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Massage Rooms

Massage Rooms - Romy Indy - Surprise Cock Massage For Lucky Guy

File: dqki3namaroromindph4nsljeyt.mp4
Size: 219.78 MB
Duration: 28:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When masseur Michael Fly sees ebony stunner Romi Indy walk into the Massage Rooms, he can't believe his luck when she asks to swap roles and massage him! Lying face down on the milking table, Michael awaits Romi's signal, but she begins the session by meditating in her white towel. Romi reaches up and begins to stroke Michael's stiffening cock, then oils up her hands, takes it out, and wanks him. Romi takes the thick dick into her mouth and gives Michael a blowjob, then climbs up to the table to keep sucking. Romi climbs on top of Michael and takes his cock into her pussy, then rides him. The pair pleasure each other orally, then Michael fucks Romi doggystyle until she cums. After some passionate missionary love making, Michael creampies Romi's tight pussy!

Massage Rooms - Scarlet Rebel - Oily Massage For Latina Babe

File: ppebpnamaroscarebxvkgcjzr5c.mp4
Size: 266.63 MB
Duration: 30:40
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Scarlet Rebel has been doing really well by her budget, so she decides to treat herself with a professional massage from Michael Fly. Lying naked face down on the comfortable white mattress, Scarlet feels relaxed by the serene environment. Michael warms some oil in his hands, then begins to slowly caress Scarlet's shoulders. Michael throws away Scarlet's towel, and she smiles back at him when he starts to massage her thick booty. Michael takes the cue and tears the clothing from his body, oils himself up, and dives into Scarlet! Scarlet moans with delight as Michael gives her a body rub, then spreads her legs invitingly so Michael will fuck her wet pussy. The couple fuck intensely in missionary, then doggystyle position, then Scarlet takes control, and rides Michael's hard cock cowgirl style. Michael makes Scarlet cum in spoon, then she gives him a blowjob until he explodes for a hot facial!

Massage Rooms - Sofia Lee & Romy Indy - Petite Entrepreneur Needs To Relax

File: giwxcnamarosofromlf6lkltkuj.mp4
Size: 217.36 MB
Duration: 26:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Petite Ebony entrepreneur Romy Indy has been working hard starting up her company, and with stress getting to her, she hires Sofia Lee for some relaxation in the Massage Rooms. Finally putting her phone down for a minute, Romy lies down on the massage table, and Sofia pours some oil on her shoulders and legs. Sofia starts to relax Romy, but her uptight muscles indicate to Sofia just how to help her client out. Sofia spreads Romy's legs, and starts to play with her tight pussy. Sofia fingers Romy, then sits up, and worships the masseuse's big, natural tits. Taking off Sofia's tights, the Dutch babe climbs on top of her so they can 69 and eat each other out. After some mutual masturbation on their knees, the ladies make each other cum!

Massage Rooms - Sofia Lee & Kinuski - Natural Body Babes Covered In Oil

File: uny8hnamarosofkinrcdnpkzpwb.mp4
Size: 231.31 MB
Duration: 28:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde babe Kinuski hires thick, natural brunette Sofia Lee for a massage. Lying face down covered in only a thin white towel, Kinuski gasps with delight when Sofia pours crisp oil on her skin. Sofia rubs the oil into Kinuski's chest and breasts, then pours more on the blonde's legs. Reaching under Kinuski's towel, Sofia stimulates her charge's pussy. Turned on, Kinuski casts her towel aside, and plays with her tits as Sofia licks her tight oily pussy. Sofia makes Kinuski cum with her fingers and tongue, then they make out, and oil up Sofia's big tits together. Sofia spreads her legs wide, and Kinuski fingers her deeply until the brunette cums too!

Massage Rooms - Victoria Pure - Blonde Needs Loving After Hard Day

File: k8iponamarovicpuroofqphfvvn.mp4
Size: 238.71 MB
Duration: 29:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After spending a long day working in the Massage Rooms, blonde vixen Victoria Pure is exhausted by the time her final client, Jorge Santana, comes along. Jorge notices Victoria's lack of energy, and asks her what is wrong. When Victoria tells him how tired she is, Jorge, a gentleman, offers to give her a massage instead of vice versa. Victoria accepts, then lies face down so the musclebound stud can massage her woes away. Jorge starts at Victoria's legs and feet, then pulls her tights down so he can worship her beautiful booty. Leaning forward, the stud slides his hands under Victoria's top and oils up her boobs, then walks around to the head of the table so the blonde can suck his cock. After a sensual blowjob, Jorge fucks Victoria missionary style, then pulls out so he can eat her pussy. Victoria fucks Jorge doggystyle, then hides his cock until he creampies her.

Massage Rooms - Sofia Lee & Sabrina Spice - Curvy Brunette Thrills Skinny Teen

File: cr8pknamarosofsablyyg2iaual.mp4
Size: 282.64 MB
Duration: 28:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Petite blonde Sabrina Spice wants to relax, so she hires seductive brunette Sofia Lee for an oily massage. Lying face down on the massage table, Sabrina gasps with delight as Sofia pours crisp oil onto her back, then rubs the tiny blonde's shoulders. Sofia massages down Sabrina's lower back and bum, then flips her charge onto her back. Sofia pours oil down the front of her body, and it drips from her big, natural tits onto Sabrina's stomach. Sofia rubs the oil into Sabrina's legs, then teases her pierced pussy. Sofia fingers and licks Sabrina until she has cum several times, then Sabrina returns the favor. Ultimately, the ladies enjoy some sensual oily tribbing until they both reach mutual orgasm!

Massage Rooms - Asia Rae - Oil Drenched Sex With Ebony Uk Babe

File: m2o5enamaroasiraeplw9sswklb.mp4
Size: 231.95 MB
Duration: 25:30
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ebony British babe Asia Rae is feeling horny, so she heads to the Massage Rooms for an oily rubdown from hot stud Michael. Lying on her back covered only in a white towel, Asia inhales deeply when Michael pours oil on her feet, then starts to rub her calves and toes. Michael walks around the massage table to Asia's head, and pours oil on her collarbones. As Michael rubs her chest, Asia gets turned on, and stimulated, her nipples stiffen as the masseur pours more oil on them. Asia reaches above her head and strokes Michael's cock, then takes it out so she can lick it. Asia turns around and sticks her fine booty in the air, then Michael teases her clit with the tip of his dick before fucking her doggystyle. Michael eats Asia's oily pussy, then she bounces on his dick. Michael then fucks Asia missionary style before pulling out so he can cum on her!

Massage Rooms - Sofia Lee & Aaeysha - Hot Masseuse Thrills Cute Asian

File: xtpq5namarosofaaec9ifnn1toy.mp4
Size: 206.17 MB
Duration: 25:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Pretty Asian Aaeysha hired the busty Sofia Lee for a rubdown in the Massage Rooms. Sofia starts the session by asking Aaeysha to sit on the table, then begins to stretch and rub the pretty Asian's neck. Sofia pours oil on Aaeysha's chest, then massages her boobs, paying close attention to stimulating her nipples. Sofia then slides her hand down the front of Aaeysha's towel to tease her hairy pussy. The masseuse takes off her own tights too, and then puts her big, natural boobs into Aaeysha's mouth so she can suck them. Sofia eats Aaeysha out and makes the stunner cum, then they swap positions and Aaeysha brings Sofia to orgasm too!

Massage Rooms - Tiny Tina - Deep Orgasms For Petite Czech Babe

File: ndkecnamarotintinjhy63gs8c5.mp4
Size: 244.23 MB
Duration: 29:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina hires Michael for an oily massage, strips naked, and lies face down on the table. Michael pours the oil on Tina's back, then rubs her shoulders before working his way to her thighs and bum. Tiny Tina gets turned on, so she lifts her right leg, showing Michael her pussy. Michael rubs and teases her lips, then takes out his hard cock for Tina to stroke. Once they're both turned on, Michael fucks Tina on her side, then missionary, before eating her pussy. As Michael fucks Tina, he plays with her tits, before finally, she gives him a blowjob untl he cums in her mouth!

Massage Rooms - Alexa Bold & Sofia Lee - Curvy Girls Oil Drenched Spanking

File: ejtoynamaroalesofekwcqds1ui.mp4
Size: 209.15 MB
Duration: 25:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alexa Bold hires Sofia Lee for an oily rub down in the Massage Rooms! Sofia enters the room carrying the oil, then pours it down Alexa's back. Massaging Alexa's back and bum, Sofia puts a towel between her client's legs, and uses it to stimulate her pussy. Sofia oils up her own shirt, making it see-through so Alexa can enjoy the view of her big natural boobs, then takes the towel up again to spank Alexa's big booty. Sofia then climbs onto her lover and they kiss as the masseuse gives Alexa a big titty body rub. Slipping between Alexa's legs, Sofia licks, kisses, then eats her pussy, then fingers her lying on their side until she cums. Alexa returns the favor when Sofia sits on her face, licking her pussy until she climaxes too.

Massage Rooms - Sofia Lee & Asia Rae - Czech Masseuse Treats Black Uk Babe

File: 2klbgnamarosofasiklxvi4eqqy.mp4
Size: 219.69 MB
Duration: 26:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Ebony UK babe Asia Rae hires busty Sofia Lee for a rub down in the Massage Rooms. Sofia removes the towel from Asia's bum immediately and enjoys the view, then pours oil down the beautiful woman's back. Sofia uses hot stones to soothe Asia's skin, then she climbs on top of her charge, and oils up her own boobs! Leaning forward, Sofia kisses Asia, and then moves her way teasingly down her body. Stripping naked, Sofia ten eats Asia's tight pussy missionary, then doggystyle as well. After some sensual tribbing, both ladies cum!

Massage Rooms - Kitana Lure - Sexy Russian Sensually Pleasured

File: jekocnamarokitlurh9h47gnkee.mp4
Size: 225.76 MB
Duration: 23:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kitana Lure has been feeling sore, so she hires Steve to give her a massage. Kitana lies face down naked on the table, and Steve begins the massage by drizzling oil onto her feet and calves. He massages the thick brunettes legs, then makes his way to her booty. Turned on, Kitana spreads her legs, and Steve oils his fingers so he can finger her. Steve eats the sexy Russian out while playing with her big boobs, then she gives him a foot job. Rubbing his penis between her butt cheeks, Steve gets hard, then fucks Kitana doggystyle. The brunette cums on his cock, then twerks on it, before doing the splits to take it really deep! After she has cum several times, Kitana wanks Steve off, and he cums on her tongue!

Massage Rooms - Sofia Lee & Atlanta Moreno - Uk Babe Plays With Big Natural Tits

File: dzmuvnamarosofatl1wsylrzsmd.mp4
Size: 255.16 MB
Duration: 31:26
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: UK babe Atlanta Moreno hires Sofia Lee and her big, natural titties for an oily massage. Lying face down on the bed, Atlanta bites her lip as Sofia starts to drizzle oil on her back, then rubs it down into her booty. When Sofia's fingertips brush Atlanta's wet pussy, the UK Latina impresses Sofia with her flexibility, bringing her leg up into the splits. Sofia gives Atlanta a pussy eating orgasm, then a body rub from head to toe. Atlanta then fingers Sofia, playing with her oiled-up pussy, until she cums too!

Massage Rooms - Mishelle Klein - Ravishing Russian Riding On Top

File: 12ayunamaromisklejgddjuxp5x.mp4
Size: 260.07 MB
Duration: 26:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lying face down on the table in the Massage Rooms, Mishelle Klein waits in anticipation for a sensual rub-down from Mr. Max Dior. Max kneels on top of Mishelle's body and pours oil onto her shoulders, then rubs her back down to her hips. Turned on, Mishelle props her booty in the air, so Max eats her pussy from behind, then finger fucks her until she is dripping wet. Max pounds Mishelle's pussy on her side, then plays with her boobs as she rides his big dick. After a sloppy deepthroat blowjob and more pussy eating, Mishelle grinds Max's cock until he pulls out and cums on her booty!

Massage Rooms - Sofia Lee - Curvy Brunette Knows How To Please

File: mkczxnamarosoflee7jen7ldqgp.mp4
Size: 229.94 MB
Duration: 25:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ebony stud Yves is lying down on the table in the Massage Rooms when all-natural, busty babe Sofia Lee climbs on top of him and starts to oil up his chest. Sofia rubs the handsome gentleman's pecs while grinding on his stiff cock, then slides down the bed so she can start to stroke it. Sofia then swings her leg over Yves' head and sits her pussy on his face, and the pair 69, then Sofia gives him a tit wank. Horny herself, Sofia mounts Yves' hard dick, then rides it cowgirl style. After more head, Sofia rides reverse cowgirl, then Yves walks around to her face so he can cover her with a facial!

Massage Rooms - Amaris & Josephine Jackson - Lovely Big Tits Lesbians Scissoring

File: cweabnamaroamajosnypvuykb9w.mp4
Size: 162.55 MB
Duration: 20:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde babe with big boobs Amaris decides to get an oily rub down from Josephine Jackson in the Massage Rooms. The brunette with the huge tits begins the session by stretching Amaris' shoulders and triceps, then oils up her shoulders, and massages her boobs. Amaris turns around and tells Josephine she wants to massage her too, so the blonde honey takes the oil, and turns Ms. Jackson's white shirt see-through. Amaris fingers Josephine's pussy from behind, then Josephine licks between Amaris' thighs. The lesbians make out, then sit facing each other, legs intertwined, and enjoy a tribbing session that brings them both to glorious orgasm.

Massage Rooms - Alexis Crystal & Tiny Tina - Lesbians Enjoy Sensual Pussy Eating

File: gtcplnamaroaletinp2oyqyzyye.mp4
Size: 168.02 MB
Duration: 20:38
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny Tina hires Alexis Crystal for an oily massage in the Massage Rooms, and seated on the table wearing only a white towel, she gasps as Alexis pours oil on her shoulders. Turned on by the touch, Tina kisses Alexis, and the latter reaches between her charge's legs and starts to rub her pussy. The ladies take to removing Alexis' shirt, then Tiny oils up the dirty blonde's boobs, then rubs her pussy through her now see-through white tights. Tina bends Alexis over and fingers her doggystyle to orgasm, then has Alexis eat her pussy until she can cum too. The ladies take turns making each other climax, then kiss passionately to celebrate a session well done!

Massage Rooms - Lady Bug - Intimate Orgasms On Milking Table

File: 3b6ivnamaroladbug3adqpvmxkk.mp4
Size: 210.02 MB
Duration: 28:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's an intimate massage session when John hires Lady Bug to rub him down on the milking table. Lady Bug climbs onto the high table, then kneels on John's back, and drizzles oil across his shoulder blades. Lady Bug begins the massage with her hands, then uses her forearms and elbows to dig deep and undo the knots in the muscle. Slipping off John and crawling beneath the table, Lady Bug strokes his big dick, then sucks and licks it. Lady gets back on the table and John eats her pussy and ass, then sticks his hard cock into her and fucks her doggystyle. Lady and John share an oily fuck on the massage table, then Lady hops off and milks John's big dick for a facial!

Massage Rooms - Vanessa Decker & Katy Rose - Czech Babes Oil Drenched Pleasures

File: t6ejdnamarovankat6xbmaukpow.mp4
Size: 237.38 MB
Duration: 28:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Decker has been feeling stressed out, so she hires Katy Rose to give her a relaxing time in the Massage Rooms. With Vanessa lying face down on the massage table, Katy slowly and methodically places stones down her spine, then removes them, and pours oil down Vanessa's back. Katy uses one of the stones to rub Vanessa's back, then pours oil on her butt. As the oil drips down her cheeks, Katy uses the stone on Vanessa's butt crack, then spreads her pussy lips with it. Katy removes her white shirt, then oils up Vanessa's boobs, before starting to tease her client's pussy even more intensely. Katy fingers Vanessa and makes her cum, then Vanessa fingers her ass while having her clit stimulated. Both ladies eat each other out to orgasm, then kiss romantically and cuddle.

Massage Rooms - Alexis Crystal & Vanessa Decker - Incredible Natural Young Lesbians

File: sriq9namaroalevanlzaj8b49ua.mp4
Size: 174.84 MB
Duration: 21:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Crystal uses her employee discount to hire Vanessa Decker for an oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms! Alexis positions herself face down on the massage table, then Vanessa drizzles liberal amounts of oil onto her back, shoulders, and bum. Vanessa climbs on top of Alexis and kneels on her booty, then oils up her own huge tits to give her charge a body rub. Alexis moans with delight as Vanessa teases her with her nipples, then the masseuse strips naked and begins to stimulate Alexis' pussy. After making Alexis cum, Vanessa gets on all fours and sticks her booty out for Alexis to worship, then ladies take turns bringing each other to orgasm!

Massage Rooms - Lady Bug & Jenny Wild - Lesbians Trib After A Foot Massage

File: cebqjnamaroladjen7kjbejidve.mp4
Size: 175.34 MB
Duration: 21:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jenny Wild is looking to relax, so she hires adorable stunner Lady Bug for an oily massage. With Jenny lying naked and vulnerable on the table, Lady begins the massage by rubbing her client's feet. Lady works her way down Jenny's thighs and butt, then climbs on the table to stand on her spine. Lady kneels on Jenny's back, and the blonde reaches back to grab her masseuse's booty. Jenny turns over and strips Lady, who then descends between her thighs and pleasures her pussy. Lady and Jenny take turns eating and fingering their shaved pussies, then enjoy some tribbing to mutual orgasm!

Massage Rooms - Polina Max - Belarusian Babe Has Sensual Massage

File: ovg87namaropolmaxufrjyccqwk.mp4
Size: 151.14 MB
Duration: 20:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Polina Max is naked, lying face up on the table in the Massage Rooms, and handsome employee Max is kneeling on top of her. Max massages Polina's neck and shoulders, then takes a bowl of oil, and drizzles it on her big boobs. Working his way down Polina's chest, Max rubs her breasts, then her stomach, then uses a massage stone on her perky nipples. Sliding his fingers between her thighs, Max teases Polina's wet pussy, then uses the stone to pleasure her more. Polina leans forward and gives Max a blowjob, then he fucks her doggystyle, on her side, and finally, in missionary position. The beautiful Belarussian then tells Max to lie down on the milking table, and climbing underneath, she takes his load on her face!

Massage Rooms - Madison McQueen & Anastasia Brokelyn - Slow Oil Soaked Lesbian Pleasures

File: 24pwtnamaromadanajw8dbylbf2.mp4
Size: 211.38 MB
Duration: 25:54
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde hottie Madison McQueen hires Anastasia Brokelyn for an oily rub down in the Massage Rooms. With Madison lying naked on the table, Anastasia pours oil on her stomach and chest, then teases the blonde lesbian's boobs. The brunette masseuse then spreads Madison's legs and pours oil between her thighs, then teases and starts to finger the blonde's pussy. After she cums, Madison turns over, and Anastasia massages the back of her thighs and bum. Madison cums again, then focuses her attention on the sexy Latina, returning the favor with an orgasm of her own!

Massage Rooms - Stacy Cruz & Vanessa Decker - Stunners With Amazing Natural Tits

File: eiiw6namarostavanqlssibkueb.mp4
Size: 193.99 MB
Duration: 22:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Decker treats herself to a massage from beautiful Stacy Cruz. Vanessa lies face down on the table and Stacy pours oil on her shoulders, then rubs tension from her client's back. Stacy removes the towel from her charge's midsection, then oils up the back of her legs and bum. Turned on, Vanessa raises one of her legs invitingly, so Stacy starts to tease her oiled-up pussy. Stacy fingers Vanessa, then makes her cum. Vanessa then pours oil on Stacy's big, natural boobs, then lies the masseuse back, and gives her a sultry body rub. Stacy sits on Vanessa's face, and Ms. Decker eats Ms. Cruz out until she climaxes hard!

Massage Rooms - Lady Bug - Petite Young Masseuse Works Wonders

File: zqfmjnamaroladbug4pljmyffme.mp4
Size: 207.08 MB
Duration: 23:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Aaron Rock hires Lady Bug for an oily rub down in the Massage Rooms. Lying face down on the table, Aaron Rock waits with anticipation as Lady Bug oils up his shoulders and back. Lady rubs tension out of Aaron's knotted muscles, then turns him over, and oils up his legs. Working her way up his thighs, Lady starts to tease Aaron's cock, then pours oil on it too. After an oily handjob, Lady then takes Aaron's cock into her mouth, licking from the head and down the shaft. Taking out her perky tits, Lady then strips out of her tights and climbs on top of Aaron. Lady bounces her big booty on Aaron's BBC, then he fucks her doggystyle until he pulls out and cums on her pussy!

Massage Rooms - Anastasia Brokelyn & Luna Corazon - Hot Oily Ecstasy With Brazil Beauty

File: nnpmhnamaroanalun7jbakfcc1a.mp4
Size: 267.29 MB
Duration: 28:36
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Anastasia Brokelyn hires Brazilian beauty Luna Corazon to massage her. Lying naked face down on the massage table, Anastasia gasps with delight when Luna pours oil down her back, then rubs it in with her palms. Luna works her way down Anastasia's back to the bum, then the latter woman lifts her leg to entice Luna to play with her pussy too. Luna plays with both her client's holes, then Anastasia turns over so Luna can rub her boobs. Anastasia gets on all fours and Luna eats her pussy, gives her a rimjob, then brings her to orgasm using her fingers. Anastasia then strips Luna and plays with her boobs, then licks her back until she cums. The ladies kiss passionately, comfortable in each others arms to, to finish the massage!

Massage Rooms - Liv Revamped - Footjob From A Curly Hair Nymphette

File: kiq4rnamarolivrevefn8ze4txb.mp4
Size: 202.53 MB
Duration: 22:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Liv Revamped hires Max Dior for an oily massage, and kneeling on the bed, moans when Max starts to rub her neck and shoulders. Max stretches Liv's arms behind her back which causes the towel she has on to fall from her perky tits. Max lies Liv down and puts the towel under her head as a pillow, then pours oil on her tits, stomach, and down her legs. While Max massages one of Liv's feet, she strokes his cock with the other one. Liv gives Max an oily blowjob, then he teases his pussy before sticking his hard cock inside of her. Max makes Liv cum fucking her on her side, then she twerks on his cock until he creampies her!

Massage Rooms - Renata Fox - Masseur Milked By Sexy Russian

File: nxgkonamarorenfoxnuseucsaf9.mp4
Size: 186.75 MB
Duration: 21:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: The sly Renata Fox hires muscular masseur Max Dior for an oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms. Renata strips nude, showing Max her big tits, then lies face down ass up on the table. Max kneels on Renata's butt and drizzles oil on her back and shoulders. After he massages her, Renata turns over, then gets under the milking table to give Max a blowjob. Back on top of the table, Max pounds Renata's shaved pussy while she plays with her clit, then he licks her to orgasm. Pleasured, Renata rides Max reverse cowgirl, working her hips until he creampies her pussy, then hops off to suck his tip!

Massage Rooms - Marilyn Sugar & Lady Dee - Oily Foot Massage Makes Woman Wet

File: nylj3namaromarladatj31taa7t.mp4
Size: 191.40 MB
Duration: 21:03
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marilyn Sugar hires Lady Dee for a massage, and is lying face down on the bed. Lady pours oil all over Marilyn's body, then uses her feet to massage her shoulders, back, butt, and legs. Lady hops off for a second and strips herself naked, then gives Marilyn a body rub with her perky tits. The ladies start to make out, then Dee slides between Marilyn's legs and licks her sweet pussy. Dee fingers Marilyn and plays with her clit, giving her client multiple orgasms. Marilyn puts Dee in doggystyle position then plays with her pussy, then they switch again and enjoy some oily tribbing until they cum together!

Massage Rooms - Marina Maya - Deep Pleasures For Indian Beauty

File: ia8qenamaromarmayxafhmqynh6.mp4
Size: 203.32 MB
Duration: 23:46
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marina Maya hires studly masseur, Yves Morgan, for an oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms. Lying face-down and naked on the massage table, Marina gasps with delight as Yves pours oil on her back and bum, then rubs it in with his big, strong hands. As Yves massages Marina's booty, she opens his legs for him invitingly, so he inserts a finger into her oily pussy. Yves climbs on top of the Indian beauty and takes out his thick cock, and excitement flashes into Marina's eyes. Turning over, Marina gives Yves a footjob, then he fucks her doggystyle. Marina turns and sucks Yves' big, black cock, then lets him face fuck her until he absolutely covers her in cum!

Massage Rooms - Kira Queen - Joker Gives Wonder Woman A Massage

File: jy63wnamarokirque2ebvioyqd6.mp4
Size: 201.18 MB
Duration: 22:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's time for an especially spooky scene when top masseur, Ricky Rascal, gets inspired by a popular new film and paints his face like a clown for his session with busty babe, Kira Queen. Ricky covers Kira's eyes and leads her to the table, then pours oil into his hands and rubs Kira's neck and shoulders. Sliding his hands down the front of Kira's body, Ricky slowly encircles the curves of Kira's big boobs, then lies her down. Stripping himself naked, Ricky introduces some mood lighting, then works his way between her thighs so he can eat her pussy. Once Kira is wet, Ricky sticks his hard cock inside of her, then fucks her pussy as she moans in delight. Ricky pounds Kira's pussy, then she sucks his cock, then he goes back to fucking her doggystyle on the table until he creampies her!

Massage Rooms - May Thai & Stacy Cruz - Petite Thai Shares Dildo With Teen

File: 4wvw5namaromaysta7hgam4psmv.mp4
Size: 228.52 MB
Duration: 27:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Asian stunner May Thai hires busty Latina Stacy Cruz for an oily rub down in the Massage Rooms, and Stacy starts the massage by stretching May's arms and shoulders. Stacy then directs May to lie down, oils up her body, and begins to massage the soles of her feet. Stacy rubs up the back of May's thighs and bum, then takes off her towel and pulls out a dildo. Running the dildo down May's back makes the Asian babe moan, so Stacy slides it between her oiled up pussy lips. Stacy and May take turns fucking and licking each other, and both girls make each other cum!

Massage Rooms - Melody Petite - Cute Mexican Gets Cowgirl Creampie

File: d5d7cnamaromelpetojlpij1yl7.mp4
Size: 245.61 MB
Duration: 24:53
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Melody Petite enjoys Ricky Rascal so much that she decides to hire him for an oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms, so the stud starts by oiling up her arms and hands. Ricky rubs her digits, then climbs on top of her, oils up her chest, and rubs her small boobs. Ricky moves down to Melody's thighs and hips, then climbs off to work on her calves and feet. Moving back to her head, Ricky strips off his shirt as Melody takes off his pants, takes out his hard cock, and gives him a blowjob. As she sucks the dick, Ricky fingers Melody, then spins her around and sticks his penis inside her tight pussy. After some doggystyle and some athletic bridging, Melody rides Ricky cowgirl to orgasm!

Massage Rooms - May Thai & Melody Petite - Asian And Latina Slow Sensual Sex

File: iq8q8namaromaymeljmzb5i3ofb.mp4
Size: 228.01 MB
Duration: 26:57
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Melody Petite is taking care of May Thai in the Massage Rooms, and the latter sits on the table wearing nothing but a white towel. Melody massages May's shoulders and neck, then asks the Asian babe if she would like the massage to be done with oil. May enthusiastically agrees, so Melody oils up her breasts, then plays with her caramel nipples. Melody lies May down and teases her with her mouth, then the ladies kiss. They oil Melody's ass and titties up together, then Melody rubs May's tight pussy. The ladies eat each other out, then enjoy some 69 style tribbing, and even a footjob before they both cum.

Massage Rooms - Lady Bug & Marilyn Sugar - Young Czech Girls Intimate Massage

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Description: Eighteen-year-old blonde babe Marilyn Sugar hires delicious spinner Lady Bug for an oily session in the Massage Rooms. Seated behind Marilyn, Lady Bug stretches the blonde spinner's neck and shoulders, then oils her body up. As Lady stretches Marilyn's triceps, the towel covering her pert boobs falls to her lap and she giggles innocently. Lady takes Marilyn by the neck and turns her, then kisses her on the mouth while massaging her breasts. Lady pushes Marilyn back and eats her pussy, then Marilyn climbs on top of Lady so they can lick each other in 69. Both ladies then take turns fingering each other and bringing themselves to glorious climax!

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Description: Lutro Steel introduces Rae Lil Black to a milking table, a special massage table with a hole in it. Rae lies face down on the table and Lutro kneels on top of her, then pours oil down her back and bum. Lutro runs his hands up and down Rae's spine, then sits her up so he can rub her shoulders and tits. Seated, Rae notices the hole in the table and inquires what it's used for. Lutro tells her to close her eyes, has her kneel under the table, then sticks his hard cock through the hole. When Rae opens her eyes she's delighted, and strokes and sucks Lutro's thick dick. Turned on, Rae gets back on the bed, and the couple share an oily fuck until Rae hops off the bed to milk the cumshot from Lutro's pulsing penis!

Massage Rooms - Rebecca Volpetti & Talia Mint - Zen massage girls outdoor fuck

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Description: Topless lesbians Rebecca Volpetti and Talia Mint sit lotus-style outdoors as they practice sensual yoga. The ladies breathe deeply as they lean forward and elongate their spines, then Talia offers to help Rebecca get a deeper stretch. While on top of her lover, Talia kisses Rebecca, then massages her perky tits. Talia climbs on top of Rebecca in 69 position, then pulls her panties to the side, and slowly licks around the spinner's lips. The ladies moan as they pleasure their pussies, then each takes turns focusing on the other so they can bring their orgasms to the next level!