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Natalia Nix

Filthy Newbies - Natalia Nix - Are You Ready Natalia

File: xrymhnafinenatnixh9tqlknghc.mp4
Size: 391.68 MB
Duration: 33:26
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today I bring in a new starlett that is on the up and coming list in the porn industry, this petite babe has shot a few scenes and is fairly new to the industry but she is making a name for herself. I match her with Peter cause I know they have worked together and make a great scene. Natalia loves to get her pussy pounded in this Filthy Newbie scene till Peter is finished with her leaving her all hot, sweaty, and fufilled.

Jesseloads Monster Facials - Natalia Nix - Natalia Is A Sweet And Svelte Puerto Rican Girl

File: doql4najemofanatnixbaikktdlva.mp4
Size: 409.10 MB
Duration: 24:19
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Natalia is a sweet and svelte Puerto Rican girl with beautiful long soft hair and a slender body to match. She may be a new comer but she is a natural cock sucker. She dives down on Jay's cock immediately and sucks it all like a starved castaway. She keeps sucking even with her head squeezed between his thighs until her smiling face is coated with cum.

Brazzers Exxtra - Natalia Nix - Patience Leads To Pussy

File: g2ouonabrexnatnixzher1xlpqh.mp4
Size: 338.41 MB
Duration: 31:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Natalia Nix has drawn herself a luxurious bubble bath, and shes also laid out some lingerie for what promises to be a steamy evening to follow. As Natalia lounges in her bath and starts to masturbate, her lover, Keiran Lee, cant contain his anticipation and enters the bathroom, worshiping Natalias perfect body as she sits on the edge of the bathtub. However, Natalia decides that Keiran needs to be made to wait, if only for a bit, especially because she has some special lingerie to show off. After Natalia enters the bedroom with all her assets on full display, she gives Keiran exactly what he wants.

Teen Tugs - Natalia Nix - My Step Dads a Jerk

File: qskecnatetunatnixttjqbsmwix.mp4
Size: 353.77 MB
Duration: 11:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Poor Natalia Nix. All she wants to do is masturbate in private. But her nosy step dad comes sneaking in filming her. He promises to not tell mom, but he wants in on some of the action too. She cant fuck him, so she reluctantly agrees to jerk his cock in exchange for his silence.

La New Girl - Natalia Nix - 21 Years Old

File: 14noanalaneginatnixsjxvooy5zz.mp4
Size: 560.00 MB
Duration: 01:40:42
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: A super hot Model from Puerto Rico is visiting our studio this week. She has a super cute accent. Wow, what a hottie! Amongst her favorite passtime is sucking hard cocks and making them cum, she admits. Needless to say she sucks our Producers cock, and shows her passion for it. Of course she gets fucked, and yes she does cum a total of 3 times on his cock. The finale? A nice thick load of cum in her mouth

Detention Girls - Natalia Nix - Sneaking Out

File: bl4eqnadeginatnixzmkg416e5q.mp4
Size: 530.42 MB
Duration: 32:00
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Stuck in a home for naughty girls with incredibly strict rules, Natalia Nix goes over the ropes with Tyler Steel, the daytime administrator. She decides to make a run for a night of freedom. She confirms her plan with her friend Mackenzie Mace, then goes into the closet to see what she can find. Spare bedsheets are just what Natalia needs to make a rope. She passes on dinner, then changes into some slutty clothes she snuck in. She makes her way to the roof and ties the bedsheets to a chair before flinging the other end over. Too bad Tyler is standing right outside when she drops the rope. He rushes upstairs to stop Natalia from doing something stupid and dangerous and escort her back inside.

Natalia is now concerned that she's going to get kicked out of the program. Tyler confirms her fears, but she suggests that instead of kicking her out they could play a game. Her idea of a game is to pull Tyler's pants down and start sucking him off. He lets the horny Latina make magic with her mouth, especially after he helps her peel off her clothes so he can admire her small tits and bare twat. When Natalia lays back on the bed and rubs her clit to invite him to play some more, Tyler gives in and lays down so she can ride his hardon.

Slow and steady is the name of the game as Natalia gets to know Tyler's stiffie. She hops off the cock and sucks him down again, then goes in for a faster reverse cowgirl ride. Then she lays back and lets Tyler do all the work sliding in and out of her juicy fuck hole. Slipping her hand between her legs, Natalia rubs her clit until she's moaning. As her body pulses from that big O, she rolls onto her hands and knees to let Tyler give it to her doggy style for another round of pleasure. Satisfied, Natalia gets on her knees so Tyler can jack himself off for a facial. Licking Tyler clean, Natalia swallows his cum. Her reward is Tyler agreeing she can go out and use the front door as long as she doesn't get caught.

Bang Real Teens - Natalia Nix - Natalia Nix Loves Getting Cum All Over Her Pussy

File: jqx2lnabaretenatnix9unzkf5gmu.mp4
Size: 695.89 MB
Duration: 39:33
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Natalia Nix is a petite babe with tiny titties and a smoking hot body! She takes advantage of the rooftop views and shows off her tiny tits! They go back down to his apartment where she gets her perfect pussy destroyed by cock! When she feels his cock about to cum and throbbing inside her, she lets him pull out and cum all over her!

Hot Crazy Mess - Natalia Nix - Sugar Baby

File: kn3nknahocrmenatnix6hqwbxqsxh.mp4
Size: 606.75 MB
Duration: 26:40
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Standing on the street corner with crutches and a sign begging for help, Natalia Nix is a sorry sight. She coaxes a kind stranger to give her a bunch of money to help with expenses. That could have been the end of it, except the scam artist made the mistake of letting the stranger see her walking off without so much of a limp. She gives him the money back and tries to call it even, but the stranger tells her it's fraud and he needs to call the cops. Natalia can't have that, so she takes his phone and puts it back in his pocket, then goes for his zipper.

It takes some coaxing, but Natalia talks the stranger's dick out of his pants. Kneeling, she licks him like the sweetest candy and then dives in to a full-on BJ right in his back yard. It may be crazy, but the stranger doesn't want her to stop so he pulls her into a more private spot where they can continue. Natalia goes back to sucking, then gets to her feet to do a sexy striptease. She starts to masturbate, inviting the stranger to watch. When she's all warmed up, Natalia crawls over to the stranger and slides down on his fuck stick to ride him with her bare twat.

Turning around, Natalia gives the stranger the perfect view of her firm ass as she rides him in reverse cowgirl. When she leans forward, he takes her invitation to go to town delivering a proper pussy pounding from behind. Then Natalia rolls onto her back and urges the stranger to keep on banging her until she cums one last time. Insisting that the stranger should get off, too, Natalia sucks and strokes him off until he nuts in her mouth. With that performance, she convinces the stranger not to call the cops on her.

Family Strokes - Natalia Nix - Fathers Day Stepdaughter Dick Down

File: mipuwnafastnatnix3f9b8y2zqe.mp4
Size: 544.48 MB
Duration: 39:27
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Natalia Nixs mom totally forgot today was Fathers Day, and her man is sure to be disappointed when he comes home to find she did not get him a gift. But this lady thinks fast. She knows that her husband has always had an eye for her daughter, Natalia, so she dresses the sweet girl up in some extra sexy lingerie and gets her ready to service her stepdad for the first time. Natalia is nervous, but she has always wanted to feel her stepdad inside of her! When he finally gets home, he sticks his thick cock in the cute girls pussy as her mom watches. He slams her from behind, giving her a doggystyle dick down before hitting every angle in the book. Then, he feeds the horny girl a sticky mouthful of cum. Best Fathers Day gift ever!

My Dirty Maid - Natalia Nix - 18 Year Old Maid Polishes My Cock

File: eovrhnamydimanatnixfw7rvandc7.mp4
Size: 555.63 MB
Duration: 49:49
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: My usual maid couldnt make it this week, so she sent in her hot 18 year old daughter. I started offering her some more money and eventually she agreed to take her top off. Soon, she was cleaning my house nude. From there, it didnt take long for cock to be in her mouth. She polished my cock. Then, I stretched her tiny little pussy in several different positions before busting all over her face. Of course I had to make her finish cleaning before she could go home.

Bang Bus - Natalia Nix - College Student Fucks For Tuition Money

File: cflvenababunatnixk4phnsvupn.mp4
Size: 576.10 MB
Duration: 51:59
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: The bus pulled up on this college student on her way home from campus. We started chatting her up and eventually offered her money to hop in for an interview. Inside the bus, things escalated quickly. We started asking her all sorts of crazy questions and soon we got her to start sucking cock. From there, it didnt take long for Tyler Steels cock to penetrate her pussy. This chick took dick in multiple positions before we dropped her ass in the middle of nowhere. Good luck finding your way back home!