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Monster Curves

Monster Curves - Minka & Kayla Kleevage - Jiggling Their Jugs

File: kh61unamocuminkaybr8zkmu3t9.mp4
Size: 410.89 MB
Duration: 37:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Two words Big. Tits. And not anyone's big tits. Kayla Kleevage and Minka are two sultry MILFs with gigantic melons. They wiggle them for the camera, but also for the lucky Kieran Lee. Kieran crouches and lets the diva duo do the rest of the work. They rub their oily boobs on Keiran's delighted face. Keiran sucks on a nipple here, licks another one there, excited like a sugar lover in a candy store. The ladies sit on the couch and Keiran's feet gauge the space between their tits. Spoiler the gap is inviting. It doesn't take too long before his dick checks into the warm and cozy place. Kayla shakes her boobs around the cock while Minka tastes its tip. Obviously, Kieran wants more and starts banging the MILFs one after the other. There's no third wheel in the scene, as the pro-active ladies always find a way do lick the other one's clit while the hole is filled. There's no doubt that Kayla and Minka know how to handle a threesome, whether they ride Kieran's dick or bedazzle him with their big jugs. When Kieran finally cums, the two lucky girls both enjoy a dash of the warm jizz.

Monster Curves - Valentina Jewels - Get Thick

File: muhbinamocuvaljewrkehx9fryh.mp4
Size: 465.90 MB
Duration: 41:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Valentina Jewels is thick. THICC. Dummy thicc. Thick thighs save lives and Valentina is a hero. In a tight one-piece with oil giving her every curve a nice sheen, she's temptation made manifest. Just watch that ass bounce Imagine it smothering your face, swallowing your cock, your hands sinking deep into those cheeks as she giggles at you to spank her harder. With an exercise ball to tease you, this aerobics act is bound to get you in the mood to see her perky round tits bounce while riding on cock, the ripples of her beautiful ass as she gets pounded from behind, the devious smile as she gets the fucking she came here for Come get thick.

Monster Curves - Violet Starr - She's Here To Clean?

File: 2kpd3namocuviostairduj4lhm4.mp4
Size: 379.85 MB
Duration: 29:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After a night of partying, Ricky orders a special maid in the form of gorgeous, all natural Violet Starr for his friend Isiah. Are we sure that's the right uniform? String bikini, fishnet, cute hairband? Violet looks stunning as she struts through the house, her ass and tits bouncing with every step. But there's something else about her. The devilish smile? Bedroom eyes? Or that relaxed, fuck me attitude? Oh. Yeah. It's the attitude. Your dick fits so good in my little hole. I love it stroking my little hole as your balls slam against my clit. Yeah, she's a keeper AND a cleaner.

Monster Curves - Cali Carter - Sweet Little Socks

File: dvkkpnamocucalcarg8zucprday.mp4
Size: 345.76 MB
Duration: 31:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Calis thick, toned body is absolutely irresistable. Her massive boobs, her perfect ass dont you just want to shove that pervy face of yours right in them? I know I do! This tattooed super-babe is about to show you absolutely everything shes got and its a treat. Question is Can you handle it? In cute athletic socks and a white thong, she throws that ass of hers in the air and plays with her pink, wet pussy. But unfortunately, fingers dont quite to do the job. Thats what guys were invented for! Alex Legend, tatted and ripped, steps into the room and immediately rubs his hands all over Calis ass, giving it the attention it deserves. She gets down on her knees and gives Alexs hard cock a sloppy wet blowjob. They have a steamy sex session, with Calis socks on the entire time. Didnt you hear? Its the year of the socks!

Monster Curves - Luna Star - Rack Luna Up

File: v4k7anamoculunstafelaijlppl.mp4
Size: 405.58 MB
Duration: 36:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lovely Luna Star could not care less for pool, billiards, snooker WHATEVER happens on this table is just an excuse for her to tease her amazing curves for Ricky and you loyal viewers. As Ricky hits the solids, Luna strips down and shows her juicy ass. Ricky nails one in the pocket, Luna bounces her perky tits. But really it's her smile that sets people off. It's full of devious temptation. It's the kind of look that says Yeah, I'll ride you until your brain melts. I'm going to drool over your cock until it's soaking wet. I'm going to grind my pussy on your face until you gasp for air. And you're going to love every second of it, papi. Anybody else get that? No? Just me?

Monster Curves - Aryana Adin - Stretching Aryana

File: jk6xjnamocuaryadiuiranfkxef.mp4
Size: 392.46 MB
Duration: 35:53
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Is there anything better than a beautiful black woman in clinging tight purple workout gear? I mean, obviously a couple things, but it's up there. And Aryana looks absolutely stunning. Ricky comes over for a special training session involving squeezing her amazingly pillow-like tits between her arms, lift her legs high in the air to get those pelvic muscle aching and. Sliding his cock between those pouty thick lips?! With the proper wording and signals, Aryana gets this trainer to work on what REALLY deserves attentions. Yeah, muscles and flexibility and chi or whatever. Deep tissue. But what about Aryana's deeper needs? Ricky can hit just the right spots.

Monster Curves - Payton Preslee - Presenting Payton Preslee

File: 3bp4cnamocupayprelsufhztz2b.mp4
Size: 408.29 MB
Duration: 30:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Payton Preslee is a dark and mysterious tattooed goddess, with long black locks and adorned with sexy face and nipple piercings. Shes smoking hot, and she knows it, especially when shes in tiny lace black lingerie, barely containing her big round tits and full hips. This dirty young talent is brand new to the industry, but you would never guess it. Shes incredibly confident and can work the camera like shes been doing it since the summer of 69. After a spicy interview with Payton, shes joined by Manuel Ferrara. They get right down to business and Manuel starts playing with Paytons pussy. Manual takes full advantage of her huge tits and she titty fucks before she sucks his big hard cock. The scene all features tons of smoking hot anal play. It also features loud, dominant and passionate sex, as Paytons dark eye makeup melts down her beautiful face. Manual cums Paytons wide open and ready mouth.

Monster Curves - Stella Raee - Stretch And Tease

File: 43qdrnamocusteraeppxbqgx92i.mp4
Size: 585.95 MB
Duration: 42:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What does a girl have to do to get her mans attention around here? Even in thong and a tiny lil tank top, Stella Raee cant seem to snatch Jmac away from an apparently riveting magazine. How could he ignore that huge ass jiggling in front of him? Those thigh thighs Perky tits Fuck it, maybe a sexy school girl outfit and a fishnet stockings will do the trick.

Monster Curves - Julie Cash - Lace Me Up

File: 4nvpcnamocujulcasyzzhx693qa.mp4
Size: 418.98 MB
Duration: 26:54
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Curvaceous Julie Cash twerks her amazing ass in the back yard, she struts her stuff in a white t-shirt and thigh-high boots. The real fun comes when blonde Julie picks up the garden hose and starts drenching her tanned body in water, her white t-shirt quickly turns transparent and her incredible, big, titties peek through. Alex Legend is one lucky guy, it takes the best dick in the world in order to satisfy a thicc goddess like Julie!

Monster Curves - Valentina Nappi - Could You Spot Me?

File: ehktjnamocuvalnapcze7kdh3zp.mp4
Size: 337.55 MB
Duration: 29:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Valentina Nappi has work to do! Im talking about working that bod. And shes not about to let politics-nerd Alex Legend stop her from doing that. In fact, shes going to make him watch her squat it and pop it until the cows come home. Ok, no biggie for Alex. That is, until Valentina needs her heart rate to go way up, and its going to take more than just a little workout to do that. Its going to take Alexs cock or rather, shes going to take it. All the way down. Every inch. Just the way this Italian beauty likes it.

Monster Curves - Julie Cash - Cash Grab

File: ubjdlnamocujulcasqksnzo1giw.mp4
Size: 463.17 MB
Duration: 33:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Cancellations happen a lot in this industry, legitimate or otherwise. When our crew is left stranded with a full day booked, Alex out in public, and cameras rolling They don't have any gorgeous talent on the paperwork! Though maybe Mr. Legend has a last minute contact. Any of you guys remember Julie Cash? A wonderfully curvy bombshell that can smother you with her phat ass and bouncing tits. And I think she's got the attitude to match, a real porn star! This juicy woman can really make it clap. Thicc and fine, well worth your time. And I don't think her return is gonna be short lived. Julie Cash is ready to be grabbed, worshipped, and fucked every which way. Can you handle all this?

Monster Curves - Karissa Shannon - Absolutely Bootiful In Leggings

File: 2g3c2namocukarshad7ifkdrpyx.mp4
Size: 344.42 MB
Duration: 27:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Karissa's ass looks like the softest, squishiest, plumpest body part on the planet. Without a blemish, those cheeks wiggle and waggle, bursting through some torn up leggings, barely held back by tiny pieces of fabric. And right below those perfect round spheres of booty is a tiny spread pussy waiting for tongue and cock. Karissa is a sloppy one, drooling spit all over her tits as Alex fucks them, making sure here giant breasts are slick and squeezing every inch of throbbing cock. Let's have her keep the leggings on for the entire scene, too. A little CFNM vibe, huh?

Monster Curves - Jasmine Jae - Too Thicc For Skinny Jeans

File: 18r5wnamocujasjaeasbv19tn8c.mp4
Size: 392.27 MB
Duration: 33:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Holy hell, Jasmine Jae has got the booty, she's got the boobs And they're barely held back by that skin-tight top. Thick thighs, round ass, can't button up those jeans! Jasmine has the type of body that'll swallow up your cock and pound your pelvis with phat cheeks and soft thighs, grinding in and squeezing out every drop of pre-cum and still be begging for more. Pound away, this beautiful woman has plenty of cushion to take it! Just be sure to squeeze her huge tits and lick those perfect nipples while you're at it, that's her favorite.

Monster Curves - Ava Black - Sheerly Sexy

File: dly2gnarekiavablatmk1ctqhkf.mp4
Size: 473.40 MB
Duration: 34:39
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Let's put curvy goddess Ava Black in a sheer shirt, letting her tits bounce around, and have her bounce around in public, Maybe hang out at a caf. Taunt and tease us a little with some quick flashes through her sheer shirt This girl is adventurous. Al confidence, no shame. Civilians get a glance? Not the end of the world. Because what she wants is some intense, rough, passionate sex. Filling up her holes, spanking her ass, grasping her tits This girl is a roller coaster and you got an express pass to see her in all her sheerly sexy glory, ending with a perfect creampie, cum dripping out between her thick lips and juicy cheeks.

Monster Curves - Lela Star - Thick Chick Loves Dick

File: yhpifnamoculelstaxcr9dcy1dp.mp4
Size: 272.36 MB
Duration: 25:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome to Thick Nation. Population Lela Star. You see everyone posting about how this girl is THICC, another is STICC, that one is EXTRA THICC But does anyone ever stop to ask, Does she want the DICC? Lela Star does! But not before teasing you with some slick oil over her bouncing cheeks and round tits, swaying her assets back and forth in a mesmerizing show. But the real action only begins when we give her Zac to play with and ride till she can't no more! Lela's ready, Zac's ready Are you?

Monster Curves - Skylar Snow - Snow In June

File: lye63namocuskysnoicurgcacsn.mp4
Size: 442.60 MB
Duration: 35:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When it's hot inside, sometimes you need a little snow to freshen you up. Actually, what the hell am I saying, Skylar Snow is gonna raise the heat, not bring it down. This thick goddess is ready to smother you in her big tits and thick thighs, sitting on your face to slide her soft cheeks up and down, grinding to get what she wants. Well, where was I? Right, summer. And snow. It's hard to focus with those curves overflowing an itty bitty bikini This girl was made to drive you mad, and deserves every drop of the anal creampie dripping out of her tight ass Do I have any pawg fans in the audience?

Monster Curves - Aj Applegate - Round Peg Square Hole

File: ejqsxnamocuajappxi2khr2xev.mp4
Size: 396.54 MB
Duration: 33:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ramon's girlfriend isn't happy he bought an anal training kit. Who does he think she is? Some kind of porn star? An anal whore? ABSOLUTELY NOT. She's been paid to get angry and storm out! That's when the real star of the show, AJ Applegate, struts onto set to see what the big deal is. Anal is just More fun. It's an added option, and every relationship tries it out at least once. You don't need to be a professional! Though, by watching AJ, they certainly do it better. Just look at those cheeks bounce, that ass squeezing down on cock

Monster Curves - Abella Danger - Bright Booty

File: tyopenamocuabedanhj3doxl9y4.mp4
Size: 426.37 MB
Duration: 38:54
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Abella Danger, tight leggings and a sprinkler is the best combination for a hot tease scene. Watch the water cascading down her plump ass and dripping down her pussy as she twerks her booty in the sprinklers. There's one color that's the best for all leggings and that's see through! Ever see an asshole glow? Well Abella has the magical bright booty that makes cocks harder, stronger and for longer.

Monster Curves - Ella Knox - Ella Wants Anal

File: r9xthnamocuellknohwop8qlpda.mp4
Size: 360.98 MB
Duration: 33:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ella Knox is one sexy tease. She seduces us with her dick sucking lips licking a lollipop while playing with her massive tits and dripping wet pussy! After several moments of teasing us with her curves, we follow her to the bedroom where she poses on her bed taking selfies of herself, then Alex gives this curvy cutie what shes really after getting her delicious booty analyzed by his big dick!

Monster Curves - Heidi Van Horny - Lovely Heidi

File: vnalenamocuheivanhor9trqsexnd6.mp4
Size: 255.90 MB
Duration: 37:38
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Heidi Van Horny is THICK. And let me tell you, thick thighs save lives. Big soft tits, round twerking ass, pouty DSLs, and a tongue that wants to be covered in cum. And boy, does she know how to show it off. She moves that body like she was born to be in front of a camera. The garters, tattoos, and heels provide a perfect accompaniment to the devilish seductive attitude hidden inside, the only kind of personality that can be satisfied with a throbbing cock spreading apart her ass and filling her up as she moans for more