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Nixie Night

XL Girls - Nixie Night - The Office Hottie

File: 3fbvbnaxlginixnigyp1q6c4qzz.mp4
Size: 951.87 MB
Duration: 20:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nixie Night is smokin' sexy. This girl has got it coming and going. Nixie is the office hottie working part-time as an intern for a company with a horn-dog boss. Sounds like Hollywood...

Nixie, who's dressed to thrill, is very nervous and tense and keeps dropping the documents she's delivering to horny boss. Getting on her knees to pick up the papers gives him a great view of her twin peaks nestled in a low-cut top. He encourages her to relax and places his hand on hers, then maneuvers it to his thigh. The boss is an expert at calming down nervous new interns. The ones that are pretty and have big tits. That's why he stands over her while she's still on her knees.

The boss loves what he sees and talks to Nixie about a full-time position for her. Of course that depends on how things work out in her internship. What he's really talking about is several positions. Business is very competitive and dog-eat-dog. Does Nixie have what it takes to make it? The next move is hers. Nixie is eager

XL Girls - Nixie Night - I Wish I Were In Nixie

File: oiadanaxlginixnighb5kwtv6mx.mp4
Size: 189.86 MB
Duration: 23:10
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Filmed in P.O.V., it's your hard cock that sexy and lovely Nixie Night is going to pleasure and please in every way. Today is hump day. A big hump day with a girl-next-door. Nixie offers you a nice, erotic massage. It's just the two of you. I'm going to rub my tits all over you, every inch, Nixie says in her sweet, super-feminine voice and stares into your eyes. As soon as Nixie begins rubbing her 42DDD boobs on your junk, the swelling begins. Nixie is not a nurse unless you include fantasy nurse but she can treat that swelling by applying her mouth to soothe it. Of course, this just makes it swell even more. That's only the beginning of this virtual bang as Nixie picks up a bottle of oil and covers her tits and your cock with the stuff. This is a nut-buster of an encounter. Nixie has that effect on swinging dicks. Nixie Night will make you see the light