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Nata Ocean

Hunt 4K - Nata Ocean - I’ll buy your TV, your fridge and your wife!

File: 88n4onahu4knatoce7bnwnvsefd.mp4
Size: 2.79 GB
Duration: 33:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: I stumbled upon an ad with a few home appliances on sale. The price was so good that I couldnt miss it, so I gave that person a call and agreed to pick up the stuff. When I came to the address and rang, a very sexy young lady opened the door. She was dressed in a slim-fit dress that allowed me to spot her tight ass and hips. I was going crazy about her body and realized that I was about to get something extra besides a good deal on some home appliances. She and her husband were having some financial difficulties, therefore, they were selling their stuff in order to catch up with the rent. So, I decided to help them with some cash and fuck that sweet pussy. Working up all the courage I had, I told the guy, Im ready to buy everything you have on one condition I want to fuck your wife! He got furious and wanted to attack me, but his wife stopped him. I took the money out of my pocket and gave it to him. He realized that he had no other choice. The sex was amazing! It looked like she didnt have a good fuck for quite a while, so she was all crazy and naughty like a wild cat! Her husbands self-esteem was below zero as he was watching us fucking, trying to control his fury!

Euro Girls On Girls - Tiffany Tatum & Nata Ocean - Raising Their Orgasmic Vibration

File: xcxo4naeugiongitifnatvoqjxlqgaw.mp4
Size: 1.00 GB
Duration: 32:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Brunette Latvian college cutie Nata Ocean is meeting with her new personal trainer for the first time today. She wasn't expecting to be training under the sexpertise of hot blonde Hungarian Tiffany Tatum, and it's apparent from the beginning of the session that these two babes have a chemistry that simply can't be overlooked or ignored. Join the all-natural nymphos for the nipple play foreplay that soon progresses into full-on pussy licking, face sitting, and toying of each other's twat. This Euro Girls on Girls glamour porn masterpiece is a must for anyone who is into watching hot lesbians probing each other with their vibrators and raising one another's orgasmic vibration.

Euro Teen Erotica - Nata Ocean & Missy Luv - Hot Teen Threesome In Dorm Room

File: hz843naeuteernatmisphh5y4lmeh.mp4
Size: 388.60 MB
Duration: 27:18
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Euro Teen Erotica has got your teen sex cravings handled in this thrilling threeway featuring sexy brunette Latvian Nata Ocean and her hot blonde Hungarian girlfriend Miss Luv. Nata has broken girl code and fucked her friend's boyfriend, Sam Bourne, but Missy is ok with that. In fact, the green-eyed beauty has been secretly wanting to fuck the two in tandem for a while anyway. The babes are both properly pussy fucked and they get to trade flavors for the first time in 69. Be sure to check out the full feature all the way to the end when the hotties cum swap his load between their dirty little mouths.

Petite HD Porn - Nata Ocean - Sex For Breakfast

File: doe1lnapehdponatocey9wjziflzs.mp4
Size: 373.79 MB
Duration: 19:06
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Petite teen Nata Ocean is always thinking of ways to please her lover Jared, from making him breakfast in bed to giving him some morning head. Jared isn't about to say no to all the ways that Nata tries to make him happy! Pulling his pliant girlfriend down into bed with him, he kisses her neck as he unveils her firm breasts and already hard nipples. Then he lays back and watches with pure pleasure as Nata strokes him off and leans forward to begin sucking him down.

Rolling Nata onto her side, Jared spoons behind her and gently spreads her thighs apart. He slides into her slick slit nice and easy. It gets even easier as Nata lifts one thigh to accommodate Jared's big one. Melting back into Jared's strong chest, Nata enjoys the pussy pounding for a few minutes before she gives in to the need to change things up.

Pushing Jared onto his back, Nata climbs on top and sinks down until he's buried balls deep inside her. Her stiffie ride gets even hotter when Nata lays down and spreads her legs all the way open for Jared to pound her. On her belly, Nata grinds her ass back to meet each of Jared's powerful strokes as he does her doggy style. He keeps up the rhythm, palming Nata's bubble butt with his big hands, until the last moment when he pulls out and pops his load down Nata's bottom so that his love slides down to pool in the small of her back.

Club Seventeen - Nata Ocean - Stuck And Fucked

File: zw2ejnaclsenatoceilsidhfnpu.mp4
Size: 208.73 MB
Duration: 25:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Don't you just hate it when you misplace your phone and you can't remember what the fuck just happened? I mean it was here a minute ago, did it disappear? What kind of sorcery is this? And of course, dad isn't any help! He just sits his ass on the couch relaxing and when I asked him to help me look for it you know what he did? He just took a fucking look around and said it isn't there. I've searched the whole place so I went to check under the bed...

Nubile Films - Nata Ocean & Roxy Lips - Euro Babes

File: oljtxnanufinatroxdcn69ppmhe.mp4
Size: 594.47 MB
Duration: 30:16
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Roxy Lips is stunning in thigh high stockings, high heels, and a lingerie bra and thong. Just as gorgeous is Nata Ocean, who's looking fine in a white bra and thong. The two girls take turns spinning around for each other as they each get handsy. Then they both strip and try out a new set of lingerie as they continue to sneak touches to one another.

Raul Costa spies Nata and Roxy in the middle of their lesbian fashion show, and through he ducks back around the doorframe when Nata glances over she catches him in the act of peeking. Nata comes to the door to grab him, and when she leads him in she keeps him busy up top while Roxy sinks to her knees and starts sucking his hardon. Raul's stiffie looks good enough to entice Nata down beside her girlfriend, leading to a double BJ as each girl indulges herself.

When Raul sits down on the couch, the girls climb up on either side of him to keep on sucking off his cock and balls. When they've satisfied themselves with their rock hard feast, Roxy climbs into Raul's lap and guides herself down onto his fuck stick. Her slim figure is soon filled to the brim with cock as she indulges in a slow and sensual ride.

Leaning forward, Roxy sucks on Nata's hard nipples to keep her friend in the game. Nata eventually leans back on the couch, shifting her position so that Roxy can easily reach her slippery twat. Now Roxy continues to keep the motion of the ocean going with Raul's help as she indulges in a full-on pussy feast courtesy of Nata. Eventually Raul readjusts his position so that he is laying down with Roxy still impaled on his man meat but so that his body now supports Nata's.

When Roxy hops off of Raul's fuck stick, Nata is quick to slide in and take her place. She remains supported by Raul as she rides him. Meanwhile, Roxy does whatever it takes to ensure Nata's deep and complete pleasure, from rubbing her girlfriend's titties to slipping a hand down to caress her clit.

Raul eventually gets up so that Roxy can take his place on the couch. That position lets Raul reenter her creamy sheath in one long thrust that elicits a gasp of pleasure. Nata takes the opportunity to kiss her way down Roxy's body as she gets fucked, but eventually she ends up with her mouth touching her friend's clit. That leaves her in the perfect position to offer Raul another round of cock sucking before she retreats back up Roxy's body.

Swapping spots once again, the girls create a chain of pleasure with Nata on her hands and knees in the middle. As she enjoys a doggy style pussy pounding, Nata buries her face between Roxy's thighs. Eating Roxy out is a pure delight, but eventually Nata finds herself unable to continue as her moans of orgasmic bliss overwhelm her completely.

When the girls are finally each satisfied, they turn their mutual attention back to Raul. Going back to work with their mouths and hands, they work Raul to the precipice of a sensual explosion. When he finally cums, he hits Roxy in the face as Nata guides his stream of hot love, then remains standing as the girls work together to suck his dick clean.

Club Seventeen - Nata Ocean - Lovely Girl Getting her Pussy Fingered Outdoors

File: jjg5nnaclsenatocezps2tkui9i.mp4
Size: 978.07 MB
Duration: 32:37
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Nata Ocean could get into a whole lot of trouble over this graffiti. It would be a shame if she spent her teen years in the big house. Luckily for her, this concerned citizen isnt the type to rat people out. Not if theyre willing to help him drain his balls. This pale sweetheart gets on her knees and makes sure she never ends up behind bars. Right before that happens, he plants his face right between her legs. He needs to make sure she is serious and understands her crimes...

X Angels - Nata Ocean - From High Wall To Hard Dick

File: nh83gnaxannatoce6myqkxzee7.mp4
Size: 461.76 MB
Duration: 28:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Slim brunette babe believes that making sport is very important to stay fit and beautiful but she also believes that exercises should be fun. After all, nobody keeps working out when he feels bored. So, in order to spice her everyday exercises, she puts on a beautiful uniform and starts her morning routine. When her muscles are warm enough, she climbs the climbing wall without any safety belts. This is when the dude enters the room and tells her to go down because it is too dangerous to do that all alone. Suddenly he realizes the hottie wears no panties under tiny shorts and that he can enjoy and kiss her clean shaved pussy easily.

Petite HD Porn - Nata Ocean - Between Us

File: 9ok4snapehdponatocefsbfdsroun.mp4
Size: 295.99 MB
Duration: 20:35
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Teen dream Nata Ocean has gone home with her boyfriend Zac. Zac is bent on seduction, so he offers Nata berries to sample as he slowly relieves them both of their clothes. Laying Nata back on the bed, Zac drops kisses all over her body before settling himself between her thighs. He leans in to feast on that cream filled bald pussy and only lets Nata return the favor of oral sex when he has eaten his fill.

Nata's blowjob is sweet and sexy as she flicks her tongue out to lick and takes his hardon as far inside as she can for a deep throat BJ. Then Nata climbs on top of Zac so she can slowly impale herself on his fuck stick. He wraps his arms around her, holding her in place as she bounces away on that big D and rubs her clit to her heart's content.

Getting on her hands and knees with her ass waving in the air as an invitation, Nata moans in delight as Zac fills her up from behind. Their doggy style sex turns to a spooning fuck as Nata gets on her side and lifts one leg in the air for Zac to keep the party in her pussy going. She winds up on her back with Zac pounding away between her thighs until he has to pull out to cover her stomach in cum. Sated, Nata watches Zac with contented eyes as he joins her at the head of the bed.

Club Seventeen - Casey I & Nata Ocean - Gorgeous Babes Making Out On The Beach

File: idlgcnaclsecasnat31sko499v8.mp4
Size: 132.62 MB
Duration: 16:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A little fun in the sun ends up being a lesbian fandango when Casey and Nata Ocean allow their desires to run wild. A beautiful sunny day at the beach has a way of turning into a hardcore lesbian affair when two teens get together. Theyve been flirting all day with each other. It started with words, and it ended with them face deep in the others pussy. What they crave is something that no boy can fulfill...