp4
Size: 304.68 MB
Duration: 37:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Chanel Preston, a masseuse-in-training, is excited to be done work for the day so that she can go for a nice meal with her wife and step-son, Robby Echo. Robby is back from college for a little break, so this is a rare treat. Unfortunately, it looks like Chanel might have to miss the first meal since she needs just one more client that day... She needs to complete her training hours and get the certification papers in before the deadline so that she can become a bonafide masseuse.

Robby is devastated, but quickly suggests that she massages him. This is her dream job and she's family -- he wants to help! Although Robby is sweet enough about it, Chanel hesitates since the massage she'd need to do on him is VERY intimate. However, Robby's not deterred, so Chanel gives in. The sooner she massages him, the sooner she'll meet her quota and be free to go out for dinner!

When they move to the shower and strip down, Chanel is struck by how handsome Robby is. Although she loves Robby's mom very much, as a bisexual woman, she sometimes misses the touch of a man. That longing consumes her as she washes then massages Robby, trying her hardest to remain professional.

Robby is well aware of his step-mom's attraction to him and his own lust for her intensifies. Although he never thought of Chanel like that before, how could he not now? Especially once she guides them to the massage mattress and begins sliding all over his body?

Finally, with some gentle coaxing from Robby, Chanel is unable to hold back anymore. She eagerly takes his cock into her pussy and takes them for a ride. Will this tryst bring her the satisfaction she craves?

Nuru Massage - Autumn Falls - Favorite Uncle

File: nox4cnanumaautfalkxsm9mcgij.mp4
Size: 358.87 MB
Duration: 43:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Autumn Falls is relaxing when her favorite uncle, Marcus London, drops in for a visit. Autumn instantly bounces to her feet and throws her arms around him, catching Marcus off guard with this pointed affection. She's just so excited to see him!

Marcus, though more modest, replies that he's excited to see her, too! He only wishes he had more time with her, but his business trip to the area is short. But, hey, at least they'll get to see a movie together, right?

Autumn, however, has more on her mind than going to the movies...

Autumn coyly comments that she's been studying massage lately. In fact, she'd love to test a technique she's learned on her dear uncle! Marcus hesitates, insisting that they don't want to be late to the movie... but Autumn is so proud of what she's learned and eager to show off that he gives in. Besides, they have plenty of time!

Once they begin the massage, he quickly realizes this is no ordinary massage! There's no going back now as they strip naked and take an intimate shower together. Things get even hotter when they move to the mattress and she begins pouring oil all over him. As their slippery bodies rub together, both of them are consumed by lust, unable to deny their attraction any longer.

When Autumn goes down on Marcus' cock, she seductively insists, 'All I want to do is show my favorite uncle how much I love him, is that really so wrong?' Marcus can't ignore his feelings for his niece any longer and lets her sink his dick into her pussy. It looks like they may be missing the movie after all!

Nuru Massage - Chloe Cherry - Just An Innocent Massage

File: zzlt9nanumachlchekcal6lh5xz.mp4
Size: 262.82 MB
Duration: 32:32
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A beautiful masseuse, Chloe Cherry, is preparing for her next client when Mike Mancini strolls into the parlor. He's there for a Swedish massage that he won through a radio station contest, which Chloe is delighted to give him. However, he's been looking online and saw that the parlor offers something called a NURU massage that he's MUCH more interested in -- can she give him THAT instead?

Chloe hesitates, explaining that the reason why NURU massages weren't offered as prizes for the contest is because they're sexual in nature. Since the radio station is family-friendly, they didn't want to be affiliated with such a product. Yet, Mike is determined as he flashes a disarming smile. There's no one else around, so what's the harm in mixing things up?

Taken in by his charm, Chloe slyly insists that she can give Mike the most sensual, classic 'Swedish' massage he's ever had!

She keeps her promise as she leads Mike into the shower. She runs her hands all over his body, getting him nice and hard for what's to come. He teases her about not keeping the massage very family-friendly, but it's all part of the ploy. Once it comes to the main event, there's not a single complaint to be heard as Chloe slathers their naked bodies with oil and begins sliding. Mike is in heaven as Chloe presses her breasts against and rubs her pussy all over him.

Finally, too aroused to resist any further, they get down and dirty as Chloe finally takes his cock into her pussy. As she energetically rides him, there's no doubt this is the best contest award Mike ever could've gotten!

Nuru Massage - Demi Sutra - Date Night Nerves

File: dbw7bnanumademsutximaqxrawz.mp4
Size: 295.50 MB
Duration: 37:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Codey Steele is a nervous young man getting ready for a date while his best friend, Demi Sutra, helps get him ready. He's so anxious about the date that he doesn't notice the longing looks Demi is casting him. When he asks for advice on how to make the date successful, Demi's torn between helping him and also keeping him for herself, though she eventually tries to give him some helpful tips. He's so tense, though, that none of the tips seem to be sinking in, so she offers to give him a massage to relax instead.

Codey readily accepts the massage, closing his eyes and relaxing into his friend's sensual, professional touch. Of course, Demi has ulterior motives as she tries working him up, getting a rise out of him.

'You know, they say you shouldn't go on a date with one in the... chamber,' Demi carefully says, though the innuendo goes right over Codey's head. She has to clarify that it's not good to go on a date without cumming beforehand.

Codey is worried, especially since he doesn't have time to rub one out before the date. 'I can help you with that, since what are friends for!' Demi announces.

They soon strip down so that Demi can give him a much more sensual NURU massage to help take the edge off. As she slips and slides her gorgeous, naked body all over Codey's, she pulls out all the stops, trying hard to seduce her handsome friend. As she finally slips his cock into her pussy to ride him, to help him empty the chamber, she's sure she has him hooked! Will all of this be enough to convince him that she's the girl for him?

Nuru Massage - Cherie Deville & Mackenzie Moss - Parlor Tricks: Bold Milf, New Tricks

File: jsobsnanumachemacgbko23vjd7.mp4
Size: 341.46 MB
Duration: 39:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cherie DeVille and her protege, Mackenzie Moss, are enjoying each other's company before their next clients arrive. A man, Ryan Mclane, enters and is instantly infatuated by Mackenzie. While Cherie tries to get his attention, it's no use, especially once he states that Mackenzie is more his type and that he wants a massage from her. MILFs just don't do it for him.

Although Cherie is fuming, she maintains her professionalism as Mackenzie steps in to defuse the situation. After Mackenzie directs Ryan to the private room to wait for her, she pulls Cherie in close. She can't BELIEVE how rude he was to the stunning Cherie! Fortunately, she knows how they can get back at him...

A short while later, Mackenzie walks into the private room and begins paying erotic attention to Ryan. She gives him a sensual bath, encouraging him to keep his eyes close. Unbeknownst to him, Mackenzie soon sneaks Cherie into the room, letting her take over the massage. Cherie's smug as she sets to work pleasing Ryan, showing him what her skilled hands are capable of.

The plan works so well that once Mackenzie leads Ryan to the mattress, his eyes still closed, Cherie's able to slip and slide all over his body. He's clearly enjoying himself as Cherie tends to him, showing him what a more experienced woman is capable of. When he finally opens his eyes and sees that he's been tricked, he's too turned on to complain! Now he's along for the ride as the women take turns riding his cock and playing with each other's pussies. It's time for them to go wild!

Nuru Massage - Kenzie Reeves - Their Mom's Inheritance

File: fhdpcnanumakenreeo4ynds8suf.mp4
Size: 401.87 MB
Duration: 49:44
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Reeves and her step-brother, Zac Wild, step into their late mother's massage parlor. They inherited the place between them and although the memories it brings are bittersweet, they're happy to be there together. Even so, they're not sure yet whether they should sell the place or keep it.

As they further explore the massage parlor, Kenzie slowly becomes more intrigued and curious about taking on the business. They come across a bottle of NURU gel, which makes them question what kinds of sexy things their mom got up to without them knowing. The mental image seems to be too much for Kenzie, until Zac bets that she can't pull off the same kind of massage as her mom, which she'll NEED to do if she wants to run the place. Wanting to prove that she's every bit as stubborn as her mother, Kenzie takes Zac up on the bet.

Although Zac enjoys a sensual shower with his sister, it isn't until they hit the inflatable mattress that things really get wet and wild. As Kenzie pours oil all over him and slides around, he can hardly believe his luck. Knowing that she's arousing him with every touch, Kenzie pushes him to his limit, even pausing to cheerfully rub her pussy in front of him. Zac has to bite his knuckles to hold himself back, though he's over the moon when Kenzie finally relents and lets him in. She wants to have some more fun and show him once and for all what a spitfire she really is.

Nuru Massage - Aj Applegate - Investor-in-law

File: h3j9qnanumaajapprsak5qryoy.mp4
Size: 305.81 MB
Duration: 44:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: AJ Applegate, a young masseuse, encourages her father-in-law, Marcus London, to sit down at the dining room table. She apologizes for not having the table set but she wasn't expecting him to arrive for dinner so early -- but it'll be nice to have more time to catch up. Marcus is always a way for business!

Marcus looks proud and says that the traveling is the best part. He then asks where his son, Billy, is, and AJ says he should be down any minute. Soon Marcus and AJ are setting the table together. As they do so, Marcus stands close, touching her shoulder in passing in a way that lingers just a bit too long.

Billy unknowingly breaks the awkwardness by stepping into the dining room with a smile. He approaches his father and hugs him, cheerfully greeting him. It's been a while! Billy chats about how he and AJ are going to a community event that weekend to try and drum up some interest in AJ's new massage business.

'How IS the business doing?' Marcus asks, looking at AJ, who looks embarrassed as she admits that it's... not going as well as she thought it would. If they had more money, she'd invest in getting more marketing and visibility, but there's not enough profit for that yet.

Marcus says his own business is doing quite well and he's looking to expand on his investment portfolio. He may be willing to invest in AJ's business...though he wants to sample the product. If he's going to be putting money into it, he wants to know exactly what he's paying for!

AJ looks a little uncertain, but her husband seems very encouraging of the idea, saying he can prepare dinner for them while AJ gives Marcus a massage. Billy strides off. AJ then asks what kind of massage he'd like to sample?

Marcus admits that he wants to try a NURU massage. AJ is hesitant again, given the erotic nature of the massage, but Marcus asks if she wants his investment or not. She hesitates, thinking it through, then relents. This business is important to her -- to THEM. AJ brings Marcus to the bathroom while looking briefly over her shoulder with worry as if keeping an eye out for Billy.

They strip down and climb into the shower. She begins washing him down and he starts to get aroused, commenting on what a lucky man his son is. She's uncomfortable but wants his business, so she goes along with it.

Marcus eventually becomes fully hard and tries to draw attention to his cock, obviously expecting AJ to do something about it. She comments that she knows what he's doing and can't believe it. He'd come onto his son's own wife like that?? Marcus says it's nothing personal -- it's all part of doing business. When he nudges his cock pointedly towards her again, saying that it's nothing compared to the opportunity he's willing to give her, she gives in and tentatively gives her father-in-law a handjob.

During the handjob, there's a knock on the closed door. Billy raises his voice from the other side, asking if it's AJ in there. Marcus speaks up and says, no, it's his father. He's just washing up before the massage. Billy leaves. AJ is shaken that they were almost caught, but continues stroking Marcus' cock.

After the shower, AJ begins the NURU massage, trying to keep it from being TOO sensual. Eventually, after more massaging, he tells her that one great way to get more customers is to offer happy endings... AJ is startled, saying that she absolutely doesn't want her parlor to be that kind of parlor! Also, they're family, what the hell! His son, her husband, is just downstairs! A handjob is one thing, but SEX? No, she can't!

He says it's a shame she's considering tanking this deal since he felt good about investing in NURU. He'll just have to take his money elsewhere, then.

AJ panics a bit and says, no, wait, she'll do it... This is never going to get back to Billy, right? He assures her that it'll definitely stay between them -- this is a private business deal, after all. She reluctantly agrees and slowly slides his cock into her mouth.

Looks like an investment isn't the ONLY thing that Marcus is going to put into AJ...