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Dirty Wives Club - Alana Cruise - Alana Cruise Fucks Stranger In The Gym

File: unxyanadiwiclalacrupxmxhknnrg.mp4
Size: 493.76 MB
Duration: 40:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisAlana Cruise tries so hard to keep her man happy and he just ignores her. She's tired of putting in hard work at the gym only to feel be unappreciated. Well if her husband doesn't want a piece of her hot ass then she will just give it to the cute guy at the gym that's been checking her out.

Neighbor Affair - Emily Addison - Emily Addison Wants To Be Seen And Fucked

File: dvdfynaneafemiaddwsoxxpvmq7.mp4
Size: 448.05 MB
Duration: 36:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisIts the morning and Emily Addison is feeling sexy so she puts on her lingerie and heads downstairs to get her morning coffee and sure enough Rion is stalking her sexy neighbor and she is ready to give Rion the morning of his life.

My Friend's Hot Mom - Texas Patti - Texas Patti Makes Her Sons Friend Give Her Anal Pleasure

File: t6ywtnamyfrhomotexpatcqhukzohor.mp4
Size: 499.42 MB
Duration: 40:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisNathan's friend is out of town on a school trip but lets him stop by his house to borrow a jacket. His friend's mom, Texas Patti, is home and lets him go upstairs in the bedrooms to find it. While checking in the parents room, Nathan stumbles upon Mrs. Patti's sex toys. She catches him in the act and is turned on by the situation. She tells him that he needs to fuck her or else she'll tell his mom that he was snooping around her room. Nathan has no problem pleasuring Mrs. Patti and was in for a surprise when she demanded anal!

My Wife's Hot Friend - Richelle Ryan - Richelle Ryan Soaps Up With Friends Husband

File: joydfnamywihofrricrya8j6fhwtxtf.mp4
Size: 483.03 MB
Duration: 39:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisRichelle Ryan stops by her friend's house for a little rest and relaxation and decides to get ready for the night. Well her friend is out, but her friend's husband, Bruce, is around to make sure she has everything she needs. Lucky for Bruce, he has a huge dick and that's exactly what Richelle needs right now.

Big Cock Hero - Karma Rx - Karma Rx Gets Bullied Into Sucking And Fucking

File: uau1bnabicohekarrxcxmzv7ew8y.mp4
Size: 485.08 MB
Duration: 39:20
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisKarma Rx has been cheating on her husband. His friend, Charles, finds out, and threatens to show his friend a video he took of Karma caught in the act... that is unless she gives him the same treatment she gave the guy she's cheating with.

My Friend's Hot Mom - Cherie Deville - Cherie Deville Takes A Young Cock

File: srkwnnamyfrhomochedev5xpe31kyzo.mp4
Size: 440.03 MB
Duration: 38:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisCherie DeVille gets a phone call from the police telling her to come pick up her son. She finds out that it's not her son but her son's friend. He's in trouble and needs her help. She won't tell his mom under one condition, and thats to please her.

Big Cock Bully - Anny Aurora - Anny Aurora Fucks Bully To Get Nude Pics Back

File: s5egznabicobuannaurzdqnjflil8.mp4
Size: 529.80 MB
Duration: 42:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisAnny Aurora thought she was sending her boyfriend nude photos of herself. Apparently her boyfriend owed Louie some money and since he didn't have cash on hand Louie took his phone as collateral. Anny goes over to try and get the phone back from Louie so he won't have access to her nudes, but Louie refuses to give the phone back unless Anny provides the money her boyfriend owes. Anny doesn't have the money so instead they make a deal, Anny fucks Louie's big cock to ensure she gets the phone and her nudes back.

My Wife's Hot Friend - Demi Sutra - Demi Sutra Fucks Her Friends Husband

File: ui5sfnamywihofrdemsut7eivdhuszd.mp4
Size: 473.23 MB
Duration: 38:23
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisRyan just bought some nice presents for his wife but he asks Demi Sutrato to try them out to see if it will fit his wife.
As soon as she sees the dress that Ryan bought Demi loves it and tries it on even though she was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Next up the lingerie and then the best surprise of all time, Ryan wants to see if the vibrator he bought his wife is a good one so he asks Demi Sutra to try it. Things get very hot very fast and no one can stop the fuck fest that is coming!!

My First Sex Teacher - Linzee Ryder - Linzee Ryder Has A Crush On Her Student

File: ooxqmnamyfisetelinrydmknmmepn71.mp4
Size: 443.83 MB
Duration: 36:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisWhen Professor Ryder's student stays behind after class, she finally opens up to him, expressing her feelings for him. She's had a crush on him for a long time and now that its just the two of them alone in her classroom, she jumps on the opportunity to fuck his brains out!

My Friend's Hot Mom - Reagan Foxx - Reagan Foxx Needs Some Young Cock

File: dsh3lnamyfrhomoreafox6hjoyu3md5.mp4
Size: 570.87 MB
Duration: 46:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisRicky is at his friend's house doing yard work while his friend's mom, Reagan Foxx, is in her bedroom trying on lingerie. Ricky peeps on her while she starts to masturbate. Reagan notices and invites him in for a rare opportunity with a MILF!

Big Cock Bully - Alura Tnt Jenson - Alura Tnt Jenson Fucks Sons Bully In Exchange For His Protection

File: 1vbx2nabicobualutntjendwepy7rsvb.mp4
Size: 505.84 MB
Duration: 41:01
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisAlura 'TNT' Jenson goes straight to her son's bully's house and talk with his parents about the bullying. The bully, Lil D, comes up with an idea that Alura can't refuse. In exchange for taking his big black cock and having his way with her, the Lil D will give Alura's son protection and security at school.

My First Sex Teacher - Richelle Ryan - Richelle Ryan Fucks Her College Student

File: 7k8twnamyfisetericryayn6uadttnk.mp4
Size: 358.36 MB
Duration: 29:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisClass is over and Nathan is still finishing his paper. The problem is he cant stand up because his sexy professor has a short, tight skirt on causing him to have a raging boner! Professor Richelle feels for him and takes care of his sexual thirst for school teachers.

Big Cock Hero - Jennifer White - Jennifer White Loves To Get Anal Fucked

File: g56a9nabicohejenwhiwvhyqh8vhm.mp4
Size: 428.89 MB
Duration: 34:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisKyle found out that Jennifer is cheating on his friend, but she needs her ass pounded, and so Kyle as a good friend gives her his cock in the ass and makes her never ever go with someone else making him a big cock hero.

My Sister's Hot Friend - Kenzie Madison - Kenzie Madison Plays Strip Pool With Friends Brother

File: 7mtzinamysihofrkenmadrsnkdyj4s3.mp4
Size: 480.03 MB
Duration: 38:57
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisKenzie Madison is hanging out waiting for her friend when her friend's brother, Van, walks in. He suggest they play some pool to help pass the time, but Kenzie has a better idea. She suggest a little game of strip pool. Kenzie ends up losing, but she doesn't mind, as it gives her a chance to show off the goods before offering them to Van.

Dirty Wives Club - Riley Steele - Riley Steeles Husband Doesnt Give Her The Cock She Needs

File: cntuynadiwiclrilstelyoqs4dctw.mp4
Size: 467.67 MB
Duration: 37:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisRiley Steele was not expecting anybody to come by her place, especially when it's her day to rub one out in the bath. Apparently her husband, whom never fucks her, forgot to mention he had a pool guy coming by to check out the chlorine levels. Riley proceeds to masturbate anyway moaning so loudly that the pool guy hears her and services her wet pussy!

Big Cock Bully - Reagan Foxx - Reagan Foxx Gets Suckered Into Sex By Sons Bully

File: xfynfnabicobureafoxktgsrpjocx.mp4
Size: 482.02 MB
Duration: 39:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisWhen Reagan Foxx confronts her son's bully, she did not expect it to go down the way it did. Reagan ends up in sexy lingerie and riding a big hard cock, praying her naughty deed will be enough to make the bullying stop.

2 Chicks Same Time - Ella Knox & Violet Myers - Ella Knox And Violet Myers Fuck Their Boss

File: cmduqna2chsatiellviow6rwkvzoxn.mp4
Size: 495.60 MB
Duration: 40:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisIt is late and Ella Knox and Violet Myers are having to do extra hours and they will miss the chance of going on dates and score but they have a better plan and fuck their boss that way everyone is happy in a threesome.

Neighbor Affair - Karla Lane - Karla Lane Consoles Her Neighbor With Her Wet Pussy

File: 1et4bnaneafkarlankghgzewanb.mp4
Size: 466.49 MB
Duration: 37:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisKarla Lane checks in on her neighbor, Stirling, after she witnesses his wife pack up her car full of belongings and race off. Turns out Stirling's marriage is ending due to his wife's unfaithfulness. After they chat and down a bottle of wine, Stirling makes a move on Karla.

My First Sex Teacher - Becky Bandini - Michelle Miller Becky Bandini Teaches Her Student A Lesson

File: 51drcnamyfisetebecbangayn4cldwa.mp4
Size: 464.35 MB
Duration: 37:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisMichelle Miller Becky Bandini took her student's phone away because she caught him in class taking compromising pics of some students. When her student returns after class to pick up his phone, Michelle finds out that he also happened to get a up-skirt pic of her. Michelle decides to teach him a lesson by having him strip while she takes pictures of him. Her plan back fired because Michelle is amazed by her student's cock and ends up banging him on her desk.

Teens Love Cream - Abby Adams - Abby Adams Fucks The Landscaper While Parents Are Out

File: axcdinatelocrabbadajimyl57usw.mp4
Size: 449.84 MB
Duration: 36:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisAbby Adams is showing the new landscaper around, letting him know what her parent's want done with their yard. She eventually gets bored talking about plants and decides it's time for the landscaper's cock to come out.

My Friend's Hot Mom - Ava Addams - Ava Addams Fucks Her Sons Friend

File: lx9bpnamyfrhomoavaaddetgxexekra.mp4
Size: 501.10 MB
Duration: 40:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisAva's masseuse just canceled and her son left with her girlfriend to the mall and nobody told Van that the pool day was canceled, so Ava is frustrated and van is there so she asks van to give her a massage and the only way to do a massage is all naked and Van has a hard on and needs to massage his cock.

Big Cock Hero - Audrey Miles - Audrey Miles Just Needs A Big Cock

File: lsiydnabicoheaudmilyx7kc7voca.mp4
Size: 488.37 MB
Duration: 39:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisCharles is early to his friend's house to see the game only to find his friend's girl, Audrey Miles, sucking some guy's dick in the driveway. Charles is furious and confronts her. Turns out that she likes big dick and doesn't get it from her man. Charles will have to sacrifice himself and give her a big cock so that she doesn't fuck any other strangers from here on out.

My Friend's Hot Mom - Penny Pax - Penny Pax Fucks Her Sons Friend Out Back By The Pool

File: 7kmcfnamyfrhomopenpax383g4kvyl6.mp4
Size: 382.77 MB
Duration: 31:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisJuan stops by his best friend's house only to find his friend's mom, Penny. She's upset that her son just took off without doing his chores, so Juan offers to help clean the pool. When Penny shows him how to properly use the pool leaf rake, her hands brush over Juan's pants and feels his big package. She can't help but have him take it out so she can have her way with his huge cock!

Big Cock Bully - Becky Bandini - Becky Bandini Fucks To Keep Her Sons Job

File: thpwnnabicobubecbanm7yeapqxte.mp4
Size: 503.27 MB
Duration: 40:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisBecky Bandini finds out that her son is being bullied by his boss. She's not going to stand for that so she goes over to give her son's boss a piece of her mind, but the only thing that ends up happening is that her son's boss ends up getting a piece of that Becky ass.

My Friend's Hot Mom - Rachael Cavalli - Rachael Cavalli Fucks A Virgin Friend Of Her Son

File: akzlmnamyfrhomoraccavuf2k1vky7n.mp4
Size: 355.24 MB
Duration: 28:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisLucas is out spreading the good word of the book and finds himself in front of his old classmate from school and Rachael Cavalli answers the door and she immediately recognizes him and since she needs some cock a virgin dick will do the trick.

Dirty Wives Club - Linzee Ryder - Linzee Ryder Takes Advantage Of Her Friends Son

File: c3vfxnadiwicllinryd9yw1d5de9i.mp4
Size: 403.96 MB
Duration: 32:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisVan Wylde's mom sends him over to her friend's house to pick up something she borrowed. While he's there, Linzee Ryder sees if Van can fix her garbage disposal since her husband is pathetic and incapable of doing anything. He fixes it and she shows her appreciation with her mouth and wet pussy.

My Daughter's Hot Friend - Brooklyn Gray - Brooklyn Gray Gives Her Friends Dad A Private Lingerie Modeling Session

File: lvzejnamydahofrbrograpspbj5ruea.mp4
Size: 435.14 MB
Duration: 35:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisBefore going on a road trip, Brooklyn Gray has her friend's dad check out her car. While he works on the car in the garage, Brooklyn waits in the living room and finds a gift. Curiosity hits her and she scopes it out, finding sexy lingerie. Her friend's dad comes in and explains its for his wife but she'll probably not wear it since she's a prude. Brooklyn, on the other-hand, embraces sexuality and tries on the lingerie to show him how sexy it looks, eventually turning them both on so much that they have to bang right then and there.

My Wife's Hot Friend - Karla Kush - Karla Kush Fucks Her Best Friends Husband

File: 28nxenamywihofrkarkus2nnnvswjdm.mp4
Size: 406.79 MB
Duration: 32:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisKarla Kush is in town for a wedding and staying at her best friends house. While her friend gets ready for the wedding, Karla seduces her friend's husband, Lucas, in the guest room. To make sure they keep their sex-capade a secret, Lucas cums in her pussy leaving less of a mess for Karla to clean up.